Revenge Recap: Rules of Engagement

Revenge Season 3 RecapIn this week’s Revenge, Emily and Daniel’s engagement goes from tense to past tense and back. While he finally decides, “I can’t marry you,” she complains to Nolan, “I can’t stand to be around him.” But, of course, her whole vendetta seems to hinge upon the “I dos” getting done. So, before the hour’s end, she finds a way to regain the “Control” to which the episode’s title refers and shares a steamy liplock… but not with her fiancé. Who’s the lucky guy? Read on…

AIDEN AND ABETTIN’ | Making a lasting first impression on his unwitting romantic rival, Aiden breaks into the Stowaway and tells Jack that, if he doesn’t hit the road, Conrad will dig his grave. Not so fast, Victoria more or less says to the Brit. Jack is important to her. “Why?” asks Aiden. “Do you need someone to mix you a drink?” No, she just likes the way that Jack, like Aiden, unnerves Emily.

MON DIEU! | Later, Victoria informs Emily that Jack was behind the attempt on Conrad’s life – setting her up to be late for Daniel’s Voulez launch party because she’s off warning her old flame that he’s (again? still? more than ever?) in danger. Natch, Jack isn’t exactly thrilled to learn that Aiden works for Emily. “Who are you?!” he asks through his shock. A shock that apparently never wears off, either, because, in spite of his and Margaux’s lack of chemistry, they are soon kissing – with Emily spying from nearby. (Because, no matter where you are, she’s always spying from nearby.)

FAMILY PLOT | Next, while Emily shows Daniel a picture of her late parents (yay, Photoshop!) to get him to forgive her for being tardy to his shindig and so they can un-break up, Aiden informs Victoria that one of her children was behind the attempt on Conrad’s life. Next thing we know, Charlotte is at Grayson manor confessing that she did it. She went bats–t crazy when she learned about her dad’s involvement in Declan’s death, she swears. Yet it turns out that Charlotte’s only taking the blame because her mother told her that she’d be protecting Jack if she did. Only Aiden and Victoria know that the real culprit is – dun-dun-DUN – Patrick. Oh, and for those keeping score, this week Emily loves Aiden again. “You’re everything to me,” she says before they smooch. (Maybe she hasn’t yet noticed Jack’s lack of chemistry with Margaux?)

IT’S REIGNING MEN | When Nolan swings by Victoria’s art gallery, he thinks he’s being all Rico Suave, having not called Patrick since the night they kissed. But Patrick isn’t in any mood for games – especially since, in the interim, he learned that Nolan paid his ex-wife $20k to dish the dirt. “Who does that?!” he quite sensibly asks. Later, however, Patrick forgives not only that transgression but also Nolan’s inexplicable love of neckerchiefs, and they hook up poolside.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the fast one the show pulled by making it look for a second like Charlotte really had tried to kill her father? Do you think Emily is sincere in her renewed love for Aiden, or is she just smarting from having seen Jack kiss Margaux? Based on the scenes from next week – and the fact that we now know Patrick is a killer – how, um, worried do we have to be about Nolan? Best line of the week has to be, as usual, Victoria’s. “It would be such a shame” if Emily and Daniel’s engagement didn’t end in a wedding, she told the bride-to-be, beaming. Pause. “Again.” Brilliant. Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. tracy84 says:

    OK. I have to say the Photoshop comment makes no sense. I was under the impression she showed Daniel a pic of Emily Thorne’s family, not a manufactured, photoshopped lie. Also I’m not buying Jack kissing Margaux. I think he sensed Emily was there or at least would find out & he did it to get under her skin, but you are right about them having no chemistry.

    • Adam Lenhardt says:

      Yes, that was definitely an authentic, undoctored photo of the real Emily’s family. The scene in the bedroom with Amanda/Emily, Daniel and the photograph was actually the first time under the new showrunner that I thought the show achieved Mike Kelley’s level of elegant, multilayered storytelling. Everything in that scene was 100 percent real, it was just packaged in such a way that Daniel was guided to completely misinterpret it.

    • Amy says:

      I’m with you on the photo. Em got it from FauxAmanda’s black bag in the Stowaway. I’m assuming it FauxAmanda’s real family, not a Photoshopped reprint.

    • ZmaX says:

      Yeah, that was Fauxmanda’s (the Real Emily Thorne) family photo. Daniel even mentioned that he wouldn’t have even recognized Emily when he looked at “her” in the photo. and that scene was done so beautifully. Emily showed so much raw emotion.

    • Joy says:

      I don’t think Jack knew Emily was there (how could he?), but I do agree with you about him and Margaux not having believable chemistry. I also believe that Emily only kissed Aiden later and said he meant everything to her due to her disappointment over Jack and Margaux hookup.

  2. Alichat says:

    Ok….I have to ask….why did Jack ask “Who are you?” when Aiden appeared in his bedroom? He knows who Aiden is. Even if he doesn’t know Aiden personally, he had to have watched the news a few months ago and knows Aiden was arrested. You can’t tell me that Declan or Amanda or Charlotte or Nolan…someone didn’t mention or explain at some point to Jack who Aiden “is.” Also, I don’t think the photo Emily offered up to Daniel was a photoshop. It’s Fauxmanda as a child with her parents. Personally, I would have preferred that it was Charlotte who had really tried to kill Conrad, and watching them scramble to figure out how to handle that. I think Emily’s ‘you’re everything’ to Aiden was in reaction to Jack and Margaux and to keep him in line. Aiden is too jealous. And seriously….what is going on with Nolan and Patrick cause I’m not buying that he’s just into the guy.

    • Nosey says:

      I’m confused on Jack could have known Aiden, Aiden was not arrested, just taken into custody. Even if Aiden was on the news, “How would Jack still know who he is?” If I saw someone on the news and later that person broke in my house, I may not recognize that person. I am confused on how Declan knew Aiden, and even if he did, can’t see why he would mention him to Jack. I can’t see Nolan mentioning Aiden to Jack. Jack wasn’t really close to the people who encountered Aiden, he was dealing w/ the bar, his baby, Declan, and his baby mama. I think the writers covered their basis, when there was no mention of Aiden to Jack when Aiden 1st arrived. Matter fact, Aiden was thrown in the plot, I am still figuring out who he is, and his role in the plot!!!

  3. Anne says:

    Or maybe Emily has long since noticed that she has absolutely no chemistry with Jack, and that he’s a bit of a judge-y a-hole too.

    • Anna says:

      LOL… True, Aiden’s too much of a loose cannon and they’re ruining his character (I thought it couldn’t be worse than him killing Takeda). Yet, I cannot ship Jack and Emily because I refuse to believe that an 8 yrs old little girl could findher true love at that age? This s/l is so ludicrous.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Why do people always forget that Emily and Jack were drawn to each other as adults, especially in season 1? Yes, they had a connection as kids, but he obviously had feelings for her as an adult not knowing the connection.

        • deme says:

          Emily was drawn to Jack as an adult BECAUSE of the connection of their past. She knew exactly who he was. And I still say her feelings are nostalgic and based on the trauma she faced and he’s the last thing from an innocent time in her life. Now Jack I will grant you fell for “Emily” not knowing so his feelings are legitimate but even with that he fell for the same girl Daniel fell for, which was a lie. Even now that he’s getting to see a part of Emily, he’s not liking what he sees.

          • Nickyz says:

            Well I can even agree on Emily’s side due their emotional trauma past. But I find it hardly believe that a ‘nice looking’ man in their thirties like Jack is still waiting his childhood love popping out of nowhere. That’s why I never did buy Emily and Jack ‘true love’ story.

          • Eliza says:

            Exactly. Yeah, Jack & Emily were childhood frIends but then fell completely out of touch for years. Jack hasn’t the slightest clue as to who the real Emily (aka Amanda) is. He even fell for a totally fake Amanda! Daniel also fell for a big, fat lie. The only one close to truly falling in love with a real person is Aiden. For me, Jack & Emily are good as allies and he’s part of her past that’s happy but I just don’t feel the “true love” stuff.

          • Radha says:

            It’s called soulmates. People write tons of fiction and film movies about soulmates. I even know people who were smitten as children, moved away and out of touch with each other and they reconnected years later and married. Why is it so hard a concept to fathom? This is fiction. It’s not a real show. It’s a primetime drama/soap. Jack and Emily are soulmates and they have wonderful chemistry.

          • Katherine215 says:

            I think she’s adult enough to be able to differentiate between nostalgia and love. She went to him in the S1 finale because she wanted to be with him (only to be foiled by pregnant Fauxmanda showing up) and let go of the revenge. And it’s not like people don’t marry their childhood sweethearts – my coworker and her husband met when they were 6 and are still married in their late 50s.
            As for getting to see Emily now, yes, he doesn’t like this bitter and cold aspect of Emily, but do any of the people close to her? Nolan and Aiden both want her to let it go. I think most of his anger is at being lied to, not necessarily at what she’s doing, though.

          • Eliza says:

            Well, that’s my point because I do not buy them as soulmates. That’s great about the people you know but they didn’t meet up years later & marry a fake version of their childhood friend. Plus, had a baby with said person.
            I am very aware this is a tv show but I do not have to believe in everything that is written….that being Jack & Amanda are soulmates. Not sure Jack could ever handle Emily/Amanda. And she might get bored of him after a while….

          • Nickyz says:

            “”It’s called soulmates. People write tons of fiction and film movies about soulmates.”‘”…

            Oh really. However Emily and Jack ‘soulmates’ are very poorly written. This plot is already killing the interest of the majority in this show. Emily Van Camp and Nick Wechsler have zero screen chemistry, the producers should have already cashed it, and moved on…

          • Joy says:

            I couldn’t disagree more… Jack and Emily have had chemistry since the pilot ep! Ive seen their spark for each other, even before he realized “Emanda” was his childhood crush. Perhaps their storyline is boring to you because it seems so obvious, but they’ve had a tons of distracting obstacles get in their way of being with each other to make things more interesting. What else I find interesting is that you’re a “Jack hater” yet you can still see that Jemily is endgame… just imagine how much more so I see this endgame as a “Jack shipper!”

          • Nosey says:

            Or her relationship w/ Aiden could be nostalgic, I mean she only goes to him after being rejected by Jack. Jack fell for her, but she fell for him as well. The fell for each other as adults. When I see her w/ Jack I always see sparks, I never see w/ any sparks w/ anyone else. Plus she makes so much effort to see, talk to him and be around him. She seems jealous when Jack moves on, but appears like she could care less if Aiden moves on. Aiden is a convenience for her. But I believe it is a lose lose situation, she ends up w/ who she loves and Jack probably will not be happy, b/c he will have a hard time trusting her, she could end up w/ Aiden who she doesn’t love and she won’t be happy. She never seemed happy w/ Aiden to begin w/. Although, I want her w/ Jack, she is better off (for everyone’s sake), w/ someone who knows nothing about her revengeanda. Sorry but your rationale is pointless, just b/c she knew who he was does not mean she did not fall in love w/ him as an adult

        • Amy Vennetti says:

          To bad she was lying about who she was the hole time

      • cj says:

        I am so tired of the loves of Emily Thorne SL.. ATM we are supposed to believe she’s picking Aiden – or that it is damage control. This ep showed that if she goes for the Aiden option – Nolan is out. As he said; things went Arctic with Aiden on the case.. Not a fan of the Jack option either, btw.

      • Nosey says:

        She did not fall in love w/ him when she was 9 (btw she was 9 not 8), she fell in love w/ him as an adult. They were childhood friends not sweethearts. I never met anyone that fell in love @ 9. People are confusing their friendship as kids and calling it lovers, they were hardly that. They did fall in love w/ each other as adults. She was charmed by him as an adult, he brought her flowers, she was impressed he named his boat after her, he fixed her portch swing, she made frequent visits to the bar, she fell in love w/ him and you could tell. It is not hard to fall in love w/ the Jack Porter character, he is very charming, look how quickly Fauxmanda fell in love w/ him, even I fell in love w/ him. But she did fall for him as an adult, you can tell the spark between them. Plus I hate to burst your bubble, but her true character (which is charming), is all Jack, sorry but girlfriend is not a true revenger, she is way too emotional, she cares too much about hurting people, I can Adien is not like that, and neither is Fauxmanda. She will eventually learn like she told Jack, this isn’t her. Leaving the revenging to the true revenges like the Graysons.

    • abz says:

      I think they’re still going that Emily/Jack route. That scene with Aiden at the end didn’t feel genuine. It felt like she was just telling him all the things he wanted to hear just to keep him in line because she can’t afford to have him go rogue again.

      • Joy says:

        I agree that Emily only kissed Aiden and told him he meant everything for her because she needs to keep him in line so he doesn’t go rogue again. And although I do believe she has genuine feelings for him, it doesn’t compare to what she feels for Jack. So when she saw Jack kiss Margaux earlier, she could’ve kissed Aiden as a way to lick her wounds.

    • Alice says:

      Thank you. I mean- he married another woman, so the whole “soul mate” connection clearly didn’t exist. And he is an ungrateful a-hole who seems to hate everything that Emily has become- miffed that the 8 year old girl he knew actually grew into more of a “man” than he is. His smug self righteous uselessness is an affront to the incredible person that is Emily. I don’t know if she ends up with anyone the way this show goes, but she at least deserves friends that accept her and appreciate her for who she is. Jack can go warm himself with the glow of his perceived moral superiority.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Soulmates don’t marry other people? And to be fair, Fauxmanda was pregnant with his kid. He’s supposed to be an honorable guy, so he did what he thought was right.
        I don’t think it’s “manly” to manipulate and lie to the people who care about you. Let’s be honest – Emily is a badass but that doesn’t make her a great person.

      • Radha says:

        The thing with “soulmates” is that they KEEP COMING BACK TO EACH OTHER DESPITE ALL OBSTACLES. Apparently you are one of the few people who haven’t seen this concept done in movies and tv before. Whoever said that being soulmates is a walk in the park and that they don’t go through any troubles? Has no one seen The Notebook? She was all set to marry James Marsden and went back to Ryan Gosling. But Alice, you seem to be filled with a lot of anger towards a fictional character, so you’ve got more problems.

        Just say you hate the character of Jack and move on. Jack is not judgmental, he’s Emily’s moral compass. The Graysons destroyed her family and I root for Emily to get them all back–but I haven’t lost my senses and don’t realize that she is a sociopath on a good day. Emily has done horrible things and that is what Jack is balking at. There is nothing wrong with him being horrified and disgusted by what she has done, but you Jack haters will glomp onto any bit of trivial nonsense in order to justify that hatred. Just say you don’t like the character no matter what and move on. The idea that you think Emily is a great person makes me wonder what your moral compass is like. I love Emily to death but she is a tortured soul who has to be pulled back from “going too far” by Nolan over and over again. She is not a great person. She used to be an innocent girl who has been horribly corrupted over all the destruction in her life–but that doesn’t make it okay to start conniving and destroying others lives. It’s a fictional show, I root for her (same as Dexter) but these people are NOT good people.

        It’s your right if you don’t like Jack and Emily but just admit that you just have this irrational hatred of Jack and move on. Don’t try to spin it that Jack is this horrible man when he’s not.

    • Joy says:

      I definitely see the chemistry between Jack and Emily! It was electric even in the first episode of season 1, before Jack knew Emily’s fake name–let alone her real name! Perhaps not everyone is a Jemily shipper like myself, but it’s difficult to deny their spark since the very beginning. It’s what sucked me in when falling for Revenge, and I still can’t get enough of it!

      PS everyone is a little judge-y in their own way, whether they intentionally mean to be or not. Jack has now lost even more than Emily has, so he understands her need for revenge because he wanted it too. In fact, he still wants the Grayson’s to pay! BUT he doesn’t believe that innocent bystanders should be hurt in the process. How is that wrong? He empathizes with Emily, yet he knows where to draw the moral line. That only makes me like him MORE, not less!!!!!

    • Nosey says:

      When will she figure out she has no chemistry w/ Aiden? She is not a cold blooded killer like Aiden. She is way too emotional for Aiden. She and Jack are just alike. Aiden is just convenient for her after losing Jack. She tells Jack this is not him, well it’s not her either. Both she and Jack are only vengefulness due circumstance, not character. Both she and Jack had be stopped from killing someone, and neither of them can kill. Aiden has killed 3 people, the white haired man, Trask and Takeda, in fact like Fauxmanda, Aiden has no problem killing. Although both Fauxmily and Jack want to kill, neither of them have the heart to do it. But each time she goes to Aiden, it is always after being reject by Jack, and her kiss w/ Aiden was not nearly as passionate as the ones w/ Jack. Plus she never gave Aiden a straightforward answer to Aiden when he asked her, “Do you love him?”, her response, “How could you ask the. . .I will not let Jack suffer. . .”. That does not sound like a “no” to me, it sounded like she was avoiding the question. The only thing she realized is Jack kissed another girl, so she goes and kiss another guy, which repetitive for her.

  4. Jake says:

    The only person he want Emily to end up with is daniel but the writers seem to have other plans. Loving this season more than last year

  5. Tori says:

    I was actually hoping Patrick would be good for Nolan but from the looks of it, he is using Nolan for his wealth. I would not be shock to find out that Patrick is a fake hired by Victoria’s evil mother, to get her own revenge.

    • Ewa says:

      Or maybe he has his own revengenda against the Graysons, which would put him on the same side as Ems (and Nolan). I’m choosing to believe this:P

  6. Loni says:

    I knew Patrick bad to be up to no good as soon as he and Nolan started to become a thing. Poor Nolan always gets entrapped with the shady new character of the season (Tyer, Padma, Marco).

    That scene with Emily and Daniel and the photograph was really great. That’s what I have been missing this season–flashbacks to her past, especially with her father.

  7. Drew says:

    There are some moments this season that are played as more complicated than they really should be. Emily not explaining things that are easily explained and stuff like that. But overall I still like the show.
    I really wish they’d skip the Nolan/Patrick storyline. This guy has so many relationships that really only serve to pull him away from the main revenge storyline. I’d prefer to just have him play off of Emily for a while, like season 1.
    I also hope that Patrick serves a purpose at some point. He has to have an agenda of some sort. Hopefully Nolan is onto him and already working on the takedown, but he seems useless so far. He ditches his entire life to become a mama’s boy to a woman that he met a few months earlier after having been abandoned for 35 years?

    Right now, Patrick is the weak link this season. If he doesn’t do something interesting soon he is just wasting air time… no offense to Hartley. I like the actor, just not the writing.

  8. N says:

    Rats! I loved Patrick! =P

  9. dee says:

    Some of you are pissed that Patrick turned out to be the one who tried to killed Conrad and think he’s up to no good. Has it ever occurred to you that the only person Patrick wants to please is Victoria. Victoria would love to see Conrad dead..I am certain Patrick was only doing it for her so she can finally be free of it all.

    • ChrisGa says:

      This was my impression as well. Victoria has made no secret of the fact that Conrad is the bane of her existence and he probably thinks she–and her family–would be far better off he were gone. Either way, Nolan gets stuck with another character who isn’t particularly stable and will probably end up paying for it. Again.

    • Joy says:

      I concur! Lol… I think Patrick was only trying to please his mother. Or maybe he has another hidden agenda, and is trying to take the Grayson’s down in secret, just like Emily is! Either way, I’m glad he’s the culprit in tampering with Conrad’s car. Makes things very interesting!

      • VCK says:

        While it’s makes sense that Patrick has his own agenda, the only “proof” they have is the use of the garage code and the tool. (Please correct me if I’m wrong) Easy set up considering the guy is hardly ever at the manor. Although I did love the “one of your children” line- kinda forgot about him for a moment.

  10. GeoDiva says:

    Have Jack and Aiden really not met before? That totally threw me off.

    • Joy says:

      Nope! Last season, Aiden was really only around the Emily, Nolan, and the Graysons. The “royal” family of the Hamptons had no reason to tell Jack about Aiden, and Emily and Nolan definitely wanted to protect Jack by not telling him anything either. Aiden never went to the Stowaway (except in secret when Jack wasn’t around), and Jack never went to any event that Aiden attended. So they never crossed paths, and Jack had no knowledge of him. That’s why that confrontation scene was so juicy! My fav scene of the entire ep :)

  11. Dani says:

    I’m still in love with Patrick and I still want him and Nolan to be endgame. Yeah, I’m in shipping mode with these two. I somehow hope that there is a twist and he doesn’t turn out to be just another crazy.
    Yeah, Jack has no chemistry with the French girl but then again, IMO Jack has chemistry with no body. He had a brotherly chemistry with Declan but since that’s gone Jack is pretty pointless. Still don’t understand that the writers try to sell Jack/Emily to us. Such a joke.
    Does Charlotte’s “hate” for Emily ever go away? She seems to have forgiven others for far worse. Can’t believe she’s turning into a little Victoria 2.0 where Emily is concerned.
    Aiden just showed why I can’t be rooting for him in any way. He seems so desperate trying to please Emily. All while pretending to kiss Victoria and Conrad’s behind.
    I liked that Emily and Nolan acknowledge in their conversation that Daniel has changed and wasn’t always behaving like this. Still wish that the writers wouldn’t try to write Daniel as his father’s son and instead tell a Emily/Daniel love story. But I guess it’s too late now… Duh.

    • Jake says:

      Could not agree more– Daniels character changed when he had that closed door meeting with his father which was never explained but his character has been such an about shift that I wish they would write a better love story– wish they would go for the unexpected feelings that she has for daniel story because I would prefer that Emily ends up with daniel

      • Radha says:

        I do not get this Daniel love. I suspect it’s because they are dating in real life. And yeah, I’m not here to watch that. Real life love interests shouldn’t be paired up on shows. I just find that icky. Oh and she has no chemistry with Daniel. Emily Van Camp even sat down with producers and they worked out that Emily on the show wouldn’t actually be in love with Daniel. So all these people boo hooing about them being apart need to just get over that.

        • Joy says:

          I tend to agree… Emily and Daniel have an undeniable chemistry (especially season 1) most likely because they date in real life. It’s impossible to completely turn that off. Plus they just look cute together! BUT I’m relieved that the Revenge writers have decided not to make Daniel Emily’s endgame because it’s a more interesting (and slightly less complicated) storyline if Emily is only using him as revenge and not because she truly has feelings for him.

        • Pitchsurfer says:

          I don’t get it either Radha. I think Bowman is certainly a cutie-pie and if he and EVC are happy together off-screen then that’s wonderful.
          ON SCREEN however Daniel has proven himself to be the antithesis of anything I’d think a woman like Emily would be attracted to. He’s still very much a boy and not quite a man. He’s weak, cowardly, rather dumb, and despite his annoying and endless finger-wagging contempt for his parents he’s proved himself to be a hypocrite time and time again. If they’re so “bad” why hasn’t he totally gone off and made his own way? Even his job with the magazine is due to his parents’ connections. I shudder to think once the Clarke story breaks on Conrad what little Danny’s going to do to survive.

  12. Dee says:

    What happens when Margeaux publishes that photo in Vouleaz and Emily Thorne’s real family shows up asking what the??

  13. meah says:

    Really loving this season,yay for Aiden and Emily!love when she declared love for him..and her scene with Daniel at the end was really good,I would have totally believed her.
    Victoria loves scheming so much!when she set up Emily to look for jack,I knew Ems would fall for it.Great EP

    • Joy says:

      Yes I love Victoria’s scheming ways! She was right… Emily went straight to Jack to warn him! Thankfully Em’s figured out that Aiden was behind this particular rumor and chewed him out. I understand Aiden’s jealousy, but I’m glad he turned things around and redeemed himself a bit by getting Jack out of the crosshairs. BTW the scene with Jack and Aiden was probably my favorite scene of entire night! Very electric.

  14. dee123 says:

    LOL. Poor Nolan all relationships are doomed to fail. Poor guy.

    • Marc says:

      The writers made Nolan look like someone incredibly desperate for love and is willing to overlook the warning signs or niggling doubts in this episode. I kept thinking, isn’t this Patrick and Nolan’s fourth interaction? The way they had him behaving like he’d just lost the love of his life.

      • Addy says:

        It’s true. Didn’t he know that Tyler was crazy and only cared abt his money but Nolan asked him to leave the hampton with him anyway. Oh, Nolan… I hope Patrick is not a bad guy!
        plot twist: Patrick is a collateral damage and Nolan shoots Emily!

  15. Fernando says:

    I don’t care about what Patrick did, I just wat him and Nolan together. They seem amazing together. Now let’s have Marco back and give Nolan a love triangle.

    • Gerald says:

      God, please don’t. That was a horrible character and story line that we don’t need to revisit.

      • Joy says:

        Agreed, please don’t bring Marco back! I prefer Nolan as more of the free spirit he was in season 1, without all the baggage of NolCorp/GraysonGlobal/Initiative of season 2. So I’m loving season 3 thus far! I like Nolan with pretty much anyone, although I admit Patrick being gay isn’t very believable for me. I hope Patrick is secretly bad… like Tyler, minus the crazy! ;)

  16. Pati says:

    great episode I think Emily is sincere about Aiden, I like them together and the scenes for next week looks so good. Finally they put Charlotte to good use. Nolan needs a new stylist. Daniel is so hot but I can’t stand him. Victoria is amazing, she is so bad and her clothes are amazing. Madeline Stowe is beautiful.

  17. tmtogo says:

    This show is ridic, all characters are annoying except Conrad, Patrick and the baby, I’d rather here him cry then listen to charlotte, margeaux and nolan speak, (so over nolan’s whispering speaking voice, ugh).

  18. Leila J says:

    I am sick of Patrick and Nolan already. It was fun for about a minute, but now I am sick of it. Patrick is clearly after Nolan’s money. Nolan can’t catch a break with his love interests. He’s been either used or betrayed by them and he doesn’t deserve that. Nolan is the character that kept me watching Revenge. It would be nice if he would get some love and respect from the people he loves. Emily and Daniel are so not gonna happen. She is not in love with him so I don’t understand why anyone is rooting for them and besides he’s a d!ck. He has not been good, decent or honorable since season one. After the way his character has turned out, I wish they had let him be the dead guy on the beach in season one instead of Tyler. As awful as Conrad is, I am glad he is the bane to Victoria’s existence because someone needs to keep that bitch in check. She is trapped and stuck in that hellhole of a marriage and good for her. Yes, I know I sound angry. I am angry. I have been waiting for Emily to take down that wretched woman from the beginning and the Grayson’s being bankrupt just isn’t cutting it. Aidan’s panties are all in a wad and he is acting like a little jealous bitch trying to scare Jack out of town. He knew that Emily was in love with Jack since adolescence so why is he acting like a prepubescent brat about it. I could understand if she had kept her feelings secret, but she hasn’t…sigh and smh… Then next weeks preview has me freaking out because Nolan was in a bathtub looking all dead and what not. Hopefully, he was just drugged and unconscious. I don’t know who Emily would turn to if Nolan is dead and gone, but if he is dead and gone, I know come Sundays at 9 p.m. I will be turning my TV to CBS to watch The Good Wife.

    • tadtorque says:

      lol Leila J love the passion of your post. Weird changes with Aiden… If I recall last season didn’t he accept the whole Em/Jack thing in “Truth, part 1”?

    • Camille says:

      Ditto!!!!! I totally agree with you, Leila J!

    • Amy Vennetti says:

      Aidens being a brat about things because Emily never told him that she was ever in love with jack not while she was young or the summer before she left that all out and told him that it was just a old friend. If she was willing to lie about that then he should be salty about it team aiden

  19. Jacqi says:

    I love Justin hartley so anything they can do to keep him around for seasons to come would be awesome.
    I am actually enjoying Patrick/Nolan. I am so confused who i should root for emily to end up with.

  20. Randal COnrad says:

    I love the show but I am done watching it. While I refuse to judge anyone I also refuse to have a gay agenda shoved down my throat on prime time tv. The characters could be gay but come on – is all that neccessary? Goodbye y’all…

    • Katherine215 says:

      Meh, no one needs your homophobia around either. See ya.

    • Larry says:

      Seriously, your attitude is not only homophobic but just childish. Just stop watching instead of whining to the rest of us. Be off with you.

    • Anne says:

      Shouldn’t the “gay agenda” have already scared you away in season one? I’m having a hard time believing you made it all the way to season three.

    • Angela says:

      You mean the “gay agenda” where they’re treated like every other human being: living their lives, loving whomever they choose, raising families? Yes, nefarious agenda that.

    • Randal–finally someone talking about the elephant in the room. I record this show just so I can speed through all the scenes with Patrick and Nolan–this is a blatant gay agenda by a major Network to normalize and numb us all to gay love and men open mouth kissing on the screen. I can’t watch it–it’s not relevant to the main story line, other than to show that Nolan doesn’t know who the hell he is.

  21. Annie says:

    I’m teed off by things that are happening…1st is this “Patrick” really Vicki’s son? I am having doubts; maybe he pulled an Emily/Amanda scheme of his own? 2nd Margot has got to go, do not like her as a main character at all! 3rd I’m finding it hard to believe Nolan will wash his hands of helping Emily, no way he can just walk away, nor be killed off! 4th oh forget it – I hate getting all wrapped up in the show, but it’s a nice escape from reality :)

    • Bob F. says:

      Patrick has a mother fixation. Notice how he often holds and hugs her like a girlfriend. People thought he was Victoria’s young lover. He wants her for himself. Expect the feeling to be part of his story line. He doesn’t want to intergate himeself with the Graysons, he wants to be with Victoria. I see yet another scandal comming for them. A son avenging his mother vs Emily avenging her father.

  22. Alice says:

    Why do they make all of Nolan’s love interests nefarious?
    Also the show needs to watch it. Tyler, Marco, now Patrick- have they had any gay characters that aren’t evil? They keep this up I won’t be able to watch anymore.

  23. Carrie says:

    Smart people of TVLine, help me! – Did Nolan lose all of his money? I got confused because when he came out of prison he seemed broke, but wouldn’t he still have all of his cash from the NolCorps sale? Also, the Graysons are broke currently, correct? The only income coming in is from Victoria’s shady art gallery. I have committed myself to thinking that Patrick is not Victoria’s son and he is part of Takeda’s school of revenge training. Side note – Charlotte’s wardrobe is amazing this season.

  24. tadtorque says:

    Perhaps its the change in writers but I don’t get Nolan’s sudden anger with Aiden and sudden empathy for Daniel. He knows that Daniel patsy’d both he and Aiden last year to cover for his father and family, sending them both to rot in jail at some point for serious crimes they did not commit.

    Aiden going rogue is not a surprise (and keeps things interesting). But I recall Nolan, after divulging the Em/Jack situation to Aiden last season in Truth, Part 1, reminding Em of how Aiden had sacrificed so much for her.

    • Elouise says:

      I found it a bit jarring too. I really liked the rapport that Nolan and Aiden developed last season.

    • deme says:

      All Nolan’s actions in this episode were a complete WTH! Defending Daniel. Dissing Aiden. And just the episode before he, Emily and Aiden were in his house revenge planning. That was bad writing. Very bad.

    • abz says:

      Maybe it was just me but I took it a completely different way. I never saw him as supporting Daniel. Emily was there complaining about how nothing in her plans have been working and how she can’t stand to look at Daniel and that’s why he was saying how Daniel changed from when she first started all of this. I took it as him telling her that she needed to approach the Daniel situation in a different way because the way she was currently handling it clearly wasn’t working. That all led to her opening up to him with the picture of Emily’s family.
      With regards to Aiden, i thought it was because he’s not the easiest colleague to work with. He’s always going rogue. His own agenda last season sometimes interfered with Emily’s.

  25. tadtorque says:

    Forgot to mention Daniel’s gleefully relieving Nolan of controlling interest in his company. A company Nolan had spent his life building. Even though that takeover was actually orchestrated by Nolan and Aiden to save Emily’s cover, little Danny didn’t know that. He was too busy posturing as Forbes Man-of-the-year with Emily on his arm… with his Conrad-bought car, plane and celebrity shades.

  26. HBH says:

    can someone tell me how Victoria knows patrick is her real son? i think i missed it. he magically showed up and she felt he was her son, but did she even bother to get a dna test? i have this odd feeling that he isn’t even the real patrick. unless i missed something during the first episode this season

  27. Demi says:

    Love the Emily and Daniel scene at the end but am I the only that don’t like Emily for saying she can’t stand Daniel; always thought that she had like a bit of feeling for him.

    • Radha says:

      Apparently you missed the part where any feelings Emily was developing for him were killed when Daniel helped cover up some Grayson scandal back in season 1. He had the proof about his family’s involvement in the David Clarke frame up, was on live TV, and he chose not to reveal it. IF you had watched Emily, you would have seen how her face just dropped. Anything she felt for him died there. She realized he is a Grayson, through and through and finally stopped pining for that idiot.

  28. Circ says:

    Revenge season 1 was so great. Season 2 was bizarre. Season 3 is getting back on track with the theme of the show and I am glad I kept watching. I was happy to see Nolan back in his preppy clothes this past Sunday as these fit his personality better. I hope Nolan is not being killed off next week. I thought he looked as though he had sustained a gunshot wound to the head in the scene in the bathtub in next weeks promo. I couldn’t imagine the show going forward without him. I would like to see more of Emily and Nolan working together to accomplish her revenge.

  29. DG says:

    I think I’m done with this show after this episode. It’s just so ridiculous at this stage. I can see the writers constantly introducing new long lost sons/daughters/twins/babysitters/fiancée/dog walkers that miraculously have something to do with the plot when they were insignificant or never heard of until the point they’re introduced. It’s basically day time soap opera on Sunday nights. Emily should have shot the Grayson’s by now. Seriously, she should have just shot them. Then herself. That would be preferable to the shoddy plotting we’ve seen this season. At least it’d be almost tragic.
    I’m sure a lot of people will disagree and there’ll be ardent defenders and scores of shippers saying this is the best show on tv but it’s just moronic at this stage. The Walking Dead has more realistic portrayals of relationships between characters, and half of them are zombies.

    • maxisatroll123 says:

      nobody cares you dont need to announce to the world that you wont be watching anymore i’m glad that you won’t be watching because that means less trolls

      • DG says:

        Coming from someone called maxisatroll123, I got a laugh out of that. I’m not trolling, just pointing out the glaringly obvious. The endgame is plain to see to everyone, unfortunately I have no faith the writers have a clue how they’re getting there or how many new characters it will take along the way. But to each his/her own, I appreciate the vocal fan base of all shows since they’re a form of art, and art should be supported.

    • Just Saying says:

      Giving up too. The problem is the writing. Setting the poor plot aside, the dialogue sounds like it was written by a twenty something year old with no life experience. It’s very poor. In Season 1 & 2, the writing was very good. I’ve seen many comments about the poor acting this season. I think it’s because the actors can’t believe they have to deliver these lines.

      • maxisatroll123 says:

        i know people have their opinions and i respect that if you think the writing is poor this season and your not enjoying their are many other programs for you to watch

  30. xzhu says:

    Aiden is a repeated role of either Emily’s or Nolan’s.

    The role of Aiden in the story is repeated of either Emily or Nolan, as a revenge helper, Aiden’s role repeated of the role of Nolan, as the undercover in the family of Grayson, Aiden’s role is repeated of Emily. Sometimes, Aiden let Nolan irrelevant to the main storyline, and comprised the chemistry and connection between Emily and Nolan. Aiden is an unpredictable plot in the storyline, that is good but out of rail, therefore it would be more intense and interesting if Aiden could really turn back on Emily.

  31. Angela says:

    Time to put this show – and especially the audience – out of its misery. Even the acting is getting worse,

    • aciel says:

      go watch another show if you don’t like it anymore a lot of people seem to be enjoying this season time to put us out of our misery from trolls

    • abz says:

      That is such a selfish thing to say. I hate when people say stuff like this constantly about shows. Its like once they don’t like something it should be canceled. GTFO! You may not like the show anymore but a lot of us stll do and see this season as an actual improvement. So why don’t you get the hell out of this comment section and troll somewhere else.

  32. Mikael says:

    They really ruined Daniel. It would’ve been better if they’d just killed him in season 1 like they originally planned.

  33. Nina says:

    are we even 100 percent certain that Patrick was the one who tried to off Conrad? I mean, we found out from Aiden. everything was in Aiden’s pov and I don’t trust Aiden. I mean, he’s hot and all, but!

  34. nina says:

    I continue to enjoy this show as do multitude of viewers. It is an escape, a fiction borne out of the writers’ imagination. For those of you who don’t enjoy the show anymore, don’t watch it. There are countless other programs for you. Don’t spoil this one for us.

    • aciel says:

      finally someone has some sense seriously its annoying when people feel the need to read recaps about a show they don’t like just to bitch about it. it really sucks the fun out of the recaps for people who still enjoy the show