Is HIMYM Hurting Barney/Robin? Was Revenge's Restraint Unreal? Is Arrow Blind? And More Qs!

Good Wife Carrie PrestonWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including How I Met Your Mother, Sons of Anarchy, Once Upon a Time and Scandal!

1 | Could The Good Wife‘s Florrick-Agos please, please, please find a place in their new firm for Carrie Preston’s hilariously shrewd Elsbeth?

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2 | Once Upon a Time‘s young Bae was undoubtedly a clever lad, but really — a coconut shell lamp that projects a map? A map written in code, no less?! As for grown Bae, has he had a better moment than stripping off his pea coat and declaring, “I’m not a boy anymore, Felix — and I sure as hell ain’t lost”?

3 | In what universe would new Revenge couple Patrick and Nolan have been able to stop going at each other after one kiss? And didn’t Emily give some really excellent WTF? looks in this week’s episode?

4 | If Homeland‘s Carrie was working with Saul all along, and everything was pretty much going according to plan, then why, in scenes when it was just her, did she act genuinely surprised/agitated/frustrated vs. committed/resigned/determined? And did the revelation that young whatshisname killed his brother almost make you go back and watch the Dana scenes you had just fast-forwarded?

How I Met Your Mother5 | Is How I Met Your Mother slowly destroying everything there is to love about Robin and Barney with their crazy behavior during the wedding weekend?

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6 | As reliably funny as CBS’ Mom has gotten over the course of the last five weeks, isn’t it time for an episode focusing on Allison Janney’s delectable Bonnie?

7 | Which former Bones guest star did you miss most at Booth and Brennan’s wedding?

8 | Coming out of this week’s Hostages — where Ellen’s husband nearly died, she learned her daughter is pregnant and she had to bury a dear colleague — how can she do anything but ultimately botch the president’s surgery? She’s a twitchy wreck! And can we talk about how lightning-fast the Sanders kids were located at a random bus depot, grabbed and returned home?

9 | How was this week’s Blacklist baddie, Robert Knepper’s “The Courier,” left to sit all alone in a prison van when the FBI had no idea what types of metallic objects were imbedded underneath his skin? Why not just give him a key for his handcuffs and shoot their own transport agents to make it all a little easier? Or do we just have to accept that pretty much everyone on the show, The Following-style, is going to be completely incompetent every week — save for James Spader’s Red?

Castle10 | Who are these people and what did they do with Castle and Beckett?! (Props to TVLine reader Just One Thing for spotting the stand-ins!) And would a rich-and-famous author’s kid really qualify for a college work study job…?

11 | Regarding New Girl‘s Michael Keaton/Schmidt gag, how was Jess able to get a hold of the email address Nick and Winston used when they were impersonating the Batman actor? And wouldn’t the episode have been that much cooler if it had actually gotten Michael Keaton to show up?

12 | When do we find out how Sons of Anarchy‘s Tara was able to fake a miscarriage? Her doctor surely would’ve realized there was no fetus during her post-“attack” examination, right? Or did Margaret help orchestrate the cover-up?

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13 | Did Cara’s flashback on The Tomorrow People give you Carrie vibes? And wasn’t that one majorly impressive de-aging wig?

14 | Could Castiel’s “love” interest on Supernatural have been any more obvious with her “delts” comment?

15 | Now that the pilot has made its way to the Internet, we’ve got to ask, is it too late for NBC to pick up Sarah Silverman’s quirky, but actually quite lovely, Susan 313?

Arrow Season 216 | Are we really to believe that Arrow‘s Quentin Lance is now spending all this time hanging out with the vigilante and never once IDs Oliver’s barely shrouded face…? And is anybody else kinda “done” with the island flashbacks? With so much now happening in Starling City, they’re kinda momentum-stoppers.

17 | So, Emma Swan’s loss is Anastasia Steele’s gain?

18 | Was Modern Family‘s Ronaldo basically playing Agador Spartacus to Nathan Lane’s Pepper…? And was that TV’s best use of Peri Gilpin since Frasier?

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19 | Coming off Nashville, wouldn’t Scarlett’s Ex-Boyfriends American Horror Story: Covenmake a great band name?

20 | How do you think Emma Roberts’ American Horror Story: Coven character will be brought back to life?

21 | Is NBC not paying any mind to its ongoing track record with retro reboots? Ironside, The Munsters, Knight Rider, Bionic Woman, the Rockford Files pilot that never saw the light of day…?

22 | Can The Vampire Diaries finally go there with Stefan and Caroline?

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Scandal23 | As TV newspaper articles go, could this Scandal obit be written any more vaguely? And has anyone found yet where to buy those ridiculously long-stemmed wine glasses? (Are these them? Or not long enough?)

24 | After that Big Bang Theory, does every girl out there want herself a Howard Wolowitz?

25 | Wasn’t Tim Gunn kind of naive on the Project Runway reunion special with his claim that the producers don’t try to create the ingredients needed to drum up drama/ratings?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Richard says:

    Yes to Robin and Barney. I’ve been watching this season wondering what the hell the writers were smoking in terms of the characterization of the 2. I don’t know why Ted would even like someone like Robin at this point.

    • Rinka says:

      And what is with the giant crucifix in the bedroom of the inn???

    • Josh says:

      I miss old Robin :(. This new Robin is basically just a female Barney…She’s Brobin…

      • Eurisko says:

        this show should have ended 3 seasons ago. The cast is soooo good but the writing is honestly the worst I’ve seen in a long time. That Fox show Dads has more laughs.

        • Sam says:

          I think this is a good time to end it, not stale. This has plenty of laughs still.

          • Eurisko says:

            to each his/her own. IMO the first two seasons are great then it drove off a cliff. I just want it over so they can all move on. Maybe Cobie joining Shield…

    • chrisjroof says:

      Seriously…did anyone EVER like Robin and Barney together?!? They have been the worst for each other since the beginning, and I am not only saying that as a Ted/Robin shipper.

      • Jon says:

        Lots of people did, Ted needs to stop beating a dead horse. ITS OVER!

      • Calla Lilly says:

        NO! I’ve HATED them since the moment it became a thing! UGH UGH UGH NO!

      • Lindsey says:

        Lots of people like them, but I’ve never been one of them. I will say that they are better than Robin/Ted, but it’s always felt forced to me. I don’t see their behavior as any different this season because they’ve always been kind of crazy/annoying. Robin has always been my least favorite. (Yes, I know that’s not the popular opinion.) At this point, all I really care about is Ted and the mother. I’ve always loved Marshall, but even his storyline has sucked this season.

        • c says:

          I used to like Robin, but she is easily my least favorite character right now. Please writers, bring back the Mother and write way less Barney/Robin and more of her. She and Lily have been the highlight this season

    • Sam says:

      why still great as ever

    • HH says:

      AND they’re ruining Ted. He’s been chasing her for 8 years. Actually, it started getting pathetic after the 3rd time he confessed his love for her. I’m going to have a hard time believing he could ever really love the mother as much as he does Robin. The show should have been called “How I Loved and Chased Your Aunt Robin for Years and then finally Settled for Your Mother” but I guess that would’ve been too long. ;)

      • N tTVf says:

        HIMYM would then become ‘HILACYARFYATFSFYM’ – not bad, not too long really. But I do agree with your premise – the show worked best when the episodes included scenes with Robin and Ted – we have none of that at this point in S9. But there is still time …

      • Joey says:

        That episode with the scene where it shows future Ted with the Mother at the inn felt so forced. They didn’t seem to have any chemistry, and I’m not sure if it was because the actors just don’t have any chemistry, or if its because Ted’s endless lust for Robin has made any future relationship of his absolutely unbelievable. At this point, the only time Ted really feels “human” is when he’s just hooking up with women. He doesn’t seem at all like he will ever be ready for a true relationship. He’s too broken, and the writers are not making him any better. If they pull a deus ex machina and have the Mother be the ultimate fix for him, that will be so lame and lazy.

        This season so far feels like a total waste. Its supposed to be about finally getting to know the Mother, and the writers are wasting it on boring Robin and Barney episodes. Those characters are fine in small doses, but revolving everything around them just makes it unbearable. The Mother has so far had < 20 minutes of on screen time, and they have wasted great opportunities to get her acquainted with the rest of the cast. The episode where Lily tries to find a friend for Robin would have been a perfect opportunity for the Mother and Robin to meet, but instead it was wasted on Robin meeting another Robin, and Lily being crazy.

        I was so pumped for this season, especially after the Mother reveal at the end of last season, but man has it been a drag. Hopefully they turn it around quick, otherwise they'll turn what could have been a great final send off into a total bore.

    • Dani says:

      They destroyed Robin & Barney and Ted in the process. Their wedding is in a few hours and Ted has still feelings for Robin? These should have been over seasons ago. Not even to mention Robin and Barney’s craziness. HIMYM proved that it got one season too many. It’s a shame!

    • kelel21220 says:

      This WHOLE season is painful. Marshall on a road trip to get there? Come on!The whole season at the hotel? And the Mother only in the first episode? There are no words to say about how dumb this is.

      • newinkpop says:

        can I remind you people that we’re only in the beginning of the season? Everything’s going to come to an end in the Spring, with Barney & Robin getting married and Ted finally meeting the Mother. But it is one long story though…

        • TV Gord says:

          It’s insulting to viewers that we have to sit through so much filler (and unfunny filler) to get to the end. Really, this nine-season premise could have been done as a two-hour movie. The show has gotten so bad, the horrible Jump The Shark cliche should be revived just for this one special case.

      • scooby says:

        I’m guessing the road trip thing was some way of not having Jason there as much. He was the hold out for another season so maybe this is how they got him to agree. He doesn’t have to be there for as many hours if he’s recording things to play on an iPhone or whatever. I agree with the person who said the Robin needs a female friend thing would’ve been perfect to introduce the mother to Robin. Then when the mother ultimately ends up with Ted, Robin’s like ‘oh great, I make a female friend and she hooks up with my ex. Another reason why I shouldn’t make female friends.’

    • Faster says:

      Hmm, I guess I’m the only one loving HIMYM so far this season, including Barney and Robin. This season has made me laugh more than the last three combined.

    • Melanie says:

      Too much weird Robin and Barney. I really like the comment about her now being a woman Barney.
      I actually don’t care much about their wedding as much as I want The Mother to be there. The first episode with her was awesome and I just wish it would be centred around her getting into the main crew.

      • Nero theTVFiddler says:

        Agree – Barney is always going to be Barney – I don’t think he’s changed much this season. The change has come for Robin, and not in a good way. Too bad – I was hoping for big things for Robin in season 9, but the S9 premise (weekend wedding) is not able to allow for much character change and development. There just isn’t time – the wedding is literally just hours away.

        The writers need to prove to the viewers (and maybe themselves) that Robin is happy, happy, happy with Barney, and thus, no second thoughts over Ted. So we get non-stop Barney-Robin chatter and love-bird talk. Too bad. This show is/was smarter than that – more risk taking than that.

        What would have made for an interesting final season story arc? Not have Ted thinking about Robin, but maybe Robin thinking about Ted and having some second thoughts. That would have made for a knock-out storyline in S9. Ted pulling away, and Robin pulling him back in – now there’s a storyline (akin to last season’s ‘Something Old’.)

  2. iammusic says:

    re: Nathan/Stana doubles: They were actually filming at an abandoned plant, and it was deemed unsafe (from what I’ve heard). While it was just those few shots that they used the doubles, it was (kind of) obvious that they were doubles. Could’ve used a little bit of camera work on that, but the episode was still amazing! Definitely don’t blame them for wanting safety, and I’m sure it’s tough to balance between using doubles and getting a great shot with it.

    • guesto says:

      Sounds like a lame excuse for money scrimping, if the enviroment wasn’t safe enough for Fillion and Katic, it wouldn’t be safe enough for the doubles, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

      • Josh says:

        Yeah gotta great wuth guesto…Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sometimes even the shows we love make stupid, and embarrassing moves.

      • Apples says:

        Wut? Isn’t that the whole point of stunt doubles? I mean I could understand it being a location/cheapness thing if they went away (they didn’t take Fillion to Paris last year for the double-header because of scheduling) but other than that it doesn’t make sense they’d not use Katic/Fillion if they could have…

      • Kendall says:

        It’s an insurance thing (as well as a safeguarding the future of the show thing). Any viewer of Mythbusters knows how this works when Adam and Jamie are prohibited from doing something but Tory can go ahead and do it.

      • Rich Abey says:

        What about the doubles who do all the action scenes including jumping off buildings, smashing glass and everything on TV & film? Much higher chances of fact a few of them have broken bones & some have even died. So it would be stupid to talk about lawsuits now..these guys know the risks & its included on their contracts.

  3. iMember says:

    Ugh, Revenge is so good this season. I’m loving everything that is happening. Emily’s WTF? looks were spot on!

  4. M says:

    With regard to Arrow, I can’t recall every detail from last season’s finale, specifically about how early the news broke to the public about the Glades being in danger, so during this past episode, when Laurel told her father that Oliver told her early in the day to stay out of the Glades because it was dangerous, I thought maybe her dad was beginning to piece things together in his head that Oliver knew about the Glades before everyone else so maybe he was ‘The Arrow’. We shall see.

    • Curly Girly says:

      For a former detective, Quentin is pretty clueless. I mean, c’mon!! The fact that NOBODY can see through Oliver’s “disguise” is just getting ridiculous. Worst. Costume. Ever.

      • Badpenny says:

        It’s part of the genre. I mean, do glasses really make Clark and Superman look that much different? Of course not. There’s some tropes you need to accept if you’re going into watch a superhero movie, TV show, or even cartoon.

        • Kim R says:

          Good answer!

        • Nytwyng says:

          Watch Christopher Reeve’s performance in the first Superman movie again – in particular, the scene in Lois’ apartment right after “Can You Read My Mind” – and tell me again how Clark’s disguise doesn’t work. :-(

          • Badpenny says:

            If you need to go all the way back to a single example from a film 35 years old, well, I’ll call that the exception rather then the norm. :)

        • Christina says:

          While I completely agree, one of my favorite lines in a superhero movie still has to be Blake Lively in The Green Lantern pointing out that just because she can’t see his cheek bones doesn’t mean she doesn’t recognize him. So great.

      • matttucker76 says:

        Don’t forget that Quentin already had Oliver pegged as “the Hood” once and was soundly proven “wrong” about it. I’m sure that might color his perception. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts piecing it together again as the season moves along. This is the kind of thing the show doesn’t shy away from.

        • Lauren says:

          I was wondering this episode what would happen if he found out. He’s changed his mind on the Hood, I wonder if finding out Oliver is the Hood would change his mind about Oliver, or change his mind back about the Hood?

    • See, I think Lance does know he’s just choosing to willfully ignore lest he be forced to arrest someone he feels is doing a lot of good. (Which is hardly unprecedented as far as the genre goes. In the comics Captain Stacy knew Peter was Spider-man for a long time before he actually admitted it, but he chose to ignore it for that very reason)

      • Alan says:

        according to batman year one jim gordon has known bruce was batman since the beginning but has chosen to ignore it to protect both himself and bruce, this is nothing new. also the disguise is better than people give it credit, it seems to take a lot of flak because of the eye makeup but we can see with the canary domino masks dont work in live action, the makeup coupled with the shadows created by the hood obscures his facial features quite well in my opinion.

  5. Jack says:

    5) yeah, it’s turning into a farce if they keep on going like this

  6. BriDeSi says:

    23. The ridiculously fabulous wine glasses that Liv drinks out of can be found at Crate and Barrel. Here is the link

  7. Michelle says:

    22: Yes, yes, yes to Stefan and Caroline please! The writers have done a great job slowly developing their relationship. I’d love for them to continue doing what they’re doing, since they seem to have started hinting at a romance in this episode. YES PLEASE.

    • l says:

      Yes… Tyler is a bore.

    • Francine says:

      Yeah you could see they were hinting at those two since last season. I still can’t decide whether I like it or not. They do have great chemistry but I always liked that we had a real platonic friendship on the show. Like Caroline is his new Lexi. It doesn’t always have to turn into something romantic. I do want Stefan to get a romantic relationship with someone other than insufferable Elena, but I just don’t know if I want it to be Caroline yet.

    • Rook says:

      I was so excited when Caroline and Stefan shared a moment and the Tyler showed up. WHAT THE F@#K!

  8. Tammy says:

    I thought Tim Gunn said the JUDGES don’t look the contestants up online etc. I thought they were suggesting the judges do a lot of research prior to judging and then pick their “favorites” But they do typecast contestants ….. well when a contestant doesn’t do anything to break out of the typecast!

  9. Katherine215 says:

    9. Yeah, you could see that coming a mile away, but that’s minor news, imo. More important is why you’re not asking about the great chemistry between Keen and Ressler and what’s going to happen there!
    17. Emma is majorly missing out. The Huntsman is STILL my favorite character. :( But happy for him to get such a big role.

  10. Bonnie says:

    I’m not loving the HIMYM season so far. Is the whole season going to be centered around the wedding weekend? And to answer #24 – after last night, yes!

    • Boiler says:

      I have always loved HIMYM but what a poor way to end its run. I’d like a spinoff with Lily and Ted

    • John 1138 says:

      Yes, far too much of a “filler” feel, especially with them NOT actually having any significant number of scenes with Cristin Milioti.

      Time’s running out people.

    • Jennifer says:

      I believe the entire premise of this season is built around the wedding weekend. I only wish we’d get more of the mom like the show promised. So far only Lily has “met” her but I’d love some more flash forwards with he and Ted.

  11. l says:

    I agree about Arrow.. i’ve been starting to fast forward through the flashback scenes.. and I still can’t believe Laurel hasnt recognized Oliver yet considering how close she’s gotten to him as the hood.

    • Nick says:

      I actually started fast forwarding through the flashback scenes towards the end of the first season, I think they don’t really add that much value. As for why nobody has realized Oliver is the “Hood” is beyond me, cause that barely there painted on masked shields nothing and the hood itself hardly covers his face when he is looking up…..come on let’s give him a mask at least

      • Tvfanatic says:


      • Alan says:

        makeup mixed with shadows created by the hood obscures facial features quite well, much better than the standard domino mask the canary uses.
        flashbacks have always been and are still the best part of the episode in my opinion.

  12. Meg says:

    I thought Tim said the judges don’t have the time to look up the designers on the internet, not the producers.

  13. Shelly says:

    Re #4: Nothing have ever made anyone go back and rewatch a Dana scene. That has got to be a joke right? They need to get rid of every Brody and move on already.

  14. wordsmith says:

    11) Wasn’t Jess using Nick’s computer to send the messages? Also, YES, a Michael Keaton cameo would have totally made the episode. Maybe somewhere down the line.

  15. wordsmith says:

    13) Definite Carrie vibe from Tomorrow People’s flashbacks. I’ve always thought of Carrie as one of the best written superhero origin stories ever. And yeah, that was a surprisingly effective wig.

  16. Valerie Tower says:

    I am so over and have stopped watching HIMYM this season. I’ve watched since the beginning and this season is the WORST. Hugely disappointing and what a let down to the fans who have waited all this time for a conclusion. LAME.

    • c-mo says:

      I completely agree! I’m only enduring this season because I’ve invested 8+ years in it and I want the pay-off but I so wish I was enjoying it.

  17. richard says:

    25. I thought Tim was referring to the judges, not the producers.

  18. stephvaz says:

    But really, if anyone finds those wine glasses, let a girl know!

  19. Martha says:

    #24 Yes, yes Jim Parsons is great and all that but now that Howard is no longer so creepy, Simon Helberg has been amazing, funny and touching. It’s time for his Emmy!!

  20. tali says:

    yes, to No.5. I’m really surprised how bad this season of HIMYM is. They’re all acting out of character it’s like a different show. i cringe more than laugh.

  21. Nick says:

    #20 – the question shouldn’t be How but rather do we want her to. I found her to be incredibly annoying.

  22. TL says:

    People getting upset about the “hood” costume on ARROW, need to remember Clark Kent only wore glasses. It’s just a show…enjoy the ride!

  23. TL says:

    I do agree that THE GOOD WIFE needs to find a home for Carrie Preston…she’s just to delish to let go.

    And, I agree with many that HIMYM is just painful with this season long wedding weekend stuff. So. Over. It.

    • knd says:

      As much as I adore Carrie Preston, I think her magic is when she shows up every now and then. I think if she was there every episode her quirkiness would start to become gimicky and annoying. And the last thing I want to do is hate Carrie Preston.

    • Dee says:

      I really like seeing Carrie Preston but I think you are right. Her occasional visits really make an impact. She’d be great as a regular but I think this impact would be diminished.

  24. M. says:

    24 – regarding TBBT

    I hate to admit it, but the song made me cry, so my answer is YES!

    10 – regarding CASTLE

    If I hadn’t read about the stand-ins on some online comments I wouldn’t have seen it. I action had to rewatch the scene to see what they were talking about.

    22 – regarding TVD

    I haven’t seen any episode of the new season, but I was already rooting for Stephane and Caroline last season. So I’d love to see the two of them together. Even though Stephane and Elena are endgame for me in this show – sorry Delena-shippers just my opinion!

    5 – regarding HIMYM

    I’m actually glad that this is the last season. I don’t know when it happened, but the show kind of lost its spark.

    • scooby says:

      I didn’t notice the Castle stand-ins either. I saw someone mention it online. To me, the hair on the Beckett stand-in isn’t quite right or maybe they’d have gotten away with it. The minute you start going ‘wait, that’s not Kate’ you question whether that’s Castle and of course it wouldn’t be. I bet they realized late in the game that they needed another shot and couldn’t have the real actors do it for some reason.

  25. Jo says:

    17. Noooooooo. :sobs: Sheriff, I mourn the end of your acting career. I’ll miss you.

  26. Francine says:

    Yes, The Tomorrow People scene did remind me of Carrie. I can’t decide if I’m going to keep watching this show or not. I thought that premise sounded interesting but something just isn’t clicking with me.

  27. Laura M. says:

    7. Loren Dean (Russ). I would have loved to see Russ and his little family at the wedding.

  28. #24 Yes! I’m now asking my hubby why he doesn’t write a song for me. :)

  29. Lecholls says:

    11. Jess was using Nick’s computer. And I didn’t think the episode needed a cameo.

  30. Nick says:

    My guess is the only reason Nolan & Patrick didn’t really go further is because as the producers said Nolan will be actually having a relationship this season, so they didn’t want it to seem just like a “wham…bam….thank you sir” encounter between them…..guess they want Nolan to develop feelings or something cause it would totally leave him conflicted when in comes to Emily loyality and whom to trust…

  31. matttucker76 says:

    The island flashbacks on ‘Arrow’ just take a dramatic turn for the better, and everyone wants to give up on them? They’re working great for me.

    • Alan says:

      they are still the best part of the episodes for me, the writing and acting just seem to be a little better in those scenes like an entirely different crew is working on them, the stuff in the city still needs to step it up if it ever has to carry the whole show.

  32. AJ says:

    3. In terms of Emily’s WTF looks this week, my absolute favorite was when Victoria said to her “unseasonably chilly for this time of year, isn’t it Emily?”. The look Emily made was absolutely hilarious.
    As for Nolan and Patrick, bring on more steamy scenes with them please!

  33. the girl says:

    Here’s a question for you: in the first episode, we saw that guy use his wish to send Cyrus far away. Why can’t Alice use one wish to call Cyrus and the bottle to her? She’d still have the other two wishes and wouldn’t have to actually confront the bad guys. I think that’s my problem with the series so far, and I know if they did it this way they wouldn’t have much of a show on their hands, but it’s still bothering me.

    • Heather says:

      I think they have addressed this by saying there’s always a price when you use magic. I think the Knave suggested she do that and her response was something along the lines of she was worried that if she did, he would be delivered with a noose around his neck.

  34. sarah says:

    9) I do not think the agents in Blacklist are anywhere near as incompetent as the Following. I do think they should have removed all the objects before he was transported but they also maybe did not think he would dig the items out himself.
    16)Too funny I said the exact same thing about Quentin and even Laurel, they do not even try to cover his face anymore, he does not look down or away he looks at people and now with Quentin FACE to FACE with him and still did not know it was him is silly.
    19)Not sure about the name but Avery and Gunnar make an awesome duo, Rayna sign these boys STAT!
    22)Personally I do not want Caroline and Stefan together.

    • matttucker76 says:

      The impression I get is that Oliver’s face is always in shadow when he’s in costume and the hood’s up. When we see it, that is simply for the audience. In the scene pictured above, they make the point of doing the establishing shot essentially from Quentin’s POV to see that Oliver is just a silhouette standing in front of the window.

  35. Tim Gunn was saying that the judges don’t manipulate the competition, which I believe. I don’t always agree with the judges, but their views on the work are much more accurate than the contestants. They are too close to it and they see the looks coming together which influences their opinions. The judges are more removed and objective. Obviously, producers want there to be some drama and they produce that through the casting process and the specific challenges.

    Contestants get cast on the show mostly based on what kind of television he/she will make and to a lesser extent his/her actual talent.

  36. knd says:

    #24 – Not going to lie, I cried like a little girl.

  37. Kristina says:

    I’ve never found much to love about Barney and Robin even before this season. They’re kinda blah in my opinion. And I’ve been over the island flashbacks on Arrow for a while now too.

  38. Rachel says:

    5. How I Met Your Mother:

    I don’t think Barney and Robin’s behavior has been that crazy, and especially not to the point where the audience (the ones who love B/R) would start to hate them. I thought they were actually pretty sweet together in the last episode, “Knight Vision.” I don’t believe the writers are trying to slowly destroy Barney and Robin at all. They will always be my favorite couple from HIMYM and on TV in general.

  39. xwiseguyx says:

    Revenge is back on my must see TV List!!! Yeah!

  40. David7118 says:

    #5 HIMYM hasn’t been good in quite some time. A sweet show about finding love has turned into a slapstick Three Stooges type show.

  41. ktbanks says:

    23.) The wine glasses are the Camille Red Wine glasses from Crate & Barrell. You’re welcome.

  42. Jo says:

    The answer to #4 is detailed in the TV guide interview you edited into your review of the episode.

  43. M3rc Nate says:

    16) Quite the opposite, im loving the flashbacks and think they are genius because they keep on getting better and better. The show is showing you at the same time, how Oliver was made into the Green Arrow, and him as the Green Arrow. If they were to just have full on flashback Island episodes i think it would feel much slower. I think 5-10 min a episode for Island is good. Some episodes they barely show any, sometimes none, and others they show half the episode on the island.

    Im enjoying for the most part it seems they have their 5 year plan and they are really sticking to it. The pace, especially on the island, of reveals and forward momentum is fantastic. It hasnt felt stagnant or like filler yet.

  44. GildedRose says:

    Great round up of questions!
    1 – Yes, please!

    10 – I totally saw that. I thought it was just me at first and then realized, nope. Really bad
    stand-ins. Ouch.

    13 – It totally did! First thing I thought of.

    16 – I loved Arrow bringing Quentin Lance into the Arrow fold. Not only is Paul Blackthorne one of my favorites, but it allows Quentin to really start interacting with the rest of the cast, which I really enjoy. Yeah, one could nitpick the logic of whether or not he should realize who the Arrow is, but… well… it’s Arrow! I mean, asking for that kind of logic from a show that has a guy running around in a hood, putting arrows in them, destroyed 1/2 their city with an earthquake machine, and has everybody running around in leather and masks and apparently never, ever die (man that appears to have been one busy spot in the ocean that night!) and always return with superior martial arts skills… I can’t expect Quentin to put that particular piece together in the jigsaw puzzle. But then isn’t this the problem with ALL superhero shows? “Why are these people so stupid they can’t see beyond a pair of glasses and slicked back hair?!” There are things you just kind of accept going in, and Quentin’s in the darkness here is definitely one of them. Oh, and I need to mention how much I enjoyed Quentin working with Oliver and Felicity this episode. I hope we see a lot more of that this season. It was fun.

    21 – I’m actually really bummed NBC decided to go with Ironside over Rockford Files, then ruined even Ironside with all that ill-advised cop brutality. I still think Rockford Files could be a successful reboot. I loved that show. Find someone as charismatic as James Garner and it’d do great. It’s still a very workable idea. With some updating I think it could be amazing.

    22 – Yes, please!

  45. JC says:

    2) Loved that line of Neal’s, but yeah, the map thing was a little bit of a stretch.
    9) I was wondering that myself. They didn’t even have anyone guarding him during the transport? Really show?
    16) It’s my belief that Quentin Lance knows who the Arrow is. I hope I’m right – it just makes so much more sense that way. But yeah, I hope they come up with a better way to disguise his face soon.

  46. csr says:

    #4: And did the revelation that young whatshisname killed his brother almost make you go back and watch the Dana scenes you had just fast-forwarded? No, it seems like another lame Dana plot. She had so much purpose and promise in season 1, in her relationship with her dad, and they have just lost that thread completely.

  47. Annie says:

    Barney and Robin were destroyed a few years ago. The writers wasted an opportunity use this season as a way to show people how much these two love one another. We should have flashbacks that show the two dealing with their issues, and falling in love again.

    Another problem with this season is that it is just not funny.

    • Jon says:

      False its pretty funny

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Okay, but the problem with this idea, showing (still) more of Barney and Robin, is that the show is not (or wasn’t supposed to be) about Barney and Robin – it was supposed to be about Ted and finding the Mother. I’m not sure there is too much more we can learn about Barney and Robin as a pair, or how they fell in love. Why does Robin love Barney? For the same reason Robin loved Don, Gael, Nick, Ted’s ‘Mosbius Design assistant’ – because they weren’t Ted. Anyone other than Ted was someone Robin could love – that’s the theme we’ve seen now for 9 years.

      However, there is still story left to tell – Barney and Ted, and how they deal with their mutual understanding that they are in love with the same woman. That’s a story. How do they deal with that? I think Barney’s best moments this S9 have been in dealing with Ted, and Ted avoiding Barney. There is still story left to tell and resolve with these two. And of course, there is still Ted and Robin story left to tell – the locket, Victoria, Chicago.

      Yes, as others have noted upthread, there has been a lot of slapstick type comedy this season – that will change as soon as the storyline focuses back on Ted (and Ted-Barney, Ted-Robin), and less on the happy, happy, happy (enough already – we get it!!!!) wedding couple.

  48. Shar says:

    I love this season of HIMYM I think it’s one of their best so far and Barney and Robin are NOT at all ruined they come so far in the last 9 seasons they both grown up and matured both as individuals and as a couple. And, I have been laughing a lot this season the show is ending so who really cares at this point about how a show that has been on the air for 9 seasons ends?

  49. lena says:

    #5 yes but then they’ve always been a horrible couple.

  50. Jacqi says:

    3) that kiss was HOT! more of them please, the other “couples” are boring me now.
    5) yes we hardly see them and when we do they are going bonkers. We need more of the Mom too.
    7) I don’t know if she is considered a guest-star, but I missed seeing baby Christine. (I completely understand that the twins had mini meltdowns so they couldn’t get a good shot of her for the show). it didn’t really lack for me.
    22) i love lexi, but since she is dead caroline would be a good choice.
    24) No, I still want a Leonard. :)