Great Scot: First Look at Outlander's Jamie Fraser

With production now underway, in Scotland, on Starz’s Outlander, the cabler has released a first photo of Scotsman Sam Heughan in character as Jamie Fraser.

Adapted by Battlestar Galactica‘s Ronald D. Moore from Diana Gabaldon’s series of international bestsellers, Outlander follows the story of Claire Randall (played by Irish actress Caitriona Balfe), a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world. When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate affair is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

Outlander 2014

Other casting includes Game of Thrones alum Tobias Menzies as British baddie Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, The Borgias’ Lotte Verbeek as Geillis Duncan, a Scotswoman who dabbles in the black arts and befriends Claire, and James Fleet (Four Weddings and a Funeral) as Rev. Wakefield, a historian of sorts who interacts with Claire and her husband Frank in the 1940s.

Outlander will premiere sometime in 2014.

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  1. I don’t know… just not what I was expecting? Always hard to reconcile a real life image with the image you’ve had in your head for years.

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree Amanda. I imagined longer hair and a brighter red.

      • SM says:

        Re-read the book — his hair was cropped short in the beginning b/c of the head wound he received.

        • Stephanie says:

          It HAS been a long time since I read the first book. Years in fact. I’m currently at the end of “An Echo in the Bone”. It just took me so long to get to it!

      • cutz says:

        duh his hair is short like a “hedgehog” in the beginning of the book, and I dont think this pic properly depicts the redness…

      • Kathy R says:

        Then you really weren’t paying any attention when you read the book…

      • Liz says:

        Remember in the beginning of Outlander (which is where the Starz series will begin) Jamie had short hair. As for color Claire talks about his auburn and copper tones.

      • Jahna says:

        Jamie’s hair was close cropped in the beginning because he was still healing from being hit with the axe in his head. The light in this picture I think fades the red a bit. Claire does talk of all the different colors in his hair. I can’t wait to see more :)

      • Debbie says:

        I guess you didn’t read the same book I did. HIs hair was short in the first book because of the injury to his head.

    • jennifer says:

      Exactly! That’s why I am reluctant to get behind this. The books are so vividly written that you can picture so much of it so clearly.
      I also though Jamie’s hair was redder and much longer….

      • cutz says:

        his hair was SHORT like a hedgehog in the beginning, read the book again

      • Rebecca Bohl says:

        You may have had an image in your head, but obviously YOUR image was wrong, and not the same image that DG had. I am always amazed at how many people just don’t seem to have even READ the book!! And, take a look at ALL of Sam Heughan’s pics, (and his credits), he has a range that is amazing. Jamie’s hair by the way was a mixture of light, dark, and everything in between, and in “Outlander” it was short due to the head injury!! I cannot wait for all of you “naysayers” to take back your negative comments o
        nce the series starts because it will be absolutely wonderful, and the absolute over the top BEST that any of us could have hoped for!!

        • Stephanie says:

          I don’t think anyone’s image is exactly “right” or “wrong”. I watch a lot of shows based off the books I read and don’t enjoy them any less because the image isn’t the same one I imagined, just different… Needless to say, just because I imagined something different doesn’t mean I’m a naysayer. I’m EXCITED that they are FINALLY making a show. I know this has been in the works for years!

      • his hair was not longer! reread the book!

      • Jahna says:

        Ron Moore (the Executive Producer and husband of a rabid fan (like us!) who also happens to be one of the costumers) has promised to see that the series follows the books as closely as possible. Some of the script pages were posted at Comic-Con in NY a few weeks ago and they were spot on from what I read. I’ve no worries. Diana herself is THRILLED with the cast choices and what she’s heard/seen from Ron and the others on set. I say we give it a chance :)

      • Please go back a reread the books, you obviously skipped the bit about his major head injury.

      • All this talk about hair is totally ridiculous! You guys don’t even know what scene this is from. From what I understand from DG on Twitter, she seems to believe that this is a scene from Lallybroch when Jamie is out working in the field and hears Jenny screaming because BJR is at the house. I don’t really remember any description of how long Jamie’s hair was at that time. It was before the axe incident.

        As for the color, “red” hair is very tricky. Lighting plays a huge part in how it looks. If the sun/light were to be shining more on Sam’s head I am sure it would be brighter red. Does it really matter anyway? Not to me! I am a fan from since the Outlander was first released back in 91 and I am THRILLED with Sam, his acting ability, his commitment to making our Jamie perfect for us, and yes, EVEN his hair matter what that color turns out to be. I am in love with Jamie the man…NOT the hair color! :)

        • Heather says:

          I understand you love Jamie the man but the red hair which is spoken about many many times in books is a big part of Jamie! to me anyway!

    • tvdiva says:

      Wow. Not even close to what many readers were probably picturing for the characters. I am going to stick with my imagination on this one. I conjured up someone more devilishly handsome, hot, and a build of solid muscle.

    • LA says:

      First, the picture is desaturated for photographic effect, so his hair won’t appear very red. But even if it’s not, WHO. CARES? One of the greatest books is being brought to the small screen with folks who are committed to doing it well, and people can find nothing better to complain about… it’s embarrassing.

    • Pam says:

      Yes, well, Diana Gabaldon, author, says that Sam is EXACTLY the right actor for the part. Jamie is her character, she should know.

    • Funny thing is, Jamie Fraser has been in author Diana Gabaldon’s head and heart for longer than any of us, and she is completely on board with the casting of Sam Heughan as Jamie! She said that when she saw his audition tapes, “…5 seconds in, Sam Heughan was gone, and there was Jamie Fraser!”. I hope you watch the show and be more open to Sam as Jamie. He is an amazing actor, fabulously Scottish and perfect as Jamie!!

  2. Lucy says:

    Yeah… not the Jamie I pictured. Not even close.

    • Stormy says:

      Me either. I pictured Jamie, who is quite a bit younger than Claire, as more boyish, mischievous and playful. Sam Heughan is, for me, too grave and mature to play him.

      • Asgara says:

        You should look at all the pictures of Sam out there. He definitely can play the young virginal Jamie from the books.

      • Jamie is 22 in the first book…he is 4 years younger…FOUR…that is ” ‘quite a bit ‘”??? and BOYish?…this is 1743…he’s a MAN who’s been thru much much more then “our” 22yr olds. *smh*….wow.

      • Sam has the cheekiest grin out there, you need to see other photos of him :P

      • Viviana Mroc says:

        When Claire met Jamie he had been imprisoned, savagely tortured, lost his father, thought his sister raped, outlawed with a price on his head and recovering from an almost fatal head injury. Undernourished from hiding in the Highlands without food, and he was only 22. I wouldn’t expect to find a mischievous playful kid. He was struggling to stay alive. And his sense of humour in spite of all that was outstanding, he could hide his feelings very well and make jokes about himself, but his life was ages away from playing.

        • HERE, HERE, Viviana!! WTG! Well said!! In the 18th Century 15/16 year olds were men!! At 22, Jamie had already been through much! AND BTW Stormy…he was only about 4 years younger than Claire…that is not “quite a bit younger”. I would consider “quite a bit” as being 10 – 20 years younger… :)

    • LA says:

      Well, in that case, I think they should shut down production immediately. Don’t you?

  3. Valerie says:

    I think he looks amazing. I can’t wait.

  4. courts says:

    Not as hot or tall or as ginger as I expected but I’m still excited. Never enough sword fighting.

    • Sam is 6’3″ and built exactly like Diana described Jamie. If you do a google search of Sam Heughan you will find many different pictures of him showing his range of looks.

    • Caitlin says:

      Mark my words, Sam Heughan will win you over. After the first episode you’ll be changing your tune about whether he’s hot enough. I believe he is 6’3″ which is pretty darn tall, & he’s a Scot, the most important of his characteristics ;)

    • Jahna says:

      Sam is 6’2″ that is tall! And the right height for Jamie.

      I never imagined Jamie as “hot”. Handsome yes, but never hot. As for ginger.. this pic (above) is blanched a bit. If you look at some pics of Sam you’ll see his hair is all kinds of red. Just as Claire describes! :)

    • Debbie says:

      Not as tall. Really, do you know anything about the actor? He actually is quite tall. Not as ginger? I think the color matches very closely what was described in the book. I think Sam Heughan will make a great Jamie Frasier.

  5. readinrobin says:

    I’ve always been leery of seeing Outlander filmed, but so far I like the casting choices and I’m getting more and more excited about it. Sam is not how I pictured Jamie in my head either, especially since Jamie is supposed to be very large, but I think Sam is perfect now that I see him.

  6. Jessica says:

    Yeah, not at all what I pictured. I prob won’t watch the show anyway though since I don’t get Starz and don’t want to be disappointed by an adaptation of the books.

    • SM says:

      When Ron Moore appeared at NY Comic Con he stated he was sticking very closely to the books. He also said his wiife is a big fan and he doesn’t want to screw it up because of that. He is also working more closely with Diana Gabaldon than most producers work with the authors. He spent a weekend at her home getting to know her & the characters. Will there be differences? Yes. But you can’t turn a book, word for word, into a movie or tv series. It’s just not possible.

      • Stormy says:

        It isn’t easy, but for me, the best adaptation of all time was Lonesome Dove. Absolutely inspired casting and very true to the book.

        • Amanda says:

          Actually in Lonesome Dove, Gus was described as being much taller that Woodrow Call. Call was described as being somewhat short, in the adaptation Tommy Lee Jones who portrayed Call was taller than Robert Duvall who portrayed Gus. However both men were the perfect choice for the characters because they were able to just “be” them. I’ve never heard anyone bemoaning those choices because they weren’t “exactly” like the book! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Diana Gabaldon who invented Jamie says Sam Heughan is Jamie, who is anyone else to argue?!

    • LA says:

      You should also barricade yourself in your home and refuse all outside communication. I’d suggest sticking only to the colors of grey, black and white. wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.

    • Darcy says:

      Good. We can do without your complaints.

    • darcygagne says:

      Then why even post? Seriously.

  7. Love it! I am really excited about Outlander coming alive on screen. Great casting so far in my opinion. Love this picture of Sam/Jamie!

  8. MLO says:

    Oh yuck! Totally not how I pictured Jamie. Will not watch and will now try to get that horrible image out of my head.

  9. april-ann says:

    He is HOT.

  10. dreamlife613 says:

    Can’t wait to see some footage and hear his accent. No, he doesn’t look the way I imagined him, but neither did most of the Game of Thrones cast and look how good they’ve turned out!

    PS: I was hoping for a redder red, too

    • Kathy R says:

      There is a ton of footage of Sam Heughan out there. Virginal, fierce, funny, charming. I really wish people would do their due diligence before making stupid snap judgements….

      • Caitlin says:

        Hey,dreamlife613 is not being judgmental. She’s being positive. There’s room for fans & uber fans alike people!

        • Caitlin says:

          PS. I’m probably in the uber fan category (as soon as Heughan was announced as Jaime I watched “A Princess for Christmas” & every youtube clip I could find). Not everyone’s as zealous as we are Kathy R. They can still join in the fun, eh?

    • Jahna says:

      If you go to YouTube and search Sam Heughan, about half way down the page is a video (45 min) of the Panel at Comic-Con. It’s awesome and you get a glimpse of Sam and Cait!

  11. travelbug75 says:

    If you go to the IMDB website and look at other pictures of him, he is a VERY good looking guy. I’m going to try not to judge based on one picture. I’m more concerned that the adaptation is decent. I was sorely disappointed at the adaptations of two of my other favorite books: “Pillars of the Earth” and “World Without End.” I’ll be anxious to see how Starz does with this.

    • darcygagne says:

      Please read Ronald D Moore’s interviews. He is working very hard to get the adaptation right. Diana’s influence is there as well. She was involved with casting as well.

      Don’t be anxious, be excited!

    • Sandy says:

      I was also disappointed in “Pillars of the Earth.” I’ve been following the Outlander production closely, and I believe Ron Moore & the writers are dedicated to getting it right. Like someone else pointed out, Ron Moore’s wife is a fan and he doesn’t want to disappoint her. Also, Jamie’s hair IS short at the beginning, and it’s multi-hued. Please give Sam a chance…I think he’ll be a spectacular Jamie. I can’t wait to see my favorite characters brought to life!

  12. M says:

    Maybe it’s the lighting that makes his hair not look ginger enough…?

    • Kathy R says:

      His hair is NEVER discribed as Ginger!! Red stag, more brown than red, if you care to deal with reality…

    • Caitlin says:

      I believe the filter makes it more of a duller red. Looks to be an overcast Scottish day in this pic, so no sun to spark his flaming locks ;)

    • darcygagne says:

      Geez. Can you say Nit-picker? If you are going to let hair color override enjoyment of a terrific story, then you may need to re-examine what’s important.

    • chtease says:

      Diana describes Jamie’s hair very frequently as “rufous,” which is a reddish-brown, but then describes it as having all shades of red in the sunlight. This color looks spot-on to me. I’ve delved into Sam Heughan’s previous work pretty deeply and he is a very gifted actor with amazing range. Jamie has been perfectly cast.

  13. SM says:

    For those interested… On the Starz YouTube channel there is a video of the Q&A with Ron Moore & Diana Gabaldon. It also includes a behind-the-scenes video of the first week of production as well as story board art of the locations where they will be shooting.

  14. Pati says:

    I think the casting was perfect he is hot and unkown now he will be Jamie forever no matter what but I also imagined longer more red hair but honestly don’t know if that would have looked good. He looks pretty dam hot in that picture can wait

  15. Christine Wright says:

    So psyched. The casting has been spot on.

  16. CC says:

    I always wanted Kevin McKidd (and pictured him while reading the books) for Jamie. Plus it would be a better role for him than godawful Grey’s Anatomy and he could use his real accent.

    • Ali says:

      I totally agree with you. I too always pictured Jamie to be portrayed by Kevin McKidd! He’s perfect for the role. So hot, so talented and in a “real man” way, not some asshat meterosexual way. I do however enjoy him as Owen on Grey’s Anatomy. You can hear his accent peek through every now and then.

      • Amanda says:

        When I see Sam Heughan I definitely don’t think “asshat metrosexual”! If the person who made Jamie up says “this guy is Jamie” that is good enough for me! I think he’ll be perfect!

      • LA says:

        If by “asshat metrosexual,” you mean a handsome, dramatically transformable triathlete dedicated to charity who regularly interacts with his fans, and is also a formally-trained stage actor, then, okay.

        • Jen says:

          Right on sister! I have natural red hair and depending on the lighting it does change its color. If its dim. I look like I have brown hair, when it’s wet it is darker. The only time it is flaming is in direct sunlight. So quit narking on his hair color!

        • YES! LA! You go girl!!! That is OUR Sam/Jamie!! The things that come from the mouths of the uninformed… I will take Diana’s idea of who is “perfect for the role” over anyone else’s. After all, he was HER Jamie long before he was ours! She said when she saw Sam’s audition video, after 5 seconds, Sam was gone and there stood Jamie. (Even without the red hair!) :)

      • Buttercup says:

        Kevin doesn’t look like he could play a 22 yr old. Sam can. Just look at him. No offense, Kevin. I still love you. Despite GA.

      • Jane Warren says:

        Sam Heughan is about as far from an “asshat meterosexual” as a guy can get! LOL Seriously, look him up on Twitter. He’s a very sweet, funny, and down-to-earth man. Plus the #Heughligan craziness is loads of fun to follow. Also, watch the Starz Outlander promo on Youtube. If his hot accent doesn’t get you his blue eyes surely will! Jamie Fraser eyes to be sure! ;)

    • LA says:

      Yes, because with all of the medical stuff he learned on Grey’s, he could easily transform to a young twenties virgin.

    • darcygagne says:

      I looked up this Kevin McKidd and wonder how on earth you see him as a 23-year-old virgin.

    • chtease says:

      I’ve delved pretty deeply into Sam Heughan’s previous work as an actor. He’s very, very gifted. I can’t wait to see him bring Jamie Fraser to life.

    • Kevin McKidd, is too old to play a 22 year old virgin. Wouldn’t work. I like Kevin McKidd too, but he is all wrong for Jamie Fraser. Sam is the perfect Jamie! Give the show a chance, I think you’ll see when you watch it.

    • Jane Warren says:

      I had to look up Kevin McKidd, and all I can say is NO! If they had cast him as Jamie I would have been completely shocked and disappointed…so much so that even I would have walked away. No offense, but he’s too OLD and doesn’t fit the actual character description in the book at all. I am so glad we have Sam. He’s way more versatile and will be able to pull off Jamie’s many personas. I get the feeling a lot of people here need to reread Outlander.

  17. Are most of you the same people who can’t buy a house on HGTV because the bedrooms are pink and you only have boys? Seriously. Yes, the latest book, Jamie is over 50 and has long hair. The FIRST book, the one they are filming? 22. Cropped hair because he was hit in the head with an ax and the monks cut it. He is standing outside on an overcast day, in a de-saturated photograph. Do you want Ronald McDonald red? The muscles Jamie had came from pitching hay, not lifting weights. He wouldn’t be muscle bound. And in 1743, 6’3″ is a HUGE man. HUGE. Beyond all of this THE CREATOR of the character Jamie Fraser SAYS THIS IS HIM!!! If Diana Gabaldon is Happy then….

    • MichelleMac says:

      Well said @alislacyegreen! He’s not an overly muscle bound he-man, he has short hair in this part of the story, and as for the colour, I think the lighting in the shot is probably misleading people into thinking its not red enough. For anyone that’s interested, there’s a better idea of the red-gold colour they are going for in the Outlander production clip which can be found on many many fansites/youtube. I guess we won’t truly know until we see it on our TV’s next summer

      To those who are disappointed, I guess if these things (hair colour/muscle bulkage etc) distract to the point of impacting you’re enjoyment – I think you’re going to be disappointed from the get go. Maybe this show isn’t going to be for you?

      For me, nothing I’ve heard from Ron Moore (or Starz) has me doubting the quality of this production. I think the casting has been spot on and Outlander Starz team seem to really get the fans excitement and seem happy to share with them the journey to the start line.

    • Ali says:

      I want to see Adam Baldwin play Jamie. He can have short, cropped hair and tint it towards the gingery side. He’s 6’4″ and would be a tremendously hot 50 yr. old Jamie. I could also live with Kevin McKidd playing the role as well. But for a tall, gingery drink of water, Adam Baldwin would work nicely.

      • Kathy R says:

        Um, to bad…

      • LA says:

        I think what you need to do is just write the producers. I am sure they will happily substitute your guy in for the one who survived the rigorous screening process and earned the approval of the very woman who created the character.

      • BL says:

        I am an Adam Baldwin fan too and see why you would like him for this part but I am sure if you give Sam a try you will like him.

      • Dena Ellison says:

        Can’t breathe right now LMAO at the Adam Baldwin parody of all the complainers. That was a parody, right? I OMG adore Adam Baldwin, for an apocolyptic military film, where lots of stuff gets blown up and/or shot, or even would like to see him leading a romcom, cause he is that HOT. But I think he would react to all these comments this way:

        All y’all whining about the casting – it is already done, so get over it. If you don’t like it then DON’T WATCH IT. (Turns to Fillian) Never could tolerate whining.

      • thistle1745 says:

        But Adam Baldwin or Kevin McKidd aren’t playing Jamie – Sam Heughan is. Time to move on from the fantasy casting. This is moving forward, for real, with Sam Heughan and his “not red enough hair”. I am looking forward to it. It’s going to be AMAZING!

      • Viviana Mroc says:

        It seems that you’re playing for Laoghaire’s team. She never understood Jamie either. If Diana said Sam’s perfect, no opinion can override that.

      • Adam Baldwin is 51 yrs old. There isn’t a 51 yr old alive that could credibly play Jamie Fraser as a 22 yr old virgin in the book Outlander. Baldwin also looks nothing like how the author describes Jamie in the book. Sam Heughan has been cast (and it is a perfect casting) as Jamie. It’s a done deal. I hope you’ll watch the show and love Sam as Jamie as much as the rest of us do!

  18. LS says:

    Are you guys kidding me? Did you not see the video shown at Comic Con NY of Sam’s hair in sunlight? Plus in Outlander Jamie is 22/23 years old. He has had his head bashed in by his Uncle and had to have his head shaved to recover. His hair is still short from that. The older Jamie has longer hair because it finally grows back. Sam is the perfect person to play Jamie. He has worked really hard to get him just right. Ron Moore knows what he is doing and if Diana approves of the choices who are we to question? Get over it and enjoy the show when it comes on. If it is anything like Ron’s other works it will be fantastic!

    • LA says:

      You are so right… I am embarrassed for the fandom that these people just can’t get over it. I would frankly be fine if Jamie had black hair and brown eyes, if it meant that he could portray the CHARACTER of the character, rather than the APPEARANCE of the character. The good news is that the overwhelming majority of the fandom stands behind this production. Let the rest twitter about, expressing their unhappiness with life through their opinions about this effort.

    • Wolfdreamer says:

      Totally agree with you! It amazes me that some people are so small minded and lacking in imagination that they can’t get past the bloody hair colour!

    • clarehoover says:

      Totally agree with you! Sam is a talented actor and in DG words HE IS JAMIE!

  19. Kathy R says:

    Have you people read the books? You do know that at the beginning of Outlander Jamie’s hair is growing out from being shaved after he was clubbed in the head??! It is not a long flowing mane of bright red hair. He’s also 24, not 18. Strong, fierce, not cute boyish. Have you read any of the interviews with Diana or Ron? They love him-that should count for more than you forgetting important details in the book.

  20. TB says:

    This topic has been talked (and whined) about to death. Diana created Jamie and she said Sam IS Jamie. However anyone imagined any one person within the story is all well and good, but Diana knows better than ANY who these people are and what they look like. I am a huge fan of the books and everything I have read and seen about the show makes me very excited to see it come to life. Pouting about details won’t change them, it just takes away the excitement. Don’t be the kid crying at someone else’s party b/c you didn’t get any presents.

  21. Maquis15 says:

    OMG seriously people?!?!?!? Have you NOT read the books?? Others have covered it, but Jamie, in Outlander (which is what they are filming, not the later books – yet!) is TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD! He is not a Hulk, but rather a strong, very-tall-for-the-times, well built man – not bulging muscles. And again as others have said, the pic looks to be taken on an overcast day. Trust me, I have red hair – and I know how its look changes with the lighting. It can look bright or dull, and in this pic Sam’s/Jamie’s just looks more subdued. If it was a bright sunny day I believe it would be red enough for anyone – well, except those that are expecting a bright orange. Again, this is EXACTLY how Diana describes him!!! I for one CANNOT WAIT!

    • I can’t wait either, his hair is the right length he has just had a major head injury. This photo is an artist representation of a 1743 man working in the fields, he is not an office working auditioning for Disney movie, he is a hardened wanted man that has already suffered a lot, not a typical 22 year old as of nowaday. Sam Heughan is going to be awesome, he has that cheeky sense of humour and sex appeal, also he is a triathlete so much tougher than most blokes :P

  22. Deb says:

    I have waited 20 years for this series to happen on TV and from what I have seen, Starz is well on their way to creating a truly top notch production. For the folks who state “he is this or he isn’t that”, think of how various people in your life would describe YOU. We all see things differently and that is fine by me. I cannot wait to see what I believe are the best series of novels ever to be published hit the small screen. From my perspective, so far everything is proceeding ‘verra fine’. And with Ron at the helm, life is good.

  23. Judy says:

    I believe the casting AND the show will be spot on! Ron Moore has no intention of ruining and epic book series. It will be amazing. Mark my words.

  24. Trace C says:

    As someone has already mentioned – if Diana likes him (He is Jamie Fraser – her words exactly having seen his audition video) Then that’s a good testament. Personally I think Sam will be a perfect Jamie, and so far the rest of the casting seems pretty awesome too. I can’t wait to see this show and I think Sam and the rest of the cast and crew are working extremely hard to make this show as close to the book as possible.

  25. melissajcb says:

    1. Nitpicking naysayers need to get a life and prepare to enjoy the series as a whole.
    2. Diana Gabaldon adores Sam and thinks he is the perfect choice for Jamie. It’s kind of insulting for readers to second guess her judgement on this.
    3. I think Sam will do a great job and am looking forward to the series.
    4. As my friend Pam once said: Jesus Christ could come down from Heaven to play Himself and some people wouldn’t be satisfied.

  26. mary shepard says:

    Oh my goodness…All of this judgement on the color of hair, his muscles, his general appearance all based on one picture?? I think he is perfect but even if I didn’t I think I would base my opinion on more than one picture or even a few. Let’s see him in action. In my opinion they have done a great job with casting and I cannot wait for the series to start. if Diana Gabaldon says he is Jamie Fraser than I don’t think I am going to second guess her.

  27. DT says:

    I think that the casting has been spot on. Ron Moore put a great deal of effort-and research- into casting these roles and I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the Stars adaptation. Besides, Diana Gabaldon wholeheartedly approves and clearly she should know!

  28. Amy says:

    I love this picture, it shows the producers are going more for historical accuracy than Hollywood flair. I also love who they cast, especially his eyes.

  29. Kate Statz says:

    Sam looks absolutely PERFECT!!! LOVE all the casting and anxiously waiting for more pics.

  30. Old argument. Casting done, filming begun. Moot.

  31. Louise Archer says:

    I think he looks great.No actor is going to totally fill the brief of how every single reader sees Jamie.However as long as the show is as close as possible to the story, seeing the actors bringing the characters to life is the most important thing to me. I can’t wait!

  32. Jennifer MacDonald says:

    Wait and watch…this guy will make you believe. Put your biases aside my Outlander friends…it’s gonna happen…no point in voicing negatives about it…we all had a mental picture of “our” Jamie. If you don’t want to chance it, just don’t watch…I’d rather give Sam a chance than to denounce everything before even seeing what he can do….

  33. Sarah says:

    As for me, I don’t worry about hair length or specific shade of red. I am waiting to see HOW HE BRINGS JAMIE TO LIFE. That is what counts to me and I have a feeling he will do a wonderful job of it.

  34. Fab Camilla says:

    For people intelligent enough not to judge on one stiil here is Sam Heughan ‘s voice and accent
    [audio src="" /]
    Purrrrrrrrfect Jamie’s voice to me ! for a very handsome long, muscular slanted blue eyed man

  35. Moz says:

    Fantastic casting. He is just as Diana describes him in the book. What an amazing depiction. Good on ya, Heughan! BTW folks. All of us who love Outlander should do a first book reread, because Diana’s depiction of Jamie in the first book is with verra short hair.

  36. samantha speer says:

    Imagination is a gift and thankfully I received some. He is perfect, Good Job Starz and I can’t wait to watch this!

  37. @kadieyo says:

    Ladies and Gents, we are all free to enjoy whateer image we have of the characters ~ when we read the books. However once those characters go to film they can only represent one image ~ preferablyy the one by the creator ~ which we have. You seriously cannot expect them to mind read everyones version and create YOUR choice. You diddn’t write the books or the scripts. Stop thinking you have the right to whine about the details. You don’t. Walk away if its not for you but be mature enough to not bash Diana Gabaldon’s image ~ seeing as she’s the one who even introduced you to the characters. and it’s ok if you misread the length of hair. To those of us who have read the books dozens of times it is a big deal and we know the details inside and out. People who have only read the book once or twice won’t get all the fine points. In reality there are 3 types of fans ~ the die hards who can spout any scene in detail to you with only a moments notice ~ the fans … those who have read the books and liked them but didn’t absorb them and don’t get them~ and the new fans… those who will pick up a book because they are intrigued by the story they are hearing about or that will watch the show. We can all be fans and bashing each other will just give us a bad rap. Don’t try to control each other’s level of fandom. We are all different. It won’t work. Seriously though don’t try to control Diana and Ron’s work. They are the creator’s not you.

  38. Sam Heughan is perfect as Jamie in this pic! any Naysayers that don’t think so, must think they know better than the author, who is Jamie herself! It’s going to be a great series, millions of fans are waiting on the edge of their seat just waiting for it to hit the TV!

  39. karen says:

    I think Starz has done a phenomenal job with casting and cannot wait to see my favorite author’s characters come to the screen!

  40. Jenn says:

    If the author of the series approves of him, that is good enough for me. I know everyone has their own opinions on what Jamie is supposed to look like, after all, that’s what happens when you read, you use your imagination. However, Diana Gaboldon created Jamie and therefore she knows what he is supposed to look like. If you research how she first came up with Jamie’s character, you will find out that it was from watching an episode of Doctor Who. In the episode(s), The Doctor had a Scottish companion who wore a kilt. If you look at a picture of this Scottish companion, this current picture of Sam Heughan reminds me of the Doctor Who companion. So, even though Jamie might not be “your dream Jamie”, he is the Jamie that the author created in her mind. I think that Sam Heughan will do a fine job portraying Jamie, the Jamie that we have read about and that Diana has created. I am looking forward to watching the series:)

  41. MR says:

    The naysayers above are more concerned about their opinions than those of the Author, Director and Casting agents. Trust in them, it’s her baby, and that director won’t walk straight if he doesn’t get it right – his wife (and costume dept head) is a rabid fan.

    I trust in them. And I think the photo in question only shows one facet of the actor’s ability.

  42. karen says:

    Sam Heughan is a great choice and will do justice to the role!!!! Apparently some of you people did not pay attention to what you were reading. Jamie has never been described as being muscle bound. And many of you seem to have forgotten that in the first 2 books Jamie is in his Twenties!!!

  43. cheryl says:

    This is all I am going to say……..Do you think you can do better than DIANA GABALDON and RON MOORE?????????? Go ahead!!!!! I would LOVE to see the results (and yes, there was a bit o’ sarcasm here)

  44. Caitlin says:

    I am sorely disappointed at how people are treating each other in this comment feed. We all love Outlander; let’s be friends.

    In Sam Heughan’s defense, he may not be how you imagined Jamie (he certainly is not exactly as I conjured Jamie), but he embodies Jamie well because he has the same natural tendencies toward good humor & chivalry. Follow him on twitter; you’ll love the banter.

    I don’t think they could have found a better guy for the part!

    • LA says:

      I disagree. I think if you love Outlander, then you – at the very least – respect the author. And next, you respect the people trying to bring it to life.

      When you are nothing but negative, you provide negative press, which is counterproductive to any love for the work at all.

  45. Glendaleigh says:

    Judging Sam Heughan’s performance by one still, is like judging a book by its cover! Let’s give him a chance, hmm? All the elements are there, waiting to come together. This one photo is only a hint of all the future yum!

  46. Starz and Ron Moore have done a wonderful job with the casting of the Outlander series. Sam Heughan is a wonderful actor, and has shown himself to be friendly and gracious with fans, with whom he interacts on Twitter. Diana Gabaldon is more than happy with the actor who is going to bring Jamie Fraser to life, and if she’s happy, so should we all be. When the show is finally aired, and we see all our favourite characters living and breathing on screen, I’m sure all those who have followed and read the books avidly over the years will be delighted. What a pity that a vocal minority are nitpicking over silly details. I’m sure that the majority of us are thrilled that out of thousands of books that could have been chosen for adaptation, our favourite book series is being given the fantastic opportunity to be dramatized..

  47. Wolfdreamer says:

    Love all the petty little comments by small minded people who care more about the colour/length of his hair than the quality of the overall show and all the hard work that has gone into casting, writing, location etc etc. Those people should probably just sod off, because if you are that close minded you probably wouldn’t enjoy the show anyway. Some of us love these books so so much that we are simply excited to see it brought to the screen and blown away by the effort being put into the whole production, and thankfully, we are also above judging the whole show on the exact shade of red of his hair.

  48. Niki Holley says:

    Sam Heughan is amazing. Even if he were 5 foot tall and bald with a gimpy leg, DG herself signed off on him. And it’s HER brain child. Are any of us bestselling authors, or producers or casting directors, or does anyone have the money and expertise to produce your own outlander? Nope. Also, the moment I saw the relased image of Sam as Jamie, I teared up. Because it was beautiful, and it is bringing to life a story that means more to me than I can put into words. Sam IS JAMMF.

  49. Amanda says:

    What a gorgeous man. I’m really curious what scene this is from – I can’t wait to see this show!

    • Aroha says:

      Just going off a comment DG made on one of her posts, I think this may be a flashback scene from Lallybroch that involves the redcoats. Hence the serious look on his face. It would also explain the “faded” look the picture appears to have which is also making so many people complain about the shade of his hair lol

  50. Cath says:

    Through his interactions via social media with Diana Gabaldon and her open-minded fans, Sam Heughan has graciously shared his all out efforts to become Jamie. He’s a Scot, 6’3″, youthful, muscular, naturally fair and will be easily as red-heided as he needs to be. Does it REALLY matter if it’s a little shorter than you many have imagined? In my eyes, it’s more important that he’s a professional actor who’s accepted this role with gusto and has a true awareness of the enormity of said task. This is one photo, obviously shaded to appear a certain way, with nothing to show the scale of Jamie/Sam’s proportions. I think the photo shows the reality of the time and it makes me more excited to see Outlander come to life on tv.