It's Official: Fox's Dads Gets Full-Season Order

Ratings Dads Premiere on Fox

Fox has officially picked up its much-maligned rookie comedy Dads for a full season.

On Friday, the network ordered nine additional episodes of the sitcom, bringing its first season tally to 22.

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The Seth MacFarlane-produced series premiered to 5.6 million total viewers and a decent-enough 2.1 rating last month, but has shed roughly 40 percent of its audience since then (this week it notched  3.6 mil/1.4).

The news follow’s last week’s full-season pickup up Fox’s other freshman sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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  1. Eric says:

    Is there any way to prevent this? Sign a petition? Donate large sums of money? Anything?! I just want Raising Hope back, or even Enlisted to premiere, in a non-Friday time slot. Can Dads at least be moved to Fridays instead or something? :(

  2. Eurisko says:

    Good. More like uptight TVline be damned. Our Over PC world needs to slow it’s roll.

  3. hipper says:

    3.6/1.4 warrants a renewal!?! Is this this year’s ‘Whitney’?

    • Andy says:

      At this point in time, we have no idea if a 3.6/1.4 warrants a renewal for Dads. What we know is that with 3.6/1.4, Fox is thisclose to picking up Dads for a full season, not a second season.

  4. Jo says:

    Seth MacFarlane must have some photos of Kevin Reilly doing something very, very, bad.

    • Christina says:

      Seth McFarlane must have a video of some FOX executive eating a burrito made out of endangered panda that he’s using as blackmail because nothing else would explain why they are unleashing 22 episodes of Dads on the American public.

      • Jon says:

        Its good you snob, go back to your ivory tower.

        • cvg2005 says:

          First of all, it was a joke, so the name calling is baseless and unnecessary. But second of all, and most importantly, there is a general consensus among everyone with eyeballs that this show is at best pathetic. Things that are “good” don’t often generate the kind of backlash that Dads has seen since the minute it hit the air. Even the article announcing its back 9 lead with the fact that this “much-maligned” comedy dropped 40% of its viewers since the premiere. I’m sorry if cold hard facts offend you. But what does Michael Ausiello know anyway, he’s only been doing this for two decades.

    • scooby says:

      As long as he forwards the naked pics of Kevin Reilly to Mindy Kaling so I get a S3 of The Mindy Project, we’re cool.

  5. Patrick says:

    It isn’t horrible. It has potential. Plus, any moron saw this coming. All the outlets predicting the failure and early cancelation of this show were foolish. Fox didn’t produce Ted, which is now a franchise that will mint money. Fox also canceled the Cleveland show, and let American Dad go to TBS. They are worried that they will be out the Seth McFarlane business. So they will keep this around for at least a year, to give him a chance to get this right.

    The cast is there. There are moments of quality.

    • Cynthia says:

      Fox wants to stay in business with McFarlane, which is fair, but it bothers me that this politics will affect other shows like Brooklyn 99 and Enlisted which are not getting a fair shot (especially the latter). At the end of the season fox will likely renew only one comedy (other than New girl and Surviving Jack), and it won’t be Mindy nor Dads.

  6. knd says:

    Haven’t watched it nor do I care to. I just want Raising Hope back where it belongs.

  7. brent says:

    Makes sense. Getting same (better?) ratings than The Mindy Project at a much worse spot.

  8. Mel says:

    I barely no what to think let alone say about this disturbing decision. Obviously someone is sleeping with the right person.

    • Mel says:

      Sorry I meant “know.” My only explanation would be that in my brain I was screaming NO!

      • Jon says:

        why do you care if you don’t like a show just ignore it.

        • Mel says:

          Reasons why I care: 1) Brooklyn 99 needs a better lead in to increase it’s ratings. 2) They need to put a show on in that time slot that people will watch as a lot of us have also given up on Agents of SHIELD in the 8 pm hour. 3) I tried Dads, didn’t like it, and was expressing my informed opinion based on actually watching the show. Good enough answers Jon?

  9. Will says:

    cancel Dads! Enlisted (based only on the trailer) would pair much better with Brooklyn Nine Nine, amirite?!

  10. Sam says:

    More like critics/viewers/good taste be damned. It’s not offensive because it’s racist or homophobic, it’s offensive because it’s not funny.

    • Auntie Ralph says:

      Plus it’s racist, homophobic, sexist and whatnot jokes are just lazy to the point where the fact that someone said something not PC is the only reason to possibly laugh.

      • Eurisko says:

        thank god the world is not filled with people like you two.

        • Francine says:

          From your other posts here I can see why you have a problem with the replied post- but what exactly was wrong with the original posters comment? Their issue has nothing to do with it being offensive, just that they don’t think the show is funny period. I agree with him. I watch and have watched quite a few of MacFarlane’s projects and find them to be very funny. I think he missed with this one.

  11. Tran 2.0 says:

    I’ll be very upset if Dads gets a full season pick up by Fox. If it gets canceled, I’m going to be one very happy guy.

  12. In other words the Fox exec’s feel like they can’t afford to make Seth McFarlane angry.

  13. Kristina says:

    Don’t know what people’s deal is with this show, I find it really funny. People are so obsessed with everything being PC that they don’t understand what comedy is anymore. Stand-up comics do it all the time, why not a TV show? Wish people would get off their high horses and lighten up.

    • Betsy says:

      pro tip: just because something is done often doesn’t make it right. but whatever, what do I know, I’m just ~too PC~

    • Cynthia says:

      I think that only a minority of people hate it/find it offensive, but they are very vocal. The rest, like me, just don’t care for it, which is the case for some of McFarland projects, while liking others.

    • sresaw says:

      I really like the show too. The humor can be just “bad” occasionally, but a fart joke is just what you need sometimes. My husband and i look forward to tuesday nights and watch all four shows. And we laugh a lot!!! I wish I knew who the people are that decide what shows get the ax. I’m tired of seeing my favorites disappear.

  14. Alichat says:

    I love Seth Green but……yeesh.

  15. Tracey says:

    Seriously excited! At first I didn’t like the show but after a few episodes saw how hilarious this show is. Been some great scenes that I couldn’t stop laughing. Plus that “Edna” is the under rated character that could have her own spin off.

  16. Jacque says:

    Seth McFarlane must be sinking some of his own money into keeping “Dads” on the air. That show is all kinds of bad and it’s a shame hecause the actors are all so good. I hate it when shows like this are saved while good quality shows aren’t even given a chance.And don’t get me wrong, I love “American Dad,The Cleveland Show and Family Guy.” Maybe if “DADS” was animated,it could pass for funny. Maybe.

  17. Auntie Ralph says:

    I love how two of the worst sitcoms of the year both get full season pick-ups, and it’s probably because of who is producing them. At least on the drama front Lucky 7 rightfully died fast and hard.

  18. Sean C. says:

    Evil triumphs.

  19. David4 says:

    Yet Raising Hope gets the Friday Night death slot?!?!

  20. Bev Grasso says:

    I watched the first one and was not overly impressed, but the subsequent ones have me laughing out loud. I find Brooklyn 999 very boring and not funny, Just MHO.

  21. mongoose22 says:

    Eww. Fox should at least move Brooklyn 99 to a different time slot. Dads is a terrible lead-in for it, being both unfunny and totally different tonally. Or they should move Dads to the same block as Family Guy to at least match the tone.

  22. Steve F. says:

    Much as I like Family Guy , I really don’t understand who’s watching a show this unfunny. Maybe Fox wants to keep MacFarlane around… that said, even though Fox gave Dads a full order, can they at least switch times with Raising Hope?

  23. Jon says:

    Why do people care so much and get so angry if you don’t like it ignore it.

  24. cececece says:

    this show is horrible how did this happen