Vampire Diaries Recaplet: Hungry, Hungry Stefan

Vampire Diaries Season 4 RecapIt was Remembrance Day on this Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, yet Stefan couldn’t recall anything important — like that he’s a vampire with a blood addiction, or that his ex-girlfriend is now with his brother.

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That last bit of information would have come in really handy right off the bat since Elena insists on walking Stefan through their most memorable moments – “Really? We met in a cemetery?” he says – in hopes of jogging his memory. In the process, there is much flirting. Case in point: “How do I not remember you?” he asks. “You’re smart. You’re pretty. You’re funny.”

Such a charmer, that amnesic Stefan. As they reminisce about the first time Elena saw him for who he really was, with her hands on his face, Stefan leans in for a kiss – and she meets him halfway! But….

“I’m with Damon,” she finally announces, just inches from his lips.

Without Elena’s affections to distract him, Stefan’s hunger returns, and he disappears from her view. (When will people learn to stop turning their backs on vamps possessing super-speed?) He crosses path with Caroline, who’s hanging out with – and kissing! – Jesse, since her relationship with Tyler is on death’s doorstep. She compels Jesse to run and hide, but Stefan finds the college student and bites into him.

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Feeling betrayed by Damon and Elena, Stefan burns his journals. Caroline will check in on him every hour to make sure he hasn’t gone all Ripper Stefan. “I actually do trust her,” he tells his brother and ex. Burn!

As for Jesse, the mysterious Dr. Wes informs him that he has vampire blood in his system and then injects him with a deadly shot to complete the process of turning him into a creature of the night.

Meanwhile, Jeremy finally reveals to Damon and Matt that Bonnie is dead, garnering him a touching hug from the Salvatore. It’s up to Damon to break the news to Elena, who throws a makeshift funeral with their friends. Caroline confesses to Stefan her sadness and anger at not having Bonnie and Tyler. It seems even without his memories, their lovely friendship remains. “You have me,” he says, offering up his support. But as it turns out, Caroline still has her boyfriend, too, as Tyler makes a last-minute appearance at the funeral!

Finally, Matt sets up cameras to capture himself on video while he’s blacked out. When watching the playback, he gets a message from the passenger inside his body: Protect the blade at all costs.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by Tyler’s return? Or are you rooting for Caroline/Jesse? And how did the show’s latest funeral measure up on the tear scale?

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  1. Babybop says:

    Definitely surprised by Tyler showing up. Not surprised that Jesse is going to be a vampire. I actually liked amnesia Stefan better than old Stefan…

    In other news, Zach Roerig is doing an awesome job as both characters. But is there ever an episode that does not feature someone slicing their hand open and acting like it didn’t even hurt?

    Also, anyone else laugh really hard when Jesse called Caroline, “I’m a crypt, and I really don’t know why”?

    • Ari says:

      Amnesia Stefan is seeing the whole love triangle thing with fresh eyes and none of the emotional attachment and he sees what we see. When he walked out on Elena and Damon I did cheer ever so slightly for him. Way to take a stand Amnesia Stefan, way to take a stand.

      • Charmaine says:

        exactly I cheered like a school girl Im so sick of this Elena mess……….time for new love intrestes…….she’s a Vampire now…….move on

  2. Allison P says:

    Really solid episode. It moved the plot along without bogging it down with complicated mythology. *cough* Last week’s episode. *cough*

  3. mia says:

    Anyone else really prefer Jesse to Tyler? Um and this is definitely a nice change for Stefan. I always love a lighter feeling Stefan and Damon playing the role of big brother.

    • Radha says:

      No, I prefer Tyler over Jesse and Klaus.

      • astrid says:

        Team Forwood!!!

      • Joanne says:

        Me too :) I hope Tyler sticks around for good this time, because it’s pretty clear that he and Caroline belong together.

        • mokake levi says:

          I think caroline and tyler are great together but the presence and fear of niklous makes it imporsible for them to be. I also kinda wonder wat hapens to niklous and his feelings for caroline! I thought with tyler gone he would confess his feelings to caroline and convince her to be with him and as such i don’t know why this new guy jesse have to come into the scene.

    • Ari says:

      I definitely prefer basically anyone over Tyler. I loved Tyler in the second season when he was going through the whole werewolf transition thing. He’s just turned into such a jerk ever since then though.

      • Joanne says:

        Please explain how you think he’s turned into a jerk. Because I can pretty much guarantee that every crappy thing that has happened to Tyler since Season 3 was caused by Klaus. He skips town because Klaus demands it, because he’s sired to Klaus. That’s not Tyler’s fault. And if Klaus dies, then Tyler dies. So there’s no win-win situation unfortunately.

    • Michelle says:

      Stefan over everyone else for Caroline, tbh.

    • Alex says:

      Tyler STINKS! Worst character on the show played by the worst actor. Major PEE-YEW. Jesse seems all right so far but I need to see more before deciding.

  4. S says:

    I loved the Damon and Jeremy scenes and Tyler returning… I could do without all this SE stuff. If these writers want SE so bad just put the losers back together already cause I’m sick of seeing this epic garbage forced on my screen.

  5. shuayb says:

    So is Bonnie dead dead now? That sucks! I like Kat Graham!

  6. rod says:

    Is it just me or the show is paving the way for a future Caroline/Stefan romance?

  7. Danielle says:

    I’m actually really tired of whole Caroline-Tyler thing. He’s done nothing but treat her like crap and taken off on her, it’s just worth it to be invested in their relationship anymore.

    • Radha says:

      Um.. blame the stupid writers for that garbage. I don’t know why they underuse Tyler’s character. Every season Julie Plec sends him off for who knows what reason. Oh, I know. He’s not Stefan, Damon or Elena. She doesn’t care about the other characters if they are not the trio.

    • Joanne says:

      Have you even paid attention to the show??? Tyler was FORCED to leave by Klaus. Probably because Klaus is a jealous evil ass who can’t stand to see Tyler happy with Caroline. Tyler never wanted to leave, but the whole werewolf/hybrid issue has caused a lot of problems in his life.

      His own mother was killed by Klaus. Seriously, give Tyler a break. It’s not Trevino’s fault, either. He does a great job with the limited amount of episodes he’s had since S4.

      • Krit says:

        this is true but then Tyler came back cause Klaus allowed him to in last seasons season finale to come back cause he told caroline that he wanted to be the last one she loves and did it as a graduation gift to caroline BUT THEN tyler stayed away cause another pack needed his help and thats why they have been apart

        • hallie says:

          Here is the thing the whole klaus/caroline thing was originally done to pump up forwood because it was boring and julie didn’t like the fact it was no where near as popular as delana or stellana so the writters decided to use a triangle that has worked with the others to rise their popularity with forwood being the fan favorite but the problem is that it backfire the fans ralley to klaroline instead of forwood even with both candice and julie pushing for it and down playing klaus and stating that he is a kill and on and on. The writters decided that it was better to send tyler off screen so they could build this triangle now klaus is off the show but i also notice a huge different now that klaus is on the originals it seems candice and julie have gone team klaroline and caroline who was always team forwood has said in interviews that high school love doesn’t always last and that she loves scenes with caroline and klaus whichis the exact opposite what she was saying a year ago. Julie has been stating that klaroline is far from over with crossovers and the fact jm has stated no love interest for him on the originals makes me think that forwood is about to end wether tyler sticks around or not.

      • Melanie says:

        Well, it’s actually not as much about Tyler having to leave than because the writer don’t know what to do with in the main plots. Thus, making it annoying to bring him back for a couple episode. So I vote for writing him out of Caroline’s life.

        And I thought the episode was so going back to Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle, ’til Stefan learn she’s with Damon (which would have been the first thing you tell the amnesic Stefan. You let him know Elena is with Damon and skip the part where she was his girlfriend) Anyway once he just decided to back out the triangle I was so happy and never loved Stefan so much.

        • Robert Wood says:

          Weather or not a relationship with Tyler and Caroline lasts I would like to see Tyler back as a regular and if they can’t figure out what to do with Tyler then give him a decent send off and let the actor find new work on another show rather then keeping him Tied down to a contract. It would be nice if they decide not to keep Tyler that they will NOT kill his character off but end his time on the show with a good storyline that explains him leaving for good, at least this way those of us who like Tyler allows him to come back as a guest in special episodes or when the show is in its final season for a big show down. Also we have not seen the end of Matt and Rebekah as she is do back on the show, she’s only scheduled for 8 episodes of the Originals ou of 16 episodes for their first season. Julie Plec stated that there is more we will see with Matt and Rebekah.

    • Alex says:

      He’s disgusting. The way Caroline puts up with his crap is horrible.

  8. Hmmmm says:

    I still think that a Bonnie and Damon romance would have been fun to explore. They had great tension. Seems like a waste that the show never went there.

    • Guest says:

      There’s always Sleepy Hollow and all that imaginable delinquency Abbie and Ichabod could get away with.

      • Alice says:

        So true!!! Everytime I see Sleepy Hollow, with Abby kicking but and in charge and trading jabs with Ichabod- its like seeing Bonnie Bennet all grown up and no longer a plot device. I really missed it this week, so it was nice that Bonnie got some attention of TVD to tide me over.

      • Riddle says:

        Abbie and Ichabod are what Bonnie and Damon should’ve been if ever given the chance. and they have the ratings to prove just how great that was.

    • B says:

      I was pretty surprised by Damon’s reaction to the news of Bonnie’s passing. For someone who at every possible turn said he didn’t care about her, he seemed genuinely upset upon learning of her death.

      • D says:

        Then again, Bonnie was always a Damon thing: their attachment was never determined by Stefan, Damon would like her or not regardless how his brother felt about her, whenever the two of them would argue it was like no one else but Bonnie and Damon existed in the world.

        Even now they can’t see or touch one another, they keep saying the same words to Jeremy, react in the same way, feel the same way. If that’s not the definition of a wasted opportunity, I don’t know what is

    • Cam says:

      I know the show is not the books, but Bonnie loved Damon in the books and it boggles my mind why Plec decided to have her hate him on the show. It would have been really nice for at least ONE of Elena’s friends to like Damon. Instead it seems that all the character love Stefan and hate on Damon. It makes him so isolated, but at least now Damon and Jeremy are developing a friendship. Thank god!

  9. Celia Rose says:

    I like the idea of Jesse as a vampire . Tyler was never given a chance at being with Caroline . I blame the writers . Bonnie and Damon would be a really great romance to explore if the writers didn’t have their favorites which Bonnie doesn’t seem to be one of . I love seeing Stefan rid himself of that Cancer Elena . All she does is suck the life out of him and Damon . Damon is boring with her . Matt is always alone , but then agian if your not a vampire you don’t get a storyline or real love interest .

    • Mayborhyme says:

      Datz rily,tru.seems lyk its eida u r a vampire or a vampire,derz no more to dat.werewolf turn to zero,witches die.itz just abt elena pls can i get a break.And i op at d end of dis series elena ends up wv stefan and nt cut d story short,remove d waste if u dnt nid ’em and go staight to d point.stelena c’est fini

  10. William says:

    It’s time for the writers to drop Tyler once and for all. There’s literally no hope with his character anymore. He’s been reduced to an ornament for Caroline, in addition to lacking a role among the core storylines. The writers aren’t even trying to give him a purpose on the show, so I think it’s best for Tyler to stay gone. Besides, it isn’t fair to keep Michael Trevino lollygagging.

    • Joanne says:

      He hasn’t lacked a storyline outside of his relationship with Caroline. His whole character conflict has been to do with his transitioning into a werewolf, and then a hybrid. That’s the reason why he has left town so many times. But he always comes back, and he loves Caroline. I don’t understand why people would want him to leave the show. He makes Caroline happy. He’s friends with the core group (not including Damon, who’s disliked him for really stupid and selfish reasons.) And Michael Trevino has great chemistry with Candice Accola.

    • Blu says:

      I’m wondering if Tyler is the wolf on The Originals that’s protecting Klaus baby momma? Honestly, I think they’re writing Tylers character into that show and that’s cool.

  11. M3rc Nate says:

    I really really liked this episode. Why? Probably has to do with one main thing….Stefan. Stefan now sees Elena/Damon how I (and i think a bunch of us viewers) see them, in regards to the whole love triangle. Granted i THINK he was on his way out of town when Silas trapped him, so he was (supposedly) done with Elena and Damon. But i really liked seeing him say “WTF, its messed up your with my brother and my brother took you from me, im out”.

    I like Stefan and Caroline together, they have a history of trust and friendship but chemistry going both ways. IMO its time to pull the trigger and drop Tyler 100%. I never really liked him or found his character interesting, but now hes gone 50% of the time anyways. You’d think the actor was off shooting a movie or something but im guessing no, the writers just dont have anything for him. My only gripe with Caroline is shes banged Damon too…so even if Stefan gets with her…yay your STILL sleeping with a chick your brother has as well.

    Im not sure yet what to think about the college end of the stuff. It could be cool or it could be blah and not be that interesting. Dont know enough yet.

    Its sad cause i finally really like Bonnie and Jeremy, and am rooting for her to somehow come back cause of all the characters, the purest and more real/deep relationship IMO is Bonnie and Jer. It seems to be a relationship of friendship and trust and chemistry and intelligence…not like Elena’s relationships which are either hyper romantic or hyper lustful.

    As for that last human on the show lol, the blonde dude. I’ve always found him to be bland and annoying. I cant say his story line is interesting because hes just being used. All this makes me wonder what in the world are they gonna think of next season considering this season is Silas and his former fiancee who are 2000 years old and like…the most powerful beings or something. No clue how Silas stacks up against the Originals.

    • Ari says:

      I 100% agree about Tyler. Drop him or being him back full time. It is just not believable that he needs to be gone all the time.

    • Joanne says:

      The only reason that Tyler kept leaving was because of the whole hybrid issue. He had trouble with adjusting to being a werewolf. Then Klaus arrived, and he made Tyler’s life hell.

      At least Tyler has always put Caroline first. He even allowed Klaus to save her life, when he’s the one who forced Tyler to bite her. Klaus was the main problem. He ruined Tyler’s story-arc when he turned him into a hybrid.

      As for Michael Trevino, I disagree with you. He’s done some of the best acting on TVD (the scenes where he transforms look physically painful) and he has great chemistry with Candice Accola. So, I hope the writers let Tyler stick around full-time once and for all.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        He kept leaving because the writers wanted him to leave. If writers want something, especially in a fantasy show where they are making up the rules like TVD, they can write whatever they want. And he has been gone for SO many episodes in this season and last…The reason you argue he was gone was the reason the CHARACTER was gone because the writers wrote it that way. If he was a beloved awesome character they would have shot scenes of him with his pack or had him come back way sooner.

        BTW i totally called it that the cure was not gone, that its in the person who took it (their blood). I foresee Catherine possibly dying this season considering Elena is a vamp now and she is so on the fringe of this show (cause as a human shes kinda useless).

        Personally i think the biggest game changer option of who ends up getting the cure would be Damon. Considering without being a vampire…what is he like? Also when human after so long…what is he like? Would he still want Elena (and her vampire self?). Then again i dont think he would take it willingly and he’d want to just become a vampire again. I think Stefan should take it, become human, and then they introduce a new female human character who Stefan falls for and we can end this dumb love triangle.

        • Joanne says:

          I don’t know what the other writers think (the show has been pretty bad for quite some time now), but Kevin Williamson, the co-creator of TVD, has said that loves Michael Trevino as an actor and he was excited to put Tyler and Caroline together in Season 2. He loved the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ style of romance they have together. So, it’s a shame that Williamson isn’t involved with the show anymore. He wrote some great stuff for Tyler

    • Rook says:

      So Caroline banged Damon, she was half compelled and half only food for him. I don’t think we can count it as the same thing. It wont be as significant as Damon and Elena

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I get what your saying…but his brother has been all up in that with his private business whether it was compelled or not. And not only is that still “ew”…but for a guy as traumatized by it as Stefan? How his first love was double dipping him and his bro and then her doppelganger who he fell in love with did the same to him again…lol id think he’d have a condition by now of not wanting a woman who has even kissed Damon. Do i think the show will mention it at all? Probably not…which i dont think is true to what has happened to the character. Then again iv said this before, i think TVD has the most main characters that have been with each other than any other show on TV. If you put up pictures of their faces and put string from character to character of the ones that have slept with each other…theres a LOT of mixing going on with these 8 or so characters.

  12. Misilin says:

    Some of you DE fanatics will ship anyone with your horrible Damon. Everything he does is out of selfishness, even his love for Elena is selfish. As if he really cares about Bonnie, well as long as he makes Elena happy. Stupid boy.

  13. Annabelle says:

    Yay for Tyler returning, I literally squealed with glee.

  14. Brenna says:

    I’m still hoping for Klaroline so I wasn’t pleased with Jesse or Tyler. But her scenes with Stefan were very good.

    • Annie says:

      I agree totally with you! I love her scenes with Stefan but I would really like TVD to depict a healthy platonic relationship between the two. Seriously people, those types of relationships do exist! And you have a golden opportunity to display that with these two amazing characters who are being really well played by these actors.

      It saddens me that Caroline only gets an average of 8-10 minutes on screen, if she’s even in the episode. I love the character and she continues to grow and get stronger as she settles into being a vampire (as well as her friendship with Stefan). I understand why Candice A. did not jump to The Originals right off the bat, but I really hope they consider moving her over to the other show so she can get more screen time. Caroline is a fantastic character that really needs more screen time and a juicy storyline… not just the back up/lackey for Elena and Damon. (And I really wouldn’t mind if it reunited her with Klaus…)

      • Dani says:

        OMG this! A thousand times this. I love the platonic relationship they have; just because two heterosexual people care about each other does not mean they have to sex each other up. And I’m dying for her to come to The Originals. However, knowing Julie Plec, Stefan and Caroline will be all over each other by November sweeps.

  15. tmz says:

    Great epi with Kat G, too bad she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves!! That JP chic fraked up TVD and now she frakin up TTP.

  16. bamboodo says:

    Steroline, plz…so much chemistry btw ’em!!!

  17. Joanne says:

    LOVE YOU TYLER! Thank god you’re back.

    Now hopefully the writers have enough sense to ignore the annoying Klaroline shippers, and they allow him to be happy with Caroline. Tyler has had too many breaks from the show, it’s so unfair.

    Stefan has proven yet again, even with amnesia, that he’s the better man for Elena. He had enough dignity to walk away from the two of them without getting pissed off or upset. Serves her right. I bet she gets jealous of Stefan and Caroline’s friendship. I honestly think turning into a vampire has ruined Elena’s personality. She’s never been likeable since her transformation.

    Random point, but I miss Katherine and Elijah together. Nina and Daniel have incredible chemistry. I want a crossover to happen, just for them <333

  18. cas says:

    It was a good episode. I like new Stefan. I like Caroline with him too and was starting to ship them. But I also liked Caroline with Jesse. Then Tyler returned and I was happy then too. So apparently I don’t even know who I like Caroline with and can’t decide. As for Bonnie, geez I wish everyone would get over it already. She’s still on the show. I am sure they will try to find a way to bring her back and probably succeed. I find it laughable when they say she is a good actress though or the best part of TVD. I do like Jeremy and her though. A romance with Damon and her would have been unbelievable.

  19. Audrey says:

    Why was Stefan so pissed off that Elena is with Damon if he doesn’t remember anything?
    Shouldn’t he be like, “Oh, your my brothers girlfriend and we used to date? That sounds like it might be awkward at Thanksgiving?”
    Why does he treat her as a possession? Damon didn’t “take” her from him. She cant be taken. She is a living person.
    And Elena almost kissing him felt like fanservice to me. The head writer telling “stelenas” they would be happy proved that to me
    Also, the Bonnie funeral felt forced, like the writers were trying way too hard to get people to cry or feel bad especially considering how all the writers, producers made sure to tell everyone how “sad” it was going to be. Don’t try so hard and maybe I would feel sad.
    All in all I was more interested in creepy hot professor and Matt with his passenger than I was in poor poor Stefan or poor poor Bonnie (who we all know will come back anyways.)
    Ha..I guess I just didn’t like this episode at all.

    • murley says:

      It’s the bro code. It is generally bad form to start dating your brother’s ex-girlfriend. Especially immediately after they break up.

      • Audrey says:

        which would be fine but he doesn’t remember his brother anyways so to have any feelings one way or the other felt off to me. This should have felt like someone telling him a story. Even if he laughed and said something like “Dick move on your guys part” it would have played more true.

        • Kristen says:

          It’s not always about the people involved, but rather the action at hand. It’s the same way people read the news every day and could be saddened by a story about a complete stranger. In the same right, they could read another article and be infuriated in a matter of seconds. It’s one’s own personal ties to certain situations in life. Being a human being, having a heart, and feeling emotion doesn’t require you to already have an established bond or relationship with those involved. Granted Stefan doesn’t qualify in the “human being” category. Lol Not making any implications with this, but it is a more mature way of looking at a situation; however, could you imagine a world with no compassion for their fellow man? Stefan spent all this time with Elena, being reminded of how big of an impact they mutually had on each other, and then when one symblance of memories lost surface, she informs him that she’s with his brother. Elena taking him down memory lane was pointless. It’s as if someone described your own personal heaven to you, gave you all the supplies you needed for your trek, bid you farewell, and then said, “Oh, but there’s a padlocked gate, so you’ll never get in.” Whether he remembered anything or not, he spent the day having this amazing story of their love played out for him (in a manner of speaking), all to be told that it no longer exists. If you didn’t know the players involved, and someone told you the basic premise of the Stefan/Elena/Damon love triangle, hands down you would think the “bad guy” to either be Elena, Damon, or the two mutually responsible. Having watched the show, and developed your fan favorites, everyone is quick to pick a side, but there’s no denying that most people wouldn’t look kindly on a brother developing romantic feelings, emotionally pursuing them, and then actually fighting to have a relationship with the girl his little brother had such a mutually strong connection with.
          I for one am ecstatic that Stefan burned his journals and left them to each other. I feel like Damon has gotten too soft – he’s lacking the edge he used to have. I did enjoy when he made a point to Stefan that he was the “fun brother”, b/c we haven’t seen a “fun” Damon in awhile. Elena seemed so happy and light taking Stefan down memory lane, making it beyond obvious that the writers aren’t done with the Stefan/Elena pairing, and was it just me, or did anyone else sense the jealousy in Elena’s voice when she was talking to Caroline and said, “You did all that for Stefan?” She seemed like she was being a bit territorial. Lol
          I for one would love to see Caroline and Stefan explore their chemistry together. I really hope that’s where they are headed, b/c after all, Stefan can actually trust her.

        • Cam says:

          The show is Julie Plec’s Stelena fanfiction I swear. In the books, when Stefan finds out about Elena’s feelings for Damon he says “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry if…if I kept you from being with him as much as you wanted to. I’m sorry if I came between you. I didn’t understand—how much you loved each other. I do now.” But in Plec’s tv version Stefan acts like a jilted lover even though he doesn’t remember being with her. It would make sense for Stefan to be pissed if he remembered the heartbreak. But for him to be so upset that he leaves, I mean, come on. Though I do think that he should be pissed at her for leading him on. Elena was way out of line in the episode. If Plec wants them together so bad just put them together and stop tormenting the viewers with this back and forth forced epicness. Ugh.

    • Faster says:

      I agree, the entire episode seemed really forced with the Stefan/Elena stuff. Why would he care so much about their relationship if he didn’t remember? Just because he spent half a day with Elena and she hasn’t mentioned being with Damon yet? Really weird to me. Just when I thought this season was looking decent, they pull this strange turn. I am liking the nw Stefan much better than the old Stefan though, even with this plot flaw…

  20. wrstlgirl says:

    I felt like this episode was a cheap attempt at appeasing both Stefan and Damon fans with the stupid over exposed love triangle. I’ve always liked Stefan better than Damon and he’s far more interesting w/o Elena. Now she’s dragging Damon down her rabbit hole. I’m way more interested in the other stories that are going on.

    • Blu says:

      I’ve noticed that as well; whoever gets with Elena gets thrown into a dreadfully boring storyline. Now, I may be the only one but I really wanted Caroline and Klaus togive it a go. Shebrings something out in his character that no one can. I’ll be waiting for a Caroline cameo on The Originals.

      • Cam says:

        Elena is a horrible person; nothing really makes her likeable anymore, she’s not funny, or witty, she’s nothing but trouble, she’s just a wet blanket. Just seeing her standing in front of the two brothers at the bar was like looking a a horrible third wheel and it was so obvious (to me at least) that the Salvatores would be better off without her.

        She was leading Stefan along all day until they almost kissed…what the hell kind of a character is that?!

        Damon is being dragged down by her and its sad. They are together now, how about giving them romantic scenes where they are actually happy together and the audience can actually see them having a healthy relationship?

        Not in Plec’s universe, she can’t write two characters in an actual relationship. There is ALWAYS another person coming in between each couple or death ends it. Tyler came in between Caroline and Matt, Klaus came in between Tyler and Caroline. Anna came in between Jeremy and Bonnie. Damon comes between Elena and Stefan so of course when Elena is with Damon its Stefan that comes in between them.
        There is nothing more frustrating then watching this show knowing that inevitably someone or death is going to force characters apart. Maybe Plec never had a healthy relationship, but it would be nice if at least ONE couple on the show would.

  21. Alice says:

    I started watching the show around mid season-4, so I didn’t watch Elena fall in love with Stefan, hence I never really fell in love with Stefan. He always seemed…nice, but kind of boring. But this new Stefan: not weighed down by years of self-hatred? He’s really, really fun to watch. And clearly the actor is having a good time with this Stef-nesia.

  22. DJ says:

    Caroline is Stefan’s “new” Lexi, leave it at that!

  23. Mayborhyme says:

    Dats tru caroline is d new ‘lexi’,tins lyk steline cant happen as far as elena is stil on d i prefer d frndship rada dan stefan and caroline gettin to intimate,bcos caroline wil obviously get hurt,which will disturb their frndship.

    and way to go girl(caroline),i tink shez stil d most matured vampire even more dan d original despite d fact dat she is new.

    Pls dnt cry ova bonnie bcos she is definately comin back,its soo obvious

  24. Fallyn says:

    I really hope the show stays away from the plot in the current book. With the whole Dr. Wes wanting Jesse to turn into a vampire I felt maybe they’re leaning towards the creation of genetic vampires which sounds dumb but it’s in the books and maybe that’s why Dr. Wes is around (to study vampire, and create his own type). But this is one show I prefer 100x more then the novels. So as long as they stay away from any stories in the new books I’m happy.

    • Lexigirl says:

      I totally agree with you about the plot of the books thing I don’t think it should be explored. It seems that they are heading to that direction since I saw that girl with Elena’s dad I got déjà vu pretty much. Also with the Bonnie Damon romance I would have liked that too as much as I love Damon and Elena I would probably like Bonnie and Damon more. I think he cares a lot about Bonnie and the oly two girls he cared and loved in the book were Elena and Bonnie she was his little redhead or I think red bird although the difference is that in the books the boys had accents Italian accents. Also there was a lot of stuff that was different that is not in the show which is the fact that Caroline and Elena were enemies and it’s a lot different. I hope they go a different way with the story and not the same as the books to be honest I didn’t like the whole changing people into vampires just to resurrect klaus that was stupid I think. But whatever happens will be great I think I love this show and hope it brings it this season :)

  25. Pep says:

    I have so many issues with last nights episode! I feel like folks reactions to there best friends death were crap, no one asked can we find another which to reverse the spell? It was kind of like oh well…

    Damon’s reaction was interesting at most.
    When Stefan gets his memory back (and Bonnie is still a ghost) he sure as hell better react to her death.

    Please don’t put Caroline and Stefan together! Please let them stay platonic if she gets with stefan she would have slept with every make sans Jeremy…not to mention that would be the second person to have slept with both Salvatore men…gross.

    Also I’m super upset with all these viewers hating on Tyler. He’s done everything to keep the people he loves safe hell even those he doesn’t know. It’s like the uncalled for Bonnie hate. Y’all just need to grow up and learn what acting like a selfless adult is like.

    These writers better bring Bonnie back to life and Tyler permanently!

    Kudos for giving Matt a serious storyline.

  26. kim says:

    Stefan & Caroline are the best thing together but whoever said Damon & Bonnie you must be on some crack …it would be the worst mistake on tv history!

    • Audrey says:

      I know..Damon and Bonnie really? I don’t see any chem with them at all, I don’t even see a legit way they could be together.

  27. Faster says:

    This episode was terrible. The only scene that intrigued me was Matt’s possession storyline.

  28. Deion says:

    Poor Michael Trevino, how must it feel to be called main cast of a show you’re never on?

  29. Jj says:

    This episode did NOT suck! It was refreshing to see Stefan without his usual baggage. And it makes a lot of sense that he reacted the way he did simply because even without memories, he still feels a pull to Elena. She also still has feelings for him. Notice she never said ‘I don’t have feelings for you’. She said ‘I’m with Damon’. But she still has feelings for Stefan. She still feels that pull. While I like Delena, I really believe that Stelena is endgame and always has been.

    • Blu says:

      I am thoroughly ready to see one of the brothers in love with someone other than Elena. She needs to be on the receiving end of some of that rejection. Also, I do not for one minute believe Stefan has lost his memory. I think he had time to think as he was dying over and over again at the bottom of that river and he has realized how much of a sucker he was. I like this new sucker free Stefan!

  30. Jules says:

    Nice recap! I LOVED this episode. Again I lost complete interest last year, but this year is a different story-I’m loving it!!

    I’ve loved Stefan from day one so I am loving all the storylines involving him. I actually enjoyed down memory lane with Elena and missed them! But loved it when he called her and Damon out and said that he trusts Caroline and left them! It was fantastic. And about him and Caroline I neeeeed them to be together! They are both my favorite characters and both just awesome separate and together. I would love to see their friendship turn into romantic feelings for each other. Although I love everyone with Caroline (Matt back in the day, Tyler, Klaus and even now Jesse).

    Was definitely surprised Tyler came back and what a great way to come back! I cried during Bonnie’s funeral even though I also think she will come back to life at the end of the season.

    Just really enjoying everyone’s storyline’s this season…and I think its great every character has a significant role this year!

  31. Grace says:

    Bonnie’s funeral had me in tears, she’s been so brave for everyone, yet she gets the sore end of the deal:( I hope they keep having her in the episodes. And I can totally see Stefan and Caroline getting together! It’s kinda weird to think about, but I think it could work.

  32. adriana says:

    I think that these 4 episodes were so boring. This season desperately needs new characters.I just hope that this Silas & Quetsiah thing it’s gonna stop.The first 3 seasons were much more fun.

  33. Elle says:

    I actually really liked this episode. The amnesia thing breathed new life into a very stale triangle and made those scenes slightly more tolerable. Though I still wish both guys would stop treating Elena like a possession.

    Tyler’s return was great and I hope they let him stick around for a while. Bonnie’s funeral was fantastic and I loved everything related to Bonnie/Jeremy. Glad the writers realized what a mistake they made in breaking them up and are now exploring their relationship once again.

    Poor Bonnie and Tyler. They seem to be tortured and tormented more than anyone else, huh? And Michael Trevino and Kat Graham always get the short end of the stick when it comes to screen-time, randomly disappearing for episodes at a time because the writers just don’t care about their characters. As much as I love both characters and want them to stick around, it might be better for them to be written off this season. At least then the writers couldn’t continue to break their hearts and strip them off their free will at every turn.

    Jesse becoming a vampire was predictable but I like him well enough. I don’t like the whole Jesse/Caroline/Tyler thing, though. We had enough triangle nonsense when Klaus was around, must we really do the whole thing again with another character? Just let Caroline and Jesse be friends or end her romance with Tyler one and for all.

  34. nikki says:

    They need to freaking write tyler a storyline! I think they should write something to the effect of caroline feeling bad/ being interested in jesse thus not making it easy for ty to just assume they’re still together and having tyler actually have to fight for carolines affection.

  35. Maya says:

    This is soooo annoying!
    1) kick Tyler off. I am extremely tired of him. He keeps saying he loves her and then when he can come back he leaves her AGAIN! and to go and help some other hybrids or whatever? He obviously doesn’t care about Caroline that much. Jesse is cute and so-so, but I LOVE Klaroline! He needs to come back for a couple of episodes.
    2) I wanted Bonnie back! I’m happy she’s back now, it just sucks that she had to leave in the first place.
    3) I am tired of this Stefan/Damon/Elena stuff! Just let Delena have at least ONE season for themselves! Damon should get his chance. He didn’t get the girl when he was nice, he didn’t get the girl when he was mean, and now he gets the girl when he is so-so and she is already falling for Stefan all over again! Damon just can’t catch a break! But I will admit that I like Stefan alot more now. He is more fun and Damon is losing his edge with Elena. I like Delena. The only problem is whenever Elena dates one of the brothers, she makes them boring. Looking at Stefan now, it obviously seems like he was more fun without her and Damon was more edgy bad boy without her. The whole reason people loved Damon was because of his bad boy persona and now Elena is making him soft. Ew! I mean, I don’t want him to be a total dick, but this sweet and kind Damon is kind of gross. I liked him back when he was more sarcastic and cynical. So Elena needs to either learn to be more fun and less judgy or go back to Matt because he is about as boring as she is.

  36. brandon says:

    no tears can’t wait for mooore # evil grin

  37. brandon says:

    No tears ready for more # evil grin