Grey's Anatomy Recap: Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 RecapFor most of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Alex dodges Jo so completely and totally that she becomes all but convinced that he’s dumping her. (Seeing as she passes her intern exam without even a “Way to go!” from her boyfriend, I can’t say I blame her!) But by the end of the hour, she probably wishes he had just dumped her, because… well, keep reading. I’ll fill in the blanks.

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PAPA DON’T PREACH | Fueling Jo’s paranoia is the fact that Alex is going out every night (and staying out… late). Where? “It’s none of your business,” he huffs. (Not cool, dude.) Soon, we learn that, while Jo is diagnosing Richard’s “pancreatic pseudo cyst” (mm-hmm), Alex is hanging out at a dive bar listening to his dad play. One thing leads to another, and when the guys talk, Jimmy recognizes Alex… as a doctor from the hospital. (Doh.) Later, after Alex admits that his dad taught him how to play, they jam together, and Jimmy whips out a photo of his son… and it’s a whole new (and also estranged) family! Natch, Alex is hurt beyond words. Well, almost beyond words. “Do this kid a favor,” he yells. “Don’t ever go back!” (At least when Alex decks him, it appears that Jimmy finally realizes who he is.) Afterwards, Alex is extra pissypants and blames Jo for pushing him to reunite with his father. (No good deed… )

LIFE SWAP | Shane is so guilt-stricken when the interns get lab coats with their names on them – and one arrives for Heather (RIP) – that he stops working with Derek. And I mean stops aggresively. “I’m not interested,” he snaps at his would-be mentor. (Whoa.) Nonetheless, Shane’s still a rising star at Grey Sloan: It’s his bright idea that enables Cristina to save Jere Burns (whose marriage to Annie Potts seems like the wacky sort that would’ve been perfect on The Love Boat). Score one for Sharky.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS | Against all odds, Shane isn’t the only one to quit on Derek this week: Callie also bails on their research project – the one that she got involved with to help Arizona. “When you lost interest in her, you lost interest in this,” he argues. And, since she can’t argue with that, she decides to stick with it after all. Meanwhile, Leah runs around dying for someone, anyone to guess (or care) that she made out with Arizona… until Arizona makes it clear that it was a one-time mistake. Which she then goes on to make twice by sending Leah a booty text.

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SIGNS OF THE TIMES | Though, sure, Cristina saves Jere Burns, that’s cold comfort when she learns on what she dubs “Bring Your Girlfriend to Work Day” that Owen didn’t even tell Emma that she’s his ex. Just as (maybe even more) ouchsome, she’s getting the cold shoulder from Meredith, who’s decided to continue her mother’s research. “I think I’ve ceased to exist,” Cristina theorizes. But Mer, still steamed at her BFF for benching her after she had Bailey, offers a different perspective: “You don’t have time for people who want things that you don’t want.”

DIVIDE AND CONQUER | Speaking of last week’s epic Mer/Cristina argument, it’s still fresh in Mer’s mind when she gets home and tells Derek that she’ll be picking up where her mom left off. Cool, he says basically, because he’s going to be working a lot on his research project, too. How are they ever gonna manage? They’re gonna manage, he explains, because he’s only going to be working on his research project. He’ll perform fewer surgeries, thereby making himself available more for the kids and giving Mer the time she needs to shine. Now, that’s teamwork.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Could you believe what a jerkwad Alex’s dad is? And what a jerkwad Alex was, blaming Jo that way? (She may have pushed too hard, but she was only trying to help.) How soon and how much will Arizona regret trysting with Leah? How much longer will Shane be able to keep his deep, dark secret? And are we being set up for the saddest of all possible exits (short of death) for Cristina – a goodbye in which she’s cut off from everyone she loves? Hit the comments with your thoughts, concerns and especially your wild speculation!

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  1. Slizabeth says:

    I was briefly concerned that Alex’s dad wasn’t Alex’s dad!! (But the paternity test!) His dad is clearly a d-bag. Not sure how long I can stand Alex having to deal with this.

  2. Keyrid says:

    Why are the interns taking up so much screen time from the main casts? What other hourlong drama has this many numbers of series regulars?

    • Rook says:

      The interns are part of the cast now. You don’t like it, other people don’t like it but there is nothing that we can do about it. I suggest you either ride the train or get off at the next station.

    • Gurjit says:

      I totally agree with you. Also, all I really wanted was Jackson and April scenes.

    • Bjohns says:

      This is like any soap opera where older characters who have gained personal lives while on the show have taken a backseat to bring in a younger cast to bring in younger viewers. It’s the circle of long running television life.

  3. Matt says:

    I don’t get this sympathy for Jo. Alex told her time and time again to back off. She knew why he didn’t want to reconnect. She should have kept her mouth shut. It isn’t her business. All this just trying to help stuff is crap. That is only if you refuse to consider and respect Alex’s wishes about his life, which is absurd. She shouldn’t have pushed. Is she to “blame”? Probably not. But she had to know that if he did go to reconnect and it went badly she’d get blamed. All she had to do was stay out of it.

    • Patrick says:

      I am amazed at how often women see their meddling as “trying to help.” What they want is their partner to see things and do things the way the woman wants. Selfish.

    • Kendall says:

      She was out of line last week, but she didn’t even do anything this week. Alex took it upon himself to secretly stalk his daddy, and then when things blew up in his face, he blamed someone who really had nothing to do with it. So yeah, he was the jerk this time. I get it though, a lot of people take their anger out on the people closest to them, and Alex is no stranger to that type of behavior.

    • Alex says:

      My sympathy is with Alex. Jo totally meddled and stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong. So what if she was “trying to help”? Alex made it clear, he didn’t want her to interfere. What is so hard to understand about that? Anyway, Jo is extremely annoying. She can leave anytime, as far as I’m concerned.

      I did like the material with Alex and his father. That is really interesting and deep. The fact that the dad has a new family surprised me but seems very in character for what we know about him. I’m very interested to see where this story goes and how it affects Alex.

    • Alichat says:

      I find all the non-sympathy for Jo interesting. I feel sympathy for both of them. They are supposed to be close and understand each other, but it seems since they started dating they stopped communicating. And I mean effectively communicating. Jo pushed a little, yes, but Alex went through with the paternity test, and he’s the one who almost spoke to his dad in the elevator. And Jo blurting out the paternity results was an accident. Both their actions are driven by where they’ve come from. Jo has never had a family, so she encouraged Alex to reach out to his dad because she saw the superficial man and had hope. I think in her mind, a so-so dad is better than no dad. Alex, on the other hand, grew up with an abusive dad, so all his reactions are driven by that past history. And Alex did tell her that things were bad the last time he saw his dad, but it wouldn’t have hurt for him to elaborate. Alex made the decision to go check his dad out. That was his choice. Jo didn’t force him to do that. And he should have told her what he was doing. He could have told her that he wanted to do this alone and not have her come along, or even ask about it until he was ready to discuss it. But just cutting her off and answering with ‘none of your business’ was childish. This is all about the clashing of their baggage. She has hope, and she awoke the hope that Alex has kept buried. He acted on it, and is now wrongly blaming her for having hope and being disappointed.

  4. Rook says:

    I didn’t like the style of this episode, it switched stories to often. It was very fast pace and personally I just didn’t like that part about it, I couldn’t get invested in the story because of the constant switching.

    • LucyD says:

      I actually loved the style. The way that every scene flowed into the next one to illustrate the theme that Derek was talking about in his voice over, that was cleverly directed and edited. The cases may not have been that exciting but there was drama coming from the way relationships shifted, for good or bad and that’s the beauty of Grey’s…the relationships (in all guises, not just romantic but friendship, mentor/mentee etc.) are what is important.

      • trainwreck says:

        i liked it too.. fast paced, gave all storylines equal time and was fun to watch!I kinda reminded me of one of my favorite Grey’s episode from season 7, The Golden Hour , where Mer took charge of the ER.

  5. Pam says:

    Sad there was no Jackson in this episode, but on the plus side I didn’t have to see Stephanie and Jackson.

    • tmz says:

      I’m just the opposite, I’m glad I didn’t have to see April and Jackson. Between April and Jo, they both tie for the most annoying, silliest women on the show.

  6. Mark says:

    Hate Arizona and that one intern. It doesn’t make sense. Why is Arizona just horned up now all the time?

    Loved the Chief <3

    Pretty boring eppy tbh.

    • Tony says:

      Arizona is being Arizona. Been watching older episodes. If she isn’t the center of attention she gets bored. If you Rewatch season 7 you’ll see she only really asked Callie to marry her because she felt threatened having Mark in their life because Callie was pregnant with his child.
      She’s a fantastic doctor and teacher. But very selfish.

  7. I’d say the real “jerkwad” of the episode is Arizona (as opposed to Alex – Alex’s dad still wins that crown overall, obviously). Callie wasn’t ready to forgive her for cheating right away, so she finds somebody else to cheat with? What?!?!? Uncool. It’s getting really hard for me to support Calzona getting back together. I just can’t see a time when Arizona will be a good thing in Callie’s life again, and Callie deserves better than what she’s been getting lately. At the very least, Callie deserves to have a new girlfriend or something for a while. See how Arizona’s cheating butt likes that.

    • Olivia says:

      Arizona didn’t cheat 1) because they’re not a couple anymore; 2) she made out (probably a drunken kiss) with Leah, she didn’t sleep with her.

      Anyway, I didn’t see the text as a booty text personally, it felt more like an I can’t sleep/I feel guilty text. Arizona feels lonely right now, so it would be logical for her to realize that Leah probably feels that way too and wishes to be nicer after the cold shoulder she gave her. That doesn’t mean that they won’t write them as more than friends at some point (which I doubt but I don’t rule that out, we’ll see) but as of now, Arizona didn’t do anything wrong. Callie made it clear that she was dead to her, she won’t talk it out with Arizona, so what can Arizona do besides focusing on herself at the moment? They’re both guilty in this trainwreck. They both have issues and need some time apart for now. They’ll eventually reunite when they sort it out and realize what went wrong and why things have slowly gone to sh-.

      • Bjohns says:

        Yeah it was. Arizona can’t sleep she made a girl she made out with cry and she knows that texting her will get her back. Booty text! LOL

      • GS says:

        They are married so yes it is cheating! Unless gay marriages have a different set of rules that I don’t know about. I personally wish Arizona had died in the crash and Callie had gone back to be being the girl who ‘loves penis’. Arizona is a selfish, childish twit and I’m over it. Have no desire to see the two of them back together ever. Leah is just as annoying. I hate this storyline so much. I was fine when they were together trying to get through the crash but this horndog Arizona has ruined it.

      • They’re still married. And kissing is cheating. And she was absolutely wrong. Callie needed time to figure out how she felt, and if she could make the marriage work going forward. She even basically said that to Derek – that they weren’t perfect, and that she was trying to work out where to go from where they are now. That is not an open invitation to go find somebody else, not when you are still married – not dating, married; not talking for a couple weeks or even an explosive fight doesn’t end a marriage the way it might a normal relationship, especially when they are a family with a kid – and no one has actually asked for a divorce, which, for the record, Callie hasn’t. I’m sorry, I’m really trying here, but I can’t see where there is any way where Arizona is not one hundred percent in the wrong. She cheated, she couldn’t wait a couple weeks for Callie to sort out her feelings and decide if she wanted to work on their marriage or if she wanted a divorce, so she kissed someone else, and is now apparently texting them to ask what they’re doing in the middle of the night. That is all bad, and it’s all on Arizona.

        I’m looking at your comments below, and the Mark situation doesn’t excuse Arizona in any way because a) Callie never cheated on Arizona with Mark, b) it was years ago, and Mark died since then, so that’s sort of over with now, and c) it was the father of their child, who wanted to be in their child’s life. Also, I admit, I haven’t watched that season since it was on so I might be off on this one, but didn’t that end with Arizona and Mark bonding? That doesn’t necessarily make it a good decision, but it was an understandable one that worked out. None of the decisions Arizona is making are good or understandable, and they certainly aren’t working out for anybody. Except maybe Leah. On top of which, Arizona didn’t cheat on Callie because of Mark. She cheated because she never moved past the leg thing – she said it herself. I’m sorry she lost her leg, I can’t imagine what that does to a person, but Callie made a decision to save the life of her wife, and the mother of her child, and even if Arizona is mad at her as her doctor and wife, it’s ridiculous that as mother she can still be looking to punish the woman who saved her life so that their child wouldn’t lose two parents in the same day. And if she wanted out of the marriage because of her leg, I could understand, but they got through it, and then she cheats and uses the leg as a get of jail free card, and when it doesn’t work and when Callie isn’t ready to decide right away if she wants to work on the marriage, she starts flirting with and kissing someone else. Look, marriages don’t get time outs when one spouse is mad at the other; it’s not a carte blanche to need space, and kissing is cheating, and Arizona is wrong.

        Sorry for the rant. I think I’ve been holding onto that for a while. But still. Come on.

        • sunrise says:

          THIS. YES! Thank you. You just saved me so much typing.
          Let me also add my frustration about how a few times Callie has said that Arizona stuck by her after the car accident, so she’s been strong during the leg ordeal; Arizona CRASHED THE CAR, and if she wanted to marry Callie before the crash then it would be ridiculous to leave her after. Callie didn’t cause the plane crash, the only thing she ever did to Arizona was save her life by cutting off that leg.
          Not to mention that the reason Arizona was on that plane was because she was having a temper tantrum with Alex. She’s fine to abandon the hospital and her girlfriend to go Africa, but how dare he go to her alma mater and further his own career, how dare he stop working for her.
          And now here she goes messing up Leah’s life; that’s a booty call, and of course its cheating as there has been NO MENTION of divorce. Arizona doesn’t care about Leah, sure she might feel bad about hurting her feelings, but this is a booty call because she doesn’t want to be alone.
          The woman is a sociopath.

  8. Amy says:

    I actually related more to this episode than many others. I understand Alex and his struggle, I’ve been there. That pain, anger, hope…it’s so real. Pushing others away….it’s something that kids from messed up homes understand. I’ve been where Alex has been. It may be one of my favorite episodes.

    • I totally agree with you Amy. This is episode is my ALL time #1 favorite because I can and have been in Alex’s position. And for his relationship with Jo it is a little bit emotionally backwards but then again after all of his struggles it is totally understandable. I feel and get both Alex and Jo and where both of them are coming from because I used to do the same as Jo and make up father figures because mine had left also like Alex’s dad. But you have to admit that Alex and Jo are perfect for each other. #GoJolex #Jolex

  9. Babygate says:

    Things I liked: the red mug and how they used it throughout the episode to tie the storylines. It was very clever. And I liked how the scenes transitioned into the next scene. Sadly, it’s not enough to make up for the mess that’s going on in the episode. The best thing was the dark and twisty couple blowing through their money. Annie Potts is just a joy to watch. Alex needs to grow up and communicate. I don’t blame him for clocking the old man. He deserved it, but Jo didn’t deserve his outburst. I think Jo had a lot of potential on her own. She and Alex are really not a good match. Sadly, Alex is still acting like a boy. No matter what good happens to him, he always finds a way to regress. The Webber storyline is getting tedious. Shane becomes more and more insufferable with each episode. Stephanie needs someone to do her hair already. Leah just took a nosedive in the likeability scale. Overall, they are trying to do too much in an episode and it’s just annoying. We can’t engage or get invested on anything because there’s no time to process. They are going from one scene to the next like they are flipping through cards. And Arizona…poor JCap stuck with this crap of a storyline. According to Webber he’s been in the hospital for a month. So, it’s been a month after the storm and the cheating. And apparently they put a gala together in the space of a week. In the two weeks since Leah babysat Arizona they have already made out and apparently Arizona is now making a booty call. This is it. Once Arizona sleeps with Leah, she would have reached the point of no return. She does not deserve Callie’s tears. Callie needs to hook up with someone in due time to even the scales. Period. This story is crap. Three things that we need: for Arizona to say she’s sorry, for the PTSD component to be explained and for the ‘I will cut off your leg’ offer to be addressed. If none of this is dealt with, this story will officially have become a bad, bad joke.

    • Olivia says:

      Even the scales? Excuse you, she got pregnant, as in “life long, life changing responsibility”. She then sidelined her wife to make room (literally, in her apartment and all) for baby daddy/bff/fwb Mark even after Arizona told her how she felt about that. Arizona cheating was a one night stand, not an affair. It’s super wrong, and Callie has every reason to be hurt and mad at her. But I’m pretty sure that if someone has to ask to even the scales, it’s not Callie. Geez, those damn stan goggles. They’re both at fault for their marriage falling apart, and they both have had done and said stupid stuff in every season.

      • Let me get this straight. One night stand is okay? I will wish good luck on your marriage.

      • Umm. Correct my memory as to how Callie wronged Arizona? She slept with Mark after their break-up. They share a baby, a baby Arizona didn’t want but have learned to accept and love. Was she to honor Arizona’s wishes to let her die when there was a chance that she could live and still have a reasonably good life. Was Callie wrong to push for Arizona to live and not mope around into perpetuity. Or she is wrong to actually want to be intimate with her wife again. Please don’t make it Callie’s fault for their failed marriage.

      • Babygate says:

        OMG! So much wrong with this rant! Callie got pregnant AFTER Arizona dumped her. They were in different sides of the world and Callie had no expectations of Arizona returning. Arizona cheated while MARRIED with a child. The dynamics are so completely different it is astonishing that anyone would venture to compare them. And the notion that they are both responsible for the failure of their marriage is the very definition of biased perception. Arizona mistreated Callie since the amputation. Has yet to acknowledge that Callie saved her life. She emotionally abused her and even called Sofia ‘your child’ at one point. With no prior context, Arizona chooses to cheat and then instead of saying ‘I’m sorry’ she offers to cut off her wife’s leg to ‘even the score’. And shall we mention that Arizona caused both catastrophic events in their lives. She crashed the car because she was throwing a tantrum about Mark and she chose to get on the plane because she was throwing a tantrum about Alex. I like Arizona, I really do. But this is all on her. And yes, it may not be morally right, but it’s realistic to say that when you have been cheated on, just about the only thing that can make you feel like you are taking your power back is when you sleep with somebody else. And you can forgive, but that trust that has been broken may never be restored. But no worries because so far the only one that seems to be in the prowl is Arizona. While still wearing her necklace AND her wedding band. Not to mention, she’s playing with Leah after knowing how vulnerable she is.

    • MLO says:

      You liked the red mug? Ponder this… two supposedly brilliant surgeons handled the mug after Sharky pieced it back together after it had been dropped and considerably broken and neither noticed it? Just back in the cubby you go? Yeah.

      • Babygate says:

        LOL. Yes, I did notice that. There was only a small chip noticeable at the bottom of the mug. But the idea reminded a lot of Schindler’s List where in the black and white scenes we only see the little girl’s red coat.

  10. Juan says:

    Great episode, I’m glad mer isn’t letting Christina off the hook and will proof her wrong, and love the solution that Derek came up with, so he slows down this year to let her shine. My fav story was Alex and his dad, I felt so bad for Alex when he pulled up that picture.

    • Totally agree. That was my favorite was Alex and his dad. His dad totally deserved that punch, when he pulled out the picture of the other family and Alex realized that dad wasn’t talking about him with the strawberries or the peds surgeon that saved his son and that he regretted leaving this other family and not Alex’s family. I totally felt so horrible for him. #GoJolex #Jolex

  11. Dani says:

    The episode had some good and some bad stuff in it. I like the Alex story. His father is really behaving like a d-bag just when you thought there is a good side in him.
    I did enjoy Cristina/Shane’s case. Don’t mind the interns as much as others do but I can’t warm up to Murphy. I hate that Arizona gets involved with her. I want Callie to move on. Arizona doesn’t deserve her.

  12. Dee says:

    Are we even sure that is Alex’s real father or??? Do you think Jo messed up? I think this is seriously something to consider. Also, very little screen time for other characters. I’m so sick of these interns! Can we please kill some more people off to make room for our beloved characters?

  13. Benedict Rotschild says:

    Ugh,. I know this had been said so many times before, and, yes I shall continue to watch Grey’s anyhow, but the interns are so infuriating. I have pretty much watched this show from the start, and am just not invested in their story-lines. I mean do the producers really think that people would keep watching if the main characters left, and the interns stayed? Otherwise, I loved Alex’s scenes with his dad. James Remar is so awesome! And that whole other family thing? Totally did not expect that…

  14. Bjohns says:

    Alex was being a jerk to his dad, but of course Alex is used to shutting down when it comes to his family. Jo hasn’t known him long enough to get that. The other family was a big twist, I didn’t see that coming. I totally agree that his dad knew exactly who he was when he looked up at Alex after he hit him. Alex made a point to say a few weeks ago that beating up his dad was the last time he saw him. Also agree the separation from the lives of the people Christina truly loves is leading to her departure and Meredith nailed it with why she cuts off people.

  15. Meak says:

    Did anyone notice the music playing when Yang saw Owen and newbie girlfriend in the hall? It was the same music that was playing in early Yang/Hunt flirtation when it was all new and fresh between them (I just saw the episode on a replay the other day). I thought that was a great touch as they are having Yang try to find out her place.

    • amimon says:

      Is there any chance anyone knows the name of the music played in that scene? its short, but really beautiful and poignant

    • Babygate says:

      Yes. As soon as it came on. The sound that makes you feel like you are watching an old Victorian novel take place. Very romantic.

  16. M. says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else thrown off by the timing and (not-) showing of this season?

    After last weeks and episode I thought there was only some consoling between Arizona and Leah and now they try to make me think they made out? When? And why? And if they only kissed isn’t Leah a bit over the top? (Yeah I know, she tried to explain herself but still…)
    I just don’t understand that storyline anymore…

  17. LaLa says:

    I absolutely loved this episode. I thought it was well done. The only part I didn’t like was Leah and Arizona, but that’s because I don’t like Leah. I’m not invested in her at all. But maybe since she falls in love so easily, it will transition into her dealing with rejection/depression and she’ll get a better storyline. Not that I’m wishing her harm (well, I guess I am).
    I liked Shane telling Derek that he didn’t want to work with him, although I wonder how long it will take for all of the story to come out. I liked that Derek and Mer are working out their schedules and that Derek is willing to let Mer shine this year while he steps up with the kids. McDreamy, indeed. He really manned up this episode, with Callie, too. And I yelled at the TV when Callie said he couldn’t understand how she felt when she found out Arizona cheated on her. Of course he did. Addison cheated on him with his best friend.
    I feel horrible for Cristina, most especially because we all know where it’s heading, and it’s hard to watch. But, she did save a man’s life who had no hope of life. He and his wife were so fun to watch. I love the writers’ sense of humor.
    Poor Alex. My twitter feed was reduced to one worded tweets when Alex was there in the bar with his dad who didn’t even recognize him (so sad!): Wow, Noooo!, Awwww, Sad. Oh, I felt so sad for Alex. Jo needs to pull it together and be there for him – especially since she kinda started the whole thing.
    I’m loving Grey’s. I think the writing has been great, and I think it’s still relevant – even with all of the changes and coming changes (sniff).

  18. tahina says:

    Gee, Callie was doing the brain mapping for Arizona, true love. I don’t know where their story is going, but they need to start talking, say sorry, and find their way back to each other..or not.

  19. JB says:

    This would be too soap opera-ey twist but what if the guy Alex thinks is his father is actually his fathers twin brother or something like that.

  20. Leila J says:

    I must be the only one that likes Leah. She’s quirky. She’s a free spirit when it comes to her sexuality and she’s clingy; I like clingy. There are no guessing games with her. If she’s into you she is totally into you. She just needs to be loved back and then both she and her partner will be happy for maybe one episode. Arizona is doing what anyone would do in her situation. Yeah, she effed up, but who’s perfect? True she is not going to make amends by getting with a young hot intern, but that young hot intern is giving her time and attention and wants to be with her and she thinks Arizona is awesome. Who is gonna turn that down? Fans can be so preachy and judgmental. Calzona will either end up together or not. If they end up together, it will be a bumpy ride ahead. If they don’t end up together, it will still be a bumpy ride. Cristina’s disconnect from Meredith was sad to watch. They both have issues and their friendship/bond over the years is one of the reasons that I have watched Grey’s for as long as I have. I cherish friendship because bonds can be so hard to form and now with last night’s episode I have to agree that the rift between the two of them could be a possible storyline exit. I mean her marriage is over and she is experiencing a rift with her soulmate, throw in an amazing opportunity for her to be some big lead hot shot over at some big named whatever wherever and you’ve got exit. Maybe, this is Shondaland. Anything could happen. Shane from the beginning was the first of the new interns that I liked and now I just don’t know. I get that the actress that played Brooks went on to do bigger and better things so the storyline was written the way it was written, but Shane needs to just get a grip already. Yes, his jealously and competitive nature got his fellow intern electrocuted, but short of actually throwing a hairdryer in the bathtub with her in it soaking up the lavender bubbles, he did not commit a felony. He didn’t know the chief had been fried so how was he supposed to know the same thing would happen to Brooks. I know fans are out for blood and that might eventually happen, but he is becoming a first class jerk. Well, I guess his ride on the jerkville express will make it easier for us to swallow his just desserts when it gets served to him. Speaking of jerks, Alex in the past has been one, but he was not in last night’s episode. He was hurt and angry and hopeful and disappointed. He reopened a wound that had never fully healed and now, well now he might get the chance to heal correctly now that the dad is back. I don’t think the dad was written in just to be punched in the face so can’t wait to see how that story is handled. Anyway, aside from Cristina witnessing Owen move on with banana bread doc (sorry don’t remember her name), I enjoyed last nights episode. I will stick with Grey’s because that is what I do. I don’t dump a show until the network does because then I have no choice and until ABC dumps this show, I will hang in there.

  21. md says:

    This episode was all over the place for me. Some parts I loved and others were boring. Alex and his dad were heartbreaking. Reminded me of Mer being blindsided when she found out about her dad’s new family that she knew nothing about. I thought the interaction between Cris and Mer was perfect. The hurt feelings and blunt talk tied in with the previous episode but wasn’t over the top. I did notice the same music as someone previously stated when Owen was with the new girlfriend while Cris looked on. Enjoying the mature Mer and Derek storyline of making marriage, family and career work. Jo being the main doctor working on Richard wasn’t believable. It seems like they just want to insert this character into everything. How is Callie involved in brain mapping? Where did that come from? Arizona and the over eager blonde made them both look bad. Shane’s character is over acting IMO. When they found Heather’s lab coat I just sighed. Nothing like when they were packing up George’s locker and lab coat. Didn’t mind the minimal April and Steph.

  22. I just want to know how Alex’s father not recognize his own son. I know he is a dirt bag and was high most of the time, but he was with Alex long enough to teach him guitar.

    • ejdax37 says:

      Alex is around 32 or 33. That is saying he went to college at 18 and then 4 years undergrad and 4 year med school, and only 7 years have passed in show time (the first 8 seasons were only 5 years show time). I guessing about the extra 2 years but they did have a time jump and Meridith had time to have a baby. So lets hedge out bets and say Alex is 33 he said that 20 years in a previous ep then 18 years tonight so that would have put him some where around 13 to 15 when his dad left. Which fits because his Dad left because Alex punched him and told him to go. Alex was the older brother and that is the perfect age to start to stand up to an abusive Dad. I don’t know about you but I look very different know then I did at 13. I also think his Dad had fried some brain cells along then way.

      And if that doesn’t work for you then “Because Shondra said so!”

  23. ejdax37 says:

    Who else was yelling at Arizona to not text the clingy intern? Just me ok…

    On another note I understand where both Alex and Jo are coming from. People who grew up with no parents (like Jo) or people who had good parents that they love don’t understand what it is like to have crappy parents. We are hard wired to love our parents and when they take that love and twist it, it causes something to twist inside that can never really be fixed just dealt with. I guarantee you that when Jo was making up all the stories about her real family or finding a family none of them evolved a mentally ill mother and a drunk dad because that isn’t how families are suppose to look. I grew up with bad parents and I have encountered many people in my life that just can not understand why it is better not to have them in my life, and they never will because it is one of those thing that you have to live through.

  24. Valerie says:

    It’s like I’m not even mad at what Arizona does anymore because her storyline is poorly written and riduclous. Even for this show, it’s crazy. I feel like we’re being punk’d.

    And to those who are saying she’s always been this way…I’m literally in the middle of watching season 6 (started season 5 again last week), and this is not the same character. And of course characters grow and change, but it is like they completely rewrote this person.

    • Babygate says:

      Agree with so much. This is not the Arizona that we were introduced to. The one who likes brunettes, and who never went for ‘shy’. She likes her women strong, which Leah is not, and brunette, which neither Boswell or Murphy are. And the ‘good man in the storm’ thing went out the window when she bolted for Africa. She made up for it when she came back and then last season threw it all away, again. But we did get a hint in S8 that she was a bit of a slut before Callie and judging by how many times she’s asked Callie not to leave her, I’d say she hates to be alone. This Arizona 2.0 who is messing around with other women and is seeking the companionship of a needy intern because she doesn’t like being lonely, is pretty true that what has been implied, if not openly declared about her.

      • Les says:

        I agree with everything you guys said about Arizona and Leah being utterly ridiculous. It seems to me that the whole premise is all about giving Leah a major storyline and has little relevance for Arizona, who we’ve come to know and care about for several years…. It’s like Arizona was the only one of the main cast sorta available for a romantic relationship, so they paired them up. On top of all the evidence you cited that shows how uncharacteristic this all is for the character we know, I’m also confused about what message the writers are sending about just how “married” they consider Callie and Arizona. I was under the impression that they were every bit as committed as Crowen and MerDer, for instance, so why have they moved from couple to openly dating and coolly splitting custody in lightening speed? If they’re going to go through a nasty split, where are the lawyers and custody fights??? If they’re just separating, where’s the depression and counseling (Grey’s has done a lot with counseling in the past). I just don’t get where they’re taking this, and the Leah/Arizona pairing is just sooooooo stupid!!!

  25. Jules says:

    Wasn’t the best episode, but it was still alright. Just a tad boring.

    Loooove Alex though and oh my goodness his dad is an ass! I definitely was expecting his dad to have/had another family. That was a nice twist. I am on his side and Jo’s side. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    Weirdly enough I kind of like Arizona/Leah. I wasn’t expecting too….I think Callie just needs a great relationship. I want her to be with someone who doesn’t cheat on her (like George and Arizona) cause I really like Callie.

    Cristina/Meredith need to get past this! I really didn’t think what Cristina said last week was that rude, it was the truth. But what Meredith said this week was also the truth…kinda interesting!

    I NEEDED Jackson though. Love him. And he needs to be with April! I don’t understand why the writers aren’t letting this happen. Hello they belong together!!

  26. meow says:

    Am I only the only one who thought Meredith was out of line with Cristina? She was saying stuff like “I always support you and you don’t do the same for me.” Cristina had always been super supportive, she always takes Mer’s side, she’s defended her to tons of people, back when Derek was a jerk, etc…Last week Cristina was advocating the patient, and was right to do so: no matter what her personal relationship is with her fellow doctors if she thinks that one of them isn’t focused and able to the best job they can, she should stand up to them. Meredith should be mature enough to acknowledge that yes, she was all over the place mentally and she should find a solution to juggling personal and professional life because with having kids and saving lives she shouldn’t be okay in doing a half-assed job in either.

  27. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t like the episode very much at the beginning, but by the end I loved how everything fit together. The transitions were really cool too.

    Alex is my favourite character so in terms of that I loved and hated his story this week. I know he’s a jerk for ignoring and then taking out his anger on Jo, but his reaction is so ALEX and that’s part of the character I love. I don’t think he actually blames Jo for anything, and I’m confident the two of them will work things out soon. I feel like Jo pushed him just enough to get him to talk to his dad, and that in the long run that will be good for Alex. At least now he can either confirm that his dad is still a d-bag and he can move on with his life, or somehow they’ll mend their relationship. Otherwise I agree with Jo; he would always wonder what could’ve happened between them. But I felt so heartbroken for Alex when his dad showed him the photo of his other family! And when he fell onto his bed I could see so much pain in his face. I love Justin Chamber’s acting and all his scenes with James Remar have been amazing.

    Besides the Alex storyline, I thought the most interesting scene in this episode was when Cristina was talking to Meredith. For the first time, I see Cristina not being satisfied with just the amazing surgery she performed that day. Owen has a new girlfriend, and her friendship with Mer is falling apart. I’m really interested in this character development, and to see if surgery is actually all Cristina wants. It’s ironic because I think when Mer says Cristina “doesn’t have time for people who don’t want the same things” as her, it’s the rare time where it’s NOT true. This time I think Mer’s the one who’s not “there” for Cristina. I can’t really blame her after what Cristina said last week, but I actually have to agree with Cristina. Look at what she has sacrificed for surgery. Her marriage, her friends… Everyone has to find a balance between family, career, and life in general, and if you gain something, you will lose something. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Take Derek for example. On one hand he’s going to put his surgical career on hold, but in return he gets to focus on research, spend more time with his kids, and let his wife do what she wants. Does he lose something, yes, but is it bad, not necessarily. I hope Mer will understand that soon and talk to Cristina again.

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode! The Halloween stuff looks spooky! ;)

  28. Jay says:

    Confused that the male intern is suddenly back on Der’s team?!. The only intern I liked was killed off. Only one intern isn’t teamed up with an attending, so look out Cristina , Shonda could have plans for your next romance!
    I think Cris will eventually realise she’s issolating herself from everyone else, and that surgery doesn’t cuddle up with you at night. Mer has had Cris fall out with her over the stupid apenectomy and thePTSD Cris had after the shooting. I don’t think Mer really ever defended herself, but I feel better that Mer let Cris know how she felt.
    Arizona seems to be continuing her ill advised personal life, whilst Callie is making positive moves to get back into her groove. Go Callie!
    Der was very McDreamy again. He’s determined to let Mer start her career that the plane crash and pregnancy delayed. There’s so much in the news about breakthroughs in medical science regarding the brain, I hope Der keeps on the research track.
    As a Mer fan, so glad so see that Mer will be continuing what her mom started. Maybe there’ll be a HArper Avery Award in the future!

  29. CarrieB says:

    I enjoyed the episode for the most part. I’m happy Meredith called out Cristina. She (Cristina) needed to hear it. She’s been totally oblivious to everyone else, especially those close to her. Everything is always been about her. Now she finds herself alone, especially in the midst of her surgical high. She was brought down to Earth fast. It was a great scene, along with Cristina seeing Owen and Emma holding hands. I like them together and hope Emma sticks around. I like the actress who portrays her. It’s nice to see Cristina and Owen now as friends rather than fighting as they did for the past 2-3 seasons. I hope this continues with them until the end of the season when Sandra Oh leaves the show. The Meredith-Derek home-work balance story is interesting and easy to relate to. I’m enjoying Arizona and Leah and interested in seeing where it leads. I’m happy Calzona are apart and hope they stay that way. I never did like them together. They have zero chemistry. In this episode Callie was her usual boring self but her scenes with Derek are good. What I didn’t care for was yet another poor, suffering Alex Karev story where he gets mad and sulks and has a temper tantrum. And a doctor punching a man- a recent patient at the hospital where he works no less- with heart problems. Please. I’m sick of Alex and could care less about he and Jo. I wish Justin Chambers was leaving the show instead of Sandra Oh. The writers need to find something new for Alex to do or write him off because his storyline is OLD.

    • CarrieB says:

      I have to correct what I said about Cristina being on a “surgical high.” It was more the realization that something isn’t right. She said to Meredith she felt like she “ceased to exist” and listed the reasons. I think she finally realizes that she may be all alone since Meredith and Owen have apparently moved on. It will also be interesting to see where this leads for her.

    • Heck says:

      I for one, think that boring owen’s girlfriend makes him invisible. It will be difficult to find someone comparable to Yang. Lets not talk how painfully for the eyes the woman is, Christ! Put ugly on that. Didn’t they have anyone uglier than that to pair him with? But if that romance and family is to be developed off screen, it’s OK for me. Very uninteresting. One less coupe or character to ffw.

      • Heck says:


        ‘one more couple or character to ffw’

      • CarrieB says:

        Well if Owen is so boring then why do you care if he is invisible or if his girlfriend is ugly? Don’t lose any sleep over him….

        • Heck says:

          Why do you infer I loose sleep over him? And why do you loose yours that much that you’ve to come here to rip my head off? I was only sharing my opinion. Or mine has to be exactly like yours?
          There are too many invisible ones already, the interns. we don’t need to loose more characters to invisibility, if the right people are cast. One of this days there are nothing more to watch.

    • If anyone’s story is getting OLD it is Christina’s, and I can totally see why Sandra wants to leave.
      As for season 10, this season is ALL about the new resident’s which is awesome and the audience is finally getting a story with Alex, Jackson, and whiny April because if you go back and watch the past seasons it was ALL about Meredith and Christina while Jackson,Alex, and April were in the background and did not get a good storylines. #Jolex #Stackson #Mapril

    • If anyone’s story is getting OLD it is Christina’s, and I can totally see why Sandra wants to leave.
      As for season 10, this season is ALL about the new resident’s which is awesome and the audience is finally getting a story with Alex, Jackson, and whiny April because if you go back and watch the past seasons it was ALL about Meredith and Christina while Jackson,Alex, and April were in the background and did not get a good storylines. #Jolex #Stackson #Mapril

  30. miranda says:

    I would like to know when arizona and murphy kissed? I replayed the bar scence in episode 5 n murphy told arizona they just hung out. So when the heck did they kiss between episode 5 & 6. When episode 6 started and murphy started to talk about how they kossed i was about to turn it off cause i thought i missed an episode. Somebody please fill me in!!!!