Nashville Recap: Rayna's Back, Y’all!

Nashville Season 2 RecapRayna finds her voice in this week’s Nashville, but she may come to regret using it so forcefully against her boss – especially when other events transpire that make it likely she’ll be an Edgehill artist ‘til she dies. Elsewhere, Juliette gets into a very exclusive club, Zoey breaks a cardinal BFF rule and Will grows a beard. Let’s review what happens in “Don’t Open That Door.”

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MOVIN’ ON | Scarlett runs into Deacon’s lawyer friend Megan coming out of his bedroom early one morning, followed quickly by a shirtless Mr. Claybourne. (Aw, Nashville — and I didn’t get you anything…) Scarlett has a little fun with her chagrined uncle, then flits off to Edgehill media training in advance of Luke Wheeler’s upcoming benefit concert.

At the record company, Brent and a Bitchy Blonde teach Scarlett how to give a good quote. Bitchy Blonde spouts words like “presentation” and “poised,” and she’s highly unimpressed with Scarlett’s aw-shucks Holly Hobbie shtick. An overwhelmed Scar just shrinks even further into herself and looks like she wants to hang herself with her sloppily fishtailed pigtails.

Another person unimpressed with Scarlett: Layla, who doesn’t like the fact that Will and Ms. O’Connor are so chummy. While the two young women primp for the benefit, we learn that in addition to being a reality show runner-up, Layla is a former pageant kid and a future Harvard student. A cutthroat competitor with Ivy League smarts who can make pretty feet and kill it on the SATs? Run, Scarlett. (Go ahead. Pretend you don’t get the Toddlers and Tiaras reference I shoved in there.)

Layla advises Scarlett just to be herself on the press line, a bit of wisdom that implodes spectacularly when reporters only want to talk to her about Uncle Deke’s drinking. Jeff hauls her off the red carpet and sends her home, where she and Deacon commiserate (in song, naturally) about how terrible the music business is. Still, he asserts, all of the ridiculousness is worth it when you’re out on stage, connecting with an audience. (Aww, Deacon, that’s sad in light of your trajectory – which we’ll get to in a minute.)

ZOEY AND GUNNAR DUET | Avery and Gunnar work on a boppy new song together, but Avery thinks it needs a female voice in the mix. I’m not sure exactly why, when both of them are singing falsetto, but what do I know? Plus, looking for a woman singer becomes an excuse to bring Zoey into the mix.

The three perform the Everly Brothers-esque tune at Gunnar’s place, and after Avery takes off, Zoey and Gunny flirt. (Well, she keeps calling him out on how awkward he is, and he acts like he can’t remember how to form words. Close enough.) But when he admits that he wrote the song for her, they kiss, which leads to sex on the living room floor and her sneaking off while he dozes after. We’ve all seen how awesome Scarlett is when she’s fired up about something: I can’t wait to witness her reaction to this.

DEACON’S DONE | Deacon is thinking about becoming a purveyor of guitars, now that he’s given up hope of a career in music. He turns down Juliette’s offer to rejoin the tour – even in a non-performance capacity – and makes a lot of sad, resigned comments about how his performance days are done. (Sample: “It just hurts being around music if I can’t play it.”) But when Juliette inadvertently lets him know that Rayna may have lost her singing voice for good, he beelines it to the Jaymes home to hear for himself.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he demands, both of them very upset by this turn of events. She says she’s working with a vocal therapist and she doesn’t know her prognosis. “I’m not quite sure what’s going to come out of my mouth when I open it,” she adds. I understand, Ray – the same thing happens to me after two glasses of rioja.

GOOD OLE GIRL | Will kills it at Luke Wheeler’s benefit, earning him an invite to join Juliette’s tour. Layla’s psyched he’ll be on the road with them… until she learns she has to cut 15 minutes from her set to accommodate him. But Will’s not pleased with little miss Carrie Underwood in training: He thinks she messed with Scarlett on purpose. Too bad the fans seem to think that Layla and Will make a great couple… and Jeff is on board with giving the fans what they want, Twilight-style.

Rayna takes the stage at the concert to surprise Juliette with an invitation to the Grand Ole Opry, a gesture that shocks Ms. Barnes into tearful gratefulness. She later shows up at The Bluebird because, “Y’know what the first thing that came to my mind was? I can’t wait to tell Avery,” she admits, apologizing for being such a beast to him at the Wentworths’ party. It’s really a sweet scene; I’m loving Avery and Juliette as friends. He, too, turns down her request to be the tour’s band leader, because he wants time to work on his own material. So she gives him the keys to her studio and suggests that he use it whenever he likes.

RAYNA’S RETURN | But back to Rayna – Luke puts her on the spot when he insists she sing a song with the band at the benefit. She tries to beg off, but he won’t take no for an answer. So the possibly voiceless First Lady of Country Music proceeds to choke out the first verse or so of one of her hits, looking all the while like she’s going to barf into Luke’s 10-gallon Stetson. But the audience loves having her back in her element, so everyone in the hall joins in on the chorus, and it buoys Rayna so much that she loosens up and belts out the rest of “The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts.” Vocal victory!

After the show, Jeff and Rayna have yet another disagreement about her new album, etc. – and she ends the discussion by announcing that she’s leaving Edgehill. Too bad that just then, Bucky brings her some bad news: Thanks to Tandy’s maneuvering (which no one knows about yet), Lamar has been arrested for all of his shady dealings – and his assets, including those that were going to help Rayna buy her way out of her contract – are frozen.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? I’m not yet sure what to think of Will Chase’s Luke, aside from his dismissive take on Juliette. And how far is this Will/Layla thing going to go?  Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Maggie says:

    I LOVED hearing Chip & Claire Bowen singing together!! The piano/banjo was really unusual and beautiful, and their voices sounded awesome. Cool to see Deacon & Scarlett connecting like that.

    • Alma says:

      Completely agree, and besides being an amazing performance Clare Bowen look so beautiful. Also think that the song This Town can be a theme song for Nashville. The lyrics manage to really captivate the whole idea of Nashville.

    • wordsmith says:

      I agree – they sounded really great. However, the pairing that really surprised me was Gunnar and Avery. Never thought the two of them would perform together, and it actually totally worked.

      • GRD says:

        It really did! There was a nice Hunter Hayes vibe to the song (well, the melody anyway — the lyrics needed work). And Deacon and Scarlett’s song was beautiful. Deacon should forget the guitar and become a piano player.

  2. Tran says:

    It was an okay episode. All the awards to Connie Britton, tho. Also ‘This Town’ by Esten & Bowen was beautiful.

  3. TaMara says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with this show…love the actors, love the music, but I’m not sure the writing is what it should be. But as long as they keep singing the way they do, I’ll keep it on. I may not watch it as closely as I do something like Scandal or Good Wife..but not ready to give it up yet.

    • Jill says:

      I totally agree with this. I love the music and the actors, but the show is all over the place in terms of storylines and character consistency.

      I thought the scene with Rayna and Deacon in this episode was just strange, almost as if the writer finished the script and was like oops, I need to put 30 seconds of a Rayna Deacon scene in there so I’ll write something that has no real value. It ended really abruptly as if it was supposed to go on, but also, how weird was it that he let himself in? I know we broke up a few weeks ago and you told me you were done with me, but I’m just going to let myself into your house without knocking? What if she’d been banging Liam? Not good writing show.

      • Ann says:

        Completely disagree and think that the Rayna and Deacon scene was just beautiful. It fits their characters and the kind of relationships that they have. It showed beautifully how deep their relationship goes and no matter what -they are bound for life. It wasn’t weird. It was perfectly normal for their characters. It was also the turning point for both of them. After that, Rayna fought for her voice and Deacon fought for his music by playing the piano that beautiful song with Scarlett.

        • Allyson M says:

          I totally agree with you, Ann. Rayna and Deacon have the kind of deep, rich, forever relationship, that is strong enough to survive all the pain they’ve given each other, and still allows them to be loving and caring friends, when they’re in a place where that’s all they can be.

          The beauty of their relationship is that they are not only deeply, lastingly, truly in love with each other, they do indeed, also, Love the other.

          I hope the shows is smart enough to bring them back together,even, if it happens slowly. Their relationship will be deepened and enriched, by the fact that they have created a beautiful Daughter.

          • Ann says:

            You put it so beautifully Allyson. Think that the Rayna/Deacon relationship is something that I haven’t really seen on TV too much, because we usually get this “will they/won’t they” before they get together but rarely after and if so, than not in such a way, but the truth is that in life, when people share a life time together and have this kind of rock solid foundation for their relationship, than even if their relationship “status” change its not enough to take them out of each other’s life.
            Think it’s very human and I really enjoy watching even when it breaks my hearts.

            Also think it’s inevitable that Rayna and Deacon will find their way back to each other’s as more that friend at the end, and, as you said, it will be even deeper that what they had so far. Now there are no secrets between them and now they are slowly figuring out what kind of family they make together. Another reason for the deepening of their relationship is I think that that crash forced them to leave their state of denial that have been locked in for so many years. When Maddie was born it looks like they were more in the survival mode and just blocked the pain way. This is why Rayna always kept her distance and convinced herself she is not in love with Deacon anymore and Deacon preferred writing about Rayna and watch her from the sidelines instead of really confronting his issues. This is also why we saw last season how, whenever something shook that balance from some reason, Deacon had a setback.

            When they will get back together it will be so interesting to see how these do make it as a couple. There are so many interesting aspects to it.

    • Shanag says:

      I understand what you are saying but must say I disagree. Last season was all over the place. Everybody seemed to have an opinion about how this show should go and you could see this push and pull between different directions, but this year it’s different. Five episodes in I feel like they really have a story to tell and I enjoy trusting them, because they got back to basics. The main storylines are about the behind-the scenes of the music industry and the characters became much more rich and deep.
      I also think that this year they really have something to say. It’s much more than a late night drama. It says something about the relationships between art and commerce, about being an artist, and about Nashville as a place that brings all of it together. The beautiful haunting “this Town” song showed it last night.

      By the way, about the shows you have mentioned: Think that TGW has such a strong season. Just brilliant, but I stopped watching Scandal. It too over the top (and too hyped) to my taste and I just got tired of it. Maybe I’ll return-haven’t decided yet, but for me -Nashville is a keeper

  4. uh huh says:

    No tween Conrad brats in this episode??? YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!
    Will Chase is introduced into the mix, and doesn’t sing a song???? BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  5. Forwarddad says:

    No Peggy yay. Nice recap. Felt bad for J when the flash in the pan comment was made by Luke.

  6. Brenda says:

    Juliette in the Grand Ole Opry is ludicrous. Taylor Swift is still a guest artist and the Opry only lets in one or two artists a year. Uh-uh.

    • Alma says:

      There is a video on youtube posted by the Opry where Pam Tillis congragulate Juliiete Barnes for joining the Opry…funny :)

    • Stuffy says:

      They don’t just let anyone into the Opry. It’s not about who you are or how big of career you have. It’s also about the commitment your willing to make. From what I understand they want members to perform a minimum of ten weekend shows per year. I don’t know if Taylor even has 10 appearances in her entire career. An example is Keith Urban who has been around awhile, but wasn’t inducted until 2012.

    • A says:

      Taylor also probably isn’t the best comparison, seeing as her career is the reverse of Juliette’s. Juliette wants to be a country artist. Taylor has distanced herself from country and turned pop.

  7. Alma says:

    Thought that “this Town” and “The best songs come from broken hearts” are among the best songs we have heard on the show so far, and to my opinion, are two of the best songs I’ve heard in a really long time. Downloaded the full versions on iTunes and can’t stop listening to them ever since. The extended performance ACB posted for This Town is so haunting and raw. It is Nashville at its best. Also, Connie Britton just killed it with that song. So good!!

  8. My only problem tonight was that we didn’t get to see the full performance by Rayna, because the lyrics are so right for her in the moment and also because this was an important moment. It’s a great song and Connie Britton did an amazing job with it. She just poured her heart and soul to that song and it showed.
    This Town was also excellent. Love that this year there are pairing each one with different people. Scarlett and Deacon sound great together and I really enjoyed this pairing.

    Beside that loved the episode in general. 5 episodes in and I think I can say for sure that Nashville is back on track. The main storylines are behind-the scenes stories and they work. Maybe I’m wrong but must admit that sometimes I feel that these storylines are also a way for the writers and creators of the show to convey their criticism about the way Nashville was treated last season when everybody tried to change it and turn it into “a big hit” even though it was pretty damn good to begin with.

    Last thing. That Rayna and Deacon’s Scene. Sigh

  9. Carla Krae says:

    Loved tonight. Being a singer myself, I know the fear of wondering if your voice will be the same – or at least good enough to perform – after injury or illness. My worst was 2 weeks with zero voice and a total of a month without being able to sing, and then when I could it took a long time to get my full range back, so the tears and “Thank God I don’t sound like a frog” look on Rayna’s face were perfect. It’s an immense relief to know your career (your identity) isn’t over.
    Great songs tonight, too!

  10. Jimmie O says:

    I love “Nashville”. Can hardly wait for the next episode. I wish it was on every night, or at least a 2 hour show. The only thing I don’t like about it is they all go from one crisis to the next. I keep wishing things would stay good for them for awhile.

  11. Janina says:

    gotta love your recaps! awesome and fun as always :)
    totally agree with you about the friendship of juliette and avery! and I really loved the song deacon and scarlett played – beautiful :)

  12. Ava says:

    Awesome episode! Nashville has hit its stride and is getting even better week after week.

  13. Linda F says:

    I missed a shirtless Deacon? Damn you, SUV, for running over to 10:01 this season!!!! I’ll have to check it out on when it’s up.

    I also have a question: I got a phone call and missed this–did Juliette overhear something backstage at the benefit that made her so sad (it was after she was invited to join the Opry and just before Rayna found out her dad had been arrested) that she went to see Avery? I don’t see that referred to in Kim’s wonderful recap (thank you so much, btw, Kim–I always come here first thing on Thursday to read your Nashville recaps). Can someone fill me in on what happened? Thanks!

    • linda2009 says:

      Okay, that should be damn you, SVU. :-)

    • HeatherC says:

      Jeff made a comment about how horrible it was that the Opry was letting ‘pop tart artists’ (or something to that was derogatory towards Juliette) into it now, implying that Juliette wasn’t worthy enough to get in there. It was a parallel to how Juliette treated Avery at the mansion when she called him ‘just a guy on payroll’ which is why she went back to him and apologized for treating him badly.

      I LOVED last night’s episode so much and count me as another who loved Rayna’s song and the Deacon/Scarlet duet. My goodness that duet was AMAZING and the words fit the show so well. Nashville was good last year but it’s fantastic this year! =)

    • JKR says:

      Yes, she overheard Luke tell Rayna that he didn’t think Juliette deserved to be a member of the Opry.

  14. WCjr. says:

    Loved the episode last night.

    I think the Layla and Will thing will boost the press for both artists. Layla knows how to play the game and get what she wants. I just hope Juliette figures out that she’s not just going to disappear quietly. Will will ultimately fall for the PR guy and mess up his contract and go crawling back to Rayna.

    I LOVE Deacons new relationship with the lawyer chick. I think it’s great! He needed it. Yet, you can still see he’s in love with Rayna. Get back to writing Deacon! The guitar-playing will come soon after. Deacon, you also need to keep an eye out for Scarlett. Jeff is out for blood and he’s going to destroy Scarlett in the process.

    Zoey and Gunnar is just a passing fling. Gunnar is still in love with Scarlett. God, I hope Rayna finally sees how great Gunnar is and signs him.

    I’m hooked on whether or not Rayna will be able to get out of her Edgehill contract without the proper funds. All because Tandy became jealous of the father’s growing reconnection with Rayna.

    …and I do believe I’ll be back here for more scoop on Nashville. This is a great page!

  15. meah says:

    Looovveeed the episode!deacon and scarlett singing was amazing.loved Avery and Gunnar singing together,they didn’t need zoe.
    Am I the only one that thinks will is kinda smart,he take suggestions very well,scarlett could learn a few things from him.I just feel he wants it more than scarlett
    Loved that I got a juliette/avery scene.loveee those two together
    It was a really good episode.

  16. steven says:

    Zoey broke the Sis code, which is kinda like the Bro Code on How I Met your Mother, but for women.

  17. Jaymi says:

    Love your recaps Kimberly! So funny…and exactly the way I feel about every episode! Totally happy with this season so far, very glad I stuck with it!

  18. Tee says:

    Zoey wasn’t even drunk before she “accidentally” crossed the lines. that hook up came outta nowhere. it’s so irritating when they try to paint it as a guilty mistake.

    Tandy turning her father in is one thing. Letting someone else take the blame for it so weak and cheap. You would think years spent around her father would have taught her a thing or two about fabrication. I don’t put it pass the officers/investigators to embellish a story to make it look like more than what it is. she’s going to feel like sh*t if or when it comes out that her father didn’t kill her mother. besides if they really suspected that they should have arrested him on THAT charge. theirs no statute of limitation on murder. i think she’s just jealous that he’s paying more attention to Rayna now.

    Juliette takes three steps forward and ten steps back every other episode in terms of her personality. This episode was three steps forward. And honestly The whole Gunnar, scarlet, Avery triangle is boring to me.

    LOVED Rayna’s moment on stage when she realized she still could sing. I kinda wish we could have seen Deacon’s reaction. he would have been super relieved and stoked.

    Teddy needs to be written out. he’s boring. and he doesn’t even have the decency to be fun to look at. Him and Crazy eyes should just skip town

    • meem says:

      But Tandy was right there in the muck with her father for years. It wasn’t until she convinced herself that he killed their mother that she turned him in on everything else. She hasn’t learned a thing, she just wants revenge for their mother’s death. She still has no conscience–she’ll have no problem letting Teddy take the fall.

  19. Anna says:

    I really enjoyed Avery/Gunnar (and Zoey) singing together… where did that come from? Also, can Rayna please just get out of that contract and sign Avery/Gunnar to her own label? This storyline kinda sucks…

  20. JT says:

    I think Will, is going to be like a “big brother” to Scarlett, watch out for her while on tour. I bet he going to keep an eye on Layla. Because he could see what she was doing with Scarlett.
    I think while on tour something going to happen between Will and his ex. I think Layla, might be the one to “out” Will. I have a feeling Brent, is up to something it not a good thing on his part. I’d go as far as to say he maybe teaming up with Layla. But not entirely sure on that. Brent, seems to really want Will on this tour. He told Will, in episode two to come sign with Jeff. To trust him that he won’t blow his cover or ruin his career. I think he going to start trusting Brent again. Then after while it going blow up in Will’s face. Maybe realize he had the right to “jump out of his skin.” and should have not trusted Brent, too much.
    I think he probably will go back to Rayna, label. If Rayna, has the money to keep her label going and would take Will, back. I think she would. Because she probably going to need to sign more artists to her label. To get her label going and have money coming in. Because I don’t think it cheap to have a new label and run it on your own.

  21. lindasays says:

    The way I see, Avery obviously wants Scarlett back. He very much noticed Gunnar and Zoey starting to connect. He did not acutally believe the song needed Zoey’s imput. It was just a plot to have Zoey getting Gunnar’s input!! I also think Teddy was the subject of a recent tvline blind item. He’s a dead man.

    • Amy says:

      Bingo, linda, I’m with you on that, totally! I was just coming on here to post that, since I hadn’t seen anyone say it yet. Total set up by Avery…you could even seen it in his eyes as he watched them, and even the body language…he sat apart and referred to “that was fun you two”, it was like him and “them”…subtle, but that was it. And I don’t even “hate” Avery for it…all’s fair. And as I see it (albeit I love J.J. and his “Avery”), Gunnar’s been a “way too easy dog”, while pining for his Scarlett. I like Gunnar, his talent, his singing/writing and singing with Scar, and I was rooting for them all last season…but just saying, he’s easily swayed in many directions. Conversely, “edgy Avery”, showed character when he didn’t sit right for long selling out his music, shacking up with that female pr lady last year, and doesn’t jump on every woman around, but shows more depth, like with Juliette. I knew J.J. had him in him as an actor and thought they’d make Avery more “layered”, glad they did. Anyway, I know I digressed, just sayin’ I totally see it as a calculated move on his part, to get Zoey with Gunnar and leave Scarlett open to him, but so far I don’t begrudge him it!

  22. ShG says:

    Can’t get over Rayna’s comeback. We could sych feel her every emotion (and there were so many of them). Can someone please give Connie Britton and emmy already???

    • Tran says:

      ugh, IKR! It’s a travesty that she hasn’t won one….maybe not exactly for this show in particular….just all of her work so far.

      • ShG says:

        In general, I will nominate her for everything (even if she’ll read the phone book out loud) and think she should have won already for FNL.
        Speaking of Nashville I think she is doing a great work and do deserve a nomination for it. She is not hyper like most of the nominated actresses and it’s not a cable show, but it doesn’t change the fact that lots of acting is required to play this role. Besides the singing (which is also used in a very unique way in Nashville) she basically plays 2 parts: Rayna Jaymes the icon and Rayna the women. Her character is very complex and has so many different sides. Connie with her subtle natural style makes it look easy but it’s not! This season she is also been given much better material so she truly shine in almost every scene she is in.

  23. Forwarddad says:

    Didn’t the blind item say a major star?

  24. Tora says:

    Three great songs, and yes, Gunnar and Avery didn’t really need Zoey… Deacon really don’t know how to be alone, he’s kind of sl…y! … and Layla actually did Scarlett a favor, whether she meant or not! And Rayna and Deacon, OMG, but the absolute best moment I think was when Luke filled in the words of the song – I shiver each time I look!

    • Shanag says:

      That moment with Luke perfect, although he is going to crush my Deyna dreams for a while!
      Also, Can someone give Connie Britton an Emmy or a Golden Globes (or both) already?? Last night she was brilliant!

  25. Leila J says:

    The whole Layla/Will pairing might just force Will out of the closet. That or Layla will catch him swapping spit with his ex (whose name I can’t remember at the moment) and then blackmail him. She’s a total bitch. I hate her from this day forward after what she did to Scarlett. Jealous much? Seriously it is not like she has a chance with Will anyway. He likes a package and unfortunately, she cannot deliver. She is not UPS or FedEx. Deacon and Scarlett’s duet was so beautiful. Gunnar and Avery’s duet was awesome and did not need that good for nothing tramp and so called best fried Zoey. who is acting like a hoey. Well, I guess she needed a storyline, for that matter so did Gunnar. I like Avery and Juliette together, but that won’t last long. When is anyone allowed to be happy for more than one segment on these shows? Rayna sang beautifully. Too bad her dad got arrested and his assets got frozen. Now she and her assets are stuck at Edgehill with that jerk boss. Anyway, great episode and I am still enjoying Nashville. Can’t wait until the next episode! Thanks for the great recap!

  26. katrina says:

    Loved the show last night! I see that the ratings were 5.5million is thay good? I would have a melt down if this show was to get cancelEd anytime soon!

  27. tmz says:

    Love any scenes with gunnar and zoey/rayna and deacon.

  28. Amy says:

    I thought the scene with Deacon/Rayna was perfect, said just enough about caring that each had lost their musical identities from the crash. I thought it was perfect because it showed not much needs to be said between these two…when the sh** goes down, they each know what’s important to the other, and it can be said with few words, right to the point. Also liked Rayna’s advice to Deacon about ‘finding out who he is without the guitar’… taking his normal recovery beyond just stopping drinking… to getting to the roots of himself and who he is without the drinking, the guitar. Might we see Deke have a breakthrough in a new way and get stronger within himself? I’m rooting always for Deke and Chip E is great in his portrayal.
    Also love all his scenes with Scarlett…loved the Cinderella at the ball comment, and them singing together. They are both great in their roles.
    Worried about Rayna’s owning herself being all screwed up now….got to see how that evolves!
    I love the show.
    I especially love the exploration of artist vs. image/business, art/commerciality. That’s always an interesting thing, particularly in today’s music biz where the marketing machine is bigger and more well-oiled than ever before….how do artists navigate it all and stay true to themselves. I think art has suffered because of it and the market saturated with lots of cr*p, while the good stuff is more “indy” these days. So it’s interesting if they’d really show something in all of that…Rayna’s label will be the great vehicle to play opposite the “big machine!”

  29. Amy says:

    oops, last but not least, meant to say thanks to Kimberly…love your recaps and look forward to them each week!! :)