The Voice Recap: Knockouts. Who's There?

Olivia Henken, Stephanie Anne JohnsonConspiracy theorists, grab your No. 2 pencils and prepare to jot down some verrry interesting numbers regarding The Voice, because it looks as though NBC’s reality singing competition might just be stacking the deck to prevent Blake Shelton from winning a fourth consecutive season.

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Indeed, of the 24 Season 5 Battle Rounds — six per coach — none of Christina Aguilera’s matchups received the dreaded “montage” treatment, compared to one for Adam Levine, two for Cee Lo Green and a whopping three (or 50% of his contestants) for poor Blake!

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Does that mean Team Blake’s snippet-ized Holly Henry, E.G. Daily and Brandon Chase can’t win the whole enchilada? Certainly not, especially when you recall Cassadee Pope pulled it off in Season 3 despite most of her Battle Round getting left on the editing-room floor. Plus, there’s Blake’s “aw-shucks-I’m-not-really-cut-throat-competitive” charm, ridiculously enthusiastic clapping and goofy sense of humor to contend with. But honestly, if there’s a noticeable reduction in misty water-colored closeups of Blake’s proud-papa mug during his contestants’ performances in the live rounds, then I might really be onto something.

Whatever the case, the disparity in doling out full Battle edits can’t be entirely accidental, leading me to think Mark Burnett & Co. are trying to give a little extra love to the friendlier, refreshed and undeniably less, er, painted Xtina.

The story, as they say, is developing…

In the meantime, let me jump to a ranking of each of tonight’s Battles from least- to most-promising winner — which tonight, was REALLY difficult, since all three victors look like legit contenders based on their combined Blinds/Battles output:

3. Team Cee Lo: Jonny Gray defeats Shawn Smith on “Refugee” | It’s official: My obsession over Jonny’s voice in the Blinds has been downgraded to mild infatuation after a totally solid but not entirely spectacular Battle: I do definitely dig the quaver in the Air Force alum’s instrument, but his tone gets a little narrow in his upper register. That’s not always a bad thing, of course — it’s not as if Tom Petty himself doesn’t get a little nasal, either — but whether it’ll suit him on all the songs Cee Lo chooses over the course of the competition remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Jonny was a clear winner over the sweet but ultimately outclassed “Big Sexy.”

2. Team Adam: Preston Pohl defeats Barry Black on “I Wish It Would Rain” | This was another Battle where suspense left the building and smoked a cigarette in the alley behind the studio within seconds of Preston and Barry opening their mouths to sing. Preston’s gravelly tone and flawless phrasing made him the cheetah of this matchup when compared to the three-legged imapala that was Barry’s unsteady pitch (especially in his falsetto range) and unfortunate reliance on playing the mouth horn. Heck, even Adam made it clear that this wasn’t a hard decision — which may have been the final nail in Barry’s failure to score Cee Lo’s final Steal.

1. Team Xtina: Olivia Henken defeats Stephanie Anne Johnson on “Done” (Stephanie stolen by Cee Lo) | If I’m being completely honest, Preston probably has the best chance to win out of the four non-montaged contestants who marched on to the Knockouts tonight, but Xtina’s superfun choice of The Band Perry plus the flawless (albeit very different) performances of Olivia and Stephanie made it the highlight of the episode. As the ladies traded off lead vocals, I kept thinking one or the other had gained an edge in the showdown — Stephanie’s growl! Olivia’s hairography! Stephanie’s saucy “La-tee-dah!” Olivia’s epic final glory note! — my brain bouncing back and forth like the head of a spectator at a tennis match. Olivia’s slightly superior stage presence may have given her the edge in the Battle, but Stephanie’s versatility (and adorably enthusiastic grandma) could help her in the subsequent War. Here’s hoping both women survive the Knockouts so we can find out!

Also Shown (But in Snippets)
Team Blake: Holly Henry defeats Cilla Chan
Team Blake: Brandon Chase defeats Emily Randolph
Team Cee Lo: Tamara Chauniece defeats Keaira LaShae

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of tonight’s Battle Rounds? Did you disagree with any of the coaches’ decisions on Battle wins or Steals? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. HTGR says:

    Dang it all, they actually did do it! They montaged Holly! First we get Preston and I loved him in the audition and I loved him in the battle so the night was getting good and then “and we also had moving on….”. Noooooo. Oh come on man, you montage Holly?? She was one of the ones I think most people were watching all these battle rounds just to see!

    • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

      Always leave them wanting more…

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah. Although reading below, it sounds like something went wrong during the round (sometimes I’ve wondered if that might be another reason for some montages, not doing it to be unfair but to be more fair or helpful).

        • Lumplestilskin says:

          The one thing I will never understand about Michael S’s approach is all the paranoia and suspicion. We all know NBC would rather not have the same coach win over and over and God knows they felt that way LAST season. They were dying for Michele Chamuelle to win, but America wasn’t having it. This show is not fixed. If Holly was montaged it’s because her battle was boring, or because both singers sucked. And by the way, no knockout singers are ever montaged.

          • HTGR says:

            Well, I do understand it since he has watched like 13 seasons of AI haha. It’s easy to understand that anyone who has done that would have a mind over-primed to jump into conspiracy theories hah. There absolutely for sure proven have been all sorts of tricks that have gone on at that show, some plenty dirty.
            Anyway, in this case, it certainly seems to have proven to have been something else. Apparently they were made to do some horrible arrangement that all the other judges hated and it moreover it sounds like some technical things went wrong too during their round that they didn’t want to show happening so I guess they figured it’d be best to just quickly montage it.

    • debi says:

      I was beyond disappointed. I figured they were saving the best for last, so I wasn’t going to miss tonight’s show. Then at the very last, I realized they weren’t going to show Holly’s battle. There are rumors that she gets eliminated in the knock-outs. Say it ain’t so!

      • HTGR says:

        Ahh man, don’t say that! So far all the rumors have been spot on!! Man I had a bad feeling about her going with Blake this season. I wish they hadn’t had this stuff all pre-taped, if they’d seen her popularity, for sure she’d have made it to lives.

        • HTGR says:

          If she doesn’t even make it to lives I will totally flip.

          • Lumplestilskin says:

            I’ve been saying since day 1 that Holly was a one-trick pony. Just because you can sing “The Scientist” well doesn’t mean you’re great on everything. The only reason NBC would choose to montage her battle would be because neither singer sounded good.

          • HTGR says:

            If you read below it wasn’t so simple as they didn’t sound good and one judge even said they had been dying to use a save but had none left. It was techincal glitches and a dull arrangement apparently.
            You could tell a lot from her audition and she has other stuff around too. Hopefully Blake didn’t passive aggressive take out all the hate the other coaches apparently tossed on him for the arrangement on song choice, although Holly seems like she’d be one of his favorite types, so I hope this was just a random rumor and not one of the well sourced ones that poster above was referring to.

          • HTGR says:

            But I really couldn’t see Blake acting like that though at all.

          • Lumplestilskin: that is apparently one really good trick, Holly has the seventh highest charting song from The Battle Rounds this season on iTunes (so she charted higher than 19 contestants that had their full Battles shown) and she is still rising. And she currently has two of the nine best selling songs from The Voice this season currently on the iTunes chart.

          • pcacala says:

            Holly had a massive chart rebound on iTunes following a second airing of The Scientist, so we can expect she’ll bounce higher after this Thursday’s telecast than the #89 Pop position she has currently attained. The Hollowers are pushing her forward with their purchases. Now to see if NBC does any editing to the Thursday telecast to give montaged contestants more air time? They really owe that to both fans and contestants, esp. poor Cilla.

    • Lumplestilskin says:

      According to a tweet from Cilla Chan (@CillChan) who lost her battle to Holly:
      “there were mistakes made that were neither mine or Holly’s fault that I thought they wouldn’t want to air and I already had a feeling they wouldn’t want to show it…”

      So stop with all the conspiracy theories!

    • pcacala says:

      Just a head’s up to read on through this thread, because this gets addressed a lot in later postings. The montaging is brewing up to be a Season 2 type audience rebellion.

  2. Francine says:

    I was really looking forward to Holly Henry and was bummed they didn’t show her… I guess it must not have been much of a competition. Preston’s performance gave me chills tonight. Honestly I thought all three battles shown were pretty great and could have gone either way.

  3. T says:

    Grrrr – And I was really looking forward to seeing Holly Henry in the Battle Rounds!

  4. Johnny says:

    One question- Why didn’t they show Holly? That is all

    • Alex says:

      umm. maybe because the snippet we heard really didn’t sound very good? would not be surprised if she ends up being a one trick pony.

  5. lucy27lucy says:

    Preston may have been slightly better, but Barry really deserved a steal – much better than many of the other outright winners and stolen contestants.

    • HTGR says:

      I wouldn’t say that he was better than all those stolen by any means, but yeah I’d say he was than a good number of them.

    • Michele says:

      No way. Could you actually see Barry getting further than Preston? I didn’t think it was even close. However, I thought Cilla Chan, who yet again got montage treatment, may have been more deserving of the steal than even Stephanie Anne Johnson.

  6. HTGR says:

    Liked CeeLo’s steal of Stephanie (who I actually thought had won the round; did Xtina maybe let her slide since she like both but felt Stephanie was the more likely to get the CeeLo save?).
    Anyway a couple of good battle there in the final Stephanie/Olivia rounds (both quite good, I favor Stephanie, didn’t remember Olivia from the auditions) and the Preston/Barry round. Love Preston. And the Holly 3 second snippet. Love her. (If they are trying to do an anyone but Blake then even more I think Holly may have been better off with the CeeLo or the others).
    It would be ironic if the one time Blake truly had the best contestant (remains to be seen, but it’s not impossible with her) that he doesn’t win!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I will hold out on the conspiracy theory. I think Blake’s fan base is too strong for it to work. They only way Blake doesn’t have a chance of winning is if he sits out a season. But I am so glad I get to hear Preston sing again. I mean wow.

      • analythinker says:

        I do have a theory (which I hope makes sense) on how Blake won three times in a row. First, he needed to have at least one “popular” (using this term lightly because of… well… Jermaine Paul) artist had to move on to live rounds in order to get votes. Once they’re in live rounds, the “battles” begin.
        The theory I have is mostly based on Twitter followers of the coaches. Now, we know never to base any theory on social media statistics, but in this case, I think it’s logical for a number of reasons:
        1. Country music is NOT big outside of the USA.
        2. Not THAT many people outside of USA know Blake (many know Blake from The Voice).
        3. Which means Blake’s followers are mostly Americans.
        4. Who can watch the show AND vote.
        5. And consequently take Blake’s teams to the top of [US] iTunes charts.

        Now, Adam’s followers (even Xtina’s) outnumber Blake’s, but I believe more than half of them are outside US. CeeLo has the least followers, which could go either way, but still not enough to beat the odds (I guess).

        Maybe, just maybe… after seeing Holly’s The Scientist reached the highest (higher than Preston, IIRC) on iTunes, TPTB decided to montage her, for fear that she’ll top the chart again & take Blake to win his fourth. (This is just a thought, I sincerely hope it’s not the case!)

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          I love these theories. It’s so interesting. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear Holly next time…. I was looking forward to it.

        • I really do not understand these people voting for coaches not the actual singers conspiracy theories. Cassadee and Danielle crushed everyone else on iTunes and it was not even close. And if there were a conspiracy theory about Jermaine, I would guess it was less people voting for Blake and more irate Jesse Campbell fans voting for the other RnB guy after Jesse got jobbed by Christina.

      • Becky says:

        I am a huge Temptations fan. OMG Preston is so in the league with Ruffin. Now it is up to Adam to select the right material. That is usually his downfall. Blake has it down to an art!

    • cpen says:

      Actually Bake did have the “best contestants” on his team. They also won. Irony doesn’t apply. Also, there is no “best contestant”. Just becuase you do not like a certain genre of music, or a person’s tone of voice, or whatever criteria you can judge a person’s voice on, doesn’t mean that person should not win. The “best contestant” is subjective. To each their own.

      • HTGR says:

        To each their own is true and fair enough, but I still have a hard time swallowing that Cassaddee was better than Amanda Brown (especially for much of the season when she was sounding like a chipmunk, she did pretty well the last few weeks though, but I still don’t think she held a candle to Amanda Brown’s vocals, although she was at least legit good by the end)and I had to sit around for a minute here to even remember the name of the guy he first won with, Jermaine Paul. Not a single critic on any blog I saw picked him as the best or to win and I don’t even recall seeing a single such comment in any of the forums, he was the least talked about winner ever, his win came utterly out of nowhere, I don’t recall a single prediction placing him better than 4th out of 4 for the finale.
        I think the team Blake voting thing does give contestants a bit of a bonus. Anything country just gets many of the voters of these shows voting even if it is just the coach, (although perhaps Cassadee’s fanbase got her going early even moreso or maybe it’s just who tends to vote the most on these shows; I thought each of the winners so far more bland than some of the other finalists; so far non-finalists have had more success than finalists from The Voice, although perhaps that will change with the last two winners in time). Look at Tate on XFactor last season? A decent but nothing special country singer runs away with it? I’d say that half the contestants in the live rounds were more impressive. I’d say I was right too considering that country is the easiest sell and winning gives a huge boost to sales and yet he is being outsold by some who didn’t make the finale I think.
        And yeah sure it’s not like you can produce a mathematically proof of who is the best and to each their own.

        • Becky says:

          Song choice. Amanda is amazing. But each song needs to be selected carefully. And it didn’t always go that way. I was never crazy about pope. But she had appropriate song choices. I thought Amanda should have been in the final 3.

  7. Jim says:

    A post from Holly’s duet partner-

    My thoughts on the our battle: there were mistakes made that were neither mine or Holly’s fault that I thought they wouldn’t want to air and I already had a feeling they wouldn’t want to show it…

    I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone all the love I’ve gotten in the past few weeks!! I always went into every round of The Voice not expecting anything and I honestly never thought I’d ever get as far as I did (48 out of 50,000! What!!!). It was always so humbling being around the most talented singers in the world. I went in with a goal of proving to myself that I could be one amongst the best – for me personally, getting onto the show was the biggest accomplishment of my life. I met the most incredible friends (who I’ll be rooting for until the very end!!), got to be on Team BLAKE (!!) and had the time of my life.

    Of course it was disappointing to have it end so soon (at least in the TV world) and I no doubt wish the outcome had been different. The circumstance was tough because although one of the coaches wanted to use a steal it was not an available option by the time we performed. The song choice and arrangement were also not in our control. Cher was the most amazing guest mentor and told me she believed in my talent which meant the world to me. And despite all of this, I will forever be grateful to Blake for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and I have the utmost respect and love for Holly. I know gave it my best out there and it is amazing to know I will forever have the absolute honor of saying that I was on THE VOICE. Life is all about relishing in experiences and enjoying the journey – this one has been an absolute blast. I’ll continue to dream big – whether in music or otherwise – and I know this is just the beginning!!

    My thoughts- holly said she had anxiety issues. could the montage maybe have protected her from something that happened on stage?

    • HTGR says:

      Interesting post you found there. Sometimes I did wonder if not showing a round wasn’t done to minimize someone or a pairing, but to help them if something weird happened or it went bad. Sounds like maybe that was the case this time. I don’t think it would be an issue like you refer to since she says above it was not fault of either. Interesting that it hinted they didn’t dig the arrangement at all, either of them. I still wonder if Holly didn’t make a mistake going Blake mostly just because he always won before.
      Too bad they didn’t have a save left for her. I still feel like they maybe need some sort of final save after it all goes down to pick up any who got left out due to rash earlier decisions or late surprises, etc.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Thanks, Jim. Interesting.

    • SamSmith says:

      That’s Cilla Chan posting that on her twitter. Didn’t even know her. She was montage on her blinds and this.

    • Terry says:

      ugh, I hate that, tell us the whole story or stfu!
      (that’s not directed at you Jim)

  8. Leondre says:

    Is The Voice new on Thursday or is it a rerun?

    Anyways, LOVED seeing two of Blake’s battles only get snippets. I was fine with the winners if tonight’s battles.

  9. dj says:

    It sounded to me like they were going to have another recap show on Thursday night. Did I hear that wrong? If it’s true, I hope it’s not just recap. I hope they show some of the battles we missed or more behind the scenes. Just recapping is so boring. How many times do they think we want to see the same things? Have they never heard of DVR?

    I was happy Jonny Gray won because he looks just like my sister-in-law, and I was glad Preston won because he’s my favorite.

  10. ajintexas says:

    The biggest problem with this show is that I never hear ANY criticism other than some very mild pointers towards improvement. Not much of a fan of Idol, but at least when Simon was on there he would be clear when a performance was awful. Even though they montaged several battles, a couple of them that were shown in full had one person or both who probably wouldn’t win a local karaoke competition. But this is what happens when the coaches are trying to “win” instead of produce marketable talent.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      So far the best criticism on this show has come from Cher.

    • analythinker says:

      My guess is because the coaches are that, a coach, not a judge. I’m not saying a coach can’t criticize, but I believe TPTB wants The Voice to be a positive show, first and foremost. By that premise, any strong criticism happening when the camera’s rolling has to be edited out, I suppose.

      I watched live once and once the audience were all seated, the first thing they asked of us is to not boo (the coaches AND the contestants) during comments, and they made it clear it’s a positive show (in a non-authoritative way).

  11. Johnny says:

    I thought all of the right people won every battle, but to be honest, I predicted every winner prior to any battle or battle rehearsal footage, based solely on pre-battle hype in the blind auditions. This made the show a bit predictable. It also didn’t help that one of the most interesting voices of the night (Holly Henry) was reduced to snippet treatment, and that Cee Lo still hadn’t used his his steal by the time the last battle rolled around – the stakes were practically zero because we already knew both Olivia and Stephanie were making it through.

  12. Angie_Overrated says:

    Stephanie might just be my favorite in this competition. Girl is amazing. I could listen to her sing all day everyday. I have a feeling Cee Lo will bring her to the live shows. She richly deserves it.

  13. Davey says:

    I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Cilla Chan sing in the audition or the battle rounds. I was intrigued by her look. I’m actually more than disappointed. I’m angry.

  14. elle says:

    Actually having listened to the itunes version, I don’t think this song was great for Holly. Hopefully she picks something better suited to her lovely voice in the knockout round. It could be that they didn’t show it because they want Holly to succeed long term?

    • HTGR says:

      If you read above it sounds like neither liked the arrangement at all and that it didn’t work and maybe some bad technical mishap went down too, so yeah probably so. (OTOH someone else’s post way above hints at some horror eliminations next week. Better not be her.)
      Her partner said they had no choice on the arrangement at all. I like the song a lot, from the little clip we heard it did sound like an odd choice for her.

      • k says:

        Definitely agree. If you look at Holly and Cilla’s post-battle interview, they both make it pretty clear that neither of them liked the arrangement. And from the awkward energy in that interview, it seems like they were also trying to tiptoe around whatever mishap happened on stage.

        I do wonder, as some others are mentioning here, if the producers intentionally montage certain performances to protect the singers from mistakes that happened. In one of the meet-the-team videos, Amber (on team Xtina) reveals that she made some sort of vocal error at the beginning of her blind audition that ended up being montaged.

        • Elle says:

          Cilla commented on the video that none of the judges liked the song choice/arrangement. That’s probably why they didn’t show the battle.

        • pcacala says:

          Dang Blake for picking an ill suited song which must have seemed like a winner because it got gals far in previous seasons. Holly posted to Tumblr: “I for one am not fond of that song at all…but I did my best,” as well as answering the comment “Have you seen The Voice FB page? Everybody is piiissed that they didn’t get to watch your battle” with the response: “I know =[ I don’t know what they were thinking….you guys waited so long and then they just montaged it. I’m sorry.” Here is hoping we hear Royals or Blue Jeans in the next round.

  15. Rita Walz says:

    Preston Pohl is awesome! My fav since his audition. Christina was unfair in giving a country song to Stephanie. She sang her heart out and was my choice for that battle.

  16. Annie says:

    Cilla Chan tweeted that a couple of things went wrong during her battle with Holly Henry. She didn’t specify what went wrong, but she didn’t seem surprised that NBC or The Voice might not want to show the battle in full because of this.

  17. Ron says:

    I’ll preface this by saying PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!!!
    I loved Holly’s audition, but based on the few seconds we saw of her battle, I’m not really disappointed we missed the whole thing. It sounded dreadfully boring. Though admittedly that may have less to do with Holly and Cilla, and more to do with Blake’s piss-poor song choices. In general, I don’t think I’m *as* sold on Holly as everyone else seems to be (I have several other favorites). But that’s not to say she’s bad by any stretch of the imagination. I’m anxious to hear what she does in the knock-outs.

    I definitely think Preston won his battle (dudes voice is killer). But I think Barry deserved a little more praise for what he did vocally.

    I thought I would like Stephanie better going into the battles. After her audition, I said we’d be surprised by what she would show us. And I think she adapted quite well to the country tune. But after the battle, I thought Olivia killed it and definitely won the battle between the two. I honestly think Olivia could be a dark horse in this competition. That said, I’m glad Stephanie was stolen.

    Anxious to see how this new steal during the knock-outs work. I think it’d be interesting for a contestant to be stolen during the knock-outs by their original coach who let them go during the battles (though that may not be the best strategy depending on some of the contestants).

    • Tyler says:

      I think that’ll be a good strategy for former coaches to steal their contestant back because it’ll make the new coaches think twice about the contestants they stole.

  18. Sara says:

    Here’s my conspiracy theory: I have always thought that they montaged singers that they think could have a huge audience following (like this Holly girl that everyone wanted to see) who do poorly in the Battles and therefore could change people’s opinions and also to build up anticipation for them. The producers probably have a slight window of opportunity to view the Itunes returns of the Blind auditions to shape the Battle viewing schedule. The snippet they showed tonight of Blake picking Holly didn’t sound all that encouraging, but I could be remembering it wrong.

  19. Annie says:

    I loved the Preston-Barry battle (I love that song by The Temptations so much, too). They both sounded amazing. So I’m bummed no one stole Barry.

    • MamaLis says:

      I totally dig Preston too. BIG time. It’s like Christina said, (huge compliment from her), “You can’t teach/buy that kind of voice.” It’s SO good. I actually the dude can win the whole thing.
      One step further – I think he’s the guy that’s gonna be the first Voice winner to actually go “truly” mainstream and make a name for himself. (Oh, I know, Cassidy has video.)

      • abz says:

        Cassadee’s new album when to #1 on the Top Country Albums Chart and I think #9 on Billboard 200, but I guess that might not count, in terms of the Voice creating a new star, because she already had a built-in fanbase pre-Voice. It’ll be interesting to see though which Voice contestant (with no previous music career history) eventually will make it big.

  20. David says:

    No disagreements with any of the battle round winners tonight. I, too, hope that Holly Henry makes it to the live shows. At this juncture, I’d bet that Caroline Pennell (Team Cee Lo) and Preston Pohl (T Adam) go very deep into this competition. I’d also bet that Tessanne will be cited as a ‘favorite’ by the media once the live shows start, and then suffer an early exit (just like what happened to Judith Hill last season).

  21. Elle says:

    Cilla commented on the “After the Battle” youtube video:
    Cilla Chan 1 hour ago
    Hey guys! Just to clarify, it wasn’t a mistake on Holly or my part but the judges really didn’t like the song choice/song arrangement and hammered down pretty hard on Blake for it. Despite everything, I’m so insanely proud of Holly for moving on and very honored for the opportunity to be on the show. I do wish we could have seen the full performance because I still feel like we did the best we could given the circumstance!

  22. analythinker says:

    I always thought montages were arranged because Battle Rounds are not live, and they need to mix them up to make it interesting. If anyone noticed Xtina’s reaction when CeeLo pushed his button for Stephanie, to me that doesn’t scream “last steal”, because Xtina looked surprise (of course, it could be acting). If all the battles were in chronological order, it would have been very obvious from the beginning of Stephanie Anne & Olivia’s battle that CeeLo would steal either one of them, no? Not like he’s gonna waste one steal, right?

    • Helena says:

      The Cilla Chan post above indicates that no steals were left for her battle. So that battle must have come after the Olivia/Stephanie battle we actually saw last.

    • Shawn says:

      Something I noticed too after Christina had picked Olivia and Olivia walked off stage Carson said “Coaches just to remind you that Stephanie is available to steal.” He didn’t say. “Cee Lo Stephanie is available to steal.” So I think perhaps that Stephanie’s still happened when another coach or coaches still had a steal available as well.

  23. Calvin says:

    I don’t really know why they put a lot of Blake’s battles in montages but I do get why they did show all of Christina’s pairing. I mean how can you ignore those performances from Matthew and Jacob’s; and Timyra and Amber; and Josh and Michael’s while the remaining three have gotten steals. Well I didn’t see a battle yet with steals but is part of a montage clip if you know what I mean. Though I personally like the non-steal battles for her teams more.

    • Calvin says:

      Though I personally like the non-steal battles for her *team more

    • Tyler says:

      Blake had only ONE contestant stolen from his team while Christina had THREE. (Adam and CeeLo had TWO apiece.) Plus, he had THREE montages. I think that says a lot about Blake’s team this season.

      • Calvin says:

        Haha, are you implying that he’s team is pretty weak this season? Well I still love Holly Henry. If she’s really out, Blake might not really be able to win his 4th trophy this season.

  24. David says:

    It seems to me that Blake’s song choice for Holly and Cilla wasn’t very inspired. It could be that he punted it completely. As I recall, ‘Torn’ was Cassadee Pope’s blind audition song. Perhaps Blake doesn’t know any other non-country songs.

    • MC says:

      “Torn” is one of my all-time favorite pop songs, but it’s not the right song to showcase what Holly brings to the table. Adam would be much better at choosing indie-alternative tunes for Holly with interesting arrangements. Is it asking too much for Adam to steal her in the knockouts? I think that would be a win-win for everyone. Adam needs another win, Blake needs to lose, etc.

      • The Guest says:

        Why does a coach “need” to win or lose? They don’t get anything for winning. Shouldn’t you care more about the singer on a show about singers competing against each other?

        • MC says:

          I think my post indicates that I care about Holly. I want Adam to coach her because it would be in her best interest imo. The last two sentences reflect the conventional wisdom that some people (perhaps even the producers) don’t want Blake to win a fourth consecutive time. It would be an ancillary benefit to create the appearance of a more level playing field for future contestants. Blake’s winners have definitely benefited from being on his team. Some people do vote for the coaches. I’m not one of them, but we can’t pretend this doesn’t affect the votes.

        • Ansa says:

          But this is part of the concept of this…it’s not justa competition among the singers but competition for bragging rights for the coaches to say they have the best ear for talent. This is why I think the coaches are being very strategic with their choices…it’s really not just about the contestant….this is the big difference between this show and American Idol.

  25. abz says:

    I like how critical the judges are being this season and the feedback being given. That was one reason why I wanted Christina back. She’s very honest and while it does seem like she has changed a lot from the previous season she was on, she’s still not afraid of giving compliments where they’re due and critiques as well. I feel like Adam is the most critical out of all of them which I appreciate a lot. I’m not musically educated. I listen to what I think sounds good and what I like so it’s nice to see them point out things that I may have missed. It’s way better than last season with Shakira and Usher where everything was a constant love-fest and praises handed out left and right. I know a lot of people were not too happy with Christina and CeeLo coming back but I still enjoy them very much.

  26. Andrew says:

    The contenders this season seem to be (In no particular Order) Preston, Tessanne, Caroline, and Matthew Schuler. Team Blake looks kinda weak but but watch out for Austin and Shelbie

  27. David says:

    I’m not necessarily buying any of the conspiracy theories. All of the blind auditions, as well as the battle and knockout rounds, are constructed by the show’s editors. We don’t know much, if anything, about when these parts of the show were taped and in what order. With respect to Holly Henry, we know she was in the blind audition shows very early on, but not in the battle round shows until the end. We don’t know, however, when these performances took place in relation to the other performances. Which brings up a bunch of questions. Here’s one: At the time of Holly’s battle round with Cilla, could Blake have known that Holly’s blind audition of ‘The Scientist’ had soared on iTunes? If her audition had aired before her battle round was taped, yes. If not, no. The same goes for Preston’s audition and Adam. Given that all these early rounds are taped, there is a time continuum issue here. We probably won’t be able to reliably predict anything about how well the contestants are really doing until the live shows start.

    • pcacala says:

      See Wikipedia for the taping dates, which I believe were over by August 23rd. The fact that iTunes sales aren’t know to the coaches leaves open the possibility for a very awkward situation of a top selling artist getting dumped before the live rounds. What is brewing re: Holly Henry is an agoraphobic who is presenting an honest yet savvy personality in social media, building a big fan base and thus is posing a challenge to NBC: did you properly handle her, or did you have to cover up your goofs with montage treatments?

    • The Guest says:

      The blinds, battles and knockouts are all done taping before the season even airs. And what’s shown on TV is never the order in which it actually took place. Those brief coaches comments said directly to the camera after the performance are all filmed after the fact to make it appear like the order shown is the order it happened.

  28. Because I took the time to do this I thought I would share
    My preferences by team, after the battles…
    Team Adam

    1. James Wolpert
    2. Grey
    3. Tessanne Chin
    4. James Irwin
    5. Juhi (Stolen from Ceelo)
    6. Lina Gaudenzi (Stolen from Xtina)
    7. Ashley Dubose
    8. Preston Pohl

    Team Blake

    1. Holly Henry
    2. Nic Hawk (Stolen from Adam)
    3. E.G. Daily
    4. Ray Boudreaux
    5. Shelbie Z
    6. Austen Jenckes
    7. Brandon Chase
    8. Briana Cuoco (Stolen from Xtina)

    Team Xtina

    1. Matthew Schuler
    2. Will Champlin (Stolen from Adam)
    3. Jacquie Lee
    4. Destinee Quinn
    5. Josh Logan
    6. Amber Nicole
    7. Olivia Henken
    8. Anthony Paul (Stolen from Ceelo)

    Team Ceelo

    1. Caroline Pennel
    2. Jonny Grey
    3. Stephanie Anne Johnson (Stolen from Xtina)
    4. George Horgan Jr.
    5. Kat Robichaud
    6. Cole Vosbury
    7. Monika Leigh (Stolen from Blake)
    8. Tamara Chauniece

  29. Chris says:

    Team Cee Lo: Jonny Gray “his tone gets a little narrow in his upper register. That’s not always a bad thing, of course — it’s not as if Tom Petty himself doesn’t get a little nasal, either — but whether it’ll suit him on all the songs Cee Lo chooses over the course of the competition remains to be seen” – – – So does David Grey’s and a zillion others (Hello Adam Levine). Jonny’s the real deal as a song writer, singer, and guitarist. I’m hoping CeeLo will throw some Pearl Jam at him to perform….

    Preston was/is AWESOME!

    The girls didn’t really move me one way or the other. Stephanie is adorable though!

    • JM says:

      Thank you, Chris, for posting this. Jonny IS the real deal. Once I listened to his YouTube recordings, I was sold.

    • nhf7170 says:

      I think Jonny is a natural baritone, so he’s gotta thin out his voice to hit the high notes. He keeps it nice and connected throughout. His vibrato is a little wonky, but it works for him. It would be a travesty if he doesn’t make it to the lives shows.

  30. Calvin says:

    Spoiler Alert

    Holly might really be out of the competition by now as Nick is confirmed that he’s part of Top 20. A snippet from a forums shows it’s Nick who dueled with Holly.

    Still crossing fingers that she’s in. I hope someone stole her.

    • MJ Dolorico says:

      This might give another reason for the Holly montage debacle: maybe the producers didn’t anticipate the buzz Holly’s blind audition had generated and her battle round was cut so that the audience won’t get too attached to her and to reduce the potential backlash. Audience backlash is a thing The Voice experiences in the past and it had influenced the mechanics of the entire show. If I remember correctly, the Top 8 results in season 2 received so much backlash that the producers completely changed the mechanics leading to the Finals (iTunes bonus, no more team quotas) to give the power back to the audience

      • The Guest says:

        The backlash against their montages that shortchange the singers and slap the viewers in the face certainly hasn’t stopped the show from continuing down that path.

    • Tyler says:

      Nothing Blake does surprises me. Nothing.

    • HTGR says:

      OMG if Blake picked one of the weakest saves to beat Holly?? Man I wouldn’t even know what to say. And I guess he did, good grief. Just gotta hope Adam snagged her or maybe CeeLo which seem like the two best bets for her to have been snagged. Damn, I smell debacle, total debacle brewing though.
      Also isn’t Nick risking getting tossed from the show by that confirmation? That’s gotta be breaking a serious NDA no? At the least a good way to get blacklisted no?

  31. mjdolorico says:

    Let’s play Knockout Oracle!
    (1st person mentioned in each pair is the winner, asterisk indicates probable steals)


    Tessanne Chin vs. Lina Gaudenzi
    James Wolpert vs. James Irwin
    Preston Pohl vs.Ashley DuBose*
    Juhi vs.Grey*


    Ray Boudreaux vs. Austin Jenckes
    Holly Henry vs. Nic Hawk
    E.G. Daily vs. Shelbie Z.
    Brandon Chase vs. Briana Cuoco


    Will Champlin vs. Josh Logan
    Matthew Schuler vs. Anthony Paul
    Amber Nicole vs. Jacquie Lee
    Olivia Henken vs, Destinee Quinn


    Caroline Pennell vs. George Horga Jr.
    Jonny Gray vs. Kat Robichaud*
    Monika Leigh vs. Tamara Chauniece
    Stephanie Ann Johnson vs. Cole Vosbury*

    I based this on the brief preview we saw after this episode. And gut feels.Haha

    • Guest8 says:

      You got a some pairings right.

      Official Voice Knockout Rounds pairings:

      Anthony Paul vs. Jacquie Lee

      Caroline Pennell vs. George Horga Jr.

      Kat Robichaud vs. Monika Leigh

      James Wolpert vs. Juhi Pathak

      Briana Cuoco vs. Shelbie Z

      Matthew Schuler vs. Will Champlin

      E.G. Daily vs. Ray Boudreaux

      Ashley DuBose vs. Tessanne Chin

      Lina Gaudenzi vs. Preston Pohl

      Destinee Quinn vs. Olivia Henken

      Holly Henry vs. Nic Hawk

      Austin Jenckes vs. Brandon Chase

      Grey Paluszynski vs. James Irwin

      Cole Vosbury vs. Jonny Gray

      Stephanie Anne Johnson vs. Tamara Chauniece

      Amber Nicole vs. Josh Logan

      • Josh says:

        These are terrible match-ups! On Team Adam, for example, he has Ashley facing Tessanne (both potential winners), while Grey and James I. are duking it out (neither seems to be distinctive enough to win at this point). On Team Blake, he pits two potential winners against each other in E.G. and Ray, but then leaves Austin and Brandon facing off when neither seems like a potential winner? Christina matches up Matthew and Will (two potential winners) and then decides it’s a good call to put Anthony and Jacquie in another face off (not really potential winners)? At least in Cee Lo’s match-ups, there seems to be reasoning behind the choices . . . I’d bet on Caroline, Kat, Jonny, and Stephanie Anne as the winners, only because their opponents are less than impressive.

        • MJ Dolorico says:

          OMG, if these are the matchups, I totally agree with you. It seems that rather than choosing their matchups strategically for the long-term, they are choosing them for the entertainment value that they deliver once the episode airs. They pair up great singers against each other (Matthew and Will, Juhi and James, Ray and EG) so that the resulting faceoff will look and sound amazing. However, that leaves the teams with many weak pairings (Grey vs James, Anthony and Jacquie) and mismatches (Lina and Preston, Holly and Nic). I hope they use the steals wisely this time around. Aaaaargh.

        • mjdolorico says:

          MATTHEW AND WILL???? OMG XTINA YOU ARE KILLING YOUR ONLY TWO CHANCES TO WIN THIS SEASON! AAAAARGH. Same goes for Ray and EG and Juhi and James W. From the looks of these pairing, it seems that Blake is setting up another country team for the live rounds. That’s the only way I

  32. Mary says:

    Well personally wasn’t very entertaining episode. I knew Blonde plastic Carrie wanna be was going to win. They both had good voices, but I knew she was going to pick Olivia.
    You might be onto something regarding Blake, unfortunately once live show starts producers will not be able to control the outcome, unless they throw in a twist. I believe many people vote for the judge not the contestant. If Blake does win again, he should be forced to take a break or they will loose some audience.

  33. Stormy says:

    What I took away from last night’s show was that Olivia looks like Reese Witherspoon.

    • justsaying says:

      Been saying this since her blind. Strange that noone else seems to be commenting on this. I mean, she could photo double for Reese….

  34. Canadian Fan says:

    Blake’s team certainly got short-changed by the producers of the show. Talking about having half of battles montaged! It is not fair play for sure. I am beyond disappointed. So disrespectful towards those poor contestants. They didn’t deserve to be mistreated just because they chose the coach who won in the past. Everyone deserves a fair and equal chance.

  35. DQ says:

    Totally agree with the incorrect use of the saves. The only excuse I could agree with on Tamyra-Joy is because she is only 15 and I don’t agree that she is ready for all this business. On her voice alone, she should have been saved, but maybe they want her to percolate a little more.

  36. Terry says:

    It doesn’t really matter if they montaged Holly/Cilla because lets be honest, Holly was moving on based on her blind audition no matter what. But I am starting to believe that maybe she is a one-cover-hit-wonder. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  37. Johnny says:

    I felt like the steals this year were a bit wasted. Granted, there weren’t a TON of stand-out battle round moments, but I don’t feel like the coaches really took advantage of the steals this time around. The eight stolen contestants were: Nic Hawk, Anthony Paul, Briana Cuoco, Monika Leigh, Juhi, Lina Gaudenzi, Will Champlin, and Stephanie Anne Johnson. The eight battle losers I would have stolen are: Anthony Paul, Donna Allen, Jacob Poole, Michael Lynch, Matt Cermanski, Will Champlin, Cilla Chan, and Stephanie Anne Johnson. Timyra-Joi, Justin Chain, and Sam Cerniglia were early favorites of mine who did not necessarily impress as much in the battles but would have been solid back-up steals.

  38. Eva Krejci says:

    I love your recaps, but would love them even more if you had a little teeny picture beside the name of the contestants

  39. Leigh says:

    I think that sometime the steals are just based on feelings. Nick was bawling up there and that is why I think Blake picked him. But Nick can sing so we willl see.

    • nhf7170 says:

      I like Nick. He’s got an Adam Lambert (vibe not voice) meets Deliverance thing going on that’s really appealing. He could surprise people.

    • Andrea says:

      People are forgetting Nic Hawk’s blind audition song which was very technically challenging to sing and he did an awesome job and was praised by Adam, Celo & Blake for that technical ability and I can’t get the “Domino” duet with Nic & Grey out of my head. Nic’s energy on stage is infectious. He’s a natural for the stage! Wish more of his battles had been viewed on the show. I can’t find videos of them anywhere. Not sure who he was matched up with other than Grey or if he’s still in the competition.

  40. David says:

    I certainly hope that Holly stays on the show into the live rounds. But, right now, whether or not Holly stays, I’d say that the actual frontrunners (fan favorites) are Preston Pohl (Team Adam) and Caroline Pennell (Team Cee Lo). There are only a very few others (including Holly) that have made an impression on the iTunes Top 200 Songs chart. Assuming Preston and Caroline make it through the Knockouts, they’ll have an advantage among ‘downloader voters’ as the live shows begin.

  41. I really think it would be stupid if Holly were eliminated this early in the season, but I wouldn’t blame the producers and Blake for it. Since the filming of the auditions, the battles and the knockout rounds were finished waaay before the premiere, they didn’t have the chance to see the impact she made on the iTunes charts. I really hope the rumors aren’t true, but if they are, please, PLEEEEASE someone save Holly!

    • HTGR says:

      Even if they have to do something fake and corny like the Melanie Amaro and other last minute save thing on XFactor, do that. Although the way XFactor is setup does make that sort of things easier to pull off in a pretty natural and non-disruptive, non- troublemaking fashion.

  42. betsy says:

    We thought Big Sexy won the round vocally but Jonny is so charismatic that he got picked regardless.

  43. Guest8 says:

    Voice Knockout Rounds pairings:

    Anthony Paul vs. Jacquie Lee

    Caroline Pennell vs. George Horga Jr.

    Kat Robichaud vs. Monika Leigh

    James Wolpert vs. Juhi Pathak

    Briana Cuoco vs. Shelbie Z

    Matthew Schuler vs. Will Champlin

    E.G. Daily vs. Ray Boudreaux

    Ashley DuBose vs. Tessanne Chin

    Lina Gaudenzi vs. Preston Pohl

    Destinee Quinn vs. Olivia Henken

    Holly Henry vs. Nic Hawk

    Austin Jenckes vs. Brandon Chase

    Grey Paluszynski vs. James Irwin

    Cole Vosbury vs. Jonny Gray

    Stephanie Anne Johnson vs. Tamara Chauniece

    Amber Nicole vs. Josh Logan

  44. Richard says:

    I think from listening to the sing offs that either Jacquie Lee or Kat will win this year. I only hear Holly sing once. I don’t like them cutting the show short for the biggest looser. The voice will end up the biggest looser if we can’t hear all the contestants sing.

  45. No doubt they don’t want Blake to win again. Just how dominant Blake has been makes me wonder if his team is getting an extra boost from Reba McIntyre and other country artists tweeting “vote for so an so tonight #teamblake”.

    Look how bad it has been:
    #2 in Season 1
    #1 in Season 2

    Format changed to no longer force each mentor to have a contestant in the finals.
    #1, #2 Season 3
    #1, #3 Season 4

    Really have to wonder if country music is “getting out the vote” for Blake.

  46. Gary Reese says:

    Any word on tonight’s rerun from east coast viewers? Is it 100% the same as Tuesday’s show, or did NBC try and give some montaged contestants some more airtime?

  47. mjdolorico says:

    Based on the super fast preview of the knockout rounds at the end of this episode, I heard Tessanne singing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson (a good if bland choice) and Matthew singing what I think is Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine (DAFUQQQQQQ??).

  48. Beiberleigh says:

    I understand everybody’s upset Holly Henry got montaged, but I feel sorry for poor Cilla Chan. Girlfriend’s blind auditions clip was shafted, and now her battle round.

  49. Sea says:

    Preston Pohl is the one who stands out amongst the crowd of many. Being a true artist is more than just having a good voice. I agree with others that Barry Black was better than some of the other folks that were saved. He was in a genre all his own and that is what I think the show needs, people who fill a different musical niche, not just a bunch of country singers and cute girl voices. Don’t get me wrong there are some very good people in the competition, but some just don’t stand out as being very original.

    As for the comments regarding Christina Agulara…..she was kind of sour for the past few seasons. The last person to say that someone from another team was good or had performed well. She has definitely changed for the better after seeing how repectful and age appropriately dressed Chakira was.

    I really wonder about some of the songs the coaches pick for their contestants, so am not suprised to hear about the Holly Henry incident. She is not one of my favourites, but it is disappointing for sure to not get a chance to hear her sing.

  50. Bill says:

    I think Michael Sleazak missed the boat here, on more than one count. First of all, I watched the battles totally psyched on seeing Holly Henry again. I looked her up on youtube, she already has a zillion fans, and from the looks of the few comments I’ve read here, seems like the readers here like her as well. Let me explain something to Mr. Sleazak…you don’t have to be the greatest singer on the planet to become a big star. I can give a zillion examples, but I think he can picture this fact on his own. Holly has a very unique sound, and she is cute. That is enough. Secondly, I wonder if the fact that Blake had Cher as his guest coach was a factor in the montages. Maybe Cher wanted less TV time, figuring that less is better? It would just seem to me that since Cher has considerably more star clout than the other guest coaches, that she would have a say in whether or not to be montaged.