The Following Exclusive Promo: 'Devil'-ish Joe Haunts Ryan... From Beyond the Grave?

Ryan Hardy has “stared into the face of evil” time and time again — and if this exclusive promo for The Following‘s second season (bowing in January) is any indication, that trend is bound to continue.

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In a Face-Off-esque teaser, Kevin Bacon‘s alter ego ponders the likelihood that Big Bad Joe Carroll is actually dead. As the camera circles the stalwart crimefighter, he slowly turns into James Purefoy‘s serial-killing fiend, who quotes the old adage, “The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he did not exist.”

How long do you think it will take for Ryan to uncover Joe’s lively secret?

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  1. Tina B. says:

    content unavailable, booooo!

  2. Ava says:

    Can’t wait!

  3. John says:

    Make the video available and then we will tell you our thoughts…

  4. K says:

    Regardless of how this promo is (and its pretty bland as it is), the show needs to correct course on writing, plot and character before it can ever reach the hype that it built last season (but failed to deliver). If season two is going to have ridiculously stupid cops and FBI agents, then they haven’t learned anything about the fatal flaws in their own show.

    • Smile says:

      I must defend the FBI and this show. The FBI were dumb but also smart. Yes, Following made some dumb moves but the show moves fast. The whole show was two weeks in time or near that. Watch Homeland if you want to see dump plot holes or The Blacklist is as dumb as the FBI gets. With all the twists this show pulls off — YES — the FBI are sometimes really stupid but they very were clever at times. And I love how every episode is like a movie. I think it’s intense. Don’t be such hard on a fun show. It’s not Mad Men. It’s popcorn. Enjoy. I loved it. I can’t wait for Joe Carroll to return and I want Emma to die a horrible death. My fave show last year.

      • Smile, I agree about Joe Carroll returning….can hardly wait. And Emma really needs to suffer… They made Claire seem like she just fell off of a turnip truck too, I do hope that they make her a little smarter this coming season. They would have been better off to lock her in jail for stupidity. However, I love the show and can excuse some of the goofy moves but hope they do wise up the characters a bit.

  5. Steve says:

    Uggggh. I was REALLY hoping Joe would be dead. As unrealistic as the show is, this is the worst part of it. Man.

  6. Dakota says:

    I thought the following was pretty good last season. Was it perfect? No, but it was intense and, even if some plot points were a bit of a stretch, rarely failed to deliver twists (barring a few admittedly obvious events, most of the twists were really good ones that weren’t cliches/you didn’t see coming from a mile away). The whole Claire being taken by Joe repeatedly got old, but it was really kept fresh by the Joe/Ryan duel, plus Emma and Jacob made for very interesting characters.

    The FBI, sure, was a bit stupid on this show, but really, on what show/movie aren’t the “support” Legal authorities stupid (with the exception being when the main characters are these authorities, such as on Law & Order: SVU)? Whether its the cops on 24, the NYPD on a superhero movie like Spiderman- you always want the main character(s)/hero to be the most competent, so sometimes that means making the other “good guys” look like idiots. I won’t say I support this, but I will say this happens on a lot of shows and isn’t a problem exclusive to The Following.

    Overall, it is a show pretty similar to 24; it’s got good characters, a strong plot and isn’t completely predictable like so many shows on TV, so it is definitely worth the watch.

  7. Lisa says:

    They could of redeemed everything with this show if they’d just kept joe or even claire or ryan dead. I can get past the unbelievably incompetent FBI and gaping, wide-open plot holes but I refuse to watch it since they’re bringing all three of them back as regulars. It makes everything that happened in the finale completely meaningless and put there for the sake of shocking the viewers. Huge letdown

  8. Hardline_Pro says:

    That was actually a really good teaser trailer!

  9. Dixie says:

    Great trailer. Loved it!

  10. Liz Blue says:

    Awesome! I love Joe Carroll so I’m glad to see he will have a presence. So far as the FBI goes, I found them believable. Law enforcement are simply not as smart as portrayed in the myriad of cop shows in recent times. Also, the Followers have been planning and training for years. The element of surpise gives them the upper hand. Still the FBI remained one step right behind and foiled many a plan, much to my chagrin (as I wanted to see what the group was up to), and that ratcheted up the tension. People are so used to cop shows where they just enter some random data into their super computer (the cop equivalent of a crystal ball) and voila- there’s all the info they need to identify or find the baddie. There are so many shows like that, go watch one of them. This one is doing something different.

  11. bob says:

    Killing humans is a bit old hat.