Pretty Little Liars Recap: Night of the Living Dead

Pretty Little Liars Alison LivesIt’s a wild goose presumed-dead-friend chase in Pretty Little Liars‘ annual Halloween special — one that finally leads to a major, long-theorized reveal: Alison is alive!

Filled with the holiday offering’s typical thrills and chills, the ABC Family saga’s latest hour follows the Liars as they race through the neighboring town of Ravenswood in an attempt to locate their long lost pal. They catch glimpses of her here and there throughout the fright-filled night, but it’s not until they arrive back in Ravenswood — with an increasingly creepy Ezr’A’ looming near — that they once and for all come face-to-face with Alison.

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“Did you miss me?” she asks with an uncomfortable giggle, the girls staring on in disbelief.

Their reunion, however, is short lived, as Ali reveals to Aria, Hanna and Spencer that “it’s still not safe” for her to come back out into the open.

Unfortunately, Ezra — who henceforth will be known as The Lurker — pops up suddenly, prompting Ali to once again flee the scene.

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Elsewhere in the hour, Caleb makes a friend named Miranda and the two embark on a supernatural adventure through Ravenswood — but more on that in our recap on the new series of the same name.

So, Pretty Little Liars fans, talk to us: Did you see the major Alison reveal coming? Are any of you still predicting Ali has a twin? Is Ezra ‘A’? Will you miss Caleb in Rosewood? Sound off!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Greg says:

    Was pretty pointless until the last 5 min… Last year’s was so intense. We didn’t really learn anything new except that she’s alive, which we all pretty much knew already.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I thought last year’s was far better and, as you say, a whole lotta smoke until the final 5 minutes. I will say that those last few minutes makes me think now more than ever that Ezra really is A(which would be uber creepy IMO but at the same time a nice out-of-left-field surprise after what seems like about two dozen “A” red herrings).

    • david says:

      I agree its time to end this show that way they can finally end the questions

    • Dave says:

      Definitely boring and an awful episode until the reveal that Ali is alive.

    • thi86 says:

      Agree. Last year’s episode was so much better.

  2. Elyse says:

    WOW! Ali’s alive! IM SHOCKED! *sarcasm font*

  3. tvaddict says:

    What I wanna know is if she is alive, who`s body did they find in her yard and how was it identified as her. And at the hospital she told Hannah “you girls remember more from that night than you think” or something along those lines (about the night she went missing) What is that supposed to mean…and is Ezra truly A?? All signs point to yes but somehow I’m still in denial….Even if it was obvious, after 4 freaken seasons I still gasped when she FINALLY turned around. It’s about damn time!! My head spins when I think about everything we know about Melissa, Garrett, Jenna, Shawna, Mona, etc. How the hell do they all fit into Ezra being A. I have such a love/hate relationship with this show….

  4. Katey says:

    but it’s not until they arrive back in Ravenswood

    I think you meant Rosewood

  5. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    It was very intense that Ali was still alive. The last year’s Halloween episode was shocking.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I love the show…but I felt like it didn’t really get good until the last 5 or 6 minutes…still really numbed about Ezra!!!

  7. S says:

    I think more questions than answers yet again. The only thing got is Ali is alive which everyone pretty much knew they were going to do like whos body did they identify as her’s & how did they identify it etc etc. ABC Family really need to set an end date so we can finally start getting ANSWERS Instead of More QUESTIONS. Its starting to get like Lost where an end date needs to be set

  8. Nicole says:

    I was disappointed as it seemed it was all about Ravenswood. Even most of the commercials were about the Ravenswood premiere. It felt like 45 minute promo/ introduction for Ravenswood. Only the end was good with Ali and the part where spencer got into a fight with A. I was hoping she pull off the mask. However it be to soon reveal if it was Erza or not. It should of dug into more answers in regards to Ali or even I would settle for answers abt Mona and Shauna.

    • lauri5567 says:

      I feel like Ravenswood is being shoved at me, and it doesn’t look interesting to me.
      Do the producers really want to be that dark with the show if Ezra is A? It’s one thing for another high school girl/slightly older friend to want revenge on the girls. It’s another to have a grown man set out to meat and seduce an underage girl he’s never met before while taking some kind of revenge on her and her friends.
      OTOH, I’m willing to think Aria is involved with Ezra in a way.

  9. Sara says:

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Aria barely on speaking terms with Ezra when we last left them? Doesn’t she have that karate boyfriend? Why was she so eager to answer his phone calls or kiss him goodnight? It seems really off of the plot she’s had so far.

    • Nicole says:

      That’s a good point Sara. I forgot that she was with Jake supposedly. Yeah she is on talking terms with erza since he told her Malcolm wasnt his kid but they were not back together. There was no mention of her status with Jake if they were still together or broken up.

    • Meredith says:

      This bothered me too! I thought in one of the last episodes they had somewhat reconnected and there was a kiss at the coffee shop but no indication that she and Jake were officially over. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that one day Jason will reappear and throw a wrench in the Ezria relationship for good.

    • DM says:

      Aria kissed Ezra at the poetry reading in the last episode after Jake fell asleep during a black and white movie.

      • Abc says:

        I’d fall asleep during the black and white movie and during the poetry reading. I’m shocked she thought a 17 year old guy would be interested in something like that.

  10. david says:

    I wish that in a few weeks they will announce that this is the last season of this show that way we can finally begin to get some answers. this has been going around in a circle. anyone else agree?

  11. Dani says:

    It wasn’t the best Halloween special but it was still a decent episode. I got my thrills and chills out of it. It was great to finally see the girls interacting with Ali again and to really see that she’s alive.
    Ezra is coming off really creepy. I wondered about him and Aria too. It seems odd that the are that close again already.
    I also didn’t get the entire “Rosewood” introduction. Hanna befriending Miranda and five minutes later asking Caleb to stay with her was a bit much. It would have made more sense when Caleb saw the gravestone first and then decided to stay. Hanna wanting him to stay for Miranda seemed off and out of character. It’s not like that the girls haven’t enough problems.

    • Annemijk says:

      I thought she just send him to stay with Miranda for a day or so? She was all alone and homeless so I didnt see the big stretch for her to say maybe she needs you a bit more today? But did she Imply him staying longer (English is not my 1st language so maybe I didnt understand) because that would be weird.

      I always thought Ezra was a bit creepy, I mean he is an adult sleeping with a minor. now we nknow why he never got outed by A to torture Aria

  12. Van says:

    Ezra has the evil twin.

    • NC says:

      That’s my guess! When he was on the phone with Aria at the beginning of the episode, he was standing against a brick wall wearing a black jacket. As soon as they hung up, he appears from behind a tombstone wearing the vintage soldier jacket. Seems a little quick for a location and costume change. It would also explain the “Jekyll/Hyde” comment that the producers made after the reveal in the summer finale. Maybe that’s why he looked mad when he entered the lair. Maybe he figured out what his twin was really up to? The only suspicious thing was him not taking his hand out of the pocket, unless that’s just meant to throw us off and believe it’s really him.

  13. xx says:

    So disappointed. I wanted a PLL for Halloween, not an advertisement for Ravenswood!

  14. L says:

    very disappointing ep, last year’s halloween special was so much better. All we got, besides the intro for the new show, was them running around a house, and it got boring fast except for the big reveal at the end. And even that was somewhat expected, so more questions, but I agree with comments of and end date. You can only drag on the theme for so long before you lose interest. I thought I read somewhere tat the exec producer wanted to end it at season 5. I like the show, but I would agree, winding it up woud make sense.

  15. Leo says:

    Screw this show! Ali is alive? Pfft.
    4 Seasons and they cheat their way out of their convoluted plots by making Ali alive.
    And I want to slap the writers for the cheesiness of this episode. Adults watch this show too not just 12 yos who crapped in their pants because Hanna Marin got locked in a phone booth and Holy Spirit (Alien?) gave her a visit!
    Jesus. I can stand boring episodes, filler, but this kind of episode just enrages me.
    *go to take a chill pill*

  16. you people really have no imaganation,if you think by telling you ali is alive ends it all well non-belivers you are wrong,read the books,this is just beginning a whole new chapter,there will be more death,and destruction coming to rosewood.

    • Jennifer says:

      I have to agree. I’m assuming that most people commenting about wanting an end date haven’t read the series. The girls finding out Ali’s alive adds a whole new layer to the show. We are definitely going to get many more questions than answers with her introduction, but the end result is so good that it’s worth all the craziness. I do have to say that I haven’t read all of the books, just the first eight, so I don’t know how those expand upon the story.
      One area where I am really curious involves Ezra. I was really upset when it was revealed that he was A because that seems so out of character for him and I just didn’t want to think of him as a bad guy, but now after the Halloween episode I think he may have a twin brother. There was too quick of a location and apparel change from when Aria talked to him on the phone and when he came out from around a tombstone. That would still be a really interesting reveal but it would allow sweet and adorable Ezra to still exist!

  17. Kat says:

    I think the two blond “little people” in the red coats that passed by Hanna towards the end of show was definitely a clue about twins. The obvious guess would be an Ali/twin since they both had long blond hair and were wearing red coats. But maybe they were trying to throw us and there really is an Ezra twin. Which would make me WAY happier!

  18. B says:

    Decent. Did anyone notice Ezrahad different clothes on duringhis call he has the twin

  19. anonomous says:

    i thought the episode was pretty good. i really liked the ending it totally threw me for a loop! I really wanted to check out the ravenswood premiere so i didnt mind that aspect of it all in all i thought it was awesome :) ps to the ppl who keep saying the show should end PLL is i think either the highest rated or one of the highest rated shows on abc family so i dont think it’s gonna end anytime soon just saying ;)

  20. Britt says:

    It does suck that we didn’t really learn anything new. It felt like the pilot for Ravenswood since it spent a lot of time on the bus. Hopefully, we will find out the answers to our questions in this next couple of episodes.

    I do wish these girls would invest on a taser/stun gun or some mace. And they need to stop entering rooms all at once and have one person stand in the doorway!!!!!!!