Report: ABC May Exhume Body of Proof

Body of Proof Renewed Season 4Rigor mortis perhaps hasn’t quite set in with Body of Proof.

With Lucky 7 already cashed out and its other non-S.H.I.E.L.D. freshman dramas struggling, ABC may resurrect the cancelled procedural, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Talks of the possible plucking-from-the-ashes are said to have started at the start of this TV season, and a final decision could come within the next month, as the likes of Betrayal and Wonderland either stabilize (or even rise), or slide further.

At this stage, it’s unclear who all — Dana Delany? Mark Valley? Gravedigger Michael Ausiello? — could be brought back for any possible Season 4.

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Body of Proof, during its rejiggered third season, averaged 10.4 million total viewers and a 1.9 demo rating, with its out-of-season finale drawing 7.6 mil/1.2.

Wonderland with its second telecast dropped to 4.5 mil and a 1.2, while Betrayal this Sunday ticked up to 3.6 mil and a 0.9. Scandal repeats currently filling the Tuesdays-at-10 void aka BOP‘s old home have averaged about 2.8 mil and a 0.8.

Would you like to see Body of Proof back on your telly?

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  1. Kate says:

    I love Body of Proof and want it back!! Stop creating stupid realty shows and keep Castle, Revenge, and Agents of Shield coming. I do agree that cops from season one need to be returned Body of Proof.

  2. Fibronurse says:

    Yes bring Body of Proof back. I never missed an episode. It’s well eritten & well acted. Humor mixed with drama. Excellent show. But the goons usually choose incotrectly so never seeing it again won’t shock me. They’ll judt replace it with some BS reality crap.

  3. Russian Squirrel says:

    Yes, I would really like to see a continuation of this show! Body of Proof – a really good show!

  4. Notenoughtimetowaste says:

    I liked body of proof when it first came out. However, after the second season, I found it unbearable. By making the main character even colder and the blond boss lady ‘stand her ground’ in a cool and sexy manner,they killed it for me. I tried to watch season three, but finally had to give up. It was awful. I am not sorry I have since forgotten all the character’s names already.

  5. marie says:

    bring Megan baaaaaack! we need our weekly fix of that witty sarcasm.

  6. Julianne says:

    I never watched BOP on live television, but just finished watching all 3 Seasons of the DVD’s. It is a great show. My family is shocked that such a great show would be cancelled, but there have been lots of them that had been in the past. Such a shame when there is so much garbage on TV.

  7. Oldspot says:

    Great entertainment, sorry if you “yanks” find it boring but as a “Brit” I find it a great release from everyday life. Megan’s professional confidence along with her personal insecurities reflects a reality in real life and draws viewers into her attempts to balance her life. Please don’t kill it off yet, I’m sure the series has the potential to appeal to a wider and more dedicated audience.

  8. Jen says:

    Bring back body of proof!!! Keep Betrayal too!

  9. marie says:

    PLEASE bring it back…..I rather watch a low rating show then a thousand reality tv shows….they are all the same…big fan of Quincey and now I have found a more modern version and they are cancelling it… murphy’s law

  10. Mami Sid says:

    Well…. This is it????? ONLY 3 seasons??? :/ :/ :/ This show IS really awesome…..

  11. Reece says:

    Bring body of proof back….. My family and I look forward to every new season….. please bring it back

  12. nicky says:

    I love BoP…plz bring it back!!!!

  13. Daniela (Italy) says:

    Why has it been cancelled?? Yesterday I saw the last episode of season 3 and definetly I WANT season 4 to be released!!!

  14. mpumie says:

    Please bring body of proof back, that show was the only thing that made me watch please please bring it back, I am from South Africa and I love thar programe.

  15. Britt says:

    I watched every episode of BOP and was shocked that it was cancelled. This is a great tv series that has everything and it would be great to bring it back. Dana DeLaney is a fantastic actress. Jeri Ryan and Valey all great.

  16. Shanie says:


  17. mramos1649 says:

    bring back body of proof. Honestly best show I’ve ever watched!!! It’s addicting!!!

  18. Gail says:

    BOP was an entertaining show…Im guessing thats why they took it off! Anytime there is something interesting to watch, it gets replaced with some scripted reality show.Bring it back…and dont take Revenge and Nashville off either. Jeez

  19. pk says:

    Yes, bring back body of proof with all of season one character s, with a twist to see if Dana will choose hubby, New guy or the landscaper or the one who died, make him a twin in his come back!!!!!

  20. verina allen says:

    Yes I would love to see body of proof back on telly. I miss it a lot

  21. Mary Ann Hammersley says:

    please bring Body of Proof back, very annoyed that it hasnt returned.

  22. Nouncia says:

    ABC needs to bring back Body of Proof, it was a very good show. From all my children, one life to live to Body of Proof, I’m hanging by a small thread call Scandal as an ABC viewer.

  23. rosie says:

    I was upset they canceled body of proof. They left u hanging. I would like if they bring it back. Love the show and I never missed a show. Please bring it back.

  24. Tory says:

    I like the show a consequence on the body and I would like that to continue filming, because season 3 as if not finished, it is very upsetting. And if we talk about reytenge it will be low, if the story is such as the first three seasons. The film is all about living Megan Hund, but the film was supposed to be and the rest of the forensic medical expert.

  25. brichavez says:

    I love this show. I would like it to be back on.

  26. brichavez says:


  27. Joyce Bielawski says:

    I think it was a great show I really liked it I kept thinking it would be back on but then I hadn’t seen it. I’m glad I search the web for some answers. Hope to see it on again so much better than those cheap shows like mistresses and betrayal they destroy families

  28. amanda says:

    I think you should bring body of proof back that show and everything I give it five stars. Please bring it back

  29. Kirsty says:

    I would love to see another season of body of proof would prefer all the characters that where in season 1 and season 2

  30. June Cornell says:

    I loved this show. Kept looking for it. I just looked it up and found it had been cancelled. All of my friends and I loved it. Bring it back.

  31. Ranell says:

    I would love to see Body of Proof return, it was one of my favorites. I hate when you start watching a new series and then it just suddenly goes away. Who decides what to cancel because they have made some bad calls lately.

  32. Christine says:

    I really like body of proof

  33. Leslie says:

    This is one of the best shows on the air. I can’t understand why it would get low ratings. Please keep Mark Valley. Always been a huge fan!

  34. Tony Land says:

    Please bring this series back, it really is a great family viewing program, Dana Delaney is absolutely terrific, the story lines are always interesting, the cinematography/scenery just great, why walk away from a winner. ABC you should be very proud of this series.

  35. My husband and I love…love…love this show! Please bring back Body of Proof! With so many boring and just bad TV series on…Body of Proof is everything that is entertaining…Great actors! Great story lines! Im not sure who made the decision to cancel Body of Proof…well honestly…They Made A Mistake!!!

  36. Jade Adams says:

    I would like them to do a season 4 it’s a great tv show. They extended way more shows that aren’t even good. A lot of people like Body of Proof why not make another season.

  37. michael says:

    Not just yes but he’ll yes best series ABC has had in awhile

  38. Claire says:

    Plz z plz put it back on it’s the best thing on TV

  39. nellnorwood says:

    Love this show beter that a lot of the fairy tale you have be doing or reality show they just stupid I have enough reality in my life without seeing it on TV!!!!

  40. Daniel says:

    Yes bring it back

  41. Susana Saladrigas says:

    It is unfortunate that the show was cancelled. I thought it had sufficient ratings to stay on the air. I know that I am not alone. The show will be missed as will the cast. I do hope that in the future it will find its way back.

  42. Connie Unrue says:

    I loved Body of Proof..the info…the characters personalities were developing and that always takes time. I say YEA!!!!

  43. Jossie says:

    Wish they would hurry up and bring back “Body of proof” real soon!

  44. Gwen says:

    Miss the show please bring it back

  45. Diane says:

    I love Body of Proof and love Dana Delany. Please bring the show back for many more seasons.

  46. Jamie state paynter says:

    Please renew body of proof

  47. Lisa Starkey says:

    Would love to see it come back loved Body of Proof

  48. Cheryl garrity says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Body of Proof, I loved that show, it is one of the shows I keep thinking about.

  49. Cait says:

    Body of proof is one of my favorite tv shows! I want it back on!

  50. Lauren Faulks says:

    OH MY GOD! I just watched season 3 cliffhanger and you are CRAZY if you don’t bring back BOP. I love the show, Dana Delany is BRILLIANT! I WANT SEASON 4.. 5 and many more seasons to come!!