Report: ABC May Exhume Body of Proof

Body of Proof Renewed Season 4Rigor mortis perhaps hasn’t quite set in with Body of Proof.

With Lucky 7 already cashed out and its other non-S.H.I.E.L.D. freshman dramas struggling, ABC may resurrect the cancelled procedural, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Talks of the possible plucking-from-the-ashes are said to have started at the start of this TV season, and a final decision could come within the next month, as the likes of Betrayal and Wonderland either stabilize (or even rise), or slide further.

At this stage, it’s unclear who all — Dana Delany? Mark Valley? Gravedigger Michael Ausiello? — could be brought back for any possible Season 4.

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Body of Proof, during its rejiggered third season, averaged 10.4 million total viewers and a 1.9 demo rating, with its out-of-season finale drawing 7.6 mil/1.2.

Wonderland with its second telecast dropped to 4.5 mil and a 1.2, while Betrayal this Sunday ticked up to 3.6 mil and a 0.9. Scandal repeats currently filling the Tuesdays-at-10 void aka BOP‘s old home have averaged about 2.8 mil and a 0.8.

Would you like to see Body of Proof back on your telly?

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  1. Laurie says:

    You BET I’d like to see it come back! Much better than any of the other 3 mentioned.

  2. ScorpionGlow says:

    It had potential to be finished properly and they really didn’t do that. I can’t say i wouldn’t watch it because I probably would, but there are other shows I’d truly appreciate being resurrected instead.

  3. Markus says:

    I’d love to have BoP back… loved that show. Please bring back Dana Delaney and Jeri Ryan and the other people at the morgue but spare us Mark Valley. His character and the not very believable love story between him and Dana was what put the series to grave. Even the young yop played by the mostly unknown actor was more interesting… It’s so bad they killed Peter off.

  4. Debora says:

    YAAAAY!!! Best news ever! I love the show! Love Dana!

  5. Pat says:

    ABC may exhume Body of Proof, well they should have never buried it! This show was pretty good and I enjoyed watching it but then the ax fell on it to make way for a show that did not even make it through the fall season. When will these networks learn to stop tampering with shows that are bringing in a decent audience. I wonder how the actors feel about this and have some of them moved on already?

  6. ljd213 says:

    Well, maybe they should bring back “Hart to Hart” killed long before its time and always drew stronger numbers.

    The only way I’d go back to watching, I bailed after Season 2 is if they admit their casting/storytelling mistakes and bring back Peter, Bud and Sam.

    Seriously, ABC get it together and have real options on the bench.

  7. Teena says:

    They should bring BOP back. Should not have been cancelled in the first place. The ratings would have been better if they hadn’t made the fans wait almost a year for S3. Bring back the whole cast and Dana’s handbags and shoes.

  8. Bobbi says:

    I liked Body of Proof and watched it regularly. Would be happy if they revived it, as long as they could get the cast back! Better than most of what they have on now.

  9. Scotty says:

    Anytime I see things like this, I laugh… NBC threw away a show after 1 season… CBS picked it up, ran for 9 more years and produced a spinoff that has made gold… Anyone remember a little show called JAG and it’s spinoff-NCIS? Or really go back… A show cancelled for low ratings that viewers screamed for to return… 4 spinoffs and 10 or 11 motion pictures later, Star Trek is an icon of TV history. Go figure, if ratings alone had been the guide, the aforementioned would have disappeared into faded memory.

  10. Ginny1955 says:

    I loved this show. I would watch it again in a heartbeat!!

  11. Grant Moore says:

    heck ya. i hope abc brings back body of proof with ms delany and company, i enjoyed
    watching the show every week and was ticked when they cancelled it. of course like
    everything else i’ll believe it when i see it.

  12. Love Body of Proof – would love to see it back.

  13. bigredeo says:

    I LOVE “Body Of Proof” and obviously its ratings are higher than the other shows you’ve mentioned in the article. But the biggest repair has to come in Dana Delany’s character showing a little humility now and then. They used to do that with her, but last season when she very wrongfully accused a doctor at a psych ward of being nefarious/a killer and when it turned out she was totally played by the psych patient, they did not show her character apologizing to the other doctor, which I was very much waiting to have happen, yet it never materialized.

    Otherwise, I LOVE the show!

  14. jm says:

    One of my favourite shows

  15. Blake says:

    Forget about Body of Proof … How about bringing back GCB!?

  16. K. says:

    Would love it if they would do this I think it needs to be on Sunday’s at 10 after Revenge!

  17. Keels says:

    Love this show & was disappointed when it got cancelled the first time. I think it would be awesome if they brought it back!

  18. Mary Morris says:

    Yes! Bring back BOP

  19. Lady K says:

    As long as Mark Valley is back, so am I!

  20. Marie says:

    YEAH! Glad to hear they are considering Body of Proof return, please bring back Dana and Mark also. Terrific Show – Miss it………….Thank you.

  21. Jon says:

    Yes, bring back Body of Proof! Of the returning characters, the only ones necessary are Dana Delaney and Mark Valley. All the others could be recasts if necessary.

  22. please please please please please please

  23. dj says:

    Loved Body of Proof…bring it on!!!!

  24. pam says:

    Yes they should bring back Body of Proof. Also GCB it was a really good show. How about thinking of “Monday Mornings”, it was cancelled without giving this a real chance by TNT. Also had really good actors & the writing was excellent since it was written by David E. Kelley & we all know he’s very good writer.

  25. Tatjana says:

    Still thinking that Boston Legal was one of the best shows ever

  26. StephanieDJ says:

    ABC should bring Body of Proof back for 2014. There was no reason to cancel this show. The quoated are not entirely accurate. Body of Proof was ABC’s 3rd highest rated drama. It averaged 10MM-11MM viewers. The 2.0 rating that is quoated is only for the age group of 18-49 (give me a break) which seems to be all that ABC cares about. A viewer is a viewer and those between the ages of 38-65 have all the purchasing power in this country. ABC and the other networks should take note of this fact. Body of Proof had a great cas and well written story lines. It should have never been cancelled but I guess that is what happens when you bring someone over from ABC family to run ABC network, you get good shows taken off and junk put on the air. Bring BOP back and its loyal fan base will tune in regardless of which night it airs on TV. Thank you!!

  27. Sue says:

    This makes me so happy. I miss Body of Proof. I actually liked both the original and retooled versions. BoP was a show I looked forward to week to week. I’d dvr it and watch within the same week if it was aired at an inconvenient time. Please bring it back ABC!

  28. Pat says:

    Yes, bring back Body of Proof. I don’t watch the others.

  29. tara17 says:

    I hope they do, I enjoyed Body of Proof very much.

  30. Sam says:

    Wonderland is doing poorly for one reason – CBS is still impossibly strong that hour. Fast Forward, Missing, Last Resort, Charlie’s Angels – you name it – has failed in the Thursday 8 pm time slot for many years now. Whatever ABC throws at it, no matter how good or bad, it dies on the vine. The time slot is the death slot for a show. Even Ugly Betty (years ago) when moved to that time slot died after only two seasons there. ABC was lucky when Grey’s Anatomy came aboard 10 years ago and saved rest of the night. Now in its tenth year it still has so-so ratings, and Scandel following it is stronger yet. But 8 pm is the death hour on ABC and they are still searching for a drama to prop up that first hour that evening.

  31. Linda says:

    Yes I would like to see it back. Love that show. Also they should pick up The Glades. Another good show dropped even though it had good ratings.

    • Randi Stonehill says:

      I didn’t know they dropped The Glades – one of our favorites! Did a great job of coming back after a “dark season” last one was funny, smart. I am so sorry to hear this.

  32. Alina says:

    Yes, ABC should bring it back! I would love it.

  33. Randi Stonehill says:

    Body of Proof was a great show and I would love to see it return. Good writing and acting can always find its audience, if networks would just leave shows in the same time slot for a couple of seasons (so they could be found), air a decent number of episodes per season (used to be 26) and not pre-empt them all the time or have stupid reality shows run long (we all know you edit them (i.e., the great race or something like that).

  34. Lea says:

    I enjoyed Body of Proof and wouldn’t mind seeing it return.

  35. JT says:

    Perhaps Body of Proof is not the best show, but I like it. Also I like so much Mike Vallet. I prefer this show tan Wordenland or Betrayal. Betrayal has a protagonits with zero chemistry. I prefer the husband tan the protagonist.

  36. tvdiva says:

    i would love to see Body of Proof back on the air. I loved the first two seasons that delved into more personal relationships and helped us get to know the characters. But I also loved the fast paced reboot of the third season. I would like to see Body of Proof come back as a summer series like Unforgettable is doing on CBS. That way they can do a 7-13 episode run each season and not worry about competing during the fall with shows that must make it or die.

  37. susan duran says:

    Absolutely!!! I love “Body of Proof!

  38. LivK says:

    It is so strange that abc cancel a show that has so many viewers,and,in my view has such a good storyline. The cast and crew did a great job,and Dany Delany is a a Stellar actress.
    I would welcome it back,and so would many people here in Scandinavia.

  39. April says:

    I hope they bring back Body of Proof. I enjoy watching Dana Delany. It is a good show.

  40. T says:

    Please don’t get my hopes up. I REALLY liked this show!

  41. Kathy says:

    I loved Body of Proof, especially on the Tuesday night slot at 9pm central. ABC doesn’t understand what the public wants. Lucky 7? Are you kidding me? They should have left it alone. Bring it back PLEASE!!!!

  42. patricia silvano says:

    i would like it,yes,i enjoy it very much,miss it

  43. cynthia smith says:

    Really liked this show I hope they bring it back.

  44. Kayla says:

    I really hope they do bring Body of Proof back!! I thought it was a great show and shouldn’t have been cancelled anyways. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  45. Janet Chou says:

    BOP was one of my favorite shows. I hope it returns with Mark Valley.

  46. Anna says:

    Body of proof is an exceptional show and should continue production but only if the actors resume playing their characters it would only be a disappointment otherwise.

  47. Phantom says:

    My family was really disappointed when they cancelled Body of Proof. We would love to have it back on…….it was a lot better than some of the new ABC shows. Loved Dana Delany and Mark Valley.

  48. kim says:

    I’d love to see Body of Proof return, they should have never cancelled the show.

  49. Jo says:

    In the UK and love Body of Proof… absolutely gutted to find out it was cancelled as just coming to the end of season 3. I say bring it back.