'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Bones, Castle, Arrow and Other Shows Are Faring

Let’s face it — your favorite shows are all about the couples: the ones you love, the ones you hate and, most importantly, the ones you ‘ship. And this was a busy week for romance on the tube.

In this new-ish TVLine feature, we provide you with a late-breaking update on TV’s hottest duos and then offer our exclusive forecast for the pairs.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ’em a shout out below; you never know, they might make the next go-around.

What are you waiting for? This ‘ship is about to set sail, so click on the gallery below and hop aboard!

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  1. Nandin says:

    Where is Damon and Elena! Damon’s “you are my life” is probably their best scene so far!

    • jjovana3 says:

      When Edward Cullen dropped that line, we all made fun of him. How many times will Damon have to reassure himself of his relationship with Elena? Its so unlike him! I miss the confidence and badassery!!

      • Mari says:

        I have to disagree at least a little–while Damon definitely is cocky about certain things, it does make sense that he’d have confidence issues in a serious romance. He’s only really been crazy about two people–Katherine and Elena-and Katherine is open about preferring Stephan, while Elena spent the last how many seasons telling him “It’s always going to be Stephan”.

        While it would be nice if they had a secure relationship and focused more on plot, it does make sense that he’d be nervous about being dumped. Especially with the ridiculous “True Love Doppelganger” plot they’ve introduced.

        • jjovana3 says:

          So when Elena was sired to him, he didnt care? Now that destiny is literally shipping Stefan and Elena, Damon has a problem? Hypocrite. If Damon was secure enough he would know that destiny may be placing Stefan and Elena on each others paths..but that does NOT mean she will love Stefan. If that was the case, Elena would have never chosen Damon and Stefan would still love Katherine. Destiny or not, Stefan and Elena always had and will have choices and free will to do what they want. Damon in season 1 would never ever be this insecure over a girl.

          • Mari says:

            True–season 1 Damon probably wouldn’t have been. But season 1 Damon was sure that Katherine really loved him, but was trapped, and that was before he repeatedly offered himself to Elena who repeatedly chose Stephan.

            It’s not fun watching the continual triangle drama, but it does make sense that Damon does fear being replaced by Stephan in a relationship where he deeply cares about the other person.

            Personally, I’m tired of the triangle drama, and like Damon and Elena as a couple. For at least a little while, it’d be nice if the show found something else to fuel the angst.

  2. megan says:

    Jax and Tara for the next one please!

  3. JC says:

    How did Kensi/Deeks still get overlooked?

    • hello says:

      That would be weird and in a way disgusting

    • Apples says:

      Densi are pretty cute this season. Loved it when he fell asleep next to her on the couch.

      But with DR pregnant, I think they’re gonna write Kensi off the show for a few eps which is going to suck :(

      • JC says:

        Yeah, I think I read somewhere that the baby is due in December, so I knew she’d probably be out for a while somewhere in the middle of the season. I’ll miss Kensi, but I’m curious to see how they explain her being gone.

  4. Peevesie says:

    How is it Emma and Neal!!! Ugh! With a steamy kiss coming our away, couple watch should be on Captain Swan all the way!

    • rk535 says:

      Agree! I love Neal (MRJ), but Killian/Hook is the only one who has never left Emma intentionally. He has never abandoned her. He really has no reason to be on Neverland helping her, except for his respect for her. Can’t wait to see his backstory next week. Looking at the time line of the upcoming episodes, I think that Killian is actually Prince Eric’s brother!! Can’t wait for that Captain Swan kiss. Been waiting for it since he joined the show!

      • Stormy says:

        Say what? Graham did NOT leave Emma intentionally. Regina destroyed him!

        • rk535 says:

          Very true! I miss Graham!

          • Katherine215 says:

            I would give anything to have Graham back as an option. I think he’s really the only “hero” romantic option Emma’s had. He saved Snow, he fought off the curse, and he’s always been generally a good guy. I really wish they hadn’t killed him, I thought he had the best chemistry with Emma of any of the guys they’ve tried to pair her with, too.

          • Autumn says:

            Graham is still my favorite. I would tune back in for that. Still don’t get why they killed him.

        • jjovana3 says:

          Sheriff Graham!! I miss him so much. He and Emma had wonderful connection.

      • Jen says:

        Hook left Emma to rot in a cell in FTL last season.

        • Lysh says:

          Neal left Emma to be pregnant in jail for eleven months 10 years ago. These guys are not exactly saints. What matters is how they’re treating her now. They all have a lot to work on.

          • Lysh says:

            Wow, I wish I could edit. Being pregnant for eleven months sounds horrible lol
            Y’all know what I mean though.

      • TV fan says:

        I rather liked Pinocchio with Emma, none of the others seemed right after August (but now he’s a kid so that’s not going to happen)

    • Jess says:

      Exactly why Neal/Emma deserve a mention in this week’s, with that “I never stopped loving him” line. Hook/Emma will surely make next week’s column! I think this is the only love triangle on TV right now where I’m okay with either outcome (though I’m leaning a bit more to the Swanfire side, I admit).

    • Kaylea says:

      I so agree with you. I don’t get why this show keeps trying to shove Neal/Emma down our throats. They haven’t got any chemistry whatsoever. Plus he is just no good for her. I did like her with August, but that possibility is gone. I think she has a lot of chemistry with Hook too. I hope the show isn’t trying to make him a foil for Neal/Emma the way Greg/Tamara were!!!

      • ej says:

        I don’t know. Maybe because the media and CS part of the fandom keeps trying to shove Hook/Emma down our throats which just enables fans like the above who thinks Hook never abandoned Emma and Neal intentionally left Emma pregnant and in jail (the jail was all August – Adam and Eddy have said so) just because he’s hunky eye candy with an accent. Watch the actual show instead of spewing your head-canon like it’s dogma, claiming what actually happened on the show is wrong and how dare this site talk about actual stuff that really happened. Are you getting paid to write for OUAT? No. Then keep it to yourself.

        • Louise says:

          I kinda agree. If there’s one part of this triangle that’s constantly “shoved down our throats” than it’s the Hook one. So I honestly don’t get the complaining.

        • Alice says:

          Exactly! Thank you! He did not send her to jail. Eddy and Adam – who, you know, WROTE THE STORY- have repeatedly said this. He thought he was leaving her behind, but her being sent to jail for the watch was Augusts idea.As was refusing to let Neal see her and stealing the money he left her. And how you can watch Manhattan and somehow think Neal knew Emma was pregnant when he left is kind of baffling.

          In any case, clearly the focus of the episode was on those two this week- so of course that is the pair featured. I’m sure it’ll be Emma Hook next week when there’s something to talk about.

    • Kristi N says:

      I like both guys. It’s funny. I do believe that Emma loves Neal but for some reason I still lean more towards Hook. Maybe it’s the sense of humor. Good triangle though. Two good choices.

  5. Jenna says:

    I disagree very much with Zoe/Wade and Laurel/Oliver. I can’t stand Zoe as of late, and I reaaaally hope he ends up with Lemon. Far more fun there. And Laurel/Oliver… really? Almost 98% of the fandom ships Olicity!

    • Canadagraphs says:

      Fans might ship Ollicity, but that will never happen. So it doesn’t matter.
      Laurel/Oliver is a possibility, but thankfully, an unlikely one. Thus why this columnist focused on them.

      • I wouldn’t say “never happen.” Just because it is comic canon doesn’t mean they won’t go there at some point – Green Arrow from Smallville hooked up with Chloe, after all, and she was an original character. Endgame, however, is intensely unlikely, which does make it a bit of a bummer either way.

        • Whitz says:

          You are right, Chloe was an original character and it was smallville ie a superman show. Arrow isn’t its a true Green Arrow show and Felicity isn’t an original character, very much a firestorm character. I’m in agreement with someone who said people who don’t like nor respect comic book and that the show is based on that, shouldn’t be watching these types of shows, period.

      • megan says:


      • JC says:

        They did Olicity last week.

    • Magali says:

      I Tought I was the only one shipping Wade and Lemon!

      • Autumn says:

        I like Wade and Lemon too! And I also can’t stand Laurel and Oliver. Who cares about comics? I still happily rooted for Chloe and Oliver and that turned out well. Also, aren’t they divorced in the comics?

        • Jenna says:

          “Who caras about comics?” – Do you realize you watch a show based on them?

          • JC says:

            So was Smallville. Just saying. Honestly, I think canon Olicity is a long shot. But I’m not so convinced anymore that Oliver/Laurel will be endgame either.

      • Lacey says:

        Zoe and Wade were cute in the beginning but the spark quickly faded. Lemon and Wade are one of those duos that you wouldn’t expect to like but they surprise you. As for Laurel and Oliver, I don’t care what the comic books say about the future of this duo, I don’t like them. Felicity is awesome, and I love all her scenes with Oliver.

    • Jenna says:

      Almost 98%??? Are you insane????

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      Not fans. You mean dc geek fanboys! Only geeks date other geeks.

    • jjovana3 says:

      Wade and Lemon are awesome. Plus their shipper name is epic: LEMONADE :)

    • lola says:

      I love Lemon and Wade but please let them stay friends. Zoe and Wade will always be number one in my shipping heart…

    • Locke says:

      Clark and Chloe was very popular too, and Klaroline. And where did that go, fans dont write the show, show writers do.

      And no you are wrong, its not 98%, please you are so delusional Olicity fans, they are many Lauriver shipper fans out there not as many as Olicity but a very good number for the show to carry on writing for them, its not just about you and your selfish needs. And your self centred and delusional selves doesnt even realise they will be new ships and shipper fans this year now that Felicity will get to interact with other characters, you know Barry/Felicity, Felicity/Roy even someone knew. Lmao, will see about that “98%” when some of you jump ship.

  6. Ana says:

    I just want to know if Damon and Elena from the Vampire Diaries have what it takes to overcome all their MONUMENTAL obstacles! I mean the entire universe and destiny is against them! My Delena heart is worried to say the least!

    • Autumn says:

      I wouldn’t be too worried. It is much better to be the pairing overcoming destiny than the mere doppelgangers always being drawn to one another because Silas and original girl fell in love. Kind of feels anti free will and very unromantic.

      • Francine says:

        Eh, I don’t know. I knew people would see it that way but I don’t think thats what they’re going for. If it was only about destiny the previous doppelgängers would have been together already. Fate may draw the doppelgangers together, but I think free will and choice is still the point of all this. If it weren’t, Elena would have never chosen Damon over Stefan. She made that choice despite Stefan being put in her path. Just like Elena chose to be with Stefan in the earlier seasons. They may have felt drawn to each other but they still had to make the choice to be in the relationship. I don’t know, I know others will disagree but I feel like that’s the way they’ll spin this whole thing. I’m not saying I like it – I felt it was wrong to do it to Delena fans last season and wrong to do it to Stelena fans this year- but I feel like that’s what they’re going for. Anything to keep the triangle going. Honestly I prefer both brothers without Elena but I know that will never happen.

        • jjovana3 says:

          I completely agree. Destiny may be putting Stefan and Elena on each other’s path, but that does not guarantee love. If that was the case, Stefan would ALWAYS love Katherine and Elena would have NEVER fallen in love and CHOSEN Damon.

  7. erin says:

    What about Danny and Mindy?! That whole conversation after the weiner night exhibit with the cheek kiss made me all melty and squealy!

  8. luli says:

    Caskett kills me every episode!! They are better than ever and I’m loving it; they are adorableee! Today’s episode had one of their best scenes. Also I feel sad for what Castle is going through with Alexis…

  9. Apples says:

    Castle has improved as a show after they got their leads together. It should be the template on how to beat the so-called Moonlighting Curse. Fillion and Katic have electric chemistry and the comic-sexy Thin Man-esque banter hasn’t stopped, in fact has probably gone up a notch. The latest MilMar penned ep on tonight (in the US) takes it to another level…

    Nick/Jess are awful, and I’ve quit watching New Girl because of them.

    Not familiar with any of the other shows listed.

  10. Deb says:

    What about Jane and Lisbon???
    I need to see them kiss or confess their love or something by the end of season 6. I really hope that catching Red John will bring them closer

  11. Lauren says:

    Marlowe should kill off Alexis..her character is a waste of screen time!

    • Anouk says:

      I have to disagree, I love that there is finally a teen/student on screen that does not drink and screws around. Finally a realistic character!

      • LL624 says:

        I used to love Alexis because she was a tv teen I could relate to. She was the good girl that I was (and still am) as a teen. But now this whole thing with Pi is kind of ruining her. She’s become disrespectful. Also, the relationship between Alexis and Castle has always been a favorite aspect of the show and right now it’s not in good shape.

        • John 1138 says:

          Well with Beckett so large in his life now the center of gravity of his and Alexis’ relationship was bound to shift. What I see with Pi is Alexis finding some one else to take care of now that Richard is being taken care of by Beckett.

          And I think all that rearranging has yet to settle out.

          P.S. I don’t see the “disrespectful”….

    • Lori says:

      I don’t know that killing off Alexis is the right thing to do, but I do think the character has gotten ridiculous.

      • Apples says:

        A rebellious teenager making a stupid decision is hardly ridiculous. In fact it is pretty true to life. God knows when I was 19 I was doing dumber things than Alexis.

  12. medwards245 says:

    Vincent and Catherine have so much to overcome in their relationship but I have not doubt that they will!!! I can’t wait to see what happens tonight on Beauty and the Beast!!!

  13. lynn says:


    • Patrick says:

      I disagree. I hope he is somehow able to reunite with his wife. I don’t think she is dead, but rather trapped somewhere. I think Ichabod and Abbie are great as partners and friends. The romance would sort of ruin that working relationship.

      • Hollowfan says:

        Ehh virtually every single male-female cop couple are shipped together (Caskett, Jisbon, B&B etc). Seems weird to skip out on Ichabod and Abbie for one long-dead wife.

        Feels kinda racist, actually.

        • NL says:

          Katrina is not dead; she is trapped between worlds. Whether or not she is able to escape and reunite with Ichabod remains to be seen, but I couldn’t see Ichabod/Abbie happening until the matter is resolved. I don’t really ship Ichabod and Abbie – as you mentioned, opposite sex leads who are partners almost inevitably become romantically involved, and it would be refreshing to see the male and female protagonists to just be friends for a change. I really enjoy Abbie and Ichabod’s camaraderie and would be completely fine with them staying close friends. That said, I do halfway expect them to end up together and wouldn’t mind if they did. But I think it’s pretty presumptuous to assume that someone is racist because they don’t ship them. While that could be a reason, there are in fact other reasons that one might not ship them; no need to jump to conclusions and assume the worst.

      • Lost says:

        The first interracial romance of leads in a Supernatural-Horror-fantasy show? It just HAS to happen!

        I’ve been waiting for something like Ichabod and Abbie ever since Damon and Bonnie on Vampire Diaries

    • Roanoke girl says:

      Ichabod and Abbie!

      They are the the epitome of classic courtship: he blushes whenever she says he looks good for 200, he holds her hand whenever they are about to walk on water, and they are playing house at the Sheriff’s cabin. It doesn’t get any better than this!

      • tp says:

        This comment right here is how I know chivalry is almost dead. I swoon whenever a man, IRL or on tv, holds open the door, walks on the street side of the sidewalk, holds your hand while crossing over something. Gotta admit that that is part of the appeal of Ichabod for me.

        • Lynnette says:

          Seems to me you shouldn’t have it both ways. Women want to be independent and treated as equals, so why play the damsel card? You gas up your own car and manage the doors just fine on your own, expecting a man to do it just cause he’s there is a power trip. Equal pay for equal work, but open the door for me? What kind of bull is that?

          • tp says:

            Well seeing as how I didn’t start the feminist movement, who exactly are you talking to? If you don’t want a man to open the door for you then by all means have fun opening the door yourself. I love it! Being a single parent, making all decisions and always taking care of everyone else is for the birds. It’s a 50/50 thing. You take care of each other. You live your life your way as I plan on living my life my way.

        • Evenfall says:

          It’s like Game of Thrones’s Jaime and Brienne: just because she’s a female warrior doesn’t mean he won’t feel the urge to fight barehanded with a bear for her. And, just because Abbie is a strong, independent woman, doesn’t mean Ichabod is going to forget his regal upbringing and stop treating her like a lady all of the sudden.

          It’s about basic respect, the kind that doesn’t stop just because the gentleman in question has feelings for a strong woman.

    • Kristi N says:

      Love Ichabbie! So cute!

  14. Tanya says:

    What about Klaus and Caroline? Klaroline!!!!

  15. tp says:

    The wedding of B&B is what brought me back to Bones. Can’t wait to see it. * I like the way they are building a foundation with Abbie and Ichabod. Whether it ends in just friendship or love, either way I’ll like it. *Jake might have said the cheesiest line ever but I like him and Olivia. Yes, her and Fitz have amazing chemistry but I want her to give it a go with Jake. *The Wade and Zoe pairing is what made me stop watching HoD. * Laurel is being made into a nitwit and it’s making me dislike her. Oliver needs a new love interest and not Felicity. *While I am a total Caskett shipper, I’m kinda bored with them. And you just know that the issue of having kids is coming up soon, especially with Alexis acting crazy.* Emma and Neal need to move on already. I don’t buy that Neal professes his love for Emma while he’s being sucked into a vortex and she believes it!! Really, because up until the day before you were engaged and getting married to another woman. I really hate that Pinocchio was turned into a little boy, I loved their chemistry. I don’t exactly like Hook for Emma either but anyone is better than Neal. I don’t think Emma and Neal have that forever kind of true love like Snow and Charming.

    • Autumn says:

      One of the main reasons I stopped watching the show was the pairing between Emma and Neal (I did have some others including the lack of research put into the writing). I agree that anyone is better. Sheriff Graham was the best, Mad Hatter could have been awesome, August was at least a protector and interesting, and then there is Neal…just no. Even though I stopped watching, Hook seems immensely better just because he’s not Neal. His character gives me the creeps. Every time I read about something new and “romantic,” I feel good about having given up on this show. It seems several other people have as well considering the ratings. The show needs to be rejuvenated.

      • Stormy says:

        I so agree. Good grief, I’d almost rather see Emma with a rejuvenated Gaston than Neal. Jefferson would have been my first choice, Graham second [only because he’d been with Regina, yuck]. At this point I’m all for killing off Neal if that’s the only way to take him out of the equation.

        • JC says:

          Jefferson was my first choice for Emma too. They had some great chemistry, even though he was crazy. :)

        • Evenfall says:

          Jefferson was a really goog choice considering he was also a single parent dealing with the same issues as Emma. Neal ruined their flow IMO.

      • tp says:

        Graham and Jefferson totally slipped my mind. Yes to both but since Graham is dead I could go for Jefferson. I wish Sebastian Stan was available to continue on the show regularly.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I am SO with you! Graham was my favorite, and I forgot about the Mad Hatter, but he would be better than either Neal or Hook. I wish they would find a way to bring Graham back. Who cares about their “rules” anyway? Plus, I can’t stand either Hook or Neal’s fandoms, so I’d love a 3rd option to stop both those groups from taking over every OUAT article ever written.

      • Peach says:

        I just can’t get behind Swanfire. I just… if they were true love… I doubt he would abandon her because a wooden puppet told him to. I can understand her still having feelings about it because she never truly got closure… and she went to Tallahassee for TWO YEARS trying to find him. I’m team third party we haven’t met yet.. but she can totes make out with whoever she wants to in the meantime.

        • O.C. says:

          I’d get it if Neal was jealous of the connection between Emma and the wooden puppet, felt like he couldn’t get her the way the Mad Hatter did or felt threaten by the huntsman, but he just gave up. Its hard for me to root for him when he just gave up. It’s impossible to root for Emma if she “never stopped loving” that.

  16. CC says:

    OUAT couple should have been Emma and Hook!! :)

  17. asd123 says:

    Since when Oliver and Laurel is the favorite pair from Arrow? Oliver and Felicity, comics be damned.

    • John says:

      Completely agree ….Arrow has shown it can go outside of the comic…when actors have no chemistry together why tell us they do …it should be Oliver and Felicity on a slow burn maybe in 2 seasons as the show isn’t about that..but could add to complexity of both characters if done correctly.

      • Rosen says:

        Because they have chemistry and the site’s job is to report on all TV news, not just what pleases you or what you see, Oliver/Felicity fans. In case you are forgetting, the show is called Arrow, it was and is still the story of Oliver Queen, not the Olicity fanfics show.

        Stephen and Katie have really great chemistry and they are getting to show more of that as their characters are allowed to be good friends and Interact’ in case you are as dumb as not to figure it out, the actors/characters were clearly directed and written to not have much chemistry together in first season due to the problems and issues that happened between them, and they wanted to realistically portrayal the disunite and disconnection between them. Oliver/Laurel is the main romance and slow burn of the show, deal with it. Its a comic book show, yada yada , they changeda lot of things from comics, I know I know so did a lot of superhero shows and TV shows, and they still end up with their iconic love interest because they are that important, you have zero argument there.

  18. Kristen says:

    Stefan and Elena from The Vampire Diaries. Elena is Stefan’s true love and Stefan is Elena’s true love. It’s only a matter of time until they’re together once again!!!!

  19. Jenna says:

    I am all in to watch Oliver and Laurel this season. Maybe in the end she’s already Black Canary and we’ll see our powerful comic couple.
    I don’t know why people watch this show if they don’t care about comics. You can’t be so disrespectful about them if you really like Arrow.

    • Abby says:

      I know quite a few people who love the show, and have not read the comics. You can like something without seeing/reading every interpretation. Arrow, the TV show, is a different interpretation. We are also dealing with different cast and crew which leads to people interpreting the story differently, or it wanting to go another way.

  20. alistaircrane says:

    Most people ship Ollie and FELICITY, not Ollie and lame Laurel.

  21. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Jane and Lisbon need to be on this one, especially if episode 6 is as shippy as promised

  22. Dina Pitenis says:

    “Beauty and the Beast” couple Catherine and Vincent are the best couple on TV even though they are currently torn apart by circumstances. I would like to see Oliver & Laurel reunite as well. Hook and Emma might work – she has chemistry with all her leading men.

  23. rachelle says:

    Olivia and Jake… Really??? How about Olivia and Fitz?? That’s what needs to happen. Jake can stick around, but he definitely needs to keep his hands off of Olivia. Everyone knows Olitz is endgame.

  24. Shanag says:

    Rayna and Deacon from Nashville all the way. Never cried so much over a fictional couple

  25. jjovana3 says:

    The only couples I care for right now are:
    *Agent Keen and Ressler on The Blacklist. That hug! Swoon.
    *Abbie and Ichabod – such great chemistry! And perfect comic timing.
    *April & Andy – those two are definition of couple written just right. They’ve been together for 4 seasons now and still as fun and fresh as ever.
    *Stefan & Elena – i still have hope. Damon and Elena already bore me.
    *Jess & Nick on New Girl – i want Nick to grow up already!

    • tp says:

      I am right there with you on Agents Keen and Ressler! I said this morning (talking to my mom) that they are dragging this thing with the husband out and I can’t wait for him to be gone. Ressler has grown attached to Keen judging from the last episode. The husband seems so creepy now that I know he’s some kind of agent.

      • JC says:

        Do we know that for sure though? About the husband. Reddington could be playing her – he could have had the stuff planted in her house.

        • jjovana3 says:

          The way he said “I know exactly what you’re thinking” was sooooooo creepy. That guy is fishy as hell and possibly on the blacklist himself.

          • JC says:

            Yeah but….I’m not sure he doesn’t seem that way because Elizabeth is freaked out about him and we’re seeing him through her eyes right now. I will concede that end of last week’s episode does make it more likely, but I’m not convinced yet that this isn’t all part of Reddington’s game. I can’t forget the scene in the first episode that let us know that Reddington did send the torturer to their apt.

          • tp says:

            I think Red sent the guy to torture the husband because he knows the husband is shady. Red didn’t have him killed because Red needs Lizzie to find out on her own that her husband is not who he says he is. Other wise to quote Mellie “the nails, the wood, the cross” she would build for that husband. Lol. While, yes, we are seeing her husband the way she sees him I don’t think that go box was planted. Also the whole Angel Station thing is just too much of a coincidence…

          • John 1138 says:

            He does sort of yell “contract killer”. To me anyway. Whether he’s significant enough to be on the Blacklist? Sort of doubt it, more likely just in that world so Reddington knows about him.

      • jjovana3 says:

        He was very unlikeable when they introduced him. Very douchey, classic alpha male who likes to get into physical fights instead of using his brain. It was lovely to see his softer side. I think he has a thing for Elizabeth. It will be a long time before she even considers him…if that even happens. So far, I like the push and pull dynamic.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Oh wow, I thought I was the only one who about died over that hug! I’m seriously annoyed at myself for deleting that episode of The Blacklist from the DVR. Keen and REssler gave me such a Sidney/Vaughn vibe for some reason, I spent an hour watching Alias clips on Youtube, lol.

      • jjovana3 says:

        I replayed it numerous times! She was tortured & drugged, and he gave her comfort. Pair that up with Matt Corby’s “Heart of stone” and gloomy cinematography – one beautiful, swoon worthy scene. :)

    • Lost says:

      It’s so rare to find a couple with such sizzle chemistry, great comedic timing and just the right amount of fate intervention to make them as poignant as Ichabod and Abbie on Sleepy Hollow.
      The only other time I’ve seen it is in Game of Thrones with Jaime and Brienne.

  26. LL624 says:

    Caskett! Forever love them. They are so cute.
    I wondered about Abby and Ichabod Crane. I think that might be kinda-weird.
    Yes, Olivia and Jake! Forget Fitz! #TeamGoodJake
    I’ve never watched Bones, but the wedding has even me a bit interested.

  27. Grumpy Ole' Lady says:

    Oliver and Laural never seemed right to me anyway. I haven’t liked the Laural character from the start–they always seemed to want her to cry. Got on my nerves. The actors didn’t seem to have a great chemistry.
    As far as Olicity goes, Felicity seems too young–in spirit, if not in age–for him. She’s a foil for Oli when he gets too serious or full of himself, but she seems more like a sister to him than a potential lover. I think they’ll tease the relationship because there’s a good connection between the two actors and characters, but it’s not going to develop into a physical relationship from what I can see.

    • Autumn says:

      This is my favorite argument for anyone against a relationship they don’t like: she is “like a sister” to him. I don’t know how many times I have read this for several different TV relationships. The fact that she is not his sister and doesn’t even remotely act like his sister means this will not be the case. And why would they tease the relationship if Felicity is more like a sister? The best relationships are those rooted in friendship like this one. Oliver, as a Ladies’ man, needs someone that is about more than a physical relationship. He needs an equal (and I don’t mean an equal at fighting). He needs someone that helps him be better and that is Felicity as far as I can see.

      • Smiggle says:

        I ship Felicity/Diggle more than I ship Olicity, frankly.

      • JC says:

        Eh, I don’t know. It can be an excuse, but I think sometimes it’s appropriate. On Warehouse 13, for example, how else would you describe Pete and Myka’s relationship? And I can kind of see what she meant, I think. It’s obvious that Felicity is attracted to Oliver, but in all honesty I’m not sure I can say I’ve seen any reciprocation from him at this point. He’s very fond of her, but one could take the viewpoint that it’s the fondness of an older brother for a favored little sister. I’m not saying that’s my viewpoint, but I can see how someone might see it.

  28. Mary says:

    For me, Rick/Kate all the way, my favourite pair ever!
    From the list, I also like Bones/Booth; Olivia/Jake no, altough I also don´t ship Olivia/Fitz (let´s say I ship Olivia finding herself out); the others either I haven´t seen or I don´t care…

  29. Ana Rubio says:

    Caskett!!!! my favorite one =)

    There was also Tony and Ziva =(

    • jjovana3 says:

      What did happen with Tony & Ziva? I haven’t watched in years. Spoil away.

      • John 1138 says:

        Their test drive in Paris years ago didn’t impress so they moved on to the close friends zone and when she got sick of killing people and moved on without him, he keeps a keepsake of hers (her necklace) in his office desk drawer. Which, IMHO, isn’t all that personal a place to store something like that. I mean alongside the boxclips, used paperclips and spare pens?

  30. Cierra says:

    Wait, did you say Olivia and Jake? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That wasn’t the funniest joke I’ve heard all year!! Thank you so much for that. Made my day!

  31. Belinda says:

    WHAT THE HELL ??? who cares about Olivia and Jake ??? when did they become a couple ??????? … THE COUPLE on Scandal is Olivia and Fitz and no one else .. the show is centered on them .. please check your sources and WATCH the show before writing something this stupid

    • Francine says:

      They know the show and they don’t need to check their facts. This article isn’t just about established couples. Olivia and Fitz are more than likely endgame and were featured in this article last week. Things are obviously messy for them right now though and there are going to be other things going on with Olivia. I know some people like her and Jake (I personally don’t but I know they’re out there) so I understand why they’re featured here. I wouldn’t take it so personally.

  32. madbengalsfan85 says:

    B&B are getting married…tonight!!! I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement!!!

  33. Tom says:

    Not a fan of either Emma – Neal or Abbie – Ichabod as couples. Abbie and Ichabod have great chemistry but I don’t see it as romantic just as partners like cops and as for Emma and Neal I just never liked them together, and was never a fan of Neal I like her with Hook more.

  34. Zoe says:

    I’m just relieved Bensidy is left OFF of this list. Ugh. I hope they break up soon.

  35. Kristina says:

    Happy for things to remain “chilled” between Oliver and Laurel, I think they’re pretty terrible together. Zero chemistry.

  36. Jovana says:

    Jackson and April from Grey’s, please, please, please! :)

  37. Hodan says:

    I want the the next list to have Damon and Elena on it. Thank you.

  38. JC says:

    I wish they would kill off Oliver/Laurel for good. If he keeps going back to her and being hung up on her, it’s going to make him look like an idiot. They don’t work. They’ve acknowledged it. Now they need to work on moving them both past it honestly, instead of playing this game of pretending it’s over but it’s really not, like they did with Clark/Lana on Smallville. Right now the show has got enough else going for it that it can be overlooked, but if they think they can keep playing this game with them, it’s going to get annoying fast.

    • Aqua says:

      But Oliver/Laurel are not Clark/Lana, they are the Clark/Lois of this show. They acknowledged they don’t work, OK, I missed that part but even if its true I guess you don’t watch much TV, when characters say something it doesn’t always mean that….

      • JC says:

        I watch plenty of TV thank you, enough TV to be thoroughly sick of the games that shows like to play with TV audiences. We’re together, no we’re over, no we’re really not, I said it, I don’t mean it, etc etc. They’re not teenagers. I realize that Oliver/Laurel was supposed to be the Clark/Lois of this show, but Oliver’s refusal to get over a woman he can’t be with does remind me of Clark’s character-killing obsession with Lana. This kind of dance is only fun if the audience is on board and rooting for it. If the audience is fervently wishing one half of your planned pairing off the show, you’ve better have planned a work-around or it’s a show killer. Because comics! is not a good reason to continue with a storyline that isn’t working.

        • Aqua says:

          They are the “Clark/Lois”, even Clark/Lois did get together and break up and back again in
          Smallville, only difference is they happened much later in the series so the on and off didn’t happen for long. Just because you are not rooting for them doesn’t mean no one is, they have their fans. And the writers are doing this for storyline purposes not just to please your ass, getting fans to root for a couple is a bonus otherwise its not that important, its all about telling a story you want to tell. CW audiences have become too entitled and spoiled by shows and that network, thinking they have to approve or love a couple/story for it to happen, that’s not how things should work or work in general.

          • JC says:

            Let me ask you something. What do you think is going to happen if Sara/Canary 1.0 becomes a huge hit with the audience, and Laurel is still largely disliked by the end of the season? Yeah, yeah I know they’ve said this is all part of Laurel’s journey, but from all the spoilers I’m reading, this Canary aligns pretty shockingly well with the one in the comics, in all but the name. They’ve acknowledged there are problems with Laurel (the interview where they said it felt like she was on a different show), and I think they’re trying to correct them, but if it doesn’t work, well. What do you think they’re going to do? Oh look, we already have a Canary, and she’s almost exactly like the one in the comics, and the audience likes her (hypothetically-we haven’t actually seen how Caity Lotz’s Canary is going to be received yet), and she’s even a Lance. Do we really think they’ll kill off the more popular Canary in favor of Laurel who is largely disliked (although yes she does have her fans) just because she has the name? That is what I meant by backup plan. I think they still WANT to make Laurel work. I think they’re trying to make Laurel work. But if they can’t, they already have another Canary waiting, one whom they’ve gone to quite a bit of trouble to make seem like the real comics Canary. Do we really think they’re going to dump her just because her name isn’t Dinah or Laurel? I think killing Tommy off showed us that they’re not necessarily locked into a particular storyline as much as people might like to think. (And I think this is the longest comment I’ve ever posted here.)

  39. Rich Abey says:

    Can we fall any more in love with Caskett? From ‘sugar daddy’ to ‘cheeseburgers’, Castle is bringing out all the stops on the Caskett front. At least this will somehow redeem us from the heartache that was the second half of S5. Plus that first ever ‘big smack Caskett kiss’ within the 12th Precinct! We casketts all jumped up in joy..couldn’t have asked for more from Andrew Marlowe..though it still won’t take the shine off the ‘best handshake ever’!


    P.S. We all know who Richard Castle’s real Number One Fan is and it’s definitely not Emma Brigs. Ever heard of a certain hot brunette detective called Kate Beckett? Remember who helped her get through her mother’s murder..Richard Castle’s books! Plus who is the real true love of Castle, who by the way is going to marry him too..Kate Beckett!

  40. Sarah says:

    Also, exactly was Jake in the hole??? I was thinking a matter of weeks, not several months.

  41. Doh says:

    Carol and Daryl! – The Walking Dead

  42. i know they’re only summer loves,’ but Auggie and Annie in Covert Affairs”?

  43. Netron says:


    Suck that Oliver/Felicity shippers. You really thought you were the only ones who will get to be shown in this part of the article, think again. Oliver/laurel are ther OTP of the show, you can protest all you want, all the way to their wedding.

  44. Cas says:

    I still like Laurel but I don’t think the writers are doing her any favors will having her on this witch hunt for Arrow. I mean they should be trying to make her character more likeable which I know is possible because I thought when she was kicking butt in the first episode that was a good direction to take her character. I think making her the Black Canary will make her more likeable, granted who knows if they will do that. Secondly, while I like Jake, I do agree that Jake and Olivia are definitely not the couple I see together. I mean I guess I wouldn’t have a meltdown if they dated for a minute, because I do firmly believe that Fitz and Olivia are the Meredith and Derek of Scandal so they will be together eventually. Millie cracks me up. I know people use to say her character is awful and her acting sucks. But she provides such comic relief I think I would be sad if she wasn’t around.

  45. dee says:

    How about Audrey/Nathan from Haven?

  46. Kristi N says:

    Loving Olivia & Jake. I can’t wait until Olivia realizes burgers with Jake is a far better option than jam with Fitz. ;)