Castle Recap: Married... With Children...?

Castle Season 6 RecapABC’s Castle this week got time-trippy, as a man claiming to be from the future put the 12th on the trail of a fellow “jumper” who was out to alter history — and in doing so, kill a billion people.

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THE RECAP | A female parole officer, Shauna Taylor, is found dead, electrocuted/tortured after having her throat slit. A recent harassment complaint leads Beckett and the boys to Simon Doyle, who posits that a billion lives are at stake if he is not freed — and he knows this because “I am from the future.” (The year 2035, to be exact, where he is a temporal anthropologist.) Simon says it is/was his job to go back in time and protect Shauna, after his people saw spikes in this timeline after another man jumped back to 2013.

A hooker and the manager who directed her to get inside Shauna’s apartment point the team at Garrett Ward, a soldier type who didn’t seem to exist until a few years ago. Ward next kills Shauna’s stepbrother in the course of grilling him about the location of “the child.” But in actuality, Ward is seeking high school Paul Deschille, whom Simon says will grow up to create an energy shield that saves humanity during the Bloody Energy War. Ward is caught in the midst of assaulting Deschille, who seems to squelch the time-travel theory by saying Ward was merely avenging his years-ago arrest and imprisonment. Yet when Rick goes to give Simon back his handheld gadget, he has vanished for a second time. Recalled, maybe…?

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Meanwhile on the homefront, Castle — fed up with Pi’s presence — confronts Alexis about the loft sitch. She agrees it’s time for a change, and reveals that she and Pi have found a place, to share together. Later, Beckett shares her two cents — that Alexis has seen her father move on with someone new, and is now trying to figure out where she fits in. As the hour closes, Rick beseeches his little girl once more to reconsider, but Alexis maintains it is her mistake, if that, to make, and he must believe in her.

THE REVIEW | First of all, props to Chuck alum Joshua Gomez for really selling us on Simon and his futuristic tales — which included the (possible) reveal that Rick and Kate do in fact marry, then have three kids. In the future, also, it’s Senator Beckett, while Castle has put mystery novels behind him to pen “serious literature.” Beckett all the while writes off Simon as a crackpot, yet stops him from revealing the kids’ names.

The case itself seemed to drag on a bit long, and I had to turn on the closed-captioning to keep track of fast-talking Simon’s mumbo jumbo about the energy wars and what not. But I loved the touch at the end with the coffee stain — it’s never not fun to make Beckett question her straight-arrow beliefs.

The Alexis stuff…. I’d love to hear from readers who have/had a 19-year-old daughter, and how they’d respond to her bristling at the words, “Let me?” and asserting that she can do as and live with whomever she pleases while a student at a college her parent is paying for. (I only have sons, age 10, so I’m curious.) But hey, whatever frees up room at the loft, right?

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Notable quotables:
* “You watch Doctor Who…?”
* Beckett the smart-ass: “Why don’t you two go back in time and….”

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  1. I keep wondering if the writers just plain old don’t realize that literally no one like Pi! Seriously I haven’t seen a character as universally disliked since Kalinda’s husband on The Good Wife last season. (Also Alexis no longer qualifies as “the smart one in the family”.)

    • Agreed. After all Castle is right, moving in with a guy you met one month ago is NOT wise.

    • Malachi says:

      This. Except the “Good Wife” reference — don’t watch that show. But who’d believe that Alexis would be that stupid? Or self-absorbed? And where exactly are they going to find an apartment that Pi can afford half of? I am operating on the assumption that, if he could afford something near, he wouldn’t have camped on Castle’s couch for a month. They can’t afford Manhattan, maybe not even Brooklyn.
      Pi supposedly has a Dutch passport, right? Can’t Castle just call Immigration, maybe get him deported? Or maybe Agent Fallon of Homeland Security (who certainly owes Castle a favor for saving NYC from that dirty bomb) could just have him shipped to Gitmo? That’d be great, thanks.

      • Rick katze says:

        So what do have against Gitmo in wanting to send Pi there.

        Besides too many people sent there are eventually released.

        6 bullets in Pi’s head would be the safer option.

    • taran63 says:

      Agreed. Alexis wants to have it both ways. She says she should be able to move in with a boyfriend at 19 because her Dad did similar things. Yet she says she’s the smart one in the family because her Dad does dumb things…like moving in with a girlfriend at 19.

      I hate to say this, particularly about a fictional character, but I’m truly hoping that something horrible happens to her. I find her character very irritating and annoying, and I think she’s really due for some bad karma. And it probably bothers me so much because I really liked Alexis’s character in the first 5 seasons. Her scenes with Castle were some of my favorite parts of the show, and I really liked the father/daughter relationship they had. It’s reaching the point where I almost wish they had just killed her character in the Paris two-part episode. At least that way I wouldn’t have to watch her character descend into this unlikable, arrogant, self-absorbed idiot.

      I also dislike the way that the writers, through Beckett’s voice, seem to be painting Castle as in the wrong on this. I don’t have a 19-year old daughter, but if I did, I can’t imagine that I would just quietly stand by while she moved in with a leech like Pi. Yet the lesson seems to be that Castle should just stand back, offer money, and not give any advice on what he feels is a mistake being made by his only child.

      I think I’m just going to DVR future Castle episodes, and watch them on a delay so that I can fast forward through any scene with Pi and/or Alexis. Fortunately they haven’t yet been the focus of any episodes, just small portions of each episode that add no value to the show, and can be skipped without missing out on anything important.

      • Gigi says:

        It’s not the first time the writers have portrayed Rick as this overbearing idiot father. As a parent of a teenaged girl, I yell at the TV every time. Alexis IS a smart girl, but lacking in life experience and street smarts. Unfortunately, some lessons have to be learned the hard way. My daughter watched this episode with me, and smirked at Alexis’ announcement of her move, knowing had it been us, I would have locked her up somewhere until she came to her senses. And if you want to miss more Pi and Alexis moments, definitely DVR the next episode because I think we’ll be visiting their new apartment.

      • D2Exp says:

        Wow, what is with all the Alexis hate in the comments xD Sure, Pi is super annoying. But she is a teenage girl who wants to experience different things. Maybe even make mistakes. Isn’t that the best way to make up your mind about life? She might be smart, but even smart and OLDER people made stupid decisions, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. And it’s not like she’s doing something fatal, she won’t be able to get out of later.

        • Jon says:

          As most people seem to be saying, it isn’t so much the what she’s done/doing. It’s the how and the why she’s doing it.

          • D2Exp says:

            She’s doing it so she can find out for herself what she wants and gain experience. There’s nothing wrong with that. Would it have been smarter for Alexis to wait the year? Maybe, but she has proven herself as a smart girl and Castle should trust that she is smart enough to get out of the situation if it turns to be a bad choice.

            A lot of people say that she didn’t consider that fact that Castle wasn’t ok with it. But after all, parents always worry about their children. Those children need learn to take responsibility for their choices and become independent, however. After all, Castle won’t be around forever to keep check on her. She needs to learn to do that on her own. And the only way for that to happen is to sometimes take a chance and learn from it.

        • I don’t hate Alexis. Normally she’s one of my favorite characters. I just think that the writers have her acting totally out of character this season.

          • D2Exp says:

            I think they just decided to show a new side of her. After all, she’s a 19-year-old college girl, you can’t expect her not to change at all. She needed some development.

    • tvdiva says:

      Why are they making Alexis out to be an idiot? This is the same thing that happened on Gilmore Girls when Lori went bonkers and slept with a married Dean. This is so out of character for smart and mature Alexis. And Pi is the most annoying character on TV right now. Please have him wear a red shirt and be the next murder victim.

    • Q says:

      Pi is (literally) pig and parasite.
      Alexis is full of hormons, so brain is off ;-)
      Shee need life lesson….hard life lesson…..

      Becket senator? Sounds like fun.
      Three kids, why not?

      But Castle and serious writing….that is pure sci-fi.
      Or maybe in his 60′ he turn from childish boy on the real man.
      Hahaha….impossible. ;-)
      (sorry for my english)

    • Alan says:

      well given that the show is written and filmed weeks in advance they wouldnt have even seen the (frankly overblown) hatred for the character yet when making this so the point shouldnt even be considered for this episode.

    • MelindaB says:

      I can’t stand Pi, either, and can’t believe that Alexis would fall for him. Unless he’s hiding some deep intellect (and hiding it REALLY well,) I don’t see her finding him at all appealing. I’m hoping that she only wants to take care of him the way that one would care for a lost puppy.

    • xoxoprgossipgirl says:

      It’s obviously a reaction to his being engaged to Beckett. She won’t be his number one girl anymore. I think that guy PI was just at the right place, at the right time. He is also very unappealing and you can’t see why she’d do a 360 turn. I wish she fell in love with a seemingly wonderfully boy who turns out to be a mass murderer like Ted Bundy.

      • lauri5567 says:

        Did you ever see One Life to Live? I’d like to see Alexis with someone like Rex, someone that everyone else sees as a lot like her father, but drives Rick crazy that he’s pushing boundaries.

  2. Just one thing says:

    Two words: Stunt doubles.
    Three words: Never again, please.
    One would have to be extremely myopic not to tell the difference in a wide shot like that.
    I have more to say, but I really needed to get that off my chest first. :P

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Are you talking about when Simon got thrown down? I kept rewinding to see who did it (Espo?), but the directing made it impossible.

      • R says:

        It was a shot of Castle and Beckett walking into the industral plant. So glaringly obvious.

      • Just one thing says:

        Nah. They normally do pretty well with the fast cuts on close-ups. I’m talking about the creepy pier when they get out of the car. It cuts to a wide shot between two mediums, and it’s just… so painfully obvious. Very distracting.

      • Jon says:

        No, Matt, it was when they walked from the car into the abandoned factory, right, JustOneThing? It was a horrible injection of the doubles when there was zero need for it. It jarred very badly.

        • Just one thing says:

          An editor might argue that they needed something to avoid a jump-cut between the tighter shots of them walking away. But, um… yeah, no.

      • Alichat says:

        It was Espo who took Simon down. If you slow it down, it’s the actors coming into the room, but the shot from their perspective looked like stunt doubles. Then it cuts to Simon slamming into Espo, and it looks like Huertas flips him. It was an oddly edited scene.

      • DarkDefender says:

        That flip was supposed to be Esposito taking Simon down.

      • Alan says:

        i could clearly tell it was espo, dont see why anyone is having trouble seeing that.

    • CMG says:

      IMO, stunt doubles are one of those things you just have to kind of roll with. Everyone knows that they use (and *need*) stunt doubles on TV and in movies… and most times, the stunt doubles are almost entirely unlike the actors they are performing stunts for. Take Sarah Michelle Gellar’s stunt double on Buffy, for instance. It’s just one of those things you have to suspend disbelief about.

    • Apples says:

      Apparently there was an issue with the location and the need for hardhats or something…

    • KCfromNC says:

      Using doubles happens, using stand-ins on screen happen. Production needs, time and locations challenge the overall way a show is shot. It sucks when it happens but I for one can suspend reality enough to go with it. Just my opinion.

  3. K says:

    I hsve two older sisters who are in their 20s and I assure you that when they had boyfriends throughout college they didn’t act like Alexis. Alexis behavior is normal, but not normal. I get she wants to move in with PI to be more independent and make her own mistakes. Alexis in this episode was a total brat. She doesn’t care that she is hurting her father in the process of moving in with PI. She had to have known that moving in with PI wouldn’t sit well with him.

    • TobyG. says:

      I don’t think it’s so much that Alexis doesn’t care that she’s hurting her father with her terrible behavior, rather I think that’s really the point of it, even if Alexis doesn’t entirely realize it yet herself.

  4. James D says:

    Oh Morgan have you learned nothing the intersect is very bad for you it makes you go all cray cray :). fun episode, but am i the only one who finds it extremely weird that caskett is engaged and they don’t live together, i know its a full house but still that seems really odd to me.

    • Auntie Ralph says:

      That’s probably coming. Don’t forget Beckett JUST got back from the DC stint and somehow managed to hang on to her NY apartment (I’m guessing her lease was for 3+ more months since she was gone for around 2 to 3). Her lease being up will probably be what triggers it, common (and realistic) thing that happens.

  5. R says:

    So this episode was good, but it was a little weak compared to the previous eps of this season so far, but still good imo.
    Starting off with the bad, I couldn’t make up my mind if this ep was supposed to be serious or not. Most Castle eps have such a good balance and good transition from the serious to the funny but I felt like this ep lacked that. The music, the editing, most of the case related interaction was rather flat and unsmooth. It just felt off, maybe that’s just me though. Also the editing dept needs to work better because I could find glaring continuity issues just in my first viewing. (like the obvious use of doubles in one scene and badly edited in ADR)
    Now for the good. OMG THE TALK OF CASKETT babies & vows! Could they get anymore casual abt it? Totally got my fragile shipper heart Hahaha loved it. Funny how them having 3 kids is way more believable than Senator KB and serious literature writer RC. Even Kate found the 3 kids more plausible. (She SOOOOO wants them, although I do see some drama coming over it) lol And it is probably meant to be that way. We are supposed to take the predictions seriously and not too seriously at the same time. Thought it was very cleverly done. ;) 
    Also LOVED JOSHUA GOMEZ! He was great, his lines were great and his impecable delivery made it even better. 
    Now for the way they handled Alexis. Glad Castle finally put his foot down abt Pi. Pi needs to go even if that means Alexis going with him. As for Alexis, I knw she will get a lot of crap for what she did, seeing the hurt in Castle’s eyes at the end really hit a nerve with me.(Goddammit NF, you get me bad, dude) Most of us will agree with C that she is making a mistake, difference is that his view comes out of genuine care and worry while a lot of ppl think tht because of the general disdain they feel towards Alexis. Honestly I’m not an Alexis fan anymore but even I can’t berate her for making her own choices now because then she will be responsible for the choices as well. It’s the process of growing up like Kate explained to Castle and it makes sense. We might think she is being stupid but to her she is taking risks and living life on her own terms. Good for her. I honestly couldn’t care less abt what she does in life, but I get sad watching Castle get so hurt in the process. But I found it funny (read : ironic) how she used the same argument of her living on her own terms abt her video-blogging that got her kidnapped last season. But that’s the point I think, she will be responsible eventually. Although I wish writers would stop using the “Alexis is smarter than her dad” view because that is certainly not the case and if Alexis thinks this is true…..God help her.
    As for Caskett, I’ve seen complaints that they are gng back to their distant s5 version already, I can’t help but roll my eyes everytime I see ppl complaining over that. It’s getting old. Their talks abt their future and relationship are far more imp and beautiful than physical contact between them, at least for me. 
    This ep showed so much growth from Kate. She didn’t flinch over the baby talk as one might think she would lol. Also majority of ppl have hated her thrice repeated “Its my life” comment in the past, I hope ppl noticed how she used phrases like “our future”, “us together” in this ep multiple times. Finally she is thinking in terms of them together now which is amazing to see. In contrast Alexis threw that “it’s my life” line at Castle, kinda sad, but I’m glad that now with Alexis starting to become more independent, Castle has Beckett to be with instead and not be alone. Nice transition by the writers. Time for Caskett to officially move in now. Also LOVED how Kate tried to make him understand Alexis’ perspective. She is not being too step-momish, only being caring enough. (used to love this in s3, glad it’s back) 
    That scene is now one of my all time fav Caskett scenes ever. So beautifully raw and honest :’) 
    The case had a great premise, execution was lacking a bit but I felt like they handled Caskett and Alexis/Castle very well. So overall job well done. 
    Yayy for Castle season 6 still going strong. Keep it up Marlowe and co. :D

  6. Kate says:

    As a once 19 year old girl I can tell you my dad would never have let that fly! He would have told me if I wanted to live with my “Pi” I could pay for it myself. I’m not enjoying this side of Alexis. I could see her acting out if Castle and Beckett were actually starting their own family, but this seems like an overreaction to them being engaged.

    • She’s going to pay for her part of the rent, tho…

      • c-mo says:

        But Castle is still paying her tuition so she’s still not “on her own”, maybe if she had to pay rent and her Columbia tab she might think again…doubtful.

        • I think she is on scholarship, so Castle is not paying for school either

          • Malachi says:

            Alexis is at Columbia, part of the Ivy League. They do not have merit scholarships, only need-based. And Castle, being a multi-millionaire, is not likely to have “need”. It is possible to get outside scholarships, sure, but good luck getting enough to pay sticker price of $50,000 per year that it costs to go there. Or her living expenses in Manhattan.
            No, if I had to guess, Castle is probably paying full freight for Alexis’ education, or close enough.

        • Apples says:

          If she’s doing well at school, threatening to cut off her tuition unless she stays at home seems like a surefire way to make their relationship worse and ensure she resents him a lot more than she does now. Just pouring oil on a fire…

      • Morgan says:

        With Castle’s money. She has no job.

        • Katherine215 says:

          No, she explicitly said she was paying the rent with her work-study money. She’s had jobs before – she worked with Lainie, remember?

          • Jon says:

            There is no way Alexis can earn enough to find a place ‘right by school’, ie, Manhattan, and be a student at the same time. Absolutely none.

          • Just one thing says:

            Aren’t work-study programs meant for students who need financial aid? What university, school/department or scholarship program in their right mind would give *ANY* money to Richard Castle’s kid?

      • Kate says:

        Unless they end up living in something the size of a closet I’m calling BS on her paying. No way between the two of them they can afford anything comfortable in NYC.

        • DarkDefender says:

          unless we find that Pi has money.. and it just took him a month to find a place, now that he has decided to remain stateside.

        • Jessica says:

          Clearly they must be working on an Alexis/Pi sitcom spin off where they attempt to pay for a tiny closet sized apartment in manhattan on a work study salary, and hilarity ensues, lol. Cause it’s just impossible, and nobody would let a 19 year old with a work study job and her slacker boyfriend sign a lease without a co-signer in that neighborhood anyway!

    • K says:

      I’m 20 years old and my parents would flip if they learned I was moving in with my bf after only a month of dating.

    • Luli says:

      She is paying for the place…

      • Paloma says:

        Where did she get enough money to pay for the place? And she said something about being close to school. The rents near Columbia are pretty expensive

        • John 1138 says:

          Same place she got the money to invest in that green tech the episode she was sneaking back into the loft for food.

        • ivan everett says:

          Isn`t Alexis independently wealthy thru a trust fund? Anyway the Pi thing will not last Alexis is too intelligent to not realise he is just a chancer. This was all about Dad not discussing his relationship with Kate, which in my book is none of her business, Rick doesn`t need her ok . She js just being a spoilt brat, Rick should tell her to butt out, she will come back in her own good time. It was good to see the 3 musketeers back in charge – Marlowe Miller & Bowman back in charge

  7. Jon says:

    I want Pi gone for good because his storyline is making me not like Alexis at the moment.

    My daughters are not 19, but her ‘let me?’ and the idea that she’s going to do what she wants, when she wants, screw anyone who tries to tell her differently? No. That’s an attitude I wouldn’t stand for. Disrespectful.

    I understand that she’s growing up and needs to grow out of the loft, but it’s been done in a way that makes Alexis as a character look very bad and nothing like the girl who adores her father, the one we all know and love.

    If this is evidence of her assertion that she’s the smart one in the family, moving in with a guy she’s met a month or so ago, she needs a reality check very quickly indeed.

    In conclusion. Pi gone completely, his influence is totally negative on all points. Alexis to stop being someone I don’t like.

    • Jon says:

      Addendum: I just asked my wife (who was once a 19 year old girl, and had two sisters) and she said that her father would’ve slapped the attitude out of her (not literally!) had she (or her sisters) ever even thought about being that disrespectful to him.

      • Apples says:

        Funny because those were essentially the exact same words I used on my parents when I moved out around the same age as a teenager. Yes it was uppity and disrespectful, but teenagers often are.

        Felt very realistic to me, obviously.

  8. Badpenny says:

    This episode really made me miss Joshua Gomez. I need to see him in another series. He’s a far better actor then he gets credit for.
    I’m also wondering why Castle and Beckett are engaged but still living apart. That’s fairly uncommon these days when the bride isn’t a virgin.

    • Raines says:

      Just because they’re engaged doesn’t mean they have to live together. My wife and I kept our own places until our leases were up and found a place together. We spent time together at each other places.

      • Badpenny says:

        Considering that Beckett had to break her lease at her DC apartment to move back to NYC, and Castle had to break his lease at his DC apartment because Beckett was fired, I don’t see how her lease at the NYC apartment would be any harder to break; or she could just sub-lease. Money, for them, is not an issue here as far as breaking a lease.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yeah, Beckett’s still pretty independent. I can’t see her jumping into Castle’s apartment without giving it careful consideration. That’s got to be a longer, more in-depth discussion down the road.
        They’ve still got to blend their furniture, decorations, etc. Basically, when Beckett finally DOES move into Castle’s loft, I expect a complete redesign of the place.

  9. sandra says:

    Hi.. I’m the parent of a 19 year old girl; who is attending college part time on a student loan. She currently lives with me. If she did want to move in with a boyfriend I don’t think I’d have a problem with it. We raise our kids to be adults; then bristle when they do what adults do. We can only counsel our kids and remind them we love them. But we are raising them to be happy in their life; not make us happy in ours.

    • Jon says:

      For me, it’s not the moving out per se that’s the issue. It’s the how and the why.

      With all respect, if one of my girls had only known the guy for a month, and basically said she was smarter than you in everything so shut the hell up, she was doing whatever she wanted to do, I don’t think I could be as obliging.

      • Raines says:

        Actually, it’s been longer than one month. I saw one post by a fan that said by their estimation it’s been three months. In “Need to Know” apparently there was a clip from the news show about the child actor’s death and the date was October 7. And then the events of Dreamworld were in mid-July.

        • R says:

          Actually I think that mid June date in DreamWorld ws just the shooting date. It was made clear in this ep that it’s been a month between Valkyrie & this ep.

          • Raines says:

            Actually, look at the monitor Dreamworld. It says July 19. And look at the TV screen on Need to Know at the loft === that says Oct 7

        • Jon says:

          Castle in this episode said he’d been in the loft nearly a month. I doubt Alexis was in Costa Rica for two or three months. So at most I would say two months. But even if it was three or four months, that’s still stupid, ridiculous and definitely makes Alexis look like an unreasonable idiot. It’s hard for me to say that, because Alexis was always a favorite of mine. Especially her relationship with her dad.

  10. Teri says:

    My college kid would be paying his own tuition if he went and signed a lease without my knowledge! I found the case to be boring, but liked the whole episode better the second watch. Beckett’s facials were priceless as usual.

    • Badpenny says:

      I believe Alexis is attending on an academic scholarship. While she was living in student housing the only thing Castle was probably paying was her allowance.

      • Evan says:

        There aren’t any academic scholarships in the Ivy League, so Castle is paying for her tuition in full! Threaten to cut her off and I bet that Alexis would have a change of heart!!!

  11. K says:

    What bothered me the most about the ending scene of time will tell was that Alexis doesn’t seem to care about her fathers feelings. She just assumes he will be okay with her moving in with PI. After castle fought to get Alexis back when she got kidnapped she doesn’t have the common courtesy to kiss or hug her father goodbye she just walks out leaving him standing there all alone. I think castle telling Alexis to move back into the dorms for a year and then if she still wants to move in with PI he won’t say anything I think that deal was reasonable. Alexis was a bitch and rude the way she went about leaving the loft in that final scene.

  12. Kate says:

    Well this episode was a snoozer. Barely any Caskett and just boring. Pi needs to leave asap. Please. Go. Away.

  13. I dont even know says:

    If my son had used the phrase “Let me” at any point when sending him off to college this year, I would have immediately “let” him pay for it himself. She may have worked out how to pay her rent, but who is paying her for tuition and other bills? I don’t know about anyone else, but I just wanted to smack the smug and sanctimonious expression right off Alexis’ face. She has been unbearably rude and disrespectful this entire season and I hope TPTB give her a giant comeuppance.

    • KHorn says:

      Exactly. I’ve put one son through college and have one in his first year and they both know that if they tried this, they are off my payroll. You want to live your own life, that’s great you’re legally an adult. Now, understand that means buy your own car, I paid for the one you’re driving now, pay your own insurance, rent, utilities, tuition, groceries, cell phone, wifi, books, clothing and other incidentals, and yes, you now have your very own free to be me life. Tell me how that works out for you.

  14. TVpeong says:

    Such a good episode. I love the wink to the sci-fi fans. Tuvok (Tim Russ), Morgan (Joshua Gomez), references to Doctor Who, 12 Monkeys, Terminator. The scene with the coffee stain was awesome.

  15. Molly says:

    Yeah, my Daddy would have locked me up if I tried to move in with a guy while he was paying for my college. Or just quit paying and made me pay my own way if I insisted on doing it. It’s TV, though. They’re going to do whatever they thing moves the story in the right direction. But it seems stupid how everyone acts like Castle is the wrong one.

    • c-mo says:


    • John 1138 says:

      And then you never talk to him again for that power move. Big gamble some will take and others won’t.

      • c-mo says:

        Kids, teens and young adults, adults, everyone needs to learn that actions and decisions have consequences that are both good and bad. Castle is merely trying to keep Alexis from making a decision that could possibly cause horrible consequences since she doesn’t truly know Pi. There is no possible way that a 19-year old can truly know another person after only 2 – 3 months, they don’t have enough life experiences to be that discerning.

        • Alan says:

          so this is an experience she can learn from to know not to do it in future, fits in nicely with castle’s parenting style of letting her come to him when she did something wrong in my opinion.

  16. Nicole says:

    I loved this episode! Loved the classic castle reactions to this case and their relationship was really well played this episode. I feel like Beckitt kind of explained the writers point of view with why Alexis is acting like this. People might not like Alexis right now but lots of teenagers act out and I can totally see that Castle would not want to push the issue further as he does not want to push her away right now as he is worried about her and the change in her behaviour. Really enjoyed the case of the week too…great episode!!!!

  17. Kevan says:

    I really enjoyed this one. Maybe partly because as a Chuck fan it’s fun to see Josh Gomez again, but I also really liked the case. I liked the Terminator shout outs. The temporal stuff was fun. As was the ambiguity. Good stuff all around.

    As for Alexis. my only guess is that she’s built up a lot of goodwill over the years because of her good behavior. If I were Castle I wouldn’t allow her to go, but Beckett is right. If he forbade it, it would just make her more determined and closer to Pi in order to assert her independence.

    Every girl has a bonehead boyfriend she thinks the world of. Most girls have several. Alexis is no different. She’ll wise up eventually.

  18. Lulu13 says:

    I didn’t get the spilled coffee on the duplicate handwritten letter… Beckett seemed unsettled by it… I rewound a few times… Anyone have answers?

    • taran63 says:

      The killer did not have the original letter, only a picture of it. The killer’s picture of the letter had coffee stains on it, while the original letter did not. At the end of the episode, Beckett spilled coffee on the letter, and the coffee stains on the letter matched the stains in the picture of the letter. Except the killer had the picture of the letter (with stains) long before Beckett spilled coffee on the letter.

    • Kevan says:

      Because originally as she had it, the letter didn’t have coffee on it, but the PHOTO of the letter on the murderboard DID have coffee on it, the exact pattern. It made Beckett question the whole thing, whether the time travel story was indeed true.

  19. Nan says:

    It is really disturbing to have Alexis assume after returning from Costa Rica that it is OK for her boyfriend to camp out in the living room couch w/o consulting her father. She may assume she ‘is the adult’ in the family, but has not always made wise choices – disrespectful towards her father. Her acting out when not getting into Stanford, setting up that blog that probably led to her kidnapping. In both cases it was her father (with support from Beckett) that got her through.

    – Pi making a mess in the kitchen making ‘papaya steaks’
    – Pi and Alexis making noise with the blender in the kitchen early in the morning
    – Pi walking into Castle’s bedroom when Caskett is still in bed, asking to borrow his razor with a towel around his hips
    – Is he a college student?
    – Is he a serial moocher praying on female college students vacationing in Costa Rica, until hi game is found out and he his kicked out (something I hope happens)

    We also must keep in mind that Alexis never had a strong ‘mother figure’ in her life. It broke my heart to see Castle in tears in the end saying ‘too soon.’ Yes, he moved in with his girlfriend at the same age but he was also a single father at a very young age too.

    In good time there may be a reason why Pi was written in, but have not really enjoyed the direction the writers have chosen for Alexis at this time. It is Castle who has matured, through Beckett and Alexis who seems to have digressed backward.

    • Kevan says:

      I don’t hate Pi as much as some people do but I have to agree that the storyline needs to pay off soon and Alexis needs a reality check.

      • taran63 says:

        Except I don’t think there’s going to be a payoff. I’m getting the feeling that the writers just like the character of Pi, and the wacky situations he forces Castle into. Which is an attitude I do NOT share. i’m going to just start watching Castle on a delay, and fast forward through any scenes Pi is in.

        • Stormy says:

          Pi [poor man’s Adrian Grenier] is a fly in the soup. His presence makes no sense, he adds nothing to the mix and he is not remotely Alexis’ type. I don’t get it.

          • Kevan says:

            Alexis has shown that she doesn’t have a type, though. She’s dated totally different guys who have been flaky in one way or another. Pi is just that out of the box guy that every girl is drawn to in college….whether they date them or not. He’s part of her growing process, as annoying as he is at times.

  20. liz says:

    I LOVE the idea of Kate as a future Senator. Completely in character and so totally badass! Hopefully we’ll get to see her move into some more political spaces on the way to this future in the coming seasons.
    Not sold on the idea of 3 kids. We haven’t even seen them have this discussion. Do they even want kids? Does Kate? Is Rick done with that part of his life? These need to be discussed. But if having kids gives us the badass Senator plot line, I’ll accept it. I just don’t want a boring ridiculous pregnancy plot. But Marlow and Co have handled everything else exceptionally well and never let me down so they probably wont do this badly either.

    • LL624 says:

      You realize Senator Beckett and the 3 kids is 20 years in the future, right? We’ll never see that storyline on screen.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Not to mention, that in Season 5 “The Final Frontier” – Beckett asks Castle if he wants more kids and he says he wants the possibility to have them. Also telling is the smile on Beckett’s face when Castle says he drives her crazy enough that they have 3 kids.. I believe they will have kids.. we all are just hoping it begins on the series finale.. and for now, that they remain childless, solving crimes and having awesome Caskett moments.

      • Christina says:

        Yea, my hope for the series finale is that Kate tells Castle she’s pregnant. I don’t need to see it all happen, but it would be nice to know that it will.

  21. Eli says:

    I find it sad so many people are focussing entirely on the tiny storyline involving Alexis and *shudders* Pi. When the case this week might actually be my favorite of all time.

    (I’ll say for the record though, Pi sucks and needs to be removed from the show ASAP)

  22. skrable2 says:

    My wife was 20 when we married. We look at it now, 34 years later, and think … actually know … we were out of our minds. And neither of us had millionaire parents.

  23. LL624 says:

    I don’t have a 19 yr old kid since I’m only 29, but I remember being the teenager saying “Let me?” at 18 to my mom, although she didn’t pay for my schooling. She’s right. She doesn’t need his permission anymore. She is old enough to do this on her own now, even if it is stupid. She barely even knows Pi! Plus, I did work-study in school and it definitely did not pay enough to afford 1/2 the rent in an expensive city. She’s going to need a real job. Or maybe not…this is tv. If/when this living situation doesn’t work out, I’m sure she can come back home. Or maybe Castle could pay half the rent for her to live in her new place without Pi, which would probably be cheaper than university housing (that was the cheaper route when I was in school). Or she could get a new roommate.

    Anyway, hearing about Senator Beckett (guess she’s keeping her name) and their 3 kids was the whole point of watching the ep for me. You can’t do a time travel episode and not reveal something about Castle & Beckett’s future.

    • DarkDefender says:

      serious literary novels? That’s when I knew it was not really time travel. :P

      • Mary says:

        My toughts exactly! Castle writting literary novels? Only when hell freezes!:)

      • John 1138 says:

        That coffee stain on the letter?

        Time travel.

        • Dark Defender says:

          it only matched on the top of the letter.. when she first spills it, it covers the entire bottom of the letter. Only after she lifts it up, does it come close to matching on the bottom, where some coffee missed it in the photo.

    • Alan says:

      im glad to see im not the only one who thinks she should be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. parents spend 18 years raising their kids to be adults but the minute they start acting like one its suddenly the worst thing ever, kinda sends out mixed messages to them doesnt it?
      of course beckett keeps her name, i had just automatically assumed that would be the case anyway.

  24. Tania says:

    Matt – at least in my family, my folks tied their financial support for school strictly to how we DID in school. So in that sense, Alexis has a point. But she has a perfectly good place to live with him; there is no school related reason for her to move out. Given that, he certainly has no reason to pay her rent. I’d be telling her I’ll happily continue to pay for her education, Pi or no Pi, but she’s on her own for the rest.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Alexis lived on campus last season (her first year).. she told him he could save the housing cost, cause she would pay half and Pi would pay half for an apt. That has nothing to do with her dad paying for her education – especially when she is a great student. However, if her grades drop because of Pi.. Castle should cut her off and make her student loan it. He can pay the loans for her if she straightens up later.. ya know – with his kind of money.. not a prob.

      • Stormy says:

        Her free spirited grandmother inherited a chunk when Chet[?] died. Maybe she’ll help subsidize Alexis’ bid for a space of her own where Pi needn’t sleep on the couch.

  25. lauri5567 says:

    So does Kate become a Senator when she’s appointed to finish Bracken’s term after she takes him down? Because it was Senator Beckett not Attorney General or FBI Director Beckett.
    I loved the play between Ryan, Castle, and Kate when Ryan heard about Alexis’s moving plans. Which when I was 19, my parents would so have cut me off if I did that. Heck, they told me they would only pay tuition if I decided to move out of the dorms with good friends. I’d love at this point for Ryan and Esposito to dig something up on Pi, and confront them prior to telling Caskett. Alexis is being annoying and being told she was acting like an idiot from those outside her family might slap some sense into her.

    • Apples says:

      No but I think taking Bracken down and finally laying her mother’s ghost to rest (next season) will then allow Beckett to think about what else she can do with her life, and her skills, and her need to pursue truth and justice. Remember she is a senator two decades down the line from where we are now. It is a glimpse into their far future, not what we’ll see on the show.

      • Dark Defender says:

        And it might not be true. The guy claimed to be a time traveler.. his predictions were likely just in good fun, by the writers..

  26. Dani says:

    I thought the case was AWESOME, when they go on sci-fi~ish territory it’s my favorite thing!! When i saw the episode was written by Terri and AWM i knew it was gonna kick butt. Also, Morgan Grimes how i have missed you!

    The Alexis stuff… yeesh :/ him saying “too soon” slayed me, daddy!castle is my fave, tugs at the heart strings.

    I’m excited to see (SPOILER ALERT… i guess?) Alexis’ arc in episode 7 (i think? correct me if i’m wrong please) where i hear we’ll see how she really feels about Beckett… dun dun dun!!!

    • LL624 says:

      I haven’t heard that we’ll see how she really feels about Beckett, but I know Molly said we’ll see how she found out about the engagement. And yeah, if it were me, it would sting to not hear it from the parent directly, and worse that he didn’t (I assume) talk to her about it before proposing to Beckett.

  27. Emmie says:

    As a 19 year old sophomore in college, uhhhh NO. One, that’s just a really immature thing to do, and my parents would NEVER accept it. They wouldn’t pay for me to live with a boyfriend.

    Just….ugh. Alexis. I’m really not sure what this is supposed to prove. Why wasn’t she at an apartment with girlfriends, anyway? Does she have friends?

    Plus, at this point in my life, I am still too young to be in a “living with” relationship. 19 year olds live in too-tiny crappy apartments with their best girl friends.

    • LL624 says:

      Castle’s not paying for it. She said she’ll pay her half with her earnings from a work-study job. But I agree, if she’s not going to be in the dorms, she should share a place with her female friend(s), not Pi.

      • Dani says:

        You think she could afford Manhattan on a work study job? Ha. I doubt she could afford Brooklyn on that.

        • Alice says:

          Exactly! In what universe does a work/study part time job pay for rent in Manhattan??

          • Alan says:

            its a light and fluffy tv show, do you really expect them to cover the cold hard truth of student life? cause i certainly dont based on the tone of the show. if this was something a lot more serious then yes of course that would be a major plot point but its just not for a show like this.

      • Lauren says:

        Work-study is to help pay for *tuition* — it’s through the school. You can’t use the money to help pay for an apartment, because you never actually see a paycheck — it goes straight back to the school.

  28. ad says:

    So is three kids and senator beckett a hint for an endgame?

  29. Dani says:

    Terri Edda has just tweeted that we’re not allowed to dislike Alexis because ‘she’s going through stuff and [Terri] loves her’.

    I’m sorry but when a great many of your fan base don’t love her any more, you need to listen to their reasons.

    Reason 1: Pi.
    Reason 2: Disrespectful brat
    Reason 3: Know it all attitude who considers herself to be better than her dad.
    Reason 4: Doesn’t discuss, just does what she likes, when she likes and presents it as and one deal, tough luck.
    Reason 5: Walked out of the father she loves without even a hug or goodbye.

    I’m sorry, Ms Edda, you may love Alexis, but I don’t any more. And I’m not alone in that. Listen to your fan base , nix Pi and fix Alexis.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Amen. I actually get annoyed now by Molly Q’s tweets (supportive tweets about Alexis and “i love this upcoming ep!” etc…cause i know she is even smarter than Alexis and i bet in her head she isnt a fan of how its going either… i cant imagine any actress playing Alexis as she is written now (with Pi) would be.

      The writers sure did the impossible, and moronic, take a character we all universally loved cause she was smart and mature and nurturing (of her father) and sweet, and make her annoying, stupid, disrespectful, bratty, a know it all but doesnt, and much more.

      One of the things this episode really showed that i have seen in previous seasons and never liked but people didnt seem to mention as much as they are now, is Castle being a crappy parent. Usually they say hes a cool dad or goofy or not good at it, but by not giving her rules and restrictions and by him being the kid, this is the outcome (Alexis)……Also Becketts advice since day one about daughters has always been crap that feeds into the “a daughter will just rebel from her father! theres nothing you can do!” except she was 16 then…and hes her FATHER…he CAN put a GPS app on her phone…in fact now adays its smart….and umm hello…she did get KIDNAPPED in NY and taken to Europe lol. So overall iv never been a fan of Castle being such a push over who doesnt create or enforce restrictions/guidelines/rules…and Beckett’s advice is garbage that plays into the modern (wrong) way of parenting.

      I can get if people do, but im not a fan of the episodes like this one that play off something sci-fi as real. By that i mean the ending where its implied it is real, also previous episodes about aliens or ghosts or something (i forget what) where it was a play around episode but in the end its implied its real. This isnt that type of show for me.

      • Just one thing says:

        “I actually get annoyed now by Molly Q’s tweets (supportive tweets about Alexis and “i love this upcoming ep!” etc…cause i know she is even smarter than Alexis and i bet in her head she isnt a fan of how its going either… i cant imagine any actress playing Alexis as she is written now (with Pi) would be…”

        You think Molly Quinn is lying about her enjoyment? :-/

    • Dory says:

      Why is the writer telling the fans who they can like. WOW arrogant.

  30. Amanda says:

    Why, oh why, are the writers torturing me with Pi? I LOVE Castle. It’s one of my favorite shows, but it’s irritating to have to see that mooch lameo even once or twice in an hour. I had to switch to DVR – he bugs me that much. I guess he’s a plot device to show Alexis’ bratty, immature side. Too bad, I liked her as an intelligent, thoughtful young woman. I’d really prefer to see Lanie or more Esposito or Ryan or Martha on screen rather than that time suck Pi. Seriously, this show has a wonderful ensemble cast, whose idea was it to add a poorly drawn exasperating character rather than spend time with the secondary characters we know and love? Big mistake in my opinion.

  31. DarkDefender says:

    19 year old kids do not always make smart choices. Castle has sheltered Alexis, tried too hard to be the fun/cool parent (she even had to ground herself a few years back).. Of course he had a bad example in his mother – who’s career took first place and he was left in the library on his own most of the time.
    Castle is now getting what he raised.. a kid with no boundaries and carte blanche to do what she wishes. A kid who watched him date hundreds of bimbos and at 15 was offered alcohol by her father, all while she watched her dad sign women’s chests. Add all that with the kidnapping and her new push “to life life to the fullest – even when it scares her” and you have a young woman hooking up with her complete opposite (unstructured, free spirit, laid back, Pi) and moving in with him in less than 4 months.
    It was no suprise to me this is how the storyline is going.. I do not like Pi – he is stupidly annoying for stupid annoying’s sake – but he has been good fodder for the new “more mature” Castle.. who has lost some of his boyish, stupid, annoying charm.
    now they need to move forward, have a nice father/daughter moment – and maybe spark up the laser tag war for old times sake. (or start a new war – where Beckett takes over for Alexis. I am certain she can kick Castle’s ass) :)

  32. Rusty says:

    One of the better episodes they’ve done. I fast forward through the Pi scenes, the guy is a douche bag. The rest of the plot was great! Even had Becket believing the time traveler. The actor who played the traveler was terrific. Love to see a little sci-fi thrown in as a little tribute to past Firefly/Serenity days for Capt Mal.
    It’s been a a while since someone has done a tie in to Firefly, want to see more of the those little quips. Keeping it ‘shiny’

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  35. Apples says:

    I liked the ep. Yeah Pi was annoying but come on, he was on screen for like half a second. The wider story was about Alexis making her own way into the world, making her own mistakes so she could learn from them. As Beckett pointed out, it was about her discovering herself in the wake of realising that she was an adult and her and Castle’s relationship was evolving. Is it dumb? Sure, but 19-year-olds are dumb all the time. Heck I was doing drugs and getting black out drunk at her age, that’s a helluva lot dumber than moving with a hippie dude who is at the end of the day a bit dumb but pretty nice and sweet. Everyone has dated the wrong person like that. Even Castle was living with his gf at the same age, as she points. And the whole “let me” dialogue worked for me because I’m pretty sure I used the same words when I moved out with my overprotective single mom. She isn’t the perfect little kid we’re used to on the show but I like this realistic version of Alexis better because of her flaws.

    Class MilMar penned case-heavy ep. They write really pivotal episodes together (‘Cuffed’, ‘Always’) that are always significant for their on-screen representative. I’m taking their “future” as semi-canonical. Beckett wanted to be a lawyer and judge before her mom’s murder so leaving the NYPD for public service doesn’t seem all that OOC in her future. Loved the three-kids dialogue. A Beckett smile and lipbite at the end is practically screaming “knock me up Castle” in her body language.

    If coffee represents love and the letter represents the future, then that coffee-stained letter is the perfect visual metaphor for their life together. I wouldn’t read any more into the scene than that…

    Loved the ep, this season is the best yet. MIller coming back to the writers’ room and the addition of fresh blood, as well as letting the Castle-Beckett relationship evolved is bringing the show to new heights!

  36. GeoDiva says:

    Sorry, but as a mother of an almost 19-yr old college student there is no way in hell she would be moving in with some flake she just met over the summer! As long as I am paying her $40K/year tuition, she lives where I say she does. I hope their next case is the death of Pi. He is so annoying. I did like the time-travel storyline.

    • KCatty says:

      Wow. Had you been my mother at 19th, I’d have handed you your check back and never spoken to you again. Newsflash: your 19th year old is an adult. It is absolutely appalling that you refuse to accept that and choose to use financial support as a means to keep her a child and control her behavior. Shame on you.

      • Jon says:

        But it’s ok to have a 19 year old dictate everything, tell you she’s smarter than you and that you are, and do what she wants, when she wants, how she wants?

        No, I’m sorry that’s what I call bad parenting.

      • Stormy says:

        My parents had a policy of “While you live under my roof, you play by my rules. When you leave my house, all subsidy ends.” Living in a dorm while school was in session was still considered living at home. Their philosophy was to raise their children so they love you and want you, but don’t need you. It worked.

      • Rick says:

        What BS at 19 yes you are an adult, but if you are taking money from your parents to pay for college, your living expenses and the apartment you are shacking up in you are not an independent adult. If you are living on some else money then they get to make the rules. Particularly if you are totally out of control disrespectful. As has been pointed out Columbia doesn’t give merit scholarships, apartments any where near Columbia are expensive, and what land lord in his right mind is going to a give a lease to someone with a part time job and a boy friend with no papers and no real job (counting Bees is nice, but doesn’t really pay money). Being stupid as a teenager is normal at 19 you should be coming out of that period not entering it. Allowing this behavior is Castle and many modern parents (who want to be friends and not parents) fault.

  37. Mary says:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot! Not as much as last week´s, but it was fun! Personally I´m too sceptical to believe in time travelling and those things, so I didn´t buy it – but it was fun to watch (in a way it reminded of Back to the Future). The “senator Beckett” and the “3 kids”? Time will tell!:) But for me it was only a way to remember us that Bracken is still out there and will show up sooner or later, and Beckett/Castle still need to have the talk about kids, preferably before marrying:)
    I´m not in the group of Pi haters. I find him annoying due to his lack of oportunity and tidiness, but I don´t know his past to see if he has something worth to hate! And actually, for the 1st time this season, I think Alexis showed some adultness; IMO, she´s not being wise moving in with a guy she barely met, but like she said it´s her mistake to make and learn from. AND she´s doing it on her own, not with her father´s money. And like she pointed, why was it OK for Castle to be living with his girlfriend at 19, but not for her?:)
    Altough I don´t have a 19 year old kid, I´ve been there; and then, I also wanted to fly from the nest and my parents´s advices weren´t enough to change my mind; LATER I found they had some reason, but to the majority of the adolescents their parents “don´t know anything”!:) It´s difficult for Castle, yes, but it would always be no matter the age Alexis had – as it is for any parent, I think!

  38. Liz says:

    Here’s my question, what kind of work-study job are they talking? Because official work study is part of financial aid and is need based. I don’t think a daughter of a multimillionaire author would qualify. And even if she DID what that pays out is a pittance, no where near enough to pay half of the rent anywhere in NY.

    Honestly I think Alexis reaction is pretty typical of a kid her age. Lots of kids have delusions of adulthood at 19. And I don’t think they’re necessarily saying Castle is a crappy Dad for wanting to stop her from moving out. But he’s not the type to cut off funding, at least when she’s going to school, so his only real choice is to tell her what he thinks, but let her make the mistakes she’s gonna make.

    PS time traveling storyline was awesome. That is all

    • Dark Defender says:

      she is obviously lying about the work study thing.. either martha is giving her the money, she will use the stipend Castle gives her or Pi has money.

      • lauri5567 says:

        Honestly, I think she’s just that clueless about money. She’s never had to think about it before, so it pays x and rent is x so no problem. Let’s not forget this is the girl that managed to give her stipend away at the end of last season and had to pilfer food from her Dad’s apartment. (BTW, if she was living in the dorm, wouldn’t she have been on a meal plan that was prepaid or yeah someone forgot about that.)

  39. Chris71 says:

    or Castle Father could dispose Pi … 8) no one will ever find him again.

  40. Tinemi says:

    My opinion about Alexis is that she’s acting like a normal 19 years old girl who’s never misbehave before. She’s acting out and she knows her dad will be there to catch her when she falls. The actual lesson here is for Castle who needs to let her go and don’t be super dad. If it was my mom she would have paid for college and make me work for the rent, as a lesson that nothing in life comes free.

  41. Cap says:

    Payback….that’s what it is. Castle goes off and gets engaged to Beckett while she is on her way to Costa Rica and we still don’t know how she got to know about the engagement. He didn’t talk to her about it, ask for her permission or input and now she is doing the same to Castle. She thinks she is the equal of Castle or even better than her father. I just hope EVERYONE – including Martha and Beckett – will have a little talk with her.
    I get it. She is mad about not being asked or included but seriously get over yourself. When something shiny comes along she takes off and doesn’t care about Castle. Did she care about her father when she applied for early admission and wanted to ride into the sunset with Ashley ? Of course not because it’s precious little Alexis. She can do as she pleases and if something doesn’t go her way, she acts up and everyone calls it entering adulthood and finding your way.

    • DL says:

      I so agree with you. I thought her comment about being the “smart one” was SO patronizing. She really does think she’s smarter, wiser, and knows better than her father in all instances. What I don’t get is why the writers are playing into that as if it’s true. And why after all these years Castle still can’t stand up to his daughter, tell her “no,” and just deal with her being mad at him for a while! He needs to grow a pair.
      Anyway, I’m really hoping the whole Pi thing ends in a huge, messy explosion and she finally realizes maybe she doesn’t always know best. A conversation from everyone would make me very happy too.

    • Ju says:

      I do not like the Alexis storyline and the way she has been acting and yes, Pi is an annoying character- BUT I actually completely understand it. Honestly I don’t get why people are surprised that the writers are portraying it as Castle’s fault… because it mostly is! Alexis acts like “she is equal to her father” because that is how Castle has always treated her! Like she’s his equal and he’s mostly let her make all her own decisions. She was always told she was smarter than her dad and made such rational decisions. So now that she wants to do something that isn’t very smart, she still THINKS it is because that’s the way she’s been programmed. Sorry but Castle’s parenting style has come back to bite him in the butt. Is it pleasant or fun to watch? No. Do I want it to be over sooner rather than later? Yes. But I really dont understand why everyone thinks Castle is the innocent one in this.

  42. CL0911 says:

    I can’t believe people are switching to DVR for a guy who barely has air time, he was for less than 10s on last night episode, and last week he had like 1 minunte. I get people not liking Alexis right now, but maybe she’s rebeling. They’ve all said that Alexis was going to have problems with Castle and Beckett’s engagement. Why are they doing it, don’t know, but we might know later on. Don’t bail on the show for a guy who’s barely on it.

    • aaj says:

      because that time spent on Alexis could really have some potential to it- it’s just maddening to see it wasted.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Completely agree. I can’t believe the uproar over 10 seconds of screen time and a 19 year old rebelling. I didn’t move in with a boyfriend, but I’m certain “Let me?” or variations on that left my mouth many times in my late teens/early twenties and I turned out fine. People are taking this waaay too seriously. And the idea the writers should write the show YOU want is pretty entitled and spoiled itself.

  43. DL says:

    This was one of my favorite episodes ever! Loved almost everything about it. The only thing I didn’t like was…
    The Alexis subplot, of course. Like everyone else, I thought her behavior was ridiculous. And I also thought Castle’s behavior was ridiculous! She’s his daughter, and he knows that she loves him. He has to stop getting so hung up on her being mad at him. Time to stand up and be the dad, and if she gets pissed, it won’t be forever. A parent shouldn’t need the approval of the child in an instance like this, and I found her comment about who was the “smart one” to be extremely patronizing toward him. The fact that he just let it slide, even embraced it, made me just shake my head. C’mon, Castle! Get with the parenting skills already! Yeah, she can learn from mistakes, but she can also learn from not getting what she wants once in a while (has there EVER been a time Alexis didn’t get what she wants?).
    On a sidenote, I actually thought for one brief, shining moment that the Pi storyline was going to get interesting! When they were describing how Deschile was staying with a friend, and that the letter was from however many years ago (his appearance could’ve changed), I was like… “Oh my God, that totally describes Pi, and he has a mathematical nickname… He’s finally going to become relevant and interesting! He’s ‘the child!'” But no, it turned he wasn’t Deschile, just a regular “child.”

  44. WHY IS NO ONE DISCUSSING THE FACT THAT TIME TRAVEL PLOT HAS BEEN INTRODUCED! castle has never done something so bold like that….before…or have they??? plz fill in….

  45. aaj says:

    I’m hoping next week’s episode finds Pi in the hospital with an infection obtained from eating poorly-washed fruit in a developing country. The doctor tells Alexis that normally people recover from the infection, but Pi’s immune system was compromised because he’s only been eating fruit. Pi dies in 24 hours, leaving Alexis to cover the entire rent for a year on the apartment she just signed the lease on. She complains to her father that he went and got engaged without talking to her about it, and he says he will always be there for her, but get over it- it’s his life and his fiancée. Alexis fumes like the 19-year old she is and decides to transfer to Berkeley or some other school a gazillion miles away. Kate moves in with Castle and his mother, and everyone lives mostly happily ever after.

    • CL0911 says:

      LOL! haha good story, you should talk to Marlow

    • Malachi says:

      This… was so beautiful! Should this come to pass, I could weep with joy! It is starting already… *sniff*


    • MelindaB says:

      This made me laugh! I loved the fact that Alexis wasn’t the typical “bratty teen” when the show started, but in so many ways, she’s devolved into one. What teen would just move someone into her dad’s apartment without even the courtesy of asking permission? Then again, Castle should have put his foot down immediately and given Pi a definite move-on time frame.

  46. Dory says:

    I like that they did not show to much lovey stuff between Rick & Kate. They were working & part of the deal was to act in a professional manner. This is not to say I don’t enjoy Kate & Rick being affection. Only 1 time did I see anything that was soft porn and it was not with Kate.

  47. KC says:

    What do we know about Pi? He only has 2 or 3 lines per episode (2 minutes of screen time, tops) and his only interactions are with Castle. Right now his only reason for existance in the show is to annoy Castle (and apparently the fanbase). We have yet to see Pi and Alexis interact. We have no idea what type of relationship they have, how they met, what attracted them to each other, etc. We also don’t know any of his backstory. Was he in Costa Rica just bumming around (as seems to the be assumption) or there as part of a humanitarian effort? We don’t know how he gets by in the world either. Is he a lothario preying on rich young women or an internet billionaire keeping his identity hidden until he ascertains the intensions of new people he meets (as Castle said: people with that kind of money have to be careful)?

    As for Alexis, she is an adult now and can do whatever she likes. Castle can try to force his will on her by cutting off her funding for school but that would be counter productive in the long run. Relationships come and go, as will Pi, eventually. He does not appear abusive, disease ridden or criminal, just directionless as are a lot of young adults. Alexis staying in school should be Castle’s goal for Alexis. As long as she practices safe sex her options in life are unlimited.

    This show is smartly written and story arcs are planned out. I’m interested to see where this is going and would feel cheated if Pi suddenly disappeared.

    • Malachi says:

      Huh. Well it takes all kinds. Personally, I would feel cheated if I did not get to see Pi hit by a bus in midtown. With “Bones” or “CSI” levels of gruesome mangling of his remains.
      As disappointing as it would be not to see this, however, I would settle for his disappearance.

      • KC says:

        Pi being hit by a bus is fine, as long as it isn’t just a ramdom act. Perhaps it could be part of a conspiracy prompting Alexis to enroll in the police acdemy to become a police detective to bring the murderer of the love of her life to justice! People seem to like that kind of storyline.

        • taran63 says:

          “The love of her life”? Seriously? Hah!

          • KC says:

            I know, we don’t have a clue to the nature of Alexis and Pi’s relationship (my original point). My guess is she’s head-over-heels at this stage of the relationship and having it end abruptly would, in Alexis’ mind, freeze it at that point forever. Another reason for Castle to let it play out and allow Alexis time to see how annoying Pi can be.

    • Maria says:

      Agreed, we don’t know much about Pi. But then again, I personally don’t care about him. I don’t want to know about him. The only reason he’s there seems to be because the writers don’t know what else to do with the character of Alexis.

    • John 1138 says:

      Good summary that reflects my view as well. Pi’s a plot device to gain some further definition in Richard and Alexis’ new dynamic that now very much includes Beckett.

      No doubt has the same notation next to his name as earth in the Hitchhiker’s Guide. (to stay with the scifi theme…).

  48. ollie says:

    Loved Kate’s reaction to 3 kid’s and castle’s to being a serious writer. Great open ending with the time travel. Hate the Alexis storyline but here’s a question who’s more annoyingbpi, or joel/ linley from hod. If we could be rid of all of them that would great.

  49. Lori says:

    I liked this ep. a lot more than I thought i would (I blame myself for reading other boards where there are nothing but complainers from Castle “fans”).

    I gotta say, I disagree that Beckett was telling Castle that he was wrong about Alexis. You could see she had something to say, but was hesitant, not knowing how far to go. When she did say something, she was gentle and sensitive, basically saying Alexis needs to do this to figure out where she fits in now that B&C are engaged. Of course maybe one scene with Beckett and Alexis talking would help.

    Anyway, i lol when Castle said “Senator?” and Becket said THREE kids? Really cracked me up.Best line of a really well written script.

  50. Bouncy Castle, UK says:

    ** …electrocuted/tortured after having her throat slit. **

    Not much point in torturing somebody AFTER they’ve had their throat slit.