Bones Wedding Post Mortem: EPs Talk Christine's Absence, Brennan's Original (and 'Unsuitable') Vows — Plus: New Big Bad's Moniker Revealed!

Bones Wedding EpisodeFirst comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… the burning questions!

With Booth and Brennan’s wedding now a piece of television history, Bones exec producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan are dishing and telling about the ceremony’s biggest mysteries — including, but not limited to, Christine’s whereabouts, the popular alum they tried (and failed) to wrangle, Brennan’s original (unused) vows, and David Boreanaz’ surprising contribution to the script.

Plus, Hanson and Nathan tease a possible little brother or sister for little Christine, a long overdue showdown between Booth and Angela, and a Big Bad that may not have to be seen to be believed.

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TVLINE | How long did you know that the note from Season 2’s “Aliens in the Spaceship” would be used as Brennan’s vows?
HART HANSON: I actually wrote the note from that episode a gazillion years ago to sort of remind me to use it [in a future episode]. And when we discussed referencing it in the wedding episode, I dragged out the actual note and [realized] it was totally unsuitable for wedding vows. [Laughs] So they had to be completely rewritten.

TVLINE | What did the original note say?
HANSON | It was [Brennan telling Booth], “Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t get to me in time. I enjoyed working with you.” It didn’t lend itself to the poetry of wedding vows.

TVLINE | How much debate was there about what ultimately was written in that note?
HANSON | There wasn’t much debate. There was more debate about Booth‘s vows. I wrote something, and then David — who in his heart is a poetic guy — reminded me about something that gave us a whole different take. He said, “You know, we’re getting married in the exact spot where Brennan first chased down Booth [in the pilot] to say she could be one of his ducks.” And I thought, “That’s the way Booth would be, too — sort of literal and accidentally poetic at the same time.” So that came straight from David.

TVLINE | Why did you decide not to have a traditional church wedding?
STEPHEN NATHAN | We wanted to have our cake and eat it too. We did have them try to get married in a church, because it was something Brennan had already promised Booth. But we wanted to find some way to twist that, because nothing is easy on Bones. So we thought, “Eh, what the hell — we’ll burn the church down.”

TVLINE | Why wasn’t Christine in attendance?
HANSON | The twin girls playing Christine were there. They had a bad day. They were unhappy. And we just didn’t want to put the image of a crying child on the screen. And we also didn’t want to torture the child. That’s what happens when you have kid actors; some days are not good days.
NATHAN | Clearly Twitter will go, “Boo! Hart and Stephen are ass h—s and morons for not putting Christine in.” But, really, sometimes, there’s not much you can do. Life comes in and calls the shots.
HANSON | There was one gorgeous shot that never came to fruition. The idea was that little Christine was going to walk along and throw petals. And God bless [the twins’ wranglers] they tried and tried and tried… But there were a lot of strangers there and it was scary… And the cattle prod didn’t help. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Was there anyone you wanted back but couldn’t get?
HANSON | We really wanted Stephen Fry [aka Booth’s shrink Gordon Wyatt]. We really wanted Billy Gibbons [aka Angela’s dad]. We debated a ton whether or not to have Booth and Brennan’s siblings come. By the way, our [guest-actor] budget at this point was getting very, very high, so we did not get everyone we wanted.
NATHAN | It was such an expensive episode to do. We had to make some difficult choices.

TVLINE | Are we going to see Angela apologize to Booth for the way she treated him after he broke off his engagement to Brennan? Or did that take place off screen?
NATHAN | You will see that. That’s in the future. We didn’t want everything to be to [neatly tied up]. That’s going to drag out a little bit more. It’s a very complicated thing, and we found a way to do it that is more fun and more complex.
HANSON | There are a few things that usually happen before a wedding that didn’t happen before this wedding. But we will try and find a way to make them happen after the wedding.

TVLINE | Like a bachelorette party?
HANSON | Like a bachelorette party.
NATHAN | The wedding happened so quickly that Angela didn’t have time to plan a bachelorette party. So the [Nov. 11 episode] is the one where they have the party. And that brings up all the stuff between Booth, Angela and Brennan.

TVLINE | When is the bachelor party?
NATHAN | There is no bachelor party.

TVLINE | Looking further ahead, there’s another Big Bad on the horizon. When will we meet him/her?
HANSON | There’s a debate between our characters whether or not it’s a real Big Bad or just Pelant’s way to mess with their minds from the grave. Brennan believed Pelant, but it’s really hard to prove that there is actually a serial killer out there.
NATHAN | We’re writing the episode now where we deal with all of this. It’s the 10th episode. And also, we don’t know if we’ll [meet the killer] in that episode. Sometimes we don’t actually see the serial killer for a while. The working name for this serial killer is “The Ghost Killer.” Ghosts are pretty ephemeral.

TVLINE | What’s the next milestone for Booth and Brennan — divorce?
HANSON & NATHAN | [Laughs]
NATHAN | Maybe they’ll commit the perfect murder. They have so much experience now.
HANSON | Christine is growing up, so there will be milestones like going to pre-school. And we have to start talking about whether Christine should be an only child or not. I think they’ll have differing opinions on that.

Bones returns to Fox on Monday, Nov. 4 at 8/7c.

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  1. Missy says:

    The Bones wedding was one of my favorite episodes –of any program– ever!!! It was just perfection and especially touching to see how emotional David and Emily were playing their characters. They are such special actors. I only wish that the babies playing Baby Christine had had a good day — I had always pictured her as the flower girl. But I am glad to hear from HH that they had written the scene but that it couldn’t come to pass. Cannot wait to continue enjoying my Bones for the rest of season 9 and (at least) season 10!!! And a sibling for Christine? I doubt that Emily will want to wear a body suit or that she will get pregnant in real life again anytime soon (as she indicated in Comic Con interview 2012).

  2. Dee says:

    It would have been sweet if the could have brought back Stephen Fry but I get that they had difficult choices to make, to me the wedding was still perfect! I loved how they got married in the spot from the pilot episode and how booth referred to it, great job David! I thought both David and Emily gave phenomenal performances! Those tears in Booth’s eyes as Brennan read her vows made me tear up! I think I am going to watch it again! I can’t wait for Monday in their first episode as a married couple! Really looking forward to the rest of the season and I hope eventually they do add to their family but I think that should be farther down the road!

  3. Mike M says:

    I was hoping that Jonathan Adams’ Dr. Goodman would make a surprise appearance. If Season 9 really is the end of the road, I’d hope he and Zack get one more screen appearance. Perhaps in the Series finale to catch the last big bad.

  4. Alsna says:

    pls. Hart and Nathan don’t dovorce B&B..

  5. Sue D says:

    Am I the only one that was bothered that the bride and groom were on the wrong sides of the priest? Standard weddings the bride stands on the left if you are looking at them.

  6. Sarah says:

    To be honest I’ve never really understood people’s obsession with Zach. I found him kind of boring. I really like how they switch the interns every week, it just ads something that’s a bit different to other shows. But I really wished when they created new interns they would create another female intern rather than just new male ones because Daisy is extremely annoying. Maybe a Native American woman? I confess I had a little rant to myself about Christine not being there during the episode. But I now understand why. I wish they added brief dialogue to understand absence of certain members. Don’t really know why they need Cyndi Lauper there. I always from her character boring and confusing. And lets face it, she probably cost a lot. Didn’t ad that much to B&B goodness, just an awkward moment with Angela. On a tiny note that I will keep brief; now I’ve seen the Bones wedding I know what I might be able to expect on how a Caskett wedding may turn out so I’m glad Bones did it before Castle. (Please do not start becoming immature about Castle and Bones again because it just makes you look childish. I’m just stating a fact they were both getting married near the same time.)

    • Sarah says:

      Oh forgot to add. Apart from the ceremony itself I absolutely loved how Brennan’s mum and Booth ‘burned down the church.’ I found that hilarious and great.

    • 206episodesofBones says:

      Umm Lauper’s superb rendition of At Last which is my wedding song made her worth every penny in my book!!

  7. AKGirl says:

    I watch this show and really like it, but there is no sexual energy between Booth and Brennan. Now Angela and Hodgins was really steamy.

  8. barbara says:

    disagree i think there’s always been energy between bones and booth . sorry we all got to wait until november15 to see again stupid world series.

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