Bones Recaplet: Wedding or Bust!

Bones Season 9 Recap WeddingSeeing how Bones‘ long-awaited nuptials were some nine seasons in the making, you kind of knew Booth and Brennan weren’t going to get hitched without a hitch (or three).

And indeed, the final hurdles to happily ever after included dirty money, fashion mayhem, bloody murder and even a blazing inferno — none of which, however, put the kibosh on some vows that could melt even the most procedural-focused heart. Let’s jump right in…

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First, Max’s dirty bag of money gives Seeley pause. (All is good — it’s just cash that Max won during one very lucky casino day and then stashed for Tempe’s wedding.) Of course, there’s a victim and a killer to identify, leading Hodgins and the Jeffersonian team to place bets on when the nuptials will be called off. Then, there’s a little problem with location, when Booth lights a candle for Brennan’s mom and the church catches fire, officially putting the ceremony on hold.

Thankfully, Angela still holds firm to the belief that the two have to get married that day and takes matters into her own hands. The lack of a church is actually no big deal. Despite Brennan’s belief that it’s important to Booth, he couldn’t care less about the venue.

“I would wear elephant tusks on my head and have a squirrel monkey do the ceremony if that’s what you wanted,” he tells her.

“We’ve waited long enough,” she replies. Amen!

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So the location moves to the spot of a memorable Booth/Brennan exchange from the pilot, and the squinterns, getting a late invite to the ceremony, come wearing outfits from the History of Fashion exhibit.

And now we come to the most important part: The vows. Booth decides to toss his speech and speaks from the heart instead: “Chasing you has been the smartest thing that I have ever done in my life, and being chased by you has been my greatest joy. But now, we don’t have to chase each other anymore because we got each other.”

Swoon. But if this was a contest, we’d have to give the prize to Brennan, who reads the letter she wrote to “Dear Agent Booth” while buried alive with Hodgins. After confessing that she finds him confusing and exasperating, Temperance reveals her early feelings for her future husband.

“How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me so much joy?” she reads. “Why does it make me so happy that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me? Like you, it makes no sense. And like you, it feels right.”

It sure does.

Bones fans, grade the long-awaited episode below and then come back to TVLine after the West Coast airing for a special post mortem.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rea says:

    I thought the episode was very true to Booth and Bones as characters. Although some parts lagged in the episode, once the actual wedding scene came it was well worth it! Loved the dress the song and vows!

    • Luis says:

      Wedding vows to long, How could they forget their little daughter Christine.

      • Bob says:

        Also missed her brother

      • English says:

        They didnt forget Christine… The girls that play her were having a bad day. I wish they could have included Jarrod and Russ by mentioning that they received a card or a phone call from them instead of not mentioning them at all.

        • Angie says:

          The Wedding as you well might remember was going to be postponed give the Chuch going up in flames, so NO one thought that it was to be held that day, the Squints could not get changed into dress clothes they didn’t have enough time… so my guess no time to go home & get Christine, this was a surprise to Booth & Bones . Make no mistake the church burning done was all Pelant , he is most certainly NOT dead.

          • daisy says:

            I totally agree with you Angie, Pelant is NOT DEAD! Which for me is awesome that he is still alive!
            !!!!YEAH!!!! :) I really like Pelant even though he hurt the team but now Booth and Brennan are married and will always be married, so its okay when Pelant comes back. The wedding was great! Loved the vows.

    • Mary says:

      what was the name od the song Cindy Lauper sing?

  2. Dee says:

    Nine sessions in the making and loved every moment of it! The only thing missing was Christine. Disappointed there was not even a mention of her.

  3. So many good moments in this episode. Angie giving Bones the comb. Clarke guilting the Squinterns into working. Brennan’s little speech to the Squinterns about how caring about the case instead of the wedding would make her cross. The toasts. Max’s expression when they found out about the fire. And of course the vows. Really great episode all around.

  4. TV God says:

    This was such a lovely episode! 171 episodes in the making! I have to admit that I did cry a little bit!

    • Me too. I held it together until Bones cut in with “I could be a duck!” and then I totally lost it.

    • N.P. Roberts says:

      I just love Bones!! I was thrilled they finally got married. I cried, I really did cry. It was absolutely beautiful and touching. Everybody was there and helped to make it happen under difficult circumstances. I do agree that it would have been nice to see Christine there too. Great job!

      • Bobbi fortner says:

        Loved the show. Started crying when Angela walked down the isle. Very touching and beautiful . I figure Pilant will cause more trouble because he mentioned a women.

        • daisy says:

          Agree the episode was great, but I would have like to see a reception.
          other than that BEST episode ever!! I like Bones as long as Booth and brennan stay married its the BEST show ever!
          I also believe that Pelant will cause more trouble. I think Pelant is still alive which is cool. Pelant brought all the drama to the show. My sister, brother and cousins said that if Pelant is dead that they won’t watch Bones anymore. But I still watch Bones. I like Pelant but I like that Booth and Brennan are married more.

  5. Lauren says:

    Loved it! Only 2 wishes: christine at wedding and maybe a scene at the reception.

  6. @PortmanReview says:

    Brillaint episode!!! Im so happy for Booth and Booth xx

  7. Tessa says:

    I loved the episode so much! On a side note: Does anyone know when Bones actually returns?

  8. Betty says:

    Great job, I loved the vows, the interns, the family. Parker is so grown up. It’s impossible to get enough of everyone, but they all had their moment. I’m glad they didn’t waste time explaining why certain people were missing. They set a date and whoever could make it came. I need to watch it again!

  9. Wendy says:

    The case was a dud, but honestly, does anyone care? I was pleased with the end result. Loved that Booth and Brennan’s families made it, love that most of the squints were also there. But I especially liked the ducks callback from the pilot – as well as the location of where that exchange happened – where the wedding now was. Add in Brennan’s note from “Aliens…” and it was the cherry on top. Like others, I do think Christine should have been there, but as it was last minute, and she’s a baby, it’s forgivable. (But who’s watching the poor tot?) Good episode. Oh! And I liked Aldo’s little rejoinder to the usual if anyone can find just cause as to why B&B should not be married bit. Completely him. Finally, I wish Gordon Gordon Wyatt could have been there. Still, for what we did get, it was an episode very well done!

  10. Linds says:

    So perfect except for one small detail…why wasn’t their daughter there? Feels like she should have been sitting on someone’s lap during the ceremony or playing in the living room when they were doing toasts before the rehearsal dinner. The only *slight* issue with a perfect wedding episode.

    • Lynn says:

      As others have mentioned , Christine not being there didn’t seem right. I also agree it would have been nice to have Jared and Russ there even if they had to use different actors if the original actors weren’t available ; overall I really enjoyed it and wasn’t disappointed. I’m really glad that Brennan was Breenan with her comments

    • says:

      i was wondering the same thing, one of the reasons I watched it waiting to see their daughter

  11. KT says:

    Just so confused as to where there daughter is through the whole thing.. I mean do you leave your kid at daycare to get married?

    • Linda says:

      They couldn’t bet the twins who play Christine to walk down the aisle, so I suppose they just had to cut the whole scene.

  12. Alichat says:

    I had forgotten how outstanding Cyndi Lauper’s voice is!

  13. sandraposy says:

    This was truly worth waiting for. The vows, the song (Cyndi was amazing!!)it couldn’t have been more perfect. Wish Zach could have made it. Beautiful wedding :)

    • Badpenny says:

      Having both of the brothers, Jared and Russ, there would have been nice too. It would have been cool to see Goodman also. :)

  14. Mrs. Peele says:

    i liked the episode. but i think they really should have cut the remarks about ‘being handed off from one man to another’ and when the preacher asked if she was speaking from her heart, she said she would be speaking from her mouth. those lines were not necessary. i wish they would stop writing her so stupid.

    i would have also liked to have seen russ and jarod at the wedding both brothers mysteriously missing. they haven’t been mentioned in over a year or more. and where was christine?

    • barbara says:

      mrs peele they don’t make her stupid what she says and the way she says them and how she reacts to situations is what makes her bones

    • geraghtyvl says:

      Brennan’s character has grown in many ways in eight plus years…. but those comments are what makes Bones, Bones…

    • Terry says:

      I laughed out loud at the “this is not one man handing a women to another man like she’s property, ok?” line, but the “no, I’ll be speaking from my mouth” not so much. But it’s always been kind of hit or miss for me with her remarks, I’m either cracking up or rolling my eyes.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      i have to say that since i have been watching bones over the years, i notice how she says exactly what she wants. it doesn’t matter if it should be said or not, she will say it. talking down to a priest, questioning someone elses area of expertise – her way is always ‘correct’. she has offended and often hurt even the people she loves with words that just come out of her mouth w/o thinking. she is superior to everyone. but she is also w/o common sense in a lot of areas.

      when she was pregnant, she had to go the prison with booth and then, place herself in jeopardy and the life of her unborn child by simply strolling through the prison ward through all these violent men to find someone. telling booth no one would hurt her because she’s pregnant. cause that makes perfect sense. and then in this episode, she dismisses angela’s prized gift to her because she ‘has’ to work the case. only when angela flat out tells her how important that hair comb meant to her, did she finally stop. after she insults the people in her group who don’t have anyone and that’s why she didn’t invite them to her wedding. it’s really hard to like her, let alone love her. i just can’t understand how she thinks so indifferently as to what is around her. her brother certainly has none of this in his personality.

      bones being bones can go just so far…. i enjoy the show and i like bones, but she is not the ‘center of the universe’. lol

      • Mrs. Peele says:

        i was also surprised she didn’t burst out when the ‘official’ said i now pronounce you ‘ man and wife’ instead of husband and wife.

  15. barbara says:

    well after all these seasons worth the wait. i wish there had been more wedding stuff and a reception but for an hour show it was still great. loved the vows especially from bones and her duck comment. what hodgens and interns wore so cool. wonder the reason christine missing can’t figure that one out. and even tho in institute would have been nice to see zach. and finn was missing. I’m glad booths ex priest friend married them. funny to see booths real husband as priest earlier in episode.

    • daisy says:

      I agree Barbara, I would have liked to see more wedding stuff too and a reception. I was really hoping that they would gave shown the reception. But the whole episode was great!! I really liked Booth and Brennan’s vows, but my favorite was Brennan’s vow!

  16. Paris says:

    Did anyone else notice that the bartender/priest made the Eastern Orthodox sign of the cross in the church rather than the Roman one? Is he Greek? I guess I never paid enough attention to the dialog in past bar conversations. Kinda cool.

    • Rae Smith says:

      That was more than likely because Aldo keeps claiming t booth that he is not a priest, He was so traumatized by Booths confessions that he left the church back when Booth was a Sniper, and he is constantly trying to disassociate with the whole experience ever since.

  17. Rob Olivier says:

    Hey everyone, let me know what you think. The show had an episode before, but again tonight, I saw another glimpse of a potential spin-off of all the squints. Could you just imagine the five squints personality and led by Edison and maybe Sweets. There could be some interesting adventures and more procedural with crime cases. Let me know what you think, because it would make for a good show.

  18. tp says:

    It’s coming on in 15 minutes for me. Idk if I want to watch it live or wait so I can ff through the commercials. UGH….decisions, decisions!!!

  19. Babybop says:

    Brennan’s little speech about how it’s not a man handing her off like property, and her refusal to accept when people equate feelings with the heart made me so happy. She’s grown as a person, but she’s still Bones. It was a perfect wedding. <3

  20. James D says:

    very sweet episode nice to see things come full circle. Mrs. Lauper really showcased those pipes i loved her version of at last.

  21. Chris says:

    We’re my eyes deceiving me or was that Rickety Cricket as the priest? If so, how did he get a job back at the church? :D

  22. bonesfan says:

    I love that they got married but there are parts that I would have done differently.

    My favorite parts were of Booth & Max and Booth & Parker. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a Bones and Parker scene (step-mom/stepson scene)

    I was disappointed that Russ did not show up with his “wife/girlfriend” and the 2 girls.

    I was hoping in the vows that Bones would mention how before Booth she did not believe in love and never thought that she would want to be married.

  23. Agnes Ternasky says:

    Where was Christina?

  24. Alexandra says:

    I think that this episode should be regarded according to what WAS there, not what was “missing.” I think that the writers and producers on Bones have stayed true to trying to keep the show unpredictable, and even though the spoilers were more than plentiful, there were still several unspoiled surprises in store!

    The entire wedding scene was flawless, and if you didn’t cry during those vows… then bye.

  25. Terry says:

    My favorite part:
    Bones: You can kiss me now
    Booth: He never said..
    Priest: As usual she’s right… go!

  26. daisy says:

    I loved the wedding the only thing I would have like to see is the reception and Russ.
    I REALLY wanted to see the RESEPTION, so I was a little disappointed with that.
    But the wedding was great!!

  27. Norma Wilcox says:

    I can’t, for the life of me, imagine how they could have a wedding and not even MENTION their daughter! I couldn’t believe it!

  28. Bob says:

    Gotta love this; couldn’t quit laughing:

    “We are sleeping together. Sleeping of course is a euphemism for sex …” – Brennan
    “I’m really sorry, Father.” – Booth
    “You don’t have to apologize, Booth! It’s not like he’s going to be jealous.” – Brennan

  29. Rita Sioros says:

    Loved the Wedding! I missed Christine. The cast were so funny & did a great job. Vows brought tears to my eyes. Too many commercials and not enough of show. It should have been longer so we could have seen the reception, cutting the cake etc. Everybody looked great, just an awesome show. Thanks.

  30. Robin says:

    I loved every minute of this episode. It will be my all-time favorite. And the kiss at the end of the ceremony was the best B&B kiss ever! It is a shame that the little twins were having a bad day and that they weren’t able to work her into the wedding scene as planned, but the whole thing was wonderful. I cried all through the episode, but poured buckets during the wedding scene–as any friend would at a wedding!

  31. Britt says:

    I cried. The vows and song were beautiful. The wedding was very fitting for them. I also loved the interns’ outfits lol.

  32. stella stane says:

    Not what I expected and people missing and not mentioned, did love her dress and I love them as a couple but was not what I wanted to see. I love all the help they got to make it possible and to see all those who had worked with Bones. I will still watch

  33. it was the best episode. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. I just hope that producers will not make any trouble for the married couple.

    • daisy says:

      Agreed, The episode was great. The only thing I didn’t like was that the episode didn’t show the reception. I was really disappointed that they didn’t show the reception, maybe the EP’s can show the reception in a later episode.
      Another thing, I agree with your 2nd comment the EP’s better not made anything bad happen to Booth and Brennan’s marriage. I haven’t bought any of the seasons not until I know that nothing happens to them or if the EP’s say that Booth and Brennan are going to be married forever.
      One anther thing, do you think Pelant is alive? And do you like Pelant? Comment back!

  34. Reading the letter from when she was buried alive was GENIUS!

  35. I loved the wedding. Understand (now) about Christine, but it was a jarring absence. I am trying to figure out, though, how Booth could have accepted a non-church wedding. When you are a devout Catholic, getting married outside the church is not getting married.

    • Mimi says:

      I agree about the non-church wedding. This disappointed me. Why does something always have to go wrong for Bones & Booth!

  36. Max Strange says:

    The last ten minutes was all I liked. After nine years waiting, I was disappointed we had to have all that stuff that could have been used in another episode. What about the honeymoon — no mention I own seasons 1-8 and I have seen the series 5-10 times. There were a few I didn’t enjoy, but this was just too much. I felt cheated that they had work to do and one crisis after another. The majority of your viewers are women and we like weddings and receptions — the whole ball of wax. But the writers took that away from me. This was a chance to make a beautiful, calm and loving wedding with music. I was so angry by the time they held the wedding that I wanted to cancel my order for season 9. You have such a great series with marvelous actors. You have a cult series on your hands and you deserve it. I am one of your most loyal fans, but please consider that we want more touchy/feelie for B&B. We know there will be problems but please consider that fans like me want the story to go on forever. One question) what do you think your viewers will remember the last ten minuets and won’t remember any of that other stuff.

  37. This was a great episode and the wedding was gorgeous. Cyndi Lauper was superb, I never realized that she has that much vocal range. I really loved the scene with Booth and Max where Max insisted that Booth call him Dad. For someone like Booth who was abandoned by both of his parents that had to be a special moment. I loved that they had Parker in three scenes this time. Usually he just gets one scene. Now that the actor is older maybe he can become more of a regular character. I know that many people were disappointed by the baby’s absence but some things can’t be worked out. I read that it took two whole days of shooting for the wedding scene alone. When they usually shoot three scenes a day. As for Russ and Jared not being at the ceremony they are actors and sometimes unavailable because of other acting roles. Maybe they can have a reception in a future episode or show up and take Booth out for drinks in celebration. There are also budgeting concerns, it was a huge cast and a very costly episode. I can’t wait for the next episode which is their honeymoon in Argentina, where Booth and Bones get caught up in another murder investigation.

    • dale says:

      she just won a Tony for best musical too! she has done it all except win an Oscar. Check out I’m Gonna Be Strong by her when you’re feeling emo/down and right now check out Carrie by her (a live cover of the Joni Mitchell song that she sang at the Mitchell Tribute where she got a thunderingly long standing ovation) . She had a huge Blues album 2 yrs ago and a superb Dance album 5 yrs ago. Rain on Me from it, is beautiful!

  38. Jay says:

    I thought there was a ‘Buffy the vampire slayer/Angel’ easter egg, when the Priest was quoiting from the Bible and was using an Angelus reference. All in all an O.K. wedding,would have liked to see the missing cast mates.

  39. Michael says:

    I’m a man that is 59 yrs. of age. On another website there was a question, did you cry when Bones and Booth got married. My answer was yes. I did cry, it was so wonderfully done you couldn’t help but cry. I waited 9 years for this moment to happen for Bones and Booth. It was awesome!!! Thank you Fox and the writers, you did a fabulous job to make this episode happen!!! I Love the show Bones and the charactors and hope the show continues for as many seasons as possible. Also I have all the seasons on DVD. I have to get the 9th season so I can enjoy this great episode, and add it to the other 8 seasons. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!

    • daisy says:

      This was a great episode. The only thing I would have wanted was for there to be a reception. I really wanted to see who would have caught the bouquet. That would have made the episode awesome! I want all the seasons, but I am going to wait until the end of the show because I want to make sure that Booth and Brennan stay married forever. Then I will buy all the seasons. I do like Bones.
      One more thing, do you like Pelant if so you think he is still alive?

  40. Rae Smith says:

    I loved the wedding and Cyndi Laupers rendition of At Last was the perfect song done in the perfect fashion. The story line was excellent, It kept with the feeling of the show, especially her clumsy way of asking the squinterns to her wedding, and her line about property at the alter. I cried at their wedding vows,and seeing the dress that Bones had saved a picture of since she was 8. Congratulations Hart and crew, you could have not made a better wedding episode! I only wish there was some way for Eric Milligan to come back, as he was and will always be my favorite squintern!

  41. Radha says:

    Why were all the Squints there except Finn Abernathy? Does anyone know why he wasn’t in the episode? He’s the teenage Squint dating Cam’s daughter. Other than that, loved the episode.

    • 206episodesofBones says:

      The actor was doing another show at the time and wasn’t available. It was mentioned in an interview with Hart and on a BTS video with David and Emily.

  42. Randi Stonehill says:

    Hate hate hate the Pelant story line and was so happy to see him die. He needs to be dead and they need to move on. Loved the wedding, would have loved it no matter what circumstances. This is my favorite show, have never missed an episode (Thank you God for the DVR) and continue to love these wonderful quirky people.

  43. barbara says:

    gotta wait until nov15 until bones comes back how horrible is that

  44. dale says:

    AT LAST! such a perfect song for those 2 lovebirds! Great wedding. And how is Cyndi Lauper not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!? Her range is amazing and she’s had rockers like Money Changes Everything, I Drove All Night, She Bop and Change of Heart, to dance hits, huge ballads like Time After Time and True Colors and just won a Tony Award for writing a Musical! Good grief the woman is amazing.

  45. qechristmas says:

    I loved the wedding, of coarse Booth’s mother could have kissed her grandson after kissing Booth before the service and Christine is still a baby so she wouldn’t be apart of the wedding party but booth’s brother and bones brother should have been there, I love the show it’s great

  46. Sandy says:

    I thought the wedding song that was chosen and sung was the most perfect, sentimental piece! It couldn’t have been any better!

  47. barbara says:

    got the new tv guide and bones back this coming monday nov4th their honeymoon can’t wait!!!!!! got a new format for this comment section don’t like it

  48. Trish says:

    Catching up on my dvr and finally got to see this episode. It was amazing!

    I seriously think the interns could have their own spin off series with Clark as their boss. The back and forth banter was great.

    I barely noticed the mystery except for the slight parallel between the letter that was supposedly from Emily Dickinson and the letter Bones wrote when trapped in the car. Both had the words of women thought to be one way that revealed different deeper versions of themselves.

    The wedding was great. I hope that Cyndi Lauper’s version of “At Last” is on iTunes it was breathtaking.

    I too started tearing up at “I can be a duck”. And then when Bones read the letter it was a perfect example of where the character’s head was at that time. She and Booth were constantly exchanging teasing banter and flirty looks. She didn’t know what it was but she knew she liked it.

    It was one on those pivotal episodes you see on a show when the series has a great stride going but could be winding down, where you go “that could have been a great series finale”.

    Not that I am ready to let this show go since I love it so much (this episode being a prime example of why that is still the case).

    But since it’s not then end I can’t wait to see what happens next either.

  49. barbara says:

    good episode last night leave it to bones and booth to work on a case on their honeymoon. next week we get double pleasure and fun on its monday time slot then on new time and day slot friday. makes for a good fri nite bones fiveo bluebloods works for me