Fox Delays Bones' Friday Debut, Gives Almost Human Two-Night Premiere

Bones Pelant Dies Season 9 RecapBooth and Brennan, don’t pack your things just yet…

Fox will keep Bones in its current time slot for a little longer than planned, the network announced Monday. The fan-favorite drama will make its Friday debut on Nov. 15, at 8/7c, instead of the previously announced Nov. 8.

In turn, Raising Hope’s one-hour premiere also has been pushed to Nov. 15.

Meanwhile, Almost Human — originally scheduled to premiere on Monday, Nov. 4 —  will now get underway with a two-night premiere on Sunday, Nov. 17, and Monday, Nov. 18, airing both evenings at 8 pm.

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The change will allow J.J. Abram’s futuristic cop drama Almost Human to benefit from its football doubleheader lead-in; the series’ second episode then will bow in the Monday-evening, pre-Sleepy Hollow spot Bones now occupies.


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  1. tali says:

    oh, wow delayed by two weeks. that will make bones fans happy…

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Don’t take this the wrong way because I’m not trying to be catty but if you’re a true Bones fan it shouldn’t matter when it’s on, right?

      • tali says:

        it bothers me cos the show, the people on that show and the fans don’t deserve to be d**ked around like this.
        I know Bones is a show that could easily end after this or next season and they need new shows to work but that’s not the way to make loyal fans stay with the network. moving my fave show won’t make me watch AH by ~mistake. it’ll more likely make me wish the new show flops. and yes, I know how bad that sounds and no, I don’t really care.

      • Drc8283 says:

        Don’t even get me started about “true Bones fans”. . . Yet another who can’t stand any negativity – you’d think these posters had a personal relationship with FOX’s schedulers or something. Fans are entitled to be upset about the move and it doesn’t mean they aren’t “true Bones fans”, will stop watching, or encourage others to do so.

    • Eric says:

      Oh just stop it. FOX moving Bones to Friday really isn’t that big of a deal. Stop acting like anything is really going to happen. The series has literally been moved to EVERY night of the week during it’s run and guess what? They are on their 9th season. A lot of shows do not make it this far. So what does that tell you about Bones? It has a solid and dedicated fan base. A lot of shows cannot withstand all the changes FOX has put Bones through, but the fans continue to stick with it and follow it wherever it goes. Also, I don’t really understand what the big fuss is about anyways. You have to watch Bones on Friday nights instead of Monday nights? Oh my goodness, how awful for you. *rolls eyes* You never know, Bones might even perform better in a Friday slot seeing as it’s not going up against How I Met Your Mother and Dancing with the Stars, which are very good performers. People complaining about this is so ridiculous. Who really cares that much? Bones has had an amazing 9 year run and I’m certain we are getting a 10th season. A 10 season run is impressive and I’d be fine with the series ending there. Be grateful and stop complaining.

      • Drc8283 says:

        Would looove to read your reaction to your favorite show (that isn’t suffering in the ratings) being dumped to a currently unpopular night for network TV – especially after being bounced around season after season to new nights and/or times because it’s “dependable”. FOX takes Bones for granted – it deserves a lot more respect.

      • Tabbi says:

        So true – and for people who are busy on Friday nights you can watch it at Fox online, on Hulu, download on iTunes or Amazon, DVR it, or, for those who are new technology adverse, I bet your local thrift shop probably has a programmable VCR around somewhere!

        • melanie says:

          ooookay until it gets cancelled because people aren’t watching it on friday and it has horrible ratings…

          • Mary S says:

            I find it difficult to believe that any network would cancel a show as popular as Bones…but, we do know that they have a habit of moving it away from the “usual” spot just to make ratings drop. CSI:NY and Miami, Harry’s Law…just to name a few. But I think that Bones has been around long enough to withstand any amount of moving around. MAYBE the Friday night ratings are so low that they are trying to boost them with a proven winner.

  2. Lysh says:

    Not a big fan of this move to Fridays, but I’m sure I’ll still be there.
    I just realized their replacing Bones with another Bones (McCoy). hah

  3. Tran 2.0 says:

    Fox’s prime-time scheduling woes still bothers me. Talk about a network snooze fest.

  4. Bridget says:

    I really hope that despite Kevin Reilly’s best efforts to get rid of Bones, Bones manages to end up with higher ratings on Friday night than Almost Human on Monday, and Almost Human ends up as this year’s Lone Star.

    • Tom says:

      It’s been drug out far too long already. Time to end Bones
      As far as The Tomorrow People , dream on. Lone Star had no future, TP does at least have a premise and a reasonably good crew behind it

    • Sarah says:


      Me too.

    • Cory says:

      Wow you think Kevin Reilly is trying to kill the one show that will perform solidly no matter what? That is such a sad and deluded statement. FOX obviously loves Bones. If you think they’re moving Bones to Friday for any reason aside from the fact they think it will be a better performer there than any of their other shows, you are woefully ignorant or else just looking for an excuse to be annoyed or diss Fox.

    • Jillian says:

      Fox is most likely moving the show because they KNOW it will do well no matter where it is scheduled, much like Supernatural on CW. Friday is a weak TV night and Bones can easily dominate if all of the fans who are complaining tune in to watch.

    • ben says:

      Friday shows get renewed with lower ratings. A very good percentage of Friday’s lineup this season was there last season on Friday’s too.

      On the other hand, Almost Human also looks like a really good show and its just sad to wish ill on it.

  5. dji says:

    starting almost human on a sunday night is a really bad idea. bones i could care less about.

    • tigerfire2002 says:

      I agree, makes no sense. At least pairing it with Sleepy Hollow is a better match but Sunday is Simpsons, Family Guy & American Dad. So AH seems a little out of place

    • Mary S says:

      The Good Wife and The Mentalist are on Sunday nights…NOTHING will take me from either of these shows. If Almost Human is opposite that dumb reality show I might give it a try.

  6. starh says:

    Sigh, I’ve been awaiting Almost Human for a while. I hope for Karl Urban’s sake it does well whatever time slot it happens to end up in.

  7. Raven says:

    Sounds like Fox is trying to find a reason to cancel Bones, so they are moving them to the deadly Friday slot :(

    I am really looking forward to Almost Human. I love Karl Urban and J.J Abrams.

    Looks like my new Monday night schedule will be: Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, Castle :)

    • twhiting9276 says:

      Friday is not the ‘death slot’ by any means
      Ugly Betty ran for a while, did just fine
      Supernatural, did just fine
      Fringe, did just fine.
      Haven’s been on Friday night, at least this season, probably throughout it’s run
      Stargate, Atlantis, SG-U, Friday nights
      There’s a few others, but that’s just the ones on the top of my head.
      Bones needs to go though, putting it on Friday night, with the ‘quality’ of programming we’ve had from them, that’ll do it for sure

    • Jillian says:

      Friday is not that deadly compared to saturday night. Just be grateful your show didn’t get the Smash treatment.

  8. TheTVJunkee says:

    I’m pretty sure FOX is waiting until it’s actually 2048 before they start airing Almost Human.

  9. tp says:

    According to another article I read they pushed AH back to coincide with football. The network thinks AH will do better with the male audience if it comes on after football. I don’t understand it because while it might premiere big it doesn’t mean football fans will watch it again.

    • tp says:

      Sorry was typing and thinking instead of thinking THEN typing…lol. Clearly it says above what I said…just completely zoned out for a sec.

  10. Sharon says:

    All I can say is thank god I have this show pre-programmed into my DVR. I hate when they do this because I can only record two programs and if I wish to watch one it has to be one I am recording, how stupid is that?

    • Mel says:

      You know you can record two AND watch a previously recorded show at the same time right? If you don’t have anything on the DVR to watch, you’re not getting your money’s worth out of the DVR.

      • Sharon says:

        Watching a pre-recorded program isn’t the problem, my problem is that I can only record two, and I don’t have the option of watching something different. My biggest wish is that they wouldn’t put all the good shows on in the same slot on the same night but I guess I may as well wish for the moon.

        • Mel says:

          I know what you mean. I have a serious issue on Thursday nights: 8 pm – Parks & Rec, TBBT, OUAT and Vampire Diaries; and then at 10:- Parenthood, Scandal and Elementary. Gaaaahhh! Our cable company, Comcast, just came out with a record 5 shows and watch anywhere DVR, but in order to do that we have to spend several hundred dollars upgrading the cable in the house :(

          • Sharon says:

            I hear that! I am already spending 172.00 a month for cable, internet and phone. I have
            nothing left to spend. With all that money going out you would think you could get unlimited recording. Yeah right, only in my dreams.

  11. Dani says:

    Does it really still matter on which night a show is on? Program your DVR right and you should have no big problem. “Bones” has had a great ride on FOX so far. I’m not bothered by the move at all. Instead I believe that it will make the overnight ratings for FOX on Friday look a lot better.

  12. barbara says:

    wow some negativity i agree moving show to fri can be a problem but so far fiveo and bluebloods doing good. as a fan from the very first episode of course i will still watch but it does take u out of comfort zone when its been on certain channel for a long time. i do get irratated when they start repeats so early we had that all summer they do that thus tine of year

  13. Alisa Neely says:

    anyone know what time it will air on fridays?….will it be on at 8pm or 9m….if it’s 9pm, it’ll be up against H50…..makes me wonder, WHY they feel the need to move it?

    • Marc says:

      I can think of a number of “reasons” (excuses) than may be in the minds on Fox execs. (Okay. Perhaps I should have put “minds” in quotes as well.)

      It’s old and expensive and its numbers have slipped so we don’t mind leaving it to die on Fridays.
      It’s old and should be a self-starter with its fans following it.
      In the DVR age, who cares when it airs. (Tell that to the advertisers!)
      We could make more money with a newer, cheaper, higher demo show.
      It brought eyeballs to The Following and Sleepy Hollow. It’s done its job. Let’s see if Almost Human can do better on Monday at 8. If it bombs, we move Bones back.

    • SK says:

      From what I read in the past when it was first moving on 11/8, it will be on at 8p which will not be in competition with H50 or Grimm which is good.

  14. Cory says:

    I think Bones is going to be a solid performer on Friday nights, and I think that’s the reason FOX is moving it there. For a couple seasons their best best for that night on the drama side is to only let more established series live there. Or, a new show if they don’t care one way or the other. But Almost Human looks very awesome, and a great companion piece for Sleepy Hollow. I wish it well, and really hopes it makes it to five seasons like Fringe. Only if my suspicions are correct and they intend to turn it into a serialized story down the line like they did with Fringe. *shrug*

  15. Kris says:

    It’s going against some stiff competition on Friday. I wish they would leave it the way it is. Why mess with success?

  16. Bones lover says:

    Really y’all r fighting over “Bones” being moved. It’s redicilus. I love Bones HUGE HUGE fan. But I see bones being moved to Friday is great cause Fridays r clif hangers and it makes you all crazy, an excited and on edge to watch it. I mean it being moved or not moved or weather or not you follow it doesn’t make you less of a fan you already was.” The show has great fan base, and them getting married tonight was a long awaiting. We all been waiting 8 years. 9 season is a lot and I’m proud of it. If they make more seasons awesome I’d be SUPER EXCITED!” But if not then that’s ok to they did a good 9 seasons. An the show has been moved to every night nothing wrong with that as long as it still airs right??” And if y’all remember DB and ED talked about it in an interview.

    • Kris says:

      The problem with Friday is that there’s stiff competion on that night & if “Bones” doesn’t pull in the viewers it will be canceled. I too love “Bones”, but I think moving it is the kiss of death. It’s all about the numbers of viewers which equals $$$$ in advertising.

  17. Marie says:

    Friday nights is where TV shows go to die!! Well all I have to is GoodBye Bones it’s been nice knowing you and thanks for the good old memories before you turned to crap!!

  18. CBWBDK1 says:

    Damn you Fox, now i have to wait two weeks longer to see Almost Human

  19. Dragonfly says:

    Why they move the AH? I was so waiting for it! I like Bones as well and move to Friday do not bother me, but waiting two weeks for AH? I hope it will be picked up and won’t get Firefly treatment, loved Firefly and was so sad when it got canceled, I like the AH ads and I hope it will stay longer then 13 episodes

  20. suzi says:

    I’m grateful for my DVR when favorites air against each other or move to an inconvenient time slot, but I realize not everyone has that solution. I follow shows all over the schedule, but don’t always appreciate it, so those complaining about the complainers should respect the views of others. What am I saying–this is the internet.

  21. jp says:

    oh great…so now when the amazing race is late I can try to record revenge, ar, amazing race and almost human. It will be a super-human feat.

  22. David4 says:

    Fox is moving Bones to Friday because Live+3 so the ratings won’t change.

  23. Timot says:

    I really like Bones. It should not be moved to Friday night. I have been following it from the very beginning.

  24. Bad Samaritan says:

    Exactly WHAT HOUR will it be on Sunday? There are plenty of shows that night and we all know which ones I’m talking about! Not everyone can tape 2 shows at once and watching on the internet is not fun, so if Almost human is on at 9, this isn’t going to work!

  25. Kris says:

    I will try to explain this to my way of thinking. Will it be on at 7 where it will be up against “Last Man Standing” & “The Neighbors” on ABC, “Undercover Boss” on CBS or “Dateline” on NBC? At 8 it will be up against “Shark Tank”, “Hawaii Five-0, & “Grimm”. Now you can say you can DVR any of these programs including “Bones”. My question is, when you DVR the program, do you watch the commecials? I bet not! So, the advertisers are losing money & won’t be spending their money on a program that no one is watching their commercials. I’m betting “Bones” won’t be around much longer when it moves to Friday. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

  26. barbara says:

    from what i read bones will be on at 8. friday can be a bad night but blue bloods has survived and fiveo doing good so far. i don’t like them moving shows either but thats what networks do. if your a fan of the shows you gotta go with the flow

  27. a fan says:

    In regard to the move, it is annoying, having to adjust your schedule for show movement, but I’ve gotten used to it considering my beloved Supernatural has switched around between just about every day of the week. (Tuesday through Friday, if I’m not mistaken.)