Glee Sets Its End Date -- But What Do You Want for Its Characters' Endgames? Take Our Polls!

Mark your calendars, Gleeks: Fox’s high-school musical will graduate from the airwaves for good sometime around the spring of 2015 — at the end of Season 6, cocreator Ryan Murphy announced this week.

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Whether or not news of Glee‘s end date warms your heart or sends you into the fetal position, it’s hard not to wonder how exactly the show’s writers will conclude their tale of William McKinley High School’s underdog show choir (and its all-star alumnae). Heck, Murphy himself is apparently in full brainstorm mode, having told reporters at a Paley Center event honoring FX Networks that he has “a good idea” about “how after Cory [Monteith]’s unfortunate passing, we can end the show” in a way that’s “very satisfactory.”

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Anyhow, while the various Glee endgames are still up in the air, we figured we’d put the fates of 11 key characters up to a vote. So click through the following photos and take the polls that accompany each and every one of ’em. And if you don’t like any of our proposed fates for a particular character, head directly to the comments and propose an idea of your own!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kat says:

    The choices for Kurt are so restricted. Why can he only have love or career? He should be able to marry Blaine while also becoming a big broadway star. Personally though I would love to see him have his dream wedding (which he will plan, no doubt) with Blaine while also becoming a fashion designer for Vogue or starting his own clothing line/ company.

  2. Trouty Mouth says:

    I want to see Blaine leave the show, don’t care how.

  3. Trouty Mouth says:

    Santana and Mercedes should get together with Tina and they can form a girl group.

    • Joyce says:

      In my head, Mercedes, Santana, Tina and Quinn will form a band and be the Troubletones 2.0… heck! they can be The Apocalipsticks and blind us with their awesomeness. lol

  4. Michelle says:

    I’d love to see Santana, working a part time job while auditioning for tv/films roles. After ‘paying her due’s’ I’d like to see her become a successful in what ever she wants to proceed in :) I’d also love to see her end up with Dani. I just really like them together :’)

  5. Stephanie says:

    WTF choices are those for KURT?? “respected SUPPORTING player” in musical comedies? WTF? Kurt has an amazing voice, terrific drama and comedic ability (and I’m talking about both Kurt and Chris Colfer)…So Blaine gets American President and bowtie designer and KURT, who’s known for fashion AND performing, gets “supporting” and “respected”…? Or goes back to freaking Lima, where his life was hell? Who came up with these choices???

    How about:
    **took over the fashion world with ouetre designs and started his own fashion line
    **blazed the way for openly gay leading characters in Broadway by writing musicals, collaborating with his former/current/whatever Blaine
    **graduated NYADA and went on world tour with fellow Broadway star, the amazing Rachel Berry.

  6. S. Strain says:

    Kurt as a “respected, SUPPORTING” …read: 2nd choice for anything good…. No mention of fashion or of Vogue (but BLAINE is a designer), no mention of happiness or success on his own, but BLAINE is a mega rock star. I really used to love Blaine. When they were a pair and BOTH were part of the couple (which was for a very brief period of time). Kurt is a fantastic performer (as is Colfer). MY thought of Kurt’s future would be with a supportive and partner, graduating from NYADA to continue with a fantastic Broadway career opening up new parts/roles for openly gay leading men or possibly a fashion line of his own, after he graduated from NYADA but found he liked designing costumes and setting fashion trends

  7. KW says:

    Rachel should absolutely be a Tony Award winning actress. She should find her happiness in the end, after all she has been the backbone of the show since the start.

    Kurt should also find success as a performer on Broadway, and he should dump Blaine. Blaine is just too needy. Blaine would not be able to handle seeing Kurt succeed without him, and would probably wind up cheating on Kurt again anyways.

    As for Blaine, well, after losing Kurt, and he faces the harsh reality that he is not worshipped and adored at NYADA because there are thousands of other actors who are better singers, dancers, and actors than him. He then decides to move to LA to live with his brother Coop and try to get a big break in television. As he goes on audition after audition only to see others get roles. He eventually finds his way to the casting couch of a prominent and egotistical showrunner who casts him in a role in his latest hit show in exchange for becoming his secret boy toy, and the show starts a slow crash and burn as Blaine’s character gets overexposure at the expense of the much more talented cast members who made that show what it was.

    • MS says:

      That future for Blaine sounds oddly familiar, lol.
      Agreed on both Rachel and Kurt. Rachel was born to be on the Broadway stage, and with his many talents Kurt can achieve whatever he wants and become a great role model for the gay community in the process. But Kurt has to get rid of Blaine as soon as possible first, as that relationship is unhealthy and only holding Kurt back.
      I would love to see Glee ending with Hummelberry conquering Broadway and taking their first solid steps on a path full of success and acclaim, with their old friends being content and successful in their own fileds too: Mercedes as a recording artist, Santana as a tv-actress, Artie as director, Puck in the army, Tina as a bitter critics writer for a NY newspaper.

  8. Andrea says:

    I’m honestly shaking my head at some of the comments here. Look, people – it’s okay to like or dislike a character or couple. Either is fine, and everyone has a choice. However, you know what is not okay? Making up silly untrue arguments to justify your hate. You don’t like Blaine or Klaine? Fine. But at least give valid reasons and not silly stuff like what i’m reading here that Blaine is abusive, that Kurt has to be submissive in their relationship (say what? Kurt actually seems to be the one “in charge” in that relationship), that Klaine is “unhealthy”, that Kurt is just afraid no one else will ever love him and that’s why he said yes (not true, that’s not what he said and you all know it!), or any number of ridiculous arguments. Seriously, deliberately misinterpreting scenes and words and then trying to sell that as truth is just sad.

    At the end of the day it’s just a tv show, and frankly the writing isn’t very great. Pretty much every character on this show has made mistakes or behaved questionably at some point or other. Almost all of them have either cheated or been cheated on, and have either forgiven or been forgiven for it. To me cheating is a horrible thing, but to the writers of Glee it is apparently not. I hate what Blaine did, but it was so out of the blue and so uncharacteristic for him, and he was truly sorry for it afterwards, so I’m willing to forgive him. Kurt was willing to do that too, and that is not out of character since Kurt has been shown to have a forgiving nature. According to what has actually happened on the show, Kurt still loves Blaine, feels happy and safe and connected with him, and has chosen to give Blaine another chance. This does not make Kurt weak (if he’d taken Blaine back just weeks after he cheated – then yes; but not after half a year or so and after they’ve already been friends again for a while), he is not lacking in confidence, and the character has not been destroyed by this. So many fans say they only care about Kurt being happy – well, he is happy now with Blaine, so either accept that (no, you don’t have to suddenly love Klaine, but at least accept and respect Kurt’s choice) or move on (because you might be happier not watching Glee anymore). I don’t doubt that Kurt and Blaine will have to face more problems down the road, but I also don’t doubt that they will be together and will get married by the time Glee is over.

    Which brings me to the original poll: I hope that Glee ends with Kurt finding success in whatever line of work he eventually chooses, and happiness with Blaine in his life.

  9. Typh says:

    Really don’t understand people who already want Dani and Santana endgame. We don’t even know Dani’s personnality. We know that she’s lesbian… and that’s it. Plus, Demi Lovato is in the show for only 6 episodes (and she doesn’t do anything for the audience, so no reason for the writers to keep her).
    I hope a Santana/Brittany reunion, for Rachel to be successfull and, why not, find love again. Kurt and Blaine should break up. Will and Emma should have a lot of curly ginger babies. I think i’d like to see Mercedes with Sam again.

  10. Mike Chapman says:

    Why is Tina’s “Education Degree” not listed in the Voting results??

  11. Amy says:

    Mainly just want to see Rachel/Kurt/Santana happy and successful in NYC. I do think Rachel needs to at least realize she will love again, but I don’t want that to be the focus of her arc. I want to see Rachel’s path to the Tony award and Broadway stardom.

  12. Amy says:

    I don’t like that Kurt’s choice is limited to supporting actor. I actually think the perfect ending is for Rachel and Kurt to team up on their own musical with them taking the starring roles.

  13. Spas says:


  14. CultureVulture says:

    Where are both Joe and Sugar this season anyway? Is it due to real life other projects or they just got written off?

  15. Joanne says:

    I’d like to see Rachel to ultimately do the Tony & Woody Allen thing, but it’s too soon even for the end of Season 6. Kurt should do something in the fashion industry. That’s what he was all about in Season 1. Blaine, I couldn’t give a monkeys about. Even though Tina & Artie are originals, I don’t really care what happens to their stories either. Ditto Sam. Santana should continue along the TV lines or perhaps something in music along with Mercedes & reconnect with her equal & now completely discovered herself Quinn Fabray.

  16. Vicky Ferrer says:

    She lives a succesful life with Dani!

  17. jess madrigal says:

    I want rachel go back to lima as a failure and quinn as a successful actress.

  18. Kenisha says:

    endgame for Mr. Schue should be to stop wearing vests.


  20. Amanda says:

    i think that kirt should graduate and go on to be a sucessful fasion designer while still being active in the Broadway community but on a lesser scale.

  21. gabby says:

    Sam: Getting back together with Quinn and them being happy,
    Tina: getting back together with Mike!

  22. Brittana. /which means HeYa/ That’s all I’ll say!!! xD I prefer for the show to not end, because no matter that this isn’t Glee, but a parody with the same name, we still need it! We can’t live without this show!

  23. carmen says:

    I don’t understand why the options for Kurt don’t include major success on Broadway. I think it’s insulting to the character to limit him to just a respectable career as an option.

  24. For Blaine and Sam: A road trip into a freaking blackhole.
    For Rachel, Kurt, and Santana: love and happiness :)

  25. terri says:

    Why should Kurt have no major success on Broadway. It’s obvious the bias against Kurt by whoever set up this poll. The shade with “respectable supporting player” is so transparent.

  26. What I think would be a good idea for season six is a big time jump where they have all settled into their new adult lives. For instance we would see Rachel as the star she always wanted to be, but see maybe Sam struggling to get people to see him as a serious what-ever-he-wants-to-be-when-he-grows-up… but then there would be be flashback sequences to show how they got there. Some of them would be happy with their current lives and others would wish they had made different choices… (Using one of the poll examples: Tina takes over Glee from Schue, but realizes she really could have been just as good as Rachel. Rachel shows up with an offer to have her star opposite her in the Broadway revival of Wicked. Schue, after heading up the Arts Education panel for frustrating three years realizes he can’t stay out of the classroom and returns to McKinnley to visit but seeing Tina torn between her Glee students and her opportunity for fame, he pushes her out of the nest and onto Broadway and resumes his position. And yes, I do have way too much time on my hands :P) In doing the flashbacks we’d get the answers to how our favorites are doing and get to see how the 2.0 crew faired as well. I think this would be a cool idea.

  27. Laura says:

    Blaine and Sam are the worst thing that happened to season 4 and now season 5. Lima isn’t fun anymore, it’s just boring and repetitive storylines while Blaine and Sam keep being the leading douchebags with the white male hero complex. Please, just end Lima already and focus on NY, that’s the only watchable thing these days on Glee, but please don’t move more characters there, especially not Blaine or Sam. Most of the audience are so fed up with them we can’t stand watching when they are on TV. NY has the potencial of being something great. The Hummelberry-Lopez combo is a winning choice. I hope to see them develop individually and not being defined by their relationships. Especially Kurt, who needs to be as far away from Blaine as possible.

    • Laura says:

      Oh! and I’d love to see Rachel finally be able to get a Broadway leading role and be successful; Kurt being happy in whatever he decides to be and with a new partner (where’s Adam? that was a really nice boy for Kurt); and for Santana I’d love her to enjoy her life, dating new girls (if Dani isn’t staying for long) but ultimately I’d love to see a Brittana reunion, cause those girls were too cute for words, and Santana being a successful actress/singer.

  28. barbara says:

    OMG I know that i should let it go, and leave Heather lives happily ever after with her family buuuuuuuuuut bring baaack Brittanaaaaaaa

  29. Gleek2009 says:

    One Thing guys why are some of you agains brittana ??
    because of brittany Santana accept herself and make her happy no matter what some guys say.
    when some of your shipps would become that what brittana now have wouldn’t you get pissed what rip does?? im for sure you would.

    and that with dani thats the thing that he have no longer brittana.and destroy them.
    much more sweet moments with dani, that some of you love that realation ship i mean 10 minutes and they have a kiss and are together that sucks.
    i like demi but i can’t see her Charakter Ends up with Santana
    That what the both have isn’t the same like Santana had/have with Brittany.

    Heather and Naya are much better than Naya and demi.

    That what Brittana had is real no matter what some People say, Brittany is the right Person for Santana.

    brittana shipps have a hard time yes but they are never give up and have faith that is not brittana belong together they Need each other.

    That what they have is nothing against brittana.

    Just wanna say that.

    Think about it guys


  30. Gleek2009 says:

    Sry for this long comment

  31. Ane says:

    I want Brittany to return to the show, to be with Santana. For me, this would be the perfect end to Santana, after she showed still have feelings for Brittany.

  32. Fancypants says:

    Although I want success for Rachel, seeing as it was basically about her dreams at the start, I think for her to star in Funny Girl & get a Tony by S6 would be too soon. Unless they use a time jump. Kurt should be a fashion designer….without Blaine. I liked Karofsky better. Santana should be perhaps an actress/singer & be with Quinn. Brittany was too much of a child to be Santana’s perfect other. Quinn & Puck should have some happy ending regarding Beth. The rest of the Originals I don’t really care about enough to want anything specific for.

  33. A long engagement to Blaine, living together in New York. Blaine teaching at NYADA and Kurt working for a fashion magazine. They begin a charity foundation and establish a scholarship fund for show choir In Lima along with Rachel.

  34. Jade says:

    Brittana to be reunited in nyc brittany comes and surprises santana and propeses to her and they get marrried and live happily ever after in nyc!!!

  35. FaberryForever says:

    I still want Faberry to be endgame.

  36. Faberry says:

    Rachel: Getting closer with Quinn

  37. Anna says:

    I want a Faberry. Only this ^.^

  38. blah says:

    All of Kurt’s option’s were terrible, I want him to be the most successful out of everyone.

  39. Dan says:

    I had a hard time thinking of what to pick for Blaine. D; Since I picked the “fairytale wedding with Blaine” for Kurt, I just picked “First openly gay president of the United States” because it suits him very well. ^_^ <3

  40. Sian says:

    Rachel should…. Um…. PEZBERRY!!!

  41. chris himmelman says:

    Rachel wins tony for funny girl

  42. chris himmelman says:

    kurt and blaine get married

  43. mary henning says:

    How about a renewed romance with an older and wiser Jesse St. James? He could even start toward the end of Season 5 as a friend supporting Rachel with an evolution into romance in Season 6.

  44. chris himmelman says:

    mercedes becomes a big success in the recording industrie

  45. chris himmelman says:

    sam and mercedes get back together and make a hit recording

  46. chris himmelman says:

    blaine and kurt marry, blaine moves to ny and both become broadway stars

  47. chris himmelman says:

    he and emma move to ny he becomes a successful broadway director

  48. chris himmelman says:

    artie becomes a successful movie director

  49. skyfiredancer says:

    No scenarios for Quinn, Puckerman, Mike Chang, Brittany, Becky, Coach Bieste, or Rory – in fact, I’m not sure I remember an episode where we got to “know” Rory. Yes I know he was from the Glee Project, but he was there for an entire season and looks to be there for this season – it would be nice to know more of his back story.

    But the other characters I mentioned – they all were a BIG part of the story line and weren’t given scenario choices?? I, for one, would like to know if Mike makes it big – maybe hooks up with tWitch in Hollywood. How Quinn did at Yale, what she majored in. How did Brittany handle MIT – well I think y’all get the general gist of what I’m saying.

  50. Sad Gleek says:

    I think Rachel should struggle a little doing off Broadway shows and little theater gigs she can get to pay the bills while trying to get her big break. And at some point before the series ends start dating again. It doesnt have to be anything serious. Just a couple random dates here or there with different people would be fine. But something to show that she isnt going to be tied down by Finn’s ghost the rest of her life when Finn would obviously want her to find happiness again.

    I think Kurt and Blaine should break up and actually date other people on screen, Adam doesnt count, and see where that goes. Neither one has ever had any other real boyfriend other than each other and they need to see if maybe they arent just settling. If in the end they both still want to be together than they can do that, or maybe they will realize it was just a high school/first love thing and both move on and be happy.

    Santana needs to actually figure out what her dream is since the writers are all over the place with her. And they need to stop using her for really OOC things just because Naya is one of the stronger actresses on the show. It would also be nice if at some point she reconnects with Brittany since they were best friends and both supported each other and believed in each other just wanted each other to be happy. So it would be nice if they could be happy together.

    Sam needs to either disappear or be completely rewritten because the season 2 and 3 Sam that I fell in love with has been completely killed by the writers and the new Sam is dreadful. Sam used to be a goofy guy who did impressions and cared for people and had a hard life. Now he just comes off as a douchebag.

    Mercedes needs a happier ending than she got. If this was season 2/3 I would want a Samcedes reunion but current Sam needs to stay as far away from any woman as possible. Especially Mercedes. So instead it would be nice for Mercedes to go to New York and her and Santana can live together and she can record backing vocals for people and work on getting her own music released. Maybe do some busking for money with Santana on the weekends.

    Artie and Tina should have reunited rather than all the weird stuff that has happened instead. Now Tina is impossible to like or care for, and Artie, who had his bad moments in the past for sure, is onto yet another girl who we all know he cant keep. I love Kevin’s voice and wish him and Naya could have sung together but really Artie should be written off at college studying film making or whatever and only appear in episodes where everyone is getting together for something. Otherwise his character serves no purpose and is mostly a prop. And Tina needs some sort of redemption plot before being written off too.

    Mike, Quinn and Puck all need to be shown getting their happy endings too. One thing that season 4 did that really pissed me off was take characters who when we last saw them in season 3 graduating had things all worked out, and then take it away from them. Quinn could have gone off to college and lived happy ever after instead of having an affair with a married man and a drunken experiment with her frienemy. And they didnt need to make Mike a prop to try to boost up the boring newbies, or turn him into a jerk with the Tina stuff. And Puck was finally getting out of Ohio and not going to be a Lima looser anymore and then they had him come back to do what? Sleep with an underaged girl? Prop up one of the many 2.0 characters that no one wanted? They could have left those 3 characters alone, along with Mercedes who had her future in LA too, and we could have all believed they got their happy endings instead of bringing them back to destroy them.

    Sue and Becky should both be turned into the police and locked up. That whole episode should have never happened to begin with but how they handled it is so terrible. And the after math of it. The spoiler people say Becky gets to go off to college. What Becky really needs is to be punished. Handicap or not she did something terrible and Sue is just enabling her. This plot line was one of just many where Glee tried to handle a serious topic, like school shootings or molestation or bulimia, and completely dropped the ball. Glee started really going downhill when they started airing all those PSA episodes. Quinn’s pregnancy was still lighthearted and had funny moments. Nothing in season 4 was funny at all.

    Will and Emma already got their happy ending so at this point all I hope for is that they dont make Will do anything too creepy with the students and they finally give him some real adult friends because he seems to be lacking them.

    Sugar and Joe deserve to at least get the Matt Rudford treatment and have the viewers told they went off to somewhere else to do something else. I really liked Sugar in the beginning of season 3 and her and Brittany would have made amazing friends in season 4 when all of Brittany’s other friends had graduated. They could have been hilarious together. Even Brittany thinking the world was ending could have been funny if they had shown her and Sugar using Sugars money to try to do all sorts of funny things from their bucket lists before the world ended. What they showed instead just made me dislike Brittany and Sam who they actually had to completely rewrite just to try to make that plot work. And not showing more genuine female friendships that never had any fighting or competition and didnt start off as enemies is just one of the many missed opportunities Glee has had.

    Glee having an end date is both a blessing and a curse because it means they cant continue to destroy the characters I love for too much longer but it also leaves less time for them to get their act together and give everyone the focus and happy endings they deserve.