Glee Sets Its End Date -- But What Do You Want for Its Characters' Endgames? Take Our Polls!

Mark your calendars, Gleeks: Fox’s high-school musical will graduate from the airwaves for good sometime around the spring of 2015 — at the end of Season 6, cocreator Ryan Murphy announced this week.

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Whether or not news of Glee‘s end date warms your heart or sends you into the fetal position, it’s hard not to wonder how exactly the show’s writers will conclude their tale of William McKinley High School’s underdog show choir (and its all-star alumnae). Heck, Murphy himself is apparently in full brainstorm mode, having told reporters at a Paley Center event honoring FX Networks that he has “a good idea” about “how after Cory [Monteith]’s unfortunate passing, we can end the show” in a way that’s “very satisfactory.”

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Anyhow, while the various Glee endgames are still up in the air, we figured we’d put the fates of 11 key characters up to a vote. So click through the following photos and take the polls that accompany each and every one of ’em. And if you don’t like any of our proposed fates for a particular character, head directly to the comments and propose an idea of your own!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emma says:

    RE: Kurt – I still want to see Kurt go after a career in fashion, be it as a fashion journalist for Vogue or a fashion designer to the stage, silver screen, and stars!

    • Natalie says:

      Why can’t he BE the star rather than design for them? Since season 1 he’s talked about being a star. Would be a let down if they don’t carry that out. Especially after seasons 3/4 and everything he went through to get to NYC/NYADA.

      I want to see Rachel and Kurt make it big. Everything else is secondary for me.

  2. I hope TV Line realizes how bullsh*tty they’re behaving towards Joe. I know that he hasn’t gotten a lot ever since he’s been on the show, but there was no need for that petty crap they put in his poll. Why can’t you act more civilized and reasonable next time?

    And for all of the people in the fandom who literally chose the bullsh*tty answer choices, you need to realize that you’re being rude to him in a way as well. I know Glee lost its message about practically everything since S1 and such, but we’re supposed to respect one another when one falls and such. The fact that you’re being petty and ignorant towards Joe, but respect almost every other character on the show, shows how irrational you are. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

    If it were up to me, Joe would be working as an actor for dramatic/romantic films. But prior to that, though, he would’ve been a Christian rock artist. Had Wildebrams not been canon, and Joe hadn’t been neglected so much, and Joe could be in a relationship with Kitty right now. I’m just gonna say that Joe’s relationship will be with a cute blonde or brunette girl, and they get married and have a son named Michael.

  3. Lucy says:

    How about Blaine getting into Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and he and Kurt try once again to carry out a long distance relationship, but Blaine cheats again so they break up. Kurt runs into Sebastian who is now a law student in New York and he and Kurt fall in love and live happily ever after. The end.

    • Georgie says:

      Sebastian is a douchebag who tried to blind Kurt. Oh, and Blaine protected Kurt from it. Looks like you really have Kurt’s best interests at heart. Klaine is endgame <3

      • Lucy says:

        Blaine is a douchebag who tried to force Kurt to have sex with him after he danced with Sebastian all night, cheated on Kurt and is in love with his straight best friend. At lease Sebastian seems to have had some character growth and besides Chris and Grant have way more chemistry than Chris and Darren do so it least it would be more interesting to watch than Klaine. I used to believe them, but now I think they can barely stand to be in the same scene together. Darren clearly prefers Chord as an acting partner and it’s too bad Ollie K. Jones is gone because I think Chris really enjoyed working with him. So let’s have Blam and Kurtbastian. At least I can fast forward through the Blam scenes.

        • D says:

          Blaine is the person who Kurt loves and who makes Kurt feel comfortable, safe and loved. Do you actually care about Kurt wants or is punishing Blaine more important?

          • Lucy says:

            You do know that Kurt’s not real don’t you? Klaine is boring. It’s time to give Chris Colfer a decent storyline and being 1/2 of Klaine is stifling for the character of Kurt.

  4. Georgie says:

    Kurt and Blaine are the best! I want to see their wedding and Rachel and Santana as the bridesmaids! And those four in NY should have their dreams come true – Rachel and Kurt on Broadway, Blaine on Broadway or a pop star, Santana an actress. Santana and Rachel should both have girlfriend/boyfriend in the end, because Santana deserves to be happy and Rachel should show that you can love again after heartbreak and losing your love. Everyone should visit Finn’s memorial tree in the end and tell him how their lives are because he’d be happy for them.

  5. Sweetest66 says:

    Blaine should become a succesful songwriter or maybe music teacher, Kurt should realize that fashion is his true passion and they should have an amazing super romantic wedding and live happily ever after with a bunch of adorable kids <3

  6. Bobfaberrry says:

    Rachel an successful actress in a lot of woody Allan movies. win a Tony before going to Hollywood. as for romance Quinn finally come to her sense and tell Rachel that she’s been in love with her for year and they get married. Quinn become an actress/producer.
    For Santana she’s find a nice girl (Dani) who become her muse as an actress.
    Kurt stay single after Blaine cheat on him again and become Vogue chief editor.

    • faberitana says:

      quinnquinnquinnquinnquinn. why doesn’t ryan murphy get his head out of his ass and give rachel what the fans want for her?

      • Clara says:

        LMAO. Rachel who is straight as a narrow will suddenly accept to marry Quinn because Quinn suddenly fell in love with her. Such a terrible lesbian fanfic. This is not what the majority of Rachel fans want for her and the general audience would never buy this sh*t.

  7. ex-gleek says:

    Wish I could choose a combination of options. I really need Klaine to split, but I also think Kurt’s ‘endgame’ should be about himself and his career, rather than any romance plot, least of all with Blaine, who is by far the least interesting thing about Kurt Hummel.

    Same goes for a number of characters, actually.

    • Mark says:

      “I really need Klaine to split, but I also think Kurt’s ‘endgame’ should be about himself and his career, rather than any romance plot, least of all with Blaine, who is by far the least interesting thing about Kurt Hummel.” – @ex-gleek

      I agree 100%

  8. Jessica says:

    I want Funny Girl to flop, just because it’s completely unrealistic that she would’ve gotten the part in the first place. I want Rachel to finish up at NYADA,maybe understudy for a couple of roles, and then get her big break. I want her to actually have to work for it. I think that she should eventually find new love but not by the end of the series. I think that it would be disrespectful to Lea to have Rachel move on too quickly.

    I want Kurt to go into fashion instead of broadway. He can work his way up the ladder at one of the major labels, like Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs, before starting his own label. I want him to find love with someone who is not Blaine.

    I want Mercedes to have lots of success as an R/B artist with a few crossover Pop hits. I want her to settle down with someone who is not Sam.

    I want Santana to have some success in commercials and eventually buy the diner. I want her and Dani to be endgame. I could never get on board with Brittana, it was the worst portrayal of a lesbian couple I’ve ever seen. Idk what it was about Brittany but she brought out the worst in Santana. I didn’t start liking Santana until they had broken up and I like her even more with Dani.

    I want Artie and Tina to get back together. I want them to lead ND to a nationals victory. I want them to move to New York and for him to become a successful director. I want Tina to have moderate success as an actress and eventually write a tell-all about all of the famous former glee club members.

    idaf about anyone else.

    • Courtney says:

      Rachel is a fictional character. Her falling in love is not disrespectful to Lea. If anything has been done on this show that’s disrespectful to Lea, it’s all the fuss over her nose. Also that godawful episode last season where they made it seem like there was something wrong with her doing a topless scene when Lea happily went up on stage every night and did a topless love scene in a show that she adores.

    • Ray says:

      If you didn’t start liking Santana until season 4…I’m sorry for your lack of taste. No @ the rest of your post as well.

    • Taylor says:

      The writers messed up with Brittany. It was good in season 2 when they weren’t dating yet. They have a big fan base and there’s a reason for that. And Brittany was awesome at that time, then they messed up with her. Especially after Bram. Brittany didn’t break the “worst” in Santana. You said that because you don’t like her. As a Santana stan, she’s still the same to me.

  9. Jennifer says:

    For Rachel: Funny Girl doesn’t go well but she gets an audition for a new musical coming to Broadway- Spring Awakening.

  10. Baboon says:

    The most perfect endgame for Blaine? He goes missing…

  11. You DO know that someone can have a relationship AND a career, right? It happens every day.

    This is the stupidest poll I have ever seen. Congrats.

  12. Vanessa says:

    I would vote for a reunification of Samcedes only if Sam isn’t a written like he is written now which is god awful. I want Sam and Mercedes to find individual success and reunite. Messed up you can’t choose more then one because career success is my endgame for Mercedes regardless and Sam graduating and getting success and doing for his family his. But with each other side by side would be nice too. Success and romance….

  13. Bri says:

    Kurt and Blaine’s wedding and Kurt and Blaine succeeding in their dreams, that’s what I want to see.

  14. Tess says:

    I love Blaine, he’s my favorite character, so I want to see him successful and happy. Kurt makes Blaine happy so I want to see them get married, and I want to see Blaine become a big Broadway star.

    • MS says:

      And what about Kurt? You just want him to marry Blaine because he makes Blaine happy? Maybe Kurt wants to do something else with his life besides constantly being responsible for Blaine’s happiness.

  15. Em says:

    They said there were two major arcs left for the show and the first episode showed us they were Klaine’s wedding and Rachel’s starring on Broadway, so I guess I want to see those happen. But I don’t want Kurt and Blaine to have drama any more, they can deal with other problems like paying the bills when they live together in New York and Blaine’s parents. I think Rachel should struggle with Funny Girl like maybe the show has funding problems and it’s delayed or whatever, but in the end she makes it big. I just want to see the other characters succeeding too even if it won’t get the same kind of focus. I love Kurt and Blaine most so I want to see them being happy together and becoming big stars.

    • Peter says:

      You’re naive if you think the Klaine wedding is considered a major arc to the writers. The two major arcs are Rachel’s narrative and getting the new Lima class to graduation. Klaine wedding will be brought back up at the end of season 6, but an arc? Laughable.

      • Chrissa says:

        Well, considering that Ryan Murphy seems to want to do a marriage equality storyline I would call the Klaine engagement/wedding an arc. No, it won’t be the main focus of the next two seasons, but it will be continous thing. I doN’t t doubt that Kurt and Blaine will face more drama before a wedding happens, but happen it will, and it will be part of their storyline until then.

  16. GTS says:

    Who is saying Kurt will be a supporting actor? He’ll to the no!

  17. Chandra says:

    Unpopular opinion, but I hope Kurt and Blaine don’t get married. I could careless what happens to Blaine. He could become the first gay president and I wouldn’t care as long as he doesn’t marry Kurt. Kurt needs to be with someone who appreciates him. And Blaine just isn’t that person anymore. If this was season 2, I would’ve said Klaine all the way because I was a huge Klaine fan, but its not season 2 and Blaine has done one to many things for me to like him anymore. Glee has ruined the Blaine character for me and if Blaine and Kurt marry or stick with the engagement, I will probably stop watching.

  18. GTS says:

    Who is Joe? Is he new? When will the first episode he will be on air?

  19. Peter says:

    Laughing at the shippers on tumblr rallying to vote in this poll. So desperate.

    • Andrea says:

      A clear case of the pot calling the kettle black since the Klaine haters are doing the same thing only they’re asking people to vote for the break-up option. Guess they’re desperate too then.

  20. Arianne says:

    Anderson for President!!!

  21. cathwaitress says:

    I’ve always had this huge headcanon for Santana as a lawyer fighting sex offenders and such *u*. but hey, wonder woman movie? sign me up!

  22. Dantanaftw!!! says:

    DANTANA And Success for both of them….

  23. Kia says:

    I’d honestly just like to see the writers do a better job. The missing storylines, the plot holes, it’s basically just a mess. Does no one keep track of what happens in past seasons, and try and build on the characters rather than seeing them revert or just be so completely out of character? I’ve been wondering about this for a long while now. Anyone else? I don’t blame the characters, I don’t blame the actors, I blame the writers, because aside from Ian and Brad and Ryan, they do have other writers who write episodes. I love this show so much, but the writing is so inconsistent! Blows my mind! When your a writer, and your job is to tell a story, that’s the most important thing! The story! Right now Glee just seems like a sketch show…No shade, just my personal opinion.

  24. Seriously people think the best thing for Kurt is Klaine? But Glee is about dreams or relationships?

  25. jazzcolfer says:

    I want Kurt to succeed either on Broadway or in the Fashion industry. Klaine is endgame but that doesn’t mean it is a good relationship. Some see them as this fairytale, when others only see a beautiful boy stuck with someone who cheated on him and blamed him for it at first.
    People complain about the lack of Kurt’s agency because, last year Kurt wanted to be with Adam who wasn’t a rebound, season 5 starts, Adam has disappeared and “people” liked the idea of them together not Kurt. Last season klaine were just friends, this year they get back together after “magically” solving their differences and are engaged two days after. Kurt spoke strongly against finchel engagement, now he is the one getting engaged when his boyfriend hasn’t graduate yet.
    What changed Kurt’s mind, what made him realize he wants to be with blaine despite the cheating? Why couldn’t we have that? it’s a process, why couldn’t we have a glimpse of this? This is why some of us think that the show changed Kurt in order to please blaine’s stan with this engagement.
    I don’t want Kurt to turn into a character that age backward, cry over his “soulmate” one episode and sings a heartfelt ballad for some crush the next. I don’t want Kurt to lose anymore coherence by changing his mind, his carrer or whatever out of the blue like some other character. Also I see Kurt first boyfriend as a draft for the wonderful boyfriend he’ll have next and who could be his fiance and then husband in due time. I know, klaine is endgame, but at least we can express how we feel , that’s what comments are for. Not everyone has to agree, some like klaine, others don’t, I hate it.

  26. Gilda says:

    I think Will should realize he’s ready to pursue his own Broadway dreams and , with the Glee clubs’ blessing, start a family in New York with Emma, occasionally co-starring with Kurt and Rachel, of course, while Sue takes over the Glee club.

  27. Sarah says:

    Will and Emma should have a little boy named Finn. That would be so sweet!
    I think Rachel or Sam should take over the Glee club after pursuing their own dreams. I don’t know if Kurt and Blaine should end up together, but I hope both pursue their respective careers. Tina needs to leave Lima and explore her dreams outside of Ohio. *sigh* Poor Joe…….
    I hope Mercedes is doing something fabulous….LOL I almost see her as a “pageant mom”, helping her own kids be FIERCE, like mini Beyoncés.

  28. Mark says:

    WOW, Kurts choices are rather crap!!!! Come on TV Line. You give great suggestions for Blaine, but Kurt’s are all about settling for mediocrity career wise, or marrying the abusive ass, Blaine. Kurt Is NOT Just about being in a relationship. His potential for his star to shine as bright as Rachel’s is there. Give him some respect and stop reducing him to being the ‘support’!!!!!

    Kurt should get rid of Blaine as fast as he possibly can and NEVER take him back and then focus on his dreams independently. He has the talent to succeed at anything he puts his mind to. He does NOT need to be in a relationship that stifles and suffocates him as he is when he is with Blaine. He does not need to get into any other relationships as yet. He needs to be able to be free to be exactly who he is with all his glorious differences.

    Kurt IS the Greatest Star!!!!!! Let him shine and stop reducing him!!!!!!!!

  29. FreeKurt says:

    I would actually choose two of the poll options for Kurt, sort of: Kurt having a successful career, whether it be Broadway, as some theatrical popstar like Adam Lambert or Lady Gaga, in fashion, or all of the above, AND him breaking up with Blaine (non-amicably preferred as there’s a lot of issues with his relationship with Blaine that Kurt needs to finally stop being a doormat over, so an epic smackdown break-up would be lovely!)

    As for the new romance for Kurt, don’t need a doctor, Adam Crawford was looking very very nice as potential, so him (want Oliver back on Glee very much regardless of Adam’s love-interest status though). But if someone else new, someone who can actually appreciate and see Kurt for who he is and is supportive of Kurt shining as brilliantly as the star he is and vice-versa (and doesn’t overshadow, stifle, or minimize Kurt like Blaine has nearly since they met.)

  30. gabs says:

    bring brittana back

  31. For Sam — how about getting back together with Mercedes and they become a popular pop duo?

  32. Molly Annice says:

    I want to see Blaine end up the glee version of Dr. Nick from Simpsons with a complete break up from Kurt because Kurt deserves waaaaay better than that clown. Also Kurt to go on and have a great success in everything he pursues and with a nice piece of arm candy

  33. Lisa says:

    I want Kurt but not as supporting but as lead, that’s my only complain with that option. And totally no to being househusband to Blarren.

  34. Paige says:

    As many others have suggested, it would be nice of the characters could find both love and career success. Funny, though, that one of your choices for Kurt involves breaking up with Blaine and dating a doctor, considering that rumor has it that Blaine may pursue medicine instead of performing. Anyway. I would love for Kurt and Blaine to excel in their chosen fields and I hope that Season 6 ends with their dream wedding.

  35. Julia says:

    Fashion for Kurt, performing for Blaine, and a wedding to top things off.

    • Beth says:

      Totally agree with all of this. Klaine should get married in the end of season 6 but they should live together before that, I hope Blaine moves in soon, maybe after the winter hiatus.

  36. Milo says:

    I want brittana endgame or if hemo can’t come back a new gf for her in season 6 since Demis done after 6 ep arc in season 5 plus she’s to good for this show. Plus if don’t like dani she is to cocky and Santana’s sudden biphobia is annoying.

    • demi > hemo forever says:

      And yet you had no problem with Brittany’s lesbophobia last season. Good riddance to that character and mediocre excuse for an “actress”; couldn’t stand listening to her sing all the time either.

      • Taylor says:

        “demi > hemo forever”? Really? LOL. How old are you? 10 years old? Stupid child. Blame the writers for the angry lesbian bloggers comment. Heather is not an actress and singer, of course she’s not good at acting and singing. She’s a dancer.

  37. E says:

    I want to see Sam with Mercedes. #Samcedes

  38. SW says:

    I hope Blaine decides to go on a hiking trip to Siberia and gets lost…never to be seen again.

  39. jenellewensley says:

    This is what should happen! I agree the new kids suck! New York is def the show.brit should show up and try to fight for Santana. And it should be an epic love battle.In the end dani wins her heart.Dani is really the only reason I watch!!! Brit had her shot! Blain and Kurt get married. Kurt does fashion, blain some kind of music. Rachael career is in the middle of taking off and she finally moves on about Finn. Something to that extent

  40. please says:

    Become a recluse and never heard from again.

  41. bored says:

    Thank yo for not wasting time on the noobs. We don’t even need to follow them to Junior year.

  42. Peter says:

    I want Kurt and Blaine to get married and to do really well in their careers and achieve their dreams. That’s all!

  43. he is a idiot says:

    What I get from this is people don’t want Blaine in NY so they picked him going to Boston to do whatever.

  44. ct says:

    as long as Kurt doesn’t marry Blaine.

  45. ct says:

    Blaine would make the worst president ever. He would just whine and pout and blame everyone else for his mistakes.

  46. f says:

    if/when Kurt and Blaine split (again) it should not be amicable. Blaine is a cheating asshole and Kurt deserves better. I just want Kurt to graduate from NYADA and have a successful career on Broadway or in fashion or whatever he wants but I don’t really see him having another relationship on the show, maybe the possibility/hint of one right before it ends but I really want to see Kurt (and Rachel) succeeding in New York and figuring out who they are without being tied down to anyone. I wish Adam could come back because he seemed like he would be really good for Kurt, even just as a friend, but that’s unlikely. Honestly, if the last episode is a klaine wedding, I won’t be watching.

    • Chrissa says:

      Blaine made a mistake, was genuinely sorry, and was lucky enough to get a second chance. The cheating was a horrible thing to do, but it doesn’t make him evil.

      • f says:

        No one said Blaine was evil. Mistakes are forgivable, but Blaine has given very little indication that he is truly sorry. And cheating on your boyfriend because they won’t answer your calls at work and aren’t giving you enough attention can hardly be called a “mistake”. He continually places the blame for his cheating on Kurt and wouldn’t even discuss it with Kurt in the courtyard scene in 5×01, he just brushed it off again. Kurt forgiving Blaine was 5000 times more than Blaine deserves.

  47. faberitana says:

    QUINN!!!!! that’s all–Quinn for Rachel or Quinn for Santana, only the return of Quinn will satisfy either fandom. I’d settle for one or the other, but Faberry shippers deserve their due after promoting the hell out of elements of this show for years only to get told to hit the road.

  48. P!nkWilow says:

    Santana should become a famous actress or singer and get married with Dani

  49. P!nkWilow says:

    Santana should get a role in like Law & Order: SVU, she could be like a badass cop and she should get married with Dani who will be a famous singer (and Quinn an Rachel should end up together)

  50. Chrissa says:

    I don’t like the choices on this poll. I want Kurt to be famous and successful and also to have a happy relationship with Blaine. Not surprised at these choices here being so anti-Klaine though since this is TV Line a.k.a. Klaine Hater Central (and the one big media outlet that does not – and never has – liked Blaine/Klaine).

    So yeah, for Kurt I want professional success and personal happiness (with Blaine!), and for Rachel I want the same. She should be a broadway star and also find someone new to show her she can love again even after the loss of Finn.