New Spoiler Alert! Explores Walking Dead's 'Red Shirt' Problem, Dissects Divisive Homeland, Previews Bones Nuptials and Beastly Fallout

blog_spoiler_10.18.13This week’s Spoiler Alert! is all about answering burning questions.

For starters, who will perish next on The Walking Dead? Matt Mitovich and I pretty much have that figured out (hint: no one you really care about). Was Homeland‘s wholly divisive, Brody-centric installment the best — or worst — episode in the show’s history? And, if it’s the latter, will the Emmy-winning thriller bounce back this Sunday? Yep, we solved both of those mysteries, too.

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And before the credits roll on this week’s installment, Beauty and the Beast‘s Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan reply to our query about the fallout from Vincent’s memory-deprived freak-out, and Mitovich and I make a bold declaration about this Monday’s Bones wedding that will answer the question, “Is it any good?”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brandon Rowe says:

    The last episode of Homeland was absolutely awful. Someone please save this show and bring it back to its season 1 glory.

    • Lori says:

      I agree. I binge watched the first 2 seasons over a 2 week period because of all the hype and loved them. Started season 3 on time and have been wondering why did I waste my time?????

      • zacqua10 says:

        I’m on the same page as you. Is it just because we watched the episodes as we wanted and now we have to wait a week between each episode or is it just sooooo boring now?

        • Lori says:

          Honestly I think they are just boring. No family life anymore with Brody which I did enjoy. I loved the spy aspect of the show. Can’t stand watching Carrie drool on herself and act nuts and didn’t like Brody’s comeback this season. Get him to America, get them together and make me want to watch again. Feel like I wasted 2 weeks binge-watching!!!

  2. L says:

    Can you include the transcription with these videos? Those of us at work can’t watch!

  3. Josh says:

    I’m glad the Bones wedding is a success! So happy about that. I felt the proposal was a bit weak but the wedding is really all that matters. And I also LOVE Brennan turning around and making sure people know she is no one’s property. So classic Brennan.

  4. Jen says:

    Hostages is GREAT. Why are people not watching???????

  5. Joel says:

    Love this segment. Hopefully you can bring back Beth Behrs and Retta soon too they are amazing.

  6. Jared says:

    Thank you TVLine for the BATB scoop! So far this this season has been so action packed that I can’t wait to see how Vincent and Cat make there way back to eachother.

  7. Rita says:

    As if I wasn’t hyped enough for the Bones wedding…

  8. Samson says:

    Thanks Matt for the Beauty and the Beast scoop and interview. Saw the BATB panel at New York Comic Con. You did a great job moderating the show panel. Great insights learned about Cat’s biodad storyline and VinCat destiny. Was the bleeped out words from KK and Jay a further future spoiler or a swear word?! loL! So excited for Monday’s new BATB episode! Dancing w/their chemistry gosh so sexy!

  9. 206episodesofBones says:

    I am sure Brennan’s vows will wreck most of us as I’m betting the note she wrote in the Gravedigger episode plays a part in them. *sigh*

    • Anon says:

      And I am sure that BOOTH’s wedding vows will be beautiful and moving too….I am actually looking forward to that and David knocking it out of park the most.

      • Ali says:

        wait, what, you think anyone even remembers its HIS wedding too? They better not make Booth just her babydaddy/husby now & Sweets the new FBI lead or after 9 years, I am done, stick a fork in me.

        • 206episodesofBones says:

          I was just commenting on what was said in the video but way to suck all the joy out of it. Sheesh!!!! It really is true that no matter what the writers do people get off on complaining – and I’m a Booth fan :(

  10. Babybop says:

    So excited for the Bones wedding!!

  11. Tran 2.0 says:

    The ending where Michael and Matt talk about CBS’ Monday night problem was fantastic. Hostages could be in danger of getting canceled after their 15 episode run is over as well as Mom and what about Intelligence with Josh Holloway which won’t premiere in mid-season 2014? CBS should think about it.

  12. Ian says:

    Liked the TWD chat, but seriously disappointed there was no Mulan/Aurora OUAT discussion. What do Michale and Matt make of there being a same-sex attraction and potential romance on that show? It feels like a big deal.

  13. daisy says:

    This question is for tvline mainly but anyone can answer if they know. So on the Bones wedding episode will it show the reception?
    Please answer my question soon. If you do answer, THANK YOU!

  14. Mary Ann says:

    What was with the disconcerting laugh track on The Walking Dead clips?

  15. veniascott says:

    I loved last sunday episode of HOMELAND I am glad Brody is back and I am glad it was nothing but brody and carrie this time. I think it was a big mistake to keep brody out of a lot of episodes this season. I come to find out with homeland you either like it or you don’t. Complain complain that is all I hear about the great drama. Last season I thought was great. I was so glad last week there was no Dana, I am sick of that girl . This show is not called the Dana show! you want to know what the worst episode are of HOMELAND anything with Dana in it! Damine Lewis is a great actor and I hate that there is less of him this season.

  16. Bill says:

    Homeland’s Brody/Carrie episode was one of the best in the series so far. Tired of hearing all the bitching and complaining about this show. Season One is over and they’ve moved on. I wouldn’t want to watch the Abu Nazir/Brody storyline week after week over several seasons. Also, Dana’s storyline is a welcome respite from the spy games. This show is called Homeland for several reasons. One reason is that deals with the home lives of many of its characters (Carrie, Brody, Saul, etc.).

    • DanielleZ says:

      I agree with you about last Sunday’s episode as well as Dana’s storyline. Like you, I don’t have a problem with Brody’s family.

      • xandra says:

        Homeland is my favorite show, but I understand people’s frustrations with it. Some people want a slow, Mad Men-esque methodical character study of two torn people caught up on conflicting sides in the war on terror. Other people are more drawn to 24-style slam bang action and pulsating plot twists. I think the third season will eventually start to even out, they just needed to show Carrie and Brody as being “punished” and tear them down before building them back up. Pure speculation, but I don’t think Brody will return for season 4.

    • Wyngate says:

      Thanks Bill for your positive comments. This is still the best show on TV, and it gets better each season. The producers of Homeland know what they are doing. This is not 24. This is real, and what happens is very plausible. The acting is emotional and convincing. Many thanks to those who don’t succumb to the negativity because the plot doesn’t follow their protocols.
      And Brody and Carrie and Saul will be a part of this series as long as it is on..

  17. Mel wallace says: