Vampire Diaries Recap: Time After Time

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapForget everything you know about The Vampire Diaries — literally.

On Thursday night’s episode, Stefan came back from his underwater tomb and lost one crucial thing: His memories.

Meanwhile, our hunch that Elena and Stefan are connected because they’re both doppelgangers proved to be on the money. This news was revealed via a witchy new face in Mystic Falls.

Elsewhere in the hour, Matt’s mysterious storyline with Nadia continued to get even crazier. Read on as we dissect the biggest shocks in “Original Sin.”

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THE JILTED EX | Brace yourselves for an insane mythology dump: Stefan is saved by a mysterious stranger, who is actually Silas’ vengeful ex, the witch Qetsiyah (played by True Blood‘s Janina Gavankar). She tells him the tale of how 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece, she and Silas were part of a group of travelers and planned to become immortal so their love would never end. But on the night of their wedding, he drank the cure without her and gave the other cup to his real true love, who was Qetsiyah’s handmaiden and looked just like Elena/Katherine!

So the witch went a little crazy, to put it mildly, and forced her handmaiden to consume the immortality cure before killing her. Then came what we learned last season about Silas being stuck in the tomb with the cure. Qetsiyah hoped he would take it and be tricked into spending eternity on the other side with her, but the stubborn bastard never did. Now, she’s back – thanks for lowering the veil, Bonnie! – to get her revenge on Silas since her hunters have failed to kill him. (She’s totally talking about travelers Nadia and Gregor, right?)

Part of her plan involves linking Stefan to Silas so she can weaken his mental powers. It works, saving Nadia and a captured Katherine in the process, but takes a lot out of Stefan, who loses consciousness. When he finally wakes up back in Mystic Falls to Elena and Damon’s warm welcomes, he has no idea who they are.

CURE ME | While Qetsiyah holds Stefan hostage, Elena, Katherine and Damon are on the world’s most awkwardly awesome road trip in search of him. The witch planted the same dream in both doppelganger gals’ brains so that Katherine would come with them. Turns out the cure is not gone just because Katherine took it. It’s her blood that will turn immortals human now.

DESTINY VERSUS FREE WILL | Qetsiyah also dropped another big bombshell on Damon: Century after century, versions of Elena and Stefan have been finding each other. “Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgangers together forever,” she says. “The universe is working against you. You and I are the same, Damon – the obstacle standing between two fates.” While it looks like he may be buying into her spiel when Elena runs to Stefan’s side as Damon lies injured on the floor, he refuses to let the witch dictate how he lives his life. “I’m not going to let someone else’s version of destiny stop me from loving you or being with you or building a future with you because you are my life,” he confesses to Elena, who plants a happy kiss on him

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHER | Nadia may have killed her love, Gregor, but he’s safely hiding out in Matt’s body, unbeknownst to the busboy. Gregor is not too happy about the situation when she brings him to the forefront, but her promise to find a way to make the possession permanent seems to appease him.

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  1. Luli says:

    And the blind item has finally been revealed….

    • EJ386 says:

      The one about memoryloss… yeah, but I figured that one was supposed to be about The Beauty and The Beast. Vincent isn’t able to remember either. Must be going around at CW.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing about the CW. When Stefan said that at the end my first thought was that he and Vincent must have drank from the same water bottle :-)

  2. M3rc Nate says:

    OK THAT was a GREAT episode! Wow. Color me impressed. Janina first off, is fantastic as usual. But wow the twists and turns…they didnt feel like wanting to pump life into the series or some other writers tactic…they felt organic, they felt real.

    Okay so what impressed me most is how they tied all the Silas/Katsea/Doppelganger/Elena-Stefan love together. Its so good and makes so much sense it HAS to have always been the plan. I love when mythology (especially mythology that was great and then got WAY to big) ties together in a pretty bow and makes total sense.

    I am curious how this will effect the “Elena and Stefan” shippers. I mean basically the show said they are destined for each other cause they are linked as Dopplegangers, and cause their lying crappy originals (Silas and main hand maiden) were in love. So it makes what Stefan and Elena had in the past IMO feel like it was forced…like it wasnt free will love, like she has with Damon.

    Again, the memory erasing doesnt feel like a writers tactic…it makes sense, she needed to link Silas and Stefan, remove his psychic abilities and in doing so blow the fuse that is Stefans memories.

    I think they should play out the no memories thing for a while (till the end of the season maybe?)…him obviously like her and want her and all that, and if he doesnt remember Damon as his brother than he wont respect their relationship boundry and will make moves on her. But i hope they dont play that out too much. I hope him wanting Elena after a while solidifies Damon and Elena together as a couple, and once Stefan gets his memory back he gets over Elena for good (maybe killing Silas and Katsea also helps that) and in the next season they introduce a new female character that the fans love that Stefan falls in love with.

    • Misilin says:

      Basically what you actually want is for Damon and Elena to be together for the whole season, isn’t that selfish of you?

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol as opposed to her swapping brothers again? (something she said for a long time was DISGUSTING and REPULSIVE to her and why she hated Katherine?) I would like for her to be an adult and consistent and after banging every guy in the town, stick with a guy. Because its not like shes gonna make a DECISION to be with Stefan..if she got with him it would be a heated moment hook up that breaks Damon’s heart. Both cause thats how a CW show/Vampire show has to write it, and cause it fits the characters.

        Also isnt it selfish of you to want them to breakup (assuming thats what you want). And no actually up until this point i didnt like Damon and Elena together really at all. Since Ep 1 i liked the Stefan and Elena chemistry and story more…and he seems a better fit for her, hes sweeter and more positive.

        Lol so yes, kill me for wanting a GF to be loyal to her BF who she says she loves and wants to be with and chose him over HIS BROTHER once before. I would like her not to pulverize another Salvatores heart and cheat more. Id like to think she isnt one “Stefan needs help and hes so in love with me and so hot” away from banging her BF’s brother.

        • Kevin says:

          Actually, only a doppleganger that looks like stefan and a doppleganger that looks like elena will be together, so it could be stefan elena, stefan katherine,!

          • M3rc Nate says:

            lol i think Nina makes out with the most cast of a show than any other show. True but Catherine seems faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from redeemable.

          • D907 says:

            Stefan and Katherine were not true loves. He walked away from Katherine when he thought she died. Damon was the one who searched for Katherine for 160 years. when Stefan first saw Elena, he watched her for a summer to make sure she wasn’t Katherine. He fell in love with Elena for her and not because she looked like Katherine. He loved her because she was the opposite of Katherine.

        • Misilin says:

          That girl doesn’t know what she want and she will never be faithful to her so called Damon. Come to think of it, they actually deserve each other.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Exactly what im hoping they get rid of…i understand the show is mainly a romance novel and teen drama and love triangle…but they are reaching the edge of the cliff…if they push it too far or keep this triangle going much longer..i see them plunging to a rocky death. (Not like the show will get horrible ratings but … idk, i imagine TV like recaps/reviews saying “Wow this is played out and getting stale”.)

            I think its time (if damon is the ONE for Elena) to solidify them together and bring in a female character for Stefan to fall for. I mean, this show is really good at bringing in characters that we the fans become huge fans of and root for. The originals (especially the blonde sister), Lauren Cohan, Dawn Olivieri, Janina right now, and a bunch more. In fact i would argue we as fans would have MUCH preferred one or two of those female characters stay and replace the two place-holder lame boring flat male characters of Matt and Tyler. I mean the Originals were so great they made a successful spin off! Lauren Cohan is a fantastic actress on TWD, Janina is fantastic in everything, etc. They arent bringing in Pi’s (Castle character) or other characters that we are like “wow…really? kill them off!” they are bringing in characters/actors/actresses we are like “NO THEY ARE MY NEW FAV!”

            So bring in a great actress, create a awesome, deep, fully fleshed out female character (human, witch, vampire, werewolf) and have Stefan and her fall for each other…but she has some past or a ex or w/e…some awesome backstory that makes their love story meaty. Let Stefan move on and Elena have Damon.

        • Kristen says:

          I don’t think it’s entirely fair (if that’s even the word to use here) to say that Elena isn’t ever going to make a decision to be with Stefan. She’s a freshman in college for crying out loud. While most, if not all, shows tend to skew the realistic behavior of teens, I’d like to hope that it doesn’t completely escape the writers that very few teens can make a decision regarding love, and it actually stick for eternity. Granted, Elena is a vampire, so that could change things, but I wouldn’t rule Stefan and Elena out. You have many sides to this argument, and there will always be those that ship one side or another. I, personally, like different aspects of both relationships. I like what Elena brings out of Damon, yet we’ve seen similar sides to him when he loved Katherine. Same goes for Stefan. While I like the changes Damon made in himself, he made them all for Elena, not for himself. That’s a horrible foundation for a person to base their personal growth on. Never change for someone else, do it for yourself, b/c you want to be the best version of yourself. At the same time, I really don’t want to see a pining Stefan. I was really enjoying the idea of Stefan – Caroline. I know, she’s Elena’s friend, but it’s a TV show. It’s far from realistic. Anywho, while I can’t really say that I wouldn’t be happy to see Elena end up with Stefan, I can agree that I’d like to see Elena stick with someone. I also don’t want the writers to negate anything Elena had with either brother due to a doppelganger fate, or sire bond, or whatever other mythological line they come up with.

    • Melinda says:

      Damon and Elena was not free will love. Julie admitted that she created the sire bond so that Elena could fall in love with Damon because she could never see her choosing Damon over Stefan. Their love was forced at first. She also used it to get her in bed with Damon faster. She said this too. Yes she chose him in the end but that was because the sire bond helped her recognize her feelings for him. A sire bond is not the same as a cosmic connection that Stefan and Elena have. Their lives are meant to be forever and inexplicably intertwined. That doesn’t mean that their love is forced. Nobody forced Elena to love Stefan or the other way around. And I really don’t see this ending well for Damon. The way the writers write the show what’s probably going to happen is:

      Stefan doesn’t remember who he is and so Elena tries to get him to remember an in doing so realizes that her feelings for Stefan are still there and still strong and that comes to a head with her relationship with Damon who is incredibly jealous

      Stefan meanwhile develops feelings for Caroline (Paul said there would be something going on between them this season but he doesn’t know if she’ll feel the same) but gets his memories back and has to choose between Elena and Caroline

      Stefan in the end chooses Elena because they will always choose each other. I believe this was said in an earlier episode of TVD. I really don’t think Stefan will ever get over Elena for good and Damon will live happily ever after with her. Throughout the entire show they have kept making hints at the fact that Stefan and Elena will always be connected and will always be each other’s loves and I think this episode basically solidified that. In my opinion I think they should both find new girls because they’ve been stuck on Petrova doppelgängers for hundreds of years but that’s not gonna happen.

      I do want to know though Stefan first fell for Katherine and she fell for him but if he’s meant to be with Elena then who is Katherine meant to be with? Is Stefan Katherine’s great love or Elena’s? If he’s Katherine’s then who is actually Elena’s?

      • cas says:

        Why don’t you site your source where Julie said those words. Because I have read the articles and have never once read that. For the record maybe she couldn’t see her choosing Damon over Stefan because of the doppleganger fate thing.

      • D907 says:

        You are right. Elena and Stefan have stepped away from the other in the past. She stepped away when Vicky was turned/died. They found their way back. Stefan also stepped away when he realized that being with Elena put her in danger. He was going to leave. She went nuts and made sure she was always in his sight. She was the one that confessed how she felt about him. She stepped away when Katherine came into the picture and hurt Jenna. They made their way back to the other. They separated again when Klaus took Stefan. They found their way back again prior to Elena being turned and after briefly. They keep connecting again, and again.

        Elena has never seen Stefan interested in anyone but her other than the history regarding Katherine, there has been no one else. It will be interesting to see a little jealousy if Stefan does show interest in Caroline. Elena will flip.

    • Dmac says:

      Stefan won’t respect boundaries… What, like Damon respected the boundaries when his brother was with Elena. LOL. You shippers like me you twist and turn every plot line to “prove” Delena or Stelena. By the way destiny isn’t being forced into anything it means things work out the way they are supposed too.

    • J says:

      Why does everyone think that because the doppelgangers always wind up together means that Stefan and Elena are getting back together. Katherine is also a doppelganger.

    • It’s almost like Stefan will go through what Damon went through. Damon had to watch Elena & Stefan for 2 seasons in a love relationship aware of how he felt for Elena and now there’s a reversal in the roles. Now Stefan will fall in love with Elena again and watch the Love between her and Damon. The key is that Elena has matured and finally admitted how she truly feels for Damon and they have had an unbreakable bond so far. Elena is no longer in her weakend state of losing her parents, which is where Stefan came in to make her feel all would be okay. ***Interesting*

  3. Luli says:

    So the next episode will be like the pilot all over again? lol

  4. Chrissy says:

    This silas and qetsiyah story doesnt make any sense!!! When amara took the cure and got killed by qetsiyah, she should end up on the other side. so all this time, qetsiyah AND amara have been waiting for silas on the other side right? Why whouldnt he take the cure and be with his true love

    • Jam says:

      But the other side is for the supernatural and since Amara was technically human when she was killed, she wouldn’t be there. Right?

      • wgsecretary says:

        But, I don’t think this makes sense still. Silas took the immortality elixir that Quetsyia made too. So, both Amara and Silas made themselves immortal. Then, Quetsyia made the cure, forced Amara to take it, and killed her. So, yes, I guess she would have been human when she died. But, that’s what Quetsia wanted Silas to do too…take the cure and die. So, if Quetsyia wanted Silas to end up on the other side with her by dying in the same way Amara died…doesn’t it stand to reason that Amara should have been on the other side too???? Both Amara and Silas would have been mortal when they died. So, why would Silas have ended up there, but not Amara?

        • David says:

          Silas was a witch before he became immortal, you can only be one, witch or vampire. So if he took the cure, we could say he would revert back to being a witch and still be supernatural which Quetsyia knows and maybe Silas doesn’t get.

  5. S says:

    WTF can’t these writers just for at least ONE season leave the triangle out of the show? why couldn’t they just allow DE to be together and let Stefan move on even if for just ONE season. I am so sick of this triangle and I’m sick of everyone being against DE and SE is meant to be ish. Why not just do SE then? and let Damon move on? hmm UGH I love DE but this is just ridiculous.

    • Misilin says:

      Tell me why you think DE should be together because all they seem to do is sex. IMO the writer should just kill the girl off the show because is becoming annoying or better still stay away from Stefan.

    • D907 says:

      Elena and Damon have been together for three uninterrupted months. I don’t think Elena and Stefan have been together for three months without Damon trying to get in the middle. Elena and Stefan need time alone together without Damon popping up or danger showing up.

    • I agree! It’s always some type of Bond that interferes with DE and it’s intentional on JP’s part. She’s catering to both sides, DE/SE.

  6. arianeb says:

    So the biggest reveal is the one where Katherine’s blood is the cure. So any vampire (including Elena, Caroline, Stephan, or Damon) who drinks Katherine’s blood becomes human again? Somebody is going to get cured! Could it be everybody?

    • Jules says:

      Since the cure is now in a much less-concentrated dosage being in Katherine’s entire blood, I’m guessing that just drinking a little bit of her blood will probably not be enough to be cured. Maybe it only works if one drinks all of her blood. Just a guess.

      • Hmmmm says:

        That makes a lot of sense. Although one has to wonder if we really need another cure storyline after last season. Not to mention another human sacrifice storyline. I hope the story moves in a new direction, so it seems like less of the storylines are being recycled.

    • Hmmmm says:

      I respect that people have their ships, so this is not being posted to support one couple over another. However, if the cure was possible for everyone, I could almost see the show ending with Stefan and Elena choosing to take it and live their human lives out together while Damon rides into the sunset as an immortal. With this show, you never know. And this would seem like the easy way out, which is never good in television.

    • Misilin says:

      That bitch won’t let anyone get a drop of her blood. Didn’t you see how scared she was when Silas said she is the cure. Trust she’ll do what she does best run!

  7. Lori says:

    From the previews looks like Stefan is wooing Katherine which I kind of like, even though I prefer Elena with Stefan. I love Tessa she’s a bad a$&.

  8. Ash says:

    The only good parts of this episode were the flashback scenes. Other than that it was a great episode to clean my house with. I said it months ago, Julie Plec was having enough problems keeping this show from being a constant bore with the never ending love triangles and ridiculous cures and ghosts. Her taking on the originals as well has just screwed this show.

  9. Baileigh says:

    Well last night’s developments certainly make Klaus and Elijah out to be fools of the court so to speak. With Qetsiyah’s announcement that Elena’s doppelganger has been around for centuries essentially different versions existing in each lifetime are they trying to say then that two of the Original Vampires (are they still the Originials Vampires, because what exactly is Silas?) could not find one of them for hundreds of years before Katherine?
    So once again we have someone’s blood being the cure, I wonder who they will use as an example to prove this point to our characters? Katherine could use this to her advanatage. It would stand to reason that any vampire that would bite her would be turned mortal again. I wonder if Katherine would have more children would they inherit this immunity to vampires so to speak? Would their blood also carry the cure?

    • joy says:

      Silas is not a vampire…he is the first immortal being. He just needs blood to live. He doesn’t bite people or have fangs like vampires…that’s why he always uses a knife and puts the blood in a cup

    • Mikael says:

      I’m confused about how Silas fits in with the Originals. Was Quetsiyah the “first witch” who showed Esther how to create vampires? I can’t remember the story how the Originals were made. I think they wrote themselves into a hole there.

  10. alison says:

    So just how much of his memory is gone? Does he know what he is, how old he is, I am guessing not since he doesn’t remember Damon!

  11. cas says:

    I can’t believe how many of you are complaining about everything. I thought they did a great job tying everything together and answering questions. I was a little disappointed in the Stefan and Elena being fated to be together storyline, because now it makes it seem like they were only drawn together for that reason and not because they freely loved each other. It kind of cheapens their love IMO.

    • Francine says:

      I felt that way at first too but then I thought about Katherine. If the universe wanted the doppelgängers to be together, then why not Stefan and Katherine? Or is it that the universe may want them together but they never will because something always gets in the way? I’m thinking there is still something more to Stefan and Elena’s relationship. But who the heck knows.

      • Michelle says:

        Same question — Stefan and Katherine were from the same century, so it makes more sense that they’re the pair. How come it’s Stefan and Elena?

        (I hope the answer to that is that Stefan and Katherine ARE actually the destined pair and Elena’s yet to find her partner. #StefanandKatherineforever tbh.)

        • D907 says:

          Katherine wasn’t a nice person. She and Stefan were not fated to be together because she was with both brothers at the same time. It was a game to her. She did not treat Stefan like he was her “epic love.” They were not meant to be. Stefan never looked for her once he thought she died. He went and lived his life. Damon was the one who chased after Katherine. It is strange that Stefan did not react to Katherine the way he did with Elena. The relationship with Katherine was short lived. I don’t think it lasted over a few months, maybe even weeks.

          • Michelle says:

            I disagree. Katherine was GENUINELY in love with Stefan even when she was with both brothers — that’s proven in 2.04. Katherine’s different and not exactly “nice,” sure, and her main priority is self-preservation, but that doesn’t discount her love for Stefan. Even until now, there are hints of her still caring about Stefan — e.g. last night’s “I care about him.” There are many moments where Katherine’s love for him is shown. Stefan’s moved on, but he loved her once. I don’t think it’s far-fetched for them to somehow find their way back to each other.

        • Faster says:

          I thought Stefan and Katherine WEREN’T from the same century though. Katherine was human in the 1400s? Stefan in the 1800s.

  12. Pati says:

    I’m getting worried about TVD I’m not loving it as much as I used too, its so silly. I know it’s a vampire show with witches but the whole Ketsia and Silas story lines are so bad. And if I have to go through undecided Elena for another season I think I’m might just give up on this show. Next week she is going to be all over Stefan again when she keeps saying she loves Damon. Poor Damon he is always the bad guy no matter what. I think Paul Wesley is a a terrible actor and he definitely has better story lines. I wish they would give Ian more to do, switch it up instead of being obsessed with loving Elena, specially since Stephan and Elana are obviously going to be end game. I like her with Damon but the writers insist on ruining that. will stick with it for while longer.

  13. Tori says:

    I loved this episode, so much info finally revealed! I am usually not taken by surprise but they got me with Quetsyia/Tessa twist. I do have one question, I thought the Bennett witches were her direct descendants but the way Tessa spoke it felt like she had no connection to them. I do remember last season Silas telling Bonnie she was descended from Quetsyia. When I think about it how could Silas know who Bonnie is related to, if he was locked away for two thousand years?

  14. mac says:

    WAAAIIIITTT ?!?!??!

    Does that mean that Elijah and Katherine were not soulmates ? My heart :(

  15. Mary says:

    The hunters that Qetsiyah mentioned are Jeremy and his lot. She must have used magic to give them their powers

  16. Leo says:

    This episode’s writing feels like it’s ripped straight from a fanfic.
    So many expositions and new rules being explained. (Universe is Team Stelena, huh?)
    And amnesia? Such a cliche.
    p.s. Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley are collecting big fat paycheck yes? With so many doppelganger popping in. Pft.

  17. wrstlgirl says:

    First off Thank You :-) for putting Janina’s name in the write up. I could not figure out where I knew the actress from and it was driving me crazy. As far as the episode goes, I really enjoyed it although as Leo said above it did feel a lot like fanfic. But the end just ruined the whole thing. I can’t believe they are going down the ridiculous amnesia route. Totally lame and lazy writing.

  18. arob says:

    My big takeaway? Nadia is totally Katherine’s daughter. She’s got the accent, there’s clearly more to their connection than just keeping her away from Silas, and who knows how old she really is. So I’m calling it now, Nadia is Katherine’s baby girl.

  19. Francine says:

    I actually really loved this episode! Some of the mythology stuff was a little confusing and didnt make sense with what we’ve heard before, but I’ve learned to roll with it. I even liked the amnesia thing. Yes, it’s overdone but at least on a supernatural show it makes sense (I hate when regular shows do it as if so many people in real life routinely get amnesia). I’m hoping this will give Stefan a chance with someone else romantically. I know the promo made it seem like it was him and Elena again but we know how misleading those can be. Like how last week it said Ripper Stefan was back and that wasn’t true. The whole destiny and fate thing seems silly but I’ll see where it goes.

  20. Elisa says:

    Oh Please! If the Dopplegangers are always meant to meet and fall in love. then why didn’t Katherine love Stefan or vice versa. Stefan was infatuated with Katherine at first but we later learned he was compelled. This is such terrible writing to keep the tired triangle going. I am so beyond sick of it, I don’t even care about the plot anymore. I just fast forward to Damon/Elena scenes and wait for it to be over. I doubt Damon and Elena will be endgame because these writers are shortsighted fools that can’t develop a story they just rewrite everything. I’ll just enjoy my Delena moments then be done with it.

  21. nikki says:

    Hashtag Stelena Forever

  22. Babybop says:

    I don’t know why people think that the whole Doppelganger thing makes the Stefan-Elena love “cheap”. I personally don’t ship her with either of the boys (because I hate her and think they deserve better. Ha ha) but I actually thought them kind of being fated to be each other’s true love for years and years is really romantic, like they’ll always find each other no matter which one of the doppelgangers they are.

    But the best line of the night goes to Katherine when she called Elena, “America’s most boring, self-righteous vampire”.

  23. Alice says:

    How come when the veil went back up, Qetsiyah didn’t go poof like the rest of the ghosts?

  24. Hodan says:

    It was an interesting episode. But, I laughed so hard when they told us about how Stefan and Elena were “destined” to be together and are “fated”. I always dislike those kinds of couples because they bore me.

    • Misilin says:

      But the couples that ends up together even when you know doesn’t feel right are epic and seems to interest you, please destiny is not forced or done by manipulating or lusting over your baby bro girl friends. It plays out when you least expect and that is love.

  25. ravencarter says:

    Wild speculations: it’s also possible that Tessa lied about killing Amara. Remember this is TVD. No one’s dead until you see the body and sometimes not even when you watch it burn. Maybe Tessa set that whole thing up to force Silas to suffer (when he thinks his true love is dead) and choose to spend his life with her instead. Remember, Amara was her friend, and Tessa did say she’s a complicated person. I can see her having some mercy for Amara, and deciding to pull a Huntsman. She was probably was still mad at Amara so she might still have buried her for eternity or some other punishment. Then it makes sense that nature had to create Amara dopplegangers.
    However Nina Dobrev is already stretched pretty thing playing TWO dopplegangers, if Amara emerges at some point then Nina would have to produce a real life DG to handle her workload.

  26. Brandi says:

    I’m past bored with the show, but the Travelers thing was piquing my interest. I was finally getting into again until the “Stefan and Elena are destined” thing. And then the sneak with amnesia Stefan romancing Elena? Blech. The Originals has what VD is missing right now. A story outside of teenage romance drama.

    • Mari says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the one he’s with in the promo is Katherine -at least for some of the scenes. She’s always had a soft spot for him and if he’s into her he’d be more invested in keeping her safe. Plus, it would allow them to ‘surprise ‘ the audience.

  27. Whatever says:

    TVD just jumped the shark.

    • lizzieB says:

      Agreed. I lost it in the fanfic style exposition scenes with Qetsiyah and Stefan exchanging dialogues with “One True Love” mentioned every friggin sentence. The only thing that made me happy tonight was Sara B’s traditional soundtrack feature.

  28. Anne says:

    What I dont get is why universe wants them together?? If I was the universe, I would want them gone. I (universe) made a rule: everybody dies, two people violated that rule i created copies to compensate, why I would want them together, Why do I care for their love, unless if somehow I want them gone.. And the most importante, if Ester made the vampires at 1000 years ago and Silas has 2000. How the Universe put them together if they are from diferents centuries.. I meant How a guy from 1800, will be with a girl in 2010 if he wasnt a vampire.. and how the others copies could get together between 2000 and 1000 years ago.. that make no sense.. Elena should have a copie of her age.. It dosen’t even make sense

    • Christine says:

      Yea that’s a good point. The only thing I can think of is that maybe there are more than one set of dopplegangers at any given time, they just aren’t supernatural so they live out their normal lives and die? I’m just spitballin’ here, cuz I thought the same thing. But holy crap, I hope we don’t see any more copies of them in the show. As for whether Elena should have one her own age… I have no idea how to answer that.

      Same thing with the universe. Maybe because the other ones were human, they would die and the universe kept creating them over and over again to kill them because it (the universe) couldn’t kill the originals… that’s the best I got. :-/

  29. I / / / V says:

    Yeah, where’s Mr. modern-day human Silas doppelganger? That would just be hilarious…

  30. I says:

    I admit being team Stelena, but after Elena chose Damon, how is that ever forgivable? I don’t see Elena anymore as a good girl with a good heart. She’s scandalous and Stefan deserves to be with someone that really loves him and only him. Maybe Damon and Elena do belong together :(

  31. Melissa says:

    I kind of miss when this show was just about Mystic Falls and trying to hide the fact that there are vampires and witches living there. Why does it have to be so complex and bring in so many different characters.

    I am also over the love triangle. I used to love Stefan and Elena but at this point I don’t even want them together. He deserves better. If the writers are worried about disappointing a side (DE v SE) they need to realize it’s more disappointing dragging us all along without feeling like she has really chosen a side. Let Stefan move on. I am all for him moving on with Caroline. They have great chemistry and Elena shouldn’t be able to complain about him dating her best friend when she is dating his brother!

  32. FreeRyde says:

    Boring teenie-bopper romance melodrama.
    Was very enjoyable… sinking fast.
    Sick of Elena’s moaning and whining.

  33. whitney says:

    LMAO!! OMG! You guys are so funny! Its just a movie!!! Never happend in this life and never will. We can just hope for more suspence and romance!!! Can’t wait for the next episode! Would really want to see caroline and Klaus together!! And also Stefan with a new girl! Not Elena and not Katerine! Wanna see the look on both the dopplegangers when they find out Stefan is in love with someone else!

  34. Laura says:

    Enough with the love triangle! It’s kind of making the show boring and there are getting to be too many twists and turns and story lines to follow! Why is it that every vampire show/movie always has a love triangle!!! Example…twilight/true blood/Vd…I’ve been a stelena fan from the get go but obviously, we all know there are way more Delena fans cuz bad boys are more fun, so they had to flip it around! That being said, why are they even bothering throwing this doppelgänger destiny bull honkey in? They won’t risk loosing delena viewers by making her get back together with Stefan!!And why are they adding these almost kiss scenes with Stefan and Elena!!!!!!!!! Talk about annoying. And wtf, why is lame wolf boy Tyler back? Send him packing and send Caroline to the originals! She can be a stepmom to the werebaby!

  35. Jas says:

    Why does Silas want the cure so badly now after refusing to take it for 2000 years?

  36. emmanuel says:

    You guys actually seeing right! If kathrina had a daughter, then who is the father? ‘Klaus, Elijah, stephan or Damon??? SE always remain my favorite but I think I will like SeCa too!!!

  37. freedom bobby says:

    i realy like the movie,but i want to ask stefan n elena gona be like their old loving self again? Because my season5 aint complete

  38. jane says:

    When Elena is not the perfect girl, she’s just bitchy. It broke my heart when she choose DE ova sTephan. And I don’t like that she dsnt want sTephan to move on with his life. If rebecca wiped his memory, I wud hv loved it. And meanwhile, no1 compelled silas to fall in love with Amara. He was in love with her on his will. Not destiny, not the universe made him love her. He just did. 4 me, I wnt klaus and caroline, stefan finds love witout her brother or elena in d picture. He deserves happiness.