Supernatural Sneak Peek: The Winchesters' Oz-Some Adventure -- Plus: Cas' Lady Troubles

Not to be left out of the Wizard of Oz craze, Supernatural offers up its own take on Dorothy in the Oct. 29 episode (The CW, 9/8c), and we’ve got your first look at where she’s been hiding (hint: it’s close to the Winchesters’ beds). Plus: Check out homeless Castiel facing off with love interest Shannon Lucio.

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While enlisting the computer help of Felicia Day’s über hacker Charlie, Sam and Dean accidentally let loose Dorothy (guest star Tiio Horn, Hemlock Grove) from the Men of Letters wall, where she trapped herself and the wicked witch (Maya Massar, Caprica). One upside of the two running amok and threatening to destroy the Winchesters’ home: You can glimpse new corners of the Men of Letters bunker below, including the garage!

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It’s a room that star Jensen Ackles has “been begging for… ever since we introduced the Men of Letters because it’s like, ‘Come on, really? We’re just leaving the Impala parked out on the street, covering it up with some bushes and stuff?'” he shared during TVLine’s set visit earlier this month. “Baby’s finally got some place to sleep.”

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  1. I like the concept of the Men of Letters, and I like the lair, but remember how in season two the notion of them having a standing set (the bar, whatever was called) was considered wrong because this was supposed to be a road show? Let’s get back to that. Make it a road show. Have some monster invade the lair and destroy it, leaving the brothers with barely enough material to fit in a camper and that’s it.

    • kreshb says:

      Whyyyyyy?? dude they have been on the road for 7 seasons, time to build a home and change thing up a bit…

      • Annie says:

        Agreed. Love the MoL Lair, love Charlie … kinda skeptical about the Dorothy/Witch plot, but I’m willing to give it a go.

      • Carrie says:

        Yes, I love their new home. It’s about time and that place is a really cool concept.

      • Sara says:

        Agree 100%

      • John says:

        The MoL lair suits the boys perfectly. They’ve been on the road for ages it’s time they got a Batcave of their own. Besides this is Supernatural, nothing is a guaranteed fixture unless your one of three stars or the metalicar. Odds are the lair will be considered lucky to see more than two seasons.

    • tp says:

      It’s still a road show, they just have their home base. They’ve always had a home base. First it was the bar, then Bobby’s, then the cabin and now the bunker.

      • Jen says:

        Exactly. It’s the best of both worlds. When the show first began they were in their early 20’s, now they’re grown men in their 30’s. It’s only natural for them to have a more permanent home setting. We’ll still be seeing them in hideous motel rooms but I like the fact that they have a home base.

    • Bob says:

      What an absolutely terrible idea. “Hey, you know that fresh new thing we introduced last year? That beautiful new set we spent a lot of money on? Yeah, let’s blow it up already so we can have the brothers without a home so the show is the same as it was for 7 other years”

      Supernatural was always a road show. It still mostly is. But it’s so silly to want a show to never change or introduce new things.

    • rowan77 says:

      Good Lord, here we all go again. Don’t you remember the horrible Season 7 where they lost everything that was home to them (Bobby’s House, Bobby, Cas) and went back to “basics?” IT SUCKED (save for maybe 3 episodes of amazing). We are in the 9th year. The characters have grown up a bit and there is nothing wrong with having something to partially compensate for the loss of Bobby (the library) and his house (everything else). Both guys have wanted to have a home. Now they do. It’s called growth. And it’d good.

      • Carrie says:

        Wow. Season 7 was by no means horrible.

        • Yanez says:

          @Carrie Thank you. I thought I was the only person that thought Season 7 wasn’t that bad. I also think Season 7 had a few gems too. I think a lot of people gave Sera Gamble a lot of slack but if you’re comparing Seasons 6 and 7 to other shows on television, they really weren’t that bad.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. They need a home. The MOL is the best thing that’s happened. No way are they going to store the Impala and just hang out there. It’ll stay a road show because the action is mostly happening out on the road.

  2. MM9 says:

    I just wanna say, I really appreciate the amount of coverage you’re giving Supernatural in season 9. I feel like Seasons 7-8 didn’t get an amazing amount of coverage anywhere really, so it’s great to see you stepping up to the plate to churn out all this info this season!

    • Yanez says:

      I agree. This show doesn’t get enough coverage anywhere. Tvline is doing a great job of keeping us posted on the show. One thing I’d like to see Tvline do is when you actually go to the set, maybe you could get some behind the scenes footage for us or when you interview the cast, post the video on your site.

  3. lisa says:

    it looks amazing! supernatural is the best show!! look how amazing the set is! and Sam in that shirt is priceless

  4. ines says:

    On photos 23 and 24 the angel-lady looks suspicious of something. Hopefully she’ll drop a hint to Sam.

  5. First I need to Freak The Hell Out — She’s STABBING Cas in #25. This is bad bad bad. He’s gonna need an Angel heal-up. I really don’t want it to be Zeke-ex-machina but if Cas is hurt I just don’t care – FIX HIM NOW.

    Second, where the hell is Cas in Slumber Party? Don’t tell me they ditched him already. I’ll be waaaaayyy dissapointed. And where is Kevin?

    Third, Dahmn, those cars and motorcycles look awesome. Please be functioning! Please let the boys take them out for a spin (especially the motorcycles). They look SWEEET. So, somebody needs to cut-a-bitch if the Wicked Witch starts trashing the vintage rides. Just sayin’.

  6. ninamags says:

    Omg!! That garage looks awesome!!

    Love it. Glad Charlie is back too.

    I want to add my thanks for your coverage of this show. Thank you :)

    Plus, you got to meet Jensen and Jared, how lucky can you get?

  7. Ella says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, so Cas’ love interest next episode is EVIL?! Yikes! Can’t wait for Dean to come and save the day <3 On another note, I have had just about enough of Charlie, seriously. Go away.

    • Drew says:

      Agreed about Charlie. Of all the characters who could keep coming back, why her?
      And then they kill off Sarah last year. Boggles the mind.

  8. Alan says:

    that doesnt look like something a love interest would do, unless cas is into some kinky crap, so that just completely changed my expectations for the story.
    for those of you complaining about the boys getting a home base, its been 8 years and they need to mix up the formula a bit or it will get stale, its the same reason we see a lot more recurring characters now.

  9. Cheryl says:

    Absolutely love Jeremy Carver!! Hes restored this show, the brotherly bond & the characters of Sam and Dean to their true selves and elevated Supernatural to a whole new level of amazing by his imagination and creativity (The Men Of Letters Legacy and the bunker which should never go) and the care and thought he gives both boys and their relationship

  10. Hot Dumb Italian Mike says:

    Just a question, it’s October, 23, where’s the recap of last nights episode?? Which was great by the way!

  11. I love the men of letters bunker i love the fact Sam and Dean have a home i hope Cas also gets to stay there too BTW i love Castiel’s Story line this season, i just wish they leave out the fairy tails Dorothy & The Wicked witch seriously whos next Goldielocks and the three bears.