Scandal Recap: Olivia Pope Still Walks This Earth

Scandal Season 3 RecapThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Olivia endeavored to “defuse” a situation that ultimately proved to be as explosive for Fitz as well as herself, while Huck set out to kill B613 boss man Rowan.

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The Client of the Week is Mary Nesbitt, a benign-enough woman who retains OPA for a “family matter.” Mary’s next stop, however, is the Capitol, where she threatens to detonate a bomb vest unless she gets answers from a congressman Paul Young about her son Chris’ death in an FBI raid — and all this happens just as Olivia arrives on the scene, having gotten curious about her new client’s agenda.

At first, it appears that Chris had become a bona fide terrorist for al-Qaeda — as a mysterious “FBI agent” proves to Harrison by showing the lad in a recruitment video. When said agent proves to be a fake, David goes to Cyrus to declassify Chris’ file. Cy scoffs that they merely have an “understanding” in the wake of the Cytron card trade, that he owes David nothing more than the job he gift-wrapped for him — but David leverages Cy with damning intel about the agents in the raid, all of whom — save for the trigger man — got promotions aka hush money after accidentally killing Chris.

Fitz then reveals to Olivia over the phone, swearing her to complete secrecy, that Chris was CIA, under deep cover with al-Qaeda. Yes, the FBI killed him by mistake, unaware of his allegiance, but no one — his mother included — can ever know his mission, lest the 57 agents he embedded within al-Qaeda be outed and tortured.

And though Liv at first maintains, “No,” she doesn’t understand the need for the cover-up, she eventually relays the lie to Mary, that her son was a terrorist. The room is then evacuated, but Mary stays behind to blow herself up.

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Concurrent with Mary taking hostages at the start of the episode, the Secret Service tackled an intruder who attempted to get into the Oval office to talk to the president about “Operation Remington.” When Cyrus sees the apprehended man’s name, he orders the Secret Service to let him go free. Later, Rowan visits this Peter Foster in a trailer home, lobbing an envelope of cash at him. But Peter is tired of the money, of the lies, of protecting a president who cant keep his pants zipped. “Screw the deal,” he hisses.

Rowan leaves, only to be met right outside by the barrel of Huck’s gun. When push comes to shove, though, we learn that Huck couldn’t bring himself to kill the guy. “This should have been my day, Liv. I should have had peace,” he tells Liv later. “But even after all that time, he owns me. I thought I was free but… He still controls me” — as he does his own daughter, Liv admits. So Huck carried out his order from Rowan, to fake Peter’s suicide.

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Elsewhere, after Olivia escapes the hostage sitch scot-free, Fitz finds Mellie high on hooch. He wonders: Isn’t Olivia being blown to bits your happy ending? Au contraire, she argues in a glorious speech about the nightmare that would be “St. Olivia Pope.” Rather, “I can celebrate because she still walks this earth, she is still your flaw. And that makes her my weapon.”

Meanwhile, Olivia returns home, where Jake is holed up. (Oops, too soon?) She demands to know, “How are you here?” seeing as B613, her father, never just lets someone go. “I have no idea. I do not know,” Jake maintains. He then shares, “I never thought I’d get out of that hole… but your face saved me You saved me.” They both then concede that Rowan/Eli still owns them, as they duck his incessant calls.

REVIEW | It was a bit wheel-spinny of an episode for me, this early into the Remington storyline. If that mystery/conspiracy is to be the next Defiance, the next Albatross, they need to give it some teeth and quick. And — unpopular opinion time? — tortured-yet-sadistic Huck is getting trotted out just a bit too often. But the Drunk Mellie/David-vs.-Cyrus combo made up for it, and then some!

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  1. Drew says:

    This episode was AMAZINGGGGG! Such a great ep. Bomb threat/explosion? Drunk Mellie? Huck and Olivia? Like, I can’t even pick a favorite scene. Still curious as to how this whole “Remmington” thing will play out… Nervous! But can’t wait until next Thursday, as always!

  2. Sam says:

    When are we going to meet Fitz’s other children?

  3. TaMara says:

    Totally agree, drunk Mellie was so much fun. Bellamy Young just glowed. I liked the episode a lot, but I’m with you, crazy, sadistic Huck is just too much, too often. But it was nice to see all the characters trotted out with something to do, though. David and Abby had some nice moments. And David really stepped it up, reclaiming his white hat.

  4. Chris says:

    I almost think this is a possible episode for Kerry Washington to submit for Emmy consideration.

    • Mary says:

      It would a shame, because Bellamy Young is a much better actress (IMO)!

      • CC says:

        It wouldn’t matter. They could both submit it because Bellamy Young would be in the supporting actress category while Kerry Washington would be in the Lead Actress category.

        • Mary says:

          I see…then I´ll put things this way: for me, Kerry Washington´s acting isn´t worth of an emmy nomination, Bellamy Young´s is!:)

  5. Jill says:

    This was my least favorite episode of the entire series. Bomb episodes are so cliche. It’s not like you ever thought that Olivia was going to die. Everything seemed overdone, over dramatized, and I’m losing patience with the crazier than usual Huck storyline. I’m glad they’re going back to their procedural cases next episode. I did love drunk Mellie despite the fact that I’m becoming annoyed with Cyrus trying to constantly make it seem like they’re a happy couple. How many times can they play that card and not think it’s going to be boring?

    • Cheyenne says:

      He’s trying to get Fitz re-elected. He has as much stake in that as Fitz has.

    • di says:

      I agree. Cyrus is becoming a cartoon character. Mellie’s game doesn’t need dialogue. Fitz-whatever. Im bored. Someone needs die or get fired. More of the same

    • jenna says:

      completely agree! This episode seemed so over the top I found myself constantly rolling my eyes throughout the first hour, it almost seemed like a bad remake of the grey’s anatomy bomb episode.

  6. I thought this episode might have been the worst yet. Disjointed, lacking suspense and plausible emotion. I’m already over Operation Remington, crazy Huck and whiny Jake. That remark that it was Olivia’s face that kept him going? It’s a beautiful face, but it just came out as fake. If I were a new viewer, I don’t know what would keep me watching.

    • Amie says:

      I agree on the “disjointed, lacking suspense and plausible emotion” front. And definitely agree on Jake and his insipid “your face saved me” nonsense. It seemed utterly stupid in context. I also felt bad for Cynthia Stevenson, who was different and funny and great on TV shows like Bob and Cheers, but now she has to take poorly written roles like Grief-Stricken Crazy Mom on SCANDAL.

    • Joan Pesta says:

      I think this was one of the best and realistic episode so far. It touch on real life facts. I lost my son who was in the army. He died in his barracks at Fort Bragg. It took them 6 months to tell us how he died. I never got the time of his death. The day 3 soldiers showed up at my door to tell me he was dead. They were very rude and cold as ice. They never said they were sorry to inform me my son passed away. They just stood 3 abreast in my living room and said straight face. “Your son is dead”. No apologizes, no letter from the President saying anything about my son. Fort Bragg is just an hour and a half from my home. The soldiers came to me at 3:03p.m. Friday on April 7th 2006. I ask one soldier if I could go to Fort Bragg just to hold my son’s hand. He said,”If I did so they would arrest me. It took 4 days before my son’s body was sent to our home town Cary NC. We only lived 1/12 hours away. When I saw Chris his body had strange marks on it. I told my husband to get a camera. We told pictures of the marks on our son’s body. There was also a large black and blue mark( like a soldier’s boot) on the right side of his back. When I asked about the black and blue mark, they said he got it from his last jump. I was there at his last jump, two weeks earlier. My son walked away from the jump with out a scratch, in fact we took him and his friend out to dinner at Red Lobster after they both changed their clothes. My husband and I where in Chris’s room while he was changing. I did see him with his shirt off, there were no marks on his back. I fought the army for 2 long years without any answers. The story that was told on your show is very very true. My Chris would tell us about several other soldiers who would die suddenly and their families would be told a total different story. I just want to know how my son died and at what time he left this world. There isn’t a day that goes by my heart aches for him and the truth. I would have done the same thing that mother did on your show. A mother knows when something goes wrong. I search everyday for some kind of answers. It’s a terrible way to live. Waking up each day with a sliver of hope that maybe someone or some way I’ll find out what happen. I have pictures and a book of lies. My son did not die of a heart attack. I wish you could show more stories like the last one. People don’t believe or want to know our soldiers are in harms way by their own country.

  7. azu says:

    Still not impressed!! And still not going to watch until I’m sure this season won’t be the mess I suspect it will be

  8. Cheyenne says:

    I felt sorry for poor mom but I totally understood why Olivia had to lie and tell her that her son was a terrorist. If she told her the truth, mom would have been so relieved she would have shouted it from the house tops and endangered all the other agents’ lives. Poor mom killed herself thinking her boy was a traitor.

    • Joan Pesta says:

      No, I know the mother would have kept it to her self. I’m a mother of a dead soldier with no answers on how or why he died. I would of been very very sad to hear he was killed for the wrong reason. But I would be able to go on knowing the truth. I also would keep my mouth shut to save the other soldiers. You’ll never know the pain of losing your soldier and on top of that never knowing the truth. The mother would have kept her silence to protect the other soldiers and their families. Not knowing the truth on how your soldier died is the greatest pain there is. You give your son to the government and you are lied to, is something you’ll never get over.

  9. woodyinho says:

    These “conspiracies” just come out of nowhere. Poor storytelling.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Remington was mentioned on the first show this season. We still don’t know what it’s about. Shonda’s teasing everybody. One can only imagine it’s potentially devastating and will ruin some lives once the facts get out.

      • Overthinking says:

        Actually Remington was first mentioned in several episodes in Season 2. Can’t remember what episodes but the ones with Jake/Abatross arc.

  10. sladewilson says:

    Loved drunk Mellie!!!! Anyone notice how when Mellie’s drunk, her southern accent comes out just a touch more? And the stumble out the door? Bellamy Young rocked this episode. Someone said on twitter Mellie shouldn’t have played her cards, but IMO, she really didn’t. She just pointed out the obvious. And it ain’t like Fitz can fight it because he can’t. Olivia says jump and Fitz basically says how high and Mellie not only knows it but she can use it. Between Olivia and Mellie, Fitz hasn’t got a chance. BTW – David Rosen is the man and layeth the smacketh down on Cy was way too cool. Man didn’t even raise his voice.

  11. Britt says:

    I thought this was a great episode. The acting was excellent and I’m convinced that Guillermo Diaz really needs therapy in real life. I mean his character is always intense.

    LOL @ holed up

    I need a Gettysburger too!!!!

  12. abz says:

    “She’s the strings that, if needed, I will pull to make my puppet husband dance.” –> God, I love this woman. She’s batsh** crazy half the time but her scenes are always phenomenal. Speaking of people who are batsh** crazy, Liv’s dad is just a creepy stalker control freak, but I’m still intrigued by the storyline.
    Bomb storylines can be very lame because we obviously know the main character is not gonna die, but I feel like the episode was well done.
    Sometimes I could care less about the romance on some shows, but if I had to choose I’d definitely pick Jake over Fitz any day. Fitz just infuriates me all the time. I love Scott Foley (still remember his heartbreaking arc on Grey’s)
    Also, I get the psychological control Eli has on Huck, but I’m not happy he killed that guy and they’re pushing Quinn way too far with this craziness. She’s like a walking criminal/potential serial killer in training. Barely recognizable from the character we first met.

  13. meah says:

    Liked the episode,didn’t care about the bomb/hostage situation,but what had me on suspense was knowing if the womans son was guilty or innocent
    Bellamy young is everything.Her drunken scene with fitz was the best part of the Ep.she killed it.
    Loved the cyrus/david rosen conversation
    Huck was good in the ep,papa pope still scares me
    Loved jake/livvy scenes,both had good chemistry.

  14. Jess says:

    Scandal was really good last season, but the recent episodes have felt a little disjointed, and forced. If it doesn’t improve, I doubt even its mega twitter hype shall endure.

  15. Overthinking says:

    The writing is on the wall. Quinn’s – I hacked into her email or bank account because I can routine is going to get OPA into trouble. She is such an accident waiting to happen. Thank goodness she was unable to hack into FBI database. I agree about the bomb episode it was been there seen that a million times so why even go there?

    As far as Mellie goes she might be book smart but not street smart. I don’t care how much you’ve drunk just don’t go showing your hand. You could feel Fitz thinking in the dark of how he was going to counter Mellie’s punch. This couple is really toxic. Poor baby Ted he has to deal with this two. I hope if Fitz gets elected to the WH for a second term that they get a divorce. Their being on each other throats is starting to wear thin.

    • Cheyenne says:

      While she was spewing that drunken rant I thought oh-oh, Mellie, you screwed up, you don’t show your hole card while you’re playing. Now Fitz has what he’s looking for and can plan a counter-attack. The whole scene was excellent. Mellie is the character you have to love to hate.

  16. ktbanks says:

    Good episode, but having worked as a House staffer in DC, this is impossible, and the continuity errors drove me nuts. First, they’re in a Congressman’s Office, and staffers run out of a House Office Building when they’re released, but yet they say they’re on the 4th floor of the Capitol (which has no 4th floor). Granted, most people won’t know that, so I’ll forgive all of that.

    BUT, there’s NO WAY in hell that anybody is getting in the Capitol/House Office Buildings with a bomb strapped to them. Anything you carry with you is put through an x ray machine, and you have to walk through a metal detector/get wanded if it goes off more than once. There’s just NO. WAY.

  17. TvPeong says:

    How does Jake know the Command is Olivia’s father? Did he always know? Do Cyrus and Fitz know of the connection?

    • Mary says:

      That was my question too. If he knew that all along he was her father, shouldn’t Olivia be even more suspicious of him?

  18. Rain says:

    I just got hooked on Scandal over the summer and was all excited to be able to start chatting with other fans for this season, but man do the shippers make it a miserable time! Personally, I love both Jake and Fitz and don’t see why if you like one you have to hate and trash the other. Both Scott & Tony are great actors – both are attractive and neither deserve the beat down they seem to get on blogs every week. As for the characters, I think the beauty of Scandal is that every single character has flaws, and even when they make the worst mistakes they’re usually doing them for good reason.

    I loved this week’s episode. Drunk Mellie was fantastic, especially the souther twang that she let slip the drunker she got. I also love that she flat out told Fitz her plans because it’s obvious he can’t do anything to prevent her pulling the strings – he’s that powerless against anything Olivia wants him to do. I actually kind of liked the whole Huck storyline, it really showed just how brainwashed he had been and how hard it is to overcome something like that.

  19. david says:

    i think he built in a trigger phrase for huck.

  20. ad3160 says:

    Hat tip to the actress who plays Mellie. She has been truly amazing this season, and last night was AWESOME!

  21. the girl says:

    This was an official filler episode. Did it really propel the story in any meaningful way? I enjoyed it like I enjoy all episodes of Scandal, but what I LOVE about this show is how rare it is for us to happen upon filler episodes. I hope this is the only one of the fall season.

  22. It wasn’t the best episode. Just seemed like any other drama on tv. We need to see move Olivia & the Prez. that’s whats exciting the forbidden, the whole reason for watching. Yes enough of weird Huck, I like him but not so much of that weirdness.. Lets get to know more about the gladiators too!! A personal side perhaps like when they aren’t at work? Are they ever NOT at work?? Mellie drunk was so much fun shes great more of her too & Cyrus should just shut up already!! Please don’t kill this show with boring….

  23. Kat Aston says:

    Scandal continues to amaze me and the ratings are excellent. Kerry Washington has turned this character into a household name. It seems everyone has heard of this character (Olivia Pope), whether you watch Scandal or not. Kerry owns this role, no other actress could play this role, or replace her. I love the fact that the writers continue to give the viewers a good episode every week, whether it’s fast paced or slowed down, I’m never disappointed. Whereas so many other programs don’t grab your attention until the season finale. In the words of Mellie’s fixer, “well played,” for Shonda and crew.

  24. trainwreck says:

    I liked the episode.. twists and turns are what makes good TV that keeps you an edge and it had a load of them! LOVED drunk Mellie! (I am spectacular, but i can’t compete with religious fervor – one of the BEST lines!)

    Being a hardcore Grey fan, I found this episode kind of a mix between the infamous Bomb-in-the-body cavity episode (where the bomb blows leaving Meredith on the ground.. same happened with Olivia) and the season 6 finale (shooter in hospital) – not a ripoff but guess Shonda’s elements from both episodes were there :)

  25. Miss Priss says:

    True, true and true, I loved the David vs Cyrus scene, David again managed to dress Cyrus down without raising his voice; David is often the most funny/sad/ironic guy in the room, but he’s also the smartest too. Huck is out of the box, I’d prefer to see Huck trying to reconnect with his family than doing Daddy’s dirty work. It just doing make sense for Daddy to keep sticking valuable assets into a hole in the floor.

  26. JT says:

    Loved Ernie Hudson as the FBI commander Randolph Boles.

  27. Leo says:

    Cyrus is getting really annoying with all those verbal smackdowns. I mean I can only stand one person speaking Popish on a show but if everyone starts talking like that. (Did…..You….Kill…My….Father), blah.
    Baby Huck is getting awesome-r and I love her adding “Because I CAN” when explaining every of her actions.
    And Bellamy Young as Mellie, God, I love her so much! I literally laugh out loud when it came to “down on your knees” and “St. Olivia Pope” and she turning the light off after stumbling out was just AWESOME.

  28. Anon1 says:

    I did not buy Mellie’s drunk scene. What stumbling drunk person speaks clearly in full sentences without slurring? It was such an obvious try for an award.

    Plus in which way is she spectacular or winning? In the previous episode Mellie whined about how bored she is as First Lady sitting on her ass in the White House doing nothing constructive not even capable of feeding Baby Teddy.

    The three scenes that resonated were Cyrus versus David Rosen, Fitz telling Olivia about the undercover CIA operative who was killed and her dilemma in not telling the mom her son was an American hero and Huck breaking with Olivia.

  29. Shawn says:

    My favorite part was when Abby referred to Quinn as Baby Huck.

  30. Cheyenne says:

    Someone on FB made a very astute observation: Scandal has three distinct layers: (1) the per episode client/scandal; (2) the per season government scandal; and (3) the scandalous relationships. The per season scandals are resolved within the season, while introducing key elements for the next season’s scandal. The first season was all about Amanda Tanner, the second about Defiance/Cytron… and the early episodes of this seaon are creating the foundation for #OperationRemington and the B613/Eli Pope storyline that will continue to unfold. I’m hoping that by the end of this season, either Huck or Olivia will kill Rowan.

  31. Chris says:

    Still new to the show but am I to believe that Olivia just happened upon Huck at the subway station and he just happened to be in a unit that was run by her father?? that stretches beleivabilty to an absurd level. Or am I missing something??

  32. Graig says:

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