Grey's Anatomy Recap: Dad to the Bone

Grey's Anatomy Season 10Given the way Alex reacted last week to the revelation that a new patient at Grey Sloan is his long-estranged pop – textbook angsty tantrum-throwing – it probably won’t stun you to learn that this week’s Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t involve any bear hugs or fond memories. What we get instead is… Well, keep reading. I’ll tell you all about it.

PRESENT TENSE | Though Alex keeps his distance from his “dirtbag” dad, Jimmy – lest he become tempted to pick up where he left off all those years ago and move him from a recovery room to the morgue – fatherless Jo is determined to facilitate a family reunion. How determined? She even gets a rehab facility to take Jimmy in – for free. When the addict refuses to go, Jo appeals again to Alex to speak up. He does, but not in the way that she’d hoped. “Don’t talk to me about this again,” he snaps at her. “Ever.” Yet, as the episode nears its end, Alex and Jimmy – by chance – wind up in the same elevator. It looks for a second like Alex might actually reveal their relation… but then the doors open, and Jimmy, clueless, exits with nothing more than a casual “Take it easy, man.”

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MAMMA MIA | Stephanie manages to make a lasting first impression on Jackson’s mother… but not a good one: Catherine walks in on the couple about to get busy in an on-call room. The second impression that Stephanie makes isn’t much better: She botches a case involving a guy who boinked a beehive. In the end, however, the intern explains herself so eloquently to Mommie Dearest that it appears Catherine is willing to give her a second (third?) chance.

TOUGH LOVE | Of course, terrorizing Stephanie isn’t enough to keep Catherine occupied. She also grouses to anyone who’ll listen that, since the interns are coddling Richard, he isn’t recovering at a satisfactory pace. “Come home with me,” she more or less tells her beau, “and I’ll whip your ass into shape.” Rather than face that dire fate, Richard – at last perking up – decides that he’ll instead whip the interns into shape. 

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STARTING OVER | While Arizona fears that she drunkenly shagged Leah after the fundraiser (she didn’t), Callie decides that the time has come for her to leave the episode of Big Love in which she, Derek and Meredith have been co-starring and reclaim her life. Step 1: She has to take back her apartment from Arizona. (Which she does without even letting Arizona get a word in edgewise.) Step 2: She has to resume dancing in her undies. (Which requires no words at all.)

AT A CROSSROADS | At first, Meredith – four days back on the job – is psyched about the prospect of performing a liver heart transplant with Cristina. Then, she’s ticked that Cristina replaces her with Miranda in the OR because she’s distracted by an emergency at Zola’s daycare, a princess tea party and her “exploding” breasts. Finally, she’s downright apoplectic when Cristina comes right out and says that, since her priorities shifted from medicine to motherhood, she’s a less competent doctor than she once was. “We’re in different places now” than when we were starting out, Cristina observes. “And that’s okay.” Only it obviously isn’t okay. (In fact, it’s so not okay that Mer ends the hour blaming Derek for the sitch.)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did Jo overstep her bounds with Alex’s father? Were you glad to see Callie cut loose again? Will Mer/Cristina patch things up, or are we about to remove an F from BFFs? Hit the comments.

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  1. megan says:

    Ugh Alex is back to being a douche again. This is getting old…

    • JJM says:

      Alex being a douche again? I’m sorry, but how he chooses to have his father in his life is his business. If Jo were serious with Alex or had the amount of history he had with Izzie, I would agree, but she’s overstepped her bounds after a mere 5 episodes of being together. Alex may have gone about it wrong, but it’s his life, his thoughts and his feelings.

      • Sara says:

        Agreed. Although, even if they were more serious and had spent a lot longer together, I’d still say she should respect that decision. Either way though. Totally spot-on. Alex had every right and I hope Jo backs off because she’s the only intern I don’t hate. Lol.

      • megan says:

        You do realize this is just a tv show, right? Step off. . I can have MY own opinion JUST like you can have yours. Alex was absolutely a douche. Jo IS his girlfriend so I would say she has a say in how she tries to support Alex. You Izzie stans are so butthurt.

        • sasha says:

          I’m not a Izzie fans and I agree with them! And I look forward to see him with his dad “relationship” finally a storyline for alex with no girl involved

        • jj says:

          Nothing about JJM’s comment implies they don’t know it’s just a tv show. JJM didn’t personally attack you, they simply disagreed with you. And as you acknowledge everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And everyone is allowed to express that opinion. If it bothers you to have someone disagree with you, I’d recommend avoiding posting in these types of comments feeds.

        • rowan77 says:

          No one attacked you for your view. You put a comment on a public site and think no one is allowed to respond to you unless they agree? You have every right to comment, but to do so in public also means that you deal with the responses (and sometimes consequences) of your words. Welcome to the internet!

          • megan says:

            LOL this was a pretty hypocritical comment. All I was saying is I don’t like the way Alex is behaving and you all jump on ME. Also, look at jjm trying to pose as all these people. Plz, we all know it’s you.

          • rowan77 says:

            Megan, get a grip. People disagreeing with your assessment is not jumping on you. It’s merely stating a disagreement. And, I’m a little confused. You’re claiming that I’m someone named jjm? If you bother to look past your own nose, you will see that I have been commenting on TVLine for years. I have no clue to jjm is. Hell, I don’t know who anyone here is. You’re really sounding paranoid.

          • Ninna says:

            @megan- I can’t speak for the others, but I am not jjm nor any other commentator. Suggesting all of us are impersonating just to contradict and win the argument is a little bit childish.
            And no, no one here jumped on you. You jumped on the first person who didn’t agree with you, all agressive and caps lock and calling hypocrites.
            People not agreeing with us in a point is not a death sentence. We’ve to be grownups and accept it. Accept that others can feel differently and have the right to express it either. This is to be civilized people.
            So, as you can see we are not all the same “you” you’re acusing of. Whoever it is!

    • Ninna says:


    • Sam says:

      How is Alex being a douche? His pushy girlfriend doesn’t respect the fact that he doesn’t want to talk to his junkie father who abused him and his siblings and then left them? And he’s supposed to be happy and smiley about it? Right….

  2. Damn says:

    Leah and Arizona.
    Seriously? I hope not.

    • chris says:

      agreed they have NO chemistry what so ever – and the Arizona/Callie storyline hasn’t progressed in 5 episodes. Are these two ever going to talk about their issues? Does AZ even see her daughter? Talk about smashing up a couple out and then letting them rot – jeez

  3. Pam says:

    I just don’t get what the writers are thinking with Jackson and Stephanie. The last scene was the first time she has shown any personality, and it is way too little too late. I have watched the show since the very beginning, and this is it for me if they don’t break up this pretend relationship. They have zero chemistry and it seems so obviously manufactured just to keep Jackson and April apart.

    • Lea says:

      Ditto. I just can’t with them. They have no chemistry at all, they are zero believable as a couple. Jackson doesn’t even seem to like her. He belongs with April.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed! So much agreed!!! There’s absolutely no sexual chemistry, no credible attraction, nothing AT ALL between those two. It always feels to me like they are siblings or cousins, which is gross considering they are having sex…

    • LaLa says:

      I think – not sure, could be wrong – but I think Jesse Williams asked to be in a relationship with a Black woman on the show, a la Eriq LaSalle’s request on ER way back in the day. While it appears that the two are stumbling about – I appreciated Stephanie’s explanation to Jackson’s mom, and I also appreciated Stephanie’s predicament. It’s hard getting in good with your man’s Mama, especially when he’s an only child, and when the Mama’s as fierce as Catherine Avery. I like the storyline.

      • Rook says:

        I agreed. I don’t really like them as a couple but this was probably Stephanie’s best episode, it made me like her more.

        • rowan77 says:

          This is one of the few episodes where she’s really given a storyline of her own and character development. I used to think Jackson and April would be great together, but April’s emotional growth is always one step forward, three steps back. And that has become tiresome.

  4. Sara says:

    Jo deserved Alex’s anger. She pushed a little too hard about something that truly isn’t really her business.

  5. Mick says:

    I don’t get the writers April and Jackson were together for months, but Stephanie gets the Mama Avery storyline? Also why is Meredith not freaking out on Christina, “her person” instead of Derek it felt kind of thrown in there

    • Babygate says:

      Because deep down she knew Cristina was right and she blamed Derek for putting all the responsibility of parenting on her shoulders. He got to do his surgery and have a great day, Mer didn’t. In her eyes, Derek bailed and it cost her the surgery.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      April already knew Mama Avery for several reasons. She and Jackson worked together at Mercy West for a while and were friends before they became boyfriend and girlfriend. She also subscribed to some sort of doctor information exchange run by Mama Avery.

  6. Diane says:

    Is it just me, or is Grey’s really going downhill this season? Did they change directors, maybe? The actors seem to be going through the motions, everything seems rushed and there isn’t any of the usual emotional gut punch there used to be. The mood just seems ambivalent.

    Anyone else with me?

    • Mick says:

      Yep. I think it may be the interns being shoved down our throats. I like the actors but think they are not blending well. Kepner got 2 minutes of screen time. Owen’s story doesn’t excite me and Arizona is not plucking at my heart strings.

    • Pam says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I’ve loved the show since it started but season 10 has been…off. I haven’t felt that way about any of the other seasons which I guess is a good thing. Most shows get stale long before season 10. I do hope it picks up though.

    • Babygate says:

      I think it has to do with the fact that they are trying to cram so much in. There are a lot of players and a lot of stories they want to get out and on top of that they do want to cram the interns down our throats. So, I think what’s happening is that they are trying to to too much and in doing so they are failing to fully flesh out the stories and the result is that we can’t really get emotionally invested on anything because everything is going by in a blur…

      • Ace says:

        I agree. I actually think that I *could* like some of the interns more if we had a slight bit more time with them. When the Mercy West people came in, I didn’t like them at first, but they did get better with more screen time.

        • Babygate says:

          I’ve come around to liking Leah and Jo. Stephanie is still a struggle for me because I hate her with Jackson and because I think she’s like a little puppy trying to act like a big dog. But she has her funny moments. I find myself kind of liking her away from Jackson. Shane, however, I will never like.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      To some extent yes, because they killed off the best of the interns and are trying to shove the other four down our throats. Did we really need another Alex family member – even though I always like James Remar? And it is a bit annoying with regard to Meredith and Derek’s storyline regarding having kids. They can afford help if they need it … and they are lucky enough to have daycare where they work.

      I also always wondered – shouldn’t there be a new crop of interns each year so that they have people graduating from their program all the time?

      • Kate says:

        are you kidding me???? “Did we really need another Alex family member”??? We only got to see his brother till now and Alex fans have been waiting for ages to hear more about his past! It’s a storyline I was hoping for soo long. People like you are just rude. By the way, this is just something I wanna say in general. I don’t think Jo overstepped any boundaries or anything. She was just concerned about Alex and wanted to help. In the end I think Alex will feel better once he confronts his dad. He has to beat his demons and Jo has already realized that I n the “5 minutes she has been dating him” like some people say here.

        • Rachel says:

          Totally agree!! We’ve seen Alex’s family for one episode in nine years. He is such a complexity because of his horrible childhood and it has never been fully explored. As an Alex fan, I’ve felt cheated for years so I am so excited to finally get something. And I feel Jo is pushing because she cares so much about Alex. The “you’ve been angry” speech was awesome.

    • YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSS! I had a hard time last season, went back and watched S8 again and rem why it is SO dull now. like BLAH. Then watched S9 again and liked it better 2nd time, but 10 is just OFF. Boring, like no heart, even the ridiculous electrocution scene? Like really, the plane was WAY more believable and even bombs and shooting sprees, that was just dumb and lazy. Shondra is all about Scandal, and it’s showing. Love scandal, but it’s draining greys. The sad part is if it keeps up, rating will go way down and it will ruin the way the show should honor it’s ending. I would have stopped last season. rename the hospital, Mer has baby….. everything kinda rounds out.

  7. Anya says:

    I love, love Cristina Yang for her tough love. She always speaks the truth, and Meredith needed to hear that.

    • shuayb says:

      No christina was being a bitch. Meredith is still ten times a better doc than christina is. Mer has natural talent..

      • abz says:

        I completely disagree.. Sure, Cristina could have maybe approached the issue in a nicer way, but what she said wasn’t wrong and Meredith kinda needed the tough love. Cristina’s primary concern as a doctor was the patient’s well-being as it should be. Had Meredith participated in the surgery, she would have been distracted with her newborn and Zola and this was evident by her nonstop discussion of her children while on the job and with patients as well as the busy life that comes with motherhood.. Cristina wasn’t trying to hurt Meredith. She acknowledged that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Meredith’s choice (although, I didn’t like her comparison to Bailey because while Bailey did in fact remain a great surgeon, it came at a great personal cost to her and her marriage fell apart. Her comparison to Ellis was equally as hurtful, because Ellis’s desire for excellence severely affected Mer’s childhood); Meredith, however, wants to have it all. She took advantage of Callie’s helpfulness and relied on it way too much and she didn’t really sit down and figure out how she was going to balance motherhood with being a surgeon. In her defense though, Derek was being his douchey self as usual and being no help whatsoever and she ended up making the sacrifices.
        But back to my point, Cristina IS definitely a better surgeon than Meredith IMO. Meredith does have a natural talent, but Cristina lives and breathes surgery. She does research, keeps up to date with the medicine, and made several sacrifices in her life in pursuit of becoming a surgeon. Notice how if you look at the series overall, it focused on both of their love lives, yes, however, a significant part of Cristina’s character development was always her desire for excellence and becoming a surgeon. She wanted to be mentored constantly. She wanted to learn, She wanted to be the best. She was voted for solo surgery. Meredith’s overall storyline, on the other hand, consisted primarily of her relationship with Derek and its development (70% of the time), dealing with daddy/mommy/sister issues (20%), and I’d say 10% on other storylines (exams, clinical trial, etc.). To sum it up, Cristina definitely is the better doctor. Meredith is a great doctor as well, but like Cristina said, there is nothing wrong the path she has been unintentionally taking. Cristina’s tough words may be the kick Meredith needs to finally figure out how to balance her desire to be a better mother and a better surgeon than her own mother.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Also, even though her marriage fell apart, her husband was not in the medical field.

          And I agree that Christina is the better doctor as far as knowledge and skill but as far as making a patient comfortable, Meredith is better at that.

          • abz says:

            I’d argue that while Cristina may never have Izzie’s level of compassion for patients, she seems to have really grown in the patient care department. She seemed to care a lot about the patient and performing the surgery successfully and she doesn’t seem to be the way she used to be with regards to patients.(i.e. competitive, rude, could care less about them and only interested in the cool medical problems they have).

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      True, but wasn’t the conversation who was the best surgeon, not Doctor. I’d give surgeon to Cristina and Doctor to Mer.

      • md says:

        At this point in their career’s, have to agree that Cris may be the better surgeon but Meredith is the better overall doctor. Cris’s comments made sense but she is lacking in the personal skills even after all this time. She’s better than she was in the beginning but not where she needs to be to be a great doctor. As a team, they are unbeatable. Ellen gave an interview recently where she stated that she thinks the writers are trying to separate the characters from Cristina for her exit. This is the beginning of it. I think the story line is to show that you can have it all, kids, career, great marriage, but maybe not just all at the same time. This is Meredith’s struggle and Cristina breaking away. I thought it was a great episode and well acted by all.

  8. Sarah says:

    Christina’s jealousy of Mer having it all made her steal that surgery and lash out. Meredith’s been shown as the best doc out of all of them, even was going to be picked to be chief resident

    • Elizabeth says:

      Jealous for having it all? Have you slept through most of the past 10 seasons? Christina has never had an interest in the family life and has nothing to be jealous about. She merely spoke the truth Meredith needs to hear.

      • Terry says:

        Isn’t it funny how women who are mothers always think that women who aren’t mothers are jealous of them? LOL. Not every women on the planet wants to procreate… and that’s O.K.

    • Babygate says:

      There’s nothing in Cristina’s behavior or discussion that points to jealousy. She was excited about the surgery and realized that Mer was not prepared, and she WAS distracted. Between the pump and Zola’s fall, Mer was all over the place. Cristina has always put surgery first and it was just like her not to put her patient’s life at risk.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Christina is not jealous of Meredith or any other doctor. She knows she is the best surgeon in the hospital. But she is an emotional zombie. She is a great surgeon but great surgeons often tend to be lousy human beings. Being a surgeon is all she cares about. Frankly I’m tired of her and will be glad when she leaves.

      • d says:

        LOVE the “emotional zombie” comment!

      • Christina is a gifted and talented surgeon – but only because she has given up everything else in her life. Meredith has the gift of caring and she is willing to do more and experiment more because she sees the emotions behind everything. Christina is black & white. Meredith is in color. Both are equally talented – but extremely different.

    • Jill says:

      Meredith was not prepared, period. I’d never allow her to operate on me.

  9. Boring says:

    I think the Arizona/Callie story is crap. What happened to the non-existant PTSD? How many episodes in and still they don’t have a scene for more than a minute? Shonda – This is BORING!

    • Babygate says:

      ‘Boring’ is subjective. But I do understand the frustration. 5 episodes in and there is no conversation and we still have no idea what pushed Arizona to cheat. Worst, they both seem to be moving on fine without the other. There’s no mention of the PTSD or the ‘I’ll cut off your leg” rant. Nothing. And that is frustrating.

  10. Babygate says:

    Wow, yet another lackluster recap. So there are no Grey fans at TVLine? Just wondering…
    I actually liked this episode. With less Stephanie and much less Catherine it would have been pretty perfect. Loved the humor. Loved the Callie/Mer sister-wife dynamic. That opening scene was hilarious. I’m glad Callie finally moved out of the Mcdreamy house. It was time. But wow, talk about cold the way she threw Arizona out on the street. But hey, Callie is a woman scorned. My concern about this is that 5 episodes in and they are still not talking. I get that Callie has a right to be angry, but at some point you have to stop and sit down and sort things out like adults. Arizona/April are comedy gold. They have an early Izzie/George vibe to them. I hope that Leah’s crush goes no further than that. Bailey was a hoot. Expected more development in the Alex front but it looks like the writers are going to stretch this out. Jo did a great job tonight. The best moment was Mer and Cristina. That last encounter was masterful. Mer is angry that she can’t do both things and Cristina is being very pragmatic about it and calling it like it is. Mer is just not putting the time into medicine like she used to. But Cristina doesn’t fault her for it. It was a brilliant, brilliant moment.

    • Les says:

      I liked the episode too, but am annoyed that they’re wasting so much time on the new interns… The embarrassing introduction to your boyfriend’s disapproving mother was done waaaaaaay better by Sandra Oh in season 3! The comparison makes me like the new characters even less. Jo is good with Alex, but Leah going after Arizona seems pretty ridiculous… Why not continue exploring Arizona’s new friendship with April? They were great together in the last episode! I agree with all your kudos for the classic Grey’s characters (particularly “The McDreamys”, Alex/Mer, Cristina/Mer/Bailey, and a new fave Arizona/April)! Why not spend more time on them and their webs of intrigue instead of forcing the new interns down our throats? Off the top of my head, I can think of several supplemental story lines I’d love to see instead of more lackluster and confusing intern stories: bring in some Shepherds (Derek’s Mom…any of his sisters…a niece or nephew…), Alex’s sister Amber, Mer’s long lost sister Molly….

      • Babygate says:

        Seriously, I could not agree more. I’ve been wanting to see Derek’s family again. Most of all though, I really, really want to meet Alex’s sister. What a story she must have. A drug addicted mother, a brother that tried to kill her and a doctor brother that abandoned her. Can you imagine that reunion with Alex? Here’s a character that has so many layers and the writers just can’t capitalize on them. Last night could have been epic. Imagine some flashbacks to Alex’s childhood. Or to that moment when he beat up his dad. This episode could have been so epic. Instead we get more of Catherine throwing her weight around and super lame Stephanie. So much precious time was wasted last night. Shonda is on a mission to make us accept the interns by tying them in to main characters, and that strategy is failing. Because unlike every other new character that has been introduced in the show, these interns have not earned our respect, our emotional investment or our acceptance. Stephanie, IMO, is actually hurting Jackson because they are so incompatible with each other. Jo is doing her best, but she doesn’t have the connection with Alex that others have had. Not only Izzie, but Lexie and Eva. Shane to me is unredeemable. Period. He’s not a shark, he’s like a scorpion. Small, sneaky and deadly. I was kind of liking Leah because she’s a strong performer, but now she’s become Lauren 2.0. It’s so upsetting I’m still ranting about it…

        • abz says:

          I agree. Aside from Ross, I don’t completely hate the interns but I wish they would give it the Lexie treatment and have just one of them have a bigger role and leave the rest in the background popping up in small doses. Lexie was an intern but she was likeable and had this amazing personality and was funny. It also helped the story that she was Mer’s sister, but that’s a side point. She could hold her own with the rest of the experienced cast. I’d be fine if say they wanted to have Jo be the new Lexie and develop her more and have the rest in the background and then slowly make them disappear like they did with previous interns.
          One thing that has always pissed me off about Grey’s is the fact that they rarely explore the core character’s families that much aside from Meredith’s. And when they do, it’s so brief that you’re really just left disappointed. I would love to meet more of Alex’s family. I want to meet Callie’s sister (I think her name was Aria, not sure). I want to meet Derek’s fourth sister. I mean why show us three of them and not show the fourth. Neve Campbell’s arc was a complete joke. She pops in to give him some nerves and that’s it. Gone forever. I would love to have seen Nancy again and come on we need to see Amelia Shepherd at least one more time before the end of the series (I miss Caterina Scorsone!!); Why not show his mom and sisters coming to see baby Bailey? Why not have a family reunion? It would be hilarious to see Meredith dealing with that. I’d even love to see Cristina’s mom again because those scenes were just too funny. Overall, I agree. There is so much potential for episodes and stories, but it really seems that Shonda doesn’t care about Grey’s as much anymore or cares a lot less than she used to. I love what she is doing with Scandal, but it’s sad to see them not making the effort to improve Grey’s. Seriously, it’s Sandra Oh’s LAST season and air time is being taken up by Stephanie and Ross????

          • Babygate says:

            It’s like you took the thoughts out of my head and typed them out! If only Shonda would listen to reason..

  11. d says:

    I’m so sad for Mer. Her person is not her person anymore. Cristina was right, they are on different paths but she was souless in telling Mer that. Comparing her to Bailey was cruel. Her kid is now in 1st grade! Total difference having a nursing baby and 3 year old! It’s just as well. Callie can be her person now because she gets it. Cristina never will. Plus, no one lives Happily Ever After in Shondaland. They all fall off the rollercoaster eventually.

    • leo21 says:

      Christina is Mer’s person precisely because of this conversation. No one else could snap Mer into focus like Chrstina and something needed to be said so that Mer doesn’t take on more than she can handle in surgery and kill someone. Meredith has some decisions to make. If she doesn’t want to be her mom and doesn’t want to be on the mommy track, she needs to figure out her other options FAST. Christina is the only one who could make her see that.

      • d says:

        Absolutely, 100 %, do not agree with you! Your “person” doesn’t kick you when your down! Her kid just had stitches! She’s been back to work for FOUR days!!! Cristina didn’t slap her into FOCUS, she slapped her in the FACE! She was cold and very “Dr. Dixon” like with her words.. She told her that she’s made “valid” choices but she sucks as a surgeon so it sucks to be you. They’re done and they should be. As Meredith told Cristina before “I’m not your person, your person is you and it always has been!”

        • Meg says:

          Yes, she had only been back to work for four days. But she asked to be put on the surgery. She didn’t know the technique Cristina was going to use, didn’t finish researching it, Mer didn’t even go to initially exam the patient before the procedure. If she wasn’t ready for it, then Mer shouldn’t have asked to do it.

          • Terry says:

            Plus she stole if from Bailey in the first place so I don’t know why she was so indignant that Cristina stoe it back.

        • AmbidextrousAspie says:

          So Christina should have let Meredith take the surgery, potentially risking the patient to save Meredith’s feelings?


        • Babygate says:

          One thing.that I demand from “my person” is absolute honesty. Sugar coating the harsh reality lures us into a false sense of security and in the case of a surgeon, it could have life or death consequences.

  12. Ali says:

    I’m getting bored with everyone except Owen and Christina. After Sandra Oh leaves the show, I kind of hope they’ll make Callie straight so she can hook up with Owen. They intrigue me and the possibility of them finding each other would be fun. As for the rest of them….boring….even Alex, one of my favorite characters is kind of just meh this season.

  13. Dawn says:

    I wanted to slap Meredith every time she said “She’s my patient”. She was your patient? So what? You were unprepared, so you should not be in that OR. But nooo you thought your ego was more important than the patient’s life. Gosh I can’t stand her.

  14. Ed says:

    I’m sorry I am really trying to get on board with Jo and Alex, and I was for the past few episodes but tonights I couldn’t. It’s none of Jo’s business how Alex deals with his father. Remember when Izzie when was trying to talk Alex into signing Jane Doe into a mental ward and he told her to “Back off B*tch!” I don’t think those were the exact words, but at that time he knew Izzie for a while. He should’ve uttered those words to Jo tonight.

  15. Lauren says:

    I absolutely loved the Mer/Der scene but am starting to suspect that I read too much into it.I felt that the way it was handled was masterful, but maybe I gave the show too much credit? Here’s what I saw:

    Christina makes some fantastic points about Meredith’s choices, all of which seem valid. We’re buying into it. And then Meredith reminds us what all of us should remember — it’s not just the mother who is responsible for what happens at home. Meredith CAN continue to be a competent surgeon, if Derek shoulders some of the responsibility. Why does she have to give up her surgery to run to Zola when she gets hurt? Derek got the call too, but didn’t pick up his phone. Meredith shouldn’t be the one who has to take all the calls and give up the surgeries — Zola and Bailey have two parents, each of whom need to make sacrifices.

    Again, maybe I read too much into it. But if that’s what they were trying to accomplish, I applaud them.

    • sureeee says:

      I agree completely!! When derek said he had a surgery and that was ALL he would say when mer was yelling at him was pissing me off. I can definitely see where mers anger is coming from towards him, he seems to belittle her career or automatically assume his is more important. Derek has his moments bit a majority of the time he is selfish.

      • abz says:

        I agree. I always had trouble liking the Derek Sheppard character. Sometimes I think he can be kind and sensitive , but the majority of the time he is just a selfish ass and a douchebag of a character with a horrible temper and a huge ego/God complex.
        I will never forget watching how he never formally acknowledged her role in coming up with the idea for the clinical trial back in like the fourth season I believe. I probably wouldn’t have spoken to him for an extremely long time if it were me and it was disappointing how easily Mer let that go because he gave her a diseased kidney. WTF! McDreamy will always McDouchey to me.

    • Kira says:

      Part of the reason Meredith needed to give up the surgery was because she wasn’t prepared. She hadn’t read the research and didn’t completely know the procedure. Cristina was completely in the right for pulling her and puting in Bailey, who knew the procedure. Especially since the patient was in distress and needed the surgery asap. Cristina didn’t have time to talk her through it. Not being fully prepared is a disserve to the patient and if something had gone wrong it could have been used against her and the hospital in a lawsuit.
      I’ll give Derek a free pass on this one. He was already in surgery and couldn’t just walk away in the middle of it. And Meredith was wrong for trying to get Callie to take care of it for her. If it’s not ok for Meredith to miss surgery was is it of for someone else to?
      Cristina was right. Meredith is not as good of a surgeon as her. If she was Meredith would have been fully prepared. And like Cristina said there’s nothing wrong with that. Crisitna lives and breathes this stuff. Meredith is trying so hard to not be like her mom that she’s backed off on being a surgeon. She has to realize she can’t always be there for Zola and Bailey. Sometimes she’s going to have to put the patient first and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad mom or doesn’t love her kids. Meredith will never be Elis Grey and that’s a good thing. Meredith is a great mom and can be a great surgeon. She just needs to find her balance.
      I really don’t think Cristina was trying to be mean. I think she was frustrated that Meredith didn’t put the patient or her surgery first. And she was frustrated that Mer doesn’t seem to understand that she can’t back off on being a surgeon and still expect her professional life to stay the same. Medicine is constantly evolving. Not putting in the time and effort doesn’t work. Hopefully Mer & Der will figure all this out. All friendships go through rough patches. I’m sure Mer and Cristina will be fine.

    • Jerry says:

      First off, Derek was in surgery. Not preparing for surgery. He was removing a tumor from a child’s spinal cord and he’s the only surgeon that could do that. Hell, there were 12 of the best neurosurgeons in the world there to observe him doing so. This is going to sound sexist and it is. But, who do you think the daycare called first? Meredith or Derek? Probably Meredith because she’s the mother. Not right, or fair that mother’s get the first call, but, it’s what happens most times. When Derek got the call or the text, do we know if he was told that Meredith was on her way? No. You’re just assuming he ignored the call. Meredith wasn’t in her surgery, if she was, would it have played out differently? Who knows. But, Derek was supposed to leave a surgery with the spinal cord, wide open on the table, with no one else that could perform the surgery? I wouldn’t have expected Meredith to leave her surgery with her patient open on the table, if she was in surgery with her patient on the table. She wasn’t. The fact that she’s taking her anger out on Derek and not Cristina. Derek is not the reason she wasn’t in that surgery. Derek isn’t the reason that Cristina called Bailey in. I don’t agree with how Cristina went about dressing down Meredith. I especially, don’t like the fact that she said the Bailey lives at the hospital. And I especially didn’t like the fact that she threw Ellis in her face when she knows the abuse that Meredith suffered at her hands of needing to be the best GS there was. Meredith paid a terrible price for that. As Richard once told Meredith, he saw what Ellis was doing to her, how neglected she was and no one stood up for her. She was a baby. And no one stood up for her. So, I get why Meredith would not want to be anything like her mother. She witnessed her mother slit her wrists in front of her and was told not to call for help and she didn’t until Ellis was passed out because she didn’t want to get into trouble because, lets face it, Ellis was vicious. Ellis Grey was abusive to her only child. That doesn’t get erased because she was a great surgeon. She was a horrible human being.

  16. Leslie says:

    I get that Jo wishes more than anything that she had parents, but is she unaware that Alex’s dad wasn’t just a “bad father,” but that he verbally and physically abused both Alex and his mother? She’s basically telling him how lucky he is to know who his father is, not to mention her saying how funny his dad is, when this man caused Alex to have a horrible childhood and really damaged him emotionally. I felt like the writers wanted to downplay the abuse and only allude to it by having Alex call him a dirt bag and bring up how Alex had punched him, so that viewers who forgot about it would think that Alex was in the wrong here and was overreacting by not bonding with his dad or something. I don’t know, the whole thing just felt off to me, but I might be completely alone in thinking this.

  17. sundaysilence89 says:

    I’m giving Greys 2-3 more episodes before I give it up for good or at least this season. I abhor the Callie /Arizona storyline, Alex/Jo I like, but like some of you have said their relationship has gone from 0 to 60 way too fast chill and just let it happen. Mer/Der is meh to me and has been meh for a couple seasons now, I miss Little Grey (she was my favorite Grey and I wouldn’t have minded if Mer had left the show and Lexie had become the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy).

    Owen and Christina are OK but knowing that Christina is gone after this season kind kills her storyline (alltho I loved the banter her & Alex had in the last episode …we need more of that). I like Avery but they need to send his Mom back to Fame..and Avery also needs to be w/ Kepner. They also need to get rid of some people there are too many mouths to fee lines to for it to work. Smash and Leah are just there cut them along w/ a couple others and tighten the show up. Just had to get that off my chest.

  18. Chablis says:

    Horrible recap as usual.

  19. Keres says:

    Funniest part of the episode: Mere Der and Callie getting ready for work together! “Maybe we’re getting a little too good at this.” Lol. Classic of the night!

    • JKR says:

      HA! Yes, the accidental Mer/Callie kiss was hilarious! Also, Callie’s chat with Owen about how she “moved into Big Love and rebounded with The McDreamies…” LOL.

  20. Brittany says:

    I wish there was something here about the “case of the week.” I saw on Facebook that people were commenting it heavily resembled Jodi Picoult’s “My Sister’s Keeper” and I was hoping to read more to judge for myself since I personally stopped watching a few seasons back.

    • Meg says:

      In the COTW, the patient is a daredevil who gets hurt all the time. At 2 she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, and her sister was born as a “donor baby.” She’s donated anything possible, but because of her sister’s accident they needed her to donate a kidney. Her sister had lost a kidney and the one she had left was too badly damaged in the accident. The donor sister said she never felt like she could do anything, like learn to ride a bike in case she was hurt and couldn’t help her sister. Callie tells her she can say no to donating the kidney but she decides to go through with it.

  21. Jess says:

    How awesome is James Remar ? He is such a good actor !

  22. LaLa says:

    I loved this episode. I like watching Mer deal with the motherhood/career crisis. I, as well as a lot of women, deal with this everyday. So, we’ve seen Cristina’s choice. Now we’re seeing Mer’s choice. Bravo, Shonda. Also, I like that Mer is taking it to Derek. This, too, is an issue for married couples with kids. Dads are often left to deal with only a number of things, and EVERYTHING else is left for moms to handle. Dads’ careers are allowed to flourish while Moms’ careers sputter during those early childhood years. I’m glad Shonda and her crew are giving attention to it.
    I said it earlier – I like Avery and Stephanie together. Not every relationship is hot, hot, heavy, heavy, fireworks, fireworks – it’s just not realistic. April has her own issues – Jackson doesn’t want to deal with all of that. I am OK with him being with Stephanie, who may be young – but knows what she wants. And the talk that she and Mama Avery finally began having – very nice.
    Hi-five to Callie for allowing herself to dance again. She really did lose much of herself, first dealing with her own accident. Then dealing with losing Mark. Trying not to lose Arizona. The leg and the aftermath. She and Arizona will not be able to work their problems out if both of them do not get themselves together first, so way to facilitate that Callie.
    Alex and his dad – I think Alex is being a little selfish, but I understand it. He’s guarding his heart. Who wouldn’t? Jo’s trying to make sure he doesn’t have any regrets. That’s a girlfriend for you.
    I loved that Cristina told Mer what she needed to hear. Richard’s still teaching, and Leah’s still boring. Good show.

  23. CH says:

    Am I the only one who just doesn’t like Catherine Avery? I love Debbie Allen and I’m fine with her portrayal, but Catherine just rubs me the wrong way.

    Christina was right to cut Meredith out of the surgery because she wasn’t prepared, but I don’t agree that Meredith isn’t just as good of a surgeon. As soon as she stops trying so hard not to be Ellis and learns how to balance her life, she’ll be fine. Meredith is a great surgeon, even though I’m still upset she ended up in general after all the neuro prep.

    • Babygate says:

      “Am I the only one who just doesn’t like Catherine Avery? I love Debbie Allen and I’m fine with her portrayal, but Catherine just rubs me the wrong way.”

      No! You are not! I liked Debbie Allen a lot more before Catherine Avery started popping up at Greys taking center stage every time. I have dubbed episode 5 “Avery’s Anatomy” because the woman took up half the screen time! It’s like: “there she goes again.” She has gotten the exposure and development that regulars have not gotten. This episode should have been more about Mer’s Sophie’s choice, Callie’s moving on and Alex’s ‘come to Jesus’ moment with his dad. Instead it became all about Momma Avery’s acceptance of Stephanie and her role in Webber’s life. In the meantime, April and Arizona, who had phenomenally funny moments during the gala, got like 2 minutes of screen time. Mind you, Arizona is supposed to be going through the most transformational, deeply introspective moment of her life at a moment when her marriage is in shambles but we can’t take time to explore that because we gotta know if Momma Avery likes Stephanie for her baby boy. Ugh!!!

  24. LC says:

    Last night’s episode was fine, and it made me very sad when Christina took Mer to task over choosing motherhood over surgery. Mer looked devastated. But what I’m really wondering is why we haven’t addressed Shane’s guilt over Heather’s death. It was his fault, after all! He selfishly sent her to find Weber so that he could have a shot at a surgery when he was told to find Weber himself, but in the last 3 episodes, he’s acting as though nothing ever happened. Are we really going to let that story line drop? Please tell me that Shonda isn’t going to just let this drop!

    • Lana says:

      I think the Shane guilt over Mousey’s death will come up in a few episodes from now. Pretty sure I read that in an official episode description. I’m a fan of Shane and all of the interns but Shane and Leah are my favorites.

      • Lana says:

        Another thing, Meredith looked more shocked and taken aback at Cristina’s brutal honesty than devastated, at least to me. Seems to me things are coming full circle now with Meredith and Cristina because of Sandra’s exit. Cristina should be on her way to becoming the Dinosaur from Season 5 (Faye Dunaway’s character). Cristina is cold and self-serving and now she’s moving beyond Meredith. I never bought their friendship beyond TV plot. In Season 1 it seemed to me Cristina only became interested in Meredith because of who her mother was (Ellis Grey). Meredith did seem to be genuinely interested in a friendship with Cristina. But then it became co- dependent, especially with Cristina always running to Meredith every time her world fell apart, and Meredith responding in her bizarre ‘give up everything else for Cristina’ way. Meredith is lucky Derek stayed with her every time she did this. Hopefully we see Meredith-Cristina move on for good this season because this is what happens when real friends take different paths in life. Meredith is putting her family first and Cristina has her ‘greatness’ to pursue and there is no way around it for either one. Going back to the person/BFF/codependent relationship would be implausible to me and show nothing has changed 10 on Grey’s after 10 seasons.

  25. Pat says:

    After watching this show, I have to say, that Christina was right in getting that patient to surgery. As for Meredith I think she needed to be on a much longer maternity leave since she feels so strongly about being with her children. She kept referring to not wanting to be like her mother, well then take more time to be with your kids something she felt that her mother did not do with her. Last nights episode was ridiculous with her going crazy about a Princess Tea Party for Zola and next week it looks like she is going to go off on Derek.

  26. Monica4185 says:

    What I want from the writers of GA is for then to stop with “I don’t want to be like Ellis Grey” Meredith needs to realize that she is nothing like Ellis. Ellis was a horrible mother because she didn’t want children and had a daughter anyway, it had nothing to do with Ellis being a surgeon, it was simply because she didn’t want children. Mer wanted her children and therefore loves them, just for that Meredith is a better mother. As for Cristina saying what she said, she was right in part but the way she said it wasn’t. Cristina was right in part not completly simply because Mer and Cris were never on the same path. Mer was never as surgery hungry as Cris was. Mer never show any desire for being the best surgeon, that was Cristina. The desire Meredith alway had was to be happy and being a surgeon was only part of it, not all of it.

    • Megan says:

      I know right? She’s already proved for years that she’s nothing like her mother in that aspect. The argument she had with Detek was completely unfair too. How the hell is he supposed to answer his phone in the middle of surgery? The writing is very sloppy this season so far.

      • abz says:

        In countless other surgeries, we have seen these surgeons constantly being interrupted by pages or people walking in to tell them things. Obviously he can’t leave mid surgery, but he could clearly have answered his page. I think all of that though is a side point. I think the whole reason Mer is pissed off at Derek is because this behaviour has become a trend with him. His career was always more important than hers. He always sees himself as better. Remember when he never gave her any credit for the first clinical trial they did together. He took credit for her idea and undervalued her role in motivating him and pushing him to take on that last patient who ultimately became a success story. And in this episode, he got to do his surgery and spend the day entertaining people while Mer missed out on a very rare surgery. You should try and look at the underlying issues of their fight. If you think about it, it’s not really about this particular situation. It’s about how Mer’s career is being pushed to the sidelines while Derek’s is continuing. At least, that’s how I saw it.

  27. says:

    Callie dancing in her underwear…. that is all :)

  28. AB says:

    I guess I’m firmly in the minority, but I love Debbie Allen as Catherine. I’m actually more interested in the Catherine and Richard dynamic than the Jackson and Stephanie relationship. I don’t get that pairing at all.

  29. Joanna says:

    Stephanie is so boring. She and Jackson have no chemistry. Kepner & Jackson need to get back together. That is all.

  30. sam says:

    I think a lot of people forget that Meredith and Derek aren’t entirely new parents, they’ve had Zola for about a year. Before the plane crash and their deaths Mark and Lexie were rather active in the kids lives and they would have continued be so, so such things wouldn’t have been such a big issue if they were alive.
    If Meredith and Derek had surgery Lexie might have comforted Zola after Meredith ensured she was okay. Alex stepped up by telling Meredith she wasn’t like her mother and to go do the surgery that he had Zola. Comforted by that Meredith would have focused on the surgery, not her kid as she’s with Uncle Alex.
    Cristina was right in saying she didn’t want her to operate because she wasn’t prepared. But everything else was ridiculous. Meredith was reading the research when the call about Zola happened, which is how Bailey had access to it.
    Kids have accidents, they get hurt, parents drop everything to check on them. That doesn’t make the parent any less capable of their job. It just means more time studying when the kids are asleep or not around.
    Their patient didn’t have that time (If true) Cristina was right to point it out, but she didn’t have to be such a bitch about it.
    It is my understanding however that Transplants, most surgeries really usually require a somewhat stable patient don’t they? If the patient coded the transplant would be more likely to have been ineffective, at least immediately afterwards. They should of had to of delay it until the patient was reliably stable, at least stable enough to survive the surgery or they may of had to pass on the organs. From what Cristina implied Meredith would of had time.
    The patient’s stasis was an excuse, Cristina was upset that they were finally doing something together, a none child related something, like the old days and the Zola’s accident ruined it. The Twisted sisters are drifting apart
    If anyone’s like Ellis it’s Derek for not answering and expecting Thatch… Meredith to just drop everything and take care of it.
    I would have liked to of seen Meredith grieving Lexie and the loss of her in hers and Zola’s and Little Bailey Derek’s lives, we haven’t really seen it, this episode had an opening to explore it that Grey’s just ignored.
    Cristina’s always believed that it’s surgery or family, you can’t have both. The information she’s gained from Meredith’s childhood simply reaffirms this.Then she see’s Meredith, a surgical attending, in the middle of a research trial while still managing to enjoy family life with a husband and two kids.
    I think Cristina’s real problem is how well Meredith is actually managing and that it’s drawing them apart. The thing that Meredith has most let go of so she can have balance to make everything work, to be a kick ass working mum, is Cristina. Their relationship just isn’t the same.
    The surgery, for Cristina I think was a olive branch, a chance to begin restoring their relationship a little, a branch that Meredith turned around and whacked her with, so she wacked back.
    I found it strange and was very surprised that Bailey didn’t pick up on the fact that in the process of Cristina calling Meredith bad doctor she called Bailey a bad mum and that didn’t say anything to Cristina about it. Even if it was after the surgery that she was so eager to scrub in on, guess she doesn’t care.