Ryan Murphy: Glee to End Next Season, Reworked Series Finale Will 'Honor' Finn

Glee Final EpisodeGlee cocreator Ryan Murphy has made it official: The show won’t go on beyond next season.

At a Paley Center event honoring FX Networks Wednesday night, Murphy confirmed that Season 6 will be Glee‘s last. He also revealed that Cory Monteith’s death has forced him to devise a completely different endgame.

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“The final year of the show, which will be next year, was designed around Rachel and Cory/Finn’s story,” he told reporters. “I always knew that, I always knew how it would end. I knew what the last shot was – he was in it. I knew what the last line was – she said it to him. So when a tragedy like that happens you sort of have to pause and figure out what you want to do, so we’re figuring that out now.

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“I have a good idea,” Murphy added. “I’m going to tell the studio and the network [in a week] how after Cory’s unfortunate passing we can end the show that I think is very satisfactory. And kind of in his honor, which I love.” (Reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. Romy says:

    I can see the series finale being at the Tony wth Rachel winning for Funny Girl and dedicating her award to Finn

  2. Jody says:

    I loved Rachel and Finn and they were the only reason I watched Glee last year. I can’t stand the newbies in Lima and the Glee Club scenes all feel redundant. I still like Schue and Beiste and I’d like to see them as a couple when Emma leaves. Enough with angry Sue…I’m so over her. They should move the show to NYC for the last year and hook Rachel up with Puck. Maybe they could honor Finn together. That would be a good last scene – Rachel and Puck together with Schue, Kurt, Burt and Carol all standing around the tree or at an event in honor of whatever Finn died of. Keep it simple and no newbies!

  3. Tina says:

    What were the lines? Finchel fans need to know!

  4. Erin says:

    This makes me so freaking sad. :,(

  5. barbara says:

    glee was a good show in the past but graduation and the newbies brought it down. I’m truly sad cory died he was young talented had a great future a girlfriend who loved him but even with all that he chose to go to hotel room and do his drugs. in was sad but on the otherhand very selfish on his part

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  8. Emily says:

    The last 2 seasons have been absolutely awful so I’m glad they’re ending the show, the only reason I’d want it to continue is because I want my favourites (Chris and Darren) to stay employed and also the rest of the cast, but I’m sure they’ll all go on to do bigger and better things than a poorly written, offensive show

  9. AdamJ says:

    I kind of formed my own little concept as to how season 5 and 6 may have gone when they announced earlier this year it was two more seasons that fox had resigned Glee for.(something that is very unique and kind of tipped off that they would be the last two seasons).

    It went something like this: Season 5:

    In Lima the kids go onto nationals and Graduate, Finn remains at University and helps out with Glee club, Shue and Emma start living happily ever after, Sue is still Sue and provides comic relief as principal. After graduation Blaine and Artie show up in NYC. Tina not so much. poor Tina.

    In NYC Kurt, Rachel(still talking to Finn from time to time on the phone) and Santana all find some form of success career wise. Rachel was going to be understudy on Fanny but get her shot when then lead has a peanut allergy(oh wait saw that somewhere else once before) Kurt and Blaine get to start living together after graduation and Santana starts having many many lovers including a big star(male or female ??not sure).

    Season 6: was going to be a flash forward deal…it was now 3 years later…

    In Lima, Will and Emma have just had a baby, Finn has graduated and is in his first year as a teacher at McKinley and the Glee club, which Finn takes over at Mr.Shue’s request due to his baby duties has a whole bunch of new kids.

    In NYC, Rachel has performed as lead in Fanny for the past two years winning 2 Tony’s one as best new talent and the following year as best female lead in a musical. She has left Fanny and is starring in another role but looks like its gunna struggle to be a success…she then gets offered a Hollywood movie…the 2015 feature film remake of Funny Girl.
    Santana makes a splash in an all girl rock/pop band and is about to start touring america after having a top 10 song about brittany called “ladykisses” hit it big.
    Kurt and Blaine are both finishing off there time at NYADA and havent made it big but are frustrated at all the small parts they can get but none of the juicy leading broadway roles, so they are considering opening a themed coffee shop/organic vegetable market somewhere in bushwick which they do and then one day Hugh Jackman walks in asking for Kurt.

    Naturally Rachel agrees to do the movie, Finn coaches the Glee club along to Nationals in LA that year. Rachel is pretty busy so her and finn dont talk much thru the year, she forgets to send Finn tickets to the premier of her Funny Girl movie in Westwood the same weekend as nationals take place in LA.

    But, Finn goes and stands in the crowd three deep with flowers in hand but Rachels steps out of her limo and gets ushered by him to the papparatzi photo line and never see’s him…his head drops and he starts to walk away dejected the flash bulbs stop just long enough and Rachel does a double take thinking she see’s Finn…then remembers she didnt send invites for him…she gets ushered away….inside the premier.

    Finn goes back to his Glee club kids and the next day is Nationals….They perform, Finn is stageside and looks out to see Rachel front and centre there to watch McKinley perform. McKinley comes in second…Rachel greets Finn afterwards and tells him she loves him. Finn says he loves teaching and he cant leave the glee club kids and go off to new york or hollywood because shes lonely.

    Rachel says no no…i need a strong male lead in my Glee club coaching career…perhaps next year Mckinley can go one better with two coaches one of which has won two tony awards and a possible oscar. They kiss…..dont stop believing…fade to black.

  10. Colleen says:

    Does anyone give a crap that someone actually died here?! I have watched from 1st show to the present, and yes there are a couple things that bother me about it now, BUT the singing and acting talent of ALL the characters isn’t one of them!! The storylines of a couple characters including Rachel/Finn went a little off the tracks BUT for the most part it has always been an entertaining show. There have been important and pertinent issues addressed, such as gays, disabled, depressed, overweight issues amongst many others, all interspersed with fantastic music, singing, dancing etc as well as humour, grace and wisdom!! I am proud of each and every cast member, crew, and the writers!! Cory Monteith was a talented, kind, gentle soul, who did something special, that most people only dream of doing in their lifetime, and that is to entertain others and make them feel good if only for a short time! What more could anyone want from him or anyone else in this wonderful production called Glee!!??

    • Penny says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Someone else who really gets the show. That is exactly what it is about. When the show started we all knew the kids could not stay at the same school forever. It’s called Glee because it’s about a Glee club, not about one or 2 people, but about a group. As with any group, one or 2 will always stand out. In life, kids go out with people in high school- most of those relationships don’t last so why should they in the show! Glee is about the music and the enormous amount of talent that is out there, tucked away in schools and is unknown to the world. Most of this wonderful cast was totally unknown to us, yet now we have our favorites that we can’t get enough of. They could have chosen not to follow the stories of the kids when they graduated. I am really glad they didn’t just drop them.
      Are the stories always what we would choose, no, but then neither is life. Glee has always been about the kids and the music. How could anyone take the show too seriously when one of the main characters is a prejudiced, unbridled bully, in a world where bullying is hated yet runs rampant.
      As for the NYC segments, I’ve enjoyed them too. Was it the same? Not by a long shot, but it was interesting to see what the kids we loved have to go through to try and pursue the career they have chosen. They went from being the stars of their Glee club to nobodies in a big city full of people who want the same thing they do.
      I love that this show has showcased those that are picked on or who face challenges due to culture or character: physically handicapped, mentally handicapped, Asians, gays, overweight, Jews. It’s showcased the problems involved in blending two families. It showed how a parent’s health can affect how a child interacts with friends. It’s showed that teachers have lives too that affect how they react with the kids.
      Is Glee the show for everyone? No way. But what TV show is. I don’t bash the shows I don’t watch or the people that like them. Many shows I can’t stand are very popular shows, but it’s my choice to watch what I like. If you don’t like Glee, then don’t follow the posts and the articles about the show. Just leave those of us who do enjoy the show to watch, enjoy and see what unfolds. With Cory’s death we are not going to get the ending most of us wanted, so we just have to wait and see what happens. Whatever it is, the bottom line is that it is still just a TV show, even though the people seem so real to us and we love them for it :)

      • …..and as I’ve said before. The show aspired to bring life’s lessons to kids who live with these real problems, showing them what hope & courage looks like, solutions and sometimes consequences to wrong actions…..AND ALL SET TO MUSIC. Beats a college lecture any day in the week.

    • WOW -well spoken and you are so right. I, as you, loved the show for bringing attention to issues that young kids deal with daily, giving them in many cases hope, solutions, and in other instances showing them the consequences. Said it before – life lessons – a lecture set to music….what could be better and easier to digest.

  11. joncuriel says:

    It would be nice if they decide to focus on the New York side and somehow manage to bring Tina, Blaine and Artie, ditch Lima, ditch the newbies, which are awful copies of previews characters and rebuild the show to have an amazing sixth season

  12. joncuriel says:

    Seriously, this is sad, I’ve been a fan of the show since season one, but the one to blame are the producers, I mean, they butchered the show so bad.

  13. duchess1977 says:

    Good grief…. How many times do Hollywood & Murphy have to” honor” this drug addled fool???? The Emmys weren’t enough, they had to have an entire episode of Glee “honoring” his passing, plus they have to treat the death like a big military secret… NEWS FLASH!! He was a junkie and died because of that… MOVE ON PEOPLE! HE’S GONE, AND IT WAS OF HIS OWN DOING!!!! PLEASE STOP” HONORING” SOMEONE WHO CHOSE DRUGS OVER THE GOD GIVEN TALENT HE HAD!!!!

  14. Serai Abraham says:

    He died because he abused illegal drugs yet he is made a hero—he caused his own demise!

    • Penny says:

      No One has made Cory a hero!!! I am so sick and tired of people who do not get that drugs aren’t a choice once they are an addiction. It’s an illness. People don’t choose to die of drugs, you moron!! And just because someone died from a drug overdose, does not mean that those that loved him, liked him, shared something with him and will miss him can not honor the person he was. Drug addict was not who he was, it’s what he was. So because you are a total moron, no one should mourn you when you die? So if you drink and drive and kill someone, no one can mourn you when you die? Giving someone a great sendoff because you liked them, loved them and miss them does not make them a hero. It only matters how he lived, not how he died. The young man did a lot of good, and hopefully seeing how drugs ended his life will be a lesson and help someone else get the help they need. The world has far too many idiots who only want to see the bad and not the good in people. Cory showed the world a lot of good, and that does not stop because of how he died. The list is way too long of great talents that died because of drugs. Their deaths did not take away what they accomplished in their lives; It didn’t stop .them being loved because of who they were; it wont stop their records being played, their movies being seen and that’s how it should be. Cory was a son, a brother a friend and a person loved by many. Showing their sadness at his death does not make him a hero. Not understanding that does make for cold hearted morons!

  15. LovelakeNY says:

    Some comments are BS!. I can’t wait to see and learn more of finchel’s story in season 6. It’s sad that finn is gone, but life must go on.

  16. Lana says:

    This could have been avoided if RIB had done better in continuing it being an ensemble show like in season 1. When you over focus on just a few characters you really put yourself in a bind if anything ever happens to the actors playing the characters. I think Murphy is just saving face to be honest. I don’t believe for a second he had the end of season 6 mapped out because this man is known for changing his story regarding the characters and the plot constantly.
    Maybe in the final season he can bring back the originals and work out their stories. At this point that seems to be the only thing he really can do to get at least some of the people back who used to like this show. I’d love to followup with all of the originals plots. In particular Quinn and Mercedes, and then Santana and the others.

  17. Glee4ever says:

    I don’t care if the past 2 seasons weren’t as good as the other ones. I love Glee. It always makes me happy. It is a great and good show. I think it is very sad that it ends. But I totally accept this decision. Ryan created a great show and I really have a lot of respect for what he did. A lot of people related to the show so much. I think it’s sad but I still accept his decision! That is just my opinion. Sorry for my bad english.

    • Penny says:

      Your English was fine!! And I agree with you 100%!! It is a great show and if people don’t like or are disappointed, they don’t have to watch it then they don’t have to complain about it…lol

  18. jan says:

    The premise of Glee (to me) is to showcase peer pressures, struggles and successes of young and old, ordinary and extraordinary, in a “You are not alone” type of lesson plan. And what better way than what brings everyone together GREAT MUSIC. I am just going to wait and see what happens, what topics they choose to bring attention to and enjoy the music. I hope they keep good talent. Sad to see Mercedes didn’t stay till the end, she is a true talent. I would not want Mr Murphys job at all. (PS- The tribute episode was real and well done)

  19. Sini says:

    I wath glee for Klaine ^.^

  20. Val says:

    Everyone keeps saying that Cory was a drug addict but he he was a pain addict and he used drugs to get rid of the pain. Cory told us his story but no one listened his interviews near the end, talk of waiting to just take off, that hollywood was plastic fake. His interviews in Canada were so different then US. If Ryan murphy want to honor Cory he would tell his story not only glee but Cory real story if we stopped treating pain addict like drug addict people, like Cory would not die. Their mental heath is the problem but you cannot have a mental problem in hollywood it ends your career. For glee I hope they can figure it out but cory was the heart of the show and finn was just given bad material he tried to make work. Always thought finn should have another girl friend that did not treat finn like an after thought or a person with half a brain.

  21. jw says:

    I can see a Rachel, Kurt, Santana spin-off.

  22. i love finn and rachel and he was like glue he kept glee together i didn’t like season 4 because i missed the original glee members and it was cool how rachel was moving on but its not the same without rachel and finn being together i miss all the original members of glee and how they were together and everything i prefer the old glee members rather than the new ones.

  23. DAVID STOUT says:

    AND ITS ALL TRUE.:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  24. Candace says:

    Thank God. This show started its downward spiral into complete and utter crap after season 2.

  25. Y Mack says:

    I would love to see a show featuring Eric Carmen and his music. Perhaps he could play a visiting glee club teacher or voice coach. He has a new song coming out next March, 2014, Happy New Year and he certainly has many wonderful hits to perform from his time as lead singer with the Raspberries to his solo career and the groups brief reunion. He is a multitalented entertainer and Glee would be a great play to showcase his talent. Please see ericcarmen.com Thank you.

  26. HAHAHAHAH says:


  27. Finn Hudson was an ok charter but they could of replaced Cory Montieth with a look alike I’m sorry their could of been other talent I don’t feel sorry for people who kill them selves with drugs

    • Penny says:

      No one is asking you to feel sorry for Cory, but he was a son, a brother. a great friend and lover to someone. that’s where my sympathies lie. And just because someone dies of an overdose does not mean he killed himself. I really don’t think he intended to kill himself. You idiots just don’t get that drug use is an illness- any addiction is! Just have a little compassion for those that loved him and shut your mouth if you have nothing nice to say. And no way they could have replaced Finn/Cory!!!!!

  28. PsychologyMiMi says:

    Cory Monteith was working on other projects (movies) throughout S4, which is why he had so little screen time. He had asked for and was approved for a bigger role in S5. Unfortunately, fate intervened. Many people seem to have forgotten, and some are simply clueless (but judgmental, nonetheless) that Cory *fought* his long-term demons. He was very open about his drug abuse having started as young teen (i.e., a nearly two decade battle), and would not have agreed to voluntary rehab if he did not want to rid himself of those demons. RM even said that the last thing Cory told him was that he wanted to get better. It was negligent of the rehab facility for not assigning him a sponsor or explaining to him and his family, including Lea and Ryan, the danger of a relapse to the same amount of the drug he used prior to getting clean. He TRIED to put his demons behind him, but staying clean is a constant battle. No one is simply cured of addiction after a one month stint in rehab. You don’t have to like Cory Monteith, but at least be respectful of the fact that he TRIED to rid himself of his drug problems.

    • Penny says:

      Thank you so much for your compassionate understanding comments. It’s so nice to read something pleasant for a change instead of the garbage that is being thrown at Cory and the show. I wish people who have to be so negative would just go back under the rock they came from and leave those of us who like the show, love the cast and feel the loss to discuss as we wish !

  29. Maisie says:

    Can I just say Santana wanky is the best person on glee and all you people talking about how back some of the charctors are if you didn’t give a sh*t about the show and you didn’t like it you wouldn’t be on a website reading and writing about. The people on this show have done a lot more for some people than lots of you will ever do.

  30. Maisie says:

    Can I just say Santana wanky is the best person on glee and all you people talking about how bad some of the characters are if you didn’t give a sh*t about the show and you didn’t like it you wouldn’t be on this website reading and writing about so go back toyour sad life and stop being so mean. The people on this show have done a lot more for others than lots of you will ever do. So stop hating if you don’t have anything nice to say shut the fu*k up

  31. Maisie says:

    Can I just say Santana wanky is the best person on glee and all you people talking about how bad some of the characters are if you didn’t give a sh*t about the show and you didn’t like it you wouldn’t be on this website reading and writing about it. so go back to your sad life and stop being so mean. The people on this show have done a lot more for others than lots of you will ever do. So stop hating if you don’t have anything nice to say then shut the fu*k up

  32. miss ryan lemon says:

    I hope blaine and kurt get married I will love them to be husbands and have a happy life

  33. Cindi says:

    Think about reality. Rachel is young she should get over Finns passing. Next season she should meet a slightly older man who graduated before glee club was and went on to fame. He is reconnecting with his HS g
    lee club and will sweep rachelcoff her feet allow her to get past Finn and save Glee club.

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  37. I just love watching Glee. I even like when some of the characters get rather annoying, but that is part of life. I love the dance, songs, drama, and how the show has shown to all that it is alright to be different, to have star high goals. I like how characters have all shown their struggles and how they all grew up. I like how the show showed struggles in society and breached that wall.
    I like how Rachel has grown up and I just love all the characters, for all the acting.
    I just think is great, even with season 4 not being the best; I am still a fan of Glee!!

  38. demi says:

    Seriously. If you think about it.. who cares about the characters. I watched season 1 and continued to watch it because of the story line and some episodes. There’s been episodes about having confidence, about realizing and going through sexuality problems. Dealing with family problem. There’s more to it than you think.

  39. dani Riley says:

    I love Glee I went through a very dark period of my life Glee was there for me in many ways I love Mark Saling Puck and Corey Moneith Finn Hudson it is too hard for me to watch the final season its really hard for me that there leaving

  40. suzi says:

    i just hope that glee lets Racheal move on, I hope she finds somebody to love, shes moved on off set I think she should move on, On set,i hope the guy Jessie comes back for her because she cared for him before cory.

  41. grayce says:

    When will you be adding season 6 of glee onto netflix?

  42. grayce says:

    You should for season 6 have Sam and Mercades get back together and get married

  43. liz says:

    Even though the glee goodbye was amazing I am not happy that I. Won’t be looking foward to a new season… I am going to miss glee and the amazing talents.

  44. Brenna Boyer says:

    you should really make a 7th season i love glee so much it is such an amazing show even without cory in it u should really make a 7th season

  45. Hunter Rose says:

    WHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE GLEE DONT LEAVE ME, as they always say the show must go on!

  46. pliz make gleee 2 continue it has inspired millions or i can give u a story 2 addd 2 make it go 4 more ears

  47. abby says: