Sneak Peek: Can Castle Solve the Mystery of Pi?

It may not be a Halloween episode per se, but Castle‘s Oct. 28 outing presents a scary scenario nonetheless: Rick’s little girl gets her own place, with Pi — and we’ve got a sad little series of photos commemorating the occasion.

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Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe has described the hour, titled “Get a Clue,” as “a really fun, delightful, classic Castle episode that has a touch of National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code” — as pertains to the Case of the Week. But on the homefront, Castle must wrap his noodle around the fact that Alexis and Pi (played by Molly Quinn and Myko Olivier) are officially playing house.

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Surveying Alexis’ breakneck-paced relationship with the fruitarian, Marlowe says, “Given the fact that her dad just got engaged to this other woman [Kate], we here don’t think it’s a coincidence. So we’re going to be watching how that tests Alexis’ relationship with her father, which has always been quite good. It definitely puts a new strain on it.

“It feels like new and really interesting territory — Alexis growing up and now Castle having to grow up, too, to be there for his daughter,” he continues. “Like any father dealing with a daughter who has a boyfriend, it’s always a bit of an adventure.”

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  1. Sammy Carson says:

    If Alexis had been a bit more rebellious and foolish in the past I might be able to take this in stride, but this is a serious 180 for this girl, to the point of being unbelievable. If they had permitted her and family time to get to know him than maybe I could buy into the story line, but not only does she meet him on a vacation and it’s love at first sight, but she brings him home??? Now I was a bit of a wild child in the 60’s, but if I had pulled a home for the summer stunt like this my parents would not only have thrown him out, but I would have been next on the bus if I dared to protest. Also, where is the money coming from for this little venture? If daddy is footing the bill is it just for the one baby play house of the both of them? I don’t care how mature she is, personally I think she has one hell of a nerve. Castle is also acting out of character. With his cash flow has he not looked into this boy’s background? Forget about upsetting Alexis, she is not acting responsible, the kid is a stranger and daddy is rich. This is not rocket science.

    • Rick says:

      Sammy what a good post. Alexis comes across as a spoiled kid who was born on third base and thinks she hit a triple. Columbia is expensive plus dorm fees, food, books, clothes, etc. all paid by Castle. She says she is the smart one in the family , obviously unable to distinguish a proud father’s evaluation from reality. Everybody else in the family seems to have been successful in their careers (even the 2 ex-wives) and her father was a published writer by her age. Apartments even one as small as a closet (closets being a term used in the rest of the country no NYer has seen one in years) are extremely expensive even through Columbia is one of the biggest slum lords. Part time jobs are hard to get around Columbia and PI (can he be the next murder victim?) with no papers would be lucky to get a job washing dishes. Alexis has never held a job that Castle didn’t get for her. I am sure that by the show with Castle and Beckett visiting it will be a beautiful apartment that only people with high incomes could really get. Typically the girl in this scenario gets pregnant (and then we have a will she won’t she get abortion story) and boyfriend disappears or he gets her hooked on drugs and pimps her to make money. Rarely in real life does this story turn out well.

      • Sammy Carson says:

        Greetings Rick. Thank you for supporting my post. I was beginning to think I was perhaps taking this too seriously for others to comment on, but when you have invested so much time with a show; and gotten deeply involved with the characters; you expect some continuity. If the powers that be are going to change a person’s attitude regarding their morals, values and personal discipline, they need to give the viewers a reasonable path to travel to arrive at the reasons behind the change. To me it seems they deleted almost an entire season in the life of Alexis Castle. If they were going to turn (Ally) into a semi wild child now that she is a foot loose and fancy free college co-ed, I would have liked to have seen more action on the campus of Columbia. Take our sparkling little formerly kidnapped girl to a few frat parties. Have her miss a some classes because she got sloppy drunk the night before. Change her hair style and former taste in clothing while she aligns herself with some questionable new girlfriends. Let her bring THEM home and have granny and daddy ponder that move, and for laughs have poppa come home and find her in the middle of a pot party. Then we will all know what is coming, ….. The opening scene is her dorm room, in bed with some cutie she has been doing some late night studying with. That would be a surprise but still NORMAL. As for the wanna be hippy Pi person, at this point I have to wonder if even Ally knows his last name! If I were her guardian I would have a detective on the fruitmans tail and my kid would be seeing a shrink or given the option of transferring to Wellesley. Hey, it’s always nice to have choices especially when you are NOT footing the bill.

        • Dory says:

          Hi Rick Agree with your post. Everything seems a little crazy on Castle right now. Castle 7 beckett don’t seem as loving toward each other. Maybe a diversion? I did enjoy Time will tell.

  2. Ann says:

    SO….. disappointed with the Pi character. He is a buffoon and I feel this story line has really made the show look desperate for laughs. Same with the NY detective who replaced Beckett. Cheap tricks don’t help the show.

  3. Sammy Carson says:

    I think one of the things I do not like about Pi is that he is such a mystery. This might be okay if he were not so closely connected to a major character. In short the story line is just plain odd. Then again maybe there is something else afoot. Ms. Quinn is getting older and perhaps she is desiring to move on to other projects. This little stunt could be a way for her to slip out the back door and many of us just might not care. Since she could not get into Stanford maybe she could apply to Berkeley and once a month phone home. Maybe mommy will be making a film on the west coast and they can get together and go shopping. After all in the end the apply really doesn’t fall very far from the tree. I would like to see Castle and Kate get very busy with their lives and on one of those calls home daddy says he is has too many irons in the fire and can’t chat right now. Bye Bye!!

  4. Rick says:

    Good episode in Get a Clue except for PI and Alexis. Beckett and Castle were good together and for those who wanted more, Kate was working and back to behaving like a trained professional. Castle for the first time in a while was allowed to demonstrate his intelligence in solving the clues. I liked when Kate proposed a crazy theory and Castle taken back said you are supposed to follow the evidence and I come up with the crazy theories.
    Alexis has become extremely rude and shows her father no respect. Castle has provided her with a very good life and all the luxuries and no responsibilities. He is now supporting her bad choice and when she gets bored with PI she can return home secure in the knowledge that Dad will pay for her abortion or rehab. The show writers are familiar with this type of kid they show up every day in the LA papers under the headline “Daughter of famous whatever ODs at 22”. I just love what someone on the blog called the modern way of parenting. Just think Castle should act like a parent occasionally. Cut off Alexis credit and let her see what life is like for a part time jobber and a Bee counter. I do support the environment and helping our all important Bees. However, Bee counting is usually an unpaid student helping a researcher for grade credit. So it is obvious that her life style is maintained by Dad, which puts her pretty far from being an independent adult.

  5. Mark says:

    everybody is claiming that get a glue was a great episode yet the biggest goof yet was revealed and missed, And it’s this that’s turning me away from this show earlier in this forum I stated that patience maybe needed for this story to unfold I stand by that but the writers need to make it realistic. Here’s my meaning — On more than one occasion in this season we have been told Pi has no papers, none at all. yet now he is working. You have to have papers to get a work visa I know coming from the UK it was a bitch to sort out. Secondly if he working illegally as a cop Beckett is sworn to uphold the law and I can not see her turning a blind eye on this considering the anguish its coursing Castle, the backlass from Alexis can be sorted later but I feel him describing his job was an epic fail and lost the show all credibility…..

    • Sammy Carson says:

      Thank you Mark for reminding me that Fruity Pi has no papers. Someone at the master control panel appears to have fallen asleep. When silly shows do wacky things you let is pass, like Frasier. We expect that pile of pompous poop to have at least one melt down @ episode. But “Castle”, even though it is often fun and light heart, is suppose to be on target as it is a cop show exploring serious and dangerous aspects of life. Characters do change and evolve if the series last long enough, but Alexis went from being a likable mature and (extraordinary) young lady to a demanding, selfish immature (ordinary) rich brat in the blink of an eye. I have wondered if some of the writers have sunk to the level of creating from their own lives. Let me guess, your little sweet darling went off to college and upon a trip home had transformed into a creature you didn’t recognize? If so, please do not welcome us to your nightmare …. see a shrink. Suggestion: take a pass on the Crane brothers as there isn’t enough valium on the planet to deal with them. Another thought is that maybe the cast and creators have decided they have had enough and if they mess with their loyal views we might all take a hike, the ratings drop and the show is cancelled. You might think I am being harsh but if you think about it the powers that be are treating us as if we are all stupid and I find that insulting.

  6. Dory says:

    Did anyone see the ep where Kate comes from behind a screen in a horrible mask. It was really funny as Rick screamed and ran from the room. It had to be season 5 because they were a couple. I,ve seen a lot of reruns but not that one. I love the funny parts and NF is talented comedian and a very good actor.

    • Nelmar says:

      Hi Dory, I will see if I find the eps you are talking about, I don’t know if anyone has already answered you regarding that because I do not have time to read now all the postings. I threw a party for my daughter who turned 21 and had been extremely busy, will try to catch up with my readings and conversation one of these days. Have you heard from Ralph and/or Sally? Yesterday, I was extremely tired and slept during the eps, I will watch it this afternoon after coming from work, did you like the eps.? Just saw the very beginning of it, will be able to discuss fully after watching it all. Need to go now, but wanted to be in touch with you. Hi Rick! Have a great Tuesday you all!

  7. Sammy Carson says:

    You know I am beginning to wonder if this is Alexis at all. When she was kidnapped both her and friend were drugged long enough to be taken out of the country and not know it. This new Alexis could be a body double that was in the works while she was out like a light. She went on vacation and the switch was made there. This Ally person has spent very little time with family members and that could be by design. Pi is in on it, I mean who knows who’s son he is. He romanced Alexis while on vacation and then the change took place. All the double is doing is acting like she thinks Castle’s college aged daughter would behave. If Castle is dumb enough to turn a blind eye to her actions and she still has access to bank accounts there in no telling what might happen. And perhaps money isn’t all someone is after. Castle is a respected writer and the last thing he needs is a stand out wayward daughter in the public eye. Then again maybe Alexis’s stupid side has taken control and in that case I hope she get’s pregnant with twins, Pi the gold digger runs off with another rich girl and Ally moves into a small home in NJ and takes classes on line.

    • Rick says:

      Sammy I like the way you think. Your twist is worthy of Castle.
      Not looking forward to the next episode entitled Like Father, Like Daughter. If they want to kill this show, just go ahead and do it. I have had more than enough of Alexis and PI. Leta go back to the way it was Caskett, Espo, Ryun and Lanie. Their interchanges were fun and witty. The DC episodes were bad, but Alexis and PI are not funny and not interesting. They take time away from a talented cast. They don’t have to be witty, but uninteresting is a show killer.

      • Sammy Carson says:

        Oh I suspect a big blah coming from my mouth as I think the next episodes title says it all. I didn’t know this as I have avoided any looking ahead due to some comments Ms. Quinn has made about her character and her TV father. Very negative. But perhaps, upon closer inspection this might all just be business as usual. Just by accident I saw the very first episode of “Castle” to night that I had not seen in years. My my my, have we changed. Now that I have had a chance to travel down history lane and have something to compare current time with, I realize that the Castle/Rogers clan is very disfunctional indeed. Martha Rogers would never be elected mother of the year. She was more involved with her career than her son and that is no secret. Remember the time Castle told her in a phone conversation that he loved her? She knew he was in trouble since that was out of character for him. That’s sad. And right from the git go we learn that momma had many many men in her life, and yet the father of her only child seems to be as much of a mystery to her as Pi is to Castle. Do we see a pattern here? As for Castle and his first meeting with Beckett I am rather surprised she didn’t belt him right in the mouth. We first see him signing an autograph for a fan but instead of paper it’s the exposed skin on the chest of a young lady in a low cut evening gown. When Kate shows up you know his goal for the moment is to waltz her into his bed, hence the reason he made a call to the mayor to get closer to her. Shall we admire his tenacity or is it just “like mother, like son”? The first time me see Alexis she is doing her homework at this book signing party but what does daddy do? Why he offers his 15 year old daughter a cocktail. She has to remind him how old she is and in a round about way he tells her to lighten up a bit. I think once the show developed a strong following the writers decided to make the characters more solid and honorable and I understand that, and if they had not turned Alexis from extraordinary to ordinary we could have said that was then and this is now, but as usual we have to deal with creative dummies that must fix what is either not broken or has already been dealt with. The spooky thing is if one re-watches the seasons Alexis’s out of character actions start to look normal, it just took her a few years to catch up with her families way of life. I now suspect what the glue that keeps this family in some sort of working order is green. If Castle had never become famous I think Martha would be living in a furnished room playing small parts on OFF OFF Broadway, Castle would be chasing skirts looking for what I suspect Pi thinks he has found and Alexis would be living at Big Sur in a want-a-be commune tie dyeing t-shirts and making candles. In my heart I hope my “Castlest Twist” comes to life, and Alexis is not Alexis but some well sculptured fraud who arrived home from Costa Rica with Pi, or maybe the switch was made in France and that was part of the plot in the first place. Hey maybe she is with grandpa and they are having a family moment. Who know’s? Or perhaps Castle has another daughter out there from a long forgotten relationship and only minimal tweaking needs to be done to make her look like Alexis. This other daughter maybe unknown to him but she resents the life Alexis has that she has been denied. Or … the apple did not fall far from the tree, it just took a while to decay.

        • Rick says:

          Are you sure you are not one of Castle’s writers? I think you are both right and wrong about Castle. He is disciplined enough to sit down and write best selling novels not an easy thing to do. And continues to do so after the first big check. He also has spent a huge amount of time raising his daughter and taking care of his mother with all her lack of maternal care. Not really some thing you would expect from an immature playboy.
          On the other hand earning a lot of money early in his life combined with the first love of his life walking out on him easily moved him into the playboy life. As it would almost anybody. And no mater how structured our lives now I think most of us would have done the same if we had been 19 with a lot of money rolling in. Season 1 Castle was slumming and expected Beckett to just jump in his lap. Season 2 is when he starts to mature as he really comes to appreciate Beckett and is forced to grow up by the combo of Beckett, Espo & Ryan solving homicide cases. Beckett too starts changing from an OCD cop on her way to burn out city and suicide to gradually developing a fun side to her life as a way of releasing the stress of a homicide cop. Of course I could be totally over analyzing a stupid TV show. Still get rid of PI and Alexis before everyone stops watching.

          • Sammy Carson says:

            Ah, first I apologize if I sounded like I was insulting Castle as a son and father. If I thought he was remiss in those departments I would never have stuck with the show. I was trying to point out how the characters have changed since the early days which is what kept me viewing. I think Castle and Kate are wonderful together and have brought many gifts to each others tables. I marveled at Alexis’s maturity right from the first episode when she was doing homework at a party and turned down a drink form her father. At 15 I would not have done that! It delighted me to see this intelligent young lady standing strong while dealing with an unusual assortment of (adults?) Daddy is wealthy and chasing skirts, granny is bringing home men and mommy is totally absent. Oh she was such a role model. Even when kidnapped she kept herself in check and demonstrated great strength, intelligence and even grace under pressure. How pleased I would be to have my grad-daughter strive to be like her. I guess that is why I am so shocked at the recent turn of events. No one flips like that unless they are ill, crazy on drugs or have a serious hidden agenda which would make the person very cunning indeed. Is that Alexis? Second, I am trying to find ways to justify her actions that at least make a little sense. Could she have PTSD stemming from the kidnapping, is she testing her family regarding some unknown issue, is the grandfather behind any of this, or is this NOT Alexis? I would like to believe that the writers are smart enough not to go from all is well to all is hell, and think loyal viewers will just sit back and be mindlessly entertained. Lastly I am in complete agreement with you that Ally and Fruity are far from funny and totally not interesting. I would hate to see her go but since she is a grown-up now if she would like to move to Berkeley, go on food stamps and become an earth mommy she has my blessings.

          • Mark says:

            This show is loosing all it’s credibility — Like I have stated in this forum above some of the reasons but after reading further I find these to be even more valid points —- Castle gets engaged public ally in a park to a non celeb after being a top novelist for many years, been on TV numerous times and even had movies made all since the pilot and no paparazzi hounding Beckett — now his daughter who recently suffered a kidnapping is shacking up and off the market with an illegal — no papers PI and no newspapers —- what a joke the press would be all over this and some…. You just have to look at the internet and tv now to see what the reaction of the press would be to a story like this —- now a serious cop show would have included this element… Castle I’m afraid can no longer be classed in that bracket as the cases are good but everything else is forgotten because of the soap opera they are trying to now make, move the show to daytime TV or get it back to what it used to be…..

  8. Rick says:

    Mark I don’t know how many shows I have watched where in real life the press would be all over it and yet none show up. So even thro you are right it doesn’t bother me. What does is I just watch an old episode some like death of a sex worker. It was much more fun than recent shows. Castle, Beckett, Espo & Ryan were at their best exchanging quips. The show was interesting, fun and that certain sexuality between the the two stars. I wish the writers would get away from the phoney soap opera angst and get back to the first few seasons which were the reason we got hooked on Castle and Beckett.

  9. Nelmar says:

    Hi Dory! Are you still posting on these threads? I haven’t seen you, Sally or the guys posting anything. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and hope to hear from you before Christmas. Take care!