Sneak Peek: Can Castle Solve the Mystery of Pi?

It may not be a Halloween episode per se, but Castle‘s Oct. 28 outing presents a scary scenario nonetheless: Rick’s little girl gets her own place, with Pi — and we’ve got a sad little series of photos commemorating the occasion.

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Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe has described the hour, titled “Get a Clue,” as “a really fun, delightful, classic Castle episode that has a touch of National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code” — as pertains to the Case of the Week. But on the homefront, Castle must wrap his noodle around the fact that Alexis and Pi (played by Molly Quinn and Myko Olivier) are officially playing house.

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Surveying Alexis’ breakneck-paced relationship with the fruitarian, Marlowe says, “Given the fact that her dad just got engaged to this other woman [Kate], we here don’t think it’s a coincidence. So we’re going to be watching how that tests Alexis’ relationship with her father, which has always been quite good. It definitely puts a new strain on it.

“It feels like new and really interesting territory — Alexis growing up and now Castle having to grow up, too, to be there for his daughter,” he continues. “Like any father dealing with a daughter who has a boyfriend, it’s always a bit of an adventure.”

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  1. bamies says:

    Lock Pi and Alexis in the apartment, and keep them there.

    • knd says:

      Quadruple like!

    • Apples says:

      I actually don’t like this because Castle’s relationships with his mother and daughter are two of the best, most underrated parts of the show for me. Heck you could argue that was the first aspect of him that Beckett fell in love with.

      Write Pi off, and bring Alexis back in a naturalistic way. Let her bond with Beckett, not as a stepmom, but more of a friend or older-sister.

      That’s what I’d love to see.

      • Francine says:

        Apples, I completely agree. The relationship between the 3 has always been one of my favorite parts as well. It was showcased so brilliantly in the first few seasons and then it all seemed to drop off. Bringing it back this way is a shame and I hope they get to the reasons why Alexis is acting this way.

        • Apples says:

          Right, I don’t mind that maybe Alexis is acting out a little over the engagement or there might some tension regarding the Castle-Beckett relationship…Alexis is naturally defensive of her father and Beckett has hurt him a lot in front of her eyes before. That would’ve been understandable.

          But the way they’ve written this arc and used the Pi character has IMO been a real disservice to the Alexis character and her history.

      • Just one thing says:

        I would prefer that scenario as well. I believe Alexis is still redeemable, and her relationship with Castle is part of the foundation for the show.
        I do like Pi a little, since he drives Castle crazy and takes the goofy spotlight off of Castle whenever he’s around.

        • John 1138 says:

          I’d agree and I keep in mind the Jessica Rabbit caveat (ala she wasn’t bad but just drawn that way): Pi is being deliberately written as he is for a reason the writers have deliberately chosen.

          And he’s largely harmless so it’s not as if Alexis is in some sort of abusive relationship. If anything his haplessness could be seen as she having found someone else to take care of now that Castle is being taken care of by Beckett. Not that I have any reason beyond guessing about that. The writers could as easily just find messing with Richard is entertaining (and I’d agree), Fillion does make a good foil.

          • Alichat says:

            I suppose you are right about him being harmless from a relationship standpoint (not being abusive, etc.) I just find him to be too annoying. Some of the “messing with Castle” moments are a little too much…..specifically the eavesdropping on him and Beckett in bed. I just didn’t find that cute or goofy, but rude, intrusive, and odd.

          • Just one thing says:

            I do think people are taking Pi a bit too seriously given all of the other zany situations the show has used. :P And yes, Pi is a great foil for Castle. But I agree that it’s not been very well-developed on the show.

      • I love Castle’s relationship with his mother and daughter as well – at least, used to love in the first few seasons. however, the way the writes have been writing the character of Alexis has made me cringe more than a few times – not only she has been a bit annoying but also purposeless sometimes – like a set object, you know, or to serve a purpose, as is “Significant Others”. So, I see this Pi and new apartment thing as a great, refreshing way of writing Alexis – giving her new story lines that can create comedy and drama and put give her some well-deserved relevancy.

      • Dory says:

        I agree on the mother daughter thing. I really like Susan Sullivan.

    • tara17 says:

      Good call!

    • ROn says:

      better yet kick Pi to the curb – the family dynamic is key in the Castle show in my opinion and this is just a cry for help that i hope gets answered quickly

      • tlr says:

        I have noticed Beckett supporting Alexis moving out. Think she is trying to get Rick’s loft for her and Castle alone. Wonder how she will get Martha out of there. Do you think Beckett would really want Rick to make them leave so she and he can be alone?

    • Malachi says:

      I reiterate my comment from an earlier Castle recap — my personal wish is for Pi (aka “Jar Jar”) to wander in front of a speeding bus in Midtown. Let Alexis keep her apartment. Maybe, after a period of appropriate grieving, she will meet someone nice, who (by way of change) won’t be a pungent hippie camping on Castle’s couch.

      • Linderella says:

        Totally agree. Alexis never had a chance to really break away from the next because she stayed in NY to go to school. Keeping an apartment with Dad close by would be a great way to express and test her autonomy. “Jar Jar” Pi needs to go buh-bye.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Or lock Pi with Meredith. Meredith is bound to drop by & have another conversation with Kate on how insecure she was with Castle or reveal some other big fat fault of his!

    • tlr says:

      Yes, or do the fans a bigger favor and have Castle and Beckett solve Pi’s murder due to being too annoying to live. Get him off the show please!!!!! And with the way Alexis is acting, she can leave too.

    • tlr says:

      I agree, or ship them back to Costa Rica for the next two years. Anything but make us watch this badly written mess they call a storyline. Molly Quinn likes it, so she can have it, just on another show that we don’t have to watch. Give us straight Castle, if Alexis is going to continue to act like the spoil brat she has become then write her and that mooching fruitcake off the show so we don’t have to be subjected to them weekly. Enough already, why is Marlow being so mean to his fans. As if DC wasn’t bad enough, now we have to sit through this crap. I am about ready to turn the channel. I can’t stand this crap much longer.

  2. A says:

    Alexis needs to stop acting like such a brat. So her dad got engaged? It’s not like he just went to Costa Rica and picked up someone off the side of the street. She needs to deal with it and start acting her age.

    I’m glad she is moving out. Hoping that we see even less of her this season.

    • zaza says:

      But I think she IS acting her age. She’s what? 19? 20? At that age, young people are still pretty self-absorbed. They are adults, legally, but they aren’t really grown-ups yet, so they still teeter between adult and kid behavior. Eventually she will figure out a way to be cool with Castle’s new relationships status as well as realize that Pi doesn’t really fit in with the person she wants to be. I have a 19-year-old daughter myself, so I know what I’m talking about! Lol!

      • tara17 says:

        It’s not because it’s unrealistic, it’s because it’s boring.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Acting her age according to….American society right now? Ya, and thats sad…especially because she was so mature and smart and likable in previous seasons cause she was the “parent”. And i get he has matured and parented up a bit (hes still a not great dad, creating rules/boundaries and enforcing them IS loving your child) and so she has been allowed to regress and be a “kid”…but still…your a adult at 19-20 no matter what you THINK you should be acting like. Your not “on track” at 19 if your immature and making stupid decisions, your just apart of one of the things thats sad about our culture. Instead of in the past because of needing to work and not having so many distractions and wars (WORLD wars) kids matured faster…had to. Now your not expected to be a mature adult till you hit 30 it seems.

        So overall, let “Pi” end up a murder case where he gets shot in the head, cause JarJarBinks boy needs to die, mature up Alexis and find her a real guy who the fans really like and maybe hes a brand new Detective Alexis meets when going to the Precinct to see her dad. So the guy can be seen at work and interacting for a minute or two with Castle/Beckett/Ryan/Espo/Gates a episode and then have scenes where hes with Alexis at the Castle home or moved out living with her or w/e…so we the fans can actually like him and root for them. And it adds tension if theres a ep he gets kidnapped or shot or disappears or w/e. Instead of Pi who when he gets shot or w/e …at least 80% of the Castle viewers will stand and applaud his death. Personally i will start a slow clap that ends with cheers and tears of happiness.

  3. tam says:

    I really hope Marlowe deals with this mess appropriately on the show.

    • tlr says:

      I have checked most of the spoiler sites. The ones that predicted the DC storyline was only a 3 episode thing. There is no word when this Pi character actor is done with his part in the show. God let’s hope he isn’t on all season. If we have to tolerate his and Molly’s annoying behavior all season, then this will be one season I will not get on DVD.

  4. Dan Henderson says:

    Since neither appear to have a way to feed themselves, it will be interesting to see what Castle does regarding making them take care of themselves. A great lesson to all the Pi’s of the world–get yourselves a ‘sugar daddy’ and everything will be fine. Hope the Pi story arc ends soon!

    • zaza says:

      I’m curious…I’m sure Castle was paying for her tuition and dorm expenses…is he also paying for this apartment? Is Pi contributing or is he living off Alexis, who is living off Castle?

      Also, is she still going to college? They haven’t said much about that since she’s been back.

      • Dan Henderson says:

        If I remember correctly, isn’t Alexis on a scholarship? she WAS valedictorian of her HS class. The point is well made, however, because there have been no information released to give you a positive impression of Pi. Maybe that was AWM’s desire all along, and if so, he has succeeded in spades! Your point regarding college is a big one and was well made. BTW, I had two daughters go through this stage–gladlly they went past this stage very quickly!!

        • Alan says:

          i get the feeling alexis is the sort of person who would turn down a scholarship as long as her family have the money to cover it instead, i think she would want that money to go to people who otherwise couldnt afford to pay for college.

      • John 1138 says:

        She has an investment income stream: that was mentioned when she was sneeking in to get food because she’d taken her current month’s total and invested it all in some green tech or another, something Richard agreed with her on enough to want to take a meeting with the tech people himself. The origin was undoubtedly her father but the money is hers.

      • tlr says:

        Supposedly she starts back to college soon. But time will tell if she doesn’t cancel her classes and take the tuition money for living expenses. She says her father can save on the dorm fees, but you are right, This Pi fruitcake is living off of Alexis who is still living off her father. So either in his living room or their crappy apartment, Castle is still paying for everything. Alexis needs to be cut off.

    • Trishmeister says:

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET RID OF PI! His character is so wrong for the show. Alexis is so much better than that and deserves so much better. Why did they all of the sudden “dumb her down” to going for someone like that? It is not due to Beckett – she likes that relationship.

      • tlr says:

        Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself. This Pi character wrecked Alexis for me. I cannot get the image of her spoiled brat ranting out of my head. Now when she and fruitcake are on screen, I use that time to go to the frig or to the powder room. I don’t even want to see them. I haven’t rewatched any episode except #1 fan from this entire season. Between DC and Pi, I don’t think I want to view them again. Very disappointing Marlow. Very disappointing!!!

  5. Rgghh… Just when I thought we were done with the weak Castle stuff (really hated the relationship tension at the end of last season because it felt so freaking forced and borderline out of character) we find out Marlowe apparently freaking loves the Pi plot. Even if you buy that Alexis actually doesn’t love the guy and this is some twisted, “Date a guy whose handsome but I actually would never want to spend my life with I’m just messing with my dad and hooking up with this sexy guy wait this is sounding Freudian,” plot and not just oddly out of character for her it’s just like someone watched an episode of Cuckoo and misunderstood why it was funny. Myko Oliver is like the guy you get to play Dean Cain when for some reason you can’t even get Dean Cain.

    • Katherine215 says:

      How is this out of character? Sure he’s kind of a loser guy, but hasn’t ever 19 year old girl dated someone their parents were less than thrilled with?

      • Dani says:

        Curious, how many of those 19 year old girls moved said guy in to her family home without even asking, proceeded to act like she’s the queen of the world and how dare her dad say anything about her actions and then proceed to move in with said guy and I bet have daddy pay for it all?

        I’m thinking not Many.

        • Angela says:

          Take out the part about the dad paying for it all and you actually just described a situation involving someone I know. It probably does happen a lot more often than people think it does.

          • Jon says:

            I have to admit to being stunned by that. I’m a father and as much as I adore my daughter, if she in 11 or so years decided to bring a strange guy back to live in our home without so much as asking, I would have a very different reaction you can be sure. I believe most parents would. It’s about boundaries and respect.

            If Alexis had asked, explained then yes. I can see it. But just to do it as a fait accomplis and allowing nothing other than her wishes to influence her behaviour? No. That’s wrong in every measure I feel as a parent.

  6. Emma says:

    I know the character if Pi himself annoys most Castle fans like crazy, but the actor himself is actually quite endearing. He plays that character very well..just remember to differentiate the two on places like twitter. I’ve seen some hurtful things said on there, and I know that the actor has actually read some of it too.

    • zaza says:

      I applaud your thoughtful and kind comment! Kudos to you!

    • Dan Henderson says:

      One thing that separates ‘unfriendly comments’ is that in this case, the actor IS doing a great job selling himself, which, in my mind, makes him a great actor–it’s just his character has to this point not been explained at all in the story, and only slightly in the spoiler info that has been released. Also, Alexis’s actions regarding Pi have not at all been in context with her previous 5 years on this series–she was loving, respectful even when she didn’t agree with dad! Somehow this has changed, and the audience hasn’t been privy to why it was this way–we only know that she arrived back from Costa Rica and brought a person with her to live without permission, and with no means of supporting themselves. Interesting way to promote a character or conflict–and sometimes people have a difficult changing their opinions if no information is provided to support the goals of the writers.

    • Just one thing says:

      I figured as much, and I’ll never understand the psychology of people who do that… Makes me want to root for the guy knowing that’s going on.

    • John 1138 says:


      I think of that as the “Jessica Rabbit” phenomena.

      From her line in “Who Shot Roger Rabbit” where she mentions she’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way….

      • John 1138 says:

        The classic target of such a reaction that I know of was for the assistant in SMASH. I didn’t get that one either…

    • tlr says:

      Yeah, well let him play that character on another show.

  7. Apples says:

    I’m so ready for this Pi arc to be dealt with. He really has been such an utterly annoying, badly-written character. Expect better from the Castle writers’ room in terms of characterisation.

    • zaza says:

      Um…if you find him annoying, then he isn’t a badly-written character, because he is supposed to be annoying. :)

      • Apples says:

        But he’s annoying in such a ham-fisted way, you know? I know the writers are trying to manipulate me and that breaks me from my immersion in the show. He could be annoying and be less of a caricature.

      • Cookie says:

        I think he’s supposed to be annoying but in an endearing kind of way. However, that’s not how he’s worked out. He’s pretty much the worst, and I wonder if Marlowe knows tha fandom is nearly united in its hatred of the character.

        • Just one thing says:

          Thanks to Twitter, it’s impossible for them *NOT* to know how fans feel…

          • Lisa says:

            Not to seem obvious, but….. stay off twitter? You wont know anything then. Just keep cashing your paycheck Mr. Oliver.

          • Just one thing says:

            Oh, I meant the show’s writers and producers… and camera operators, art department and grips. :P I’m sure everyone knows how people feel about Pi by now.
            But I suspect that storyline as an end date, just like the DC storyline did. If not, well, they’ll likely devise one soon.

      • Jane says:

        There is annoying the way Sheldon on Big Bang can be and then there is Jar Jar Binks annoying. The Pi character is the later.

      • Kendall says:

        True, and he’s not really around enough to be truly annoying. It’s not like he’s showing up at the precinct or stalking Castle and Beckett when they’re out working a case. I think people just want something to complain about and Pi’s a good target because he’s new and his only purpose is to be annoying.

        I do think it’s a bit of overkill to have both Pi and Sully, since they’re both characters that are intended to be funny because of how annoying they are.

  8. TobyG. says:

    I can’t stand what they’ve done with Alexis this season. They’ve turned her into a spoiled little brat. She’s in college for God’s sake, not elementary or even middle school. She should not be throwing a tantrum over Castle’s relationship with Kate. I realize not every 18/19 year old girl is mature enough to handle things like this, but up until recently, Alexis has been very mature. It’s like she’s had a personality transplant. Writers, fix this or write her off the show.

    • Just one thing says:

      Eh, seems to me like “they” aren’t the ones who made Alexis this way. They’re just finally creating a story arc that matches how Molly Quinn has been playing the character for two years.
      Now that it’s more overt and online fans seem to be about as receptive to it as the DC storyline, it’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts.

    • John 1138 says:

      Getting involved with some one is hardly a “tantrum”. And as partners go Pi appears to be rather harmless. Socially inept, but harmless.

      • scooby says:

        Exactly, given how Castle’s gotten into all kinds of mischief since she was a kid, it’s really a miracle that Pi’s not a bad boy. Well, sort of not, I mean he’s supposed to be in Amsterdam but lost his passport or something. He’s rather a moocher from where I sit, but he’s not being mean or hurting Alexis. I think Martha was right, either he can be rabidly against it and push her toward Pi or can be overly supportive and again, send her toward Pi. Being blasé makes it go toward a conclusion faster. Alexis needs to decide to dump Pi on her own. Maybe being in an apartment on their own will show her his issues faster. When you’re throwing things in your dad’s face (sweetly and passive aggressively) it’s a distraction. Now she’ll be sitting quietly with Pi in all his glory. Bound to be a pressure cooker for whatever things might annoy her about him.

        • c22 says:

          But the point is not her dating Pi.

          But that she lets him move in without letting her father now. Ha you know what my father would have done if I did that?

          What Castle should have said is that she can date Pi as much as she want, but he will not stay in this house.

          And that whole thing that Martha says is crazy. So Castle should just have to accept that a strange guy moves in without his knowledge because if he goes against it Alexis will not like it. That means Alexis can do anything in the future she wants.

          I should have thrown Pi out and if Alexis didn’t like it then she could go to.

          If everytime Alexis do something you will say, LET HER, because otherwise she will do it anyway. That gives Alexis a free pass to do everything.

          Again dating Pi. Fine go ahead. But not letting him stay at the loft.

          And of course she will eventually break up with him. But then Castle is NOT allowed I told you so because then somehow Alexis will still make it her fathers fault. Like her giving away all her money.

          And last. He is from Amsterdam. Marlowe could have put more effort in it. First of all I am from Amsterdam. Is Pi supposed to be a stereotypical dutch person, lazy, arrogant, free spirit. Well then I am offended. I was born here and NEVER saw a guy that acts like Pi.

          Secondly he has a very good american accent for a dutch person.

          • Dani says:

            Wonderful post. I agree completely.

            Pi is an awful stereotype of anything and Alexis is ill mannered, disrespectful and as annoying to me as pi is.

            In earlier seasons I’d have been more than happy for my daughter to use Alexis as a role model. Now, very much not.

  9. christina says:

    I hope this means less screentime for Pi and Alexis once the episode airs (and once that alexis centric father/daughter case airs). Don’t care about either of them. We’ve always been shown Alexis wanting the best for her dad – in relationships, in life, etc., so why the sudden backlash about the new step in his relationship with Beckett? Did Alexis act out when he married Meredith or Gina?

    • Dan Henderson says:

      I don’t she acted out when RC married Meredith–she’s her mother! I don’t know about Gina–maybe too young to really know. Also, I haven’t seen much interaction with KB and Alexis this season–she was only in one scene with them in 604–in the ‘community bedroom’ scene. Didn’t appear hostile, altho the ‘Captain Gates–for Dad’ could be inferred as a less than friendly response, I guess.

  10. May says:

    I find it hard to wrap my mind around this. I often feel like Castle gives Alexis way too much freedom (I get it, they have a good relationship, but sometimes, she’s just downright disrespectful and he’s always the one apologizing), but this? Seriously? She doesn’t have a job, I doubt Pi can pay for an apartment in New York, and they certainly don’t seem to have any source of income. He has to let her date whomever she wants, I get that, but I can’t stand the fact that he has to pay for it. She’s the child, he’s the parent, deal with it. It’s starting to look really stupid.

    • Ana says:

      Thank you! Exactly what I’ve been thinking! He has to pay for this freeloader to live with his daughter? And why isn’t Alexis back to her dorm room? Seriously? Castle needs to step up and be a father, even if Alexis doesn’t like it! He did it with Ashley, he can do it with Pi, the most useless character ever introduced to the Castle universe!

  11. K says:

    I’m a young college student and I have to say that Alexis needs to start acting her age. Alexis needs to grow up and stop relying on her dad for everything. Alexis never paid her own way before. Alexis is the girl who stole food from her dads fridge and lied to him about it. Alexis is such a brat. Alexis doesn’t get a say in ricks relationship with Kate. It is ricks life. Alexis needs to get over the fact that life isn’t black and white. She can’t always get what she wants. PI is a douchebag who needs to go before he damages the character of Alexis.

  12. Christina says:

    Kind of just excited to watch Beckett laugh at Castle dealing with this. She’s kind of been his sounding board for when Alexis acts out, so it’ll be cool to hear her thoughts on this.

    • Apples says:

      True, I do enjoy watching Beckett acting as Castle’s sounding board for Alexis. And she did warn him that Alexis’s wild-child phase was coming!

  13. Alex says:

    I get that Pi is supposed to be annoying because Alexis is acting out etc. but I agree that the writers are overdoing it a bit. No so much in the Pi character, but in Castle’s reluctance to set boundaries for him. The scene last EP where he comes into Castle’s bedroom and Castle doesn’t say a word about it – suppose Beckett was dressing, or suppose they (Caskett) were in bed naked? I know Martha told him to let it ride so as not to provoke Alexis, but Castle could still say “these are the ground rules – no entering the bedroom, clean up after yourself, etc.”
    Also, the whole idea of Alexis reacting because of the engagement when Alexis has known and seemingly liked Becket; when Castle has had Castle’s playboy/multimarrige background, but now is finally settling down with a good person; it all seems contrived for Alexis to act his way.
    Though, I guess the writer’s argument is something like “Castle has run around with many women but none seriously (so Alexis never felt her relationship with her father threatened), now that Castle has settled down, Alexis is afraid she’ll be pushed aside when it comes to her father’s affections, so she’s acting out etc. etc.

  14. Leigh says:

    Okay – why is it okay that Castle jumps into relationships and Alexis can’t? I mean, I’m not saying anything about the whole Pi thing (which, btw, is not that bad) but hasn’t anyone noticed how she is, in a sense, acting just like her father? Castle has jumped into all of his relationships head first and Alexis is doing the same thing. She is young and this is her second serious relationship (And even if you count Ashley she wanted to go to Stanford to be with him). Look at the relationship dynamics that Castle has had with other women. Look at his relationship with Beckett? He has practically changed who he is and waited a while to be with her. I don’t have as much of an issue with Pi or Alexis as others seem to have I guess because I just see the parallels.

    • Apples says:

      I think most people don’t have a problem with the relationship per se, more with the fact that Pi is just there in the loft and has no boundaries and Castle hasn’t talked to his daughter about him.

      And that he’s a flat, poorly-sketched out caricature of a character (or maybe that’s just me).

      • Katherine215 says:

        I think that’s just you. Pi has like one scene an episode, and it’s nice to see Castle on the receiving end of someone who pushes his buttons rather than him just being the button-pusher.

        • Apples says:

          Clearly by the comments here and wider discussion in the fandom it isn’t just me…

          • Maria says:

            Nope. It’s not just you. I live in a household full of people who just groan every time his character shows up.

        • Francine says:

          It’s definitely not just them. It seems like the majority of people are dissatisfied with the Pi character and the way it’s been handled so far. Like Apples said, its not the relationship itself. I think its completely normal and realistic for a young girl to go through a phase like this (no matter how mature she is). But there needs to be some kind of explanation or at least mention of it. Its been glossed over completely so far. WHY is Castle letting this kid push his buttons in his own home? If its a longer story-arc and they want to build up to it that’s fine- but it at least needs to START being addressed. Sooner rather than later. Hopefully this episode will give us something to go on. That’s all I want. You may feel differently and that’s fine.

          • Francine says:

            Though I should add- I sincerely hope this isn’t going to be a long story-arc.

          • Just one thing says:

            Agreed. Like quite a few nuggets the show has developed over time, this needs to be addressed directly. And we may get some of that with 6×06 and 6×08. At least I hope we do, and that it’s more than just a couple throwaway lines here and there. I’m also really curious to see if/when Pi goes back to Amsterdam.
            In Castle’s defense, he’s a single parent who has a pretty tight bond with his famously responsible daughter. It’s possible he doesn’t want to upset the applecart because he trusts her, loves her, and wants the best for her, knowing she could be doing WAY worse in a number of departments.
            In my experience (sorry, not to generalize), single parents — esp. those with a BFF relationship with their kids, and especially when it’s an only child — have a hard time setting boundaries and asserting parental authority. That may just be the case here.

  15. DarkDefender says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Alexis May not like how or when she found out about the engagement (through the news, perhaps?) .. But I think for her character to find someone like Pi, who is just floating out in the world, makes sense as a reaction to her kidnapping. In the end.. It helps her character loosen up more and be like her dad. Pi and Alexis are a mirror of Castle and Beckett in the early seasons. A bonus would be is Castle and Beckett recognize themselves in the Pi/Alexis relationship and we get a nice nugget of backstory about them explaining how they felt about each other at those early stages when they didn’t have the guts to date and move in together ike Alexis and Pi are doing.

  16. Mark says:

    Personally I think a lot more happened in Costa Rica while Alexis was there which hasn’t been revealed yet and Patience is the name of the game here. Plus everyone is going on about the fact this is about Castle getting engaged maybe its about Alexis still coming to terms with that fact she was kidnapped. Either way yes the Pi character is annoying but I think his true motives are yet to be revealed. Be it as a device to get Castles attention or by another force which Alexis carn’t discuss in fear of what happened in Costa Rica only time will tell. But I agree with most the backbone of the show was stronger when they wrote for the family unit.

    • tlr says:

      The heck with patience, just get rid of him. There is nothing about this story arc I want to know or watch. As it is now, when Alexis and fruitcake come on screen, even if Castle is there, I get up and go to the fridge.

  17. Why can’t their next case be investigating Pi’s murder. Ugh – get rid of him already.

  18. K says:

    I ultimately think that Alexis went to Costa Rica to get some control back in her life after getting kidnapped, I think she went there to heal. She met PI who was completely safe. I think Alexis probably feels abandoned by her father. She needs him, but he’s always with Kate. I’m really surprised that Paris hasn’t been brought up again considering that’s the reason Alexis wanted to go to Costa Rica. I wonder if PI knows that she was kidnapped and held hostage in Paris. Why is Alexis moving in with PI after only dating for a few months? What is Alexis going to do when the relationship doesn’t work out? Go back to the loft? As if.

  19. JoyAnne says:

    Pi. Actors OK. Character is annoying though as others have said he is meant to be. What I don’t get is how Alexis used to like Kate. Went to her for advice. Why the turn around! She knew how her Dad felt about her. She and her Dad have always had a great relationship at times her being the adult out of the two. I. Don’t get the sudden switch without an explanation. Hurry and wrap it up Marlowe.

  20. Maria says:

    Dear Mr Marlowe…if you MUST create drama around the character of Alexis (insert eyeroll here, followed by a loud sigh) … How about taking this whole thing in the opposite direction…instead of writing Alexis as all upset about the engagement, write her so that she and Kate become very close, and Rick almost feels as if he’s losing his little girl to her new stepmom. That way we get more of the characters we actually LIKE on our screen and NONE of this little buzzing mosquito named Pi.

    • Tracy says:

      Agreed…I actually like Alexis and love the interaction between father and daughter. Pi on the other hand…don’t like him, I find him annoying and not the kind of guy that would attract someone like Alexis.

      • tlr says:

        Who knows, maybe Pi started Alexis smoking herbs. That is about the only way a looser like him could get someone like Alexis, or at least the way she used to be. Man, I hate this season so far. Really not enough good Castle and Beckett material to off set the annoyance factor of Alexis and Pi. Marlow, you’d better listen to the fans and give Pi his walking papers soon or the network may give you and the show yours instead..!!!!!!

  21. Ju says:

    The implication is clearly that Alexis has some kind of problem with the engagement of Castle and Beckett. Whether its the way she was told or that she jealous to be losing her father or that she doesn’t like Beckett in a way.. Knowing the reason would help a lot of us I think.

    • K says:

      In secrets safe with me (5.03) castle told Alexis that Beckett would never take her place in her fathers heart. Maybe since getting kidnapped she needs her father. Maybe she needs the comfort and security of the loft.

    • Dory says:

      I agree with your post. Kate is not written as old enough to be a smom, more big sis. I can,t cop to being a newbie anymore but I can’t figure the Pi component. Alexis did not object to Jenna (who btw is a beautiful women). I guess no choice but to see what the writers have done.

  22. RichieS says:

    Hey Alexis…Rayna James called,she wants her hair back.

  23. Ace says:

    I agree that Pi needs to go quickly… it’s not as funny as it is annoying.

    I think a really interesting way to go would be for Alexis to want to drop out of school to go to the police academy. Completely out of character for her (just like dating someone like Pi) BUT it would create some interesting tension between the characters.

    • tlr says:

      You said it!! He is not funny at all just annoying like a buzzing mosquito. Time to squash him like the pesky little bug he is.

  24. me says:

    I don’t understand why people are saying Alexis is acting out that Castle is engaged and doesn’t like Beckett. The thing I don’t understand is when Castle dated Gina again Alexis was ok with it, but dating Beckett was so bad and doesn’t even try to talk to her. Beckett has done nothing wrong, yes she hurt Castle before but that was because she was scared and her past with dating her co-workers/partners. It just ridiculous how Alexis is now, she’s getting on my last nerves. I want her and Pi to go away and never comeback. I used to really like Alexis and loved her relationship with Castle, but now she’s just a brat and is mean to him that he’s with Beckett, even though she was perfectly fine with him dating Gina!

  25. Alexis, please go out of the country to school. We don’t like you and don’t care about you our your fruitarian boyfriend. She was useful at the start of Castle, but all Alexis is now is a scene-sucking character.

  26. Jon says:

    I too very much dislike the Pi character. The actor himself is, I’m sure, doing as much as he can with what he is given to work with, but the fact stands that when the vast majority of viewers so heavily dislike a character, at best you have to conclude that you have missed the mark with his introduction.

    Personally, I find him a walking cliché of every type of ridiculous caricature.

    I can only fathom his reasons for being introduced were:

    1) To attempt to force a plot for Alexis, in order to keep Molly’s screen time.
    2) To be eye candy for younger female viewers.

    If 1, then it’s failed badly. I am a huge fan of Molly, but Pi has made me not enjoy Alexis any more. The implication of this being a reaction to the engagement is a total character alteration of Alexis, not to mention a convenient forgetting of previous show canon.

    You shouldn’t have to force a plot to keep a character. When you do that, you’re doing it wrong and if this is the only way they can think to give Molly screen time, then I’m afraid it’s time to bite the bullet and drop Molly, as much as I love her, down to recurring/guest status.

    If 2. Then it’s a pathetic ratings grab which disappoints me for this show. If that’s all they want, put SK and NF in a shower scene and PR the hell out of it.

    Either way, the Pi character has missed connecting with the vast majority of the audience, based on a twitter search of ‘Pi #Castle’. It seems all ages and both genders majority dislike him.

    I also agree with other comments that Castle allowing a free-loader such free reign in his own home to be making Castle himself look weak, foolish and a complete doormat to his daughters ridiculous whims of mood and behaviour.

    So for one character to have such an adverse affect on the audience perception of two others, and for that character to be so fundamentally and heartily disliked says to me the writers have, on a rare occasion, got it totally wrong with Pi.

    I am aware of what he was meant to do, but it just isn’t working, on any level for many people and Castle the show is much better than this character. He needs to go as soon as scripting allows.

    • Erin says:

      Until now, I think they are damaging her character and in some aspects Castles too, will see…

    • Lucy says:

      Great post.

      My greater issue with Pi and Alexis is that she’s known the guy for a couple months and decided to live with him, uncaring as to consequences.

      But worse is that Alexis deliberately and strategically uses Kate to guy out at her father because she knows how much that hurts him.

      She didn’t care about him marrying Gina, spent last season being more than Happy about him and Kate, but now suddenly because she’s not the sole center of his universe she’s behaving like a brat?

      No, I’m sorry. Pi is bad, but Alexis is worse.

  27. Marine says:

    I couldn’t care less about Pi..but I need moooooooooooooore Lanie / Esplanie, that’s all :)

  28. arial2 says:

    Suddenly Alexis has a problem with Castle and Kate??? It’s always seemed she was their biggest fan and that she trusts Kate enough to go to her with personal problems. Please, ABC, don’t create a dramatic arc where there should be none. I’d guess it has more to do with Alexis realizing it’s time to spread her wings and she feels that Pi seems a relatively safe way to do it.

  29. Ken says:

    Wow, Pi really get on some folks’ nerves, huh? The character honestly doesn’t bother me at all and makes perfect sense in the whole “Alexis rebelling for the first time” scenario. They’re not going to let it play out the whole season guys, don’t worry. He’s meant to be annoying. Pi is essentially Castle from 20 years ago. It’s Castle’s past come back to haunt him. Don’t you see?

    Of course Alexis likes Pi – he’s an irreverent boundary pusher – just like Castle used to be before Beckett caught his eye. Remember that line from Beckett a couple seasons ago about girls who love their fathers falling for guys just like them? I have a feeling that both Castle and Alexis are going to do some growing up in the next couple of episodes and Pi will soon be out of the picture. Just breathe everybody.

    • Nicademus11 says:

      DING DING DING — SO perfectly put. I will just cosign onto your post Ken. Because I think you nailed it on the head soup to nuts.

      I also think now that the DC arc is over the fandom needs something to complain about -lol. I love how people a) think they can influence storylines (hello, the show is anywhere from 5-7 episodes ahead of what we are watching), b) that the creators don’t have a plan for what and where they are taking their characters.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Spot on man. Good stuff!

    • Francine says:

      Very good comments and I agree for the most part. Like I said before the storyline is fine if they eventually touch on the questions that need answered. Sometimes that doesn’t happen on this show and it can be frustrating. I also don’t think it’s quite fair to say people just want something to complain about- many of the comments here have made very valid points and this is a comment board after all. It’s for discussing characters we like AND dislike. Shows have also altered storylines due to fan backlash before so it can happen. But I’m sure they’re going somewhere with this and I’ll always be on board with this show :) Sometimes patience is necessary.

    • Maria says:

      Except Pi isn’t Castle at all. Pi is a freeloader. Castle wrote his first best-seller while he was still in college and therefore was financially self-sufficient at that age.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Maria makes an excellent point! Castle didn’t grow up in a stable family. They were sometimes rich, sometimes poor depending on whether Martha was employed (though love was plenty abundant). So Castle grew up to be a self-sufficient man, whatever his other faults may have been, hence the fundamental difference between Castle & Pi. Still something else went on during Alexis’s trip to South America..or else why is she not attending college? (except if she took a break from college & all this is due to the kidnapping, which could be a highly plausible explanation). Psychological trauma makes people do crazy stuff when you least expect them to. So a ‘trauma + insecurity with dad’s engagement’ double header?

      • Alex says:

        Exactly what I was thinking – Castle was not a freeloading slob, he (through his mother’s influence, no doubt) was always a charmer and more classy than the douche Marlowe wrote Pi to be.

  30. Teri Shannon says:

    PI is harmless and this storyline is showing Alexis out of her normal ‘perfect daughter’ box. They cannot coddle each other forever. The reason she is going against the grain now, is that she has never done it when normal teenagers do..this is just later. Castle should be happy she is out of the loft. They should have had Alexis go to Stanford!

  31. Dani says:

    Alexis has to be the single most disrespectful “good girl” I have ever seen on television. If I’d spoken to my dad the way she speaks to Castle, I’d not have got the same reaction she gets every time. I’d have been lucky to just get my butt grounded for a week!

    As for moving a strange man into their home, without even asking? That’s just disgraceful and that young lady needs her own lesson in respect and manners. Actually, come to think of it, Alexis gives her father about as much respect as pi does. Maybe that’s why they hit it off?

    Pi needs to go as soon as the reaction catches up to the writing. And for my money, he can take Alexis with him. Her story purpose is served, has been for at least a season. They can both go to a rain forest some place and help Josh Davidson (who I didn’t hate as much as i hate pi and Alexis atm) set up free clinics.

  32. ChuckMeForever says:

    I see PI on the screen I hit the FF button….. kill that piece of human waste off…

  33. Rich Abey says:

    Hey Alexis is a big girl, she can take care of herself. Going against her is just going to put more distance between them. He just needs to tolerate this “rebellious passage”. After all, despite being a reformed man now, Castle wasn’t exactly the ‘perfect guy’ until he met Kate. Plus Pi is kind of the former Rick Castle: an annoying, dumb-ass, boundary pushing suck up!

    • Dani says:

      Alexis is moving in with a guy she hardly knows just because she’s bratty about her dad solidifying his long term relationship. She has no means of support and neither does pi. That’s not rebellious or looking after herself. Its pathetic, childish and utterly disrespectful. None of those things I thought I would associate with that character who was a joy to see on TV.

      As I said in another post, she is the most disrespectful “good girl” on TV.

      • tlr says:

        I agree, this is acting out of a spoiled little rich kid. Very much why I don’t watch Molly on the show anymore. I get up and walk out.

    • Alex says:

      In no way is Pi a former or younger Rick Castle.

  34. Laura says:

    I’ve always seen a problem with Alexis and it’s Molly Quinn, they should have cast a younger teen to play Castle’s daughter allowing the character to bond with Beckett. Right now, there’s nothing for Alexis to do at the loft or the precinct and she should be in college.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’ve often wondered how the dynamics would have been had they cast a 10-year-old instead of a 15-year-old. As it stands, there’s still room for Alexis to bond with Beckett.
      The fact that she’s 20 shouldn’t really affect those prospects, considering Beckett’s not trying to be her mother and Alexis’ bio mother is AWOL. There’s no logic behind the friction, awkwardness and lack of communication that has built up for the last two seasons.
      But, honestly, anyone who’s read an interview with Molly Quinn shouldn’t be surprised by this. She’s been talking up the Alexis/Caskett conflict since Summer 2011, and it’s finally coming into fruition onscreen.

  35. LL624 says:

    If Alexis really is doing all of this with Pi as a reaction to Castle and Beckett getting engaged, I don’t get why she would react this way. It’s not like this is the first time Castle has married someone other than her mother. Did she react badly when he married Gina? I also don’t see what would be so bad about seeing Beckett as a step-mother. That’s what she’ll be regardless of whether Alexis wants to call her that. Besides, Kate’s been giving Castle advice about Alexis since the beginning and Meredith is never around. It would be nice for her to have a mother figure in her life even at this age. Beckett lost her mother at this age, Alexis can gain one.

    • Alan says:

      she is acting like this because being with kate is dangerous for castle and she doesnt want to lose her father. her current attitude towards kate started when kate was shot and castle nearly got hit trying to get her out of the way. i cant believe no one has seen this coming.

      • Lucy says:

        Then why was she so good and supportive about him and Kate last year? It’s hardly the first time he’s been in danger this season. And more importantly why has Andrew Marlowe specifically said its about the engagement?

        I’m sorry, your theory doesn’t fly.

        Alexis is a disrespectful brat right now and she and Mooch Pi need to go.

        • Alan says:

          she hasnt been supportive in ages. when castle went back after beckett was shot alexis had a huge argument with him about it, ever since then her attitude towards him working there has completely changed.

          • Jon says:

            Last season. ‘Beckett is over the moon for you’ or words to that effect were used in The Squab and The Quail when Castle was having his jealous moment. If she was so down on Kate, why wouldn’t she use that prime opportunity to put a wedge between her father’s faith in Kate? She didn’t. She was supportive. Which is everything we saw from her last season.

            Until suddenly now, for the need to keep Alexis ‘relevant’ – and that term is used loosely – suddenly Alexis has a problem?

            Alexis knew how serious this relationship was. She told her mother as much. But now the engagement has actually happened she is throwing reaction around like a this?

            No, I’m sorry. I love Molly, and I have loved Alexis through the entire show, but this character assassination over her finding Pi and it being a reaction to the engagement has jarred and jarred badly against what we know and expect of Alexis. All because they are trying to force a plot onto a character that needed a much stronger and understandable storyline to keep her relevant to the show.

          • Just one thing says:

            @Jon – I believe “Beckett is over the moon for you” is the only positive thing Alexis has said about Caskett in two seasons, and she likely only said THAT because the story required Castle to second-guess his jealousy of the rich dude — only for his concerns to then be justified. (Though they just as easily could’ve had Martha say that, but then Alexis’ presence would have been pointless.)
            We didn’t see much Alexis/Caskett interaction last year beyond the 100th episode, and even then, Alexis and Beckett barely said two lines to each other. The most directly positive interaction they had one-on-one is the hug at the end of the kidnapping two-parter.
            Meanwhile, Molly Quinn has taken every opportunity she’s had to cast doubt on the Caskett relationship in interviews from Alexis’ POV, making bold claims that Alexis will NEVER accept Beckett into her family. Even saying at Paley last year that she (Alexis?) would rather bring a dog into the family than Kate.
            I highly suspect that’s not quite what the writers are going for. Yet, they’ve avoided extended interaction between those three characters for a very, very long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trio never interacted as much as most fans — myself included — would like them to interact. Which is a shame, really.

          • Lucy says:

            @Jon while I agree with your interpretation of the Squab scene, I can see by your other comments that you are a fan of both Molly and Alexis, but as Just One Thing commented, this conflict between Alexis and Kate is entirely Molly’s doing, I feel. There are many occasions where Molly has made it clear that she does not like Caskett. Now while she does not write the show, her performances certainly lean to putting conflict within her actions. The table scene at Xmas when Kate knocks, for example. Her initial reaction is bratty. So there’s a definite dissociation between what Molly has to do and say as opposed to what Molly puts on screen. Which all actors do to some degree, yes, she is changing the plot dynamic because of her personal feelings.

            It is like if Nathan, who was leery of the relationship, had backed off Rick from Kate. We’d have been enraged by the actor serving his own opinions over the script.

            This, to me, is what Molly has done. And why many in fandom have a problem with both her and her character.

        • tlr says:

          Not Alexis wasn’t supportive of her dad and Kate. Remember in Season 4 when she got mad at her dad getting back with Kate after their 3 month separation. Alexis has never liked this romance, but she has always in the past wanted her dad to be happy, whatever it took. I think she saw all the issues Kate put her dad through and thought that there was no way they would get married. Now the thing she hasn’t wanted to happen can possibly happen. This is acting out. I mean, really a bee counting fruitarian? Really, how does a straight A mature girl like Alexis used to be turn in to such an idiot to fall for a freeloader like this fruitcake. He is letting her pay for everything and is probably only staying with her until she gets her trust fund. That is probably the back story. She like her gramms will probably be taken for all she has by this freeloader who pretends to be some sort of world avenger. That is what will probably happen.

    • tlr says:

      Yes but with Castle’s marriage to Gina, Alexis never took back seat to Gina. Gina even said that t was the two of them with her on the outside. This time it’s different. Kate has his full attention and he keeps running off and doing dangerous things with her not even thinking about Alexis and his mom’s feelings about this. Alexis knows this one is the real deal and she will not be able to take care of her dad anymore. Why not bring home an idiot she knew would drive her dad insane and punish him with it. I bet Alexis pays all the bills from her allowance her dad gives her. She had better watch what she says to her dad or that might dry up too.

  36. K says:

    Molly screen time would’ve been reduced drastically if the castle writers hadn’t wrote the character PI in. I think Molly doesn’t approve of the little amount of screen time she is getting this season and last season. If Molly wants more screen time the time should be valuable. Have Alexis be back at the morgue with Lanie or have her bond with Kate. Alexis is a spoiled little brat. Why was Alexis okay with Rick marrying gina, but doesn’t approve of Rick being engaged to Kate? Explain that Castle writers. To me Kate will be a friend/older sister to Alexis never mother. I don’t expect Kate to mother Alexis because she has a mother. Whether Alexis likes it or not Rick is going to marry Kate.

    • scooby says:

      Gina was never Rick’s soulmate. Even her own mother wasn’t the person Kate is to Rick. She might say she’s okay with Kate but on some level she’s acting out with Pi. She knows Kate’s a serious threat to time with her dad even if he’ll always be there for her. It’s just that Kate will (knock on wood) be there for decades to come while Alexis’ time living there and being the one to take the more mature role is diminishing naturally. It requires adjustment. Alexis is getting someone else to make her the center of their world but he’s obviously not the ideal. She’s trying him on and seeing if she can get that for herself rather than try to hold onto it with her dad and his new relationship. Many young women do that, it’s natural. As for Molly wanting more time, all actors want to make a valuable contribution but you’re projecting feelings about her current level of work onto her. Don’t assume things. Unless it’s a quote from Paley or Twitter or something, let’s just leave Molly herself alone.

      • Just one thing says:

        I don’t think anyone should bash Molly Quinn like some individuals have done, because that’s just stupid. But I really don’t get all of the confusion. If someone felt so inclined, they could probably find 20-25 of her quotes from Paley, Twitter and interviews that would shed plenty of light on WHY we’re seeing what we’re seeing in the story now.
        I don’t think the writers are trying to make Alexis culturally “relevant.” Considering how the entire Quinn-supported Alexis/Caskett conflict has been ignored by the show, I’d wager that it’s never really been the writers’ intent to make it such a big deal — otherwise, I think they would have pursued it last year. Then again, who knows? Maybe they just didn’t want to deal with it so soon after getting Castle and Beckett together.
        Either way, since people aren’t caring for it now, hopefully it’s dealt with before the winter hiatus.

    • tlr says:

      Not really. She could have taken the high road and gone back to work with Lanie. She could have even more screen time and be happily working with her dad, not being such a brat to him. If you ask me, the new writer on the show has really soured the mix. If they don’t get rid of him and go back to the old formula, there won’t be a season 7.

  37. liz says:

    I friggen hate this kid.

  38. K says:

    Alexis dating a guy who she knows Rick won’t approve of is childish. Alexis isn’t the type of girl who would date a guy just to piss her father off. PI is a good guy. He likes fruit and cares about the environment, but other than that he’s just annoying. PI is like a bad zit that keeps popping up. PI is so disrespectful when he walked into ricks loft wearing a towel. It’s outrageous that Rick wouldn’t say anything. Rick is incapable of parenting Alexis because she always disciplined herself. Alexis castle is just a spoiled brat who thinks she should get her own way all the time. Life sadly doesn’t work that way.

  39. Lucy says:

    They state clearly in 503 that Alexis had never reacted badly to Gina or any of his other girlfriends badly. Remember when she was bratty about their father daughter dinner and made her own insecurity about leaving home sound like it was about her hating Beckett?

    So this isn’t the first time Alexis has been a horrid brat to her dad because of whatever issues she has. Kate is just an easy target because she knows it will hurt her father the most.

    I am tired of her sucking up screen time with her childish disrespect before this season. The new guy just the tasteless filling in the nasty Alexis ‘Pi’.

    Give Lanie screen time and send Alexis far away. Pi the Mooch can go farther.

  40. Dory says:

    I took time this am to read all of the posts on this thread. They were all very good. I picked just 2 to comment on. Pi UGH. One poster pointed out Ricks obvious attraction to the ladies. There are many “ruggedly handsome” on tv and real life. BUT Rick is that. rich talented guaranteed a reservation at Le Cirque etc. Who can forget Elle Munroe. His passion for her lead me to believe he would dump Kate in a minute Also Sophia and Kyra. I have not seen that out of control passion shown towards Kate. Yes I do realize Kate and Rick were not committed at the time. Are the fans going to accept a marrisge between them or will it get boring? Of course if they write as he was then it could be the end of the show. I love the Rick character mainly because he’s so damn funny. Kate is a total knockout in every way. I love them together. We’ll see. Please excuse errors i have to catch my train.

    • Nelmar says:

      OMG Dory! long time no see better no read! Where is the rest of our group? PI need to go, very boring character ( this has nothing to do with the actor himself, he may be good but the poor guy was given a horrible horrible character) He shows up, says something stupid and disappears, what kind of character is this? Please, who came up with this poor idea of a boyfriend like this for Alexis? I am a little disappointed at this season, hope it gets better, at least now Kate is no longer in DC, that was another boring thing. Sorry everyone, this is my opinion, you guys don’t have to agree!!!

      • Dory says:

        Nelmar so glad to hear from you. I searched for Sally & Ralph. Can’t find them. As usual i agree Dc was boring and Pi weird. Please stay in touch you were so helpful when I 1st started watching. I did see pretty much all of the TNT reruns. Once in a while I’ll see one in the evening that I missed. Sincerely I feel as if I found a lost friend.

        • Nelmar says:

          Me too! I thought I would never find any of you anymore here. to tell the truth I went many times to our old posting from june something, but no one was there anymore. So I guess with summer everyone forgot about Castle and all waited for the new season. School restarted and I went back to work, my daughter went back to college and life became very busy. When Castle 6 restarted I tried to check tv line here and there, very quickly to see if I would see you, Sally and the gentleman but did not see anyone, so I gave up. Yesterday afternoon I decided to read a little this posting and saw you wrote a little. I was so very happy!!!! Well back to Castle… for me there is no season like the first 4 ones, Don’t know, after they started a relationship in season 5 it did not seem to me that they were really with the same chemistry as before, Rick and Stana are both excellent actors, so I know that they could bring that chemistry back so I feel that the writers are not trying that too hard, maybe it is only my perception, the way I am seeing things now, and may not be what others are seeing, do you understand what I mean? I still stick to the show and love to see and re-see old eps from the first 4 seasons, I hope our group starts posting here at least for us to know they are still watching Castle. I am sure Sally is, because she is like I am, super fan of Fillion and Stana. I don’t know about the guys though, and Carolee from Canada, who started posting also, maybe I misspelled her name.
          Well keep in touch and let me know what you are thinking about new season, take care :)

          • Dory says:

            Hi Nelmar, So many things.I am truly a fan of the Rick & Kate relationship. I feel the show will be over if it doesn’t continue. As far as the guys go, I don’t think Ralph is a fan of Stana. Rick I don’t know. What seems lacking is the passion HE had for other women. insert shrug. Almiost like an old married couple. I knoe I have posted that I travel a lot. My little co. with a staff of 5 is busiest in the summer months. It is a PR firm. I specia lize in home improvement products. Season 6 as it progressed has improved. I welcome all opinions but of course supporters of Rick and Kate. I’ll have more free time now until after Christmas. Then we start spring campaigns. I’ll be in touch.

          • Dory says:

            Nelmar if you’re around. Do you know how to get on past season eps i.e season 5. I think I may have misses a few. Since I have no interest in to nites lineup. I’d like to watch THX Dory

          • Nelmar says:

            Sorry just now saw your posting, TNT has, if I am not mistaken, shown season 5, I will check their schedule and let you know about it. Let me make sure they are doing it or I am confused with channel ABC night hours, I have recorded some from ABC. I will get back to you either tonight or tomorrow morning, but I am in the west coast so you probably will not read this until tomorrow morning. Good night.

          • Nelmar says:

            Dory, I went to check TNT schedule, they are going to show some season 5 eps on Oct 24th, they will show on that day eps 1,2,3 and 5 however eps 4 will not be shown, what brought back to my mind that I had watched some of season 5 on tnt however esp 4 was not shown, that’s the one caskett go to the Hamptons and one of the boys or both (don’t remember well) find out they are dating. let me give you the web page for that, . You click on the day of the week and see what is going on on that day, and so on , and so on. Let me know if you were able to find it, please. I have no ideia why eps 4 is not there, maybe abc did not sell that eps to tnt, I do not know about agreements between both channels. Also I recorded some from ABC and the episode 100 was not there, that’s the one Beckett throws a BD party for Rick. I will keep checking the other days on tnt, for the week of the 21 just the 24th will have season 5, so we need to check for the week of the 28. Hope i could help a little, please let me know it.

          • Dory says:

            As usual a big help. Stay in touch

          • Dory says:

            Saw the birthday party on ABC but not the Hamptons. OMG I get so confused but truly I don’t think I ever got this attached to a drama.

          • Nelmar says:

            Hi Dory, this is Friday, have been very busy, I will try to write something tomorrow. I do NOT like PI character, and now Alexis and He are moving in together, very oddddddddddddd!

          • Dory says:

            Hi Nelmar THX for getting in touch. For a change I don,t have a busy Friday. I am at home and wouldn,t you know NO CASTLES on TNT. Please I know you will be in touch when you can. Maybe after the next ep on Mon. Take care

          • Nelmar says:

            GM Dory! Saturday! Yes, TNT doesn’t show Castle on Fridays, that’s true, just the day you are home, not fair :) . I am very concerned about Sally and Ralph, they always post something when they see us posting, Ralph talks to Rick, and so on, Rick already posted and Ralph did not reply it. I hope they are ok, I will keep checking the new threads, if you can please help me with that, maybe you will see them somewhere. I do not have facebook, that could be a place to look for Sally, I gave her my email one time, like I did to you but haven’t heard from her. she is a fan of Nathan’s and always posted about his shows here. Hope all is well with them. Well, Monday’s eps sees to be the one where Castle and Martha go to visit Alexis in her new apt. Let’s see, what these writers are bringing to us… it is not my cup of tea, Alexis was always a mature girl and it seems to be an immature decision. I am very traditional in my decisions and this doesn’t look like something I would be happy with if my girl did. My daughter is one year older than Alexis is. Yes, we are also very attached to this drama here at home, my husband, my daughter and I, this is the only series that the three of us sit together and watch together, since the very beginning, my daughter was still in high school at that time. As the esp goes on she is always texting her friends, back and forth with discussion about the eps. it is very hilarious.Dory, have you ever watched the Hamptons eps? Maybe during the original season on ABC? I hope you did. I will check with my recordings, my husband has been recording off ABC season five for me, I need to see if that eps is included. If not, it means that TNT and ABC are somehow not allowing that eps to be aired, I will check tonight all my recordings.// We recorded all season 1 esps of Perception, I watched season 2 when I realized that I liked the series, since tnt reran the season 1 we took advantage and recorded everything, so every night my hubby and I watch it. Have you ever seen any eps of Perception? Well, I will try to post something after Monday’s eps of Castle, remember I am in the west coast and it starts here at 10 pm so I will not be able to post until Tuesday. What time does it start on the east coast?
            Have a great weekend!

          • Dory says:

            Hi Nelmar, Sat is a little better day as I have some social obligations. I will check out perception and will check out all the threads for Sally and Ralph

        • Rick says:

          They closed comments on that S5 blog so I am glad to see Dory and Nelmar on this thread.
          After five bad shows (last 3 of S5 and first two of S6 with the exception of the Caskett interaction and Kate’s Yes) I really liked the last two shows. The difference is more Castle & Beckett plus Espo & Riley plus I even missed Gates. The DC cast was boring and despite magic computers needed Caskett to solve the case. Lisa may be a good actress (I never watched House), but she had a nothing part.
          As for Pi and Alexis just move them out. I bet if an uninvited boy friend walked into the father’s bedroom in any house in America like the last show he would be on the Street in five minutes.
          Alexis is 20 her Father has been chasing Beckett for 5 years and is now engaged to her. So she drops out of school and picks up a guy who doesn’t work, lost his passport (is he a terrorist or is this about undocumented people?). By the way does any body believe he is sleeping on the couch? It would be nice if Castle behaved like a father instead of some one who just gives money to a spoiled brat who is wasting a scholarship that could go to some one who would appreciate it. Since I give to Columbia as an alumina I would like to believe that. In Any case I am happy they are back at the 12th and want to see Lanie pop up. I think we all missed the response of the cast to the proposal and I would hope we get some more of that as time goes on.

          • Nelmar says:

            Hi Rick! Good to “see” you back! Agree 100% with what you said about what writers are doing with Alexis character, they are taking a very strange route that doesn’t belong to the show. I agree that Alexis could have a boyfriend whom she met in college, but this story of a guy who lost his passport doesn’t seem at all feasible to her character and to Rick’s character. Anyone can go to a consulate of his/her country and have that fixed, in a blink of eye, so this is not in accord to the reality we live in. I am also glad they are back in NY, it was really boring in DC, I don’t know too much the other actress because I did not watch House, she may be a good one but those eps were not that great, in my opinion. I also wish that Lanie will pop up. Hope we will hear also from Sally and Ralph, wonder how they are doing… keep in touch.

          • Dory says:

            HI Rick agree with Nelmar great to read your opinions. I always enjoyed your opinions and Ralphs. Hope he jumps in. All the posters are great but you are the people who really helped a newbie and an inexperienced poster. Hope they keep this thread up.

          • Dory says:

            Just turned off reruns on TNT. I will go back on when Headhunters comes on. I think its one of the funniest eps so far. Also love Blue Butterfly and cou7ld watch it over & over. I would love to shake hands with the makeup and wardrobe people. The ep I turned off is The Limey. Rick you’ve been watching since inception, as a guy why do you think Castles reaction to everything is another women.Does he just have hot pants or is it to hurt Beckett? Of course at this point in the show there is no commitment but he loves to throw it in Becketts face. He seems to have the libido of a teenager. Now we’re in season 6. Now they are together. Do you think he’ll be written again as straying. I guess I have a little problem with people deliberately hurting each other.No I don’t believe the weirdo is sleeping on the couch. Yes I would like to see more of Lainie. Please jump in Nelmar if you have an opinion.

          • Rick says:

            Dory if we consider the series with subtext (subtext being another word for unclear writing) I don’t think Rick is any more guilty of using dates to hurt Beckett then she is of the same thing. The first season wealthy playboy is really slumming with the Police Dept and Beckett is intriguing to him because she doesn’t jump into his arms and bed like most of the women he meets. See ex-wives 1 & 2 for what is available to wealthy, famous bachelors in NY. So yes he dates other women and Beckett has a free social life too, so neither one has a call on the other. In the second season they both start getting a better understanding and start getting emotionally involved. By the end Beckett (who always has problems with relationships starts being serious about Castle (see Food to Die For)) and is pushing him away and dating the Detective Deming. Castle naturally feels he is losing her and tries to get her back by inviting her to the Hamptons (a high end resort area well known to NYers). Castle learns that she is lying to him about working while actually going with Deming for the weekend. Pissed as any guy would be, he calls his backup, his ex-wife Gina also his publisher who is interested in him finishing the book since she collects as a publisher and an ex-wife. Sad ending to 2nd season as Beckett breaks off with Deming, but is unable to tell Castle in time. Lack of communication between these two continues to be a problem into S6. So far I don’t see Castle guilty of trying to hurt Beckett. When do these two find time to solve crimes?
            S3 Beckett is pissed Castle has not called since he reasonably believed that she is with Deming, As usual it is his fault, as any guy will tell you it is always the guy fault. One of the things I have learned in a long term happy marriage. Then Josh appears. Castle turns down the Nicki Heat actress, a turn down that would be hard for any guy not married, while Nicki points out to Beckett that she is in love with Castle and refuses to show it. The frozen episode where they almost say the ILY words and the extremely bad ending where she goes with Josh. Skip over the shooting and Castle’s ILY into S4. So far Castle not guilty of using women to hurt Beckett. In S4 Castle learns that she did hear him say ILY and has lied to him once again. He is upset and starts putting distance between them. We move to The Limey episode(one of my least favorite episodes). Castle is hurt and rather than communicate and tell Kate that (much too adult for a TV show) he does try to hurt her by taking up with a flight attendant and even letting her drive his car. Note that at the episode end Beckett goes off for a quickie with the Limey.
            Finally S4 is redeemed by “Always” maybe their best episode. Throw in S5 with TSTQ damaging Beckett’s image at the end and we are into S6. I count Castle guilty of using women to hurt Beckett maybe twice and both times he has extremely good reasons and they would not have happened if TV shows allowed people to simply communicate.

          • Dory says:

            OMG Rick. THX. You took a great deal of time to explain your intepretation of the 1st 5 seasons. One fact, a lot of my viewing was hit & miss or half shows, not the best way to get to the heart of the character. Having someone with the patience to explain is great. Will post again after Mondays’ ep. I do like Rick a lot but I guess just a little leery. Don’t know why I have a successful 10 year relationship.

  41. ChuckMeForever says:

    Reading comments and thinking back on it, They need to write Alexis OUT of the show. She is now Useless to the Show. They can have her appear in 3 shows a season as a guest star and that is more than enough of her….Changes that is what keeps a show fresh…….Pi and Alexis is not fresh it is an annoyance….

  42. Ivy says:

    If you hit Pi in the face does he bleed pomegranate juice?

  43. K says:

    If Alexis never showed dislike for Gina or any of ricks girlfriend why the sudden change just because Rick is engaged to Kate. Did Alexis really expect that her father wouldn’t ever marry again or is she just that stupid. Alexis so fsr in season 6 has had meaningless scenes. She’s written into episodes for no apparent reasons. Rick and Alexis used to be so close. It’s sad they aren’t as close as they used to be.

    • Alan says:

      does nobody understand that its the danger that is alexis’s problem? rick constantly gets into dangerous situations when working with kate, thats her problem.

      • Lauren says:

        6 seasons of CASTLE and she still has this issue..I don’t think they will go there!

      • Jon says:

        If that is their reasoning then they are conveniently forgetting the previous seasons, especially last season, when Alexis was not only supportive of her father being happy, but also actively aware of how serious this relationship was. Quite frankly, forcing Alexis into a plot or not, I expect more from the Castle writers.

      • Just one thing says:

        Rick got into plenty of dangerous situations — gunfire, bombs, fires — before Alexis started acting funny in S4. Sure, he almost got shot right in front of her, but he also stuck around in NYC to stop a terrorist bomb threat less than a year prior. And just this last week, he went into a hostage negotiation and got shot at point-blank range, NOT because of Kate or her quest, but because he wanted to talk down his “number one fan.”
        As has been established since Cops & Robbers, Rick’s going to find danger and danger is going to find him, whether Kate is with him or not.
        Honestly, it seems to me like Alexis was fine with Kate, until it became clear that Kate was a threat to Alexis’ place in Rick’s life. Suddenly, Kate wasn’t the harmless cop whose life story kept her father occupied. Suddenly, somehow, Kate became the enemy.

    • tlr says:

      It’s because Rick and Gina were never as close as Rick and Kate. Before it was Rick and Alexis with Gina looking in from the outside. Alexis was still #1 in her father’s life. Gina was just there to be his romantic partner, just like the many other women that came though her dad’s life. But Kate has gotten in, she has succeeded in monopolizing Alexis’ dad’s time and even put him in crazy dangerous situations with the possibility of death more than once. Alexis doesn’t like this engagement, but as she stated at the end of 6×06, ” I don’t think this engagement is a good idea, but it is what you want and it makes you happy, so I just have to accept it, just like you will just have to accept me and Pi or else you cannot be apart of my life.” There she said that she did this because of her father’s engagement. The one thing we never saw was Alexis doing anything with Pi. Before with her boyfriends you always caught them kissing or her on long romantic phone calls. You didn’t even see her near him, mostly just running interference when her dad came in and wasn’t too please. What does that tell you about how really committed she is to this fruitcake. I think it is acting out to the max level. Which is why she and Pi can leave the show and there will be no harm, no foul for me.

  44. Mark says:

    I came across this interview given by Molly Quinn on the 02/10/2013 which seems to clear the picture up a little. I commented my thoughts earlier where I stated patients is the name of the game and after reading this I think there is more of a story still to be told, yes the boyfriend is upsetting some, unlike d by most but lets see where it goes …..

    • Erin says:

      Yeah!, the thing is that some people don’t get molly’s sense of humor, or her way, or whatever name you can put on it… of course some go all the way about fandoms and actors, etc and this become a mess…people are free to express their opinion, but they should stop thinking they can read the actors minds and thinking they are right, let the things play out and enjoy it… and if you are not a fan of Alexis/Molly, well, try to not pay attention to her, it is really easy…

  45. John says:

    Marlowe saw the reaction towards beckett behavior in the last arc of season 5 so now he want to balance things he is writing Rick and Alexis doing bad things so people can bash this 2 too.

    • tlr says:

      Well it is kind of dangerous going for the hate vote. Yes, Kate was acting like a selfish B**** last season and needed a really good wakeup call. Somehow, I didn’t imagine that wakeup call would be a proposal though. But getting the fans angry again is not really the way to win people over to the show. They said that toward the end of season 5 view numbers dipped to an all time low (still high of course) but lower than the beginning and middle of Season 5. Do they really want to make the numbers dip again by playing the same stupid game. God I hope not. If they do this, the actors won’t have to worry about fulfilling the 7th year of their contracts, there won’t be a 7th season.

  46. John says:

    PI is the son of the man that Alexis is trying to save in epi 6×07.

  47. jj says:

    Pi is HORRIBLE. Please get rid of him ASAP. I think it is time to call in Jackson Hunt. He will know how to dispose of him cleanly.

  48. barbara says:

    i agree alot with the posts that state alexis needs to grow up. in some episodes mouthy and stormed off if i did that when i was younger i wouldnt have been able to sit for awile. and as much as i luv castle he lets her get away with all this crap. i find alexis bringing pi into house rude and disrespectful . i”m assuming the writers brought pi in for some reason but hope its for a short time.

  49. Big D says:

    Imsorry, and it grieves me saying it, but thewriters hve got it all wrong introducing Pi. He is too irritating for words and deflects from the atmosphere of the programme. Get rid. NOW!!