Blind Item: Hit Series Poised to Kill Off Star

blinditemUpdate: Actor behind Blind Item revealed!

Check it: A prospective new TV pilot just landed a big-time actor as its star, but the up-and-coming producer/writer behind the future series can’t pitch it to a single network. Heck, he can’t even discuss it with anyone — and that’s because there’s a spoiler bomb embedded within the top-secret project.

You see, the headliner in question is currently starring on a popular hour-long drama series. And if word were to get out that he has committed himself to a new full-time gig, it could potentially ruin a major upcoming twist: his onscreen death.

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So the scribe has graciously agreed to keep his script — and his stealth casting coup — under wraps until the morning after the character meets his end.

On the bright side, I hear he won’t have to keep his trap shut for much longer.

You know the drill. Start speculating in the comments section below!

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  1. Da True Adam says:

    Owen, please be Owen. He a such a better actor than to be stuck on Grey’s. It’s so beneath his talent. Would love to see him on something new.

  2. dude says:

    I’m probably way off but my first instinct was Paul Wesley. I seriously doubt it’s him though.

  3. Anne says:

    Robert Carlyle from Once is my guess. Josh Dallas (David) is dating another lead on the show so I doubt he would leave. Once writers have already said not everyone would make it out of Neverland.

  4. Josh says:

    I think it could be Rick from Walking Dead. It’d be huge to kill him off but the series could survive and Kirkman seem perfectly willing to deviate from his own source material.

    Also Charming from Once would be an interesting one, he’s kind of dying already.

  5. Leanne says:

    What about mcdreamy – Patrick Dempsey?

  6. AnnieM says:

    Of all the shows mentioned in the Comments, I only watch TWD and OUAT. I don’t think it’s either of those, so I thought about actors I’m familiar with on shows I don’t watch, and my guesses are:
    1.) Patrick Dempsey
    2.) Chris Noth
    3.) Damien Lewis (just an aside, watch his earlier show, “Life” on Netflix – it rocked!)

    Also, TV ratings are taken in November, so no big surprise for this to happen then.

  7. wi says:

    As long as its NOT Ron Swanson, I am happy.

    …oh but wait. Ron Swanson cannot die.
    Carry on.

  8. Xandra says:

    Damien Lewis is the obvious pick, but at this point his demise on Homeland wouldn’t be such a major surprise (a great move, though). But with the words “lead” and “star” of the show I immediately thought of Steve Buscemi. And I don’t watch SOA, but maybe this is the complex TV schedule reasoning that Charlie Hunnam had to give for dropping out of 50 Shades.

  9. Anne says:

    Maybe it’s Orlando Jones on Sleepy Hollow, I have a bad feeling it is someone on Once though, and I do not trust the writers to give anyone a good death on that show. Not after August-gate.

  10. Gemini says:

    I was thinking Scott Caan from Hawaii 5-0. He’s said he hates living in Hawaii.

  11. Travelocity Gnome says:

    There must be a bigger plan as to why they are keeping Brody alive for so long. It sounds like it could be him. HOWEVER… There was a huge bomb explosion at samcro last week and they have given clay a redemption like storyline that can really only end in self sacrifice for the club. His back is blacked out. He aint getting back in the club… My bet: Ron Perlman

  12. TV Gord says:

    I think it’s Dan Futterman from Judging Amy.

  13. Chris says:

    Why do you enjoy this torture?

  14. mm says:

    I’m thinking its HOSTAGES. Dylan McDermott and Tate Donavan are both successful actors and the show is only a mini series.

  15. Polloi Guadalupe says:

    A prospective new TV pilot. landed a big-time actor as its star.
    The Blacklist? James Spader?

  16. You are all wrong it’s Tom Bergeron from Dancing with the Star…he has secured his spot in the next season of Honey Boo Boo as her mothers love interest!

    U R WELCOME!!!

  17. The Squatch says:

    Well, most people seem to think “Check it.” and “trap shut” are clues as to who the person is and Rick, from The Walking Dead, was out “checking traps” last episode. heh I don’t actually think they would kill Rick off though.

  18. asd123 says:

    If the event that brings Diane and Alicia closer in episode 15 is Will’s death on TGW the show is dead for me, even though it’s my favorite show.

  19. Grace says:

    I hope it’s not Scott Caan from Hawaii 5-0! It really is a two hander so I don’t know how they’d do without Danno to balance out Steve. But he never does press for the show anymore so I wonder if he wants out…

  20. Lisa says:

    I’m going to venture to say it’s either Chris O’Donnell or LL CoolJ from NCIS: LA. The story says it’s a “headliner”. Either of the ones I mentioned are indeed headliners, and I thought I remembered a story not too long ago about LL Cool J looking to move on.

    • Lisa says:

      I believe the use of the terms “spoiler BOMB” and “top secret” tend to point in this direction.

    • Suzy says:

      I am thinking it is Callen. Shane Brannan has said they will kill off a character this season. *heartbroken*

      • Stacey says:

        I don’t think so. I think Chris is grateful this show is a success given he hadn’t had success before on television. Also why leave a headliner show, for another show that isn’t guaranteed to work out. They might kill someone, but I don’t think Callen or Sam is going anywhere… They could have killed off Sam when Sam was being tortured during the cliffhanger/season premiere.

  21. Smiley says:

    People are panicking and not reading the Blind properly. It says starring in not the lead in. So that could be anyone from the main credits couldn’t it. It says the truth will be out very soon and no show would “off” their lead mid season unless it was an ensemble show and even then highly unlikely. Shows like Bones and Castle would end if their leads were killed off and definitely not in mid season. Take a breath, particularly Castle fans and step away from your ledges. Regarding serious speculations, which shows are ending their seasons soon? Homeland? I have no clue.

  22. Ange says:

    Will — The Good Wife

  23. Suzy says:

    Oh say it ain’t so!!! Looking at the pic and knowing what has been said I get the feeling it is Callen, NCIS:LA.

  24. caro says:

    Dempsey is out of town almost half a week… every week.
    If it’s not for a race, it’s for a cycling event, a charity event, getting sponsors, training, shooting ads ect…
    He has no good SLs on Grey’s because he doesn’t want one as he is barely on set.
    Take the two last week, he was on set monday and tuesday and then left for Maine for his Dempsey Challenge, he came back to LA only on monday and was back on set tuesday and left wednesday for Atlanta for his race. It’s always like this… so I doubt any show would want him as a lead as he can’t be on set most of the time.

    • Remar says:

      That’s actually a good point. However, the new show may have fewer episodes than Grey’s. If this was the case, it may actually be perfect for Patrick. But, Grey’s have been pretty darn good to him. He rarely features in most of the episodes nowadays – I think that is why ABC is promoting the interns so much. So, if he is not the blind item, and ABC does renew the show, and he opts in for another season or two, they may be more accommodating with his schedule. Because, whilst Grey’s is not pulling in the ratings it used too, it is still pouring in money for ABC.

  25. Tom Charles says:

    All I’m saying is if The Walking Dead REALLY wanted to deviate from the comic, Rick needs to die

  26. kirads09 says:

    Ok. I honestly have no idea. But my gut first thought and guess?
    Simon Baker – Mentalist.

  27. Nikki says:

    “Big-time” makes me think it’s Chris Noth from the Good Wife. Mr. Big! I don’t like him with Alicia, but I would miss him on the show!

  28. My top 3 guesses based on it being a big-time actor and being on a show where a main character can die without hurting it too much:
    1. Damian Lewis (Homeland)
    2. Mandy Patinkin (Homeland)
    3. Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest)

    My scope is limited since I can only guess based on shows I watch and I’m a bit of a picky viewer. Also, a lot of you are guessing not so great actors on popular shows

  29. Joe Cobb says:

    Based on the language, and the fact that he alludes to this being news very soon… I expect it to be a show that airs on the weekend (ie Homeland or The Walking Dead).

    I cast my vote for Brody biting the bullet.

  30. A.J. says:

    George Eads

  31. ROn says:

    NCIS LA Chris O’Donnell

    • They did say someone was leaving the team, i could be him and he was famous before ncis la from movies.

    • Lisa says:

      I don’t think it’s Chris O’Donnell. I think it’s going to be LL Cool J. LL Cool J said a couple of years ago, that he would stay with the show for another couple of years, then he would look at his options. The use of “spoiler bomb” and “top secret” seem to point towards either NCIS LA or Homeland. The article also said it’s a “BIG-time actor” and a headliner. LL Cool J fits both, and the use of the term “big”. He was a headliner, as a singer, before he was an actor. I think there is a lot of evidence that supports this theory.

      Yes, they could have killed him off during the whole situation that started the season, but it’s also possible that this opportunity didn’t come up until after that was shot. Besides, it provides opportunity for more storyline for the others in the wake of his death.

      Anyway, just my thoughts on it.

  32. Anne says:

    I think it could be Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy. I think they’ve been teasing a death for some time and it could be one of the reasons he chose to bow out of the fifty shades movie (not that I blame him)

    • It doesn’t make sense for Jax to die any sooner than the series finale.

      • Matthew says:

        I don’t think it’s Jax either. Who would carry the show after that? Don’t get me wrong, I believe Jax is a dead man by the end of the series, but not until the end.

        I read an interview with Joss Whedon regarding his programs a while back, and he said there were two types of shows; ones with a central character who is the focus of the story, where everyone else serves to push that character’s story forward, and ensemble casts where the central character (if there is one) serves to push the stories of everyone else forward.

        Sons is like the first example. And in shows like that you can’t kill the main character off. Except that Whedon did on Buffy, but then he brought her back, so that’s okay! I get the feeling whoever bites the bullet this time though is dead forever. In the case of SOA, Jax is the story. If he goes, that’s where the story ends.

        All this being said, in my opinion, the following are the most likely: Brody on Homeland, Neville on Revolution, or Darryl on Walking Dead.

        Though in Walking Dead’s case, I know Kirkman wants to deviate a lot from the comics, and while he started out by saying TWD was “Rick’s story,” he’s lately gone on more to say things like, “TWD is Rick and Carl’s story.” So he’s setting Carl up to take over, eventually, at in terms of the comics. To do the same on the show would certainly not be completely unprecedented, but I just don’t see it happening yet. The only evidence that points to this possibility (Rick being killed), is that Andrew Lincoln himself has said that the mid-season finale is absolutely huge and pivotal, and that it’s a big episode for Carl. Though, as a comic reader, I have a feeling I already know what the event is (and I won’t spoil it, don’t worry).

  33. Kendra says:

    Not that I want it to be but I am thinking Shemar Moore. I can see him with his own show. He is popular and ladies love him!

  34. Rich says:

    I’m thinking Patrick Dempsey from “Grey’s Anatomy”. Meredith and Derek’s relationship has reached its peak. They have an adopted daughter and a newborn son. That’s what fans have been wanting since season 1: for them to get married and have kids. Also, after last night’s episode, it seems like there might be trouble in paradise.

    Come May 2014, Derek will die in some horrible way (like people do on “Grey’s”) and Mer will be a widow.

  35. Stew says:

    James Spader on Blacklist?

    • CC says:

      The whole show revolves around James Spader character. Without him, there is no show, so I don’t think it is him.

    • lll says:

      While Blacklist is a hit, it’s too early to kill of the lead. It will jeopardize the show because it revolves too much around him and his “blacklist.” It has to be a lead that can leave without hurting the show. It’s not him.

  36. Okay my last comment has been censored because there was a link to a concurrent website I guess, but if you go to said site (with Kristin); you will see recent spoilers about Homeland which comfort my guess about the blind item being Damian Lewis!
    Plus in some interview afew days ago Damian Lewis said he was afraid he was going to be killed off, so…
    Brody is totally dying this weekend!

  37. JMill says:

    Jax/Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy.

    The set up is there. The character has just gone through a redemption arc. It would be a nice swerve from what fans are expecting. There’s a natural fill for the vacuum the character would leave. It would take some sub plots in interesting directions. It could possibly explain both Hunman taking a high profile movie role that could have easily led to a time sucking movie series and why he might have backed out of same (an unexpected juicy new TV project).

    Yeah, I’ll put my two bits on Charlie Hunnam. :)

  38. Tim says:

    Why are we still following Brodies family? Bring them back in when he returns and dies (yes I’m totally calling out Brodie as the blind item). That B-story has got to go.

  39. mary seeley says:

    I don’t know, I’ve seen adds for Nathan (Catlle) and David (Booth) for different shows. The problem is, I will be crushed if it’s either of them. What are they thinking!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Shannon says:

    If the pic is the actual person, it almost looks like Sasha Roiz, which would make me very sad as he is my fav character on Grimm.

    But at the same time this bit confuses me:
    “And if word were to get out that he has committed himself to a new full-time gig, it could potentially ruin a major upcoming twist: his onscreen death.”

    The way I read it is that the character is already doomed, so what is the big deal?

  41. aaj says:

    I think it’d be a great storyline if Chris Noth’s Governor-to-be character bit the dust. This would leave Alicia and Will in an interesting spot, and it would also open things up to bring in someone new to be the governor as well as put Alicia in a new situation where she no longer has a bunch of doors open to her.

  42. RhettnScarlett says:

    As long as it’s not Castle’s Nathan Fillion, I’m good.

  43. marissa says:

    Nathan Fillion.

  44. Lori says:

    Josh Dallas as Charming on Once Upon A Time would be a very long shot but a possibility since the show just infected him with something fatal. Josh Charles as Will on The Good Wife or David Boreanz as Booth on Bones are strong possibilities. I think this is the last season for Bones so Boreanz is probably the most likely though Charles signed a shorter contract for Good Wife so you never know…

  45. Sarah says:

    I think it is Michael Trevino (Tyler) from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. He has zero storyline on the horizon this season…and let’s be honest, aren’t we all shipping Caroline-Klaus anyway? :-)
    He’s been with the show so long, send him out with an awesome exit, blaze of glory if you will.

    • Katrina says:

      What?? How is he a big-time actor? Did you even read the text?

    • Z says:

      No, we’re not all shipping Caroline and Klaus. I don’t get the whole “Klaroline” thing anyway. Any person who shoves a lamp into someone’s stomach is a person I’d try to avoid. Besides, Klaus is on another show and needs a love interest that he has no previous ties to and has no knowledge of his unsavory history.

  46. KittyJules says:

    My first thought was George Eads since he was having issues with his own show, but I do believe I have the answer. It is Dan Bucatinsky. His relationship to his on-screen husband has been described as “explosive”. Headliner? He is a newspaper reporter, and his big headliner, his big story, was a huge plot point in the season. He is an “up and coming writer/producer” himself, working on several shows. He just won an Emmy, making him a star. He is considered a star for his work on Scandal, Grey’s, Who Do You Think You Are, and Episodes, having been nominated for Emmy’s on both WDYTYA and Episodes. It was recently announced that he has a new deal with Shondaland for an “hour long dramady” based on his best selling book. It could be that they are going to make it into a half hour comedy, and he would be the perfect person to star in it! Right???? LOL I’m going for the win with this one!!!

  47. specialk says:

    Steve Buscemi or Jack Huston?

  48. .... says:


    • lll says:

      That’s not what i conveyed. This “He” is currently on a popular drama. He’s the lead. This man is leaving this popular drama for a new pilot. The producers are letting him go to the new pilot and in order to do that, the producers will kill him off. They are keeping it under wraps because it will give away a major spoiler in the popular drama.

    • lll says:

      That’s why people are guessing current dramas. The star is still on the show until the secret comes out.

  49. .... says:

    it’s a new pilot. Its not a show already airing.
    It could be any really famous male actor thats on a tv show right now