Good Wife Boss: Kalinda's Love Interest Erased From Premiere Out of 'Overabundance of Caution'

The Good Wife Kalinda HusbandHe’s been off the show for nearly a year but Kalinda’s loathsome ex-husband Nick is still causing problems.

Responding to TVLine’s report earlier this week that Kalinda’s latest love interest (played by Juliet Rylance) had been cut from The Good Wife‘s Sept. 29 premiere, executive producer Robert King explained that the move was made out of “an over-abundance of caution” in the wake of last season’s much-maligned Nick plot.

VIDEO | Good Wife First Look: Will Flips Out on Alicia

“We didn’t have the time in the episode to build up the chemistry [between the pair], so we put a pause on [the storyline],” he told a group of reporters following a screening of the CBS drama’s game-changing Oct. 27 episode. “We just didn’t want to make a mistake again.”

However, King emphasized that the storyline is not dead. “We’re putting a pause on it — it’s not going away,” he stressed. “Whatever news reports that say it’s going away it’s not at all.”

Rylance’s busy schedule could prove to be an obstacle though. The English actress has since committed to starring in Cinemax’s 10-episode Steven Soderbergh-helmed drama The Knick.

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  1. Josh says:

    I just care about Kalinda getting some storyline! She’s been sidelined since the husband incident and it stinks.

  2. Shaun Ed says:

    I knew it. They didn’t want to bring someone new because people were raging over Kalinda’s ex-husband. Unfortunately the same people are raging because she isn’t getting enough attention. Its a lose-lose for the Kings.

  3. courts says:

    The problem with the Nick storyline wasn’t the chemistry, it’s that it wasn’t very good. I’m not wild about how much they have sidelined Kalinda, but I guess they’ll do anything to please Julianna.

  4. Dani says:

    they wouldn’t have that problem if they could just bring Lana back *sigh*. But, also it is entirely possible for Kalinda to have a storyline that does not include a love interest, it’s not mutually exclusive. OR they could just explore the Kalinda/Cary dynamic once and for all…

    • MC says:

      Exactly! They wouldn’t have that problem with Lana! Kalinda/Lana sizzle! But if they can’t get Jill Flint back right now, they should focus on non-romantic relationships for Kalinda. A Diane/Kalinda friendship has a lot of potential. The Will/Kalinda buddies dynamic could be further explored too.

    • Tan in Berkeley/Asheville says:

      I don’t get all the folks who were so crazy about the Lana/Kalinda coupling. I love me some Kalinda and I’m happiest when she’s involved in torturous flirtation or erotic denouments BUT I never saw it with Lana — Lana seemed like a user and a hard-bitten workaholic who is kind of a bot to authority.

      I’m looking forward to Kalinda meeting her REAL match — someone whip-smart, totally hot, and who will draw her out. THAT’S who Kalinda deserves — and who we deserve to see. :)

  5. xx says:

    Yessssssssssssss I hope this is true. And I hope this one works well with Kalinda- they’ve had so many decent matches (Sophia, Lana, Cary) that it’s a damn shame the longest romantic arc with her was with worthless Nick.

  6. Tav says:

    Well this “overabundance of caution” is causing problems of it’s own; people are used to Kalinda playing a more integral role. Benching her because she’s apparently not allowed in the same scene as Alicia/JM or because of a fears going forward is not a good look (for the Kings, for the show).
    Just get her back on screen!

  7. Leah says:

    And finding something else for her to do is impossible?

    Ehh. I’m not giving up hope yet. Its early in the season. I trust in the Kings.

  8. MC says:

    Just bring back Lana! Kalinda and Lana had AMAZING chemistry!

  9. Mandy says:

    I feel like Kalinda has been put on the back burner this season and I don’t like it.
    Also, I wish they would stop bringing back ‘old flames’ and let us see Kalinda woo someone new. I would like to see how that goes down.

  10. Jimmy says:

    The Nick story failed because it just wasn’t that interesting. She has better chemistry with the Scott Porter character from season 1. Write a good story for a great actress and problem solved. If there’s some animosity between JM and Archie Panjabi then put them in separate stories.

  11. Cassie says:

    What’s this about not being in any scenes with JM? What’s that all about?

    • CJ says:

      Just people spreading rumors based off of no fact. All Jules said was that she didn’t buy a true friendship between Kalinda and Alicia after Kalinda slept with Peter. People have been spreading rumors about Jules being a diva and not liking Archie and saying that she sabotaged the Kalinda character. None of it is factual based though.

    • Tav says:

      The evidence is in every interview/statement Julianna gives (@ CJ).
      This last spring (in a HuffPost interview prior to the s4 finale) JM commented that the Kalinda/Alicia friendship is “played out”, “not going to happen”, “doesn’t seem realistic”, and that “there are only so many scenes at a bar you can do.” Since then (in an additional Huffpost interview prior to the s5 premiere) JM continues to repeat that their friendship is “not realistic” and “they’ve both moved on” (I must’ve missed that scene, btw). Meanwhile, throughout these claims the Kings have failed to speak on the issue and only offered “We won’t get into a public fight with Julianna on this because she knows this character almost better than anyone”, (Daily Beast interview from spring).
      Basically Julianna wants what she wants and others bend to her will. And if there’s doubt to that, she also said (in a SAG Foundation Conversation last Oct): “I feel very responsible for the scripts. There’s things that I can’t touch and things that I can help; I’m learning where to fight battles and where to let the people who really know what they’re doing do them.”
      If she wasn’t getting stuck on/butting heads over material then that’s a curious thing to volunteer. It sounds like she’s taken issue with certain things (Kalinda/Alicia) and tried to have it changed, and as a producer on the show (as of last year) she now has the sway. Incidentally, Kalinda and Alicia stopped appearing in scenes together shortly after that SAG talk and Kalinda continues to remain persona non grata on the show to this day.
      Make of that what you will.

      • Sally says:

        Thanks for your comment, Tav. I appreciate the info.

      • Kay says:

        I don’t think there’s any tension between the actors or animosity. I think she’s right- you can’t go back to being friends with someone who slept with your husband even before you were friends. Your friendship will never be the same. It is unrealistic and this show tries to be as realistic as possible. I wouldn’t want the writers to act like they’re back to being friends when it would never happen in real life.

        • eliott256 says:

          So you can forgive the cheating husband, but not the cheating best friend? Logical:

        • Tav says:

          A.) If it was unrealistic for the friendship to be repaired then why have them mending fences from back in season 3. In particular, Alicia’s 3×18 remarks: “But I’d like to try to make it work. It’s just that everything has to be on the table. I can’t be the only one being forthcoming. I can’t be the only one being honest… can you do that?”. Then their road to recovery culminated in season 4 with a heart-to-heart while sharing a hotel room (ep 4×11)–but subsequently did a 180 the second half of the season when they were never in the same room again and haven’t been since.
          Very realistic.
          B.) Even if they *can’t* be friends they’re still colleagues and “They’ve always had a good work relationship” (per Julianna herself in HuffPost last month); yet they have not appeared in the same scene together for almost a year. Very realistic.
          C.) The Kings/writers regularly fudge the show’s realism when it suits them. The last ep featured a young woman serving as surrogate when she didn’t even meet basic requirements (wasn’t at least 21, nor did she already have a child of her own, for starters).
          Considering the dubious veracity of several plots already (when convenient), surely the Kings can overlook any “unrealistic” aspects of Alicia and Kalinda’s relationship (or at least have them in the same room again–THAT’S realistic). Especially in light of the overwhelmingly favorable reception the Kalinda/Alicia relationship receives; and when you factor that in, really what’s so hard to reconcile…

          • LC says:

            YES TO THIS SO MUCH TAV. The idea that there’s nothing behind the scenes triggering all the trash JM has been spouting is nonsense. the vanishing of A/K happened at such an odd time in the story arc.

        • C says:

          I think regardless of whether or not Julianna is right – I disagree btw, but that’s neither here nor there – the point of showing the build-up of this friendship and then kicking it down the tubes by throwing a giant K/P sized wrench in it, is to bring it to some sort of resolution to that narrative. To make some sort of statement about friendship and about these two people. It’s part of the art of storytelling. And regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree about the ability for two people in this situation to overcome that betrayal realistically, it’s still satisfying to see it play out on-screen (and not off-screen). Imagine if they had Alicia kick Peter out, then indicated that their relationship was starting to repair itself, and then all of a sudden went 10 episodes without any direct conversation or indication that a relationship ever existed at all. You would think that was weird. Because it would be weird. The final word on Alicia and Kalinda might be that these two people cannot overcome what happened them – that it was just too much. But it would be far more satisfying – from a storytelling perspective – to see it happen. TV is meant to entertain. And however closely you want to stick to reality – the point is to tell us a story. Why are these people different? What makes their story worth watching?

      • iris says:

        Not to mention in a post season 4 interview the Kings did with the daily beast, when the interviewer really pushed for the AK relationship, RK said ” We won’t get into a public fight with Julianna on this because she knows this character almost better than anyone.” Before that RK said “AK is the core relationship of the show.” “AK is THE relationship of the show.”

  12. Babygate says:

    I haven’t heard anything about a Julianna/Archie tension and still, when I noticed that Kalinda was being shoved to the background, that was my first thought. Archie has gotten multiple nominations for.her role and thus competed for Juliana’s spotlight so she’s being minimized. That’s what it looks like. Why would the Nick storyline preclude Kalinda from meeting someone new a year later? That arc was so bad and gross and their sex scenes were so disturbing, but its never been like that with any of Kalinda’s other love interests. The actor that was cast was not right for the part and the storyline was poorly developed. Now, move on. Why is Kalinda being relegated to a recurring role? This excuse is just that…an excuse. Juliana has an overabundance of screen time. She’s everywhere. She just got partner and Will already wants to make her managing partner. Please… Slow her down and give Kalinda something to do.

    • Shaun Ed says:

      The title of the show is ‘The Good Wife’ and the ‘wife’ is Alicia who is played by Julianna. You can’t ask the writers to sideline the main character. You could ask them to slow down the other million supporting characters the show has, but not the main character.

      • Dani says:

        Exactly! And I want to know what the big deal is? For a time Diane had no story at all. For a time Cary was totally in the background. And that’s okay because the main focus is on Alicia. She’s the central character of this show. That’s what people don’t seem to get.
        Instead the spread rumors about JM disliking AP and stuff. It’s stupid. Kalinda will get a story again. I’m sure. People just need to breathe and finally see that Kalinda isn’t THE major character on this show.

    • Josh says:

      While I do want more Kalinda and hate that Julianna is so against the friendship reforming(that would be one of the least “unrealistic” things to have happened on this show…), I think it’s a bit uh…out there, to complain that Alicia, the main character of the show, is in an overabundance of scenes. It’s here show. The whole plot revolves around her. She’s actually in it a lot less than she was in season one. So yeah, don’t get that complaint.

  13. Anonobody says:

    The Nick story failed b/c it Nick was not only a jerk but also a boy. Kalinda sizzles as a character with female lovers, and AP’s chemistry–at least so far–only reaches a boiling point with female co-stars. Whoever is making decisions should get over it and/or themselves and get on with it. Really.

  14. Emma says:

    I think the Kings are the only writers/showrunners around who actually admit when they screw up. Good for them!

  15. AT says:

    Why don’t they just do a bigger story with her and Cary? I don’t really see the need to stress over this. Drop this new love interest and go back to what worked.

    • MC says:

      Only if they focus on the friendship aspect of C/K. They have this sibling vibe going. A romantic thing between them would be very gross.

      • AT says:

        You really get a sibling vibe from Cary and Kalinda? Not any kind of siblings I know. They’ve already done a romantic thing between them anyway. I guess that’s up to the individual if they thought they were gross. That said, I don’t care if it’s romantic or friendship, the two characters work well off each other.

        • MC says:

          They work well as friends. Even the writers implied there might be a sibling vibe thing. Their kissing scenes were kind of yucky, IMO, because I see them more as good friends, not lovers. They have kind of ruined their friendship for me by trying the romantic angle.

    • Lucy says:

      “Cary and Kalinda” is “too” straight. It’s not politically correct. Also those writers never gave a damn about Cary’s character (or Matt Czuchry) and never will so, well, they’ll surely find a way to give her a new love interest anyway, while Cary will be left alone another season. That’s what happens every damn season.

  16. The Good Wife needs to keep the story line focused and fast paced to compete for viewers , though it might have been nice to add another character and relationship there are so many other things happening the additional story line could have been a distraction and hurt the pace of the episodes

  17. Lilys87 says:

    The show has never been this good.
    Kalinda is better as a sidelined, mysterious character, I don’t miss her at all.

  18. Ella says:

    I just want them to make a proper go of Cary/Kalinda as oppose to throwing random love interests Kalinda’s way.

  19. Pat says:

    “We’re putting a pause on it — it’s not going away”
    Good to know they’re so committed to wasting other time.

  20. Fangirl says:

    The main problem with the Kalinda character is that the writers seem to be afraid to write for a bisexual character (same problem with Nolan in Revenge). It’s really not that hard.

    We truly don’t care about the sex of our partners and are a bit more open-minded and adventurous. Our partners sometimes feel a bit insecure for absolutely no reason. A monogamous relationship is a monogamous relationship, no matter if you’re hetero or gay or bisexual. No big mystery here.

    Since there is hardly an authentic bisexual character on TV; this would be a great opportunity to be on the forefront. Why not give Kalinda some dialogue with a gay woman who broke up with her/refused to date her because she doesn’t date bisexuals? Why not let her have a talk with Mr. Insecure who’s too scared she might run off with a woman? That’s the kind of BS we have to deal with all the time. Plus, of course, that even our LGT community loves to deny the existence of our sexuality. Kalinda could get frustrated by constantly being “claimed” by the wrong (gay, hetero) group as a supposed member.

    Personally, I would love to give her a really fascinating love interest. Like a biological man who doesn’t care one bit about gender roles. The type who’d wear a skirt and has long hair. He could be a client who sues for discrimination. Or just a guy she mistakes for a girl when she meets him in a bar.

    The Nick storyline was ill-conceived and made no sense whatsoever. It seemed to be one of the gazillion 50 shades of grey inspired storylines we viewers had to suffer ever since that thing became the talk of the town. But obviously the writers also don’t know the first thing about BD/SM and wrote it like some weird abuse-story (Kalinda was scared, ran away from Nick). It was a big, fat, mind-boggling mess.

    As for the new blond botoxed Weixler chick – Jesus. Did anyone check her dialogue with Kalinda?

  21. Court says:

    Why are they so against Cary/Kalinda…like that is that everyone wants to see. It’s getting really annoying how they keep pushing them to the side.

    • Diva says:

      I actually don’t want to see Cary/Kalinda. I rather see Cary/Robin. They seem more plausible and from my POV have more chemistry together. I feel like Kalinda takes advantage of Cary.

      • I want to see Cary with a woman who is “really” passionate about him. But with those writers it’s never gonna happen.
        They don’t care enough about Cary to find for him a love interest, I mean, a love interest who means something for him and it’s not just another way to give Kalinda something else to do or a foil. And Robin is exactly this.
        They’ll likely keep wasting him using him like Kalinda’s emergency “male” love interest, Whenever they’ll need him to adjust Kalinda’s storyline they’ll use it but when they won’t need it anymore they’ll just drop everything without any decent follow up, like they always do.
        Cary’s the show’s monkey plot. He does things which make big things happen to other characters but the big things rarely are about him.

      • MC says:

        I agree. Cary/Robyn have great chemistry.

    • courts says:

      Is it what everyone wants? I don’t.

  22. I’m not missing Kalinda. All the attempts to write a story about her personal life have been badly done. IMO, part of that is because they wrote her as this enigmatic superhero instead of a real person. Also, because Kalinda simply isn’t a very likable character. She lies, obfuscates, uses any and everyone around her for her own purposes (Cary, Lana, Sophia) and gives very little loyalty in return. She’s basically a quieter version of David Lee.

    I think the Nick story shone a spotlight on what makes Kalinda unworkable as anything other than a supporting character. As for Cary/Kalinda, does anybody really think that wouldn’t just be a hot mess of Cary pushing Kalinda to open up to him only to quit the relationship in frustration after she starts banging someone else?

  23. Diane says:

    Just bring Idris Elba as Kalinda’s next love interest & all will be well.

  24. Diva says:

    Bring Back Lana! The chemistry between them was cray.
    I think the Nick story failed because of the actor not that he was bad or anything. I just think he was miscast.

  25. anonymous says:

    I won’t mind a new love interest for Kalinda if its not just repeat all the other sleazy “romances” she’s had. They make her love interests too creepy.

  26. wkcudw says:

    Producer King definitely make a mistake again. Last time too much story for Nick, this time too little for Kalinda’s new romance. We don’t care Kalinda’s husband at all, while we care the daily romantic chemistry Kalinda got.

  27. Ariana says:

    I don’t want Kalinda with Cary. I think Cary and Robin have awesome and cool chemistry. They just great comedians and they get along better. Best if all, no DRAMA.