Covert Affairs EPs Preview Annie and Auggie's Latest Struggle, Power Shake-Ups and More

Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersCovert Affairs‘ spy heroine Annie adopts a new look — and a whole new set of problems following her “death” — in this Thursday’s mid-season premiere (USA Network, 10/9c).

Below, executive producers Chris Ord and Matt Corman discuss how ex-lovebirds Annie and Auggie are dealing with their new situation, and address one big question: Can she — or does she even want to — come home?

The EPs also talk about the changing power hierarchy at the CIA and the far-off destination they finally got to visit

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TVLINE | With Annie on the run, are you shooting more on location than ever before?
CHRIS ORD | We are, yes. We shot in Europe this summer, and the last two episodes are going to go shoot in Hong Kong in mid-October. It’s been a dream destination for us. We’ve always wanted to shoot in Asia, but it’s so far. It’s very difficult to pull off during the season, but we found a way to do this right at the end of the season so there won’t be any travel issues.

TVLINE | Will Auggie go after Annie right away?
ORD | No. [Laughs] He’s a soldier. He honors the mission.

TVLINE | What is his job status in the new episodes?
MATT CORMAN | Auggie and Joan are taking their lumps at the CIA. They’re still going to remain in the building. They’re going to do what they can from these new positions within the building to achieve this goal.

TVLINE | So basically, they’ve been demoted?
ORD | Yeah. Different, new positions and they’ve been demoted, that’s right.

Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | The Auggie-Annie situation kind of parallels what happened with Auggie and his wife, except that Auggie’s more aware of what’s going on this time.
ORD | Right. But you could say that’s either good or bad. If he had never found out Helen was alive… He was able to deal with that loss and move forward. Whereas now, he does know that Annie’s alive, he does know that she’s out there, but that makes it harder in some ways.

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TVLINE | Auggie said if Annie fakes her death, she might never be able to come back from it. Is she concerned about that? Is she trying to get back?
CORMAN | That’s the essential struggle of these back six episodes: Can you come back to who you were? Do you even want to? And if you did, would you be the same person? Because this type of experience where you’re so on your own and alone, it changes a spy forever.

TVLINE | After what he did for Annie, where does Calder stand?
ORD | Well, he’s got skin in the game. If the CIA finds out that he did this, they’re not going to be thrilled, and so he has co-opted into our team. Now, that doesn’t make this all an easy alliance, but in the same respect, we’ve enjoyed that journey with Calder where you’ve seen him come from being the sheriff to this person that our characters are concerned about. But then we realize that he was just searching for the truth. Now, he knows that Henry is up to no good, and he’s going to try and help our characters achieve the same goal in the back six.

TVLINE | Now that Joan’s been relieved of her duties, is there once again a power struggle at the top?
CORMAN | There’s continual power struggles. Throughout this back six and going forward, the shifting sands of power are very much in play.

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TVLINE | Has Henry claimed that top position in a way?
CORMAN | Yeah. It’s interesting. He’s not technically in the CIA, but as an adviser of sorts, he’s going to be getting his tendrils in even more fully in these back six episodes.

Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | How are Arthur and Joan going to be dealing with everything that’s going on between them and also individually?
CORMAN | They’re moving toward reconciliation just born out of shared tragedy. It doesn’t mean it’s easy. He’s still got a lot on his plate, a lot of legal issues. But because of the grief that they’re sharing, because of the fact that they’re having a baby together as well, they’re both making attempts be together rather than apart.

TVLINE | With the back half of the season, are you guys planning to wrap up the Henry storyline and start a new thread?
CORMAN | Yeah. Henry’s a great character, and he’s a great villain, but he certainly has been in many ways the goal of this season. He won’t be as much of a focal point as he was this season, but he’s a great character and someone that we love to write. So we don’t know exactly yet what’s going to happen to Henry.

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  1. Alichat says:

    I would not object to them killing off Henry. I am bored to tears by his character.

    • Sara says:

      Couldn’t agree more. He’s been around a bit too long for my taste. Enough already.

      • Marc says:

        Add my ‘agree’ to yours. They have turned Henry Wilcox into some caricature-type villian that can predict what the good guys are going to do even before the good guys think of doing it. And could they have made Calder any more unlikable and one-dimentional? Frankly, it’s way too late for me as a viewer to even consider liking him.

        • Alichat says:

          Agree with your Calder statements. He is in no way a layered character. He strutted into his first scene as an egotistical a$$ and has remained that way.

          • GeoDiva says:

            Calder is beyond redemption. They spent way too much time making the audience hate him. Also, can we get Eyal back? He and Annie had more chemistry in their 5 minutes together than Augie and Annie did all season. Augie and Annie are better off as friends.

        • DL says:

          Guess I’m the only one who loves Calder. I think Hill Harper’s been killing it.

          • barbara says:

            dl i like calder also. hillharper was good on csi new york but i think he way better on covert

          • i like him too. i like the complexity and the mystery of the character. then again, i’ve liked most of this season–including, most definitely, auggie and annie. and seeing more of joan’s gentle side.

          • Nelson says:

            I do not like the idea of ​​Annie and Eyal together, much too old for her, I hope it will never happen

    • YES THIS! I hate the Henry story line.

    • Ann says:

      For the love of god get rid of Henry and this stupid storyline. At this point it is patently unbelievable that any of them will still be able to work for the CIA at all. Show has jumped the shark.

    • MoonTree says:

      TOTALLY AGREE!! If they don’t do something with him soon, I will not be watching this show any more….others in my household have already stopped. Boring boring same old…Annie and Auggie against the ever cocky Henry….please.

    • ReyLynn says:

      If Henry doesn’t die in the season finale, I won’t be watching this show next season.

      • looks like annie’s plan isnt about killing him; it was to take him home with the proof that would get him imprisoned. she seems to have switched to getting him convicted in hong kong, which, owned by chian, presumably has nastier tighter prisons.
        i hope we have a clear, firm annie and auggie declaration of love and committment next week.they both know the business theyre in, and that stuff like this will happen,. and auggies’s total devotion this week to following her directions and staying so he can be some help to her looks good for their love affair. only one episode to go! sigh!

  2. A says:

    Next time can you ask them to make Eyal a series regular for us? Or give him a spin off. Thanks!

    • Mandy says:

      Seriously, I missed him so much for the first 1/2 of this season- great to see him come in and help save her, but I would like WAY more of him!

    • Eliza says:

      Yes, please! Eyal is my favorite character and it’s too bad he isn’t regularly on the show. Oded is awesome and if Covert Affairs is heading into a final season anytime soon — I would love for Eyal to continue on with his own story.

  3. Sparky says:

    I like the spin off idea….Eyal is such a great character and Oded plays him perfectly. He’s the only reason I tune in…..the show has lost its appeal for me!

  4. Tony says:

    Thursday at 10pm is a tuff slot.

  5. shuayb says:

    Season 4 has been an utter dissapointment. I really hope they get rid Henry and find someone else to be the next villian. I’m over him. Covert Affairs was a novel concept that went severly awry with Henry. He has no clear motivation for killing Tayo. Arthur didn’t kill Jay. Jay was killed by Lena Smith. Lena had no connection to ALC or Tayo. I just don’t get that whole thing. And what might have been more of a story is if Tayo survived and was in hiding. They built Henry to high that if he falls he will drag whoever helped his downfall.
    Its dumb. Ugh.#KillHenry.

    • Marc says:

      Say this again, please! I’m surprised that nobody has called henry on his BS reason for going after Arthur, Auggie and Joan. I just dont understand any of it. And he’s bascially omnipotent, surely he must know who killed Jai and why. Henry acting as if he’s the grieving father of the year makes zero sense, not pointing out the fact that his reasons are false makes zero sense, Henry being able to even make it past the lobby, much less acting as a consultant at the CIA makes zero sense, Henry wearing those ridiculous rings makes zero sense, nobody believes that he’s that powerful. The actor playing him carries this smirk on is face as if he knows that this entire storyline makes zero sense and is beyond annoying.

  6. Roger Canada says:

    I don’t care about the end of this season, Covert Affairs was painfull all summer long.

  7. Clara Oswin Oswald says:

    I’ve loved this season , far better than the last 2 only thing that pissed me off about this season was Annie and Auggie together, I like them batter as friends. Plus I really dislike Calder.

  8. Aurélie says:

    I hate Henry Wilcox, Annie & Auggie are better together they form a great pair

  9. MujerdeFuego says:

    Please kill off Henry and Calder! They are dragging the series down and making it unwatchable.

  10. Chris says:

    I hate Henry Wilcox, Annie & Auggie but keep it together make a great couple to Eyal is a big brother to Annie, that come always bring his help

  11. i’m curious as to why you call annie and auggie ‘ex-lovebirds.’ they haven’t broken up–or rather they did very briefly and then pulled back from this. they had that very loving conversation while she was driving, with him admiringiy calling her plan ‘bad ass’ and admitting emphatically that they were a great team. in a later conversation, they reiterated that they loved each other. he admitted to calder and co that he was in a relationship with annie. that this puts enormous strain on their relationship [and the fact that it appears he will have to call annies sister to let her know annie’s ‘dead’ would add greatly to that strain], and that both realize they don’t know if annie will come back to the agency would be horribly hard for them. but that makes for pretty good drama in a relationship. in real life, one would wish annie and auggie a lifetime of peaceful, never ambivalent love. but this is a drama, and a season filled with, ‘pass the sugar, darling. and by the way you’re looking lovely this morning’ would turn them into impossibly dreary characters. in any case, the honeymoon phase is clearly over. that doesn’t make them ‘ex.’ so i hope that was just a typo–they are one of the most tender, moving tv couples i’ve ever seen in years of watching tv. if any 2 characters ”belong together,”they do.

  12. Priscillia says:

    Agree with you , Karen Lindsey

  13. greysfan says:

    I really wish they would rid of Henry already. I’m over this storyline and its time they put him to rest. Funny at the beginning of the season i hated Calder like most of us i think but now i actually like the guy. Its going to be a hard night to return to though. Why did they move it to Thursdays? Its a hard night of television and i watch so much on that night already. The recorder is going to be on overdrive. Can’t wait to see it.

  14. barbara says:

    can’t wait for tonite to see first of six episodes. henry does have to go these shows keep these villians on too long!!!!!. calder not too bad as long as he helps annie take henry down. i also hope annie not on the run forever and she gets back to dc with auggie

    • Ed & Audrey Derby says:

      You are ruining this show. Annie doing everything herself! This is what ruined other shows…she doesn’t think she has to follow orders…she will do it all herself. This is getting way too tiresome!

      • i love how tough, even mean, annie’s become. and it sets up more suspense. yes, she’s gone rogue now–but look at the reasons: there’s no other way she can keep henry from sabotaging whatever the un-bought parts of the organization he wants. next week it seems auggie will wonder who she’s become. yet he himself has killed, in war and probably in the cia. i would imagine killing people would change any decent human being. and again, it allows for more suspense re their relationship. does it end b/c of this, or does it grow as they face the grimness in their work together. i vote for the latter, of course, but i like the open area it gives for plots. i hope they dont kill off henry, b/c i think he’s a great villain, with all this sort of sub-villainy around. his ex-wife is a potentially interesting character as well. but i agree we’ve had an overdose of henry; i’d liked him locked in some ultra secure prison, from which he can at some time in the future escape.
        my only problem with the episode is annies presumably sincere claim that her story about her brother wasn’t all bull; she had lost a friend and fellow operative. since she named the ‘brother’ theo, i think she meant him, b ut their level of acquaintance was pretty slight, hardly comparable to a son dying. even if she meant jay, it;s nowhere near comparable to his mom’s loss.

  15. Priscillia says:

    I agree Barbara

  16. Nelson says:

    I do not like the idea of ​​Annie and Eyal together, much too old for her, I hope it will never happen

  17. barbara says:

    what a great start to the first of six episodes. it was fastpaced annie kicked some butt. liked how calder and auggie communicated. there fighting seemed realistic and me going for a bit. and how cool was the commercial about the choir with all the usa characters!!!!!!

  18. Sarah Simmons says:

    Want more Eyal…need more Eyal…that little scene between them at the end of the previous episode was just a tease…

    And to the person who said Annie and he should not be together…are you blind? Their chemistry is so hot it burns the screen…

    Aggie may be her soul mate, but Eyal is her true equal in this series. Eyal is the sad dark character that we all know will come to a tragic end eventually, but that is NOT now (it is ONLY season 4!)…so please put the two back together for a while…the show could use a little more passion and steam in the mix

    We all know that Annie will end with Aggie, but in between she will soar with Eyal and it definitely will be worth the ride.

  19. Elle says:

    Add me to the list of people who are tired of Henry and his storyline. He just can’t do anything wrong and is always a step ahead of everyone. No idea why he’s out to get everyone. Don’t like Annie and Auggie. I respect those of you who see chemistry there, I just don’t. LOVE Eyal. Bring him back PLEASE.

    • says:

      I also hate Henry, but what good actor who plays Henry, Annie & Auggie I miss not being together, please bring them, I respect those who like Eyal but this is not the show Eyal lol

  20. barbara says:

    its ashame helen died but at least she got henry off annies back now maybe someone can take henry down this arc needs to end so annie can get back to dc with auggie but will he tell her he slept wirh helen shame on you auggie. hope calder stays on series hope he doesn’t get killed

    • let’s not be too hard on auggie, under the circumstances. amazing stress, never knowing from one minute to the next if annie will be killed in her mission. it will need forgiving, but annie will ultimately forgive, i hope. i think the 2 will be in some ways more than ever united, b/c both have reason to avenge helen’s death. and helen did what she did to keep annie alive for auggie–so she goes from being a rival to a martyr for them. and if auggie had any doubts about his love for annie, his night with helen proved them wrong. he had feelings for her, and every opportunity to pursue them, and instead realized he belonged to annie.

      calder is interesting and might end up providing a rival for auggie, and that too might strengthen a&a’s awareness of their love for each other. great episode; makes me wish it were a daily show so i only had to wait till tonight to see what happens!

      • says:

        Totally agree with you Karen Lindsey , and I hope that Annie will forgive his mistake

        • given that helen has just died for their relationship, what can annie do? she may be angry at the infidelity, but she’ll problem learn about it when she brings him the news of helen’s death and how it happened. so much larger and more tragic than infidelity. and they’ll commit themselves to avenge the death and to honor helen’s sacrifice. hope so, anyway~

    • Eric says:

      I hoped Augie would have gotten back with Helen. It would have been a 2nd chance for them.

  21. Ana says:

    I love this series! It’s so interesting to track Annie’s growth throughout the seasons. I loved the third season best.
    I like that the fourth season went darker and grittier than before, but don’t let that translate to boring. The Henry Wilcox story line was OK in small doses, but as a focal point it is not even remotely interesting, maybe because I like romance in my shows (and I use the word romance with respect to its older meaning) – and there has been a distinct lack of that this season.

    Annie’s relationship with Auggie feels stale, safe and predictable – great in real life, but not so good on a TV series. She’s a spy, there should be more good excitement in her relationships with other people, romantic or otherwise. Simon, Lena, Teo, even that Iranian guy who ran away from his trade delegation – all these people she totally had screen chemistry with, in different ways. Calder, Henry – not so much – I really hope they kill both these characters off by the finale.

    Also, Eyal and Annie are pure gold. They have something that snags you even if you only caught a spark of it in between changing channels – they have THAT much chemistry.
    Please give us more of Eyal. Like another commenter said, I cannot envision any future that Annie can have with Eyal in the long run, but I’d much prefer a single Annie and Eyal sharing trysts over the course of a long life, than a safe and painfully boring relationship with Auggie. They are better as best friends, and Auggie needs a great female character to have a relationship with.

    • says:

      Totally disagree Ana

    • oh oh—i replied to the reply w/o seeing the whole post! [s] i adore a&a and the fact that their relationship is as tender as it is sexy [and i do think it’s sexy!]. stale, i don’t see; hey, auggie’s dead wife returns, tries to break them up, seduces auggie, then gets herself killed to keep the a’s safe and together. meanwhile he never knows from one minute to the next fi annie is alive or dead, and she has no way to reassure him….their love is and will always be, given the nature of the job, always tested. eyal may be ‘hot,’ but i don’t see him and annie together—–though he might be her ‘mistake,’ as helen was auggie’s. but a&a dull? never! maybe we need another shot of them in bed like they opened the season with, or at least a couple of long lingering kisses like they ended last season with, but one way or the other, theyre a agrand couple!~

  22. barbara says:

    nope eyal and annie should just be friends and help each other when needed. i agree with you karen calder does have an agenda but can’t figure it out. he’s a complex character wondering what he going to do next. hill harper is nailing it in this character i liked him on csi newyork. i do hope henry is done with soon but this storyline might continue when it comes back in summer we only have a few more episodes left right now. and i also hope annie gets back to dc with auggie but wonder if he will tell her about infidelity

    • i didn’t think about auggie not telling her…but i don’t think it’s in him to hold back on that as they resume their life together. personal honesty matters so much to them, it would seem un-auggie not to confess. what i’d hope is that annie accepts teh whole context of the affair, including that after it, helen died to keep auggie happy with his annie [and alive, given henry’s wrath]. i am a bit tired f henry, but not like many others are. i think it’s been a good story line, different from and deeper than those of past seasons. i hope it ends the henry line this season but allows him to be alive in s ome impossible to break into prison, so that he can come back again in a year or 2, not for a whole season but in a few episodes. some poeple who comment seem to want annie and auggie’s relationship not to have conflicts, but that makes for boring fiction. so if annie breaks it off for a time, and then comes back to him, i won’t be too upset. but then helen’s change from rival to martyr is a big deal, and she’ll have to be aware of that…

  23. Shannon says:

    DIdn’t Eyal and the director of Moussad state Annie was valuable? Did that story arc get put aside or something? I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Eyal but as a friend rather than love interest for Annie. i much prefer her to be with Auggie. I think Ben should show up to give that some final closure though. I am really hoping Helen is really dead this time and not some ruse because I really could not stand her character. I felt her character did not bring much and her character was a bit of a hypocrite. I am really hoping Henry’s story arc is done with because it is getting old and should end with a bang instead of being dragged on. I loving the season. I think Hendry should be put back in prison so he could be of use later on if need be. I did not like Auggie sleeping with Helen especially since Auggie knew Annie was still alive and he claimed he moved on from Helen long ago so the whole sleeping together for closure was a bit anticlimatic and unnecessary in my eyes. I do not trust Calder, but I am liking the guy portraying him because he is doing a fantastic job.

  24. Shannon says:

    Calder lied to Auggie about Annie not wanting to see him and clearly has an agenda of his own that i do not trust and he might want Annie to stay dark for some reason. He really pushed Annie and like Helen he lies/pushes both of them so they will stay apart.

  25. Shannon says:

    Why was Helen following Henry? Did she know Henry was following Annie/Jessica?

  26. Shannon says:

    I am kind of hoping Teo is not dead since we never saw his dead body only the doctor telling Arthur he did not make it.

  27. Shannon says:

    I hope at least Joan is let in on the loop that Annie is alive. I still have trust issues with her and Arthur, but Joan is kind of like a mother to her operatives and want to keep them safe and help.

  28. Shannon says:

    Perfect set up for a reunion between Annie and Joan, but I am sure Joan is PO’d she was not included in the plan, but I can understand why Joan was meant to be left in the dark.

  29. Shan says:

    Helen was away for 7 years an never once sought Auggie out. The necklace she wore she did not have it the first few times we say her. She wanted back because she saw Auggie was happy with someone else. Calder called the Tech team so he may be working for Henry after all or chooses to turn cloak now. I loved the latest episode and cannot wait for the next episode. Is Braithwaite not such an idiot and pawn after all or just a pawn for someone else now? I want Annine and Auggie to be together, but I also kind of want Annie to stay dark a little longer and explore soem things and maybe meet Ben again.