Scandal's Scott Foley: Jake Getting Back With Olivia Is a 'Huge Priority' (See 13 Reunion Photos)

SCOTT FOLEY, KERRY WASHINGTONJake Ballard may be down, but he is not out.

ABC’s Scandal last week plucked Olivia’s ex-lover (played by Scott Foley) out of “the hole” and deposited his beaten, bruised self on her doorstep — just as she was reeling from both dodging the MistressGate bullet and an intense reunion with her father (aka the man who was lording over Jake’s fate).

But in what psychological state is the B613 castoff as he is thrust back into Liv’s life?

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“It’s so interesting, because we know how Huck is now, after being in the hole for so long,” Foley, who is now a series regular, tells TVLine. “We saw him before that, and then he was in there for a long time — he was deprogrammed and forgot his family and all that. But Jake wasn’t in there quite as long. I’m sure it will affect him at some point, but so far not yet.

“His facial hair is a little bit longer!” the actor adds with a laugh.

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One thing that definitely has not changed for Jake are his feelings for Kerry Washington‘s Olivia, with whom he was enjoying a warm romance before his voyeuristic secret got out and then 31 flavors of other hell broke loose. Returned to the outside world, what are his intentions with regard to the beautiful fixer?

Rekindling that flame “is sort of Goal No. 1 for him right now — or Goal No. 2, aside from figuring out B613,” Foley says. “In his eyes, repairing and restoring the relationship with Olivia is a huge priority.”

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Of course, two is company but three still portends to be a crowd when it comes to Olivia’s love life, assuming that she has yet to wash the leader of the free world out of her hair. Further muddying matters may be new intel about Jake’s past with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), which acquired a dark undertone when B613 boss Rowan (Joe Morton) shared with Cyrus the details on the Navy buddies’ top-secret Operation Remington (which Foley previously teased here).

“We’re going to learn a lot more about the relationship between Fitz and Jake, which is really important in this story,” he says. “They were military buddies and friends prior to Jake being in B613 and obviously prior to Fitz being president, so there’s a lot of good stuff to explore.”

That said, Foley this season won’t be sharing scenes with only Washington, Goldwyn and Morton. “There are still a few people I haven’t been thrown in the sandbox with, but I’d say seven out of 10 of them, I’ve now worked with,” he reveals. “It’s a good thing.”

Also a good thing: A total of 13 photos from Jake’s reunion with Olivia. Also, vote in our poll below!

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  1. DJS says:

    Team Tony Goldwyn & Fitz. I am a huge Olitz fan but feel Shonda missed the boat on tapping into their chemistry when they were really sizzling.

    I am not here for Jake. He is a BAD guy. Rowan was after JAKE so he did not save Olivia’s Life. He is no hero, only thing he’s done is lie to her, put her in the hospital and make it look like he was saving her. NOT the case people!

    You think Rowan’s gonna let Olivia have a romance with Jake? Ha!

  2. I’m a Olitz shipper, but I like Jake’s character as well. When we were first introduced to him, he was a mystery so now he know more about him, I’m curious on how Shonda and the writers are going to do with him in the show. I don’t mind new characters, just don’t pull a Once Upon A Time season 2 mess on me and I’ll be fine. This whole argument about what makes the show popular and I think social media helped out the show a lot. What made me watch Scandal was Kerry Washington. I have seen her work before and I knew she was a very talented underated actress at the time, I’m happy she is getting the attention she deserves.

  3. Lela says:

    love Jake and Olivia TeamJake

  4. A Jake Stan says:

    I will take Olake over olitz any day frizzled fitz is so annoying when jake came along he stirred the pot and might i say he stirs it well #TeamJake

  5. Anna says:

    Here we go again with the ship wars! You’re as silly as the teenage girls who bully each other online with their Stelena, Delena, Team Jacob… Pathetic!

  6. Debbie Jones says:

    I love love Jake and Jalivia. Jake is my favorite character. I also love the potential to see Olivia have a real relationship with a man that is actually available for a relationship. And Jake is Liv’s knight in shining armor. I love him.

  7. kaci says:

    Olitz was the reason I fell in love with this show and I’m sure many fans were the same. It makes sense to give Olivia other love interests though and the worse the chemistry like Olake the better. So I’m not worried. All roads will lead back to Fitz.

  8. I just wanna know who voted for Team Puddin Pop (aka Edison)? He has 1.59%…ROFL

    Even Daddy Pope roughed him up cuz he didn’t like him. Hmmmmm this could be a theme to explore…daddy didn’t like ANY of Olivia’s prospects – Fitz, Jake or Puddin Pop.

  9. Penny says:

    If SF had been brought in as a love interest for Abby or Quinn, there would not be a backlash. There would be No discussion of his acting ability, the necessity of his character, etc. Just shows how very threatened Team Olitz is by the very thought of Big Bad Jake. First rule of romance writing is that the “fated” couple has to overcome adversity. You cant just be given the Happily ever after. it has got to be earned, rooted for. Jake is that adversity, the monkey wrench in the Olitz machine. Are you really all so daft that you don’t understand this notion or have you somehow deluded yourself into thinking that this show is more than a soap opera on steroids? Stop fighting it. It’s making you all look like gum smacking schoolgirls. Get over it. Move on. Jake is not going anywhere. Olake will be in the mix whether you like him or not. SR gives not one crap about how you feel about the characters she creates. in fact, the more attention you draw to him with your rants, the better because guess what: every time you tweet or post about the show, its free publicity. nobody cares about the content of the post or tweet, just the numbers. So, While all of you are throwing your tantrums and making empty threats to stop watching, the rest of us will be enjoying the show and ABC will be writing big fat checks for all of the cast, which includes Mr. Foley

  10. Karine_1630 says:

    The main problem is that some viewers watch the show as a casual viewer and as a casual viewer I can understand how a love triangle can be interesting.

    Except I’m not a casual viewer. I want to show to be GREAT ! Not just a twitter phenomenon. I want these actors to be recognized for their talent because they are THAT great, this is not Grey’s Anatomy .. I want more screentime for the original cast it is too much to ask ?
    And for me a love triangle proves me that this show is not too far from soap operas and sorry if I take that too seriously but I think these actors deserve better and this show can be much more than what it is now.

    • Penny says:

      Reality check? It is a soap opera. W it became one when people started combining character names and shipping couples, and whining when their couple is threatened. Why don’t people see that it is this mania over a pairing that drives the writers to write stories about that pairing (which includes breaking them up and putting them back together again). It’s the fans who have turned this into a soap opera. So expect triangles and other soap opera tricks. Until the show becomes more about a fixer than a show about a couple, its going to be a soap

  11. Amy says:

    This poll is useless since you can vote over and over. All the Terry/Olitz shippers are on tumblr telling people to spam vote to skew the results.

    • Penny says:

      The “Terry” notion is ruthlessly stupid

      • mmel says:

        I don’t understand why you are bringing Terry into this, maybe you are the one who is stupid. Terry is from the imagination of clueless people whom I ignore. The fact that you would bring that up tells me you don’t know how to defend your precious jake. Face it , the character is stupid and you are not looking at the plot objectively, but bringing all the hate you have for the fans into it. I will repeat jake’s character is stupid and useless and a triangle is a stupid idea.

        • penny says:

          I only mentioned “terry” because it was mentioned in the post that I was responding to. I didnt call you stupid (I called “Terry” stupid), so please refrain,from insulting me

    • Lacey says:

      They count one vote per IP address so unless you have 50 computers at your disposal you can not vote more than once.

  12. Penny says:

    Team Shut Up and Watch

  13. mrenee says:

    The problem is not Scott Foley. The problem is the unrealistic writing and the way they change storylines midstream (see deleted hospital scene) without any thought of logic or the viewers basic common sense. Jake was interesting when he was the friend of Fitz’ who happened to fall for the girl he was surveilling. Olivia deserved more than waiting around and pining for Fitz. She deserved a story. Isn’t she the star of the show?? A simple girlfriend or family member might have done the trick, but I digress. Once the plot became more complicated–B613 father hires him to break-up the two, sleep with her and make a video, it became more ridiculous and Jake was no longer the charming, witty other guy, he became the other creepy guy. He saves her life and then he didn’t? Which one is it?!

    As for Jake and Olivia, I saw no evidence last season of this super-strong current between these two that would make me believe Olivia would be continuously concernced about him to the detriment of Fitz. It’s too contrived. Either Olivia is a master manipulator, who only wants Fitz when she canot have him or a total fool. This last episode made me dislike Olivia and hope that Fitz would dump both her and Mellie and find someone who might actually love him when he wasn’t a broken toy, played to their amusement. Never thought I would say it but Olivia and Mellie can both take a seat.

    Finally, the chemistry between Olivia and Fitz is off the chain. With all of the silly plotlines, continuity issues and lack of compelling writing, the only reason to watch this show is because of Olivia and Fitz. This campaign to push SF and destroy Fitz is a waste of time. Want me to hate Fitz? Then you need to replace Tony Goldwyn. He brought truth to this ill-advised relationship and you cannot unring the bell. Thanks for returning his lower parts, but can he have his brain back now? This last episode causes concern and perhaps the fire between these two actors have already but burned out, but I hope not for our sakes. Who cares about triangles? Just fix the show.

    • Me says:

      Yess!!! I agree. I was okay with Jake in the beginning. But when I found out he was B613 and was sent to sleep with her by her dad and he gave him the sex tape. It totally grossed me out. This is when they jumped the shark. And I cannot get down with Jake being a love interest to Liv. I understand not wanting Liv with the married president. But Jake is NOT a viable candidate. And anyone who thinks that is delusional. B613 has turned all of their agents into sociopathic monsters. They teach you to kill and program you to enjoy it. Huck loved Liv more than anybody accept for Fitz. And he choked Liv when he felt threatened. Only a matter if time before Jake will do something similar. Why do people think Jake is going to be any different? If you are anti Fitz, fine. But wanting to pair her with Jake as an alternative? Yeah, he is not better because Jake is single. All signs are pointing to him being dangerous and Liv needs to learn that she can’t fix everybody before its too late. She’s going to end up wishing she left him in that damn hole.

    • mmel says:

      Thank you, thank you , thank you for this post. This has to be the most well-thought-out post I have read on this site. You are the reason why I thought Scandal was a smart show and not a soap) because its audience was smart. I think you are right the chemistry is off, I am not sure if it’s the storyline or if it’s the actors, I hope it is the former and not the latter.

  14. Meredith says:

    Team Jake. He can do better than Olivia, though. Leave her to the sleazy, old, cheating Fitz and get Jake to hook up with someone else.

  15. Emily says:

    What in the World are you guys smoking? People watch the show for “Olitz”? Rephrase that delusion please! I watch Scandal because of how Olivia work her cases, Abby funny lines, and Cy wonderful lines:-).23/25 people I know that watch this show every week, is SICK of Fitz and his disrespectful attitude, so I’m still finding it hard to believe people watch the show for “Olitz” .After Fitz made that comment about screwingb his whore I was done. I don’t care
    if he was upset or nor..It is not tolerable..Ss far as Jake is
    concern, he’s 110% better than Fitz..He is manly man, Single, handsome, take charge guy..Olivia can’t tide the ship
    everytime, she needs someone stronger than her. EVERYTIME she yells st Fitz, I feel like his man parts got stolen..Ps,”Olitz” is only end game if you haven’t seen Shonda Rhimes shows..Pretty unpredictable writer she is!!

  16. M. Campbell says:

    NOT a fan of Scott Foley nor his character JAKE BALLARD, he doesn’t know how to act if his life depends on it

  17. Corrine T says:

    I voted for the only coupling with ACTUAL CHEMISTRY on the show, and that is Fitz and Olivia. If it weren’t for the two leads, this show wouldn’t have found an audience to even have Foley as an addition–it would have been off the air. Wake up and smell reality.

    Jake as a character is a what you call a road bump. He is there to draw things out and distract a bit. His chemistry with the rest of the cast (or lack thereof) does not warrant a lot of screen time. He’s very flat and soulless. I’m just being honest. Even Edison gives off more life than Jake! lol

  18. Shelby says:

    The focus of this show is far from the Olitz madness. How delusional is a person who believes a TV show is solely based on a continuous affair. Most of the so-called people who you believe watch the show because of Olitz are missing love in their relationships, perhaps you all are not involved in a romantic relationship. Lust is different from love people. Fitz love Olivia so much, that’s the reason he calls her his whore, mistress, and a bad person” hahaha how romantic? I want that in my life! As far as Jake goes, the guy was sent to do his job. Let’s assume he went in to save his own skin, why is it then Olivia said he saved her life? Why did Rowan put him in the hole if he went to save his own skin? Why is it the girl avoided going to Jake’s house to kill him there?? Was it also creepy when Fitz asked his SS guys to spy on Olivia and Edison?-Episode 7 just in case you need to refresh your “Olitz” memory. LMAO! Fitz is unstable, isn’t physically available for liv, his spine is broken, he’s in lust instead of love, and most importantly ,he is very delusional like many of the “Olitz” shippers.. I know this is a Shonda Rhimes show, so the whole “endgame” is yet to be determined!

  19. Kristi N says:

    This is still the #2 story on TVLine? People are really passionate about this triangle. Kudos to Shonda Rhimes. She knows how to get folks riled up!

  20. Constace says:

    I like Jake better for Olivia. Fitz gives me these creepy vibes and he’s old as hell. On top of that, he’s a cheat and he’s spineless and whipped,

  21. Chyna says:

    Team Jake hope to see Olake happen this season

  22. azu says:

    Tony Goldwyn and Jeff (Cyrus) are the reasons I watch this show. Kerry is actually just an okay actress she’s not that great and is a limited one with a few facial expressions and over dramatization. Abby, Quinn and David are also rank amateurs. Mellie is good too

    • allen says:

      Agree! Four great actors: TG (as Fitz), JP (as Cyrus), BY (Mellie), KW (Olivia) and I put them in order of preference.

  23. Vitória Andrade Silva Raupp dos Santos says:

    I respect those who prefer to Olivia with Jake, but honestly in my opinion the difference of the series is the relationship between her and Fitz. I know there are many complications and that Fitz did many dirty things, like her, but that is where grace. Nobody is totally nice and that’s what this series shows. The Fitz and Olivia are two very important people in their work, it actually sums up what they are, what causes them to have trouble managing their personal lives. The two are separate and make extraordinary differences alone, but together they overflow. The Olivia even said he did not want to be normal, she said “I do not normal and easy, and simple. I want Painful, Difficult devastating, life-changing, estraordinary love.” Nothing against Jake, but for me it is too common for her. And if she were to have an ordinary life beside him, no problem, tedious to me scandal will not have more sense.

    • Vitória Andrade Silva Raupp dos Santos says:

      The Olivia can be with Jake temporarily, but the real couple of the series has to be Olitz.

  24. RhymesWithStitch says:

    I would say Jake is doing very well in the poll considering his relationship with Liv has yet to really start and the character was just introduced in the middle of season two! Good for him. I like Jake. Hope he has some good story this season. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever is in store for him!

  25. allen says:

    I’m tired wiht that soap opera invasive mode. A lot of series are messing with their characters by given them two, three and more lovers. Are they advocating for polygamy?

    Shonda thinks Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is not enough messy, so she decided to add Jake as Olvia potential lover to keep them busy. Sorry I don’t buy it.

    It’s easier for Fitz to lie about a relationship withJeannine than to tell the truth about Olivia, and it’s easier for Jake to kindle with Olivia than to strengthen Fitz and Olivia relationship (by the way they were ready to go).

    As Tony Golwyn said himself: “life conspires against us”.

  26. OlitzIntervention says:

    Typical, Olitz’s go everywhere they can. Blah,blah. We know everything, %!$@%$,and further more..000000!!!. Always, barfing up your guts. While Ms. Shonda gets up every morning and TEAM I GOT my BIG Ole PEN and I WRITES what the effin I WANT. Does her thing. We can control her, or so you thought. LOL.

    I like Jake for the same reasons Shonda does I like Scott, that is all. Tony G is alright, but he is and wasnt all that. Before 2012 he wasnt on anyones sexy list, no ones magazine cover, the entire 30 plus yrs of his career. Kerry and this show put TonyG on the map. And despite his directing/producing, his fans were ” the Tony who”crowd. Nobody cared about TG since the movie “Ghost”. He was doing guest bit roles on shows or directing some obscure movie. Shonda gave him a break and people are acting like he’s Moses who came to set ya’ll free. Please!! Kerry is the star of the show. I bet none of you would watch anything TonyG does once he leaves Scandal. So let’s be clear, Scandal made TonyG, not the other way around.

    • mmel says:

      No I think you are wrong, they made each other. Do you truly believe that Scandal would be as popular without Tony. Kerry may have made him more attractive to us, but he worked his hardest to make sure the cringe worthy dialogues (” I wait for you , I watch for you” if it were any other actor I would have rolled my eyes ) he gets in Scandal connects with the audience. While we would have not paid attention to Tony without Scandal, we would not have paid attention to Scandal without Tony either. I am not taking anything away from Kerry because I think she does the best she can with what she has, but to dismiss Tony is to forget that they both made the show.It may be uncomfortable for some people to admit but how many of us would be talking about Scandal if it were just Kerry and any other actor? Yeah, Yeah I can hear it now “I came for Kerry and I stayed for Kerry”, please you and I know the whole ” I know everything and I can solve any crisis” gets old very fast.

    • allen says:

      1- What are you talking about mixing characters and actors’ personal life. So you want Olake because Scott Foley, the actor, is sexier…. ? 2- Come on, dare you say Tony Goldwyn is a bad actor ? By the way, he is a writer, producer and director, so he has his hands full of work. 3- Scandal made Tony G, is that a joke or bitterness. Sorry you better comment on the characters, the acting, the storyline than on the actors.

    • mrenee says:

      I beg to differ, respectfully, of course. Shonda got really lucky with this show. Lucky–and so did both actors. The Tony/Kerry chemistry is thing to behold and the only reason this show has managed to soar in spite of it’s lackluster and uneven writing. Kerry was a “B” actress with credibility with one audience–nowhere close to the “arrival” that she is experiencing now with magazine covers, etc. Nothing wrong with that and I applaud her. Tony was somewhere on simmer, some acting and directing and at 51, no one would have looked at him twice to become a “new” leading man. The character of Fitz could have been a distasteful sleaze, but he plays him with such sincerity that women of all ages respond to him in a mostly positive and sometimes by his own admission, overly sexual ways. I take my hat off to him. Could it have been any other actress? Perhaps, but I doubt it. They just connect and everyone benefits because of it.

      Which Is why I want to shake Shonda and say, it’s not often you come across a fire and if you have it in your hands, go for it! Write some stuff that is off the charts, ’cause you’ve got the two that could pull it off. Dare to do some stuff and blow the roof off this thing. If Scott is all of that, write it and let him do his thing. I’m open to it. No need to thrust it down my throat. If you write it, they will come. Otherwise, geometry just s***ks.

      • Jevon says:

        Great comment. I remember watching the first season episodes here and there. Writing was good but still not enough to glue me in every week. I had seen TG in Ghost, Pelican Brief, Kiss the Girls and thought he was a great villain but otherwise nothing that stood out. I liked Kerry in all her movies but she never got her break out role. Call me a romantic at heart but when I saw KW and TG sex scene in S1 episode 6…I had never been pulled into a moment on TV the way I was that night. They were mesmerizing. The attention to detail of that scene with the looks, touching and pure intimacy. KW and TG have great on screen chemistry and that is what women and even some men want to see. The drama, action, fast-paced dialogue are great but what seals a good show is romance.

  27. meme says:

    Neither. Give Olivia somebody esle not connected to Fitz or is Fitz’s friend. Jake is connected Fitz and is Fitz’s friend. If Olivia needs to be done with Fitz that means to end all connections to him that includes Jake. I say bring back Senator Shaw for her.

  28. rhoda says:

    I would love for Olivia to hook up with Jake. I mean seriously…. this whole philandering business with another woman’s husband is not my type of scandal to get excited about. Plus Scott Foley is young and hot! I always loved him since Felicity!

  29. Sophia says:

    Why has nobody mentioned the fact that fitz leaked Olivia’s name to the press. I must say that at first I loved fitz and Olivia together because he didn’t pull any trick out on her but now I’m just disappointed… Fitz uses Olivia like she is some kind of stretchy toy that will just snap back into place with whatever. Olivia is much more than that and not to mention how fitz was angry at her for being upst that he was jelious of mellie and Andrew. Fitz also during that time raised his voice at Olivia when she was only trying to help and kept calling mellie his wife almost like he was implying that Olivia needs to step into line and know her place with him !

  30. Sophia says:

    Right now I’m not really rooting for either cause both fitz and jake have problems… Fitz depends on Olivia for almost everything and expects her to just go along with it and jake has sex tape stalking issues… I vote team huck and Quinn *giggles quietly to self* !

  31. lucreatia wilson says:

    Am 74 years old and do not miss an episode on any of channels. The obsession that makes u refuse all calls on Thursday is the relationship between president and olivia. Would like to see them together more. While jake is cute especially in uniform and shaved he is in the way. Would like to see him as OPA partner; mot as her boyfriend.