MTV Renews Teen Wolf for Season 4 -- With an Interesting Twist!

Teen Wolf Season 4Ready, set…howl!

MTV has renewed its hit drama Teen Wolf for a fourth season — but that’s just half of the news.

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The network announced today at New York Comic-Con that in addition to the 12-episode Season 4 — set to air in 2014 — it will debut a companion talk show called Wolf Watch that will follow every new Teen Wolf episode. The half-hour chatfest, hosted by Jill Wagner (Teen Wolf‘s Kate Argent), will dive deeper into the mothership’s mythology, offer behind-the-scenes scoop and feature cast and “super fan” appearances.

The second half of Teen Wolf‘s Season 3 will kick off on Monday, January 6 at 10/9c — directly followed by the Wolf Watch premiere.

Excited about the Teen Wolf renewal? Will you follow it up with a Wolf Watch chaser? Sound off below!

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    Interesting that Season 4 is going back to the original 12-episode summer format.

    • They still don’t know how 3B is going to do in the ratings as the show runs up against more traditional network competition then ever before. Expect the order to expand if 3B hits in the ratings.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Don’t think so. If they wanted 24, they would have ordered 24. They ordered 24 for season 3 without waiting for ratings. They realized 12 episodes is plenty.

        • MDS says:

          How could they know if doing 24 episodes was gonna work if they had never done it before? It makes sense to see how 3B is gonna do before doing it again

          • Steven says:

            I attended the panel at NYCC today and Jeff Davis said he is the reason behind the 12 episode order. MTV wanted more but the hours were too long and they all needed some downtime.

      • sake fake says:

        I don’t agree

    • James says:

      It comes down to the chance of Teen Wolf getting a tax credit again from the California LGU’s tax lottery (not sure what they call it exactly) like they did last year that warranted a 24-episode third season and the permanent move from Georgia to Los Angeles (which I am not a fan of).

      Either way, Jeff assured viewers that Season 3B will be treated as a separate season with its own arc.

    • topaz says:

      I really hope that season 4 Is better that season 3 b, I liked action in season 1 2 3a .The was no character struggle, there was none of these things in season 3 b, come on you guys where is the creative juices? There was no fight scenes no struggle between good and evil. No more Gay scene please I know It is acceptable to show this on TV but please no more. Do not cave under pressure It’s SIN….. Stand alone set an example to all, I know I am a voice crying in the wildness repent!!! make your path straight for the lord comes quickly!

      • Nogitsune!Stiles says:

        Season 3b was AWESOME with the nogitsune. So much “I don’t know what’s going on but it’s so cool i need to keep watching”. The character developpement was so great (except on Allison’s side, I was sad that it was only revolving around Isaac and Scott and love story). Dylan’s acting was SO impressive. It drove me nuts because I want more of his talent on screen. It was no longer funny Stiles, but human Stiles with huge struggles that made it so incredible. And I ship Ethan/Danny. They were cute together. Too bad they had to split up. But I can’t wait for more “Danny knows about werewolves” stuff. And there’s no sin in LGBT representation on TV. Actually, i’m glad there is AT LEAST in Teen Wolf. At least one series that I watch is not playing the “no homo” card.

  2. Elyse says:

    hopefully the 4th season is better than the 3rd. so far the 3rd season has been pretty ridiculous.

  3. Lana says:

    Hmm considering how well S3 is doing, I wonder why they cut the episodes for S4.

    • hannah says:

      I think what it comes down to is filming schedules. If they want to keep all their actors that may want to be able to other projects too. For instance Dylan O’Brien is doing Maze runner, and the Carvers are going to do that new HBO series (which is only 10 episodes, so they probably could be available for a short season, but not a long one). Others probably have different things as well. Personally I like shorter season better, because they tend to have less filler episodes. It’s just tighter as a show.

    • Rob says:

      I think the network bit more then then can handle with 24 eps. Since the show is a summer show and how they broke up the season 3 with a 5 month break, then they return Jan 6 with episode 13, then yet another friggen break for 5 weeks before it returns again. Season 3 part A and B is becoming more like season 3 and 4. As far as I am concerned when season 3B starts its more like a new season (4) rather then an extended season, what they should have done was show 16 episodes before taking a break and then that would have felt like an extended season. By the time season 3B ends it will be April or may depending on how many more breaks they take. Now the question is will season 4 be back in June again. I think 24 episodes was too much for the cast, they need to have their break. If the Network wants extra episodes they should do 15 episodes that way the fans are happy and the cast will still get their breaks.

  4. Dillon says:

    I think it’s interesting that many Syfy shows went to a larger episode count during their third or forth season before it returned to it’s regular format the season after, but then was cancelled. I hope this isn’t the case, but the larger episode count probably doesn’t seem to work the way they wanted it.

  5. bill norris says:

    yes and yes….Jill Wagner …..ROCKS

  6. Awesome news! Kind of sad that they go back to 12 episodes again, that makes the wait between the seasons much longer :(
    And I love Teen Wolf Revelations, so yay to the enw after show.

  7. paul says:

    This will be increased to 20+ episodes. The show got $11 million in this years California tax credit.

  8. bill norris says:

    if Jill Wagner is gonna be MTV’s version of AMC’s Chris Hardwick…..i can really fall in love with the idea of her doing after shows of a bunch of MTV’s non reality fare.

  9. The current season felt like two seasons (i.e. two story arcs) strung together, which gave me the impression that this was going to be the last one as it was the equivalent of two seasons. The fourth could still be the last as in episode count, for MTV, it would be the equivalent of a fifth season. But we’ll see. The show’s been great so far.

    • Fernando says:

      Why would MTV be ending this show, it’s their highest sciript show and I’m pretty sure reality as well. They aren’t ending it yet nor for season 4 it would have to go below 1 million for this show to end. I see about 6 to 7 seasons of this show maybe even 8 if the stars don’t start getting tired and want to move on.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Sorry, but they can’t keep a show called Teen Wolf on the air once the character is no longer a teen.

        • Cory says:

          That’s so ridiculous. Of course they can. Like another poster mentioned, Sabrina is an example, and he became a werewolf as a teenager, so that’s all that really matters, and I’m sure they’ll keep teenaged werewolves part of the story even when Scott is out of high school, in some way if they are that worried about it. Which they most likely aren’t.

        • JEst says:

          A lot of people said that Prison Break couldn’t last more than one season since they broke out after season one BUT the show still dealt with the ramifications of the aforementioned break in various ways, therefore keeping the title’s purpose intact. There are other examples too and that could also apply to Teen Wolf.

        • Chance says:

          You don’t stop being a teen until you turn 20. They can keep the show going for at least 2 more years. More if they don’t make each season a full year int he characters lives.

        • Sorrie says:

          Hellooo crazy people, remember this is (very loosely) based off the old 80s movie Teen Wolf, which then had a sequel, Teen Wolf Too, that took place in a college setting. The title is just semantics, if it’s making money it’s not going anywhere. I just hope they don’t lose Dylan O’Brien :)

      • Alistair makes a good point. I do think the show can go on for eight seasons, four in high school and four in college. What made me wonder if the show would continue beyond the current season is that the format seems to be split into two narratives, like it was two separate seasons.

  10. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    That’s my favorite show of the summer!!!

  11. Fernando says:

    This isn’t a suprise, if Awkward got a season 4 then so was TW. I hope this airs next summer with the scream series.

  12. rachel says:

    I think twelve episodes is plenty! This season 3 & 3b thing is basically like getting two different series, it could’ve been season 3 and four in my opinion. Also, they’ve always managed to get a brilliant storyline in within twelve episodes!

  13. bill says:

    If the character is no longer a teen that won’t matter. Sabrina The Teenage Witch kept that title even though Sabrina was 56 years old when the show ended.

  14. Jared says:

    Teen Wolf is such a solid series for MTV. Part 1 of season 3 went a little overboard with the mythology but the mid season finale was great. Happy to see the network sticking with this show for another season!

  15. Jared says:

    Has there been any news on MTVs SCREAM series??

  16. Becky Ann says:

    Ew. Why only 12 episodes? Hope the order count gets picked back up again. I’m not fond of such a short season.

  17. cas says:

    I like how MTV is trying to copy AMC and pretend to be a real network that now they want to add a talk show after. Sound familiar?

  18. David says:

    The teen wolf season part one was good was a little disappointed that they implied that the argent girl after everything is moving away from the relationship with Scott

  19. Matt the Bruins fan says:

    Glad to hear that they’re making the after-show a regular thing with Jill Wagner as host. Her episodes of Teen Wolf: Revelations were SO much more enjoyable than the ones with that creepy original host straight from the pages of Tiger Beat (who called actors by their characters’ names and asked some really inappropriate questions).


  21. Owoblo says:

    I just hope teen wolf, last longer, like reachin season 7. All that matters is that they get bitten as a teeneger, thats the theme. I hope allison and scott back together because i dnt see why allison have to date isaac. More power to your elbow guys

  22. dstar says:

    chuck some Australia Mypths

  23. teen wolf season 3A came out with a bang and fans went cazy so i think that season 3B will be even better and the ratings will shoot through the sky

  24. Robert Wood says:

    It was nice they expanded season 3 to 24 episodes but I think they bit off more then they could chew with that many, The actors need to have some down time to rest and or do other projects, doing 24 eps and then having to go right in and film the next season does not give them much time. Also the fact that to me really season 3B is more like season 4 rather then a second half because of the 5 month down time, then after season 3 ends there is only 3 more months till the summer for season 4, that basically year round. I think if anything they could successfully do 16 episodes that way you get a little more then 12.

  25. Anandh says:

    is derek and cora are present in session 4

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  27. stephen uka thompson says:

    the season 3 was ok but what i dont understand is why it didnt end well for scot and allison in their love life and now it seems like isaac now has a crush on her. So make it clear in the season premiere

    • Awesome7 says:

      Season 3 is not over yet, they are just on a break, the second half of Season 3 starts back up Jan 6, then they take another break for 5 weeks, then they will be back for the last 11 episodes of season 3. Season 4 will be back sometime in June.

  28. Cool Person says:

    I’m so happy they are extending the season because the other 3 Season to me were to short.

  29. Jared says:

    I wonder when MTV will schedule season 4 of Teen Wolf considering its doing better ratings wise during its Winter season compared to its Summer run.

  30. Brad Sanders says:

    You guys are very fortunate. Over here in the UK the channel Teen Wolf aired on only premiered seasons 1 & 2 and have dropped the show and no other UK network has picked it up. Fortunately I have been watching it online. But I’m really hoping a UK network picks it up because watching season 3 has made me enjoy it so much more and gutted that UK viewers are missing out. I agree with a lot of the comments posted. It is a great show and I hope it does go a long way.

  31. Gogi says:

    is Auden and Ethan going to be on the next season?

  32. lacey says:

    no you will not end teen wolf at seaon 4 no only are you letting down the fans utthepeople that are true ten wolf fans hope this comment sets on your brain when you tell the cast they are fired find someone else to fill his spot but i will leave you bad revies and commments if teen wolf is canceld so think about that and not yourself

  33. Loviet says:

    I love dylan o’brien . He’s super cute and so awesome . Teen wolf is soo much the best . Can’t wait for season 4. Woop woop :D

  34. Victor says:

    Am not happy with the way the season 3b or season 4 ended..allison wasnt suposed to die**so sad* and why did the stiles killing role take so long

  35. fadipe peter says:

    I also want to become a werewolf

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