Beauty and the Beast Exclusive First Look: Vincent Is Not Happy With Catherine

Beauty and the Beast fans might wanna grab a handful of J.T.’s Tums before pressing play on TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from Monday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c).

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As the second episode of Season 2 opens, Vincent is MIA — a recurring theme these days, hmm — and Catherine, working separately with J.T. and Tess/Gabe, is (again) trying to track him down. Ultimately, a tip leads her to Rikers Island, where Vincent is carrying out a mysterious “mission.”

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In this sneak peek, Cat’s giving Tess an update over the phone when Vincent suddenly appears — and it’s by no means “happy to see me.” (And mind you, this clip stops just short of his most :-O act!)

NOTE: I will be moderating the B&TB panel at New York Comic-Con this Saturday. Email any questions to insideline@tvline.com.

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  1. Chocoholic says:

    Oh, wow! They’ve got a long to go, I guess, with recovering Vincent’s memory! I wonder what exactly Kath’s father did to Vincent.

    • Teo says:


      • Teo, Vincent is not abusing Cat and he has never abused her in Season 1. In this Season 2, his memory has been wiped by Muirfield and he does not remember Cat. Here he is only acting on his trained soldier instincts in capturing Cat because she is following him. Watch the story unfold and you will see. Kidnapped promises to be a very exciting episode.

  2. Mickey says:

    Oooh, exciting!

  3. oh my goodness its gonna be so intense :D

  4. Kristen Daly says:

    Wow. Can’t wait

  5. Samson says:

    OMG! The clip just ended like that?! Gosh, can’t wait to find out what happens next! Thanks Matt and TVLine! Love Beauty and the Beast amazing show! Hopefully some great scoop will be revealed at NY Comic Con. i want to know when Vincent will finally remember Catherine and when will he start to do some wooing! Thanks again!

    • Kate Bokaba says:

      I juat bought this tablet and I am not good with computers can you please explain to me how I can watch beaty and the beast with my tablet?

  6. Maggie says:

    Yes, we need tums!! Oh this show is way beyond exciting! Greatest show ever!!

    • rosaliepobre says:

      Fellow beasties..im worried that season 2 ratings are not that good with less than a million viewers.damn,we need it to keep running.CW Pls take action on this one,maybe move it on new timeslot?

  7. Ciel says:

    *cries out in desperation* Her name is CATHERINE. WITH C.

  8. Kim says:

    So excited!!!

  9. sammy says:

    further waiting and watching :)

  10. Samson says:

    I feel so much hurt for Cat that b/c Vincent doesn’t remember VInCat – he keeps on hurting her! He promised he’d stay for the night then leaves, she plans a picnic which he leaves from, now he kidnaps Cat. There’s only so much hurt and rejection a person can take. I hope that when Vincent finally does remember – Vincent will have to woo and earn back her love. Cat needs to distance herself from Vincent – b/c that is not the same Vincent she fell in love with. Cat is too special to be messed with. I want her cherished and love earned.

    • Zuz says:

      I agree that Vincent will have to do the wooing after he regains his memories but we all have to remember one thing. Vincent didn’t ask for this. He was kidnapped and tortured and reprogrammed to become this killing machine. He didn’t choose this life for himself and I don’t think he will ever hurt Cathetine. His ‘instinct’ will always be to protect het (remember the save in ‘Who Am I?’). I can’t imagine what will happen to Vincent when he regains his memories. How guilty is he going to feel once he realises what he has done to his beloved Catherine? Unintentionally of course but from what we saw during the season premiere, our Vincent is still in there! He saved Cat even though his orders were to kill Zhao and he comforted her when she broke down :(

    • Melissa says:

      I agree. Why must females always have to be subjected to male abuse and pain. She loves him, I get it but should she be a doormat and just take his rejection when he clearly does not want her around?! Cmon Cat, give him the space he wants and perhaps live your life without him and find yourself. Heal and take care of yourself first.

  11. liz says:

    I hope Vincent loosing his memories doesn’t last tooo long (I give it 8 episodes before I’m way tired of it).

    • Melissa says:

      I don’t care if Vincent cannot remember the whole season, that’s fine. I am giving Cat 3 episodes to figure out that Vincent does not want her around. If she continues doing the same chasing around and being rejected by the 4th episode, I might just have to watch another show.
      I am not a fan of martyr, abused women who likes to punish themselves. Sorry.

  12. Merceds says:

    Great Chapter 1 of Season 2 of “Beauty and the Beast”. Mysterious, intriguing, disturbing … Who has not ever asked “Who am I” really?, Or Who is the other? boyfriend, friend, co-worker … Who has not had doubts about your life, your decisions, your life choices … It’s dark, it’s intense, it’s a beautiful series. If you see superficially gives you “entertainment”, if you see it in depth will generate “concern”. During the first season of “Beauty and the beast” all the chapters were fun and excitement, and surprise. This second season with this wonderful first chapter, seems to offer all this and more, have added darkness and mystery, restlessness and agitation that affects us all when we doubt about who we are and what our life. Excellent. Exciting. Great job to all team the # BATB. Congratulations.
    (I do not know English, the translation may not be correct. Forgive me. Thank you)

  13. M3rc Nate says:

    I dont really know how i feel about this season. I enjoyed season 1 quite a bit, though i felt they forced them together into being “in love, soul mates” super fast. And i didnt mind when they switched from procedural to mythology for the show in the last 1/3 of season 1, in fact i was a fan of that change. But right now, with the premier…i just am not gelling with the show as much as i was in season 1. Maybe because the memory loss is a bit of a cliche for love story entertainment. Maybe because Cat went from strong, badass woman with a gun and badge, to now running around chasing Vincent trying to rescue him and getting hurt and beaten up as the story goes along. By removing the day to day “Empowered female detective” from the show, i feel like her character has weakened.

    I didnt not enjoy the episode. And obviously it deserves a longer shot, but i do agree with “Liz” that if the memory loss goes on too long, it will get old FAST.

    • Merceds says:

      First let me say that I do not know English and the translation may not be well done . I apologize and hope you understanding .

      Perhaps you are right about cliche on the theme of love , but for me the important of the series is not that, what is important is the concern that it transmits. I think we have all ever wondered ” Who am I ? ” , Who are really our friends , who are our co-workers, how are the relationships we have with other people , how strong are these relationships. We all have questions about our lives , the choices we make , doubts about the person you fell in love. And these are the things in the series that I find attractive and disturbing . After the action , intrigue , emotion … it’s like the packaging of that other deeper aspect . And I think the wrapper , the plot is pretty, is entertaining, has action and passion , love and friendship, laughter and smile usually has great wit . I like the development , but what I like is the ” dark and disturbing ” the fear in their eyes …
      Thank you very much .

    • Anne says:

      You just write evrything i think… I totally agree with you. I like BATB I really do, but the writers Always go to the clichê… The hight point for me was always Catherine, how Strong she is…The writers clearly don’t know how to use the chemestry between Jay and KK… Catherine’s changed started with the whole “normal life” in season 1… and i don’t like that at all.

      Vincent losing his memeory, really? How many times we’ve seen that?? I really don’t think its time for panic, but the ratings weren’t good and this storyline is not attractive for new viewers… If the Originals and Tomorrow People do better, thing will get ugly.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I totally agree. I think if those shows really succeed and future episodes of B&TB dont improve…things might not go well, as in it will get cancelled. I REALLY REALLY think one of the unique, great, special things about the show was like i said, how independent and strong and badass Cat was. By removing her from her cop job almost 100%, at least in episode one (and i cant imagine them having the time to show her working cases in future episodes)…her life now revolves around Vincent. And that is NOT a good thing IMO. And what really really made the show weak, is okay so basically the center character of the show now is Vincent, and he is a empty robot cause his memory was wiped. So i think we were watching basically nothing the entire episode. Cat isnt herself, Vincent is memory wiped, the Indian guy was just apologizing all episode for what he did as a Beast, the partner cop is annoying and b*tchy as usual (im over her, have always been), and the chubby friend i personally have never liked that actor. So the character to me isnt lovable or fun or anything, hes just blah…and his life revolves completely around Vincent so hes quite the 2-Dimensional character.

  14. Jared says:

    Let me just say that it REALLY sucks that more people don’t watch BATB but Damn it I LOVE this show! I thought I was gonna hate that Vincent was changed and wouldn’t remember his past with Cat and JT but surprisingly it just makes this season that much more intense! That clip was no joke! Can’t wait for episode 2.

    • Merceds says:

      JT is a wonderful character, with great ingenuity and quick thinking. Austin Basis is phenomenally how we almost all of us fearful, awkward, a little clumsy, simple in our desires, … but at the moment of truth, by a friend, we become: brave, determined, skilled and ready to find solutions. We become heroes. We are the real heroes. I love JT. Much ingenuity.

  15. Sin Bella says:

    OMG Vincent looks mad!!!! I know he wont hurt her, but I am not liking what poor is going though, he cant remember anything but poor Cat….its not easy to see someone you love not remember you :(

  16. PommeDiva says:

    I am love this show!!! Looking forward to “Kidnapped”. Edgy Vincent = Super Sexy Vincent. Please ask Jay Ryan about his previous work in “Go Girls”, “The Packer” etc. I want to know about the preparation for his roles, etc. He is a really good actor!

  17. woodyinho says:

    Stopped watching about midway last season but I’ll try to follow it again. Let’s see if it can keep my interest. I liked that they dropped the procedural aspect of the show.

    • Ina says:

      Why did you stop watching halfway the season? It got better and better with every ep. Then you’re certainly not a real fan of the show. I hope you’ll give it a try again and that you’re gonna love it. For me it’s my favourite show ever. Never been hooked on a TV show before BatB. I love the cast and the crew. JR and KK are such talented actors and their on screen chemistry is of the charts.

  18. Oh Season 2, you are already keeping me on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait for Monday! :)

  19. adele says:

    Totally awesome!! So excited for Season 2! Mondays’ don’t come fast enough!

  20. Kat says:

    this is by far my fav show. I am obsessed. Bring on episode 2, the Jay/Kris chemistry always rocks and I like this new V and the storyline. Makes things interesting.

  21. Season 2 BATB is just heartthrobbing goodness! Never thought I would say this but Mondays can’t come soon enough now thanks to my favorite show ~ WOOOO!! :D

  22. mina says:

    ooh i love vincent :D ; and i’m sure about catherine that she won’t forget about him and how muche he suffered ; and about vincent i’m sure at last he will do the best

  23. I was shocked how much I loved the new beast. I am a fan of the show, but really think his new abilities will make for some exciting action sequences. Give it a chance… I don’t think this memory loss goes on long. Hear we are getting more KK action scenes too. Very happy about that.

  24. After reading all the unjustified negativity towards the Season 2 changes, I had to come put my 2 cents in again. I love BATB’s new direction under Season 2 showrunner Brad Kern. I find them very positive and exciting and bodes well for the future of the show ~ now if only all the whiners would just chill and let the story unfold.

    Last season I was only invested in the romantic aspect of Vincent and Catherine as honestly (apart from JT and Evan) all the other elements didn’t grab my attention. Vincent and Catherine’s relationship will ALWAYS be my favorite part of BATB as I adore their sizzling chemistry. However as Brad Kern accurately pointed out ~ BATB cannot move forward if all we get is mushy loveydovey scenarios. Sure most of us chicks would like nothing more than to see VinCat never leave their bed but personally I think they moved too fast to talking picket fences, kids and a dog. I get that the Writers did not know if we would have a Season 2 and I appreciate that they probably hit the fast forward button on Vincent and Catherine’s relationship to give the loyal fans what they were clamoring for. But now that we do thankfully have a Season 2, BATB needs to appeal to a far wider audience to increase its viewership. Yes it breaks my heart to see Vincent not remember the love of his life but I know that these two can overcome any challenges ~ they are “meant to be” after all. They just have to work harder now at their relationship and that will make for greater character development .

    I love Vincent 2.O ~ his character is SO much more COMPELLING now as the lean mean killing machine. Gone is the self doubting sensitive sweetheart I adored in Season 1…. for the time being. Now he’s BADASS BEAST 2.O. and the special effects and Beast makeup are A+wesome! Yes I cannot wait till he remembers his love but I’m so ready to take this journey of self discovery with him and Catherine as they fall in love again. Vincent when he ultimately remembers Cat will be a WORTHY soulmate for her because now he’s tougher and so confident ~ sexy as hell oh yeah!!!

    As regards to Catherine ~ she is not being wishy washy and weak ~ put yourself in her shoes:
    1) she has spent the last 3 months hunting high and low for her love who was captured by the very people who turned him into a Beast ~ convincing herself that he’s still alive and probably worrying what else they are doing to him while he’s in their evil hands.

    2) her dad just passed away and she has not allowed herself time to grief for both.

    3) now that she’s finally found Vincent she has to deal with the shock of having him not remember her and trying to push her away.THAT’s got to hurt her like hell.

    4) Heather’s text is the last straw as her sister’s concern instead of anger probably overwhelms Cat with guilt at abandoning her and not being there for her or anyone else for that matter in her self consuming need to find Vincent.

    That scene where she finally breaks down is so beautifully acted by both Kristen and Jay I literally burst into tears. Now THAT is why I love BATB. And THAT is what keeps me coming back for more ~ because I am totally in love with these two characters and cannot wait to see how their relationship goes on from here. The feisty strong Catherine that we know is still in her and she WILL bounce back from her grief to fight for their love. I do not mourn the old Vincent as I know he WILL eventually remember Cat again and together they will be stronger than ever and a force to be reckoned with when they finally reunite in mind body and soul. Watch out baddies! This is gonna be a helluva thrilling Season 2 and I’m ALL IN! Bring it BATB!

    • ashley says:

      i agree with every single word you wrote. you are absolutely right about vincat and that’s exactly how i feel . vincent is alot more sexier and cool in season 2. he acts exactly like a super soldier with his new powers. i can’t wait for him to remember cat and tells her of his new powers. at the end of episode 2 “kidnapped” he acted on instinct and shoves cat and she got very afraid as she never expected vince to do that to her. i myself was like OMG see what vince did to cat but at least he apologize before he left. season 2 has me on the edgeof my seat. this is my favorite show and i can’t wait for the rest of the episodes. mondays please come soon.
      BATB ROCKS. it’s a totally awesome and fantastic show

  25. I love this show. I agree that this memory loss should NOT be dragged too long or audience will loses interest. I also like the idea of Cat having another love interest just for a short period to get Vince mad with jealous. Can’t wait to see episode 2 tomorrow.

  26. Jen says:

    Beauty and The beast season 2 Is going to be a Bad A$$ Season. I hope the show does good, I love it alots :)

  27. Jennifer says:


  28. Sandra says:

    Pleae don’t bring in a woman for Vincent, bring a guy for Catherine, let Vincent get jealous.