The X Factor Recap: Bring Me the Head of Paulina Rubio! [Insert Crowd Roaring Here]

Tim Olstad X FactorPaulina Rubio (Code name: “Still No Idea Who That Is”) finally got her Big Moment on The X Factor tonight. The occupant of the Britney Spears Chair of English Manglage and Barely Formed Thoughts has shone especially dim during her Season 3 tenure — particularly sitting alongside the high-wattage wit and wisdom of Kelly Rowland and the scrappy sparkle of Demi Lovato.

Unfortunately for POW-leena (as host Mario Lopez prefers to overemphasize it), the Big Moment probably didn’t resemble what she and her management team had envisioned when she hopped aboard Fox’s second-most-popular reality singing competition (out of two).

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Indeed, if tonight’s “Four-Chair Challenge” had been a Game of Thrones episode, Paulina would’ve been cast as Treasonous Peasant Girl (the one whose head rolls off the right side of the screen as King Joffrey raises his fist in triumph and some major player marches to his or her noble death).

In other words, even as Paulina’s “Boys” category showdown whipped up more drama than the “Girls,” “Groups” and “Over 25s” combined, the mentor herself got relegated to inconsequential status. Sure, she’s the one who (rightfully) swung the axe on Tim Olstad’s tender neck, but it was the studio audience — no doubt fueled by Simon Cowell and his merry band of producers — who raged against the decision with their verbal brickbats and torches, until Paulina overturned her decision.

“I am a human being, and I also make mistakes,” trembled the Latin music star. Alas, caving to the whims of folks who enjoy wobbly, barely perfunctory covers of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” — ¡by guys who claim they want to ride in the same lane as John Freakin’ Legend! — was the kind of human mistake that’s difficult to forgive.

(For the uninitiated, a little bit of background on the Four Chair Challenge: Each of the 10 acts in a category takes the stage and sings, then is sent to a “chair of safety” or eliminated on the spot. The twist? Even contestants who score chairs aren’t guaranteed a Live Round berth — not until the final act from his or her category has performed, and the mentor has made the final “either, or” call.)

But enough about the format! Let’s get on to assigning blame grades to each of tonight’s acts:

Stone-Martin-X-FactorBoys: Paulina Rubio
Al Calderon, “Call Me Maybe” | Grade: B My favorite performance of the night. Yeah, some nervousness percolated through the opening lines, but his rock-infused twist on Carly Rae Jepsen’s earworm showed some creativity, and his dance-stomp moves came off as more authentic than any of his competitors. Alas, going first in the lineup probably sealed his fate.

Isaiah Alston, “The Greatest Love of All” | Grade: F Cute kid. Decent first audition. But to quote my husband as he walked through the room and grimaced during tonight’s performance, “This child is awful. How the heck did he get to this stage of the competition?” And more importantly, why did he choose the most dated ballad in the Whitney Houston songbook?

Isaac Tauaefa, “Bubbly” | Grade: D Burly Adam Rodriguez (as I like to call him) was the very definition of karaoke (minus the pitcher of Miller Draft and those gigantic “song books” that never have enough Carly Simon tunes).

Stone Martin, “Torn” | Grade: C True confession — Stone lost me the minute he delivered this sound bite: “I went to a One Direction concert and I knew right there, ‘Yup, that’s what I wanna do.’ I wanna be famous. I wanna have girls scream my name. And I just wanna live the dream.” You’ll note he didn’t say anything about singing in tune, so I guess it’s not a huge shocker that both ends of his vocal register strained like a Glad ForceFlex filled with Tate Stevens CDs. (Too soon? Yeah. Sorry ’bout that.)

Chase Goehring, “Airplanes” | Grade: C- Boy David Caruso (as I liked to call him) had a couple OK moments, but there were too many fumbled notes and audible gasps to really take him seriously as a potential recording artist.

Timmy Thames, “New Girl in Town” | Grade: C+ With his doe eyes and whispery warble, it wasn’t hard to understand why Paulina called him “my little Michael Jackson.” And to his credit, the sparse, acoustic arrangement was kinda cool. But little Timmy’s dance moves felt terribly contrived, and his falsetto was as unsteady as a fifth-grader hurling a medicine ball. He really deserved to stay over Tim Olstad, but I’m not gonna shed any tears that he didn’t — especially since neither one of ’em stands any chance of outlasting Lillie McCloud.

Carlos Guevara, “Ain’t No Sunshine” | Grade: B- Sixteen-year-old singer should’ve really cut the number of runs in half — which is what I think Simon meant when he said Carlos “lost complete control” in parts of the song — but at least he performed with palpable soul and yearning. Plus, I liked the rhythmic twist he put on this Bill Withers ballad. If Carlos gets some real mentoring on vocal tecnnique, he might be one to watch this season.

Tim Olstad, “The Climb” | Grade: C Why in the heck was the audience going nuts after Paulina cut this recent college grad? (Maybe they thought it would improve their chances of being on TV?) In all seriousness, Tim was flatter on the bridge than a slice of bologna, and his facial expression fell somewhere on the emoticon meter between “petrified” and “enraged.” Paulina seriously picked this dude over Al Calderon?

Carlito Olivero, “Dreaming of You” | Grade: C+ The falsetto portions of his Selena cover drifted farther off course than a hot-air balloon in a hurricane, and even his market-driven pitch to Paulina that there’s no Latin success in the pop world was kinda nuetralized by the presence of a guy named Carlos Guevara right there on the Seats of Safety. That said, dude is pretty hot — and like it or not, that counts for something in the X Factor universe. [Warning: Watching Carlito’s video for “Rain” may or may not enhance your personal opinion of his visual appeal.]

Josh Levi, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” | Grade: B- There were moments where this little charmer’s voice glimmered like sunshine on a quaint pond — and others where it repulsed like stagnant water. Still, I can’t deny the judges’ contention that Josh has got a little touch of star quality — even though Bonnie Raitt’s classic ballad should never again be infused with an R&B beat.

[UPDATE: Now the show can go back to editing out Paulina’s comments. Thank you very much for coming, Paulina.]

Groups: Simon Cowell
NOTE: Only half of Simon’s acts performed on the Wednesday night show. I’ll give a full account of all eight “Groups” in my Thursday-night X Factor recap.
Girls United, “Yeah (3x)” | Grade: B-
Wild Thingz, “Party Rock Anthem” | Grade: N/A (either an A or an F, depending on your goals)
Glamour, “Cups (When I’m Gone)” | Grade: B- (possible Stockholm Syndrome happening, admittedly)
Restless Road, “Somebody Like You” | Grade: C-

Still left to perform…and conceivably knock one or more of the preceding acts from their seats..
Good News
Yellow House Canyon
Alex & Sierra
Roxxy Montana
Sweet Suspense
Forever in Your Mind (what kind of name is THAT?)

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of tonight’s X Factor? Who were your favorites? Did you disagree with any of the judges’ decisions? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kaba says:

    I hated tonight.
    More the Groups than the Guys.
    Is it so hard to ask the Boy’s to sing a song by a man?
    I counted Carly Rae, Whitney, Colbie, Selena and Bonnie Raitt…
    And I’ll be the first one to say I would easily trade that stone martin boy for just about…any guy on that panel currently. Tim stays? Alright…
    Though I appreciate that out of all the judges Paulina and Kelly seem to have a better sense of themselves than Demi and Simon. Literally every other word that came out their mouthes were “corporate” or “marketable”….
    Damn slaves.
    Please free Kelly Rowland from this hell hole of a panel because it’s in the wording. They AREN’T looking for the best singer whatsoever.

    As for the groups.
    I will gladly choose being waterboarded before I hear those 4 ever again. Ever ever ever.

    And the song choices…why? Why? WHY?

  2. Kaba says:

    And I am so concerned that you were even capable of giving any of the groups B’s
    I will listen to all of the guys 3 times over before I hear that limp girl group with the sex dungeon again.

    • jeremy says:

      paulina is a dummb b. stone martin a plus and al calderon b plus and timmy thames a minus did a better job tim olsted and chase the red had hippy stunk too
      but they get elimated. she sucks as a judge

  3. John says:

    You gave Glamour a B- but Restless Road a C- ? Im questioning your judgment now.

  4. lee says:

    you sound like a grumpy old man getting mad at the neighborhood kids who are playing too loud outside. jesus.

  5. Lucho says:

    Dear Michael Slezak, we get it, Paulina comes from Mexico… Maybe she’s not Shakira, but still she is one of the greatest Latin American singer… Please do your homework and do some research and catch up on her 20+ year career… Thank you very much.

    • Josh says:

      But she’s nothing here…And if this was Mexico’s X-Factor, it would work but in terms of America, she’s a unknown.

    • Lili Ann says:

      Well, I’m from Brazil, which is the largest and most populated Latin American country and I can tell you that NOBODY in here knows who Paulinha Rubio is. Well, except the hundreds of people who watch The X Factor on the internet or on Sony (the cable network that airs the show). If by Latin American you mean Mexican, you might be right. If you mean Spanish-speaking America, that’s acceptable. Latin America? No freaking way.

      • Mark says:

        You can’t compare polyglot Shakira ( with anyone else – name another popstar who can speak several languages. She’s very articulated and charming, no matter the idiom… but Paulina’s English is very limited.

        Either her English is very poor… or she is so nervous that she can’t think fast enough, which I doubt.

    • DonHoe says:

      Hey Leecho… Puklina brings NOTHING to this panel. Her irritating smoky rasp voice and she can’t pronounce English words. Maybe you Mexicans know her, that’s it. She’s just well know for Mexican people… She may be the worst judge ever! How in the world she is making half a million more than Kelly…puzzles me!

    • Tyler says:

      To be honest the people who knows who PR is dont have to like her music, she may have a 20 year career but she is little known worldwide, and to be honest she isn’t among the greatest latin singer, not in the top 50 nor 100, I’ve been doing my homework and she doesn’t write her own music, she is highly criticized for her voice her lack of power and harmony and she doesn’t look that great performing, she is a mess. I know she is from mexico and people from mexico know who she is that’s it. Everyone know who Shakira is, people from china, uk, europe and asia know who she is. She has sold more than 20-25 millions with only one album and that’s way too much than paulina’s ever sold worldwide. I know who Julieta Venegas is because I find her music original and beautiful she is among the best latin singer-songwriters of latinamerica perhaps not all people know who she is maybe only spanish speakers and she is from mexico. But Shakira is a spanish speaker and they know her even the people working in space know sho she is. Paulina don’t have what it takes to be a superstar. Sorry.

  6. John says:

    I’m not getting the Josh love. He may be a performer, but that was not a ‘perfect’ performance like Paulina called it. And Timmy? Ugh.

  7. Justin says:

    Guess what, if you leave the states people won’t know who “Mariah Carey” is either. Just because you don’t have any idea who she is in spite of her 20+ years in the music industry, and the fact that she is well duh a judge, doesn’t give you the right to be such a jerk. So much for ‘research, Great ‘journalism’ you have going on here.

    • Mark says:

      Are you kidding? She is a worldwide superstar. Not only people will know her, they will also sing along a lot of her hits. Well, at least “Hero” and “When You Believe”, I think…

    • Lenny says:

      FALSE. Two words: Ken Lee.

    • DonHoe says:


    • KevyB says:

      Wow, so much mental deficiency in one post! As much as I loathe her, Mariah Carey is an INTERNATIONAL singing star, having sold more than 200 million albums across the world, including countries that don’t speak English. Like BRAZIL, where they don’t know who Paulina Rubio is! In fact, most of Latin America doesn’t seem to know who Paulina Rubio is! She’s sold 20 million albums worldwide and has released TWENTY ALBUMS! Some of her regular albums have done well in Mexico, but her compilation albums have flopped there. In fact, MR RESEARCH, her albums do better in the US than they do in Mexico! Considering she is apparently a bigger star here than in the country she came from, then it IS completely understandable that someone FROM THIS COUNTRY might not know who she is. Besides all that stupidity, this is not a “research and journalism” article. It’s a dude grading a bunch of karaoke singers. How about pointing that rage at war or famine or something useful?

    • Lesley says:

      This is rubbish! Is this your statement or are you answering someone elses? Whatever, if you think that people have not heard of Mariah Carey outside the states, you are not of this universe. I don’t much care whether I had heard of Paulina before, I don’t think she is a good judge.

    • Lesley says:

      This is rubbish! Is this your statement or are you answering someone elses? Whatever, if you think that people have not heard of Mariah Carey outside the states, you are not of this universe. I don’t much care whether I had heard of Paulina before, I don’t think she is a good judge.

  8. KB says:

    I didn’t think anyone was that great but my favorites were Glamour and Stone Martin. I don’t understand why he was the first one cut- he was better than a lot of the other guys IMO.

  9. lee says:

    He just hates the show automatically because of his boner for the aging American Idol.

    • MC says:

      It’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one with that thought. It was very obvious that the boys and the groups were being evaluated for their first auditions as much as their performances on tonight’s show. This bit of context is very helpful to understanding the reactions and rankings tonight. Tim Olstad, while no threat to win the competition, has a heartfelt and tender quality to his singing. The female judges and the audience responded positively to him twice, going back to his initial audition. Al had a much slicker approach. Dance moves aside (isn’t that a different show?), Tim connected better with the audience. That counts for something, both on the X Factor and in the real world.

  10. 'A' Strikes Back says:

    Um, wow. Please go and do your homework about Paulina. That woman has been in the industry for 20+ years and just because she’s from Mexico doesn’t mean no one knows her. You might not, but others do. Each time you write an article about X-Factor, you degrade her as a person. Basically saying she’s a nobody when in fact, she is. And she’s the most well known Latin American singer. So PLEASE get your facts straight!

    Also, you gave Glamour a B- but Restless Road a C-? Seriously now? Your judgments are pretty off if you ask me..

    • 'A' Strikes Back says:


      • Mark says:

        Mexico’s population = – 120 million
        Latin America’s population = around 600 million people.
        Brazil’s population = ~200 million

        That means that one third of Latin America never heard of Paulina Rubio. You can’t say that she is the most well known Latin American singer, because – guess what? – she is not.

        • Kaba says:

          How about the both of you quit speaking for millions of people and just speak for yourselves?

          • KevyB says:

            What the H does that have to do with anything? Who EXACTLY is speaking for millions of people here? I don’t even watch these moronic shows but I LOVE to come on these websites and see everybody get so stupidly worked up over such stupid things! Except for the liars who keep making up facts about Paulina Rubio, Kaba is totally winning this thread!!!

          • wiggles says:

            You’re right, maybe I am just stupid. Pardon me.
            Oh wait, you’re just too damned foolish to actually take a look at who I was talking to and what they were talking about bud.
            Please don’t try and compare “my concern” for peoples comments (on a chat forum essentially, good job nimrod) to the slippery slope-esque statement that claimed that a 3rd of latin American is only aware of Paulina Rubio’s existence.
            Go back and read the conversation before you make yourself sound completely idiotic again bud

          • Mark says:

            “stupidly worked up over such stupid things”???
            What about you, caring so much about other people comments? You’re no different, my friend.

        • Hi, mi nombre es Pablo Cancino, soy mexicano, yo vivo en la ciudad de México, i have lived in mexico city my whole life, im 35 years old, It is true Paulina is ignorant and stupid, all México, Latin América and Spain knows it and now USA as well. I think that Simon wanted her to atrack the latin community who lives in the USA. But everytime she speaks, she confuses audience, its true that she has a lot of fans, regular fan gays who attend gay disco clubes in Mexico and USA and some girls, she is really famous here and is one of the top selling women singers of mexican history along Thalia, Yuri, Vicky Carr who was born in the USA, Ana Gabriel, Rocío Durcal(spain), Lucero and lately Julieta Venegas who has sold 10 million records with 4 albums. But i also thought who was it posible to let Paulina Rubio be in the jury

    • LB says:

      Michael isn’t slamming Paulina because he’s never heard of her. He’s slamming her because she’s a terrible judge so far. IMO, he keeps pointing out that he’s never heard of her because it seems crazy for the show to pick a judge that is unknown to mainstream US markets without at least having evidence that the judge would be effective.

      Any judge on this show should obviously have a strong background in the music industry, which Paulina apparently has. In fact, I’m not bothered by the fact that I haven’t heard of her (although her not being in the mainstream US markets may be a detriment later when she’s helping her contestants with song choices, etc.). My primary issue with Paulina is that she has not yet proven to be effective judge, perhaps because of a lack of confidence. Her comments during the auditions were typically repetitious of the other judges or were very generic. She offered little, or no, constructive criticism to anyone. In addition, it seems as though she allowed Simon et al to steamroll her tonight. So far, I’m not overly impressed.

      However, things may change once the live shows start. I’m kind of curious how things will play out since she will need to use a different skill set (ie, coaching instead of judging). She may be great. You never know. Last year, Demi was an excellent judge but was a relatively bad coach (IMO). So, maybe Paulina will be the opposite.

      • wiggles says:

        Kara Dioguardi.
        Season 10.
        Point and case, I simply recall soo many people confused as to who she was

        • HTGR says:

          You don’t have to be known. It can even be a plus for this sort of thing. And first season AI who knew any of them other than Paula? Nobody had ever heard of Simon and Randy wasn’t really terribly well known at all.
          That said she has been the weakest judge. She was amusing the one week, but to this point Britney was more entertaining overall.

    • The Beach says:

      “She’s the most well know Latin American singer? Puleeeez “A”. Ever heard of : Shakira? Ricky Martin? Julio and Enrique Eglesias? Juanes? and many others all more famous than Ms Rubio. Get your facts straight.

    • Lesley says:

      I just don’t think she is a good judge. I don’t always know everyone on these shows, but I still watch them and even people I don’t know, I don’t mind as long as I consider them to be a good judge. Nothing against her as she seems a really nice person, but I gave up listening to her comments after a while as I felt there was no constructive criticism of anyone which isn’t helpful to the contestants.

  11. Ella says:

    Actually my husband was asking too who is this gal? I had no clue and had no desire to search – and now reading comments, got to say; maybe she is the greatest Latin singer on a planet, but she definitely is a lousy judge and THAT was her job on the show, so I don’t really care about her singing in this particular contexts.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the whole show as what I saw (and especially heard) was atrocious and boring beyond words. The quality and the whole tone was as a high school competition, and not the best one at that – that’s the best boys singers they found? Seriously? (I didn’t watch groups). Simon should be ashamed of himself.

    • rio says:

      I agree. I got the impression they’re going down last season’s Idol road: second-rate males. Timmy was the only singer whose voice and performance impressed me–simple, clear and sweet. I was glad Paulina told him to take a sit. On a side note, don’t you think this 4-chair format is incredibly cruel? The boy seated first had to wait over an hour, listening to a portion of the audience screaming for his bood, before he was finally eliminated. And they draw out each decision for maximum tension. The fast forward on the DVR is the only option.

  12. dj says:

    X-Factor was a hot mess tonight. Nobody was great, and I didn’t like the end result. I don’t know much about Paulina–I’m not familiar with her songs–but she came off looking confused and indecisive to me. I still think that The Voice has a much higher caliber of singers overall than X-Factor this year.

    • Ella says:

      Yes, 4-chair format is cruel and stupid and above all unnecessary – it doesn’t add any entertainment value. And all the drama – ugh! BORING.

  13. DavidSask says:

    How the f’ has the country world not done a boy band until now? Simon Cowell does it, something not right with that not being capitalized by those in genre before now!

  14. Lor says:

    Okay so I love all your recaps but I do tend to agree with some of the comments here. I am from Mexico and Paulina is very well known. She is not the best and certainly not the biggest star there is in Mexico or Latin America for that matter. I will say a few things as much as I do agree she is not the best judge under any circumstances, the way Mario says her name is how to you pronounce it in Spanish so that should not be annoying in any kind of way and secondly her English is terrible. Just wanted to say that as much as I love your recaps trashing her just because you don’t know who she is, is not the way to go. And believe cannot stand her or her music!

    • KevyB says:

      Once again, not knowing who she is is in no way “trashing her”. He is trashing her in how lousy a judge she is. And being a lousy judge when she’s being paid to be a good judge IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE. Sheesh.

      • Louie says:

        Geez, KevyB, are you Slezak’s PR rep? Your comments are all over the place defending him.
        But anyways, while I agree that Paulina is not as well known as other Latin stars like Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin, she did have a modest English hit… but that in no way means that she’s a capable coach. She was merely brought in to bring a new demographic to the show (that it desperately and still needs).
        My one behoovement (and I’m a longtime Slezak recap fan) is the way he indirectly racially insults the way Mario says her name. As mentioned above, that is the Spanish pronunciation that she is known for that Mario most likely knows… saying that he overemphasizes the name doesn’t come off as exuberantly sassy as I usually like hearing Slezak criticize this show. And it has nothing to do with Paulina’s inability to critique, or her notoriety… just comes off as bad taste

        • log says:

          Wow, I love and agree with everything you just said.

        • HTGR says:

          It’s not just a Spanish thing either, it’s a basically an anything but English thing. Look at “Oh TannenbOWm”, same thing, “au” is pronounced “ow” by most of the world be it Latin America or Germany or wherever else.

  15. Heather says:

    Tonights show was horrible. What happened to these people?? Won’t be a boy winning this year. Paulina is trash all the way around, she should throw in the towel on X factor.
    Who picks these songs they were all horrible!

  16. Megyn says:

    This show is soooo inferior compared to X Factor UK. The US boys are atrocious and the groups are meh. Please do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes of this season’s UK show. You’ll be blown away by the talent. Also, I can’t say enough about the UK judging panel. It’s a great team. Even Nicole Scherzinger (whom I loathed because of poor Rachel Crow) is tolerable on the UK show.

    • DD says:

      Nicole came in 1st and 2nd last year and had the best winner in ages IMO (James Arthur), the X Factor UK is amazing when compared to the US show… this will be the last season… I dont think the network or sponsors will put up with the abysmal numbers for too much longer.

  17. Owen says:

    I smell a bit of Carly Smithson desperation on Tim Olstad. Not a good odor.

  18. DarkDefender says:

    Mike.. When you recap the groups, can you shed some light on what the Wild Thingz were singing when the muted the lyric? It seemed to get Demi excited about the performance.. I was curious as to what the kid was saying during that part of the rap.

    Also, I thought they were entertaining, although manic. If they make it through.. a little more focus and less comedy and they could be good.. Remains to be seen if they can be more serious and if the other groups tank which is probably needed for Simon to keep them for the live shows.

    • MC says:

      I seriously doubt they make the final four of the groups…they will probably be the first cut when all four chairs (or benches?) are full.

      • HTGR says:

        At least they had energy and woke things up. It’s not like anyone the entire night leading up before them actually sang all that well anyway.

  19. wiggles says:

    Holy hell you’re also a thorough jackass when criticizing people is appears. I thought you would understand by now this show is more geared towards amateurs :/
    You tear these kids up as though they’re supposed to be masters of perfect pitch and these other things. :/
    Can you let melinda write your reviews for a while, you just seem so jaded now

  20. DonHoe says:

    These are the top 10 boys? All are unimpressive. I don’t care who wins this seasons Factor. They will go the way of Melanie and Tate. Bank on it!

  21. fiona says:

    C-? WHAAT? Country is probably one of my least favourite genres of music but I like them sooooooo much better than the other groups that have performed so far. Slezak I feel like you’ve given up on X Factor and are just assigning random letters to the performances

  22. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Did it not bother anyone that Paulina read her comments from a previously written piece of paper? Did it not bother anyone that such previously written comments were inane and irrelevant? The singers were all terrible to poor. The best thing about the show was Mario Lopez. Need I say more?

  23. Lana says:

    I for one enjoyed the show and I did want Tim so I’m glad she admitted her mistake and brought him back. I love the boy’s country group and give them a much higher grade than c- but then I’m enjoying X Factor much more than Michael is. I did not care for the Wild Things so I hope they do not stay but I wasn’t so crazy about the United girls either. Also the Glamour Girls could use some work but I like them. I am loving the 4 chair thing though it is rough and I do feel for those sitting on the hot seat. I’m interested on how the new female judges are in mentoring, I know Demi sucks at it so lets see if Kelly and Paulina can do better. I’m betting Kelly is awesome!!

  24. Wow. C- for Restless Road?! Compared to the rest of the night (boys & groups both included) they were a breath of fresh air. The other 3 groups all sucked and almost all the boys were awful (even among the awfulness there is no way Al Calderon was the best of the bunch either). I think Slezak is biased against Colton & Andrew because he didn’t like their auditions, but putting them & the other guy in a group has been a stellar move by Simon. I foresee them making the live shows. Get it together, Slezak.

  25. Pat says:

    WORST SOUND MIX EVER? YES. Honestly, how do you have a singing show where your sound mix on the PERFORMANCES of all things is absolutely atrocious? It’s completely unacceptable! The vocal volume is at a 3, the crowd is at an 11. If I wanted to hear crowds screaming, I’d turn on the MLB playoffs. They need to take notes from The Voice. All other flaws and all, The Voice’s sound mix is outstanding.

  26. Bohr says:

    This episode sucked, mainly because I couldn’t hear half of what they’re singing about. The crowd was too loud and I couldn’t hear the music. For the boys, everyone was below average to average. If I’m forced to pick, I will only pick Al, Tim, and maybe Timmy. Actually, save for Al, all the boys can go home because I don’t think any of them can compete with the Girls or Overs. As for the Groups, everyone shown were horrible except for the country man-band. I have to admit, Simon really is a genius. Plus, the deep-voiced guy is so cute. Heh. Lastly, Paulina is the worst reality singing show judge ever. Cringe-worthy. Please take a SIT!

  27. gio88 says:

    I dare anyone NOT loving Kelly rowland so far , she is the best judge this year , she is funny but professional , and she seems the only one who can give real judgement!!

  28. Titina says:

    The only person that I like so far is Carlos Guevara. That kid is special.
    Yeah, his runs were not perfect but man he has an awesome voice. If only he would get good vocal coaching, he has tons of potential to grow. But I doubt it with Paulina as his mentor. Sigh..

  29. Babar says:

    There are ten groups, not eight.

  30. RD says:

    Do the audience get tanked up on red bull or something? Turn the volume down,people!
    If I was a judge I wouldn’t have picked anyone judging by last night’s performances. It’s clear all the real talent sees more potential in competing on the Voice or Idol than this train wreck of a contest.

    • RS says:

      If the active ingredient in red Bull was mushrooms then that would make sense because those audience members were hallucinating. Josh Levi was ok.. The rest were forgettable and the country trio was AWFUL at the end.

  31. aeryn says:

    I love Carlos and I was on pins and needles waiting for him to go through. At one point, it seemed like Powlina was about to cut him but Demi screamed at her. Paulina obviously doesn’t feel enough power yet, she will be cut from the show next year, no doubt. But ugh, COMPLETELY agree on Tim Olstad. Hate “The Climb”, didn’t like his version, didn’t like his bland personality, could not understand the fervor for him. Perhaps the audience was filled with his friends and relatives? But even Kelly seemed shocked when Paulina first cut him, so WHO KNOWS.

  32. aggie smith says:

    what terrible songs they picked, unwatchable

  33. Bree says:

    Really C- for restless road, I actually enjoyed their performance a lot more than the other groups.

  34. Austin says:

    Al Calderon was sooooo painful

  35. Debbie says:

    I agree that Paulina’s judging abilities leave a lot to be desired and then some; however, Mr Slezak I find your grading and your criticism to be a little harsh. Tim Olstad in no way deserved a C, he is a terrific singer, I just think his nerves get the better of him, on occasion. He certainly did not deserve to be sent home, (Paulina definately made the right decision in bringing him back). Tim has a phenomenal voice and I only see him getting better and better. As far as your grading for Restless Road, a C- (were we listening to the same 3 young men)?? Either you’re not a country music fan or you need to get your hearing checked!! IMO, they were one of the strongest acts of the night!! C-, REALLY!!!

  36. Radha says:

    I “love” how people are just dissing Wild Thingz. They actually have some music out on the web and made guest appearances on Disney’s Shake It Up to perform. I know people like to look down on Disney and Nick performers, but I don’t think they are that bad. It’s kind of their shtick. Do I think they are going to win X-Factor? Probably not, but I don’t think that their performance should have been rated N/A.

  37. Daniel says:

    Whoa, you guys really hate Paulina Rubio. 11 years ago she had a decent hitsingle here in europe and then she just dissapeared until last year. I’m really curious how Paulinas judging skills are, sounds like fun.

  38. HTGR says:

    HMm surprised you gave Al the top grade! Yeah he had the moves and the charisma, and this pop so that does count, but vocally that wasn’t all that strong and definitely far from the best.
    Overall though this group was easily the weakest so far. I don’t know why people were saying last week that the girls were the weak group and the boys the strongest. There were a lot of really weak auditions here and not a single one that totally blew me away.

  39. HTGR says:

    In the end, Paulina ended up with the correct team I think. Although best of luck (although guys do gets votes more easily on these shows than girls so perhaps she won’t need it, but she should).
    What the heck was Simon going on about saying Timmy was THE one to watch? That was sooo bland and boring. Thank god for Demi being there and talking some late sense into Paulina after she initially caved to Simon on this. And I’m glad Demi stood up to have Timmy not replace Carlito with him (not that Tim Olstad made sense either, but that got corrected).
    But again, that said, this is so far away the weakest group so far it’s not even funny. I’d take every over 25 and every girl over any of these guys.

  40. Jim Welker says:


  41. Snow Fall says:

    I don’t know if you are deaf or something but Restless Road was really great. I think you better find a new job. Writing for TV clearly doesn’t suit you.

  42. pgv says:

    I don’t even like country music and I think that grade for Restless Road is BS. Really, C-?!

  43. Jim Welker says:

    I still say…ONCE A PERSON IS ELIMINATED…THAT IS IT! PEOPLE ARE NOT PERFECT AND THAT IS PART OF LIFE! IF A JUDGE MAKES A MISTAKE AND ELIMINATES A CONTESTANT, THAT IS IT…FINISHED! It isn’t fair to other contestants to bring back a oerson who was cut! The judges listen and make a decision! Mistake or not, This is MY OPINION!

    • kaba says:

      Shut up. The show isn’t geared to only favor the contestants. The people who end up voting for these individuals count just as much and if it’s an evidently unpopular send off then EVIDENTLY the judge needs to fix their stuff.

    • HTGR says:

      It isn’t fair if they get it wrong. First of all there was no rule that they couldn’t do that and even if there had been I’d rather someone, heaven forbid, break a rule and get something right and be fair, then be some robot that. must. stick. to. the. rules. no. matter. what. even. if. it. doesn’t. make. sense. or. is. not. fair. in. a particular. situation. must. follow. rule. I. am. a. robot.

      • HTGR says:

        I mean say Usain Bolt cross the line first in the 100m in the Olympics and then they accidentally punch him in as third place. I. AM. A. ROBOT. USAIN. BOLT. WAS. ENTERED. FOR. BRONZE. THEREFORE. USAIN. BOLT. GETS. THE. BRONZE. MEDAL. THIRD. PLACE.
        This is the sort of thinking that leads to all kinds of bureaucratic nonsense and trouble all over the place.

  44. Jim Welker says:

    All I can say is Paulina brought back the contestant because of pressure from the other judges and the audiance! Simon is the puppet master pulling the strings of the other judges! She felt he should have been cut so he was! The others brought him back unofficially, not Paulina! That is why the show stinks! King Simon is the one who picks them ( his influence )! Simon is an egotitstcle jerk who shouldn’t be a judge….let him be behind the scenes! Him and his pauses and blinking! He comes to our country and makes a fool out of everyone!

  45. Jim Welker says:

    Why can’t each judge decide ON THEIR OWN with no advice and pressure from ANYONE…NOT THE JUDGES OR AUDIENCE?????????

  46. Miguel says:

    Whoa! Heavy commenting on the X Factor! Looks like Simon has done it again…

  47. rayab says:

    Paulina and Demi both suck as judges, but Paulina sucks more!!

    • kaahk says:

      Agreed! And Kelly is a dick.. Cant stand the bantering! Like a bunch of kids.. shut up..The Voice is a much better show to watch for judging and better talent !

  48. vika says:

    I love The X factor, but Paulina Rubio as a judge was not a good choice. Ho is Paulina Rubio? They say that she is very popular with Latin American, I’m Brazilian, Latin American and I never heard about Paulina Rubio before. Brazil is the largest country in South America and I’m not the only one Brazilian that did not know her before this x-Factor. She was a terrible mentor, her vocabulary is very limited, and she was not a great mentor, most of the time she picked wrong songs for her boys time. Carlito went so far in this competition because of the Latin population that live in US, only in the end of the competition she listened Saimon advice and made Carlito a star. A respected show like X-factor should select very well the judges. Paulina Rubio? Does she understand about music???