The Voice Spoilers: 17 of 24 Season 5 Battle-Round Matchups Revealed!

The Voice Season 5 Battle RoundsThe Voice‘s Tuesday-night “Best of the Blinds” episode was comprised mostly of recycled footage from the last three weeks of auditions. But a few quickie previews of the Season 5 Battle Rounds revealed every single matchup on Team Adam — and at least half of the pairings on Teams Blake, Xtina and Cee Lo.

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Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the Season 5 Battle Rounds lineup spilled by the good folks at NBC:

Tessanne Chin vs Donna Allen
Preston Pohl vs Barry Black
Ashley Dubose vs Justin Blake
Will Champlin vs James Wolpert
Matt Cermanski vs James Irwin
Grey vs Nic Hawk

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Matthew Schuler vs Jacob Poole
Josh Logan vs Michael Lynch
Timyra-Joi vs Amber Nicole
Stephanie Anne Johnson vs Olivia Henken
(Still uknown: Briana Cuoco, Destinee Quinn, Jacquie Lee and Lina Gaudenzi)

Jonny Gray vs Shawn Smith
Kat Robichaud vs R. Anthony
Tamara Chauniece vs Keaira LaShae
Caroline Pennell vs Anthony Paul
(Still unknown: Cole Vosbury, Lupe Carroll, George Horga Jr. and Juhi)

Justin Chain vs Shelbie Z
Austin Jenckes vs Brian Pounds
Monika Leigh vs Ray Boudreaux
(Still unknown: Brandon Chase, Sam Cerniglia, Cilla Chan, Emily Randolph, Holly Henry, E.G. Daily)

Surprised by any of these pairings? Nervous or excited for any of your faves? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Lumplestilskin says:

    I saw a quick flash of Briana Cuoco and Jackie Lee together with Xtina and Ed Sheeran. So there’s another matchup.

    • I was just about to say that! So we should know all of Team Xtina.

    • Ms. X says:

      You Michael and the season six on american idol which know one know who she is. you guys are people with no feelings about other misfortune. Wake up these artist who had gone through hard times it’s there inspiration to live life and follow their dreams who are you to say it’s not important. Michael has his little comment show and you season six american idol contestant what have you done hardly anyone ever remember you!!!! Jealous?????

  2. Steve says:

    Despite watching every episode of Voice this season, a lot of these names are meaningless to me. Yikes.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Totally agree with you.

    • RLG says:

      I agree somewhat…. I know a couple of them because they stood out in the blind auditions…. E.G. Daily has already had a record deal. I know this because I has her “45” when I was super young. “If you want my love, say it say it” was played over and over again!! As soon as I saw her I knew who she was!!

    • ayeh says:

      agree. i remember them by the song they sing.

  3. alexmalleymusic says:

    I’m 99% sure Cole and Lupe are facing off for Team Cee-Lo… So that would settle it

  4. Terry says:

    Well, goodbye Donna Allen.

  5. angelstorm says:

    lol Adam put Tessanne Chin vs Donna Allen ??

    • Tiff says:

      That was obviously a producer’s choice – they want a great battle, and they’re getting one, and whoever loses will be stolen. It’s actually pretty smart, because it keeps both of the contestants in the game and eliminates a split vote. The only person who suffers in that pairing is Adam.

  6. Felipe Becerril says:

    Adam has the best team so far I hope he doesn’t get ride of Tessane Chin,Preston Phol,or Ashley Dubose :(

    • Ted says:

      I agree…. Adam has the strongest team. I think Christina’s team is next best, followed by CeeLo & Blake. Blake will have to pull a major wabbit out of his hat this year to win.

      • john says:

        i agree that adam and christina have the best teams. but it only takes one to win. and that would be a 4 chair turn that adam really wanted in the name of holly henry

        • Ed says:

          She was OK, I guess, but I am SO over her kind of sound, and there were a couple of other girls that sounded very much like her. Despite what some here are saying, there are many, many good singers this year, and it’s much too early to call a winner….

      • Atara says:

        I think that practically every year…but somehow Blake wins anyway.

  7. aiden says:

    Apparently Tenesee Chin gets stolen by Team Xtina

  8. Josh says:

    To me it seems like every name listed first on Team Adam will win, barring a spectacular performance by his or her opponent. Otherwise, I can’t remember who most of these people are, a huge change from last year where I had heavy favorites like Caroline, Amber, Danielle, and Christian who had captivated me after only their first auditions. This season really had no huge standouts.

  9. Scott Wilson says:

    Just mediocre talent on this show, but XFactor cut their excellent talent with their four chair nonsense.

    • Ted says:

      The only thing that is “nonsense” here is your statement. The talent on The Voice has, every single year, left x-factor in the dust. I honestly don’t know why anyone would bother to watch that POS show….

      • RLG says:

        I’ve been watching X-Factor this year and during the auditions I thought, wow there are some amazing singers here. Then when they went to the “4 chair challenge” I thought, Holy Crap!! What happened to their voices? They were horrible with the exception of just a few!! I prefer the Voice anyday!

  10. Colin says:

    Team Adam:
    _Tessanne Chin vs Donna Allen (Tessanne won).
    _Preston Pohl vs Barry Black (Preston won, Barry got stolen).
    _Grey vs Nic Hawk (Grey win, Nic got stolen).
    _James Wolpert vs Will Champlin (James won, Will got stolen).
    _Matt Cermanski vs James Irwin (Matt won).
    _Ashley DuBose vs Justin Blake (Ashley won, Justin got stolen).

  11. Colin says:

    Team Christina:
    _Matthew Schuler vs Jacob Poole (Matthew won).
    _Josh Logan vs Michael Lynch (Josh won).
    _Jacquie Lee vs Briana Cuoco (Briana won, Jacquie get stolen).
    _Timyra-Joi vs Amber Nicole (Timyra won).
    _Lina Gaudenzi vs Destinee Qinn (Lina won).
    _Olivia Henken vs Stephanie Anne Johnson (Olivia won).

    • allena says:

      Hey thanks for posting. What about team blake and cee lo? What happened to caroline pennell and holly henry? Please reply, thank you :)

      • Austen says:

        Don’t listen to that guy. I think those were his predictions not him stating facts. I can 100% guarantee you it didn’t go down like that.

        • allena says:

          But some of it is true. Nic hawk got stolen by team blake. James wolpert is in the top 5 of team adam. Matthew schuler is in the top 5 of team xtina and so is Josh Logan. But I think tesanne is stolen by team xtina(not sure in knockout or battle rounds)

          • Austen says:

            I’m not assuming some of it isn’t true. I KNOW some of it isn’t true. Mostly the Team Adam stuff. It’s not even possible for 4 of his people to get stolen in the battle rounds because there’s only 3 other judges to steal. It makes no sense.

          • Colin says:

            Each coach has 2 steal so nothing makes no sense.

      • Colin says:

        Team Ceelo:
        _R. Anthony vs Kat Robichaud (Kat won, R. Anthony got stolen).
        _Shawn Smith vs Jonny Gray (Shawn won).
        _Anthony Paul vs Caroline Pennell (Caroline won).
        _Cole Vosbury vs Lupe Carroll (Cole won).
        _Juhi vs George Horga Jr. (Juhi won).
        _Tamara Chauniece & Keaira LaShae (Tamara won).
        Team Blake:
        _Shelbie Z vs Justin Chain (Shelbie won).
        _Brandon Chase vs Emily Randolph (Brandon Chase won).
        _Ray Boudreaux vs Monika Leigh (Ray won).
        _ Austin Jenckes vs Brian Pounds (Austin won).

        • Austen says:

          Yeah, I can also say that a lot of this is 100% wrong. I hope this is what you THINK is gonna happen. Cause if you’re trying to state facts you’re dead wrong lol

          • Austen says:

            And yeah, it DOESNT make sense for there to be 4 steals from Adams team even if he HAS to steal someone, because he would steal someone from SOMEONE ELSE’S team. Not his own.

          • colin says:

            Each coach has 2 steals so if each of they stole 2 persons from team Adam, they could steal all 6 eliminated person from team Adam.

          • Austen says:

            I’m sure because I’m closely related to one of these people.

          • allena says:

            Each coach gets to steal twice. So it does make sense if there are four from team adam which gets stolen. Besides all of them from team adam are way better than most from the other team, so it’s factual that adam’s team will get the most steal. And, Austen, what makes you so sure that it’s not true?

          • allena says:

            If it’s true that you are related to one of them then you should have known that each coach gets to steal twice NOT ONCE. You are badly misinformed

          • Austen says:

            I didn’t ask how many steals anybody had. I wasn’t “informed” of anything in regards to that. But like I said, he’s got people up there who lost who didn’t lose, and people who got stolen that didn’t get stolen. Regardless of how many steals coaches have. I’ve already said how I know that’s not true. Maybe someone should ask him how he knows all that crap he posted up there

          • allena says:

            Anyway, it doesn’t matter. We can watch it for ourselves in like two days time. As long as caroline and holly survives :)

          • Austen says:

            Lol, agreed.

        • allena says:

          Thanks, Colin! What about holly henry?

          • colin says:

            I’m not so sure about the other 2 pairs of team Blake but it seems go down like this:
            _Holly Henry vs Cilla Chain (Holly won),
            _E.G Daily vs Sam Cerniglia (E.G won).

        • Trix says:

          Doesn’t make sense. R. Anthony did not get stolen, and Monika got stolen. Anthony Paul also got stolen.

    • allena says:

      At least Colin told us what he knew (even if a few of it wasn’t accurate). Whereas you, Austen, keep saying that you know who moves on and who doesn’t cause apparently you have a ‘relative’ there. But you don’t know what’s going on the voice at all. Talk is cheap like prove it.

    • Marcus B. says:

      Amber Nicole beat Tymira Joi.

    • allena says:

      Oh my gosh. That’s so pathetic that you have to lie that your Preston’s sibling, Austen

    • Natasha says:

      Knockout rounds pairing : TEAM ADAM
      James Wolpert vs Juhi
      Lina gaudenzi vs preston pohl
      Grey vs James irwin
      Tessane chin vs Ashley
      Stephanie anne vs tamara
      Caroline pennell vs George jr
      Kat vs monika leigh
      Jonny gray vs Cole vosbury

    • ash says:

      Team adam
      Grey vs James irwin(grey won)
      Ashley vs tessane(tessane won)
      Juhi vs james wolpert(James won)
      Preston vs lina gaudenzi(preston won)

      Team blake
      Shelbie z vs briana cuoco (shelbie won)
      EG vs ray (ray won)
      Holly vs nic (nic won)
      Austin vs brandon(not sure who won)

      Team xtina
      Jacquie vs anthony paul (jacquie won)
      Josh logan vs amber nicole (josh won, amber stolen)
      Matthew schuler vs will champlin(Matthew won, will stolen)
      Destinee vs olivia henken(olivia won)

      Team cee lo
      Caroline pennell vs George horga jr
      Jonny gray vs cole vosbury
      Stephanie Anne vs tamara
      Monika leigh vs kat (kat won)

      Sorry, dont have much info about team cee lo. All in brackets are still in the show (fyi they may be stolen or may have won the knockout but I assure you the one in brackets are moving to the live rounds). And I dont know which two more person gets stolen (the two steals I wrote on top is stolen by cee lo and blake if not mistaken). And since there are many holly fans out there just wanted to let you guys know that she did lose in the knockouts(not sure if adam or christina steals her). Knew all this info because my brother’s friend is working in the starbucks outlet at the voice studio

  12. Priscila says:

    I am still recovering from the elimination of Midas Whale last season. And I agree: unfortunately, after the blinds, these names still don’t tell me much.

  13. MJ Dolorico says:

    Other matchups I saw in the preview:

    Brandon Chase and Emily Randolph
    Juhi and George Horga Jr
    Lupe Carroll and Cole Vosbury

    So that leaves EG Daily, Holly Henry, Cilla Chan and Sam Cerniglia. I think Cilla and Holly will pair up, considering they are both around the same age (kind of what Blake did with Caroline and Danielle last season), leaving us with EG and Sam. I think we figured out all the matchups! :D

  14. Joel Rolley says:

    You can pack this season up right now!!! HOLLY HENRY WILL WIN IT ALL!!!!!

  15. Caitlyn says:

    Holly Henry will give Blake his four-peat. Soft, gentle songs like “The Scientist” should not fool anyone into thinking she is just another girl with a pretty voice. On youTube, she has a cover of “House of the Rising Sun”, that is the only cover of that song that I have ever liked. Simply haunting. Her cover of “Seven Nation Army” shocked me. The girl has amazing range and can deliver power notes with clarity of voice. That is a very hard song that she delivers with machine-like precision.

    This is an easy winner … Hope Sandoval that can scream when she needs to. She picked the right coach. Blake is a master at deciding when its time to “wow” the audience.

    • Kaylea says:

      Holly Henry will win, she’s the only one in the whole competition with star quality. She connects with the crowd and is a young blonde! What more can you ask for?

      • Austen says:

        Yeah I’m not sure what everybody’s obsession with holly is, but I wouldn’t put money on that if I were you.

        • Caitlyn says:

          I’m not sure I would go quite so far as obsession, but there are a few things that are telling. The ability to deliver clearly in three octives, will go far. The power in her voice you hear in some of her youTube videos is telling, at least to me. This is America voting, every week. Having enough range and dynamic to produce songs that keep you interested week after week is paramount. If screamers win, Holly Tucker of Amber Carrington would have won last year … but the one that did win, was the one that gave us something different ever week. This year, it will be Holly Henry. On top of all that, perhaps the 800K hits on youTube for her blind, may be swaying at least some opinions. ;-)

          • Austen says:

            I’ll say this much. If she makes it to the live rounds, she’ll probably get a ton of votes. But she’s gotta make it there first. And like I said before, I wouldn’t put money on that happening. What America thinks(you tube views and iTunes sales) is mostly irrelevant until the live rounds. Besides, if you’re going by things like that, Preston is right there with her. In fact, nobody came close to Preston in iTunes sales after the blinds.

          • Atara says:

            The one that won last year gave us the same thing every week. With very little creativity. Holly is an artist and a singer/songwriter. There is no comparison.

          • HaterModerator says:

            Caitlyn, it’s spelled “octaves”. LMAO that totally threw out your credibility.

        • Julie says:

          Austen, I’ve heard Holly didn’t make it throught the knockouts, is it true? Could you confirm this statement?

          • Austen says:

            Yeah I think you know I can’t answer that.

          • Caitlyn says:

            I’m starting to question this insider information give by Austen, based on his/her statement about iTunes sales. I do really like Preston Pohl. If he wins, that would be great, but to say that nobody is close to him in iTunes downloads is perhaps not accurate.

            ITunes doesn’t release actual download numbers on their website, but they do have a option when you pay to download to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each song you pay for.

            Taken from the iTunes website about ten minutes ago, the current top five thumbs up:

            Holly Henry – 1115
            Preston Pohl – 863
            Matthew Schuller – 565
            Tessanne Chan – 363
            Josh Wolpert – 314

          • Austen says:

            Well when thumbs up = sales, let me know. I’ve got nothing to prove to any of you. Let’s just watch and see how things play out.

          • Raida Khan says:

            NOOOOOOOO :( I really liked her :((

          • Raida Khan says:

            I hope you’re wrong, I think she was wonderful

        • Rick Weeks says:

          Its clear to me holly’s voice is not only rare but polished, she’s been ready for the studio. Mark my word’s, With or Without the Voice she is the next big thing coming to music.

        • Rick Weeks says:

          Holley Henry won the voice.

    • ayeh says:

      I think caroline pennell has a shot. her version of the song in the battleround was really good.

    • Raida Khan says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more….. i thinks you’re totally correct

  16. Sea says:

    There are a lot of people with great voices this season. However, great voices do not make a super star. Someone with their own style and unique sound, such as Preston Pohl should win. At the very least hopefully a record label will pick him up regardless if he wins it all or not. The man sings with his heart and his sound is so appealing to alot of people. across a variety of ages. Just read the comments on YouTube. He could sell a CD today. Good luck Perston

    • Austen says:


    • Lisa says:

      I like Preston Pohl a lot but Preston Pohl is not unique by any stretch of the imagination. He is very similar to Terrence Trent D’Arby in sound and delivery. D’Arby’s influence is obvious. How quickly people forget.

      • Sea says:

        At least Preston does not sing with a voice that I could not imagine listening to for years, unlike some of the girl singers who sound so cute and unique now, but I could not imagine them singing like that in 5 to 10 years from now or wanting to listen to them for more than a song or two. Too many Melanie Martinez types.

        Terence Trent D’arby just because he does a cover on YouTube? I am probably a lot older than you and remember listening to Marvin Gaye or some of the other greats in my younger years. I remember listeningto Terrence as well. Preston’s performance tonight and the coaches comments reflect his uniqueness for this day and age. As I said before he appeals to wide range of audience and you cannot say that for many if any of the other contestants.

        Preston Pohl is the star no matter who wins.

  17. Sea says:

    Preston Pohl has a cool and new (to some generations) sound. He took a song from MGMT and made it distinctly his own, Since Preston’s perfomance, many people who have never listened to the ‘original’ from MGMT, such as myself, now know who they are as well. Folks need to stop comparing the two versions in terms of one being better than the other, and think of it in terms of one being different from the other. It is really just a matter of which syle appeals to each individual person. Regardless it has introduced us to Preston’s abilities and given some good PR to MGMT who, as a result may now get more fans. A Win-win situation for sure.

  18. allena says:

    Thanks, Collin! What about holly henry?

  19. Nick says:

    Your such a troll. Tmyria joy already lost to amber and you didn’t have Anthony getting stolen.

    • Austen says:

      Lol, I tried to tell y’all he didn’t know what he was talking about. That’s not all he’s gonna be wrong on before the battles are over.

      • colin says:

        I didn’t tell you that I know all persons get stolen, don’t you count that it doesn’t have enough 8 person get stolen.

        • colin says:

          And is that right 1 of the pair between Briana & Jacquie get stolen? I just got the wrong one.

          • Austen says:

            Dude. Just stop trying. You also had that timyra girl winning and not only did she not win, she didn’t get stolen. That’s about as far off as you can get. And there’s others that I know you’re wrong on that haven’t even happened yet. You’ve already lost all credibility. Give up lol

          • allena says:

            First of all, what are you doing in a spoilers web page if it’s true that you are related to one of them and know the actual results. And the funniest part is if it’s true that you are related to one of them, you would have definitely know that each coach gets to steal twice. At least Collin just had a few of it inaccurate, you got the whole fact wrong. And please, FYI, I do not need your fake spoilers because only a troll would not notice that you are certainly not related to anyone on the show and you’re a liar.

          • Austen says:

            Lol, IM a troll? What about the guy who’s posting false information pretending its true? I didn’t know about the steals because I’ve never watched the show until MY BROTHER PRESTON was on it. Believe me, I wasn’t asking him how many steals the coaches had when he finished singing lol. You can think what you want, I really don’t care if you believe me or not. Fact is, I only said something to begin with because I thought It was crap that someone (Colin) would go on here and post false info and mislead people. So sorry i tried to keep people from believing his obvious crap lol

        • allena says:

          At least Colin told us what he knew (even if a few of it wasn’t accurate). Whereas you, Austen, keep saying that you know who moves on and who doesn’t cause apparently you have a ‘relative’ there. But you don’t know what’s going on the voice at all. Talk is cheap like prove it.

          • Austen says:

            And just like every other family member, I’m not gonna give anything away. You’ll have to watch just like everybody else and see what happens. I don’t have to prove I’m right. Everytime Collin is wrong, he’s proving me right.

  20. Jaay Major says:

    Glad Tessanne is safe. donna should’ve gotten a steal

  21. T Fan says:

    There is a new twist on season 5 of The Voice.

    Reports say that they are adding the “steal” to the upcoming Knock-Out round as well.

    But there will only be one spot per team for the steal in that round.

    BTW, much thanks for the spoilers. Love it! Most were correct. Please post more as you get ’em.

  22. whoever is posting the results on here doesn’t have a clue what is going on… I watch the show and his (predictions ????) are incorrect.

  23. Atara says:

    I hope Colin was right about Will Champlin being stolen. I really don’t want to see him go home!!!

  24. Jérémy says:

    According to the preview, Will Champlin and James Wolpert are going to sing “Radioactive” by Imagine dragons

  25. Tracey says:

    Preston will win….hands down !!!

  26. Renae says:

    If I was going to believe anyone on this forum… would be Austen. I knew him & his entire family (Grandmother included) back when he was a little boy & we all attended the same church. (NWCC) I’m excited to see how this will play out! :)

  27. Caitlyn says:

    ((QUOTE)) Caitlyn, it’s spelled “octaves”. LMAO that totally threw out your credibility.
    Comment by HaterModerator – October 21, 2013 08:36 PM PDT ((END QUOTE))

    I’m not sure what there is to throw out … other than perhaps my spelling. ;-) I don’t think I made any claims, other than posting stuff off the iTunes website and youTube hits. I don’t claim to be anyone’s sibling or have any kind of inside information.

    That said, I still think Holly Henry will win. She is very good and has the right coach. I like Preston Pohl a lot, but eventually Adam will make him sing some kind of song that is completely inappropriate for him (such as Skid Row with Amber Carrington) and that will be that.

    Anyway, tonight we get some of the heavy hitters, so we shall see. :-)

    • Austen says:

      All the contestants give a list of songs they want to sing before hand. Then the producers choose from that list. So Preston will be fine in terms of song choice. Obviously the coach chooses the battle round, but as you’ll see tonight the song choice was perfect for him. And Barry for that matter.

      • Caitlyn says:

        I can’t wait to see the battles tonight. Literally all the artists I really want to see are battling tonight. Are you quite sure on the artists picking the songs? There are several interviews on youTube (specifically Danielle) where she states that Blake picked the songs and she had never even heard it before (Grampa and Maybe it was Memphis). There are also several interviews you can find where artists claim to have never heard the song, and didn’t know the words or melody. Amber is one of them … in her interveiw she claimed she didn’t even know who Skid Row was. One things I do agree with you about, is Preston. He will be just fine, deep into the competition. As a fellow Texan, he is one I’m rooting for.

        • Austen says:

          Idk about seasons before this how they did it, and I know the coaches pick the songs for the battle rounds and then later in the competition they’ll do a song of the artists choice as well as a song of the coaches choice. But I’m sure about most of them being the artist choice. Preston told me he gave them a list of songs he wanted to do and they choose his songs from that list when the coaches don’t pick for him. Electric Feel was one of the songs on his list.

          • Caitlyn says:

            Honestly, I hope you are right. I simply don’t trust Adam as a coach, even though he won the first season. I have been watching The Voice since season one, and see two things as a consistant pattern. The first is that Adam likes to experiment a lot. He even says it, that he likes to see his artist do things that perhaps they are not comfortable with. The second is that when he sings with his artists … well look, THEY are the ones in the competition. Adam has already made it big. ;-)

      • Caitlyn says:

        To add to this, there are several vids you can watch on The Voice official website (season 4), where they claim that for some of the performances, one song is picked by the singer, and one by the coach. It pretty clearly states that in the rounds where they artists sing two songs, one is selected by them and the other by the coach, ie … Blake picked “Heads Carolina, Tails California, and Danielle picked “A little bit Stronger” for that night, and Adam picked the Skid Row song, while Amber picked “Crazy.”

  28. Nick says:

    Austen since you dont’t know about the steals, even if holly does lose in knockouts . There’s a chance she can get stolen isn’t there? I can see her losing in knockouts, but I just don’t see the other three judges passing on her when they were all fawning over her in the blinds. Clo especially, he needs another powerful voice to his squad.

    • Caitlyn says:

      I read this whole thread again, and I don’t see where Austen actually said that anyone got eliminated in the knockout rounds. What he/she said was that if Holly Henry makes it to the live rounds, she will get a lot of votes, but he wouldn’t put money on that. Thats a pretty open ended statement … and you know what, I probably wouldn’t put money on anyone making it to the live rounds. If you look carefully at Austen’s statements, there is no actual information in any of it … only debunks of Colin’s picks, and the claim that because Colin was wrong on some count, that makes Austen right. I don’t quite follow that logic. The other thing we know is that Austen doesn’t know how the show’s steals process works, and either Austen or the official iTunes wedsite is incorrect, since Austen claims that Preston is far ahead in downloads, and the official iTunes website pretty clearly states that they will not be releasing this information until a winner has been determined, since that apparently was a problem last season. Pretty awesome show tonight. In my opinion, the girls are not at strong as they were last season overall, and the boys are a ton stronger.

  29. Caitlyn says:

    I for one am very disappointed in last night’s show. Four battles of ninty seconds each, and they couldn’t show us all six minutes. I feel bad for Cilla Chan. They didn’t show her blinds and barely showed her battle round. For all we know, she could be very good.

  30. Sea says:

    Austin, did you say you are Preston’s brother?? If so, tell him he has fans in Canada. He is one of a few reasons we are watching the Voice this year. I look forward to the day we can buy his music.We were rooting for Barry Black as well. Too bad no one stole him.

  31. Raymond says:

    Holly henry! !

  32. Sea says:

    Priscila, We know what you mean. It is the same for us in this household. We listen to Preston sing Electric Feel everyday (several times) His voice is mesmerizing and we suspect he will become one of the future greats of R and B/soul.

    Austin, thanks for letting us know you will tell Preston we are supporting him. I have never ever cared enough about anyone on the Voice in the past, to go online and suport them, but he is someone very special.

  33. louis says:

    Sorry to say that holly henry lost in the knockout round to nic hawk. And did not get stolen. The four stolen ones are will, amber, destinee and tessane/ashley(one won the knockout the other got stolen)

  34. chocolate says:

    Caroline and holly didn’t win their respective knockout rounds. But to all you fans out there, dont give up hope, GO AND SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER and who knows they might get a record deal. Show your love #team caroline #team holly

  35. Nick says:

    Caroline won her knockout round and is the top 12 wtf r u talking about? Also all this Preston tak and he’s not even in the top 12? I’m shocked! Personally I like will better, but he’s def better than James. America got it wrong