Are The Tomorrow People Something Special?

Tomorrow People Premiere RecapThe Tomorrow People have special powers, but is The CW’s new drama — based on an old UK series of the same name — super enough to capture your attention?

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Before you chime in with your snappy judgements, a brief refresher of the pilot:

Stephen (Robbie Amell, one half of The CW’s new Amellsday) is a confused high schooler, like most teens – except for the fact that he looks like Robbie Amell. And instead of crushes — which his bestie Astrid (newcomer Madeleine Mantock) totally has on him — and exams, the source of his teenage angst is a sleeping disorder that’s really a case of awkward teleportation. Plus, the voice in his head isn’t a bout of schizophrenia or a sexy daydream; it belongs to Cara (Mad Men‘s Peyton List), a member of “The Tomorrow People,”  superpowered, homosuperior and awfully telegenic individuals who wield the three Ts – telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. They explain to Stephen that his latent abilities are starting to manifest themselves and if he inherited even a fraction of his father’s talents, they might be connected. Oh yes, his MIA papa was the leader of the group and the strongest of their kind.

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But there’s another group that wants Stephen – Ultra, a government agency that hunts down the Tomorrow People and forces them to work against their own kind. (An innate checks-and-balances keeps the superpowered folk from being able to kill). Ultra is led by Dr. Jedikiah Price (Lost‘s Mark Pellegrino), who captures Stephen. Cara, her boyfriend John (Home and Away‘s Luke Mitchell) and their pal Russell (The Bedford Diaries‘ Aaron Yoo) come to the rescue, but are hindered since they can’t use their powers within the facility’s walls.

Good thing that rule doesn’t apply to Stephen, who somehow teleports out of his restraints and even manages to bust out a new ability: He stops time when Jed tries to shoot John. (Side note: Anyone else’s mind turning crazy with theories after John’s comment about “not getting caught by him again” and Jed remarking that John “decided to come home”? They’re totally father and son, right?)

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Although Stephen escapes, he ends up back at Ultra after discovering that Jed is really his uncle. He wants to find out the truth about his dad – Is he really dead? (Yeah, right.) Was he good? – and thinks that becoming an Ultra agent is the way to do it.

Now it’s time for you to weigh in on The Tomorrow People. Are you already dreaming of an Amellsday crossover? Grade the premiere below and then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Tran 2.0 says:

    I give my grade of Tomorrow People an A. Didn’t know that it was a remake of the original UK series but the US version does have potential. There’s no doubt Robbie Amell is destined to have a breakout career much like his cousin Stephen on Arrow. Both Amells know how to rule Wednesday nights on the CW. In my opinion, Tomorrow People is like part X-Men and part Heroes.

    • Ann says:

      Robbie Amell does NOT look like a high schooler. They should have made him a college student. haha.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I thought the same thing! It was really distracting me that he was supposed to be 17 and he’s like 25 (and looks it). It’d be one thing if he looked young, but he really doesn’t. Also, one of the other TVLine articles hinted at a possible triangle with him and Cara and John, and it was really distracting me that he’s underage and they obviously aren’t!

        • He’s a cutie so I’ll suspend my beliefs. Besides, I lived through the original incarnation of BevHills 90210 and Luke Perry as a high schooler??? Now that’s science fiction. LOL. But Dylan was a cutie too.

        • JC says:

          Completely totally agree. Especially the thing about Stephen and Cara. So he’s underage and she’s not? That’s a little questionable. Or are she and John supposed to be teenagers too? I don’t know. I thought I was used to actors in their twenties playing teenagers, but for some reason it’s really throwing me here.

      • WayneInNYC says:

        It’s possible that with the years of the medical problems he’s gone through the character was held back a few years, but they should *mention* that, if it’s the case.

    • Guest says:

      It’s not the appointment TV that Sleepy Hollow is, but it shouldn’t get cancelled IMO.

  2. Tai says:

    I liked it. It had its kinks but I’m down for the ride. But I’m with you. John and Dr. Price are so related. They have to be. Although you have to wonder what went down between those two. I’m definitely tuning in next week.

  3. Katie_Mead says:

    I’m hoping that The Tomorrow People improves over the next few episodes, in the same way as Arrow did last year. There was potential in the pilot episode, but it lacked cohesion & emotional pull, hopefully something that will improve in episodes with less exposition and more fluidity.

  4. Elyse says:

    I enjoyed the pilot! I think it has potential. another CW show for me to watch each week :)

  5. WayneInNYC says:

    It’s a lot better than I thought it would be. I’ll continue to tune in to see if it holds up.

  6. Nelson says:

    Typical YOUNG GOOD Looking cast ! With cheesey dialog.

    Seems like NEARLY every show on the CW has very bad actors, the dialog in these shows are sooo chese and perdictable, im embarressed to watch.

    When it comes to POWERS, Heroes dis it best!

  7. Trenton says:

    This show has either the potential to be amazing or fall flat on its triple t head. I’m hoping the Jediakiah (though I really wanna call him Jedi or since he is a bad guy Sith) character isn’t really just mad that his brother was special and he isn’t…b/c that motivation though natural is a bit one note.

    I liked the idea of having our hero be on the inside, though the pilot was a wasted opportunity. Would have been cool to see him trying to kill the tomorrow people only have it work as a feint…but regardless he will get to see the good and bad of both sides ideally…and I hope there are positives and negatives to both so its more grey and less white unless its walter white white.

    I just hope the show isn’t written to be standard obvious choices. Like how the character John who has a past and hates Jedi would join their side if the love triangle goes left angle on him. Would be cooler if Roger Sterling’s ex wife (major teleporting!!!) ends up betraying them people.

    I like that we haven’t quite met the corp group of people and also there are many out there. Tells me peeps will be getting killed off on the show.

    Again, the acting seemed good…but this show needs writing and twists like TVD and not Secret Circle.

  8. Hodan says:

    It was a good episode. I think John and Jed are related too or have some deep history. I liked Peyton List as Cara and Luke as John. They were good together too.

    Will watch few more episodes before I decide if I am going to continue watching or not.

  9. Was better than I thought it was and will tune in next week. It doesn’t have to do that much to top Heroes, which turned its own fans against it. Also, is it just me or did we see that girl’s nipple, the one who Stephen woke up next to?

  10. Joey says:

    I like the first episode a lot, it was good. I can’t wait to watch next week’s episode.

  11. James D says:

    a very solid update of an update of an update lol, this show has been re imagined more times then star trek. i loved the original and the 1992 version i watched them on VHS with my dad when i was a kid, this new one is definitely fresh and was pleasantly surprised at how well done it was. i look forward to see where they take it. of course how can you go wrong when Mark Pelligreno is the villain, he’s awesome.

  12. Ash says:

    It’s like the tv version of jumper only with a few more abilities..loved the movie and this pilot was alright so I’ll give it a few more episodes as well before I make a decision :)

  13. Jj says:

    Too early to tell. Some interesting things happened but I will give it a few episodes to decide. My pvr is full enough already.

  14. I enjoy it! I like the premise, and I’m a fan of Mark Pellegrino. My only disappointment (or hesitation) is that I can already see the love triangle forming. I’m not a fan of love triangles.

  15. Ram510 says:

    It was a solid start I hope the writing takes off from here. Robbie is a much better actor than Stephen and I’m happy he has his own show, it’s just sad they made him aaa high school student when he looks much older than high school

    • RobD381 says:

      Agreed. I was shocked to find Cory Monteith was over 30 and attending high school in Glee. Can’t these shows show people in college, at least? High school is getting old (no pun intended). Robbie Amell is 25.

  16. lame says:

    I liked it, has lots of possibilities, if only the dialogue can be more sophisticated. Then again this was the first episode and if the TV gods let it evolve and mature it could be really good.

  17. RobD381 says:

    Ok a question. I thought the pilot was great. I thought I saw something tho that was distracting – did they all go to a recording studio and put their lines in their mouths later? The physical appearances seem more excited than the delivery of the lines. Am I crazy? If I’m not then I hope you can get this to the producers to make the lines delivered with better passion and excitement. Otherwise I’m looking forward to it getting a lot better. It took Arrow almost a full season to get Stephen to be better. Hope the CW has patience with this show also.

  18. Auntie Ralph says:

    For a show that had me a bit worried (much like anything connected with CW, not usually a fan of their programming) I thought the pilot was alright, gave it a B. I mean parts of this story had been done to death in other franchises but the characters felt fine (Aaron Yoo being my stand out as a guy apparently meant for the funnier lines and delivering them pretty well) and the plot worked. Jed being Steve’s uncle as well as most likely Jake’s son was a surprise as I would have only predicted the former. The whole Steve going undercover with Ultra was actually a surprise, and I gotta admit a neat one.

  19. arianeb says:

    I only gave the pilot a C but I think the show has potential in the future. The biggest flaws of the show are the title and the complicated premise, both of which are inherited from the 1970’s original (sans the extraterrestrial silliness hopefully). Because of the complicated premise, the pilot spent 90% of its running time handling exposition, trying to explain all the stuff the audience needs to know, spending the small remainder of time on three very short action sequences.

  20. Huntyr says:

    My favorite part was James Marsters as their “Tim/Hal”. Great casting.

  21. Sara says:

    I was ok with it until the end where he went back to Ultra. That was just a stupid move. No thanks

  22. MrMank says:

    I gave it a C only because I was a fan of the original back in the day. I will definitely keep watching, but the whole teen angsty feel (I KNOW it’s on the CW) doesn’t help the show. I also don’t know how I feel about Stephen joining (or infiltrating) Ultra. Doesn’t ring true to me somehow. I do love pretty much everything Mark Pellegrino does, and he makes an engaging Jedekiah. Casting Sarah Clarke as the mom was a win, too. Hope it continues to improve.

  23. Chris says:

    PEE-YEW! Bland, boring, unmemorable!

  24. Catie says:

    i dont know why but i feel that Cara and Steven should be related. She acts more like a mother to him. I almost wish she was. Maybe long lost. That would be a good twist! Ill watch next weeks episode! Im getting hooke!

    • Rae says:

      I know what you mean. I just don’t see how they’ll have a love triangle when I don’t even feel a spark with John and Cara. And yeah probably not a mother…I’m more leaning to half-sister but I guess it would be weird if John and Stephen are really cousins.

  25. Jayne says:

    I really enjoyed it. I never saw the original so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that Jed was going to end up being John’s dad. Maybe he still will be. Looking forward to the next episode.

  26. Rae says:

    With Satan (SPN fans…yeah you knoooww it!) and Luke Mitchel from H2O and home & away in the cast…i’m in for the ride especially its a cw show.

    The first episode was alright but it kinda lacks gut-wrenching emotion…like they need to torture the main characters and make the bad guy so lovable at the same time want him dead. We need twists and turns for this series to be PERF. This series has potential. Like with Arrow, I was a tad bit skeptic since I’m a Smallville fan and the only Green Arrow in my eyes was Justin Hartley but then Arrow won me over and yeah you know the drill…

    BTW…I totes think John and Jedikiah is father and son. They always say the greatest obstacle in life is your family. And I’ll be tuning in to see!!

  27. JC says:

    Honestly, it was a lot better than I expected it to be (which may just mean that my expectations were really low. :) ). I liked the twist at the end of him going to work for Ultra, because it was the opposite of what I was expecting. The only thing was…ok, I know it’s always been the norm for teenage characters to be played by twenty-somethings, so I should be used to it, but for some reason it’s really throwing me here. How old are John and Kara supposed to be exactly? It’s very hard to buy them as teenagers. Are they supposed to be teenagers? I wasn’t sure. Stephen at least has his high school scenes for context, even if Robbie Arnell looks way too old for high school. Oh, and yes, I was completely on board the “Jed and John are father and son” train.

  28. laakbaar says:

    I am glad to hear that it was from a former british series, because I was thinking ‘jumpers’ (the movie) immediately. But not bad for a pilot, but also not good, in my opinion. Let see where it goes.

  29. Radha says:

    I am not a fan of Cara. I find that while the actress is attractive, she looks way older than the other guys. I know she’s not, but she just has that kind of face. I do not want to see a love triangle between her, John and Stephen. Stephen has been shown to be a high school student–which is already a stretch–he shouldn’t hook up with an older character while underage.

    The acting was all right, but I found my attention wandering. Probably because I saw where most of the plot was already going to go. There weren’t any…surprises. Everything that I felt should have been exciting was shown to me in the trailers before the show even aired.

    I love Aaron Yoo, but I also feel from the lack of him in most of the media marketing that he’s just meant to be a sidelined comic relief character. This frustrates me b/c right now he’s probably the one I like the most. I like Robbie Amell, but if his character is meant to hook up with Cara I’m going to be rolling my eyes through most of his scenes. I would much prefer him to hook up with the other sidelined character, Astrid, his best friend. But they either won’t go there or they will and she will forever be forced to contend with his psychic bond with Cara.

    I really think this show would have benefitted from the characters being in college. It would be more believable. Also, I wish they all had different powers. Everyone doing the exact same things may get boring.

    All in all it was a decent pilot but I need to connect with the characters for me to continue watching it.

    • JC says:

      Agreed about Stephen/Cara. Besides the problematic aspects of him being underage and her (apparently) being older, I am just so sick of love triangles. I wish they would do Stephen/Astrid and Cara/John and just forget the love triangle. That being said, I’m not sure how long I’m going to stck with the show anyway. The two episodes I’ve seen have been ok but not great, and I have enough TV to watch this season without sticking with something that’s boring me.