Post Mortem: Supernatural Stars on Sam's New Reality, Brotherly Secrets and Cas' Whereabouts

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersThe following contains major spoilers for Tuesday’s season premiere of Supernatural. If you have yet to watch, head to a different TVLine article! Everyone else, you may proceed…

While there was never any doubt that Sam would survive Tuesday’s Season 9 premiere of Supernatural, there was the question of how Dean would bring his brother back from the brink.

The answer? Sam was literally saved by an angel when Ezekiel (played by Tahmoh Penikett) swooped in after hearing Dean’s prayers.

While the younger Winchester was mentally making peace with his fate — hi there, Bobby and Death! — his big bro was allowing Ezekiel to embody Sammy and heal him from within.

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Meanwhile, a newly human Castiel found himself disoriented without his powers — don’t piss off the gnarly biker if you can’t smite anymore, Cas —  while also being targeted by one pretty young angel. But rather than making a friend, the encounter ended with her blood all over his clothes.

During a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set, stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles sounded off on the Ezekiel twist, the secrets between Dean and Sam, and the dangers (and hilarity) surrounding a human Cas.

THE ANGEL WITHIN | Although Dean told Ezekiel to stay hidden, the fallen warrior angel will pop back up over the course of the season. “We see Ezekiel for a long time through Sam,” reveals Padalecki. “Zeke stays around for a while, which I like. I like that it’s a work in progress and that slowly but surely Sam is, hopefully, healing.” Padalecki adds that he was “excited” by the plot twist, calling it “a cool, fun idea. We’ve had angels bring back, and we’ve had Death bring back, but to have an angel embody Sam, that was a fun, scary thing to play.”

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersBROTHERLY ANGST | When TVLine visited the show’s set — in the midst of shooting Season 9, Episode 8 — the truth about Sam’s recovery was still a secret between the brothers. “When it comes to fruition, obviously, Sam’s not going to be happy,” says Padalecki. “We see Sam making good with Death, making the decision to finally go, ‘I’ve done some good. I can walk away,’ and Bobby telling him, ‘You’ve done your bit. Plus, no one gets to leave a legacy like that, so be happy.’ With the fact that Sam finally found that place, I think he’s going to be unhappy that his brother lied and has been lying to him. That never works out well.”

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Meanwhile, the inevitable strain of keeping secrets from his brother will leave Dean with no one on whom he can lean. “He doesn’t have Cas, and he doesn’t have his brother,” describes Ackles. “He doesn’t have his support system like he used to. … The beginning of the season has been a little difficult for him because he feels like he’s on an island of his own. That’s a situation that he doesn’t like to be in.”

And issues will continue to plague Dean and Sam’s relationship, even if they appear to be OK on the surface. During TVLine’s visit, the actors were preparing to film a scene in which there’s dialogue about brothers always having each other’s backs. “But the brothers are constantly lying to each other,” Ackles points out. “They’re hiding stuff from each other.”

Adds Padalecki, “There’s a line [in the episode] where it’s talking about how the brothers comfort each other. We’re like, ‘Uh, I don’t know if the brothers necessarily comfort each other. They’re pushing each other, killing each other, lying to each other, bringing each other back.'”

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STARTING OVER | What will the Winchesters’ first reunion with newly human Castiel be like? “A lot of it depends on the state that Cas is in,” replies Ackles. His new identity as a human is “something that we’re going to have to deal with, something he’s really going to have to deal with.He’s got to come to terms with his new-found situation. Cas has always been a very useful tool for the boys. Now, there’s a big change there. In his adjustment, the boys are going to have to adjust, too, to him and his situations.”

A LONE ANGEL | As if adapting to human life after an angelic existence isn’t hard enough, Castiel will also find himself with nowhere to go. “He runs into an issue with a female, and then I tell him to get his ass back to the bunker,” previews Ackles. “But because he’s there and because of what Sam’s going through with his situation, there’s a bit of a conflict there.” Explains Padalecki: “The war that was in Heaven is now on Earth — and it’s hardcore. There are factions of angels that are out for Cas’ head. I know Ezekiel probably feels that it’s unsafe to have Cas around because [he] is a beacon for angels.” So the poor guy gets booted from the bunker because he “doesn’t have the power that he needs to protect himself or to protect us,” continues Ackles. “[Dean] literally has to sit down with him and be like, ‘You gotta go.’ That sends Cas out on his own to fend for himself. [In] Episode 7, we come to find out where he’s been and what he’s been doing, and that’s pretty funny.”

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the Season 9 premiere? Grade the episode via the poll below and then hit the comments to back up your opinion!

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  1. Terry says:

    I’m so done with Supernatural, this show needs to end (I hope this is the last season). They continue to screw Dean over and I hate it.

    • Please stop watching if you no longer like the show. There are still lots of fans who love it more each season. Jensen does not seem to mind how the show treats Dean. Hope it goes on for many more years.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I agree with you! I was shocked to find out there was a “Team Dean” and a “Team Sam”. I love both brothers equally. That’s the whole point. People who choose between the brothers don’t get the show and should stop watching. Hopefully Supernatural will continue for many years to come.

        • Cynthia says:

          I love this show! Supernatural throughout its eight seasons have never disappointed me. This show is so good that I watch previous episodes over and over and over again.
          I hope that Supernatural continues, Jensen and Jared own their characters. I love the bring backs of dead charachters. In a world filled with turmoil, at least I have Supernatural to get lost in

        • angel64 says:

          Please stop telling those of us who are tired of the way Jensen as an actor and Dean as a character get treated that we don’t “get” the show. We DO get it, it’s just that we’re tired of ALL the best acting challenges and ALL the main storylines going to Jared/Sam. We had been led, falsely now it seems, to believe that FINALLY this season Dean would have an important, major story arc. How is being painted as a pathetic, selfish jerk who refuses to let his little brother have what he wants, i.e., to be at peace a great important story arc, while telling us all again what a wonderful hero and special person Sam is, and also giving him another great chance to showcase his acting skills by playing possessed? What will Dean’s arc be, if indeed he has any?
          I can just see the comments of hate toward Dean for tricking Sam.
          This doesn’t mean we don’t love Sam?Jared or want SPN to be all about Dean or any of the other wrong accusations that get thrown at us. All we want is for the SPN PTB to finally give Jensen/Dean his due and give his as much respect as they have ALWAYS given Jared/Sam. That’s all.

          • Dmac says:

            Umm, this is the first show of the season and apparently you already know what all 20 plus shows are about??? You fans need to let it rest and enjoy the show, you are do busy counting who has more lines, scenes and plot points you miss the whole point of the show.

          • The Truth says:

            TLDR – seriously though, you may need a life. And go find a show you actually like then.

          • jennifer says:

            As a huge fan, I do not think that the new plot gives Jared a showcase to show off his talent, Those of us who watch the show, know that Jensen could act, everytime he opens his mouth his talent shows. Maybe some fans could see his plan to keep Sam alive anyway that he can, but that is what the show is mostly about. Dean’s love for his brother. He loves him so much, that is the point of this story, that he will do anything to keep him alive, That said Sam has also shaded Dean many times over during the run of this show, but they always forgive, and continue to love each other.

          • Jessica says:

            You know Jensen has actually directed a few episodes. So I don’t think the show doesn’t treat Him well. Obviously he likes it if he’s saying in interviews that he wants to be around for several more seasons or as long as there are new stories to tell. I love Dean, I love Sam, Dean did what he had to like he always does. Dean has had a lot of great story lines and played a lot of interesting variations of his character.

          • angel64 says:

            Hey, you know what? I DO have a life! And I don’t sit and count lines. Quit telling Dean fans, who have every reason to be frustrated, to stop watching the show. I love Sam too, but I can only imagine you guys are Sam only fans who of course have no reason to be frustrated. I guarantee that if Sam was always as screwed over and diminished as a character as Dean is, those of you telling us to shut up, get a life,stop watching etc and all the other rude comments would be expressing your frustration just as much.
            We have a right to voice our opinion every bit as much as you do. Stop trying to silence us. Don’t like our posts then don’t read them.

          • angel64 says:

            Jessica I’m sorry, but where does Jensen have all these great storylines? Every time he starts with one, they either drop it or give it to Sam.
            It’s great that Dean loves Sam so much. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But being a loving brother who’s only purpose is to exist for and support the other is not a story arc.

        • Alan says:

          its gotten to the stage where the fans make me want to stop watching the show with the way they carry on. ive never seen so much negativity and it just makes great episodes like this less enjoyable.

      • cassie says:

        jensen does’nt seem to mind? really? he said felt like (dean) was a guilty cheerleader cause had nothing to do in past season & was glad that was over, too bad he had’nt read the rest of the 1rst episodes of s9 other wise he would knew they would continue with the same cr***. also in his interviews when asked abt dean in s9 he said does’nt have much to do, trying to pass it as a joke (who clearly was’nt) since had nothing to say, yeah he does’nt mind at all that every possible arc for him gets dropped, i would not expect anything else from another sam girl talking who has her favorite on front every single season in the expences of jensen, & of course you want it to continue for ever so your precious one will continue to ”sell” face. well guess what i want jensen out before the whole holding him back as an actor with 1) not giving him anything to do 2) the exposure of portraying the same character for so many years 3) & the fact he does’nt have time to do anything else scr*** his career, as for stop watching you bet i stopped, that does’nt mean i will keep my mouth shut when read spoilers, reviews & see that jensen continues to get ignored, & fyi would never watch the show at all if it was’nt for him, & would’nt continue to watch after s5 when the show started to go downhill if it was’nt for him (& misha) either, but after past season with the royal emptying of jensen with the dropping of one by one of dean’s arcs (+the whole scr*** up the continuity & consistency of the show) there was no chance in hell to continue to watch, add to that the 2nd emptying of jensen at comic con from carver (with the ”gentile” probbing of your favorite one) & the lack of spoilers in general for dean & was f**** done permanently with watching. but bet your a*** aint gonna stop b**** when i see that jensen keeps getting treated like cr***, never

        • Dani says:

          How old are you exactly? I know that the internet is pretty much anonymous but that’s no reason to act so immature and inappropriate.

        • Anne says:

          cassie – please pay attention when your English teacher has you working on spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and paragraphs. You’ll be taken more seriously if you write well.

        • Vicki says:

          Oh, how I love fans who think they know or “just can tell” what their idols think…

      • Jooshua says:

        Supernatural will always be my favorite show of all time.. but this season premiere and the 8th season finale were a far cry from what the show once was.. the show was always moving forward.. once upon a time the writers would have actually closed the gates of Hell.. but instead they gave us an entire season of them trying to close them.. and just not closing them? So Angels could fall to Earth even though that wasn’t even a plot point until the end of season 8? Look at all they put Kevin Tran through.. for what? Nothing? It really is just more of the same.. and it makes me sad.. not angry.. just confused..

        It just seems like they could have written it so the Trials didn’t make Sam ill.. he could have closed the gates of Hell.. the Angels could have still fallen to Earth.. and we could be dealing with them this season.

        Hopefully the writers have something fantastic in store this season that will conclude in a really satisfying way followed by a fantastic 10th season.. But even if it’s the worst season ever I will continue to watch because I love these actors and love these characters.

    • Bob says:

      Well, it must suck to know you’re in the minority then, eh?

      • angel64 says:

        You’re wrong. There are MANY of us who feel that Dean is constantly disregarded.

        • Dmac says:

          Yes, we know because you continually post the same thing over and over again and under several different names. We get it you feel like poor Jensen is being picked on, not getting time in the spotlight etc. however what you seem to forget is no one is forcing him to re-up his contract and yet he did this past year so apparently you feel more strongly about it than he does.

        • Zayne says:

          I think Dean gets the absolute best material on the show sometimes and it’s because Jensen Ackles can act his ass off. I think he’s always been the anchor in the show while Sam is off getting into all kinds of crap.

          Overall, I”m super excited about this season. Last year was a great improvement from 6&7 and I’m really looking forward to where they go with it this year.

          • Lisa London says:

            Could not agree more.

          • Alan says:

            yeah look at the great monologue he got to deliver when doing that open invitation to all angels, jensen gets awesome stuff like that all the time where he takes a situation into his own hands meanwhile sam gets shunted around like a cosmic plaything without much active say in what happen.

          • Anne says:

            I agree with this. Last season was better than the previous two. And this premiere holds a lot of promise for the coming season. I was intrigued by all the story lines – Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley, and Ezekiel (I hope we don’t have to wait to long too see more of him). I’m curious to see how Abaddon will be getting back into her vessel.

          • Agnes Suda says:

            thanks for being one of the few giving the season a chance. I found the first ep interesting enough, intriguing, as many new possibilities opened up.

    • Dmac says:

      You act like JA is12 years old and doesn’t have a say in his character. LOL. You do realize he directs some if these episodes and he has said time and again that it is a collabriation between he, Jared and the writers. Both brothers get equal footing and if that isn’t enough for you perhaps you shouldn’t watch.

    • Jason says:

      You and your “character complainers” are complete kooks. Just go away.

    • cobaltlynx says:

      I’m done too. Not because any character gets preferential treatment, but because it’s just more of the same. One brother lies to the other. They take a season to get over it, just in time for the other one to lie to the first. All the while dealing with monster of the week or the cataclysmic event of the season, which is really just the same as last season with different players.

    • huh says:

      …..And so begins another season of Dean-Girl / Sam-Girl endless in-fighting, bitching, and my personal favorite, a continual rehash of imagined transgressions from season 1….

      • angel64 says:

        Look, all any Dean fan wants is for Dean to be treated with the same importance that the SPN writers have always sown Sam. . I don’t dislike Sam or Sam fans. But of course us Dean fans are the only ones who get insulted for voicing our opinions. We get called kooks, EDG, ETC.
        I still love SPN. So stop telling me to stop watching it.But that doesn’t mean I don’t a have a right to express my opinion about something I don’t like.
        I looked forward to this episode. but to me, it looked like the SPN writers wanted to show what a wonderful hero Sam is and in contrast, what a pathetic, selfish loser Dean is, even to the point of violating his brother’s free will, mind, and body just to cling to him. And I’m sorry, but I didn’t like or enjoy that. Sam is indeed a great, heroic guy, but I didn’t understand why SPN needed to diminish Dean or order to show that. Dean is a heroic, wonderful guy too. But the message I got from the SPN writers for this episode was this; Sam is an honorable,brave, hero, Dean is a clingy, selfish, possessive loser who has no value or worth of his own. And sorry but yes, as a fan of BOTH brothers, this continued diminishing of Dean is getting old.
        I am truly hoping those other” 20 episodes) will be better as the season progresses.

    • Kelly says:

      If you Dont like supernatural dont watch it what’s the big deal the show is freaking awesome and I hope it never ends love it people like u and ur bad comments gets good shows taken off the air so if u dont like it dont watch it. Dean and sam are both kool and I love there roles dean outgoing and the bad boy and sam is the laid back one who makes ok decisions but they both play there roles great and I love them both

    • Karrie says:

      I totally disagree!

  2. Pauly says:

    That was it?? Bobby’s big return was a few minutes in one episode and now he’s gone again?? Lame!!

  3. I loved the surprises, well constructed episode. They always come up with exciting twists and turns and they always find a way to put in the emotion as well as the connect between the brothers. I want this show on the air for years to come!

  4. Mo says:

    Love Ezekiel. Hope it works out & both he & Sam can be healed. And it’s a sign that I’ve been doing too much laundry when my 1st thought seeing Cas stuff everything into the washer was, “oh no sweetie, that’s gotta be dry clean only…” Poor Dean having to deal with all this mess on his own.

    • Jane says:

      I know what you mean, when he put his tie in, I thought, I hope that isn’t silk or it will just be ruined. But when he walked out without the trench coat I sort of got a little choked up. It just didn’t seem right.

    • Alan says:

      its a shame tahmoh penikett seems to be gone, i was really enjoying his interactions with jensen ackles, i thought he was recurring all season. jared padalecki did a great job recreating his speech pattern when playing zeke, i didnt think anyone could do the strange way he speaks right.

  5. Totally beyond AWESOME-TOTALLY AMAZING episode and start to season 9. The writing and acting on this amazing show just gets better and better. This opener is one of the best, along with “In My Time of Dying” and “Lazarus Rising”, better than “We Need to Talk About Kevin”-which I really loved. Season 9 looks to have so many roads to go down. Can’t wait.

  6. Biba says:

    Best premiere I’ve seen in a long time. And people will see what they want to see. I think Dean has the season in his hands, but some insist he doesn’t have an arc. Go figure.

    • I agree-this looks like a season for Dean to shine. Jensen always makes Dean shine anyway. One of the best season openers ever.

    • Carol says:

      I am afraid I have to fall on the side of “Dean not having a story”. I will keep watching but this is just more Sammmm.

      • alistaircrane says:

        This show is equally about both brothers. Not sure what show you’re watching.

        • Kli says:

          I agree with those who argue Dean’s story line has disintegrated. The story is definitely about the brothers, but Dean always seems to be the supporting role to Sam’s main role If we look at the entire series Dean has always been the “cheerleader” to Sam’s issues. Sam vs. Demon Blood, (minor stint of Dean vs. Hell–SUPER minor) Sam vs. Lillith, (we also have a brief stint when it’s Dean who is wanted by the Angels.. only to find out that Sam is wanted by Lucifer in the same capacity–for their bodies haha). Sam vs. Lucifer, Sam vs. No Soul, We get another short (horrible) story arc when it’s both Sam and Dean vs. Leviathan (and for once it is Dean to be sacrificed), then season 8 it returned to Sam vs. Hell Gate Trials (with some slight focus on Dean vs. Purgatory). Now it’s Sam vs. Angel Possession? So what’s the score? Sam story lines – 8, Dean story lines – 3 (but these arc’s were always 2nd place to what was happening with Sam). I love this show (I stuck through the Leviathan nonsense) so I will finish it to the end. But the continual diminishing story line for Dean is getting old. For once he needs to be “the chosen one.” I’d love to see Dean do more than support Sam and argue with Cass (I miss their old friendship, all the more reason to be upset about the Leviathan ickiness). I think it would be nice for Sam to need to support Dean every once in a while.

          • Dmac says:

            Blah, blah, blah… How many names do you post under and how many different sites? This is getting old if you are this bent after 1 episode perhaps you need a hobby other than fan girling Dean.

          • angel64 says:

            We are all fans of the show. We watch because we want to enjoy it again. And sorry to piss you off, but we so called Dean fangirls have every much as much right to express our opinion as you so called Sam fangirls. (I love Sam too by the way). But Sam’s not the character that’s being marginalized. If he was, I’d be expressing my disappointment with that. We were all so psyched, at least I was for this new season only to be shown that,, yet again, Sam gets to have something special about him and Jared gets an interesting acting showcase while it looks like gets the same desperate, living only for Sam arc that he has had forever. Maybe you’re right and as the season progresses we’ll be proven wrong. But we’re only going by the premiere and,to me and many others, it looked like the same Sam is great, Dean is worthless retread.

          • angel64 says:

            For your information, you are accusing someone of posting under different names, while it really is different people! I’ve only posted here as angel. I have no idea who Kli is..If you’re gonna be an insulting jerk, at at least know what you’re talking about.

        • angel64 says:

          Well, I’m watching a show that’s supposed to be about two brothers, yet only one gets any major storylines, only one gets to do different and challenging acting assignments to show off their skills, only one is said to be important and special, only one gets any real true love romances, etc, while the other one gets none of that and who’s only purpose is to revolve around the other. Equally about both brothers? I wish I knew where..
          But I’ll keep watching, on the off chance that something may change before the series is over.

        • Vicki says:

          I’m sorry I’ll have to disagree. The story is about the relationship between these two brothers, but Sam is the main character. It has always been, since day 1. I don’t get what the fuss is about. I’m a crazy DeanGirl, but the story is as it is. Sam is the main character of the show. And for me it really really really doesn’t matter, since Jensen can act the hell out of the phone book and always gives us such a layered performance for such a layered character. All good, all fine. I just can’t stand Dean fans thinking they are allowed to know how Jensen thinks or feels, and pretend that their “concern” will be for his best.

  7. Kro says:

    It’s been done…LOVE supernatural but it was disappointing. We’ve seen this from them before :/

    • Cam says:

      Well, here’s the start of another sucky season. It’s abundantly clear that the writers have no ideas other than “lather, rinse and repeat”. As long as the writers know that the same fans will watch whatever garbage they churn out, there is no need for them to up their game.

      RIP, SPN. You peaked in season two and died a fiery death in season three. I’m completely done.

  8. Tvfanatic says:

    Best premiere for Supernatural in a very long time. Interested in how the season will unfold. I think the Ezekiel character was great. Hope he can hang around for a bit.

  9. fenniferj says:

    Did you seriously write “disorientated”????? Really?

  10. Madeline says:

    I loved Ezekiel…until he possessed Sam. That whole storyline just feels…dirty. It is essentially non-con possession. Dean had NO right to get Sam’s OK for that. And was it even Dean in Sam’s head saying the “there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you” line or was it Ezekiel? Carver did a poor job of clarifying that point?

    Ugh. Any other way to save Sam would have been fine. But this is such betrayal by Dean to Sam. And even if Dean did do it out of desperation to save Sam, it still feels icky.

    How will Dean even begin to justify what he did? Sam & Dean are close & trust one another….and I am he biggest bro fan. But even I am having issues on how to forgive Dean for this.

    And I’m bummed too! Because I really liked the Ezekiel character/actor. And I don’t think we will be seeing him for awhile.

    • Tvfanatic says:

      I don’t think there was a betrayal here with What Dean did for Sam. The Dean character is always willing to do whatever it takes for Sam. I thought it was an interesting twist.

      • Madeline says:

        I’m all for Dean willing to do anything to save Sam..except for this.

        It was a twist, but a twist I am 100% uncomfortable with.

        Sam has an angel INSIDE of him just hanging out. He has no control over that. No control over an angel being inside his body. Like I said, it just seems so, so, so wrong. Think how Sam felt when Ruby was in him and magnify it by 100. This will be Dean’s biggest betrayal ever to Sam.

        I get that Dean was desperate. And I can appreciate and sympathize with him. But still. I don’t like it one bit. It feels dirty to me.

        • Madeline says:

          Whoops. By Ruby..I meant Meg!

        • Annie says:

          I don’t recall Sam having an issues with Ruby possessing that poor comatose girl or having sex with that body. Was the owner of that meatsuit okay with how her body was used? Did Sam care about that?

          Did Sam ask that nurse if she was okay with donating her life for the cause before he let Ruby slit her throat and drink her blood.

          Maybe Sam needs to get out of his glass house before he throws that stone.

          • Flor says:

            That comatose girl (Ruby) was brain dead and the machines were about to be switched off so non-con wasn’t an issue. The nurse was possessed by a demon. Her blood was needed to, as they believed, try and stop the Apocalypse.

            I note you said nothing about the ‘demons’ (or are they humans now??) Dean tortured and killed while looking for information on Ben and Lisa.

        • angel64 says:

          To me it was the writers wanting us to hate Dean by making him look like a selfish, controlling ass who forced Sam to live when all Sam wanted was a peaceful death. The whole thing was Carver and Singer’s way of showing us again what they think of these characters; that Sam is a big hero, a wonderful guy who’s earned his peace, and that Dean is totally worthless without Sam to revolve around. They really don’t seem to like the character of Dean at all, and to me they’ve made this abundantly clear in their interviews and now with episodes like this.

          • kate says:

            I really REALLY don’t think this is a conspiracy to get everyone to hate Dean. if anything, he’s even more sympathetic. he had to make a REALLY tough call.

          • kate says:

            and not for nothing, but Sam chooses to go with Dean (or who he thinks is Dean) and live, rather than die. the part of him that speaks with Dean’s voice is the part he has the most faith in and he trusts the most. that’s not insignificant.

          • angel64 says:

            Sam didn’t want to live. He was really looking forward to being at peace. He was shown to give up what he wanted for himself in order to appease Dean. How can that do anything other than make Dean look like a gigantic, selfish prick? I don’t see that as painting him to be sympathetic.

          • angelica says:

            “How can that do anything other than make Dean look like a gigantic, selfish prick?”

            Don’t make it so easy for the Dean haters. :)

            I am a Sam girl who loves Dean too and I have only sympathy for Dean. How could I not, looking at the conflict on his face. I swear Jensen can speak volumes with just a look. This is not an ideal solution by any means but it is a solution and Sam gets to live. Dean rarely backs down from the impossible decisions. He just sucks it up and deals with the self hate and nightmares later.

            I am pretty sure this will come back to bite Dean later; this is Supernatural after all. To quote Bobby, “when Sam realizes (you;re) shining him, it ain’t gonna be cute.”

      • Cynthia says:

        I agree Dean does whatever it takes to protect his lil brother.

    • angel64 says:

      Did you forgive Sam for not even lifting a finger to find out if Dean was alive last season? Or with his letting nutjob Martin knock Dean out cold and handcuff him to a radiator? Or for the way he acted like he was sorry Dean was alive in the whole first half of 8?
      I too disagree with what Dean di, but at least he did it out of love. He wasn’t trying to hurt Sam.

  11. Agnes Suda says:

    picking up right where S8 ended…and following the team free will members individually, showing the challenges and fights they are going to have to face in the new season: great first ep, especially as we know there are more opponents to come than the ones within our main characters themselves (Crowley! Abbadon! Metratron!)…storyline seems to go for two directions: the enemy within and the ones from the outside…Sam giving up so easily: well, well. a little bit unexpected. Dean sacrificing himself again (physically and by saving Sam, knowing he would have to pay for it later): so very expected…but i must say i loved badass smart Dean – don´t you ever go for dumb Dean again! just sayin…

  12. Rob Horine says:

    I find it strange that all these angels could find vessels so readily. The sky is on fire and these angel are finding people to say ‘yes’? I think being ejected somehow makes the angels possess people without saying ‘yes’. Lucifer was quoted saying “Damn! Why couldn’t this happen in season 5?”

    • alistaircrane says:

      There are a lot of freaky fundamentalists in the world, sadly.

    • Mick says:

      Well, there was the one angel who picked up Cas, that vessel was deteriorating. So you could assume that’s happening to plenty of other angels too.

      Also, it’s possible some angels were already inhabiting vessels when their wings were clipped.

    • Alan says:

      it was mentioned that angels were circulating, trying to find vessels, and we dont actually see that many during the episode so to me its clear that not many have actually gotten one yet. clearly some like hale are taking less than optimum vessels (remember angels are only supposed to have one perfect vessel on earth but others can work for short amounts of time). i thought they did it really well, i actually expected them to just go completely over the top with the amount of angels right away and they didnt in my opinion.

  13. LalalalA says:

    Was pleasantly surprised to see Cas in this episode since you said he wasn’t going to be

  14. SO how are we ever going to know if what Sam is saying/doing is really and truely Sam and not the Angel possessing him? Dean raped Sam spiritually. He manipulated Sam just as Ruby, Meg, Brady and Azzazel has done to him in the past. Its no different.

    • Madeline says:

      Agreed! I kinda hate the whole Sam-Ezekial storyline. Which is a shame! Because I really enjoyed the Ezekial character & actor.

    • angel64 says:

      And the Dean hate begins. Just like I knew it would because of this episode. Exactly what I believe the SPN writers wanted.
      You know, I’m not crazy about what Dean did either, but how can you compare him to the demons? What Dean did was out of love. You do know the difference, right?

    • Alan says:

      jared padalecki was using the weird speech pattern tahmoh penikett speaks with when playing zeke, clearly he couldnt shake that off between hosts so just listen for that and you will know when zeke takes over.

  15. alistaircrane says:

    I liked it, but I thought Tahmoh was going to recur? His role’s pretty much over now that Jared is playing Ezekiel.
    Not sure if I like Sam being possessed—hopefully it won’t go on for the whole season—after all, Sam got his soul back midway through Season 6.

    • Mick says:

      i’m pretty sure he’ll stick around after the whole healing business is done.

    • Mo says:

      I don’t think Sam’s possession will go on all season, probably not beyond midseason. And Ezekiel’s original vessel was left in the hospital, right? So hopefully once he’s done all he can for Sam he can still return as Tahmoh. I really liked his character.

  16. alistaircrane says:

    Hopefully the entire season won’t be about angels. I prefer the Monster of the Week episodes. In the early seasons, each episode felt like a mini horror movie. I want more of that and less religion.

    • Madeline says:

      I too felt that SPN was leaning too angel-heavy. I like Cas, but with him being human now, I don’t feel like there is a REAL need for SPN so angel-focused. I’d rather it be a nice side-storyline. But this episode, plus the new title card, set up the season to be really angel heavy. Angels are not scary and I was really hoping for some real return to spook this season.

      I don’t like angels because it puts the Winchesters on the sideline. It’s not their world. I’m willing to wait and see, but when did SPN become so focused on angels? Aside from Cas & Anna, SPN has not written any likable (or relatable) angels.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Agreed. The angels have always been a weak point. I didn’t even start warming up to Cas until a few weeks ago! Maybe the angels will flee to the upcoming spinoff, and we’ll get an angel-free Season 10.

        • Bob says:

          Considering the angels were part of what made seasons 4 and 5 so beloved, I don’t think so.

          • alistaircrane says:

            “So beloved”? Those were two of the show’s weakest seasons. The first three were the best, but 7 and 8 were pretty awesome as well.

          • Bob says:

            That’s great that you think 4 + 5 were two of the show’s weakest seasons but you’re in the minority in that opinion. This isn’t an arguable thing. It’s a factual statement. The show’s critical acclaim was at its peak then.

      • Jessica says:

        Balthazar and Gabriel were pretty awesome too. And I liked Lucifer.

    • Bob says:

      No offense, but the show isn’t for you anymore. If you want monster of the week, go watch the first three seasons again. If the show did what you wanted for 9 seasons, it wouldn’t have lasted 9 seasons.

  17. alistaircrane says:

    Ok, you’ve said your piece, go away now, hater.

  18. Ramona says:

    I am a solid Deangirl and have been since the pilot, but what he did to Sam tonight was akin to rape and I don’t think I can watch this season

    • kate says:

      omfg here we go.

    • Bob says:

      No, you’ll watch it.

    • angel64 says:

      To me, it couldn’t be any clearer that Carver, Singer, and everybody else that runs SPN just simply don’t like the character of Dean. If they have to be stuck with him, then by golly, they are going to use him to make Sam, Cas, and every other character that they DO like and value look so much better by comparison. Now I hear Dean will be forced to make Cas leave the bunker because Ezekiel tells him Cas will tell Sam the secret. Everybody will hate Dean, and all of this because he loves Sam so much and was desperate to save him. So it turns out that THIS is Caver and Singer’s great story arc for Dean, to have him be desperate enough to save Sam that he will do despicable things.
      If they are going to diminish his character so much in the name of making Sam look so much more heroic and special, then at least let DEAN find somebody, anybody, who will finally tell him that he too, is wonderful, heroic, and special and worthy. I want someone to value DEAN for a change. I want someone to take care of HIM for once, someone to love HIM.
      Ok, yes, I know it’s only the first episode, but I was so optimistic about this new season, only to find out Dean STILL will never get his due, and be hated on top of it. Maybe it will get better. I truly hope so.

      • beth says:

        I think they have had all the characters have had questionable moments that cause certain portions of the audience to turn on them. Sam was bashed around pretty good last season for not looking for Dean and making Dean have to kill Benny and a bunch of other stuff regarding.his lack of appreciation for Dean. And that’s not even mentioning season 4 and Ruby. Cas nearly destroyed destroyed Sam and manipulated them into working for Crowley and some fans don’t like the character because of it.
        And their fans say the same thing you are saying. Obviously the writers hate this guy or they wouldn’t make him look so bad–it’s character assassination.

        Well, the writers can’t dislike them all.
        They have all looked bad or selfish or foolish or whatever at some point. It drives the plot along. It would be pretty boring if no one ever messed up.

        • angel64 says:

          I didn’t say Dean should never screw up. He has screwed royally in the past. But over all, to me, when Sam has screwed up, he was at least shown to do the wrong things for the right reasons, i.e. saving the world. Dean has been shown to have only one goal; keeping Sam by his side at all costs. This to me says the the writers want us to know that Sam is the noble selfless hero, Dean is such a selfish, lonely desperate, self loathing loser with no worth or value of his own, so possessive and obsessive of Sam that he’ll even take Sam’s free will and choice away from him, all the while violating his mind and body. That to me is even worse than Sam not having looked for him last season. It’s more on the level of Cas breaking Sam’s wall And even Cas had a greater goal in mind, again, saving the world.
          If Sam had been shown to actually want to live and fight, it would have been different. But it was clear that he was really truly ready to go and was even looking forward to being at peace. But Dean took that away from him, caring only about his desire to keep him with him.
          So out of the three, even though they have all made terrible mistakes on a grand, level, I think the writers painted Sam and Cas as more forgivable in the long run because they were trying to save the world, while everything Dean ever did was to selfishly cling to Sam. I love Dean. I don’t believe that Dean is selfish, I do think he cares about saving the world and is a good man. He also has done a lot of good, which he gets no credit for. But yes, I do believe that the PTB truly dislike the character of Dean and want to show him as not being anywhere near as special and heroic as Sam. Or even Cas. It would be nice if someone would tell Dean that he too, is a hero who’s done a lot of good, that he too is worthy, that he too deserves to be happy and loved, that Sam is not his only reason for existing.
          But before I get more insults thrown at me here, let me just say that I still do love a lot about SPN, so I will continue watching, and hopefully there will be some things I can still enjoy about the new season. After all, it’s just a TV show.

  19. dman says:

    Man this is going to take a bad turn eventually when Ezekiel gets comfortable in Sam’s body. I felt so bad when Sam said there’s nothing left to fight for. With all that they’ve been through.. finding their dad, jumping into hell, getting Sam’s soul back, the Leviathans, the Demons.. and now Sam wanted to just end the journey! They still have so much more to do :D Restoring heaven, killing metatron, getting Cas back..

  20. alistaircrane says:

    They don’t need Cas back. The brothers are best when Castiel is out of the picture. What they need to do is go back to hunting monsters and making the show scary again.

    • Bob says:

      The show was never actually scary. Come on.

      But no, thankfully, Cas isn’t going to be out of the picture. He’s more than likely part of the main cast until the series ends at this point. I mean, he got promoted this year. The only reason they would do that is due to his popularity.

      So thankfully, your opinion of the brothers being best when Cas is out of the picture is that of the minority.

      • ninamags says:

        Yes, the show was scary in the beginning. Some episodes in the first three years were terrifying.

        I also wish the angels were gone. Castiel is now worse than useless.

        • Youknowho says:

          This show was never scary lol it had a lot of gore, but that wasn’t scary. Hahahah If you think the first three seasons were terrifying we have a different views of terrifying lol

          • tripoli says:

            That’s the beauty of each and every person being unique and different What is to one is not to another.Let the guy express his personal opinion for crying out loud. If he thought it was scary, then it was. To him.This is the judgiest group of TV watchers.

        • alistaircrane says:

          I agree. The show was scary. Each episode was like a horror episode unto itself. Not sure what show those two idiots are watching.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Can’t handle when someone disagrees with you, can you, buddy? Also, it’s not always good to be the majority.

    • Alan says:

      you must scare really easily if you ever found anything on the show scary. i found them cool and occasionally unsettling but never scary, ive had bigger scares from an insect flying by my head.

  21. Dee says:

    George Thorogood!!!! Who Do You Love? Indeed!

    How awesome was that opening song!!

    Great stuff. Looking forward to more.

  22. Bob says:

    Haha. What an embarrassing troll post. Considering last season was factually and unarguably NOT “one meta show after another,” it’s clear you didn’t even watch it.

  23. Bob says:

    I’m a straight male actually.

    You’re an idiot.

  24. Such an excellent episode. I totally understand now why JP is excited — I think Carver has really gotten a good feel for the series.

    Dean was kickass tonight and I totally approve of his saveSammy plan.

  25. Youknowho says:

    This was one of the best premieres since season 4. They can go so many different places with it. Can’t wait to see how this all pans out.

    I still don’t trust Ezekiel, but then again I didn’t trust Castiel at first..

  26. Dave says:

    I am a straight male and have watched and loved this show since the very first episode aired live. I have all the seasons on bluray. Like Bob said…you’re an idiot

  27. Katie says:

    Woah, I’m sorry, but if Dean really tells Cas that he can’t stay with them because he’s being hunted I will NEVER forgive Dean. Seriously, send the guy who doesn’t know how to be human out on the street?

    • angel64 says:

      Where are you getting this nonsense that Dean kicks Cas out? He already knows Cas is being hunted, and he tried to get him to go to the bunker! Did you even watch?

      • Kami says:

        “So the poor guy gets booted from the bunker because he “doesn’t have the power that he needs to protect himself or to protect us,” continues Ackles. “[Dean] literally has to sit down with him and be like, ‘You gotta go.’ That sends Cas out on his own to fend for himself. ”
        I suppose from this… it is a part of the interview and honestly I have no idea how to see it in any different way

        • angel64 says:

          Both Jared and Jensen referred to Cas having been a useful tool, but I find it hard to believe anybody doesn’t see how much Dean, and for that matter Sam too, cares about Cas as their close friend. I also find it difficult to believe that Jensen really meant that about kicking Cas out. There has to be something there being taken out of context.

    • Alan says:

      yeah because you totally get the context from a few words in an interview. can we at least wait until we see how an episode plays out before complaining for once?

    • angel64 says:

      See what I mean? Dean will be forced to send Cas out not because he’s a bastard, but because Ezekiel tells him that Cas will spill to Sam about the secret, and Dean is desperate to save Sam, but you will hate him for it.
      Tell me again how Carver and Singer are not deliberately trying to make Dean, their least favorite character, hated by the fans.
      Well, I will still love Dean, but I just don’t get why Jensen still wants to work for bosses that clearly can’t stand him. I guess money talks. What did Jensen do, sleep with Carver’s wife? There’s got to be some reason why his character is so consistently disregarded and now deliberately ravaged.
      Ok sorry, just a TV show nothing important, I must remind myself.

  28. ninamags says:

    Ha! Straight out of the horses’ mouth! “Very useful tool for the boys”

    He kicks him out of the bunker, too?? Wow.

    This season is looking better and better already.


  29. Ian says:

    Ace best thing eva on tv crowly n death play great parts love it

  30. Cynthia says:

    Supernatural forever! Yes I am a Stan, that’s way more than your average fan . I give it four thumbs up!……

  31. michelle says:

    Supernatural just isn’t fresh anymore. Seasons 1-4 will always be the best. I hate all the angel crap and constantly bringing back characters who are dead i.e Bobby. If the writers are constantly trying to figure out how to bring characters back then don’t bother killing them off. Its gotten to a point where I’m struggling to watch it. Even Dean’s lines have become predictable. Bring back some of the comedy element and stand alone episodes, those, in my eyes, have been some of the best episodes in past seasons.

    • Brenda says:

      Now that I agree with. I have only been watching the series a year. In fact I’m watching reruns as I write this. So I have caught up on all the episodes. Thank you TNT! I think the best episode I watched was the one where the boys get tossed into the set of the show. It was hysterical. I almost cried when Dean told Cass he had to go. The look on both actors faces was so sad.

  32. Annie says:

    Don’t forget, Something will be wrong with Sam and Dean will save him.

    Season 20 and the brothers will still have the exact same issues as they did in the pilot.

  33. Hope says:

    Here in Sydney Australia We love SUPERNATURAL love all the characters and their story lines there’s only one team for us and its all the character all together Dean Sammy Bobby Crowley Meg, ohh and every Ruby miss them all i like seeing them come back please please keep making seasons please guys Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles don’t stop making the episodes and keep going on making more seasons we are defiantly not going to stop watching and we love the humor don’t stop.they are fun and entertaining and spicy everything is excellent about them. keep up the great work……..

    • Jane says:

      There are some American fans who fell this way also. Please don’t judge us all by some of the comments you read here. We love the show, we love the characters. Even when the story line might be weak ( Leviathans) we still appreciate the work that goes into it. Personally, I’m hoping it goes on so long that Jared, Jenson, Misha, and Jim’s kids can continue the saga when they get old enough.

  34. Hope says:

    wouldn’t it be fun if Castiel turns out to be god all along …………some twist hey its only a show super supernatural anything goes right Love the Cas character and the confused looks he does his character is lovable light hearted Id love for him to be my angle…Misha Collins is brilliant he has to be in the show he is also what makes it the glue brings it all together….

  35. Supernatural Fan says:

    by Far the best episode of Supernatural. Death and bobby were back!!! Death is my favorite guest appearance on the show. also Sam is freaking TALL as hell dude must be like 7ft tall!!! love supernatural I cant wait to see what in store for these two brothers and Cas. renew. I hope in the end the bothers will be rewarded where both Sam and Dean are either marry with kids or rulers of heaven and hell, peace on earth once and for all!!!!! wishful thinking!!!

  36. Jody says:

    Most of what is on TV is either reality TV garbage or terrible scripted TV! The good shows like Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, SMASH, Body of Proof etc. end up cancelled because most people don’t embrace quality programming! Supernatural is an incredible show with a wonderful mythology – the show has earned it’s audience and deserves many more seasons to come! If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it but don’t sit here and bash it and then go off and watch garbage! Supernatural is one of the best shows on television!

  37. Tracy says:

    First ep was amazing! I hope Dean gets a great storyline and we see more Cas and Bobby. To me, Sam is the weakest link!

    • Supernatural Fan says:

      he holding Dean back from his dreams and a life. it seems that everything that happen to them is because of Sam the day he was born.

      • angelica says:

        Hey now. Don’t blame Sam for Dean’s issues. :) Sam wanted Dean to live a normal life with Lisa but it didn’t work out. Dean has already said that driving down the road with his brother beside him is what makes him happy.

  38. Supernatural Fan says:

    also I notice the comments on here and some of you are dumb!!! every season they focus on one brother or the other. when Dean got out of Hell the main storyline was about Dean and what he did in hell or when Sam went into the pit and got out, that season focus on Sam and some season both of them so if you are tired of watch Supernatural then why don’t you switch the channel to “I don’t know and I don’t care show”. if it has been on for 9 years you know the show is great not many show make it to 10 years and I’m looking forward for supernatural to hit that 10 year mark!!!!!

    • angel64 says:

      First off, we are not dumb just because you don’t agree with us. Real mature of you to be so insulting Junior.
      Second the main storyline of, season 4 was NOT about Dean, but about Sam and Ruby, and Sam’s demon blood addiction.

  39. Supernatural Fan says:

    what got me chocked up was when Sam told Death if I go with you I want to make sure that I do not come back it was like he was giving up that he doesn’t want to fight. poor Sam. P.S we need hot chick in the show like the good old days where the boys saved the day and got some side action. hahahahahaha

  40. kitty says:

    Great first episode but future spoilers make me feel :( and if Jared and Jensen call Cas just a tool one more time….. imma cut a bitch…yu get me?

    • Alan says:

      except he was just a tool, he was something the writers put into an episode when they needed a deus ex machina to save the day. thats why im so excited by him losing his powers, now we can actually see the character instead of the plot device he has become.

  41. Cheryl says:

    Loved Supernatural’s Season 9 premiere. Thanks to Jeremy Carver we have our show and close brotherly relationship back and better than ever.
    And its Carver that I listen to for spoilers for exactly this reason
    “And issues will continue to plague Dean and Sam’s relationship, even if they appear to be OK on the surface”
    Seriously Ausiello you got that from a couple of lines? Brothers fight as all people who love each other deeply do. and keeping secrets is the Winchester way John Dean and Sam all do itmainly out fo love like Dean just did

  42. CC says:

    Cas needs to get himself some new friends.

  43. Alan says:

    im a guy and i thought it was great, please dont generalise everyone like that for your own sake, it makes you sound like an idiot who thinks to highly of their own opinion.

  44. Jake says:

    I really thought Ackles performance was great and riveting. When he was talking to the doctor about Sam, he literally had me in tears. I’m hoping that Meg will be back or even Bobby in real life.

  45. Leah Brazil says:

    Really loved & enjoyed the season premiere of Supernatural! It is really obvious that Jensen Ackles is a great actor. His role as Dean is a very compelling & interesting character & Ackles can really do justice on it. On the other hand, JP has just started to show his acting skills in Season 8 which is a good thing so he can match up with the acting skills of JA. I have been an avid fan of this show in the Philippines & looking forward to its next episodes. =>

    • aggiedoll says:

      thanks, I´m with you in this….i say give the season, AKA the writers and the incredible actors a chance.I too found JP much more intense in S8, giving his character depth and credibility. JA´s performance has been spotless for a long time…and was certainly perfect again in S9E1. Looking forward to seeing the storyline evolve..very interesting doors have been opened here!

  46. Shai Lynn says:

    I have religiously watched this show forever because it interests
    me. Sadly I never realized so many people have to express their opinions constantly. The internet has taken over your lives people,get out into the world and DO SOMETHING. As you can probably imagine this will be my one and only forever posting because real life is far more fascinating to me :-)

  47. Anonymous says:

    François Sagat will be in a Supernatural episode in 2014. His character may be brought back. This should be interesting.

  48. tcharb says:

    I enjoy this show and consider it a “good” show on a scale from “good” to “bad” simply because in my opinion it expresses humanity in and of itself. Everyone can agree, regardless of exactly which season, exactly which episodes, that there have been good episodes, bad episodes, good seasons, bad seasons, satisfying and unsatisfying. Because it manages to progress as humanly as it can…it formulates a plot, creates a goal, attempts to successfully reach its’ goal, trips, makes some mistakes, tries like hell to make up for its mistakes, can’t you see? Please – look harder…the scripting, the dialogue, the portrayals, all deliberately concocted. It may or may not have all been intentional, but the result is honestly and inadvertently, unavoidably genius. A show with a following, lovers, haters, die-hard fans, one-time-watchers, it possessed a lot of us way back in 2000-whatever-it-was when it all began, and it continues to leave a mark. Have you seen the spin-offs? How many shows have captivated on this many different things that go ‘bump’ in the night? From hell-hounds, to witches, vampires, the devil, angels, wendigo, I mean come on…save the complaints and voice an opinion worth reading. I think I have lol. And feel free to disagree, feel free to post your contrary belief. Don’t expect me to immerse myself into an argument I just want to go down as saying – this show has been a roller coaster ride and it is not for the ups that I watch, it has been and always will be for the ups AND downs…

  49. just a fan says:

    I watch the series from series 1 til now because I love everything about the show and not just because I want to see Jensen or Jared.

    If it was Jensen whining about his role, script or line, I would ask him, “Why don’t you talk to your producers and writers instead of bitchin about it?”. But of course Jensen obviously doesn’t have a problem with his role.

    So do this… “Get a life but please don’t take Jensen’s!”

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