Sons of Anarchy Recap: SAMCRO's Gun-Running Exit Strategy Goes Up In Smoke

Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse ExplosionIt’s one step forward, 10 explosive steps back for Jax in this week’s Sons of Anarchy, as the SAMCRO leader makes major, ill-conceived strides to get his club out of guns, thus securing its future. Meanwhile, Gemma once again puts the club before anything and anyone (tragically, that includes herself), and Tara — with some surprising help — continues to inch her way toward the exit.

With the clubhouse on lockdown after last week’s murderous events, the guys, with retaliation in mind, head out to find Galen. Various beat-downs, car chases and shoot-outs later, Jax & Co. locate an Irish member who leads them — via phone call — to the Kings’ higher ups. The men listen as Jax suggests they team up with Damon Pope’s old associate August Marks — no matter that the Kings are notoriously (and viciously) racist.

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Unbeknownst to Jax, Galen is in on the conference call and immediately nixes the idea. Divulging his plans from the Season 5 finale (in which Clay forms his own crew and takes over the gun run for the Kings from Belfast), the increasingly nefarious foe explains that as soon as they’ve broken Clay out of prison, “Our history with the Sons of Anarchy has come to an end. [Jax] gets what he wants: out of guns… and ties severed.”

The Kings later connect with Jax and tell him to gather “a full table” at the clubhouse for a vote; they’ll call him back at 8 o’clock with their decision. “Maybe their greed is trumping their racism,” he says naively to a cautious Chibs.

Mere minutes before heading to “church,” Jax notices a green, Irish-themed pen on the clubhouse bar. He immediately realizes that the Kings set them up and planned to kill the club — and everyone in its proximity — via a just-delivered keg rigged with an explosive. The bike shop is quickly vacated, with Tara and Thomas making it out, and Jax and Chibs just barely escaping with a sleeping Abel before the entire place goes up in flames.

The final shot: Everyone — including Eli, who’s just arrived to arrest Nero for the murder of that Diosa gal — stares on in horror.

Elsewhere on this week’s Sons of Anarchy...

• Tyne Patterson is desperate to “find a bad guy” to take the fall for that school shooting — and reveals to Eli that she intends to use Tara to do so.

• Tara’s plans to double-cross Gemma hit a snag when Wendy begins to fall for the queen’s charms. “This push and pull with Tara, I hate it,” a seemingly genuine Gemma tells her. “I loved you, Wendy. A lot. You were a good fit for Jax.” After confessing her reluctance to Tara, Jax’s not-so-doting wife refers to Abel as Wendy’s son and explains, “I can’t do this without you.” Wendy once again comes around — but only if she can spend time with Abel. (Tara agrees.)

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• Clay arranges a conjugal visit with Gemma, simply as a means of filling her in on the Kings’ plans for Jax and the club. Unfortunately, a pair of corrupt cops insist that Gemma sleep with her estranged ex while they watch — “A conjugal is a conjugal, Morrow,” one hisses. After some hesitance and few nasty punches at the hands of the guards, Clay whispers, “I’m so sorry,” and the couple complies. Gemma later confesses the emotional incident to Nero, who, visibly shaken, says he’s “trying” to be OK with it.

• Unser approaches Tara about her meeting with Wendy (which he previously interrupted). “Not sure what was going on, but I got the impression it’s very hush-hush. Pretty obvious you didn’t want the queen to be privy… Exit strategy? Do you need my help?” Not sure how to respond, Tara asks, “If I said yes…?” Says the adopted SAMCRO-er: “Then I’d say I”m gonna need to know all the facts… It’s an offer. Think it over.”

Can the Sons recover from their demolished clubhouse? Will Gemma and Nero overcome this obstacle? Any chance Tara and Wendy get away with their plan?

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  1. Pat D. says:

    Wow…what an ending. And Kurt seems to get his jollies by putting his wife in various kinky sex positions with various strangers, LOL.

  2. Elly says:

    Called it the second I saw them all gathering in the club house! That Clay and Gemma storyline was….unnecessary? Weird?

  3. BL says:

    Actually the pen was the same pen that Jax had Galen’s Goon write his whereabouts on…just saw it on the replay. I questioned Jax noticing a pen (a pen!) seconds before the explosion but now it makes sense. Kudos Kurt!

  4. Pauly says:

    the Clay ?gemma part was pointless …so far

  5. Ashley LOVES SAMCRO! says:

    WTF!!!!!!!! That was insane THEY REALLY PISSED off the irish. The clubhouse is gone, tara as much as i can’t stand her she and the boys NEEDS to go like ASAP!
    Clay and gemma that was uncomftable to watch those a-holes (prison gards) has to die.
    Gemma spilling out her feelings towards wendy? Saying she was a better fit for jax and giving her those photos of abel….ha. Anyhow jax it seems he doesn’t trust anybody at this point luckly chibs had to knock him around a bit after knowing about the deal w/august marks. Crazy ep. what the hell are they gonna do now……..

  6. David says:

    The police siren in the background as the Irish ‘king’answered the phone was foreshadowing. I expect Jax to reach out to Federal Prosecutor Potter from last season very soon.

  7. James D says:

    Well Jacky boy it seems you’re in a bit of a pickle. wow Sutter simply never disappoints, and yet what is with that dude’s brain Poor Mrs. Sutter. it would seem war with the Irish is inevitable. my advice to Jax is take your kids and listen to your wife, run.

  8. Sarah says:

    I hate Tara I want Gemma&Wendy to get the kids

    • Italia says:

      All she wants to do is protect her kids while dear old dad wants to get with the new whore in town.

    • the girl says:

      I can’t imagine how, with all the violence going on around SAMCRO, anyone would think it fitting to give Gemma those boys. Gemma has made it very clear that she has no intention of walking away from the club – or of letting her son walk away either. I can’t see how that is the right place to raise two young children.

    • Eliza says:

      You must really hate those little boys as well?! Everytime they’re shown I just thank goodness they have a mom who truly loves them & whole heartedly wants the best life for them. Jax doesn’t. And Gemma just wants 2 more “sons” to control & ruin. I am soooo over creepy & crazy Gemma.

  9. Liz says:

    My prediction…
    A) Gemma dies leaving Tara as the new queen raising her sons in the MC like Gemma
    B) Tara and Jax die leaving Gemma to form a new dynasty in the club with Abel and Thomas as “her ” sons.

    • Aly says:

      I rather like the idea of B! Gemma has ruled as Queen with John, Clay and now Jax. It’d be quite a chilling ending for the legacy to continue.

  10. Heathers says:

    I don’t know why Nero doesn’t run away from Gemma, as far away as he can get. He can get one of his gang members to run the prostitution ring. Run Nero, Run!

    • Pat D. says:

      One of my gripes with the Nero storyline is his apparent realization of what a bad idea it was to get involved with the MC, and/or back into his old gangsta life again. Um, duh, what did he THINK was going to happen? Has anything in any gang ever gone smoothly when it involves drugs and gun charges?

      Also, I find it a little bit “out there” that Nero keeps believing Jax when he says “Dont Bail on Me….its all going to work out”—when several times after hearing such assurances, things get MUCH worse. And now he’s going to jail for being set up on a charge bought by a rogue agent with a vendetta against his business partners (who really are the cause of all of his misery).

      Seriously, how dumb is Nero?

  11. Mandy says:

    How about Doug Jones as one of the correctional officers??? Crazy and creepy!

    • Aleksa says:

      Thank you! I thought that was him. I’ve noticed people who work with Perlman often do it more than once, he must be a decent guy to work with.

  12. the girl says:

    I’m really disappointed in Jax for not using Chibbs as a resource more often. He really is acting like he doesn’t trust anyone. Chibbs is Irish, for goodness sake; why not ask him how the Kings might react to this play or that play? Jax is turning out to be a terrible leader and Tara wanting to get herself and her sons the hell out of dodge is the smartest thing she’s ever done.

  13. Aleksa says:

    One thing that keeps bugging me: Gemma almost seems like she’s wanting to push Wendy back into Jax’s life. Didn’t Wendy say a few years back that she’s a lesbian now?

    • Pat D. says:

      Doesnt really matter–Gemma is lying through her teeth simply because she knows she can control Wendy and not Tara. Therefore, it is better to have Wendy around and Tara in jail/out of the picture. If you remember back when Wendy was the full-on junkie, Gemma was going to murder her with her bare hands after what (almost) happened to her first grandson.

      Sorry, but I wouldnt buy for a second that Gemma would ever forgive somebody like that. No matter how many 12 step programs Wendy’s in.

  14. danoregon says:

    The San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office’s reputation is taking a beating this season. I realize it’s just a TV show, but dang.
    I do like how Sutter has set the stage by bringing in all of the SOA’s associates and enemies into the final arc.

  15. Kay says:

    Correction: We don’t know for sure what Gemma told Nero as it happened off camera. I agree though-I’m getting tired of Gemma getting raped/violated!

    • Pat D. says:

      Yeah, the way the ep ended with Nero and Gemma before the explosion, I got the feeling by Nero’s reaction that she told him simply that she had slept with Clay, and not that she was forced to by the guards. If she had, Nero would have told Jax, and they both would have been on their way to kill another prison guard like they did in the earlier season.

  16. The dude says:

    Jax always wins in the end. Hell boy is going be a member of Samcro again……

    • SAMCRO says:

      I think you are right on. My prediction for the story arc: Maybe Clay lets the Irish break him out of prison and take him safely back to Ireland. When that happens, Clay takes them all out with a bomb of his own as pay back. The bomb either kills Clay or its enough to get him back in the club. However, unless his charges are somehow dropped, he would also need to then live undergound or up at that cabin in the woods.

      • RAE says:

        I’m starting to see it at this point that the irish DO get clay out of jail and go to belfast. But his demise is taking FORVER! A bullet to the head is more like it than a bomb and no he does not get back w/ the MC. Jax as president is not so good he’s diffenatly on clay’s path not his father’s. I’m LOVING chibbs right now …..he’s not afraid to go head to head w/jax letting his outspoken criticsim and concern about his leadership. Especaily what’s going on now with those IRISH GOONS!

  17. Dorrein Wright says:

    i trust that the club will find a way to get to the irish and put a end to the irish before they put a end to the club

  18. Geri M says:

    This show is a bad influence. Look what happened with that motorcycle gang in New York and see if you don’t see a connection. Men with small penises gravitate towards shows and activities like this, because it helps them compensate for their shortcomings.

    • Silvs says:

      Haha you’re such an idiot. People commit crimes, not TV shows. You can’t blame a show for the actions of ignorant people. What’s next? Is Scandal a bad influence because they’re was an attempt to kill the president? Do you blame the Walking Dead for people taking bath salts and eating people’s faces? Does game of thrones promote incest? It’s a friggen television show, which is enjoyed by millions – some with big dicks, some with small ones and dome without.

      Why do people insist on commenting on these articles if you either don’t watch or don’t like the show. Change the damn channel and keep your completely ridiculous comments to yourself. Loser.

  19. Jan Wheeler says:

    Sutter ALWAYS DELIVERS! There is always something in each episode that completely throws me for a loop. best written show on TV. The thought of this possibly being the last season will definately leave a void in alot of fans lives.

  20. tripoli says:

    Great episode. Sad to see the clubhouse get blown to bits. Looking forward to aftermath.