Castle Recap: Getting the Hook

Castle Season 6 Beckett FiredThis week on ABC’s Castle, the murder of a former sitcom star was anything but funny business for both the boys at the 12th (abetted by Castle) and a visiting Beckett and McCord.

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THE RECAP | Charlie Reynolds ala “Dewey Hancock” on the 1990s sitcom 2 Cool for School is found impaled on a giant construction hook. Catching wind of the crime — and in the midst of a fit caused by Pi’s continuing… existence — Castle dashes to the crime scene and begs onto the case.

The first lead takes Ryan, Espo and Castle to Dewey’s agent, who said the victim seemed suspiciously flush with cash. That’s about when Beckett and McCord show up, claiming a federal interest in the case which they cannot disclose. RySpo amusingly ask whose side Castle is on, even questioning the timing of his “visit,” just as Kate’s in town.

The boys’ next stop is Ramon Russo, who played opposite Charlie on 2 Cool for School — but the big lunk says that he and Charlie were still friends, and in fact were shooting a reunion movie on the down low. (A leap as incredulous as any February two-parter, that such news could stay secret in the TVLine age. Anyway….) Next up is producer Hank Harper, who’s been known to cook the books but in this case insists he didn’t, lest he run afoul of their Russian investors.

Ultimately, the boys realize that Charlie had found that the Russians were smuggling guns into the country — something McCord and Beckett didn’t know but the CIA did, seeing as they’d been using Charlie to get intel on Russkie gangster Ivan Renkov. McCord is then forced to shut down the NYPD’s murder investigation, upsetting the boys greatly. A sympathetic Kate slips Castle a thumb drive containing intel that leads to Charlie’s co-star/lover Svetlana, with whom he was going to run away. Ramon got wind of that plan and, fearing he’d lose his resurrected meal ticket, confronted Charlie, ultimately pitching him of a roof and onto the hook.

When Beckett then sees the CIA pressure Svetlana to spy for them, she leaks info to the press to safeguard the innocent woman. But she apparently got caught doing so, and at episode’s end, just as Rick presents his fiancée with a key to their apartment in D.C., McCord darkens the doorway to announce that Kate’s been fired.

THE REVIEW | So there you have it. Kate’s D.C. career Screeches to a halt, offset though by Rick’s romantic, grand gesture. Neat, tidy. I know the “tale of two cities” structure had its detractors, but I could have stood to see it last maybe one more episode. Yes, the anvils were aplenty from McCord, always spelling out for us why Kate wouldn’t ever be satisfied (“We don’t always get the whole picture” and such), yet it still ended a bit abruptly. (And right there, in the doorway? Where Rick and, for McCord knew, others would witness the humiliation?) That said, it ended for the most noble of reasons, Kate wanting justice in all its forms, not only for the guilty but the innocent, too.  (Did Kate subconsciously clumsily tattle to the press on purpose? That’s for her and Dr. Burke to sort out someday. It’ll be interesting, though, to see how she lives with this “failure,” if she even deems it such.)

Notable Quotes:

* “Do you know what my favorite position is…? In person.”
* “I’m willing to let you guys exclusively benefit from my out-of-the-box crime-solving mind.”
* Not a quote but: The Nikki Heat movie went straight to DVD?!
* “Yeah, you are a tool, all right….”
* “Not so fast, Clarice.”
* “Castle, you’re not going to Castle me on this!”

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  1. taran63 says:

    I laughed how the episode ended with the big dramatic music and pause. As if we were supposed to be shocked or upset that Kate had gotten fired. All I could think was hallelujah, that’s finally over with.

  2. Kate says:

    What a great episode and I’m soooooo glad the DC thing is over. I was really surprised Beckett being fired was the end of it though. Oh well, whatever it takes to get her back to New York and the 12th! I agree that it will be interesting to see how she reacts to it. I LOVED the Castle and Beckett scenes! Thanks for the recap.

  3. taran63 says:

    And for what it’s worth, I did enjoy this episode. But I’m definitely happy for this DC arc to be over with.

  4. hlots11 says:

    This episode’s plot was nearly identical to an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

  5. Malachi says:

    The end of the DC arc is a relief. The adventures of SuperBeckett did not do anything for me. Now, if only Pi could maybe step in front of a speeding bus in midtown, we can get to a fun Season 6. That would be nice.

    • CMG says:

      I second your comment about Pi. Seriously, who on earth thought that this show needed a Jar Jar Binks character?

      • eridapo says:

        I been calling him that since I first saw him,

      • Templar says:

        It doesn’t help that whenever I see Pi I think “Viola and Depesto had a kid?” [Moonlighting]

      • Tinemi says:

        HAHAHAHAHA Jar Jar Binks!! Every time he comes out now I wont be able to think of him in other fashion. I don’t like the character but I guess is a necessary evil: every girl dates a guy that has nothing to do with her parents at least once as a way to stablish her independence and individuality. Pi is the opposite of Castle and as that is a boyfriend Alexis was supposed to have at one point or another.

    • Amanda says:

      He really needs to go and the Jar Jar comment below is right on. Not sure why the writers have added him. It’s just dumb with no point. The only way it would be cool is if he was a plant by Castle’s father and Pi is really a bad a$$ ninja there to protect them. Not likely…

      • Alan says:

        its just alexis being passive aggressive. it was obvious from the way she was acting at the beginning of the episode that she is loving how much he annoys castle so she is clearly trying to make a point to him about something.

    • I’m torn, part of me wants an episode in which the gang has to investigate Pi’s grisly murder. Another part of me just wants him to get on a rocket to his home planet, followed by an intertitle that he died on the way there, follwed by Andrew W. Marlowe appearing on-camera presenting an affidavit that Pi would never come back.

  6. luli says:

    I think the way Mccord told Beckett was fired was kind of abrupt and didn’t expect Kate to get fired… I’m going to miss Mccord and it was a great episode! Castle and Beckett are getting cuter by the minute!

    • Martina says:

      The ending was amazing, but that‘s about it. They had Lisa Edelstein for one last episode and that‘s all they did with her?

      I really didn‘t expect Beckett to get fired. I knew she would be back to NY but I always thought she would be the one to resign. I think it‘ll be extremely interesting where they go from here and how she deals with this. Does she feel like a failure? Is she relieved that she won‘t have to follow protocols that she didn‘t believe in?

      • Patrick says:

        If she hadn’t been fired, she would have quit. That’s how I saw it. She was really disillusioned with the restrictions of her job. At her core, Beckett isn’t about catching the bad guys, or getting the job done. She does what she does to get justice for the victims and the families of the victims, because that is what she was denied. The feds have to worry about greater implications. Today’s bad guy is tomorrow’s asset/ally. And today’s asset/ally will be discarded as soon as it is expedient to do so.

        The Feds operate in grey areas, and Becket likes things to be black or white.

  7. angel says:

    i am glad the whole two city stretch is over. my only complaint is may be kate should have come to the conclusion she’s not a good fit for attorney gen. task force herself after everything she experienced and given in the resignation, instead of ending up fired. but the end result is the same . so all in all its a good thing

    • eridapo says:

      This…. She was still prepared to go back to DC knowing how they operate. Knowing that the victims take a backseat to political expediency. Would she have leak the info. had this case not involved the boys or Castle. I believe had this case been anywhere she would have kept quiet and gone along with McCord.

    • KHorn says:

      I agree Angel, I thought they could have done a really nice episode where she came to the realization that she really didn’t fit the job (something most of us knew before she took it, oh well), but more importantly that no job was worth the loss of her time with Castle. I’m afraid her getting fired is going to give the writers a new excuse for angsting up Beckett again. Ugh.

    • Patrick says:

      I don’t think her quitting would have been true to her character. She doesn’t quit or admit she was wrong. She would have slugged it out, knowing she was doing some good, even if she were dissatisfied by parts of the job.

      • Just one thing says:

        I agree. Though she did quit a couple seasons back! But still, I think she would use trudged through miserably until the bitter end.
        The ending of the arc was quite abrupt, though. And especially after being so Beckett/McCord-lite throughout the episode. I always assumed that when she left that position there’d be some kind of goodbye scene between her, McCord and the other DC characters.

        • Ross Cooper says:

          It seemed to me that McCord was pretty pissed off with Beckett. They were supposed to be partners and – in her view – she betrayed that by leaking information and going against orders. So I can understand the abruptness and the audience, she likely wanted to hurt Beckett since she felt hurt herself.

          • Just one thing says:

            That’s an interesting interpretation of that scene! I just wish there’d been another moment or two, just a hair of dialogue, to better support it. To your point, there was another moment in the observation room between the three women, where McCord was brushing off their bosses’ behavior, but you could see it didn’t quite sit right with her. It was a brief moment, and then they moved on.
            In some ways, I wish they’d delved a bit deeper into why McCord was the way she was, and how different her perspective was from Beckett’s. I really expected a one-on-one, not-so-case-related conversation between the two women, where their vast differences were directly acknowledged.
            I guess that’s my one continued complaint about the show. They leave a lot of room, sometimes too much room, for interpretation — even though they’ve clearly painted a detailed picture of how each character is and how the dynamics are, likely in the writers’ room and on-set. Sometimes it translates onscreen without any question, and sometimes, not so much.
            They went out of their way to take the series on this new course, even though they knew it would be a three-episode arc that was built up on the show and in the press. But in the end, it kind of fizzled. And what I can’t quite wrap my head around is the fact that it seemed to actually be by design. They deliberately seemed to leave the thread dangling, before abruptly moving on to their old-school path. No closure, no goodbye, no “better luck next time, good night and good luck, sayonara.” Nothing. Odd choice, in my opinion.

  8. CMG says:

    This episode really kinda blew. It was an awkward collision of the more serious “federal agent” plotline with a cheese-ball homage to / parody of “Saved By The Bell.” If you ask me, *nothing* about this episode worked. The only good thing this episode accomplished was getting rid of the DC plotline, at least for now. (I’m betting we’ll see that crop back up, probably before the season is over.)

  9. Teri says:

    Beckett could no longer take the coverups. She will feel bad about getting fired, but relieved at the same time.

    • eridapo says:

      No she didn’t. She was going back to DC with all the entails (ie. Justice for the sake of justice takes a backseat to politics and national security).

      • Kim says:

        I think she absolutely hated the gray areas of the job. If she hadn’t been fired in this episode, i think she would have quit at some point soon. But how many fans were going to sit through the Federal Agent arc until midseason? I thought it was clear over these first three episodes that there were parts of the job she hated and disagreed with. I just think Kate probably felt like she was making a difference of a bigger level and that’s what kept her going. It’s not like NYPD politics are fun. She still put up with them, though. And yes, solving JB’s murder contributed to her continuing to be a cop, but it wasn’t the only thing that kept her going. If this case had been in DC, it would’ve been much different. The investigation wouldn’t have been based out of Metro PD, and I’m sure the CIA would’ve taken Svetlana to their HQ to get away from the AG’s office. If the circumstances in DC had been exactly the same in NY, I still think Kate would’ve leaked the info to the press. But things would’ve been different down there. Kate might not have known what the CIA was up to. Being at the 12th afforded her knowledge she might not have had in DC since it’s unlikely that all three branches of law enforcement would share office space. If fit for Ny, I don’t think it would have for DC.

  10. Amber says:

    I liked the way it ended. I was surprised because with all the hints leading up to it, I thought Kate was going to resign. She believes there is a right and a wrong, politics don’t affect how she views a case. That was proof last week when she wasn’t happy that the SecDef wasn’t going to be investigated and again this week when she gave castle the thumb drive and again when she alerted the press.
    Glad she got fired and that that arc is over, but how does she fit back in at the 12th and will there be repercussions to her absence…..

  11. Karen says:

    Thank god the DC arc is over, but another boring episode. The end was so cheesy my husband and I were laughing. Also– I know the shippers are gonna jump me but Stana and Nathan always have awkward blocking, they try to make it romantic but it just feels awkward. I dunno it’s been like that since Caskett got together but whatever I’ll let the weirdness slide. Lets see what next has to offer.

    • Kevan says:

      I don’t think it’s both of them. Stana for her part turns on the cuteness when she plays “relationship Beckett.” It’s totally believable in my opinion. Nathan is….just kinda blah. The playfulness and glint in his eye only occasionally shows up as “relationship Castle.” I still like them together but it’s still different and almost as if they’re still trying to figure out their dynamic.

      • Christina says:

        I tend to agree that Stana plays “relationship Beckett” very well. Nathan isn’t horrible, but he’s definitely not bringing it to every scene. She makes the scenes bearable for me.

    • She appeared uncomfortable on his chest at the end of the show. It was a bit off to me and I’ve been married 22 years. the first bedroom scene however was excellent. Nice filming by the director.

      • Just one thing says:

        Really? I actually thought that final scene on the couch was the best they looked together in a while from a physicality standpoint. Seemed totally natural from a non-sexually intimate standpoint, which hasn’t always been their strong suit. :P

      • Kevan says:

        I don’t agree. I’ve watched it again and she just seems focused on what he’s saying, not uncomfortable. She appears relaxed. Not lovey dovey, just relaxed.

  12. april-ann says:

    I would have wanted just one more ep too, but it ended abrubtly because I really think this is a “case” where they caved to fans. I never liked McCord (have we seen the last of her, or will she somehow wind up in THE, meaning “our” precinct? I hope not. But I do recall McCord talking of a love affair gone bad due to her work and now she sees through Kate that you can have love and a career too). Kate COULD have cut it there but didn’t WANT to. Kate is a big fish in a small pond kind of gal, that’s our Kate (I like that about her). Slipping Castle information shows where her heart is, both professionally and romantically. I don’t think she will deem following her heart a failure (but she will call it her “instincts”, and who could blame her if she does?).

    • S. says:

      There wasn’t any caving to fans, this was pre-planned–we knew about Lisa’s arc and its length before Castle even premiered. The episode was written and probably being filmed before they knew anything about fan reaction. There are such delays from when a story is conceived, cast, and shot to when we see it, there’s no way to have a direct audience approve-o-meter for any of it, not that any showrunner would want to do that. I liked McCord, she was just trying to do her job. The grey areas of the DC situation were the real problem for Beckett. McCord doesn’t have the reasons for doing what she does that Beckett has. It was obvious that it wasn’t a great fit in the way that mattered most. I’d disagree that all of it constituted “anvils”…when it comes to the Beckett/McCord conversations at least, partners are gonna lay it out bluntly that this is how the job is. Why would she explain that with subtext when it’s really a part of Beckett’s training? She wants to make sure her partner gets how things are, works within the system, and doesn’t do anything stupid. Alas, she didn’t know Beckett at her core to know that to Kate, it’s not stupid. It’s about integrity and she can’t handle that kind of grey because she’d be working with the Senator Brackens of the world, not against them–the guys in this ep were willing to send that girl to die and figured if they got something out of it, well it was worth it…so very different from Bracken? She’d be facilitating the kind of people who create and use victims, deciding they need to die for part of a bigger plan they’ve rationalized and the killer gets away with it because it was never about justice for that victim. Castle and the boys get Kate, appreciate her position, and that’s why it’s good to get her back there. I just hope there’s a way to challenge her because she does deserve to grow professionally.

  13. Bernadine says:

    I am seriously still confused over the whole Alexis thing, Last season she was in college and now what? shes moving in with Pi and not in college. we don’t even know what she was studying. it is driving me crazy. I think it is just me though. Oh well. someone care to explain this to me ?

    • Daniel says:

      The timeline of the show is a little murky at the moment, but in the premiere, we know it was 2 months after last season’s finale, which puts them in July. Alexis has gone to Costa Rica on summer vacation and had just gotten back, so likely school would not be starting up for another month or so. It is unclear how much time has passed since episode 2 (which obviously took place same time as Ep 1 being a 2 parter) and episode 3, but it is not a stretch to believe it is still summer and school has not resumed for Alexis yet. I believe they will be addressing Alexis’ going back to school when the new semester starts relatively soon.

      • Amanda says:

        I was starting to wonder too. All of a sudden she’s living and home and filling her time making juice drinks. Seemed like Columbia was all but abandoned, but maybe you’re right and she’s only on summer break.

      • turnitwayup says:

        Except the tv in Castle’s loft says Oct 7 2013 in the victim’s news story (, so she should be back at Columbia and Pi should’ve been kicked out by now. Doesn’t Pi go to college or something? Was he wandering aimlessly in Costa Rica when he met Alexis? How can Castle let Pi squat in his house for 3 months?

  14. Leigh says:

    I was surprised at the end. I’m glad it happened not because of the dc issue but because it adds a new element. People have been complaining about the dc storyline but couples don’t live in a vacuum and I think this show is doing a great job of presenting this. It challenges Caskett in a real way that works. Now that dc is over, though, everyone will turn their attention to Pi. Poor guy. He didn’t ask for all the harsh negativity. Everything the show does it does for a reason. Have a little faith.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I wasn’t surprised she got fired after we learned she leaked it (I figured that was their “out” of the DC storyline), but I agree with the rest of your comment. I’ve enjoyed seeing the show in a different light. People have gotten way too upset over a little change of pace that was obviously short-term.

  15. Rick katze says:

    I have to admit that I found the first 59 minutes of Castle boring.
    And I was hoping that this would end soon. But it was clear that Kate could not forsake the job for the man she loves. It would not have been politically correct and I don’t think that Beckett would have done it. The shows presented Becket with a dilemna and it was clear that she was not happy with the baggage that came with her new job. How they were going to do it was the question.
    I like the way the writers did it. Perfectly in character that Beckett would leak the information to protect the girlfriend. I just didn’t expect the abrupt termination. Great job. Now we can get back to Caskett fighting crime.
    Now if they can only terminate Alexis’s boyfriend. He grates on my nerves.

    • Kim says:

      I’m with you on Alexis’s boyfriend. He’s so beyond annoying and a waste of time on this show. I’ve always been ambivalent toward Alexis. Love the father/daughter relationship, but I don’t really care about the character outside of that. With the annoying boyfriend around, I find myself hating her character too. I’m not sure what purpose the boyfriend is supposed to serve, but I don’t think he’s serving it (in my opinion). At this point, I wouldn’t mind both he and Alexis having less screen time.

  16. James D says:

    Thank Jebus thats over, I enjoyed it while it lasted but dragging it out would not of been a good idea, this show depends too much on the back and forth between the boys and Beckett. still good episode i got to be honest the caskett lover in me is really digging this season so far, those two have had some addorable scenes together so far. lets hope it keeps up. and in the name of all that is holy can we please get laine back, i mean seriously. and what was with Espo giving Castle the cold shoulder. and yes i agree please get rid of Pi he hurts my brain and my soul :)

  17. Wouldn’t she be hauled in front of her superiors to be fired? How on earth can your partner tell you “you’re fired!”

  18. John 1138 says:

    “Getting the hook “?

    Yes Beckett did, and faster than I expected.

    Well done though, exactly in character for someone who works for the dead.

  19. Just one thing says:

    RE: Next episode, am I the only one who wants to see a break in between jobs for Beckett? I kind of want to see her bum around in a bit of depression, not knowing what to do with her life. A bit of “what’s next?” while Castle plays mediator. Maybe she’s forced on the sidelines with no authority, and has to deal with that while Castle’s in danger.
    I mean, it’s one thing to cavalierly quit your job on a whim after dangling from a building because of your lifelong venge-quest. It’s another thing to be summarily fired from a supposed “dream job,” even for the sake of your integrity. Especially since Beckett seemed genuinely shocked, and likely thought she was being slick with the anonymous tip.
    I just hope Beckett doesn’t dive right back into the NYPD next week. It shouldn’t be that easy to hop in and out of the same position. Some breathing room before getting back to the inevitable would be nice.

    • Nicademus11 says:

      You’re not the only one. I would like to see a period of mourning if you will. I think it offers interesting dynamics both for the 12th and for Beckett and Castle. I also think it offers an ability to shift the relationship with Gates which we saw glimmers of last night. I like Gates knowing clarification of the boys ‘not investigating’ a closed case as well as her nudge to Beckett at the end of the case. I like the idea of Gates serving as a new potential mentor as Beckett looks to redefine herself post Fed Agent, post quest for her mother’s killer. We shall see where Marlowe and Co. takes it, but I think having her land back in her old role at the 12th would undermine the point of the first 3 episodes.

      • Just one thing says:

        Thanks for the reply. It definitely seems like Gates has become a mentor for Beckett, and that was really proven when she recommended Kate for the DC position. She wasn’t ever new and shiny like McCord, but the last episode proved that Gates and Beckett are on the same side and come from the same place.
        Gates has presumably been at her career a while longer than McCord, having had to deal with nearly as much politics at IAB, and she’s not nearly as jaded. So that definitely says something about where she and Beckett stand.

    • Christina says:

      I think next episode will be the break in jobs for Beckett. Stana kind of mentioned something about it in the TV guide interview (about floating around before seeing where she lands), and the promo for next week indicates that Beckett’s just on the side lines. She’s definitely not in her Police vest in the scenes we see, and I have a feeling she’s only on the sidelines because her fiancee is inside the hostage situation.
      You and I are definitely on the same page about hoping that we get a look at Beckett on the sidelines while Castle’s in danger. It could be what pushes her back to the NYPD by episodes end.
      Last note – I’m really warming up to the idea of Gates as a mentor for Beckett. That speech where she discussed getting justice for the victims was right up Beckett’s alley, and really made me like her more.

      • Just one thing says:

        Ha, yeah, I saw that TVG interview a while after I posted. I’m glad! It’ll be interesting to see how they play it in the beginning of the episode, before diving into the fangirl hostage-taker. Will she be almost maniacally restless or a complete bum? Either way has the potential for comedy.
        I didn’t realize she wasn’t wearing police attire. Yes, that will definitely be interesting to see. She’ll be in a far worse position than she was in the bank robbery episode.
        And I agree that, whatever happens, she’ll be back on the NYPD payroll by the end of the episode — or at least on track to that end.

      • Nicademus11 says:

        I think the relationship btwn Beckett and Gates is really ripe for the picking. Over the last two seasons we’ve watched them earn each other’s respect and trust. And with Beckett at a professional crossroads Gates could really serve that role the way Montegomery help her see a course beyond her mother’s death. It could prove for a great story arc, especially given how clearly the other relationships in the 12th are defined.

        I was among those who liked the 3 episode DC arc. I liked it because independent of allowing the team to have Beckett’s ambition be better defined to who she is, it gave the viewers an opportunity to see a very strong, confidant Caskett couple. I think they’ve done a really good job in the 3 episodes of removing inter-couple angst. There may be problems and challenges but what the DC arc clearly established is there isn’t doubt in their relationship and I am glad for that as well.

        • Mary says:

          I agree, I also enjoyes the DC arc, and definetly their relationship is stronger; in the interview Stana mentions that too, “the relationship has solidified and their love for each other grew”:)

  20. april-ann says:

    I don’t think they’re baking Pi for nothing (at least I hope they’re not. I think we’re supposed to find him a tedious waste of space – for now. It’s working). And maybe Kate’s abrupt firing could have something to do with her being considered for the job in the first place? Not to diminish her ability or credentials but I for one hope there’s more to this story, which does not include her going back and working there.

  21. Terry says:

    I dunno what the Castle writers are smoking but that firing scene was really pathetic. Her partner showing up at her door to tell her she’s fired. LOL LIKE WHAT EVEN *facepalm*

    • Katherine215 says:

      Her partner *and boss.* McCord is her direct supervisor. They don’t have an office in NYC, and with the travel they were supposed to do the next day, of course they fired her at home. I don’t think you get how people get fired.

    • Alan says:

      why pay to fly her back to dc just so you can fire her then? get it over with now by having her training agent do it like its supposed to happen and then you save yourself some money.

      • Charllie says:

        She’ll be going back to DC to pack up anyway, technically they should be flying her back “home” where her belongings are.

  22. lilu says:

    The boys were super funny in this ep, nathan owned it tonight!!! He’s so good with the comical acting!

  23. M3rc Nate says:

    Worst cop/Fed ever if she couldnt make the tip 100% anonymous. They say all the time “we cant track him/her call, they used a burner cell” when trying to hunt down a criminal…what did she do? Call the tip from her own cell? lol.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Me thinks there is more to that story… I bet she didn’t hide what she did on purpose. Getting fired, allows her to have Castle and not have to make the decision to leave DC on her own.
      Now she looks like a marter and not a quitter.
      I hope it takes a couple episodes before she gets back in to the 12th .. Otherwise, the new guy (Sully) is a complete waste of a character ..
      As for Pi, I Think we might find out Alexis hasn’t dealt as well as everyone thought with the kidnapping.. And as for her moving out… Well that will just make room for Kate to move in and when she breaks it off with Pi (or he gets his passport and leaves), for Martha to move in with her.. .
      And all will be right in the Caskett world.

      • foonts says:

        I am sorry but the notion of Beckett not hiding her tip on purpose seems quite ridiculous to me. She was obviously very shocked by her firing at the end of the ep. Also, why on earth would anyone get themselves fired when they can willingly quit. I don’t think anyone wants the fact that they were fired from a job on their resume. No one’s ever going to care why she was fired, just that she was. Its a bit of a black mark on her otherwise stellar reputation. Also she seemed all set to head back to DC. Also, there are other easier ways to get fired that to make an anonymous tip and hope that that the feds trace the anonymous tip to her. She could have just tipped off the media and given her name instead and then she would have been most definitely fired.

    • Just one thing says:

      I think it could be argued that Beckett was subconsciously sloppy or, more likely, just didn’t give enough of a damn to cover her tracks better. The first two episodes proved that you cannot hide from Big Brother.
      They easily could’ve accessed the phone records of the tip, triangulated the position of that burner phone, pay phone or whatever, and accessed street cam footage to determine who the caller was — just like they would for a criminal of the week, and likely no matter how careful Beckett was.
      But the fact remains that she had to have known that on some level, regardless of how shocked she acted at the end.

  24. Raines says:

    The DC-arc comes to a rather dismal close. How could Kate not think she wasn’t going to get fired for leaking that information to the press. Once again, AWM has taken the root of dumbing Beckett down for the sake of trying to move the story forward. I thought we moved beyond this. I guess AWM likes to frustrate the fans a wee bit too much. This is one frustrated fan who’s about to sign off on the show if they don’t start being smart about the story lines.

    Beckett’s dealt with the feds before. She had first hand experience of being shutout by the task force in “The Human Factor” and yet she thinks this was the job for her? Really? I want career growth for Beckett and a move to the federal level was smart. But to do it and then drop it after three episodes? Not so much.

    I don’t understand what AWM is hoping to accomplish this season. It’s great that they’re engaged and they finally feel like a “real couple.” But other than that, if “Need to Know” is anything like we can expect for the future, he’s gonna have to sit down and explain why they did the DC-arc. At this point, I don’t know. And many other fans are wondering that too.

    That brings me to another issue: How are they going to bring her back to the NYPD that doesn’t feel contrived or begging for her old job back.

    I know. It’ll be handled like lot of plot lines—swept under the rug and hope no one else notices.

    • Apples says:

      To me the DC arc was quite clear character development for Beckett. Till the end of S4 she’d always been a cop because she was driven by her mother’s murder first and foremost. When she finally broke down those walls and acknowledged she could be more than that, and have the happiness she desired with Castle, the question became who is she beyond that professionally? Where can she go? What does life look like outside the precinct? Is there more to her and Castle’s relationship beyond the fact he hangs around at crime scenes and brings her coffee?

      I think the DC arc handled a lot of those questions. Yes, she has the smarts and the drive to succeed elsewhere, but her core principles about honouring the victim and bringing justice to killers will always be her primary motivation. Yes Castle was ready to move DC and be in a normal relationship with her. Yes she could leave the precinct and be successful, but it is truly her home and family.

      I don’t think you could answer these questions and give her that kind of depth without taking her out into the real world and showing the shades of grey that the feds operate in.

      • Flick says:

        You took all the words out of my mouth. Exactly what you said Apples! People need to have a bit of faith, this arc has set season 6 up perfectly! Can’t wait for the next episode!

      • Ju says:

        Apples I completely agree. I understand those that didnt like the DC arc, but I thought the reasons behind it were made pretty clear. Sure there were some bumps in that storyline but I enjoyed it for what it was. I’ll also add that it gave the opportunity for Rick and Kate to learn how to communicate, since that was such a big issue at the end of last season.

      • Raines says:

        I had faith. However, I fail to see ‘any sort of development’ at this point for Beckett. My problem has always been the backdoor, lazy way of getting out of jams by using contrived, pointless plots. Unless there’s more to the story, I fail to see the point of the D.C. arc.

  25. GPJ says:

    I hope the writers figure out a way to have Martha and Kate interact more. I like it when they are together. And Martha has actually been pretty level headed the last few shows – including 5×24 with her advice to Castle. And she’s the one who realizes Pi for what he is. It’ll be interesting to see if Kate talks with her Dad next week about what happened. And while I was a bit surprised at Kate’s termination, I’m glad she’s done with he Feds and I am kind of looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    Lastly, could Castle have been any sweeter this episode? The coffee “bribe” was a fun moment, the “i can write anywhere” speech was genuinely sweet, and the key and DC apartment was perfect and so romantic. He’s come along way since the pilot episode. I am liking this Rick Castle these days. And the writers are finally letting him act like the man we all knew he already was – one hopelessly, deeply, and since day 1….always been in love with his “one and done” gal Friday.

  26. Ana Rubio says:

    Caskett is adorable, Kate looks so happy and giddy! I love it!
    and Agent Beckett rocks!!!

  27. Apples says:

    I thought it was a great ep, glad to be back the with boys, the banter was perfect. Beckett was obviously in strife the moment she handed over the USB stick (anyone remember the conversation in Valkyrie about how she’d get fired if Castle kept using her classified info? Great foreshadowing, Marlowe and co!)

    I liked the ending a lot. Castle and Beckett are obviously in a great place with their relationship right now.

    I don’t hate Pi like everyone else. I think he’ll get more character development and become more well-rounded and interesting.

  28. Mary says:

    I agree with you, Matt, I would love to see Kate talking to Dr.Burke about this! IMO, she was thorn between the parts of the job she didn´t like (the gray areas) and the great cases she surely worked during thst time and it was hard for her to make a final choice. So, UNCONSCIOUSLY, she did something that would force someone to make the choice for her! Because I don´t believe she is naive enough to think she wouldn´t get caught!
    I loved the DC arc for being refreshing and wouldn´t mind to have it for another 1 or 2 episodes, but I´m glad we are back to the roots!
    I loved the Castle/Beckett scenes, particulary the opening (and I don´t agree that the chemistry between NF/SK is off, actually I think it´s better than ever)!
    And let me add another quote for you Matt: Perlmutter´s “Mr. Castle…back but not by popular demand” was gold!

  29. Rich Abey says:

    I kind of enjoyed this DC arc a lot! It was refreshing to see Kate working with new faces & also refining and polishing her skills along the way. Her chemistry with Mcord was fantastic. But most importantly, the move brought Caskett even closer & truly solidified their relationship (the culmination was when RIck brought an apartment in DC for the two of them..sooo sweet!). Satisfying end to the arc..I did not see her getting fired anytime soon! yet it was a suitable way to bring her back to NY. Its gonna be interesting to see how she settles back in a little bit of ribbing from Ryspo & Gates..wonder what’s gonna happen to Sully?

  30. ljd213 says:

    Once again, Lanie/Tamala Jones missing in action. What’s up with that?

    • Andrea says:

      Pretty sure Tamala was doing charity work in Africa when the season started filimg. Marlow and Co. are very good about creating schedules that work around other projects, they did it with Molly while she was filiming “We’re the Millers” last season.

  31. Lisa says:

    Very good ep! Castle and Beckett scenes have been great this season. I would also watch a show of just Rick and the boys solving a case any day of the week. Love the way the three guys play off of each other.

  32. Lauri says:

    And still no answer as to why Espo i so cranky….
    I would love to see Gates and Beckett have a heart to heart or something similar about wanting to move up, honor the victim, and have a family.

  33. gaby6034 says:

    this episode was so good and it seems 6×04 will be amazing! I can’t wait!!

  34. Shaun says:

    What does this mean for Beckett’s career. Does she return back into being a measly NYPD homicide detective? Is there any way for Beckett to advance her career while still staying in NY? I really wanted her to keep her job, unlike most people, because it showed a little bit of character progression in a procedural show. Guess it was too good to last.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t see being a homicide detective as measly. It takes hard work to get there, and she made the choice to stick by her morals and leak the info. That said, I think she will flounder for a bit and not know what to do with herself before she ends up back at the 12th. And there are other roles she could take at the 12th later on, such as receiving a promotion.

      • John 1138 says:

        If a promotion meant replacing Gates I, surprising myself, would not like that. Gates has been growing on me. Maybe because now with Beckett and Castle involved the role of putting Castle in his place has to be taken on by some one and when Espo does it he just seems crabby. The wink and nod she gave the boys when they were huddled over the computer continuing on with the case the feds had commanded they end was nicely done.

      • Steve says:

        I agree! Getting started back at NYPD and maybe being promoted to Lieutenant to Gate’s Captain at some point. Last night’s episode was great. Did not see the firing coming though. If Gates becomes Kate’s mentor, maybe Kate helps Sully out in somewhat the same manner. No matter what…I am hooked!!

  35. K says:

    I loved this episode because it felt like a season 2 or 3 type episode. I’m glad the boys Ryan and Esposito were showcased more than castle and Beckett because they’ve been missing for like 2 episodes. They’ve had very little screen time. I loved the scene where castle and Beckett were video chatting. Miles apart they are still so adorable. I loved the virtual kiss. Kate kissing her iPhone and Rick grabbing the kiss and wiping it all over his face . I found that to be so cute. I loved all of the castle/Beckett interaction in the episode. I’m so happy that the DC arc is over. It’s time for Beckett to get back to the nypd and the 13th. Getting back to her roots and what she does best.

  36. Kate says:

    I thought the end of Kate’s DC career was abrupt and poorly done. The writers/producers should have committed to this direction for a couple more episodes and ended it in a satisfactory way rather than Kate getting fired in such a clumsy fashion. For her to chose to get fired rather than come to a revelatory awareness that she was more cut out to be a cop than a fed was a cop-out (pun intended).

  37. Ann says:

    Beckett tipped off the press on purpose – the news report said “anonymous tip.”

  38. Linda says:

    We should remember that Andrew has always referred to the series as a love story between the two main characters, and to this point it has been the gradual evolution of that story. But over the course of time people change, grow and evolve. They make decisions that affect their lives, both personally and professionally.

    Kate’s decisions in episode 3 were consistent with the person she has become since her relationship with Castle, and more importantly, with the person she is “in her core”.

    While I was not crazy about Kate’s choice to take the DC job and the way she hid the interview from Rick, I believe it was a necessary plot element for her to reach the conclusion that some things are not always worth compromising your core beliefs.

    The next step will be for Kate to explore what she really wants for her future, and how she and Rick move toward that, together.

    Throughout this Rick has proven to be the supportive partner we have always seen him to be.

  39. lame says:

    Well done AWM, Well done, Beckett getting fired and fandome is all abuzz. Makes this coming episode sooo much more interesting. LOL, well done.

  40. Celeste says:

    Interesting…To Castle has now become a verb, as in the aforementioned line
    “Castle, you’re not going to Castle me on this!” THIS may become a new meme.

  41. John Moshier says:

    if she was fired by the fbi wont she have to start lower in the nypd on probation

  42. Mary says:

    I’m happy they’re back together, but I was really hoping for more from the Washington arc – after all you have the perfect setup, with – SPOILER ALERT – a US Senator being responsible for her mom’s death back in the day. I can understand them drawing that out, but man I want to see Beckett nail that guy’s arse to the wall. Washington could have provided the opportunity to do that. Of course, now Beckett, like Gates, is now seriously past her “first rodeo with the feds,” so I’m wondering if there’s going to be conflicts between her, McCord and Villanti in the future, as the feds try to stick their noses all up in NYPD’s business. We’ll see. :)

    Also, I really, really want a lavish wedding for Castle & Beckett. And a baby. Can we get a baby at some point?

  43. Rose says:

    It’s just a thought, but I think it would be interesting to see Beckett go back to study law and making her “dream” come true. I know it probably wouldn’t be interesting for the show itself to have her in her studies, but if Kate were to have a “what should I do now” moment, I think it would be a great option. You know, for the character.
    Anyway, I enjoyed the episode! I think it’s a great idea to have her fired vs. having her quit because Beckett would mot want to “quit”. I think it’s a much better idea to have her fired based on something honorable that she did. It’s just so Beckett. It’s an honorable way of getting her out of DC. An arc where she would come to realise that it’s not for her, that it’s not right working in the grey area, etc. would be a waste of time to me. We already know that Beckett knows and that part of her character is already developed enough. She’s proved time and time again that her number one priority is justice, and nothing would change that.
    As for Pi, PLEASE get rid of him, or reveal to us why he is relevant. I’m hoping the writers really do want to make a point with him being there, but I hope they make that point soon because he is sooo annoying! I read another comment saying that this could be related to Alexis not dealing well with the kidnapping and I could see that for sure. We saw how destructive Beckett’s experience of getting shot was, and I think it would be believable to have Alexis got through some sort of PTSD. Maybe even have Beckett help her through it because I think there needs to be more Beckett/Alexis storylines. We still have no clue as to what she thinks of Castle and Beckett being together. We only see Alexis lashing out for some odd reason which I still don’t understand. It’s not as if Beckett is Castle’s first relationship since Alexis’ mother. Who knows, maybe this lashing out has to do with Alexi’s mother not being present since we’ve barely seen her.
    Side note, I think it would be great to have Castle’s dad show up at his and Kate’s wedding!

    • Steve says:

      I totally agree with Rose on Alexis and Pi. Now that Kate is back in NY, it is time to solidify Alexis and Pi. Personally I would find a way for Pi to be gone and get a stronger relationship going between Kate and Alexis. I am sure Kate in no way wants to be Alexis’ “mother” but a mentor and friend…someone she can talk to about stuff since her real mother is never around. It is time for a Rick/Alexis “sit-down” and to reveal her feelings. I would not be in favor of Alexis being a “home-wrecker”. 80% of the episodes still need to be used for solving crimes, but the other 20% could be used to solidify all of the relationships and scenarios still in limbo. AND…it would be very cool if James Brolin showed up again as Rick’s father at the wedding to meet his granddaughter, his new daughter-n-law, and spend a little time with Martha.

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