Girl Meets World Cuts Cory/Topanga's Teen Son

Girl Meets World Drops Big BrotherGirl Meets World, and cast member meets hard reality.

Disney Channel’s much-anticipated follow-up to ABC’s Boy Meets World has trimmed the Matthews family by one, dropping the character of the titular girl’s big brother Elliot, who was to be played by Teo Halm.

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The 13-year-old Halm shared his sad news on Saturday night, via Twitter. TV mom Danielle Fishel promptly responded.

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This leaves Cory and Topanga’s tweenage daughter Riley with just a kid brother, Louis, played by August Maturo.

UPDATE: A Disney Channel rep confirms for TVLine Halm’s departure, explaining: “Various creative changes are often made as a project transitions from pilot to series.”

GMW is set to premiere sometime in 2014.

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  1. Aww so sad! Would’ve been great for them to have 3 kids.

  2. Kathy says:

    When I read this, I immediately thought of Happy Days and poor Chuck Cunningham. He was there, dribbling a basketball on the kitchen table, and the next minute, he disappears. No one mentions poor Chuck, again.

    • Jon says:

      If you watch “Lost” very carefully the mystery of Chuck’s disapperance is explained. I think the specific episode is season 5 episode 3.

    • LUNA says:

      SOOO many shows that have ‘kids’ that just disappear’ .. It rates right up there with the BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!! i.e. ‘STEP BY STEP’-Patrick Duffy’s son ‘Brendan’.. or, ‘Family Matters’ ‘Judy Winslow’? .. At least, this ACTOR got it FAST! right at the BEGINNING.. unlike the 2 I just mentioned.. these 2.. they just got-less and less lines.. then.. were just giving 1 OR 2 WORD answers-LIKE ‘OK’ , YES, MOM’.. Goodnight’.. until.. that one episode.. where that ‘goodnight MOM’ was their LAST!!! .. and MOST OF US??? It took either EPISODES.. or, for the character like JUDY WINSLOW..???? YEARS.. before I thought.. ‘What’s up with Judy? Does her school open up sooo much later, that she NEVER eats breakfast with her brother, sister and URKEL?? ‘ or DINNER?? OR???

  3. Joe says:

    The show was never about him it was there daughter

  4. David4 says:

    If people try to figure out the math he wouldn’t have fit into the timeline anyways. However the mothership show skipped a few years too, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

    I think he would have been a nice fit to the show, sad to see the character cut.

  5. TobyG. says:

    Too much work for the writers, I guess.

  6. ems says:

    Aww sad news. Would’ve preferred to see the show having an older brother instead of a younger one. I can already see the cheesy, unfunny jokes that come with having a small kid on a comedy, whereas the older brother could’ve kept in the tradition of Cory and Shawn both having an awesome older brother.

  7. wordsmith says:

    I can see how the dynamic of having the lead be an oldest child makes things more interesting, both for her and for her parents.
    Still, it’s always sad to hear about a cast member being cut in the 11th hour, especially a kid.

    • Faith says:

      They should have kept him on it would have been great just like how Cory had an older brother. It would have been a lot better be could be protective but still make jokes about her a Lucas. I would have liked the show a lot better with Teo on it he is an amazing actor and would have been perfect for the job they should hav kept him on. I think the show is kind of stupid Riley just acts so stupid but If Teo
      was on the show I would like the show a lot more

  8. james says:

    Yeah, the timeline really didn’t make sense. But oh well. I guess there won’t be an Eric in this version.

    • Williwasnt says:

      But that’s how the Boy Meets World universe works. They went from sixth grade to twelfth grade in just four years. Eric went from being three or four years older than cory to just two years older.

  9. Cristina says:

    They probably scrapped the character because Disney already has/had 2 shows with that sibling dynamic, Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie. In regards to family-situational comedy/drama they would have been unintentionally recycling a lot of that material from the two shows, and as they were both relatively recent shows, Girl Meets World probably didn’t feel as fresh as they wanted. So they likely changed the family dynamic to eliminate the problem.

    • lilk says:

      michael jacobs is writing this show not the disney crew ‘it’s a laugh productions’ so it wont be unfunny childish dribble like the disney shows.

  10. Tori says:

    I had a feeling something like this would happen when they added a little brother to the cast. I would have liked to see them as the parents of a teenage son, to see Corey match wits with him because Corey has been down that road of teenage guy experience before.

  11. AMCPress says:

    I think he would’ve been a nice fit to the show, its unfortunate they had to a character. Even though the original show wasn’t focused on the supporting characters. The show did use the supporting characters to help touch on some life lessons as a whole.

    • Wesley says:

      “The show did use the supporting characters to help touch on some life lessons as a whole.”

      I agree with this, but I have to say that if they add another sibling it should be a girl. They should explore sisterhood the way Boy Meets World explored brotherhood.

  12. Amz says:

    They probably did this so there will be room for Cory and Topanga to have another child later on..

    • Stacie says:

      I like this idea. I would love to see Cory and Topanga go through that. It’s great that we get to see them with kids, but we didn’t see all of the reactions and see Topanga go through the pregnancy and all the stuff that comes from that. I think that would be pretty great to see.

      • lilk says:

        stacie : i’d like to see that too but the show CANT bc it is about riley and how she deals with things. Remember when amy/alan were pregnant and amy had joshua prematurely ? we saw it through corey’s eyes. He had faith baby joshua would be ok just like he had faith that topanga and he would marry him.rewatch episodes “my baby’s valentine”s and” resurrection” from feb 1999.

  13. Ram510 says:

    I hope they recast because she should have an older sibling like on Boy Meets World

  14. Kavyn says:

    Hopefully they can fit the kid into the show in some way. I can’t imagine how much it would suck to be cast on a highly-anticipated show only to get cut at the end.

  15. sad says:

    i was excited about Teo Halm being on Girl Meets World to see a guy around my age and a cute one would have made me less embarrassed about seeing a disney show, i wonder how its gonna be without a older brother to look after you

    • Maci says:

      Why would you be embarassed to watch Disney? Do you not know disney has a lot of older viewers? You should never be ashamed to watch a good channel. Unless you’re watching Teletubbies, then hide.

  16. JohnS. says:

    MESSAGE TO ALL IDIOTS/12 YEAR OLDS!!! They have been doing this kind of thing since the beginning of movie and later, Tv shows!! They probably even cut some people from Boy Meets World before it started!! GET OVER IT!!! WHO CARES!?!?!!!!!

  17. Kim says:

    Will the director should of thought this through a little way before they even shoot the first episode it didn’t even made any sense to have a older son it made more sense if the son was a lilttle younger this show was suppose to be about the daughter !

  18. Stacie says:

    Kinda sad. I was looking forward to seeing how their relationship was. Now we will never know.

  19. Kaylee says:

    WHAT!!!!!!!!! Im aredy VERY mad at disney and me and my mom were watching boy meets world just today and if teo halm dosent come on the show i will be even MADDER at disney what would boy meets world be without eric?? Im to mad to even say anything else whatever!!!!!!!

  20. Colleen says:

    Maybe they cut the older brother because it wouldn’t make sense for Cory and Topanga to have an older son. Think about it, if Riley is 13 then the older son would have been born during Boy Meets World and he wasn’t. So it wouldn’t make sense. If Topanga does have another child, it should be a girl.

  21. Jei says:

    So sad it would be great to be 3 kids like in boy meets world but 2 kids is fine:)

  22. Marie says:

    I would’ve loved to see Teo Halm on GMW! He would’ve done AMAZING!!! 😍

  23. You mad a big mistake i love teos acting and very talented and when i found out he was going to be on it but now you should on my phone never watch the show cause the show would be better cause cory as a kid had an older brother and a newly younger brother it just doesnt make any sense!!!!!!

  24. Jasmine says:

    It would’ve been so fun to have them on here!!!

  25. alex says:

    This would have been perfect…and he could have ended up with Riley’s best friend… AYGFFDEUGYKEFUGKGKUFERB ARGHHH

  26. bizzle wife says:

    Wow !!! this is so funny hahaha xD
    thanks for sharing

  27. Our Nurse says:

    Wow !! Amazing Article :D
    I’ll Learn From It Thanks For Sharing :)

  28. alex says:

    Im not watching the show now that i found out this they should bring him in as at least her cousin that stays then ill watch the show again i think it would have been way better with him in the show and like i said im not watchin girl meets world anymore until he gets put in the show and ill tell everyone i know to do the same thing

    • Faith says:

      I agree in not watching the show anymore Teo would have been amazing and then they just cut him so forget it disney u just lost another viewer bc of one mistake in not casting Teo Halm

  29. Kaylee says:

    My name is kaylee and I was wanting to Teo if you would tell me is you have a facebook and a Instagram and snapchap if you do would you add me on them and p.s. I love you in earth to echo and in real life I hope we ca. Be friends and I think your cute and I am in 5th grade what grade are you in ??

  30. Bella says:

    Actually if you think about it, Boy Meets World ended 2000 Riley is 12 in the show that leaves 2 years. Teo couldve been 1-2 years older. And I got SOOOOOOO MADDDDD IM SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TEO I LOVE YOU I JUST SAW EARTH TO ECHO WITH MY DAD. in my head i was like i love hime he is soo hot. AND YOU ARE

  31. emily says:

    Wow the show would have been better with him as the older brother total bommer I still think they should add him in the show playing some one else

  32. Callum Hobbs says:

    You have made the wrong decision!!!#Callum (South Africa)

  33. Kayla says:

    I think it would have been better with him. It would have been more interesting, I guess is what you would say.

  34. paola says:

    Why did you not put teo halm is so cute and awesome he would of rocked it

  35. Faith says:

    They should have kept him on it would have been great just like how Cory had an older brother. It would have been a lot better be could be protective but still make jokes about her a Lucas. I would have liked the show a lot better with Teo on it he is an amazing actor and would have been perfect for the job they should hav kept him on. I think the show is kind of stupid Riley just acts so stupid but If Teo
    was on the show I would like the show a lot more

  36. jaidyn says:

    I think its stupid that Teo was kicked off the show just because some people didn’t think it was good enough.

  37. Hannah says:

    THAT SUCKS!!! He’s to cute for them,I guess!!!!✋😒

  38. Why would have been such a cute family?😰

  39. Honor says:

    i thought the kid bro was called auggie

  40. Alisa Landry says:

    they should have gave riley and auggie an older brother he is a cutie

  41. Patty says:

    Shouldnt have done that time line doesnt Match from collage to now should have kept him in would have been more interesting.