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Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter on George's Season 3 Twist (He's MIA!) - Plus: Details on His New Love

GeorgeDixie_300Hart of Dixie makes its charming return this Monday (The CW, 8/7c) — but the series’ third season kicks off sans one handsome, key component: George Tucker!

As Scott Porter, the man behind Bluebell’s Golden Boy, says with a laugh, “George might be in hiding when we return. The first episode of the season is actually the hunt for George Tucker, which is very funny to me.”

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Last we saw, the newly single lawman (who’d been shunned by Zoe and dumped by Tansy) opted, on a whim, to tour with local songbird Lily Anne. And when the premiere picks up some five months later, George is most definitely MIA. His absence won’t be a long one, though, and when he does pop up again (in rather shocking fashion, mind you), a lot will have changed — particularly in the romance department.

“George is coming back from a crazy summer, and he’s a little antsy,” Porter teases. “Heading down the season, he’ll have an on- and off-again romance with someone who’s very close with another character in the town — someone we haven’t seen yet — and that might cause some friction.” (Hmmm, Lavon’s cousin, perhaps? She is seated awfully closely to Mr. T in the photo above…)

New loves aside, the actor notes that George still isn’t entirely finished with either Tansy or Zoe.

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“[Mircea Monroe’s character] Tansy is definitely going to be involved on the show… but it’s not going to be in the same capacity,” Porter shares. “But it’ll be interesting to explore that relationship, with them as exes.”

‘Zeorge,’ meanwhile, will enjoy some much-deserved time on the backburner. “The game of those two going back and forth without actually giving it a go is over,” he muses. “The next time we tread into that territory, it’s time for them to actually go public. ‘Let’s give this a real shot.’ But the timing has to be right, [and it] has not been right yet.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Are you excited to see a different side of George in Dixie Season 3? Hit the comments!

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  1. JJM says:

    Okay, so I gave up this show mid-way through season one, but I still peek here and there at articles. Can someone tell me whether or not I should finish off the remainder of season one and watch all of two? I’ve heard season two was much better than one. My main reason for giving up on season one was because I found it getting repetitive. Saying that, is it still repetitive or has the dynamic changed?

    • Shannon says:

      Finish season 1 definitely especially the season 1 finale. Season 2 was great until the writers got lazy with a stupid Wade story, but still worth it especially eps 2 of season 2. I am looking forward to season 3, but I am a Wade/Zoe fan so I am not sure how I feel or like about Zoe/george finding the right time…I will still watch.

      I honestly hope Captain Awesome from chuck who is on this season is a love interest for Lemon and not Zoe. The only thing that would make me stop watch this show is if they paired Wade and Lemon together romantically. I like them as friends and business partners, but nothing further.

      As for Zoe/George I feel like they had an opportunity and it was missed and now it just seems forced and contrived and no real buildup or chemistry between these two. Unlike Wade/Zoe from season 1 now that was chemistry and build-up and it showed and it still does. I am re-watching the show on netflix and from the start there was more Wade/Zoe chemistry and build-up then with George.
      Please writers stop being idiots and also stop being lazy. I re-watched season 2 and that whole I cheated was just stupid unrealistic and so many other things. If you wanted to seperate them for awhile there were so many other avenues to go through including some very hilarious ones, but the route the writers took was lazy and insulting. hopefully, season 3 they learned their lesson and tighten things up. Please bring back sheila she was hilarious and Addy for the office she was funny, but also brought prospective.

      • Jenni says:

        I’d have to agree with most of this. The S1 finale is definitely worth watching and so is the beginning of S2. The second half of S2 is (in my opinion) horrible. The writing just became a bit lazy and we were back to the George storyline from S1 and it felt really uncreative.

        I really don’t get the George and Zoe angle. To me, that relationship should have been played out already but they never really made it happen and now I am so over that storyline.

        It is a cute show and seeing Wade on screen every week doe not really hurt either. :-)

      • ... says:

        No, what’s insulting is the amount of Hart of Dixie viewers who act personally offended that Wade didn’t turn into the little fantasy boyfriend they all want – the bad boy who meets the right woman and immediately becomes a domesticated good boy. His character arc makes perfect sense, both from a TV perspective and a character perspective. TV thrives on drama, breakups, and tension, so there’s no way they could have Zoe and Wade, two very different people with very different ways of looking at life, together for long without pulling them apart. And what better way than to show that maybe he’s scared of evolving, scared of the possibility of not living up to what Zoe wants from him, so instead of continue to progress, he regresses and becomes the man he used to be. What about that is hard to grasp? People backslide all the time – not everybody who attempts to make a change in their life does so successfully the first time they try.

        • Caro says:

          In real life the bad boy and the good girl never works – usually because the bad boy screws the good girl over! Zoe and Wade would never work! Eventually even great sex gets routine and you have to deal with real life challenges; problems with the kids, in-laws, jobs. You also have to be able to share your life which is a lot easier with some shared interests and an even playing field for income, education etc. Yes, Wade is cute but you can’t build a life based on cute! Especially when the cute guy has man boobs like Wade!

          • Nic says:

            Can I just…YES! Same. This is why I do not ship Wade an Zoe. The “bad boy/good girl” is so played out I can’t even deal and like you said, in real life, that doesn’t work. It may be fun and exciting in the beginning with the whole opposites attract thing but in the long run you’re going to want someone who shares your interests that you can enjoy doing something with. Not someone who will just go because they feel obligated then sleep the whole time and complain afterwards. You have to connect on more levels than one, physical attraction can only get you so far in a relationship.

        • Kristina says:

          Most people are not complaining about the fact that they broke up, but the way it was done. It seemed out of character for a lot of viewers, and it seems like the only ones that didn’t think so were people who already disliked Wade.

        • Brandy says:

          Thank you!I don’t understand understand how it was “out of character” for Wade to cheat when he and Zoe seemed to butt heads over a lot while they were dating and in the beginning of the series,Lavn and others warned Zoe about his playboy,womanizing ways and he still was legally married to Tansy but dating Jlolene or Joelle AND trying to get in Zoe’s pants.Wade has been looked at as a looser by his dad ,by most Bluebellaians and believed he is a looser so he self descructed/self sabatoged his relationship withZoe.People makes as well.I never Zade:they’re to different,Wade just seems to want to sleep with her and she used just him a a s. discraction for Geoges wedding(&even admitted it to George that Wade disc rated her fom the pain of Geoge marrying Lemon).& after getting yelled at at the Homecoming or Prom. Plus Wade called her selfish,stuck up and golddigger when she wanted to date his brother and Wade also was controlling ,telling her not to date his brother ,who to date.Wade bet on when Zoe and Judson would breakup and when he had the chance then to tell her he liked her/ask her out, he laugher at her,make a joke of it and missed his chance.

          • Brandy says:

            Plus, people don’t just personalities ovenight so Wade wouldn’t have become a perfect guy, no more wandering eye or drinking like a fish and I think if Wade has suddenly became a good , domesticated guy because he was with Zoe , I m pretty sure fans would’ve hated Zoe for changing him or hated the writers for the 180& making him an unreconizable unlikable unbelievable character

      • Eric says:

        Your an idiot, there was way more George and Zoe chemistry than wade. The build up was between them not wade who is just now starting to not be such a loser. Wade was the worst pick for Zoe. They never fit, neither did Tanzy and George. Zoe has always belonged with George. Get over it.

        • b.a.d says:

          Yes I agree with you! I hated George with Tansy! Season 1 was awesome! I feel like Season 3 has somehow lost the magic it once had. I find myself watching reruns of Season 1 on netflix. Please do not pair George with Lynly! I hate her character & will be happy to see her leave!

          • APT says:

            I so agree! I can’t wait until Lynly is gone. This has to be the most annoying t.v. character ever. I end up fast forwarding through all her scenes. The writers were not even trying when they wrote her in

      • alexandria says:

        I think Zoe and George should me together because there is chemistry between then and they should wait for the right time to be together because they are still figure out some thing.

    • Luna says:

      I would say no, because it never was repetitive to me. What i can say is that if you didn’t like season 1 you most probably won’t like season 2 either.

    • Caro says:

      Don’t bother watching. S2 wasn’t good!

    • alyssa Schroeder says:

      I was the same you are now, I watched halfway through season 1 and I just couldn’t get real into the show, I had nothing else to watch so I kept watching anyways and it quickly became one of my favorite shows, season 2 starts to pick the show up and I think this season is going to be great! Rachel Bilson (Dr. Hart) starts to grow into her character in Season 2, Season 1 I honestly don’t think she did that well protrayiing her character.I’ve rewatched both seasons 3X’s now. It is a great show I think you should give it a chance, you will grow to love the characters.

    • cindy says:

      Season two was awesome, go back and watch it. Season three does not look like it is going to be much. I’m actually giving up now but am glad I watched season two simply to witness Wilson Bethel’s amazing acting abilities.

  2. Luna says:

    Hart Of Dixie is a sweet little show that makes me miss Gilmore Gilrs in every episode i watch T.T
    I want more Lemon this season, i love the background characters, Wanda, Tom, Annabeth and Rose. Wish they had more screen time.

    • Mel says:

      I completely agree with you! HoD is just one of those shows you can watch where you can actually get away from all the stress and crap in your life and feel good for a little while. Just like Stars Hollow, Bluebell is a place that seems like a great place to live.

  3. Babybop says:

    I don’t like George’s character when he’s with/crushing on Zoe. I think the only time I could stand him on screen was when he was with Tanzy.

  4. Elyse says:

    not a Zeorge fan at all. I would rather see her with someone else.

  5. Olive says:

    Frustrating that Zoe/George and Lavon/Lemon have never been explored.

  6. Jared says:

    I’m really looking forward to my CW shows being back..FINALLY! HoD and BATB are definitely my faves on the network so im happy there back to back on Mondays.

  7. Mari says:

    I actually think’s it’s good if they’ll make Zeorge a go. In this way, we won’t have to deal with the what ifs anymore and they’ll both move on.
    Or maybe, we’ll actually come to care for them

  8. heidi says:

    George could have stayed MIA for few episodes. I certainly would not have missed him.
    I am ok with his character as long as he stays faaraway from Zoe and according to a couple of interviews by Leila Gerstein it seemed like the Zoe Goerge storyline was over.

  9. dale says:

    I do NOT enjoy George and Zoe..Please NO…not them..I enjoy the “good” girl/ “bad” boy pairing

  10. Caro says:

    Zeorge is getting some much deserved time on the backburner? Are they kidding? When has Zeorge been on the front burner? The show has teased us with this relationship but Zoe and George have never had a real chance at being a couple and we’ve never seen them as a couple! They’ve never even been on a date! Until we see Zeorge have a real chance, a real relationship I am done with Dixie!

    • toria says:

      Seriously,halfway through season 2 I dropped the show..reasons being 1.Zoe and George totally blongs together but the writers are making up stories about zoe and wade..wtf for..2. Zoe fell inlove with george at first site,now where did all the love go expecially now that he left his 15yrs old love for her.. Please to make the show better u better get wade and zoe story out cos it sucks and its really annoying cos that guy is a joke.. I can’t imagine a big shot doctor living such low life with a joker that often mocks her.. Get real please cos I hate the show with such lame story.. Get zoe and George together

    • For REAL says:

      AMEN. I’ve stopped watching after season 1 & 2eps into season 2. Why? Because George and Zoë have a ton more in common—Plus Chemistry—than her and wade would Ever have. From the first time he picked her up. George still did the right thing by Lemon until he found out about her cheating. You cant help who you fall in love with. Not lust and distractions like wade, but actual love. Wade never gave a flip until he realized he couldn’t have her, because of her growing love for George (remember the MOTY speech she gave for him in Levon’s stead?). It’s classical bad boy “now-im-broken-hearted” blah blah BS. All the while hurting the hell outta Tansy. That’s not a person with concrete feelings. Just temporary and bounces back ridiculously quick. I stopped watching because they hardly gave ANYTHING to Zeorge in the first few eps of S2. I understand tv, I understand the “Create the Need” crap for viewers—but after that chemistry and build-up to completely dang near denying it’s credibility??? Lazy. Done.
      No viewers are ever going to be satisfied, writers and actors know this.. But for goodness sake, they missed the opportunity for a great relationship with those two to play with down the road..

  11. Maura says:

    George Tucker is a southern gentleman – no way he is dating a black chick! Hollywood keeps trying to push relationships with black women and white men on us and it makes no sense! I feel sorry for black women; most black men want to date white women, white men prefer white women and neither asians or hispanics tend to date black women. Nothing against black women, I like black women – they are usually funny, decent and resilient but when it comes to men they get the raw end of the deal. Hollywood should be telling the truth about that and encouraging black women to get an education and build friendships instead of focusing on men. That should be the message for all women but especially for black women!

    • tp says:

      You most definitely should NOT be speaking on behalf of black women. Encouraging black women to get an education? There are more black women in college now than ANY other group in the U.S. I guess black women should just resign themselves to be alone because tv says nobody wants them? Contrary to what you think, MOST black men DO NOT want to date white women. Get over yourself.

    • Tinemi says:

      Your comment should be reported for the racism it shows. Seriously? Do you realise you live in the 21st century? That interracial relationships exist in, not only the “south”, but the world shouldn’t be a surprise. If a show as Hart of Dixie went that way with George, the show would gain respect in my eyes.

    • Cynthia says:

      Wow, just wow…can’t believe I read that. Wth

    • Kristina says:

      Um, “they get the raw end of the deal” so TV shows should just keep the status quo? This is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve read in a while. If anything, shouldn’t people be GLAD a show set in the south is challenging stereotypes and portraying an egalitarian type of town? Jeez, you can’t make anyone happy I guess.

  12. Hodan says:

    I really like George when he is interacting with other characters in the show besides Zoe. I liked the best with Tansy. I really want these two together again.

  13. Tracie says:

    I am happy that George and Zoe are not being visited at this time since I feel that George really needs some much needed character development this season. I think outside of the triangle his character will have a lot of room to grow. And the triangle had grown very stale and wasn’t interesting. I’m curious to see what they will do with George this season. I liked him as the straight man last season. I’d also like to see how this new relationship develops and what sort of conflicts it brings to his character. And imo, I think the chance for Zoe and George has passed. I don’t believe there has been enough build up to explain them going there unless the show lasts for many more seasons which I don’t think it will. There has been far more build up for Wade and Zoe so at this time that makes the most sense for the story to continue down that path. Regardless of the outcome I enjoy the show and will continue to watch it as long as I find it entertaining.

  14. Dmac says:

    Personally if one more man is brought on to fall for Zoe I am through. Every male in the vicinity of Bluebell all seem to have a thing for her and it is getting annoying.

  15. Joey says:

    Good scoop Scott told about his character in season 3. It will be good to see George being single not go to relationship to relationship quicky.

  16. Tran 2.0 says:

    He’ll always be Jason Street on FNL.

  17. Lara says:

    Please, don’t do Zeorge, I don’t want this show become messy with everybody sleeping with everybody and exchanching couples. Besides, their time, if it existed, is looooooooooooooong gone.

  18. Michelle says:

    No Zeorge! Blech! I hope that NEVER happens!

  19. Hurley says:

    I loved this guy on The Good Wife

    • redjane12 says:

      I also always think of ‘George’ as the very sleazy guy in TGW. He was a great, if totally douchebag, foil to Kalinda back in whatever season that was…

  20. Jeri says:

    George is my least favorite character. I watched him on Friday Night Lights & The Good Wife but he does not impress me. This is off point but has anyone noticed his hair never changes? Is it a hair piece or something? It never grows or changes, same hair on all the shows. O’well, just an observation. I do love the show though.

  21. tp says:

    The only thing that would bring me back to HoD is if Zoe/George relationship happened. I loved this show the first season but once the hooked Wade and Zoe up, I let go. I love reading the recaps though.

  22. Jonnah says:


  23. Zade says:

    The George and Zoe relationship needs to be dropped! It wouldn’t make sense at all at this point. It just wouldn’t make sense because of how he talks about Tansey and all of Zoe’s stolen glances at Wade. The writers need to make up their minds.

  24. Sunny says:

    Waiting cor.Zorge to happen!! S2.sbould have been Zorge…..NOT ZADE!!!!.Remember.the.episode.of.”Hart.to Hart”…..zoe calls her dad to operate on George’ father…..tbats a “re true connection”!!!!

  25. b.a.d says:

    Ok is it just me or does everyone else not like where Season 3 is heading? I feel like it has lost the magic it once had….I am a Zoe and George fan and felt like they do have chemistry with one another. I hated him with Tansy! And I do not like Lynly at all!!!! She is very irritating & I would like to see her go!! I know George has been in a funk lately but please bring back the handsome clean cut George we all know & love :) I hope Season 3 gets better!!

    • KM says:

      I don’t think Zoe and George should be together. I like them better apart and with just a whiff of will they or won’t they get together. Maybe at the end of the show. But right now, as a couple, I think they would be a little dull; no tension. They have some chemistry, but not as much as she had with Wade.
      On the other hand, I completely agree with you, Lynly is a horrible character. So annoying. I just want to smack her. Unfortunately I just heard Scott Porter do an interview on EW and he said there will be more Lynly and George. Boo! :(

  26. TB says:

    I am waiting for the George/Zoe pairing. They have great onscreen chemistry. It isn’t fair that the writers have not given them a chance. Her chemistry with George is natural, and it brings out the best in her. Wade is cool is a stand alone character, but not with Zoe. I don’t like George with Tansy or Lynly. The writers need to do a better job with their main characters. I can’t wait for George and Zoe to get together. If it does not happen this season, I am done with this show.

  27. Christy says:

    Defiantly finish season 1. I do agree with the rest of you season 2 gets a little boring but yet I still find myself watching it on netflix. Everyone in my house is disappointed Zoe and George have not been a couple yet. Sometimes to the point we don’t want to watch it because it’s the same story line over and over.
    Here’s to hoping season 3 is good and Zoe and George get together!! They belong together.

  28. PJ says:

    Finally! People who want to see George and Zoe together! I was beginning to think I was all alone! Sure Wade was okay for a short time to help her get over George, but George didn’t marry Lemon. Come on people – get these two together. All I can say is people in this town must need body condoms the way they switch partners. Why can’t you let George and Zoe be together and build on their relationship instead of playing girl swap every other week. Yuck.

  29. relon says:

    Team Zeorge all the way. All her and wade have is sexual chemistry and physical attraction.