It's Official: Kim Raver on Board for 24: Live Another Day -- and [Spoiler]'s Joining Her

Audrey Raines 24 Event SeriesThe countdown to 24‘s Jack-Audrey reunion has officially begun.

Following up on TVLine’s exclusive report last month, Kim Raver has formally closed a deal to reprise her role as Kiefer Sutherland’s former onscreen love in 24: Live Another Day — and she’s not the only franchise vet returning for Fox’s 12-episode revival.

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TVLine has confirmed that William Devane, who played Audrey’s father James Heller, has also inked a deal to appear in the London-based event series.

Raver joined 24 in Season 4 and remained through Season 6. When last seen, in the S6 finale, Audrey was in something of a vegetative state after being tortured and injected with mind-altering drugs by her Chinese captors — a development that led Devane’s Heller to forbid Jack from ever seeing his daughter again.

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24 live another day william devaneRaver and Devane are the third and fourth 24 vets joining the revival, following Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

24: LAD, slated to launch in the spring, will essentially be 24 “compressed over 12 weeks,” Fox president Kevin Reilly previously explained. “It will go chronologically over the day, but it will skip hours.”

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  1. Ivan says:

    Now, it remains to return Tony and Aaron( and maybe Mike Novick)

  2. mrzonk says:

    Is Tony coming back? That’s what matters!

  3. mike john says:

    Am very happy dat 24 is back I can wait to start seeing jack with his group

  4. Terri Guill-Reis says:

    A month back, I got caught up in the saga from Season 1 all the way through 8 almost back to back (Netflix)…I couldn’t stop and do the hang time. I can’t believe people actually had to wait a week to find out what happened on the next episode!! It got to the point where I over heard one of my teen son’s talking to someone on the phone saying, ” Oh Mom, she’s busy fighting terrorist with Jack right now. Can I take a message?” The characters, story line, even the “beep beep beep” had me laughing, crying, cringing, grasping, gasping and exclaiming, “Oh no….NOT AGAIN, go get um Jack”! <seriously, I was pathetic :)

  5. sekweyama ben kenneth says:

    Indeed we need mike novick as secretary of state as well da character of ethan kanin!

  6. Laura Jecker says:

    I do not like Audrey she was wussy. Not a Jack Bauer partner. I miss the show I have all the seasons at home. Can’t wait for it to start again. What channel and time?

  7. petra says:

    How long must I wait in Germany???

  8. bryce lambert says:

    This is thd best news I have heard just loved the show can’t understand hoow you can bring a dead man bac unless you say it his twin

  9. Doug says:

    I watched 24 last year when it was “Touch”.

  10. Bill Romance says:

    It’s just good television, Fox has already invested into the relationships with Cloe, Audrey Heller and James Heller; so as long as the quality of the writing stays great, let the saga continue.

  11. We want Tony Almeida back on the show! It wasn’t the way most of us wanted to see their relationship end. Tony is a good guy down inside. He just couldn’t handle that Michelle was stripped out of his life.

  12. Linda Kram says:

    When will the show air? What channel on Direct TV ? Can’t wait for 24 to be back.

  13. Andrew Pereira says:

    Its the best news so far that “24” Live Another Day (i suppose season 9) is back. Jack (Keifer) Baur has always been the best bet in this series and besides him my top favourite characters are Chloe, Tony Almeida & Aaron. Actor Jude Ciccolella’s character should also be included in this new season. ALL THE BEST.

  14. Rita says:

    Can hardly wait to see it!!! Hoo hoo!

  15. manuel says:

    es por demas que hay que verlo no a habido mejor serie que 24 los que somos policias nos identificamos al cien por ciento con jack bauer hojala y no sea la ultima temporada felicidades y sigan haciendo de esta serie la mejor.

  16. Andrew Pereira says:

    The series ” 24 ” is very brilliantly written and the screenplay is fantastic. Cheers to those responsible for bring us this serial. The impact of it is such that even after watching all eight seasons the story and characters still linger on in our memory. The total credit i feel for this goes mainly to the actors and their mindblowing performances. KEEP UP THE SAME EFFECT IN THE NEW SEASON TOO . AND KEEP CONTINUING THE SEASONS THEREON.

  17. Monika alvarez says:

    Definitely Almeida back. And I wish Renee wasn’t dead they were perfect for each other. Not Audrey. :(

  18. i was addicted to 24 but bringing Jack back for 12 episodes and that’s it is like a drug addict clean for 12 days and then relapse. this is gonna hurt me when it ends. I was in tears the last episode, i watch every series over but refuse to watch the last of season 8 it was too paiful to see Jack go and the good byes. so let’s petition for a whole season 9 and more.

  19. Lisa says:

    24 Rocks! Can hardly wait to be on the edge of the Lazy Boy!

  20. Luke The Duke says:

    Can’t wait till Tony is officially BACK and Freddy Prinze Junior is Jack and Tony’s walkie-talkie back-up Robin #doublechurch

  21. I have a feeling that “Live Another Day” will have us just as captivated as the prior 8 seasons and “Redemption” did. I could take or leave Audrey Raines, but have much faith in this stellar series as they brought us a whole lot of awesome characters, and stories. I must admit that after the series lost a couple of my favorites that I was sad, but the series did not suffer one bit in their absence. I am SO excited about the show’s return, and will continue to hold out hope that the producers, etc. will see how much we still love this series and consider bringing it back permanently.

  22. Maggie says:

    I know alot of the newer shows operate on 12 episode seasons so I hope it works with 24. But I have to say – I never missed an episode of 24 when it was aring and I was never disappointed – every single episode was exciting and left me wanting more. I can’t wait to see what 24 has in store for the viewers!

  23. Babygate says:

    This is awesome news! Love Kim Raver…

  24. This is great news that Audrey is also on board, Jack’s back, Chloe is doing her magic, now just to bring in Tony too along with Aaron. I for one was not happy with Jack Heller and how he impuned Jack’s character and was really glad to watch Jack read to him chapter and verse from “The Book of Wrath”! He had it coming and Jack was right, if it weren’t for men/people like him stepping and doing the necessary scut work and taking all of the risks, guys like him playing pretty boy politics would run and hide from being scared sensless! He was also right in that the character of Audrey had the courage and guts to try and find Jack by risking it all and going to China looking for him, that’s more than any of the career guys did! At least she didn’t take a knife or a gun to Jack the way Renee and others did.

  25. Meseret Kassaye says:

    i watched lots of movies, serious, bt 24, i hv no word to express. Really missed it. wish i can see them again. Z ONe n z only best serious for me.respect for Jack!

  26. Chris says:

    can we also have President Logan back? Pleeeeeease Fox !

  27. Dignitee says:

    I feel Sec. Heller was ungrateful to Jack haven’t risked his life to save hin and his daughter. Wish Renee didn’t die. Yea, wish Diane comes in to replace Audrey.

  28. Dignitee says:

    Chris, Logan blew his brains out, what magic do you use to script him in?

  29. Dignitee says:

    After 24, couldn’t watch any series again! None could give that thrill!

  30. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Yes! I like Kim Raver!

  31. Robert Lee says:

    Just glad it’s coming back as a series and not the movie that they were originally thinking about doing.

  32. Sami says:

    was so excited about the show coming back. won’t be watching it now. sorry, but i can’t stand kim raver. very disappointed.

  33. TIGRAN says:

    Yes, great news. Thanks

  34. bauer24 says:

    Jack and Chloe are back. Very good. But what about Tony????? He’s amazing, and he was completely awesome in season 7. 24 is not the same without him and thats a fact

  35. Evariste says:

    Is that trough guys? 24H:season 9 in May 2014? Oh my God,pls keep me alive.Come on Jack

  36. patch says:

    Gregory Itzin, bring back Gregory Oitzin, I want Charles Logan back

  37. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Wow,wow great news! I like her and Kiefer together!

  38. Nicole MacMillan says:

    Audrey, UGH! She’s too weak to be w Jack, Renee is the ONE! She understands him, he understands her. Audrey is only someone to save, not a whole person, just a poor excuse to indulge in the fairy-tale that Jack can save anyone, even poor, pathetic, wussy Audrey. Audrey doesn’t stand for anything; Jack has values she doesn’t understand.

    We do need Tony and Kim, and a somewhat ‘happy ending’, I for one of thousands, just can’t take any more tragic endings; it totally breaks my heart. Kiefer made Jack real to all of us and made us love him (Jack). The heartbreak is real, even if it’s for a fictional character. DAMMIT KIEFER! Why’d you have to be SOOOOO GOOD???

  39. Sandra says:

    well thats good that she’s back on 24 however Renee was the BEST for Jack. So much prettier, and so well suited for Jack. Now if you can get TONY back, it’ll be PERFECT. Can’t wait. Whopee more JACK BAUER!!!!!!

  40. Bob says:

    Raver is such a one dimensional actress – ughhhh. Love Devane, that is the character he can play, errrr the only kind of character he can play actually.

  41. Andy says:

    Im not sure its been a while And Iv just started to watch from the start ( half way through S2 George Mason just gone down with the plane and the Nuke) But is President Charles Logan still alive after season 8? He has always been non stick If so it would be nice for him to be back. Thats if Annie kills im off in Covert Affairs Another Baddie role .I also think he may be Red John on the Mentalist ? LOL Does he play any goodie roles???

  42. I am so waiting on edge of seat for more of Jack Bauer. This was the greatest show ever written. So sad that Jack never gets a girl. Too bad Renee died, she was PERFECT for him, had balls, was sexy, petite, beautiful and they only had one night together. When he got that armor on I nearly peed myself was so tense and exciting. No other show on tv can match that scene, best written scene EVER! Anyone would be better than Audrey, so pathetic. Jack needs a woman with balls even Kate Warner would be better. Now if only Tony Almeda can come back. Sure would love to see Morris, Aaron, and crazy ole Logan and his ex-wife. Can’t get any better than David Palmer but wouldn’t it be crazy to bring Jason Statem in since they’re in London, he could be the bad guy. 24 had some of the greatest actors of all time. It was by far the best tv show ever made! Waiting to see Jack and Chloe AGAIN.

  43. tiffanyt says:

    My comment I think in live another day at the end have jack and audreyget married..kiefer and kim and all twenty four stars come to spartanburg…lolg i ve me vip i so wannna meet ya loli love twenty four ya need me to help with idwas lollli have g ree at ideas foe tv shows oh and more twenty four episodes i coulddefiantly hwlp with that lol. please come to south carolina ..oh and the beginning of t we nty four have like a l ive text conversation with the stars …

  44. tiffanyt says:

    Audrey is way better I think her and jack connect well together and all of yas comme ts no way audrey is more you kim raver…tiffani

  45. tiffanyt says:

    Kim raver out beats all the woman In Twenty four….I hope they bring nina myers back lol oh and ummm tony oh bring back michwlle and let michelle come back…

  46. tiffanyt says:

    Oh jack is back to kck butt..oh yes I wanderwhat thw suject is who tje villians arelol bring jamie lee curtis and mark haron as ncis and tony to work with jack baure oh and ncis of los angelas to worj with jack baurer lol

  47. tiffanyt says:

    I dunno about u if I was in jacks shoes I be holding audrey really tight on the show they connect well she still forgives jack after he joked her a few seasons back when she wasn’t telling him things but jack willl marry audrey this season I believe all the way I love kim raver ….her and kieffer inspiressss me…..go audrey Show the fans a outstanding intense falling in love with jack all over again ur soo not gonnna take what some people as ee saying about u tell the fans u believe u can do a inspireing job I love u raver……

  48. Taophyc says:

    What about Cole Ortiz ?

  49. justin says:

    ohh shut up you renee walker fans .. Audrey is just awesome. audrey & Jack is the best couple in 24. no doubt

    • Those out there mean mouthing Audrey need to go back and rewatch previous seasons as she has been strong and loyal to Jack. Audrey had the courage to search for Jack when others including her dad gave up! She endured the torture of the Chinnese who captured and then used her to get to Jack. Her dad is not Jack’s friend despite the fact that he saved his and Kim’s life. His behavior toward Jack when he came to try and be with Audrey was that of a typical Washingtone DC insider, arrogant, judgemental, forgetful of the good Jack had done to save him in the past. William Devane played that scene well so well that I want to smack him when I see him on TV doing commercials! I am so ready for 24 to start!