X Factor Recap: No One Wants to Be De-Seated

The-X-Factor-Ellona-SantiagoYou could call Simon Cowell cruel for introducing the “Four-Chair Challenge” to Season 3 of The X Factor, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Like a cat who toys with semi-conscious chipmunks on his owner’s doorstep, the British crankypants spent an hour tonight slowly snuffing out the hopes and dreams of more than half of the 10 teenage girls left in the competition.

Then again, not all chipmunks are meant to sing — certainly not the one in a crayon-red wig whose screeching rendition of the disco classic “Blame It on the Boogie” made Kelly Rowland’s eyes pop comically — like Spongebob getting squeezed by The Hulk’s fist of rage.

For the uninitiated, the Four-Chair Challenge takes the 10 remaining contestants in each category, has them perform in front of a live audience — one at a time — then either get sent to a “chair of safety” or be eliminated on the spot. The twist? Even contestants who score chairs aren’t guaranteed a Live Round berth — not until the final act from his or her category has performed, and the mentor has made the final “either, or” call.

With that, let’s take a dive into how tonight’s hour played out:

ELIMINATED (in chronological order) (and please come back in the morning, since I’ll be adding full performance reviews for the evictees overnight)
Bree Randall, “Glad You Came” | Grade: D
Jamie Pineda, “Don’t Speak” | Grade: B+
Ashly Williams, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” | Grade: B
Simone Torres, “A Change Is Gonna Come” | Grade: C-
Rylie Brown, “Angels” | Grade: C-
Primrose Martin, “Blame It on the Boogie” | Grade: F

Khaya Cohen, “Locked Out of Heaven” | Grade: B Her slowed-down rendition of “Locked Out of Heaven” was a massive improvement on her dubious audition. Yet while the Winehouserie of her instrument is as obvious as Paulina’s inarticulacy, I’m still hearing too many instances where her nasal tone veers toward the unpleasant.

Rion Paige, “I Won’t Let Go” | Grade: A- Impossible! This adorable moppet in an orchid cupcake dress made me not hate a Rascal Flatts song! That little break in her voice is country radio-ready, and this performance was miles better than her so-so audition.

Danielle Geimer, “Georgia on My Mind” | Grade: B Probably the second-cleanest and second-prettiest vocal from the entire category, but there wasn’t a lot of creativity or risk-taking in the song choice or arrangement. (Yeah, that’s my long-winded way of saying Idol‘s Kendra Chantelle did it better.)

Ellona Santiago, “Clarity” | Grade: C  I honestly don’t know how Simon labeled her among the category’s best vocalists. To my ears, Ellona’s pitch was as dubious as a toddler trying to draw a perfect circle. And sorry, kiddo, but histrionics are no substitute for legit emotional connection. As I Tweeted during the show, “Clarity? Not when it came to the notes on this song!”

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of tonight’s X Factor? Who were your favorites? Did you disagree with any of the judges’ decisions? Sound off in the comments, then come back overnight after I update this post with more detailed contestant reviews!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Demi should’ve replaced Jamie with Rion and Danielle with Ellona, if she really wanted Ellona. Jamie was right to go home, but Ashly wasn’t.

    • JON says:

      I think Danielle is awesome. Meanwhile, both Ashly’s performances, she went off at the end. She can’t cry during every performance.

  2. Kaba says:

    Maybe I’m progressively going deaf..
    But I see absolutely nothing outstanding about Rion’s vocals…or any of her performances :/
    Danie is where all my faith is going toward for the girls. Her and Khaya, but obviously Khaya is probably gonna get the boot 1st week of live rounds since Rion and Ellona are untouchable entities to these judges.
    Why Ashly got the boot…..can Demie just be done after this season?
    I’m so pissed Ashly’s gone.

  3. Jtt says:

    You giving Ellona a C and Rion an A- is just crazy. I honestly think they switch grades. Rion’s voice is not even that nice! You should definitely go watch Ellona’s covers on youtube.

    • MC says:

      ITA. Ellona is the real deal. She’s one to watch.

    • HTGR says:

      No way it should have been Ellona out for Ashly. It should’ve been Rion out to save Ashly.
      Not that Rion is bad she does have talent just not a match for the others.
      That was the first part of the four chairs thing that had me really upset. (I wish Kelly had five chairs though to have kept Lorie).

    • Nicole Woods says:

      Maybe this music ‘critic’ should stick with something less demanding than critiquing someone’s musical ability. There was nothing histrionic about Ellona’s performance and Rion was just average. Seriously I would skip this wanna be music critic’s assessment.

    • Karen Swift says:

      He probably won’t because his perception is already shall we say, ‘jaded’. Another racist Aussie and fellow Aussie’s will know what I mean. Pathetic really.

    • Honey Urrutia says:

      I agree. Ellona is a great performer.

  4. Kaba says:

    Why even mention Kendra Chantelle? She was on season 10…of American Idol
    She’s so irrelevant o.o

    • Louie says:

      Uhh, because anyone who’s a fan of Fox’s singing shows will definitely remember Kendra’s fantastic rendition of that song. Like it or not, people will make comparisons of singers singing the same song making your comment irrelevant.

      • Kaba says:

        And thats supposed to justify his need to reference her when she has no affiliation whatsoever to the Xfactor?
        Maybe if there was anything behind the reasoning throwing her up in the air I’d be fine with. But for the love of God she’s so irrelevant it hurts. Heard her rendition and I don’t give the slightest damn about the fact that she sang it, that was what, 4 or 5 years ago on a different show?
        Get over that junk.

        • HTGR says:

          Why? At that rate why not forget about Whitney Houston and everyone else under the sun too.

          • Kaba says:

            Because it’s fruitful to compare some random girl to some aimlessly irrelevant person who made an attempt at fame several years ago as though to almost spite them for not doing it better than that person?
            Would it be helpful to point out that by this logic, I can go on to cite every person on youtube who did a cover of this song better?
            And Whitney is a legend who made her mark in music and ought not to be forgotten.
            These are contestants on separate reality tv singing competitions on top of competing years apart from one another.
            It’s useless and pointless.

          • HTGR says:

            I don’t think it hurts to give a shout out to someone who basically got robbed and who did an amazing job on one of these shows. There is no harm in using potentially common reference points. She might be familiar to many readers here. A random youtuber wasn’t on one of these shows.
            I also think he was more just giving some more props to Kendra (who did do an amazing job with it and did do FAR better than the person she sang for her life against, but that was the season of completely over the top manips and scripts and fake judging).

  5. Nedsdag says:

    Boy, Michael, you truly love bringing up AI has beens in comparison to the current singers. Why didn’t you mention Mishavonna whatshername while you are at it?

  6. MB says:

    Danielle was by far my favorite. I love everything about her.
    I am really enjoying the show this season. Hated a few of the audition episodes though. I swear they show so many bad auditions so Simon could throw out some nasty one liners. He needs to realize nobody wants to see that garbage anymore. It just isn’t funny anymore.
    Idol also needs to do away with that garbage. People want to hear talent without making fun of the delusional.

  7. Passing by says:

    Seriously u gave ellona a c. Not sure what u we’re listening to, did u even watch the show?

    • scottp38 says:

      I know right. Obviously he doesn’t know crap about music and should keep his ‘dubious’ opinions to himself. Maybe he missed the part where Simon said he wanted to work with her.

  8. When it comes to vocal ability than we have to give props to Ellonna as the strongest voice in her category.

  9. EVPandHC says:

    I thought Ellona was fine when the song picked up, but the beginning wasn’t good for sure. If I had to pick, I would pick Ellona and Danie along with Khaya and Ashly. I felt that Ashly sang much better than Rion. I thought Rion was kinda dull and didn’t really improve. And for Jamie, I felt that she didn’t bring that much heartache to the song.
    So far, for both of the first two categories, there is just one that I don’t agree with. Is it just a coincidence they’re both country? But yeah, I hope next week’s outcome is better.

  10. dj says:

    I didn’t like the show. This four-chair business is not an improvement, in my opinion. And none of these girls is as good as Carly or Beatrice last year.

    • Kaba says:

      Beatrice wasn’t that good :/

    • BillyBob says:

      Carly would blow the doors off any of these girls. Diamond White too. Both only 13 last season.

    • MC says:

      The top tier talent last season was really great, but I do like the four chairs twist. It adds some drama and fun. I love Kelly Rowland and Khloe is no longer there. The show as a whole is more watchable, but so far I don’t see a Carly type talent among the younger vocalists (although Ellona has great potential). It’s too early for me to properly assess the groups, but Fifth Harmony showed that Simon can still assemble a really good group of young singers.

      • BillyBob says:

        Carly Rose and Diamond White keep me watching weekly. Cheering for Carly. Plus the hot mess drama of CeCe and Paige was a must tune in. This group of contestants I’m not liking too much. None has blown it out of the water. Except for the grandma Lillie. None of the over 25’s is star potential. Too old. Look at Tate Stevens. Best potential for a breakout star would be a early 20’s to teens winner and NOT late 30’s, 40’s, or even 50’s singer.

    • John says:

      @ dj: I agree. I don’t like this 4-chair business either. IMO it seems very arbitrary. I don’t like how it gives these judges so much power. (No wonder it was Simon’s idea.) They have to make a decision right on the spot, and it usually makes no sense. It makes no sense if they’re going to keep the singer or not. And if they keep the singer, who are they going to replace the singer with? I prefer The Voice’s method. I like how the singers get to choose which coach they want to work with. No wonder The Voice is killing The X-Factor in the ratings.

      • MB says:

        Every single show the judges has the power to eliminate someone until the final 10 or 12. The Voice also has their faults. How many contestants were told ” pick me and let’s win this thing” only to be eliminated boom at the battle rounds. The Voice is and always had been more about the judges. I don’t dislike The Voice but let’s be real, I watch it for the entertainment factor not in order to find a new talent. The only show that really has produced major talents in America is American Idol.

  11. mm says:

    No doubt Ellona Santiago is very talented & fierce, but she is a Jessica Sanchez clone except she is less pretty, less marketable and a weaker singer & dance then her. If Jessica can’t make it big, then this girl certainly can’t. Waste of a spot. I think Ashly Williams could have won and could have been the U.S’s version of Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke. SO PISSED.

    • Jillian says:

      THIS! I said that the second I saw her audition. She looks AND sounds just like Jessica Sanchez. I didn’t like Sanchez on AI (or even her brief stint on Glee) so I don’t think I will be rooting for Ellona at all. She is a carbon copy of Sanchez.

      • Kaba says:

        The girl sings “Wings” and “Clarity” and suddenly she’s the next Jessica Sanchez?
        I’m not seeing the hype of any of these highly anticipated contestants this season. I feel bad for any other Filipino teenage girls hoping to make a name for themselves in the business, all they’ll ever get compared to is Jessica Sanchez and Charice Pempemgco :/
        I don’t see what constitutes her as another Jessica sanchez. Jessica could blow her off the stage vocals alone

        • fiona says:

          Totally agree with you. It really is a shame that anyone that is Filipino (Asian) can only be a “Jessica Sanchez Clone”. I think Ellona must respect Jessica considering the latter preformed those two exact songs on Glee but Ellona was around the same time as her (re: season 1 auditions). To say Jessica can’t make it big is really not considering the fact that 1. she wasn’t crowned idol 2. most idol winners don’t make it “big” 3. any person on idol still takes a couple years before they make that “smash hit”. She does have a pretty big asian following and has modeling contracts in the Philippines. It only takes time. Ellona I think did really well with Wings but should have done a different song this time.

          As for the grading, I thought Ellona was one of the better singers so I’m surprised Michael gave her a C. Rion is okay, but too be honest I don’t find her voice that appealing. I liked Jamie Pineda out of the first four contestants and was sad that she had to go.

          What I really hope this season is that people don’t go with the typical competition songs (ie enough Whitney) There are thousands of songs out there. Just pick something new!

        • jess says:

          Jessica Sanches has a good voice. But she can not dance like ellona, and ellona is much prettier and better performer. No comparison

      • SS says:

        Yes her performance totally reminded me of Jessica Sanchez, she looked and sang exactly like her, plus she was even singing the same song (Clarity) that Jessica sang on Glee.

        • Xfactor says:

          Lol so what that’s actually a compliment if u really truly think she reminds u of jessica sanchez. If u watched AI the judges and many agreed she had one of the best voices in AI history. I don’t find much if a similarity between the 2 other the vocal ability. They both sound different, but if u want to compare her to jessica that’s a big compliment. She did make top 2 however most thought jessica deserved to win.

    • Kaba says:

      I’m so perplexed. Is it really fair to claim Jessica “can’t” make it big simply since it’s been a year or so since AI? You don’t hear of many contestants just jumpstarting the moment they leave a competition. Ever.
      Even Kelly Clarkson took time

      • Rich says:

        Kelly Broke a Beatles record on her 1st single. Kelly rocketed to super stardom. Go back and watch how successful she was in year 1.

        • Kaba says:

          I’m well aware of what she did off her first record, but like I’m saying she wasn’t some sort of hyper glamorized megastar. She was very successful year 1 but I’m going off the standards people have for current artsits where they expect people to sell 300 million copies asap. At least that’s the way I saw Kelly’s degree of success

    • BillyBob says:

      Ellona Santiago, who may very well be the second coming of Jessica Sanchez. Asians are not marketable at all in the US. Sanchez, Charice, Coco Lee (Chinese Idol) judge… America has not accepted Asians as singers.

    • Top talent says:

      Sounds like the same ppl responding to their own comments. Ellona does not remind me of jessica sanchez at all. Other then that they r both philipino. Their voices r different and Ellona has better stage presence( I’m sure jessica has improved in that area). I think Ellona and Khaya will both go far into the competition. Also comparing Ellonna to jessica would be like comparing rion to Carrie underwood. Both r white and country singers, yeah it’s a ridiculous comparison isn’t it?

    • paris says:

      Elonna’s first performance was ok – but when she sang clarity his week all I could think of was Jessica Sanchez on glee. And Jessica was way better, so I don’t think it was a smart move for Ellona to put herself on the same page as Jessica.
      I don’t think the girls’ talent is as strong as last years – In my opinion any of he fifth harmony members would win alone if they were this year.

  12. Ellona is way better than Rion.

  13. Britt says:

    Can someone please tell me what Primrose was thinking? Like the clothes, hair, dancing and singing was just all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how did Bree get to even sit in a chair (producers)?! Plus I am really sad that Ashly left, she has an amazing voice. I hope Paulina and Simon have better contestants, because the show and contestants are lacking that X Factor. I’m soooo confused and a little disappointed :(

  14. Kaba says:

    Why are people complaining about “the lack of talent this season”…
    You all sat through season 2 and can still say this season has poor talent?
    Literally the only people memorable about season 2 live shows was 5th harmony (…they never even harmonized), Carly, Beatrice, and Diamond.
    At least this season people can sing for God’s sake.
    This is the best upgrade ever compared to last season

    • Britt says:

      We must not have been watching the show, because these people are worst than last season.

      • Britt says:

        I don’t know why I added that comma.

      • Kaba says:

        The over 25s this season are better than last seasons, easily.
        What was the “young adults” was practically the girls and the girls are with ease better this season than last.
        There wasn’t much of a young male presence on the show, so that’s whatever. And idk about groups yet.
        This season is overall better. And don’t say it isn’t just because theres no carly.

  15. kirk says:

    The first half of Ellona’s performance was unbearable i thought my ears were going to bleed. I admit once she got into her groove she was much better but based on her whole performance I think a C is more than generous. My friend who usually watches The Voice was asking me what was wrong with her

  16. Kendrick says:

    Some of the comments that the haters left are downright laughable. Judges gets so much power with this 4-chairs challenge? DUH. Anything before the live shows is always decided by the judges. Doesn’t AI have the same format? I thought this 4-chair bootcamp is infintely better than the judges’ house (or rather rented mansion). It’s more intense and entertaining. Plus, they get to see how these acts perform in front of live audience under pressure. As compared to the judge’s house where some acts performed well under smaller venue but bombed during the live shows and drowned by the big stage and dancers/props.

    And as was mentioned previously, THERE WAS A PLAN FOR A FULL BOOTCAMP BEFORE THEY CUT TO TOP 40, but the Simon’s babymamagate news broke during that time, so it got cancelled.

    And I’m sorry but PAULINA brings so much more entertainment than LA Reid. “You are a Gothest.” “It;s a JES FROM ME”

    And for those who kept moaning about the show being axed, X-Factor ended up in second place behind BBT’s massive ratings. Plus, it’s still one of the highest ratings in FOX.

  17. Mikko says:

    I have not watched X-Factor at all this season, but now I went to watch the two previous episodes, because I loved Ellona Santiago in Season 1 as a part of the group InTENsity. I still love her and she could become a great singer, but she is still very far from ripe – she is too much in a hurry to make it. I have got to agree with Michael about her performance. In my mind, she did not belong among the four advancing.
    Again, I also remembered the several reasons I do not want to watch X-Factor anymore. And one yacky feature is that it is totally egoistic Simon Cowell show, and Simon is the one that influenced to Demi to pick Ellona – it was torture to watch. In seasons 1 and 2 there have been beautiful talents in the show, but the show itself was somehow quite disgusting, mainly because of Simon’s ego.
    But then again, it does not matter, who they pick, because any of those singers in adults and girls group do not inspire me. X-Factor Usa is really faraway from the quality of The Voice.

  18. Jim Welker says:

    Regarding Jessica Sanchez, When I first heard her, I picked her to win AI! She got robbed by a singer who shouldn’t have made the top 200! You can bet on A I and all the shows at off shore sports books! Every year the big favorite wins! David Cook was a 12 to 1 favorite over David cook! Ridiculous, considering Archaletta ( not sure of spelling ), blew Cook away on all 3 songs in the end! How was Phillip Phillips a 4 to 1 favorite over Jessica Sanchez in the A I final? So, I can tell everyone who will win the final in all of them! On the final of Cook and Archaletta, remember when Simon told Cook he appologized for saying how bad he was on the 3 song sing off, as he listened again to his performances? He said this because he knew who won and didn’t want to look like a jack ass! ONE YEAR THE WORST SINGER ON IDOL IN THE FINALS WAS A 22 TO 1 FAVORITE AND WON (CAN’T REMEMBER WHICH WINNER)! I’M NOT SAYING ANYTHING, BUT YOU FIGURE IT OUT! HOW COULD JESSICA SANCHEZ BE A HUGE UNDERDOG UNLESS SOMEONE KNOWS WHO THE WINNER ALREADY IS? WHEN I TOLD EVERYONE PHILLIPS WAS THE WINNER, BEFORE IT WAS ANNOUNCED, NOBODY BELIEVED ME! JUST GAVE ALL OF YOU FOOD FOR THOUGHT ABOUT THE INTEGRITY OF THE TALENT SHOWS! IT’S A SHAME BUT IS TRUE! CAN’T BE A COINCIDENSE EVERY YEAR THE SINGER THAT IS BIG FAVORITE WINS….LOTS OF TIMES THE INFERIOR SINGER TOO! THINK ABOUT IT!

  19. Jim Welker says:


  20. HTGR says:

    I mostly agree with the top four but it really seemed wrong to send Ashly home. I wish she had gone more by overall potential. I mean the way she sang Whitney in her audition I mean you just can’t do it like that if you aren’t an insanely great singer. Yeah she was a little bit not the best tonight but keep in mind that I have not EVER seen one singer on these shows carry off that song in a way that really made them shine. I don’t mean to be heartless but I’d have swapped Ashly in for Rion. Rion does have a good voice and real talent no doubt but at this point she is still young and her audition showed she can get hints of grating to her power voice and she was pretty boring this time. No way she could ever pull off what Ashly did the other week. I knew Ashly was a goner though since they simply were not going to send Rion home with the way it was set up.
    So really bummed Ashly got sent home. Totally wrong. She had one of the best auditions ever and definitely better than Rion’s and while she wasn’t super amazing tonight it was also on a song that nobody in the history of these shows has ever been super amazing on and Rion’s song was kind of dull tonight.
    Totally disagree with Michael’s slamming Ellona down. I was actually ready to have her sent home, although like Jeff you knew there was no way unless she bombed or so it felt (although Demi seemed to make it close legit), since her audition was very good but not really all that and I don’t know but tonight she proved herself, yeah a couple notes a bit of slide off pitch but she was basically pseudo-acapella on the song more or less the whole way through since the background gave zero guidance or backing fill and I thought she showed a heck of a lot of potential.

  21. HTGR says:

    The best four are:
    Ashly Williams, Khaya Cohen, Danielle Geimer, Ellona Santiago
    realllllllllllllllllly wrong that Ashly wasn’t also the top four.

    • HTGR says:

      (side note: future contestants never, ever, ever pick that song, no contestant has ever helped themselves on these shows, ever, picking that song; I wish they had looked past it the way Kelly looked past things and sent Rachel through anyway).

    • Mikko says:

      Earlier I wrote, that none of the contestants I have seen really inspire me (because of their inmaturity mainly). I have to take my words a little bit back: I think Khaya is wonderful, but also she is there too early, and her singing can be a real mess. The thing is, that X-Factor finds 13-15 years wonderful kids, who cannot attend to other competitions yet and who have the potential to become wonderful singers. This year those kids are so far away from being ripe, that it does not really work. Last year Carly, Beatrice and Diamond were surprisingly amazing already bearing their ages in mind.

  22. lesley says:

    Micheal, you dont have ears for music..Such a stupid feedback..

  23. Claudia says:

    Ashley’s ridiculous gold thing across her forehead proved to me that she has no idea how to style herself. I thought her vocal was pretty so-so too. But let’s face it – none of the girls are even going to come close to the finale anyway.

  24. Jim Welker says:

    Really surprised nobody commented on the facts I laid out about how the off shore betting establishments KNOW who the winner is days before the votes! How can any finalist be a 22 to 1 favorite? This year I am not even gonna call the book to find out the winner before the vote….ruins it for me every year! I still feel Santiago has a good shot at winning this show! Ashley williams should be in instead of Paige! That was ridiculous what Ashley was wearing around her head….SHE’S A REAL SLAVE TO FASHION!!!!!!!!! ALSO, on earlier comments on this thread, I mentioned Phillip Phillips was a 4 to 1 favorite over Jessica Sanchez in that A I final! I know a lot of people who lost a lot of money all those years taking the underdog! By the way, the books took such a beating on bets on talent shows, you can only bet TO WIN $100.00 NOW! They used to let you bet ANY AMOUNT YOU WANTED TO BET! People caught on to the favorite always winning, even if the favorite was inferior to the other finalist! DOESN’T THIS PROVE HUGE DOUBTS ABOUT THE INTEGRITY OF THESE SHOWS! BIG COINCIDENCES YEAR AFTER YEAR….I DONT THINK SO!!!!!???????

  25. Jim Welker says:

    One more comment….On A. I everytime Phillip Phillips kept advancing, my wife and I kept sayinwg, “when are they gonna eliminate this guy”? We felt enough was enough! When he won, we were flabbergasted! We now are saying when is Paige gonna be eliminated! You can only feel sorry for a person for so long! She sings ok….BUT IN TOP 4 OF GIRLS?????? Also, When LA REID KEPT SAYING HOW WONDERFUL PHILLIP PHILLIPS WAS, MY WIFE AND I WANTED TO. STOP WATCHING THE SHOW! HE WAS ORDINARY, AS WAS DAVID COOK….A REAL JOKE! SORRY TO GET OFF X FACTOR SUBJECT….TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF AVERAGE TALENT WINNING THESE TALENT SHOWS!

  26. Justin says:

    As a music major, Ellona has the best voice among the 4 girls. Simon knows what he’s talking about.

    • Kaba says:

      Being a music major doesn’t give you anymore authority to judge than anyone else.
      All it means is that you’re more likely to throw your accolades around do justify your responses.
      Or even that you’re more likely to be biased than the rest of the biased mass

  27. Megyn says:

    X Factor UK is soooooo much better than the US version. Overall, the UK show is less gimmicky and there’s less manufactured drama. I couldn’t stand Nicole Scherzinger as a judge on the first season of the US installment, but she is much more tolerable on the UK version. And the “six chair challenge” on X Factor UK makes for better TV than the US’s “four chair challenge.”

  28. jkog says:

    remember drew ryniewicz., she’s better than anyone from demi’s team. i wonder where she is now.

  29. Clark smith says:

    Well a C for Ellona? How deaf can you be michael? Rion is there on the top 4 girls mainly because she is a country singer, khaya lacks personality but i like how humble she is, danie is the underdog. Simon is right in saying ellona is one of the best singers in her category, well being branded as another jessica sanchez is a compliment, but i think ellona is a performer while jessica is a belter, and to those saying filipino singers cant go far to the music industry and america doesnt accept filipino singers, well think again, bruno mars, nicole scherzinger of pussycat dolls, arnel pineda of journey, lea salonga, vanessa hudgens, charice, apl de ap of blackeyed peas, darren criss of glee, enrique iglesias, mutya buena of sugababes… Etc

    • megan says:

      Asians in general especially East Asians are not accepted well as singers in the USA but singers of Filipino ethnicity (pure or just part Filipino) are doing good and making names for themselves because of their talent. I agree with Simon, Ellona is one of the better singers in the show and I think she can be the best.

      • Sia says:

        I agree with you filipinos of ethnicity are great singers, and ellona will be a great addition in the list, i just dont get it why most of them were robbed thru talent searches or competitions

  30. scottp38 says:

    Your an idiot. I see why you last name is Slezak…

  31. Jim Welker says:

    Santiago may not QUITE be the singer of Jessica Sanchez, but her showmanship is superior to Jessica’s whih makes Santiago at leat her equal….AT LEAST!

    • wiggles says:

      Maybe if we were going off of when Sanchez was still on AI.
      Her showmanship can eliminate ellona’s now.
      She’s far too superior

  32. bluejay says:

    Want a chance for the stylists to refine Ashly’s look – put away younger looking outfits for something more mature and not costumey. Personally, I would have traded Khaya out, I know Khaya’s in for her tone, but some of us can only stand that kind of tone and big mouth for so long. Like the blog writer said, often veers toward the unpleasant (like someone whining in a dental chair). Elona said “I’m a performer too.” Well, she was good last year and learned how to perform, but didn’t she have her time? couldn’t someone have picked her up after that (like Disney) instead of us seeing her again? I recognized her before Simon did. Personally I’d rather see authenticity and emotion over performance.

  33. bluejay says:

    **by the way, meant to say bring Ashly back and do this.

    • wiggles says:

      Such a poor reason to throw out Khaya. Especially considering everyone is just bypassing Rion because of her arm situation. If Rion were just as normal as the other girls the judges would throw her away mercilessly.
      As far as Khaya’s tone. What a bad reason. If she’s capable of proving that she ought to stay around because her tone can prove to be formidable, why on earth dispose of her simply because it can also be rather unpleasant?
      The way I see it, we don’t have a clue what she’ll do in the live rounds and her 4 chair performance was stellar enough for her to have made her claim as to why she ought to go to the live rounds.

  34. Natalie says:

    Very disappointed as Ashley is such a talented singer. I agree the choice of song was not good but she is still super talented without a doubt. Bring Ashley back!!!!

  35. mila says:

    Michael you dont know.about.music so shut up u.lame.head!!!

  36. mila says:

    Those judges are highly paid to choose the best, and u michael dont have the right to judge ok.

  37. jess says:

    Ellona Santiago is the best for all the contestant. She has the x factor quality that they are looking for. Young, beauty, performance, singing while dancing and strong vocal voice. She can belted high notes. Performance of Selena Gomez, lately on the show, Ellona can outperform her. Wait given her chance like Simon said do not give her too much work on choreography and you will hear Ellona on her true voice. I don,t think america will rush to the concert if Rion,( no dancing talent) Lilie ( too old ) Josh ( too young) the couples ( too boring) the group ( not ready yet) and the guys ( no charisma for young people) ,

  38. Bonquisha says:

    1. Rion
    2. Danie
    3. Khaya
    4. Jamie
    5. Ashley
    6. Ellona
    7. Rylie
    8. Simone
    9. Bree
    10. Primrose