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Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola Previews 'Fun' College Move, Promises More 'Klaroline' Ahead

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers The CW’s The Vampire Diaries will literally give it the old college try in Season 5 (bowing tonight at 8/7c), when Elena, Caroline and even (however briefly) a secretly dead Bonnie make their way to a nearby university for some frat boy-filled, dorm room-living, freshman-year fun.

Annnnd then we come back down to reality and remember that this is TVD we’re talking about, where danger and drama run rampant, and the guys of the Greek system can’t hold a candle to those undead Mystic Falls men. That doesn’t, however, mean that the additive saga will falter in the always tricky transition into college.

“The writers just knocked it right out of the park,” Vampire starlet Candice Accola assures TVLine. “I loved the [premiere] and thought it was really, really fun.”

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And that’s not all the actress is excited about in the new season. Here, Accola details Caroline’s future with Tyler (and Klaus!), the reveal of Silas’ secret identity and more.

TVLINE | It can be really tough to transition a show from high school to college. How do you feel The Vampire Diaries has done so far?
I love the first episode, but I can completely resonate with what you’re saying. I was a little worried for the college years, because they usually are really awkward. You know, on Boy Meets World they all went to college, and it was really weird! And I didn’t like Saved by the Bell when they did it. [Laughs] These were the experiences that I was pulling from. But the writers just knocked it right out of the park. It’s also an easier transition because the joke is that we never saw these students in high school much — especially in Season 4 — so we’re not going to miss those classroom. And we’re still attached to Mystic Falls, because Damon, Jeremy and Matt are there. It’s not like we’ve departed completely.

TVLINE | And there’s obviously a lot going on back in Mystic Falls with the Silas/Stefan of it all. How involved will Caroline and Elena be in that storyline?
The secret’s gotta come out of the bag at some point. They’re not going to be kept in the dark forever.

TVLINE | Back on campus, will Caroline and Elena become embroiled in any supernatural battles of their own?
I think everyone has an idea that the college experience is not going to be all about frat parties, that there’s going to be supernatural goings-on at college — otherwise this would be a really boring series and they would totally have to change the name from Vampire Diaries to College Life or something. [Laughs] There will definitely be supernatural stresses that follow them to college, and they’re really great. We’re also going to meet some new characters, we’re going to learn about more of the mythology and we’re going to really see all of these characters come together.

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TVLINE | Talk specifically about the moment the girls learn that Bonnie’s actually dead.
Eventually the characters are going to come into the light about what is really going on and the bigger picture, and it’s going to be really hard truth to face. For the viewers, they’re going to be opened up into a whole different world and it’s going to be an opportunity for them to learn more about the mythology of Mystic Falls.

TVLINE | Give us a little overview of Caroline and Tyler’s status leading into the premiere.
Caroline is just head-over-heels excited, happy, and ready for Tyler to get to college, so that they can fulfill their destiny of just being the happiest, best couple on the college campus, ever. [Laughs] She has no idea where he is, and she doesn’t really care because she knows he’s going to show up and everything’s going to be just as she’s ever imagined it.

TVLINE | On the other end of Caroline’s love-life spectrum, can fans look forward to any mention of Klaus? Or is that pretty much on the backburner at this point?
It’s backburner going into [the season]. At this point there’s not really been talk of Caroline officially popping into New Orleans anytime soon, but Klaus definitely does come up in conversation as the season progresses, and we all get a taste of exactly how she feels about him.

And now for some word association fun! We asked Accola to reveal the first word that comes to mind about the Mystic Falls vets in Season 5 — and the things she came up with are fun, surprising and a tad bit confusing. (It’s OK, we’ll still bite!)

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  1. cc says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Maki says:

    Megan always asking the wrrong questions. Will Saroline happen?????? I mean I love Caroline and she is a big part of my reason to stick with the show and can’t wait to enroll into season 5.

  3. Melinda says:

    I think that’s actually Stefan, the picture with the rumpled hair and blood all over his mouth. He looks like he just fed after being deprived a lot of blood.

  4. huda says:

    OMG I can;t wait to see what Caroline feel’s about Klaus XD KLAROLINE!!

  5. mari says:

    klaroline has to happen. please julie

  6. Mia says:

    Julie had a gold mine in Klaroline. So what does she do? Puts Hayley in the spinoff instead. Ugh, please Caroline Dries, give us something Klaroline related since we are stuck with them on different shows and Klaus being ruined by a baby and Hayley

    • dude says:

      I’m sure Candice would prefer to stay on the mother ship and not test the waters in a spin-off.

    • hallie says:

      Here is my two cents I think that they sent klaus without caroline to the originals is smart at least for a season because klaus can litterly be badass where if caroline was there he never would do half of those things. I think building his character up that way is smart but they also are smart enough not to pair him with anyone else and has promised fans that even though caroline isn’t on the originals and klaus isn’t on tvd we will still feel there presents which if this works will be very smart. They were hoping to get new veiwers but lets face it if viewers haven’t been watching tvd for the last five years then they aren’t going to be watching the originals. So, they are going to have to hold on to tvd fans and klaroline fans which is why both candice and julie are pushing for this couple. Candice and julie were always forwood fans but in the last few weeks between the scoop a couple will be calling it quits for good and candice telling fans she loves the klaroline scenes and would like to go to new orleans when not long ago she was trying to persuade fans devotion to this couple by reminding them he was a killer. I can’t wait for the crossovers and as for haley not fan and I don’t see how julie can redeem her for fans but she is welcome to try.

  7. robi says:


  8. Francine says:

    I couldn’t get into Klaus and Caroline. Too disturbing even for this non-moral show. No to Caroline with Stefan either. She used to be strong and her storylines didn’t revolve around which guy she should be with. I hope they get back to that again. Same with Elena.

  9. Rook says:

    Can Tyler not come back, he’s a total wet blanket for Caroline.

  10. Radha says:

    I seriously do not get why people love Klaus. Or Klaus and Caroline. Ugh.