CBS' The Millers: Did You Pass... Judgment?

The MillersThe Millers, which premiered Thursday (8:30/7:30c), features the welcome return of Will Arnett (Arrested Development) and Margo Martindale (Justified). But is the show itself a welcome treat, or did the flatulence-happy sitcom stink?

Much of the early buzz around CBS’ new multi-cam comedy from Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl, Raising Hope) centered on Emmy-winner Martindale and her gassy behavior in the pilot. Martindale plays Carol, the matriarch of the Miller family, whose prodigal son Nathan (Arnett) disrupts the whole family’s flow by revealing that he divorced his wife (to be played in later episodes by Happy EndingsEliza Coupe). In response, Miller patriarch Tom (Beau Bridges, Stargate SG-1) decides to leave his wife, as well, and move in with daughter Debbie (Jayma Mays, Glee), leaving Carol with Nathan.

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The show’s strength lies in its cast. Joining Arnett & Co. are Nelson Franklin (New Girl) as Debbie’s hubby Adam, newcomer Eve Moon as Debbie and Adam’s daughter and J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Nathan’s BFF Ray. The pilot’s script, however, relies on well-trod sitcom tropes: Health food is gross! Cursing kids are funny! Women talk a lot!

Arnett and Martindale, two of TV’s finest, do sometimes manage to get a genuine laugh; for instance, it’s hard not to be charmed by their climactic, Dirty dance to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”. But too often, Carol’s intestinal issues provide the bulk of the punchlines.

The first time Nathan calls his mother out for farting, she tells him to relax: “It’s just a fart – some people think they’re funny!” He explains that they’re only funny when you can hear them. This rule applies to the show at large: The Millers is funny when it’s being loud, letting its talented and hilarious cast be as big as it can be. In its quieter moments, The Millers needs to find its footing; with such a talented cast and creator behind it, we’re confident the show can let ‘er rip.

But enough about what we thought: What was your take on The Millers? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. margo says:


  2. MotorCityGirl says:

    In total agreement with you, Misha

  3. Duke says:

    It stars Will Arnett, therefor it is doomed.

    The only way it would be cancelled faster is if it also starred Christian Slater.

    • Zach says:

      That’s why they both have had shows that got renewals. Arnett had three that got renewals, one of which got resurrected and is still on, and one that chose to end on it’s own terms. I hate it when people call Arnett, Slater, Tyler Labine, Geoff Stults, etc. showkillers.

      • KND says:

        Christian Slater is a show killer.

        • Zach says:

          A showkiller can’t have a show be renewed. Breaking In WAS renewed. Therefore, he is not a showkiller. Jason O’Mara is a showkiller.

        • Nichole says:

          Christian Slater is not a show killer, he has just chosen to do shows that are outside the box and unfortunately didn’t get enough of a following to continue. The Forgotten was a fantastic show with a great cast, My Own Worst Enemy was a really good and well acted show too. Breaking In was the best sitcom in years, though the second season was ruined by all the changes that where probably forced on the show. I give Slater a lot of credit for going for something new and different, am just sorry none of the shows took root in America.

          • Zach says:

            Yeah, and Mind Games looks really promising. The unaired episodes of Breaking In were brilliant. Way better than the S2 ones that aired. They’re all online/iTunes/DVD. CHECK THEM OUT!

    • jake says:

      and summer glau

  4. Francine says:

    I didn’t really like it but I may give it one more shot. There is just way too much talent on this show.

  5. Lorena says:

    Eh I thought was okay. Not really good. Probably could be one of the first cancellations of CBS.

  6. David says:

    I liked it. I really like all of the actors. But they really have to lose the awful laugh track.

  7. Carol says:

    OMG! I loved the show!! Not the fart stuff so much, but the rest of the show and cast were funny! Hope it’s a go!

  8. The Millers is downright horrible. Cringe inducing humor at its worst. I give my grade of The Millers an F.

  9. Tazzy says:

    I enjoyed it! Especially how the parents and the kids relate. Pretty funny!

  10. David4 says:

    Great, great cast, love them all. The rest of the show is horrible!

  11. nickmaniac says:

    I liked it! A rocky start, sure, but it has potential to grow into something really funny, I think. Especially since Greg Garcia is behind it… as long as you can stomach his brand of humour!

  12. Zach says:

    I liked everyone except Margo Martindale. It’s nice to see Jayma Mays in a role where she’s not all cutesy. Cast had good chemistry. Adding Nelson Franklin at the last minute was a nice touch. Looking forward to next weeks episode.

    • Meredith says:

      I agree with you on Margo Martindale. She seems awkward doing comedy. Maybe it’s bc I’ve only seen her in dramatic roles. Continuing to watch though bc I love the rest of the cast, especially Beau Bridges!

  13. leah holley says:

    I think that if it wasn’t on after Big Bang Theory, it would get cancelled pretty quickly. Too much fart humor. I may give it another shot, but it was really just o.k..

  14. Anyone else get a kick out of voting for the one that gets the most votes? I liked it more than I thought it would, but it’s still going to be on probation. Can’t just give up on a Greg Garcia show. I wonder what it would be like if it was single camera.

  15. monieet says:

    Funny, fuuny, funny. This will be a hit. God job. Good acting and great writing

  16. Ace says:

    I’m sorry to say that this was really terrible. This has been a bad year for sitcoms.

  17. Daniel says:

    Just hope this show isn’t cancelled before episode 4, I saw the taping and it was actually pretty good. I’ll be curious what they’ll keep and cut out of the show

  18. Tom Charles says:

    Fart jokes? Really?

  19. Marcelo says:

    There will always be people that hate everything, but I have to say, I think The Millers is really friggin funny. Tonight was only the pilot, so I’ll give it a pass on story (and yes, too many fart jokes, agreed) but Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale and JB Smoove are hilarious. I’m looking forward to the next show.

  20. Patrick Maloney says:

    I didn’t find this show to be as terrible as people made it out to be. I thought it was better than Dads, but that ain’t saying much. I just think that they need to develop on the few good moments I saw in the pilot

  21. jennifer says:

    Loved it. Laughed throughout the episode and not just at the fart jokes, which lets be honest were funny. I particularly loved the dirty dancing choreography at the very end though. That was hilarious and sweet at the same time, and looked like it would have been a riot to watched being filmed in studio. Beau Bridges is also hilarious in a way I haven’t seen him before which is very refreshing. Love him as an actor and enjoy this comedic side!

    • Linda says:

      I agree! As a middle-aged woman I could totally relate to the fart jokes!! Loved the comedic spin put on them. Seriously, there are more older couples out there in real life that are exactly like these two……the husband hasn’t got a clue!! My husband & I laughed more with this show than the Crazy Ones….which even in week 2 was very ‘weak’!!

  22. Bob Smith says:

    Enjoyed it almost as much as Crazy Ones. Another great CBS comedy. Can’t wait to see more!

  23. Chris says:

    EWWW to the title of this article. And EWWW to the fart jokes. Horrible show! Worse than The Crazy Ones, Dads, and We Are Men, even!

  24. Matt says:

    How has this earned a B rating?! Does anything here get voted down? By definition, not everything can be above average!

  25. Parker says:

    The show was cheezy, vulgar and uninteresting. Beau Bridges’ speech pattern makes him sound drunk even when he [presumably]isn’t. Will Arnett, like Colin Hanks, Sean Murray etc. is second banana material, not a leading man/star.

    • Zach says:

      Will Arnett and Colin Hanks are both lead material. Arnett was fine in this (I also liked him in Running Wilde). Hanks is definitely lead material. He wasn’t credited as the lead in The Good Guys, but that’s because Bradley Whitford was a producer. Hanks was pretty much the main character and he was great. Honestly, if there was any show I wish got a second season, that would be it.

      I don’t watch NCIS, so I can’t talk about Sean Murray.

  26. Justin says:

    Best cast for any sitcom on TV. Loved it and I am sure it will only get better

  27. John Moshier says:

    what a waste of great talent award winners horrible laugh track lousey jokes cbs comedys so far bunch of crap

  28. Carrie says:

    I watched it with my mother who is 86 years old. We loved it and laughed during the entire show. Life is short, enjoy.

  29. alyssa says:

    Never laughed once. I was hoping it would be good because of my love for Will Arnett, but this show completely failed for me. Won’t be tuning in again.

  30. jake says:

    mom is the best new sitcom imo, great cast

  31. Kimberly Hill says:

    It was pretty bad. We will DVR it one more time this thursday but don’t have high hopes. Despite the strong cast, the jokes were forced and it was just very cliche on every level.

  32. Glenn says:

    Great show! The writers are wonderful- they can make me laugh without cussing! About time there was a show that didn’t insult me! Thanks for smart writing without resorting to the over used cheap laugh of cursing on air. Not everyone cusses you know!
    Abreath of fresh air