Fox Renews Sleepy Hollow For Second Season

Sleepy Hollow Season 2Now Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod has to get some new clothes — after all, he’s going to be around for at least another year.

In the fall’s first renewal, Fox on Thursday picked up its new supernatural hit for a 13-episode second season.

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The drama’s premiere episode grabbed a total audience of 10.1 million and scored a 3.5 rating in the demo, making it Fox’s best fall debut since 2006’s Standoff. (Wait, 2006 was seven years ago… and Abbie and Ichabod are on a seven-year quest to take down the Headless Horseman and other agents of darkness… Did anyone else just get the chills?)

The renewal means Fox will forego a back nine for Sleepy Hollow and stick to its original, cable-like, 13-episode-per-season plan.

Are you psyched to spend another season in the Hollow? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. JDS says:

    Not surprised…It will be a cult classic!

  2. Lynn says:

    cool show ….love the story line!!!!!

  3. Renee says:

    YEA!!!! love this show and Icabod is a hottie!!!

  4. rissa says:

    Wow, surprised they decided so fast but very happy! Love the show!

  5. Mikey says:

    Does this mean that season one is only going to be 13 episodes and not get a back nine? or has a back nine already been confirmed by Fox? I like the model of network shows doing 13 episode seasons.

    • shuayb says:

      I also think its a great format. Also the costs for this must be big and the best way to do this would be to give it 13 eps. I love it. Love the show.

    • Phillip says:

      Season 1 will consist of 13 episodes. No back 9(22 episode). It will return, most likely, in the fall of 2014.

    • Guest says:

      To me, is a genre thing: Game of Thrones, American Horror Story and Fringe’s last season they all thrived with the 10-13 episode format, in a way Tbe Circle Circle, well, did not.

    • I don’t like short seasons. I wish all my favorite shows had full seasons.

  6. pedro says:

    isn’t this a little bit too early? SH only aired 3 episodes yet and even tho it seems stable so far, it can fall to low rating numbers anytime soon

    • dmac says:

      It is not likely, not only are the show’s rating high the DVR numbers are through the roof, it is trending up in most demo’s and the word of mouth is phenomenal…Fox has an actual hit on its hands. It is a darn good show.

      • prish says:

        It had the best pilot, ever. It looked like they put movie production values into its making. Almost every other pilot I’ve seen had a backyard production quality. Good show.

      • John Magee says:

        DVR numbers are irrelevant – people need to stop thinking they matter – people with DVR’s ignore commercials – commercials are how television makes money – the ratings are solid in the 18-49 demo and they haven’t lost enough over the 3 episodes to make FOX worry, and FOX probably got a good deal on the cost of the episodes, but not good enough for a full season so they’ll limit their exposure (and audience fatigue) by making it 13 episdes – which I believe is the direction network tv will head

        • Parkerthon says:

          Actually, ratings are hardly as relevant as they used to be. The prime demographic consumes media in so many different ways, the entire counting of viewers is just one measurement of popularity. DVR and streaming are actually quite relevant. Media companies need shows that are popular, they can’t pretend non traditional viewers don’t count… There’s far too many now. Besides, they already shown that DVD viewers do watch ads occasionally and are incidentally much more receptive to the ones they watch. Same applies to online viewers. The whole quantification of ads to revenue is a big voodoo science anyway. Marketing people just had to adapt their angle on selling sponsorship. Point is popularity, however your count it, is still king. Bet fox saw some underlying things not even mentioned here like twitter trending and fan I activity on social media.

    • liz says:

      And this early of a renewal tends to increase viewership as people are curious (got renewed early, must be good) and it also combats the fear that people have about watching a new show only to get invested and have it cancelled in its first season. Its going to continue, so that makes people more at ease.

    • Alice says:

      Sleepy Hollow was the FOX network’s biggest premiere in 7 years. It had the biggest ratings for FOX the 18-49 bracket since the premiere of “24” 12 years ago. What else did it need to do?

  7. JJM says:

    I assuming this will make the history books?

  8. lynn says:

    brilliant news !!!

  9. Alex says:

    Hey FOX, a full season has 22 episodes. Is the 1st season just 13 eps?

    • Mel says:

      Exactly my question? Does this mean winter/spring 2014 or only 13 more episodes in the Fall of 2014?

      • Alice says:

        FOX is changing its programming to limited series engagements much like Cable meaning 13 episode seasons.

      • Guest says:

        If it means they are sticking to the original plan of 13 episodes instead to drag the storyline because the ratings are so high, I’m all for it. I wish more networks would respect creativity over profit like that.

    • Terrance says:

      Yes, this first season is only 13-episodes as well. Hopefully this a sign that a lot more big networks might start picking up on the cable format of having only 13-episode seasons. The old setup of having 22-episodes is just entirely way too long and only hurts the quality of the writing.

      • Tony says:

        I miss the old days of 28-30 episodes a season with large casts like Dallas and Dynasty. No repeats. Lots of story lines running against eachother.

        • dude says:

          That also leaves lots of room for killing time and running in circles. Short episode orders allow shows to waste little time and burn through lots of story fast. They also make it easier for new viewers to catch up during hiatuses as it’s much easier to binge watch a 13 episode season as opposed to a 30 episode one.

        • Scott says:

          You might like that but unfortunately modern audiences have the attention span and memory of goldfish.

          • Mel says:

            Seriously? You had to go there? Long gone are the days of the soap, which obviously could sustain 260 episodes a year during the day, and 22-30 episodes in the evening because there was NOTHING ELSE competing with them. Now, there is a plethora of cable and network offerings competing with each other. The necessity for shorter season arcs is not an attention span issue, but a financial one.

          • tan7 says:

            Exactly – no one in the 20 year old demographic would invest in a show Sept – May like it used to be. Many networks have been decreasing the number of episodes per season for a few years now.

        • Guest says:

          Problem is: audiences associate quality with cable these days, and cable show are no more 10-12 episodes of 1 hour each. The 13-15 episode format of 42 minutes allows network viewers to get the feel of cable quality programming, especially if its a good story.

        • Guest says:

          Problem is: audiences associate quality with cable these days, and cable shows are no more than 10-12 episodes season of 1 hour each. The 13-15 format of 42 minutes allows network viewers to get the feel of cable quality programming, especially if its a good story.

      • Tania says:

        I like 22 episode seasons. The quality of writing may be wrong from the beginning for a series not to work.

        • greysfan says:

          I too like 22 episode seasons, the more the better when it comes to my favourite shows BUT for them to work for me they have to run the season in 2 blocks AND be on the air with no breaks. Thats the problem with American TV. Yes they have to fill a schedule but i prefer they split the season and have continual flow than to have 2 weeks here 2 weeks there etc. Oh and another thing DON’T run first run content against the big award shows. Its what hurt Revenge and Once last season. The constant on and off not to mention going against award shows and big events. People don’t know if they are new or not because of the constant on air one week, off air the next. ABC seemed to have listened with some of its shows this season especially those Sunday shows due to what happened last season and look at all these 13 episode shorter seasons the networks are giving us now like Under the Dome, The Following, Hostages and Sleepy Hollow. They will increase and in turn will give us some good and some bad shows.

    • John Magee says:

      A full season had 22 episodes, some have more some have less, in england a full season can be 3 episodes and yet everyone loves Luther – the dogmatic sticking to the ’22 episode’ seasons has cost in quality – i’d rather watch two good shows with 9 episodes than 22 episodes of mediocre dreck stretched out to fulfill and 22 episode requirement

  10. I didn’t know that Sleepy Hollow wasn’t going to have a 22 episode run especially when it has only 13. Guess we’re wondering how the first season is going to end and after that, THE FOLLOWING returns for its second season.

  11. Peach says:


  12. Wait a minute… So the 1st season will consist only of 13 episodes?

  13. Rob says:

    Wow! A second season?? Now fingers crossed it gets picked up for a full first season.

  14. Zoe says:

    Daaayum. That was fast.

  15. Nicole says:

    I actually did a fist pump when I saw the news. First to debut, first to get picked-up. Awesome show. Way to go Fox!

  16. Pia says:

    Ausiello called it!

  17. Leah says:

    Yay! I love the combination of weird and spooky and fun that this show is. I’m okay with just 13 episode seasons.

  18. John 1138 says:

    Nice one!

  19. Amy says:

    Great news! I actually like the idea of moving to 13 episode seasons if it help shows write better quality episodes since they have fewer hours to write.

  20. Mumsykat says:

    YAY! Best new show this season! And John Noble’s coming onboard – even better!

    • Marc says:

      I almost forgot about that! I love this show, kinda disappointed that it’ll only be 13 episodes, however, that could perhaps be beneficial. Hopefully, we can get even an 1.5 or 2 hour season finale.

  21. Ann says:

    I want to watch this show. Is it scary? Could someone give a good comparison to the type of show this is?

    • Lysh says:

      It’s like Castle meets Supernatural. And Ichabod discovering 21st century thing like cars and donut holes is really cute; I don’t know how long that schtick can go on. But it’s a great show.

    • Guest says:

      Try to picture your favorite character from Game of Thrones sent to the XXIst century, to engage in a supernatural war and whose fate is entwined with the first african american leading lady in a fantasy show.

      Basically, everything that Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries and Revolution are not.

    • arianeb says:

      I’d call it Fringe, but instead of speculative sci-fi, its speculative folklore, and the Dr. Bishop role is a younger and hotter Ichabod Crane, whose obsession with trivial minutiae is due to being asleep for 230 years rather than being institutionalized. Same scary feel, and same fun character relationships.

    • Guest says:

      Now that you mention it, Ichabood and Abbie’s connection does remind me of a romantically charged – and age appopriate – Walter Bishop and Astrid relationship.

      • arianeb says:

        Simultaneously, it is season 1 Olivia the cop, and Peter the consultant relationship, but Orlando Bloom is definitely Broyles. The parallels between the two shows are not coincidental. Orci and Kurtzman, the creators of Sleepy Hollow, were producers on Fringe.

        • Lisa London says:

          Orlando Bloom? Do you mean Orlando Jones? Just kept thinking ‘who the heck does Bloom play in this show’ until I got what you meant. :-)

  22. Suzanne says:

    so glad they are bringing back again. Love the story line and the characters, to bad the sheriff was killed of early in the season, maybe he will come back like Icabod did! that would be a show stopper

    • Corbin's deputy says:

      He already did, Sheriff Corbin is leading Abbie Mills in her dreams much like Ichabod’s wife Katrina is doing with him.

  23. Nora says:

    Would love to see him change his clothes!! Do they think we won’t know who he is if he sports a pair of jeans and a blazer…:0)

  24. John says:

    SH is the only new drama I like. Its been a fun ride so far. I’m just glad they’re only doing 13 episode seasons.

  25. Deion says:

    Perhaps this means that Fox has learned its lesson about shows that ae destined to be cult classics.But those great ratings do not hurt at all.

  26. myboys says:

    The third episode was a critical one; how can they maintain the suspense? the chemistry? the crazy? But lo and behold the bananapants nuttiness is going strong. The Sandman gave us all nightmares. Keep up the good work!

    • Corbin's deputy says:

      It took me two hours just to get the nerve to sleep after that episode (there was something about that Sandman’s look that was terrifying).

      • Marc says:

        The sandman plus the eyeballs turning into sand gave me the shivers, but the scariest moment for me was back in episode one when the ‘horned demon’ killed the police officer then Abbie could see him walking away all jerky like in the mirror. I literally jumped when I saw that.

      • Sharantyr says:

        Their character design has been amazing so far, both in terms of design and makeup, etc. The monsters are very well done.

      • Corbin's deputy says:

        The monsters are actually scary for a change, it’s like they tap into an old nightmare and use it.

  27. Michelle says:

    Woot! And I love the 13 episode seasons. Perfect for a show like this!

  28. Sarah says:

    I’m glad, but that slims Bones’ chances for a 10th and final season. :(

    • Cory says:

      Um, not really.

    • Katie T says:

      How exactly would it slim the chances of Bones getting a tenth season? A renewal for a series that has 13 eps is hardly likely to affect the renewal of one that has 22. If anything it means one of Fox’s other 13 ep shows that they show this year won’t get renewed or they pick up one less next year. As long as the ratings for Bones stay steady then it will get season 10

      • Sarah says:

        @Cory, @Katie T

        I know I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but with Sleepy Hollow renewed (and presuming The Following gets renewed as well) and knowing that Fox will probably pick up at least 1 drama pilot for next fall it really doesn’t leave much room. Especially if Almost Human does well, too, and you add in the comedies and reality shows. That’s all I was getting at.

  29. Rev. Dr. S.L. Rusk says:

    I looked forward to this show, but the first two ep’s were poorly written and not at all invioving. I’ve already removed it from my DVR.

  30. The show is already a cult classic and it has an African American lead. Slay!!!

  31. liz says:

    Awesome!!!!!!! And i think it will bring in new viewers because they know its not going to get abruptly cancelled this season. When networks believe in their show, fans do too.
    And I LOVE Sleepy Hollow!! Its absolutely fantastic!!!

  32. Pat C. says:

    I’m not sure yet, it could stay good or it could go cheesy. Time will tell

  33. Tinemi says:

    Yes!!! Sorry for Matt Mitovitch that was voting for Blacklist, I just hope he didn’t bet anything.

  34. Lorena says:

    And more Walter Bishop!!!

  35. Bill says:

    While it is a good show on its own merits, the added benefit of interesting facts surrounding the era in which it is set is a plus.

  36. Marc says:

    Yes!!! To partically make up for only having 13 episodes per season, how about two-hour season finales? When I’m watching, the hour flies by so quickly.

  37. Martin says:

    Sort of goes to the theory I have that FOX will cancel The X Factor and go back to the way it used to be with having shorter season scripted shows on in the fall Wednesday/Thursday and American Idol taking over midseason.

  38. Jake says:

    I’m excited that this show got renewed for a 2nd season. And 13 episodes per season doesn’t bother me at all. In fact I kinda prefer it to the 22 episode seasons myself.

  39. Katherine215 says:

    Thrilled it’s been renewed, but REALLY bummed it’s only 13 episodes this year. Can’t we have both?!

  40. John & Dinah says:

    Love the show, my wife and I can’t wait for it to come on, Sleepy Hollow Is The Best.

  41. K. says:

    Yay! Also agree he needs some new clothes but keep the coat and boots!

    • Huskygrl says:

      And the hair, don’t forget that sexy hair our boy Ichy has. I love this show. Haven’t been this excited since XFiles which is what the monsters and dialogue between leads most remind me of. Happy, happy Fox fan here!

  42. Bill says:

    Can people not read the last sentence of the article? Fox is going to forego (meaning not go through with) its plan for a 9 episode backorder for this season and stick to the 13 episode per season formula. The writer of the article really can’t be any clearer.

    • Kris says:

      I know! It is right there. Anyway, thrilled that it is renewed & that it will be a 13 episode season. Shorter season means everything counts & there are almost never any filler episodes. Tight storytelling & compelling leads, plus John Noble back on my tv so soon? Sleepy Hollow FTW!

  43. Guest says:

    I haven’t seen a rookie show that deserved it this much: Congratulations Sleepy Hollow!

  44. KD says:

    Good news! I like that it will only have 13 episodes this season. A show like this suffers when they have to draw out the action for 22 episodes (cough Heroes).

  45. tahina says:

    This will become the new X Files fandom craze like show. Love the main characters chemistry. <3

  46. RachelA says:

    I’m very excited. This is the one new show so far this season that I HAVE to watch live when it airs. I’m totally hooked.

  47. M says:

    My faith in Fox has been renewed! Every single show I have watched on Fox, they have cancelled after the first 13 episodes, so this makes me very happy!

  48. PPPG says:

    Excuse me while I send FOX some Klondike bars …

  49. Mikael says:

    The long wait between seasons is rough, but I’d rather have that than a 22-episode season with too much filler and a stretched out plot. 13 episodes is enough to have a concise and cohesive story. Just look at Grimm: how long did they drag out that annoying Juliette storyline? In a shorter season, that would’ve been wrapped up in like 2-3 episodes, not half a season.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I agree about the Juliette storyline, but I just wonder why they can’t break a full season into 2 parts. I mean, if season 2 will be as good as season 1, who cares what it’s called? It could be season x for all I care. It’s up to the writers to write good stories whether they’re part of a season 1b or season 2.