Parenthood: A Happy Homecoming, An Office Charmer, Wedding Woes and Other Takeaways

Parenthood Season 5 RecapThis week’s Parenthood finds Amber’s engagement news going over well with some of the Braverman brood, while Julia meets a prospective homewrecker (Hi, Office vet!) and Hank roars back into Sarah’s life with a subtle vengeance.

Here, we breakdown the seven key takeaways from the acclaimed NBC drama’s latest installment:

A Braverman “Welcome Home!” is better than all others. Finally back from his deployment, Ryan is greeted by all 647 family members with much fanfare. Zeke, in particular, embraces his veteran buddy with a very long (and very emotional) hug.

• David Denman is Roy Anderson no more. We love Sam Jaeger’s Joel as much as the next person, but Julia’s “meet cute” with the Office vet’s charming new character, Ed, was pretty darn precious. (How dare we, right?!) Even cuter is when the pair is put on parent volunteer duty together and inadvertently bonds over their respective once-flourishing, now non-existent careers.

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A previously dense Hank gained a hefty dose of intuition during his time in Minnesota. After learning from Max that Amber has gotten engaged, the photog hightails it to Sarah’s just to see how his ex is taking the news. They don’t make any major strides toward a reconciliation, but Hank does treat her to a sweet housewarming gift and leaves her with some surprisingly good advice.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell on Parenthood > Jurnee Smollett-Bell on True Blood. As super-fans of the Friday Night Lights alumna, we’re thrilled to see that her fast-talking campaign manager fits right in with the Braverman clan. (Bonus points for believing so strongly in Kristina’s political dreams!)

Kristina and Adam feel the same way about her campaign — but for vastly different reasons. After some evasiveness, Adam comes clean about his hesitance to back her election: she almost died and he doesn’t want to risk her health again. Explains Kristina, “I almost died… but I didn’t! That’s exactly why I’m doing this.” Sadly, her passion can’t seem to sway his reluctance… yet.

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Zeke and Camille need hobbies. After witnessing her husband’s hesitance to do some updates on their house, Camille proposes they finally downsize and go on an adventure (or 10). “This is it, Zeke,” she pleads. “This is the start of our Act 3.” Unfortunately, by episode’s end, the patriarch has yet to see it her way and bails on the conversation.

Amber and Ryan are going to have the best wedding ever, thanks to Mama With The Most Sarah Braverman. After assuaging her own concerns and asking her daughter if she’s sure she wants to spend her life with the soldier (“Without a doubt in my heart, 100 percent.”), Sarah finally comes around. “Then that’s all I need to know,” she cries. And with that, the mother/daughter pair bond over apple-tinis and bridal magazines, with Sarah vowing to help make her daughter’s dream day come true.

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  1. Josh says:

    So Sarah’s “guy free” storyline begins soon, right?

  2. kate says:

    I hope that they allow amber and ryan to get married and stay together and work on their problems. I get that most young marriages don’t work out but some do so it would be nice to watch one that does.

    • neha says:

      I get that it’s TV, but it’s kind of ridiculous that Sarah was the only one a bit nervous about the engagement. Amber is like 20 years old, has had 5 relationships or so in the past few seasons (all of which have ended horribly), and the guy she’s about to marry has some very serious issues of his own. The odds are definitely against them, and there’s no need to rush into marriage.

  3. missvci says:

    I love this show. I hope it survives okay against Scandal (Another show I love) and Elementary.

    and Jurnee was on fire tonight.

  4. M3rc Nate says:

    Wow…..still hate how every single person on this show is insanely neurotic. And thehe worst of all of them…are the ones running for mayor? Yikes..i wouldn’t want her as my mayor. Unhealthily reacting to facing her mortality much? In what world does a woman who has three kids, one with Asperger’s, one in college (that they are helping pay for) and the other like 1 year old, with a weak marriage (their communication skills with each other are like the worst iv ever seen on TV), only one of them is working and hes been laid off before so his job im sure isnt 100% secure (and arent they helping pay for their daughters college? And how much does all the help for their son with Asperger cost?) and she just got cleared from cancer and almost dying….lol.

    I mean i know this is TV but ground it in some sense of reality please. She is the housewife version of Carrie (Homeland) to me, and coincidentally they are both the same age and blonde, and cry every episode and can barely get out a sentence without a lip quiver, tearing up and throwing a fit. I mean this episode she asks her husband to tell her the truth about his “supportive-ness” and he starts to and she starts breaking down, crying, calling him a jerk. If im her husband I am telling her NO she isnt doing this, she is going to see a therapist to work through the OBVIOUS reaction to facing her mortality and grabbing the biggest most important/most impact-full thing she can find to do and signing up for it, not seeing the future consequences of what she is going to put her family through, the cost and time she is going to expend for the campaign and take away from her mentally disabled son, borderline newborn and husband…etc. And did i ever hear her once ASK her marriage partner before deciding to run? No she goes and talks to a dying woman who tells her “screw what he thinks, you got a second chance, do what YOU want” (which is the worst advice and marriage ending advice, shut your mouth lady) so she goes home and says “im doing it”. People would be PISSED if the husband came home and said “im doing this, no discussion”. But she does it and shes empowered and being a feminist and sticking up for what she wants to do. BS.

    This show makes me love the relationship Peter and Elizabeth have on White Collar. How they are written to be a strong, HEALTHY, real, good couple. And the actor and actress both comment on how rare that is on TV and how great it is to play. This show (Parenthood) is about family yet what is this show really portraying? Constant cheating, almost cheating, multiple engagements, rash decisions, lying, horrible relationships, immaturity, horrible sometimes non existent communication, lack of respect for each other (based on their actions), and so much more. This show is a melodramatic soap opera spit shinned to look like a glossy prime-time network TV show.

    • Lisa says:

      I was all prepared to write a lengthy retort to your rambling, incoherent, ill-founded complaints, but I suspect you might not be mentally well, so I’ll only say… you’re welcome to your opinions. Opinions which most thinking fans of the show would laugh at.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I take up a lot of issue with the show, i think its you who should look into yourself and wonder why you read a negative opinion comment (which is totally fine, sometimes i right insanely positive opinion comments on shows like POI or Suits), and you call it rambling which it was, incoherent which it totally wasnt, my points were clear, ill founded? lol ya…no…pretty sure if everyone hates on Carrie for how she acts, Parenthood viewers would have to agree Sara is very similar in her communication and amount of crying. And you say im mentally ill? In what world is that okay? And what if i was and you were just trashing someone with…bi-polar disorder or Asperger’s or severely depressed? That is a hateful disgusting thing to say…which i think says more about you, than my long comment about disliking a TV show does about me.

    • knd says:

      The why on earth are you watching the show?

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Basically 1) I already put the time into watching the first season, its hard for me to stop when iv already invested time into a show 2) Im supporting Dax Shepard who i like a lot and i like his character with his wife/kid(s) etc the most.

    • Linderella says:

      These are the reasons I’ve recorded this season but have not watched them yet. Last season’s finale seemed like a great place to end it.

  5. Aulty says:

    G-d, I love Hank to bits. Those scenes were really sweet.

    But Adam’s ‘advice’ … like seriously? If it was his daughter she would find herself locked into her room til she’s 30.

  6. Shuayb. says:

    I want to punch two people on this show. First Adam. After everything he should be really supporting Kristina in her decision to do this. I do however feel that they are pushing it, she should be trying for council woman before mayor. Either way Adam has NO leg to stand on, she let him leave his job and work with his idiot brother and sink all the money into the Luncheonette and it paid off. Even if she doesn’t win, which I think she won’t, this could be promising. Haddie is in college, Max is stable-ish. They’ve raised two kids so they can raise Norah without much trouble.

    Second is Zeke. You would have think he learnt his lesson by now but No. He is as stubborn as an oxe and he just needs a wake up call. I hope Camille can do it.

    Side note if I the promo for next weeks ep is anything to go by, I would also want to punch Jason Katims because of Drew. I just wish they could let the boy have some peace already. Getting kicked out of Berkerly really? Can tey just give the Holt kids a break. I mea Amber’s problems are FAR from over .
    Please Jason Katims leave Drew alone!

  7. I’m with mcr3 nate. Watched 3 eps of this show in season 1 and thanked God I don’t know any real lifers who resemble these characters. I’m shocked anyone actually watches this show!!

    • Coryrox78 says:

      Have you ever opened an issue of People magazine or read any celebrity news site? This stuff happens daily. But then again celebrities aren’t really people…

  8. Chablis says:

    I think Zeke and wife will rent out guesthouse for money. Maybe to Hank?

  9. Chablis says:

    Camille – couldn’t think of her name lol

  10. Jeri says:

    I love this show, so it’s not realistic, that’s what so good. I don’t want too watch my own life on TV. The Bravermans are much more entertaining.

  11. CJ says:

    I know it’s only a few weeks into the season, but how long are they planning on going without so much as mentioning Hattie? I understand that both the character and the actress who portrays her are away at college on the east coast, but not even a brief update on her at a family gathering? A throwaway comment about calling her? Anything? As close as the Bravermans are, it seems very unrealistic to me, and there are easy ways to ensure her character isn’t forgotten about even though the actress isn’t available. It’s a shame that they’re acting as though she never existed.