Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Sleep No More

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 DerekBailey (the newborn, not the doctor) runs his parents so adorably ragged in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy that Derek takes a nap in the car while on a milk run and Meredith is forced to admit, “I smell like an old couch.” Wait. It gets better…

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THE PARENT TRAP | When Bailey gets hungry, Derek turns to Meredith and deadpans, “My nipples are of no use to him.” Later, Mer reveals that no, that isn’t a new kind of styling gel in her hair, it’s baby vomit. And why won’t the infant doze off, like, ever? “He hates sleep,” Derek deduces. But the hour isn’t all bleary-eyed one-liners for the couple…

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | Since Bailey (the doctor, not the newborn) allows Richard to talk her out of giving him a feeding tube, Shane gets tough with the doctor-patient and completes the unpleasant task himself. Afterwards, however, Richard rips Mer a new one for not letting him go when he was so close to death. He even says, “I chose the wrong person” as next of kin. Ouch.

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LET’S (NOT) TALK ABOUT SEX | Cristina delights in teasing Alex about the fact that he’s yet to consummate his relationship with Jo (who has taken to wearing sexy undies every day, just in case). He wants it to be special, he says. It will be special, Cristina replies. “She’s the thing that’s special.” So, finally, after Jo kicks her study buddies out of Alex’s house, they seal the deal. OFF SCREEN?!

BEYOND THERAPY | Though Callie shows up at her and Arizona’s couples counseling session, it’s only to tell her wife that she won’t be participating in couples counseling. In fact, she’s so sick of picturing Arizona and Lauren getting it on that she can’t even watch One Tree Hill reruns. Meanwhile, Cristina gets Owen to (reluctantly) agree to date other people. (Nooo… )

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STATUS REPORT | Elsewhere at Grey Sloan, Leah dithers so much about whether to tell a patient’s husband that she cheated on him with his brother that April hands over her Most Annoying Doctor on the Show sash to her. April also learns that she passed her boards. (Were we worried?) And, finally, Jackson and Owen decide to throw an extravagant fundraiser. (Cue Debbie Allen in marabou feathers in 3, 2… )

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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  1. the girl says:

    Thank God they showed Jo and Alex hooking up off screen. That chick is insanely annoying. I also never realized how annoying Leah was until today, and yeah, good lord these interns, I tell ya. The opening with the three ragged parents being bested by the three kids was so real. I loved it.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed! I loved the opening scene and thought that it would set the tone for the rest of the episode. Sadly, it didn’t. All we git was an overdose of interns, again.

    • dax says:

      you do get that Grey’s Anatomy’s target audience is VERY diverse.. not just parents. People watch Grey’s anatomy to see how DOCTORS work around in their personal and professional life and i think one scene was enough to establish that. I, for one, would like to see more of their dynamic in the hospital!

      • Heck says:

        Really? If you want to know how DOCTORS work around in their personal and professional life, Grey’s anatomy is not for you. All I’m saying.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t want to see characters having sex onscreen. It’s creepily voyeuristic. Yeah, I know it’s a TV show, but but I just don’t need or want to see it. Plus I can’t stand Jo.

  2. Babygate says:

    I find myself liking Leah more. As an actress I think she’s a better performer than the other interns. I have lived Greys for years but this emphasis on the interns and them sucking up all the screen time is pushing me to the point where I’m considering just DVRing from now on so I can fast forward through all the intern parts. To me, Shane is unwatchable. Stephanie is a weak character and completely mismatched with Jackson. Those two make no sense together. This felt like a filler episode. I wanted to see more of MerDer at home and Callie and Arizona talking. But once again, they get .30 seconds to address their problems. Instead, we got Shane being the savior of Webber, Stephanie being the supportive cheerleader, and Leah getting a storyline that should have gone to Callie. Since when do attendings have the responsibility of showing the patients’ family where to wait? That request from the patient should have gone to Callie and have her process the significance. And Jo is just being used for the sex appeal factor. That scene in her underwear was too obvious. I don’t usually get this frustrated with this show until much later in the season.

    • tw says:

      You lost me at “wanted to see more of MerDer.” I thought there was way too much of them (but then, I think there always is). Agree, though, on wanting more of Callie.

      • Dee says:

        ‘Grey’s’ Anatomy

      • Babygate says:

        I completely understand. I’m not a MerDer shipper by any means but I like this side of them, especially with Callie there. The three of them in a home environment dealing with the kids lends itself to a lot of humor. I don’t particularly care for them at the hospital, especially Derek, because I think neuro is extremely boring and he gets intense and cranky. I just like this side of them. And now with Cristina leaving I’m wondering if we’re going to see a Callie/Mer friendship develop. That’s what I’m interested in exploring. And of course, more Arizona as well. If she makes it past this season because at the rate they’re going with the storyline, who knows. I don’t know that infidelity, especially when now it’s being acknowledged that it wasn’t a ‘mistake’, rather a deliberate act, can ever be overcome.

      • Sara says:

        GREY’S anatomy, plus they are the Lead couple, and the ones that are the most paid from the cast. So..

  3. Lana says:

    Yay Jo and Alex! Love them! Wish they had showed the sex on screen though. Oh well.. I loved Alex’s speech about how Jo is special. So cute watching him fall for her.

    People are just going to have to get used to the interns. They are series regulars now. The only one I enjoy is Jo so i just pretend the others don’t exist.

  4. Grace says:

    I’m curious what exactly Richard was right about (in last week’s monologue), though, if not about picking Meredith. That’s certainly what it seemed to imply!

    • Sandy Tansu says:

      That is what I was thinking as well. I was sure he meant he chose the right person in Mer. Very strange.

    • sladewilson says:

      He was lying to Meredith because he’s being petty and abusive. Doctors make the absolute worst patients and he didn’t want that tube but Shane literally shamed him into it. Richard wanted to die because he didn’t want the indignity of being a patient and now at his “childrens” mercy. He made the right choice, he’s just being a big baby about it…

      • Mike R. says:

        I agree, I’m sure he’ll apologize later, but right now he is in a lot of pain, and being a jerk because of it.

    • abz says:

      I was wondering the same, but here’s to hoping it’s just the misery of being in the situation he’s currently in.

    • Alice says:

      I don’t understand Richard’s logic. “I won’t tell this person that they are going to have to make all these decisions about my care. I trust that by magic they will know EXACTLY what I want.”
      Then he gets mad when she isn’t a Richard mind-reader?
      Yeah, much better than informing her in advance so she might, say, suss out his feelings about extraordinary measures. Now I wish he’d just died.

      • Sara says:

        Agree! If he just wanted to die, he should have signed a DNR instead of making Meredith his next of kin and not telling her his wishes. I am so mad at him right now.

        • the girl says:

          I was thinking the same thing. We have watched enough medical shows to know that one can sign a DNR if they don’t want to be saved. Richard knew enough to update his forms after Adele died; he knew enough to sign a DNR. I couldn’t believe how bratty he was.

  5. Tony says:

    Alex needs a haircut STAT!!!!!!

  6. abz says:

    Seriously, loving the Alex/Cristina friendship. I know they’ve been friends for a long time but so many times I’ve just wanted to see the back and forth between them and the blossoming of a true friendship. Meredith and Cristina had each other, Izzie and George had each other, Callie/Mark, etc., but Alex has never really had a true friend of the same level. Of course, Mer and Cristina are like family to him but I’ve always thought they needed to finally get someone. They started something with Addison, but she left, then Izzie left, Rebecca left, they started another sort of friendship between him and Arizona and then she had to go and be an evil witch and take his spot on the plane and that went to hell and hasn’t been the same. Anyways, back to my point, it’s nice to see him interact with someone other than Jo even though I do like the two of them together.
    How great was that opening sequence? I had completely forgot that Callie was staying at their house, so it was hilarious when the screen moved to her on the floor.
    It really cut deep when Richard told Mer that he’s not her father after spending so many years trying to be just that, a father-like family figure to her. Hoping that it’s just because he’s tired, cranky, in pain and miserable. Honestly, I feel like Shonda’s gonna make Mer’s life miserable until the show ends.

  7. sureeee says:

    I found my self skipping all the cristina and owen scenes. I just really do not like owen and feel like he needs to leave (granted a teddy like exit not a little grey/sloan exit) the other SLs were tolerable and even amazing (I like the calzona SL even though they get little screen time. Also the mer/der/callie dynamics are cut as well as the new christina and alex). I absolutly hated what owen said to arizona in the first scene and how much of a hypocrite he was. When he cheated he couldn’t make his wife be in the same room months afer it happend and he was the chief yet he expects calzona to be om after a week? Granted they are board members now but somwtimes personal tumps professional. The interns are growing on me (sans shane, he killed brooms and is super kiss a**) joes ok leah is starting to be my fav and stefanie is just ehh.

  8. meah says:

    Loved the episode!the opening scene was priceless Lol!!loved the alex/christina talk
    Am I the only one that likes jackson/stephanie??I think they are cute together.I also felt he was mature not to hug april,but give her a high 5.that made me like him a whole lot.loved the episode

  9. LaLa says:

    I totally agree with SLADEWILSON regarding Richard’s behavior. And let me add that he’s a male – another group that tends to make bad patients. I think Richard also knows that 1) Meredith will always love him no matter how horrible he acts (because of their father/daughter dynamic) and 2) she WILL take care of him and make sure he’s getting the best care. I think he feels similarly about Bailey, but his feelings may still be hurt over her comments to him at the end of last season, and so his attitude with her may be a little bit of payback. I also think this is the same reason she is trying to cater to him so much. I don’t expect it to last.
    I’m so happy that Avery is sticking to his guns with April. I think he may still love her, but that chick has got to pull herself together and figure out what she wants. He;s right to pull back and give her space. Too bad Matthew hasn’t figured that out yet, but he may. And I don’t think Avery and Stephanie are right for each other, but you know, not every relationship is for keeps. They may both just be having fun.
    Alex and Jo – cute. I’ll enjoy seeing Alex be happy and stupidly in love. Everyone else has. He deserves it.
    I thought Callie was spot on about Arizona needing therapy. Too bad no one thought of this LAST YEAR, after the amputation.
    Every other story line was filler for me.

  10. ddutchie88 says:

    I’m not as anti new interns as most people, but they need some serious developing. It’s gonna take some time though (and it’s infortunate that time eats screen time away from the amazing Calzona story line this year, Sara and Jessica are killing it – and me).
    I like Shane, probably because of the warm FNL feels he gives me. Murphy is completely boring and anoying, but I like her face? I see potential in Stephanie, but she needs to be cut loose from the Jackson story line. Jo is OK I guess.. I don’t really like her, but I like that she makes Alex happy. So.

    I loved the MerDer scenes this episode! They have grown on me so much :)) I remember really disliking them way back in the first couple of seasons. Can’t believe this show is its tenth season already…

  11. Abby says:

    A 40+ year old woman in a 40+ year old man’s bed teasing him about having sex with his girlfriend is stupid writing. I am aware that Cristina and Alex are supposed to be in their mid to late 30’s but they look like they are in their 40’s. I hope this is the final season of Grey’s. I hated the early seasons and it makes me sick the show is headed back to this silliness.

    • Abby says:

      And 30-something’s behaving like teenagers is also stupid writing. I’d rather see boring MerDer, the interns and everyone else instead of the “MAC” nonsense.

  12. Natalie says:

    I really hope they give some appropriate screen time to Callie and Arizona’s storyline. Two or three 30 second scenes are almost useless. You can’t even get it off the ground. The intern scenes are a waste of time and leave me bored. Owen and Christina are the same old thing over and over for years. Get together, break up, get together, break up. Just put us out of our misery and let them move on to other people.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed. I find it frustrating how other pairings can actually discuss their problems on screen but when it comes to Calzona we need to extrapolate from their brief encounters. Callie’s reaction to her patient cheating on her husband was revealing but it wasn’t explored beyond that outburst. Obviously it was about Arizona, but does it meant that she, Callie, would consider cheating to ‘even the score’ with her wife? And that last C/A exchange was beautifully executed and brilliantly written but it was not enough. The conversation raised questions that, based on past history, I’m concerned will never be answered. Why does Arizona ‘need’ Callie to be there? What is it that she needs to ‘talk’ about? The crash? Her leg? The cheating? I suspect she wants to reassure Callie that she loves her and expect her to do what Callie has been doing for the last year: taking it in the chin. Just forgive her, move back in and forget that anything ever happened. But I can only speculate because, once again, they did not have a proper conversation. We have to guess. Callie’s suggestion that Arizona sees the therapist on her own is spot on. But what drove her to that conclusion, what she sees, her concerns and what she thinks Arizona needs is all a mystery to us. Just like the fact that she realizes that Arizona’s tryst with Lauren was not a mistake which, I’m guessing, means that she realizes that Arizona knew full well what she was doing. There were no extenuating circumstances. There was no justification. And, BTW, why hasn’t Callie mentioned to Arizona that she has yet to say ‘I’m sorry’. There’s too much left to the imagination. Whereas we know exactly what’s going on with Crowen, MerDer and Jolex.

  13. BriDeSi says:

    I do not like the interns with the exception of Jo. She used to bother me but after her and Alex became besties, I changed my opinion of her. I think she is perfect for Alex because she’s damaged like he is so they can help each other heal.
    Other than that I don’t like the interns. Stephanie has never grown on me and I think that her and Jackson are a complete mismatch. He belongs with April and I hope they end up together in the end. Leah and Shane are my least favorite. Leah is rude and unlikeable and Shane should be fired for what he did to Mousey. I hope Derek rips him a new one when he finds out how he sent her to look for Richard for his own selfish gain.
    I don’t see how ppl don’t like Meredith. I mean the show is called GREYS ANATOMY for a reason. Its narrated by her about the ppl in HER life. MerDer are adorable with baby Bailey. Callie popping up off the floor to tend to the babies was pure comedy. My only question is this…If Derek built a McDream house where are all the bedrooms? lol Why was everybody camping out in the living room?
    Callie has every right to be angry with Arizona. I understand being angry about her leg but to blame her wife for it and then to set out on a self destructive path is a tough thing to come back from. Kudos to Callie for telling Arizona to get some help.
    Yang is and always will be my favorite character. Love the scene with her making fun of Alex. Wish she and Hunt could work it out but I commend her for doing the unselfish thing and letting him go.
    Richard needs to get it together. Refusing tubes and scolding Mer for saving his sorry behind.
    Excited for the Gala!!!

  14. shay says:

    i hate the interns! They will never be interesting or have chemistry like MAGIC ‘the original’ i don’t care! And i don’t like alex and jo because 1. i don’t like her, I don’t see the strong woman blablabla and yeah she has the same background tha,n Alex but izzie too so… 2. I don’t see any chemistry as lovers, I see them as bros 3. I see the age difference 4. they are all bubbly and “fun” because alex had enough drama and shonda want everyone to believe she’s the one for him byt we all know if katie did’nt leave she was his love of his life (justin’s words) but it’s not the case so ok he need to be happy and even I want him to be I will not ship them just because of that

    Love Callie, she’s the only person there who didn’t hurt someone. Don’t like Arizona but they obviously mean to be;;; But she needs to prove in long moment she’s sorry and deserves Callie

    Love merder, great evolution for them

    Love Cristina/Alex, don’t hate Crowen but we know Sandra is leaving so there is no future for them

  15. Sara says:

    Adored all the MerDer. So cute and hilarious.
    Loved the Miranda and Callie scenes.
    Arizona is so stupid. Same as April and the interns.

  16. kimski says:

    I think Callie was right in that Arizona needs the counseling first. She has to learn to cope with losing the leg and accept the changes and why it made her turn to a stranger before she can begin to fix their relationship. The comment Callie made, I don’t dance anymore and that was before the cheating, means that she wants to get back to the happy couple they were before. I just wonder if she and Hunt might end up hooking up since both are lonely and in a bad place. She swings both ways.
    I loved the opening with the kids wearing the adults out. Anyone who has had a newborn knows how exhausting those first 4-6 weeks are and when one baby cries, they all cry or wake up so that was so true to life.
    Richard meant what he said in the first episode in that he made the right decision in making Meredith his medical proxy. He just is frustrated with his physical condition and it is human nature to take it out on those we love most. Just sad for Meredith because every parent relationship she has, is so taxing and cruel at some point to her. What he said to her made me think of something Ellis would have said to her. Once he recovers he will make it up to her. I fully expect him to be a Bear for the next 2 to 3 episodes while he recovers. Men, much less Dr’s, are the worse patients anyway.
    I love the Alex storyline and the Christina/Alex conversation. Alex knows Meredith is his family and he knows Christina is like a sister too. Jo and Alex both had rough childhoods so they sort of get each other.
    I don’t care for Stephanie the Intern. I so hope Jackson drops her soon. I wonder if he is just staying occupied with her until April ties the knot. I like Leah and maybe Shane will grow on us. Mousy was my favorite intern. I so wish they hadn’t killed her off. I liked the competition between her and Shane for the Neurosurgery.

  17. Anna says:

    So… Arizona has two legs again? She was wearing that dress and you could clearly see that she has two damn legs. Or are prosthetics these days that good, so you cannot even tell the difference? I’m confuuuused…