ABC Renews Motive for Season 2

Motive renewedABC’s M.O. seems pretty clear: Even modestly-rated original programming is preferable to reruns over the summer.

To wit, the network has picked up the second season of the police procedural Motive, TVLine has confirmed.

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The CTV-produced drama ended its rookie season on ABC last month with 4.7 million viewers and an 0.8 rating, just shy of a series low — yet was renewed in the Great White North back in May.

Season 2 will air on ABC next summer.

Motive is the third ABC summer series to score a pickup in recent weeks, joining rookie soap Mistresses and enduring cop drama Rookie Blue.

Of this summer’s other network fare, CBS’ Under the Dome earned a Season 2 pick-up and NBC cancelled Camp, while the Stateside fate of Crossing Lines — an international production that aired Season 1 on NBC — NBC’s Siberia and ABC’s Whodunnit still remain up in the air.

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  1. Badpenny says:

    Wow! Now that’s a surprise!

  2. Newo says:

    this show was renewed back in May by CTV, all ABC did was pick up season 2 for US broadcast

  3. JC says:

    And later today they will cancel “Lucky 7”

  4. K says:

    What about Siberia? I know its a long shot but still would like to know the official announcement.

  5. arial2 says:

    After initially adjusting to the idea of knowing the killer before the murder happens, I enjoyed this show. Glad it’s getting another season. My only wish: more Lauren Holly time.

    • SoFla says:

      I agree – definitely need more Lauren Holly. I like the way they show the victim and murderer in the beginning and then show how it came to happen, refreshingly different approach which made me want to tune in each week. I am very glad it was picked up to show here again by ABC. Seems a lot of good shows are coming from Canada now, hope it continues.

  6. michelle says:

    Thanks for the info, I ended up watching this mostly on HULU, but I really enjoyed it and I am glad it is coming back in a format I will be able to watch it in.

  7. Laurie Emerson says:

    I really like the show and am glad that it got renewed.

  8. ArleneH says:

    Enjoyed this show. Procedural, sure, but how it’s twisted & the cops themselves are way cool.

  9. Annie says:

    YES! Excellent news. Far and away the best quality cop procedural on network tv.

  10. Nick says:


  11. Kathie says:

    Has Mistresses been renewed?

  12. MK says:

    I’m glad they renewed this show. It seems to me like the best crime dramas, other than Castle, are all either on cable or from Canada. Thank goodness for the other networks and for Canada. Our major networks put on nothing but dreck. So yay for this. Anyone know when it will start airing?

  13. Rich says:

    Watching “Motive” is, to me, very depressing — like watching a new Greek or Shakespearean tragedy every week, and wading through to the end of the show to find out how the tragic antiheroes of the week will meet their downfall, but there’s not really much of anything uplifting to make it worthwhile. I really hope they devote more effort next season into developing the main characters and showing how their experiences shape them and (hopefully) cause them to change and improve as a result. Otherwise, I’m not sure it’ll be worth it to me to keep following this series.

    • Leo says:

      Totally agree. I won’t be tuning to season 2. I really really have a problem with a show that never tries to develop their main characters. And the victim and killer shown-thingy gets really old and there’s never a single twist in that department. But congrats for people sticking with it.
      I’m just happy they renew Mistresses. Booyah!

    • liz says:

      Most crime shows are like that, I don’t find Motive particularly unique in that regard. Its one of the reasons I don’t enjoy crime proceedurals; you learn about these people and the horrible things that happen to them and if they’d only made different choices they wouldn’t be dead. Quite depressing.
      Its why I like Person of Interest so much; it has the proceedural element, but the ‘victim’ usually ends up surviving and learning from their mistakes. Uplifting.

  14. Kimberly Campbell says:

    I really hope that Crossing Lines is renewed. It was one of my summer favorites!

  15. K. says:

    YAY! I really like Motive, after I got through the first couple episode it got better!

  16. Vincent Colletti says:

    I’m a BIG Castle fan! Can anyone explain what Kate is alluding to when she says she does something extraordinary with ice?

  17. Tazzy says:

    I like Motive. It’s a different kind of show — the reverse of the cookie cutter procedural! Glad it will be back.

  18. Nina Goodall says:

    Good. This is a unique premise and the writing and acting is very good. It will get its audience. Good for ABC. They need quality programming to catch up with CBS.

  19. benis says:

    i watched motive and it was really hit or miss, as with all new shows it takes a season or two to catch its footing. i actually enjoy watching a show progress. i enjoyed siberia, hoping they air the “missing episode”/ACTUAL finale. stupid NBC and royal baby. Whodunnit? was kinda terrible, but it was different and just good enough to keep me watching, it WAS summer programming after all. You can’t really compare any show i’ve mentioned in this post with shows like breaking bad or even law & order. shows for the summer you dont have to care or invest any real time or thought into.

  20. Rocio says:

    I enjoy watching this show; I like it, it’s a good thing they are keeping it on our TV’s.

  21. Lina says:

    All right. Finally. Good show renewed.

  22. Meow says:

    Don’t like this show. They give away what happens in the beginning. Where’s the mystery & suspense there?

  23. Chris says:

    Motive a good show but background noise covers up what actors r saying. This makes it hard to follow the show

  24. I love Motive ,more Warren Christie

  25. If you added Warren Christie as a main actor on the show rating will be up, he is a good actor. I haven’t made this comment before.

  26. Trish Patterson says:

    Please lower the volume on the music during the conversation. It is very difficult to HEAR what the actors are saying and this ruins the content of the show for viewers. Thanks.

  27. Jim Eubanks says:

    Love the show but the back ground sound track overwhelms the words.

  28. roe guido says:

    Great show with good plots & good cast, also most realistic police show on T.V.

  29. Mary says:

    Actually, the show is a gift!!!! Love to watch MOTIVE, it has just really good actors and the plots are great. There are just so many rotten, TERRIBLE shows it is a pleasure to have MOTIVE, THE BEST SHOW THIS YEAR!

  30. Connie hamilton says:

    One of the best on TV. Please give it another year or two

  31. Sherra Ko says:

    The show is interesting, the sound quality is pathetic.

  32. Kay Coletta says:

    Please get rid of the background noise. I love Motive but the noise is drowning everything out.

  33. Terri says:

    I love motive it’s really a good show . I like how they give us the info first and we can try and figure out why . I will hate to see it cancelled

  34. Mary Mullin says:

    Motive is Fabulous!!!!!!!! Advertise it and people will know about it! We just happened to have it recommended to us. Now we are looking to see last season. Please renew it for a third season! Writing , acting , , filming, EDITING … Terrific!!!!

  35. Darlene Griffin says:

    I LOVE the “Motive” TV show! Concept is great as well as the actors! So happy it’s renewed! Can hardly wait for new episodes!