Miley Cyrus Lampoons Her VMA Performance, Unruly Tongue in New SNL Promos

“How could I?! And what was I wearing?!”

Those are just a few of the VMA-related questions Miley Cyrus poses to her “controversial” self in a refreshingly funny set of Saturday Night Live promos touting her gig this weekend as host and musical guest.

VIDEO | Seth Meyers Clarifies His SNL End Date

The following teasers feature Cyrus and SNL vet Taran Killam poking fun at all things Miley, including — but certainly not limited to — the aforementioned twerk-tastic MTV performance and the tongue that launched a thousand protests.

Watch the pair ham it up below, then hit the comments: Will you be tuning in to the Cyrus-centric SNL?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hope it’s the lowest rated ever!

  2. Thea says:

    I love Taran so much lol And can’t wait to see Vanessa be Miley next to Miley. Cause that HAS to happen.

  3. Eurisko says:

    i find the female hate for Miley to be very, very funny.

    • flutiefan says:

      it’s odd, isn’t it? my friends and i are okay with her. all late-30s females. and hetero, in case anyone wanted to jump to conclusions. personally, i love me some Miley.

    • leysha says:

      Why? She’s reinforcing the idea that for young women to be get noticed and be taken seriously they have to over sexualise themselves. It’s putting out the message that women’s minds don’t count, what counts is their body. It’s also setting an extremely misguided example of what it is to grow up and truly become a woman to her young fans. As a 21 year old female this isn’t only offensive but damaging. Her behaviour is coming at a time when women being regarded for their minds and not their bodies is increasingly becoming a part of the public discourse and here is someone with influence over how a lot of young women think who is going to potentially fill their heads with damaging views. There is an extremely public figure who is actively trying to make her persona all about sexualising herself with nothing else really to offer and going on about how this is what it is to grow up and truly be a woman. Doing what she’s doing to draw attention to herself undermines the women who are fighting to be taken seriously and recognised intellectually as equal to men in all facets of life.

      Anyone who can’t understand why females being bothered by what she’s doing clearly isn’t able to think beyond “oh she’s female, if females are bothered by what shes doing then they must be jealous. Females can’t think critically about issues relating to their gender, or understand that women can reinforce harmful ideas, so that must be it. Stupid jealous females.”

      • John says:

        Very well said.

      • wabz says:

        Well that escalated quickly.

      • Eurisko says:

        then where’s your outrage for Lady GAGA or Rihanna? You’re a hypocrite Leysha. Pure and simple. You and every other person who has a problem. Try raising better daughters who aren’t infatuated with popstars. Take some responsibility.

        • Eurisko says:

          but you won’t because that’s the real problem with people like you. You blame others.

          • leysha says:

            I can’t help but notice you don’t actually have any logical counter-arguments, you just called me names and got angry.
            I don’t think you understand what a hypocrite is. I would be a hypocrite if I put myself forward in a similar manner to what she’s doing in order to get noticed by society and then have a problem when others do the same thing, excluding myself from my own criticisms. But I don’t do that, so calling me a hypocrite doesn’t make any sense.
            I’m not a fan of GaGa and Rihanna either. Don’t like their music and I find them both to be irritating. Bringing them up is a little irrelevant anyway because they are not the ones who’s escapades are currently inescapable in the media and, whilst they wear revealing outfits, neither do so and then link it to being taken seriously as a woman. In fact, from what I know of Lady GaGa she tries really hard to be seen as an artist and an intellectual first and foremost, which is the opposite of what Miley’s doing. Miley is flaunting her body and actively trying to establish that she’s doing this to get taken seriously as an adult female, she’s putting forward that that’s what’s important in adult females. She isn’t trying to make a point or putting anything else forward along with it, it’s just solely “look at my body, look how much I’m sexualising myself”. She’s actively portraying herself as a sexual object.
            It’s funny that you consider being bothered by someone reinforcing negative stereotypes and ideas about something the same as blaming others. Do you say this to everyone you come across who takes issue with people who reinforce harmful ideas? If a black person had a problem with someone reinforcing racism would you tell them to shutup and stop blaming others? It’s the same thing here. I, as a young woman, take issue with someone reinforcing the idea that a woman’s value lies solely in her body. We live in a society where on average women get paid 70% of what men do for the same job and very rarely reach positions of any real influence in society; women are not treated as intellectually equal to men. Not to mention the fact that their bodies are regarded as objects by so many which leads to an overwhelming majority of violent crime and sexual crimes, being committed against women. There are now even politicians who are vocally supporting normalising rape and when someone like Miley over sexualises herself to get attention without anything else to offer and then tries to dress it up as her being “real” and her growing up and turning into a woman it belittles the fact that women aren’t sexual objects who’s bodies exist for the sole purpose of entertaining others. It undermines that women have thoughts and ideas to offer society.
            Btw, I don’t have daughters but when I do have children I will do my best to raise them to think critically and have a curiousity about the world around them that isn’t founded in pop stars. I would have thought that’d be pretty obvious from what I said in my other post.
            Oh and, saying that other people should “Try raising better daughters who aren’t infatuated with popstars”, that is blaming others FYI.

          • Eurisko says:

            can you make a point without writing a book? GaGa was almost naked on the same stage Miley was on but people like you, sanctimonious, only see what you want. Your last post shows that your points contradict each other or just ignore other facts all together. Every female popstar uses sex. Get over it and yourself. I’m not mad Leysha, just pointing out you’re part of the problem.

          • leysha says:

            How exactly am I part of the problem? You haven’t clarified that at all. You haven’t said anything that is backed up by any kind of a valid point or fact, nor rebutted any of my points. All you have is your own opinion with no facts or critical thought to back yourself up. The reason I “write a book” is because I put a lot of thought into my views and am constantly questioning and reinventing them based on what I learn and believe that if I’m going to put something out there I should be able to explain myself, whereas clearly you put very little thought in. Did you miss the part where I stated I find there images irritating? I even mention that they wear skimpy clothes and you say that I’m ignoring the fact they use sex as part of their image. I understand completely they sexualise themselves, it’s the fact that Miley reinforces the idea that this is the only way to be taken seriously as an adult woman (something she’s said multiple times) whereas the others don’t link it to that. What the others do is still harmful in it’s own way but it’s nowhere near on the same level as Miley. She’s also the one who is inescapably all over the media right now whereas the others currently aren’t. There is no doubt that sex helps their careers but they don’t play it up as being the single most important thing about themselves, they make it clear they have more to offer the world.
            The irony here is that you are part of the problem. You don’t seem to understand in even the tiniest way how what she’s doing is harmful; you are one of the people who all the harmful things she’s reinforcing goes completely over their heads and who’s clearly internalised damaging ideas as normal.
            You can reply to this if you want but I’m done with this conversation. There’s no point in trying to reason with someone who only thinks about things in shallow terms and who’s opinion is unchangeable no matter how much logic you put to them. You blatantly ignore the points put to you and then just blurt out your opinion with nothing to back it up.
            Have a nice life.

          • Eurisko says:

            another book? Try making points not rambling on and on and on…If you dislike her act but have no prob with the other popstars that says it all. You’re books make all my points for me.

          • Faster says:

            Funny that Eurisko mentions books so much considering she’s on a completely different page from everyone else.

          • Ju says:

            Her “books” are intelligent and interesting. I can see why you hate them though as its apparently too hard for you to comprehend the information she is offering. Sometimes there is no way to get through to people.

  4. A couple of things I want to see on this week’s SNL: 1) The Miley Cyrus Show sketch with Vanessa Bayer spoofing Miley and the real Miley should be impersonating a famous celeb and 2) TWERKING?! Also, who should play Billy Ray Cyrus now that Sudeikis is out.

  5. Babybop says:

    That was actually funny! I’ll watch the episode, but I’m skipping her musical performance.

  6. Allen says:

    Not a Miley fan – not really her demo – but those promos were hilarious.

  7. flutiefan says:

    i will certainly watch! i don’t care about her twerking or VMA thing or whatever. i love me some Miley. and i’m a late-30s female.

  8. Aprilcot says:

    I’m not a huge Miley fan, but I enjoyed her last stint on SNL and will definitely tune in again. I’m also excited about what will certainly be a pretty cool episode of The Miley Cyrus Show, y’all! :)

  9. torgo98 says:

    I want to see Vanessa Bayer as Miley and Miley as Sinead O’Connor. Make this happen, SNL!

  10. daniela says:

    Omg I love how she can make fun of herself! Excited to watch this SNL episode, I love miley and always will. She’s real and she has a lot of courage to do what she is doing to just re invent herself like that after she was characterized as a child star.

    PS that leysha girl is pretty much a prude. Yes you give a lot of “thought” to your beliefs or whatever but everyone is born with the right to their own opinions and can act however they feel the need to do so. Leave her alone and let her do her thing she’s a 20 year old artist I mean shes here to perform and entertain that’s what she does and personally I think she is very talented has a good voice is a good actress is funny as hell and is being herself. shes not here to be your kids’ “role model” you worry about that yourself.

  11. daniela says:

    And FYI speaking in terms of the “over sexuality of females” I’m a feminist myself and I strongly believe that women should be respected and how they shouldn’t just sell themselves for their bodies but their talent or their mind. She’s done that already, she had a very successful show at a very young age she showed us her talent now shes just doing her. Miley is a very smart girl I’ve seen many interviews and I’ve actually “done my research and put thought into it” unlike OTHER people who just look at the tabloids (which is how they make their money by spuying lies). And another thing, if a young male artist would be doing what she is doing now I bet he wouldn’t be getting not even half the bad rep and controversy as Miley is getting. Let. Her. Be. I’m done. Adios *breaths*